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Guild of St Philip Prison Conference This retrospective is from one of the Guild of St Philip members, Myriam who visits prisons. It was written by a prisoner and translated from their native language for the benefit of some people mentioned in it.

11. I changed jobs and feel better than in the previous garden.

The Guild of St. Philip is in Portlaoise and has 25 members who visit both prisons in the town. Myriam visits three prisoners.

13. I’ve reached a reasonable level of fluency in English.

12. I’m studying a lot: English (FETAC 3), Fitness and Horticulture.

Retrospective 2017

14. I go to the gym 5 times a week, I exercise and run 5 km without stopping in 21 minutes.

‘One Year of News from an Unfortunate Inmate’

15. I’ve read more than 10 books in Portuguese and English.

1. My mother stayed in Ireland for two and a half months and visited me regularly which was wonderful.

16. I read the Bible and the daily devotional ‘The Word for Today’ every evening.

2. Met Myriam and since then I’ve been receiving her support. She hosted my Mum.

17. I made my first individual confession in English.

3. I continue to have a good relationship with Sr. Breda and Billy (Chaplains). 4. Columba and Volney continue to be faithful friends. 5. Erika and Flavia welcomed my Mum and brought her to see Dublin. 6. I received lots of letters and photos from Brazil from friends and family, they all support me. 7. Dallane and her Mum continue being faithful by giving support to my Mum and the people in my home. 8. I started to work in the garden.

18. I’ve gone to Mass every Saturday and Holy days and I’ve gone to confession. 19. I’ve seen snow and I’ve made a little snowman. 20. I’ve been surprised at Christmas when I’ve received a pair of boots and support from other inmates. 21. I maintain contact and receive sympathy from my lawyer, Philip, and his team. 22. I keep quiet and away from trouble and/or punishment. 23. Thanks be to God all my family are healthy and well and no deaths.

9. I met the angel called Peter and since then I have visits every Wednesday. My week flies.

24. I pray a lot and talk to God at every moment. I have wel comed him into my life and today I have him as my Father and best friend knowing that by faith 2018 will be better!

10. I’ve achieved ‘enhanced’ status, accessing more privileges such as a second phone call and receiving visitors in the large room.

*All the underlined words would never have happened if I wasn’t living where I’m living today. And in a certain way, I’m happy!

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Spring 2018 SVP