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Acknowledgements: I am thankful to Mr Kumar Alok, IAS, WASH officer, Unicef regional office, New Delhi, for his initiative and support for this study. I am also thankful to Mr. M. K. M. Joshi, ACE (Rural), PHED from state water supply and sanitation mission, Government of Rajasthan for his support during this study. This study was initiated and supported by Unicef Area Office, New Delhi. The hydrogeological maps were made available by Mr Pankaj Mathur of Unicef Jaipur office from the publications of the Government of Rajasthan. Mr Mathur was also helpful in the field study. I gratefully acknowledge the geological drawings and information from Guidelines for Assessing the Risk to Groundwater from onsite sanitation by Lawrence AR et al published by DFID in 2001. I am also grateful to various officials of the Government of Rajasthan, who very kindly provided all the necessary information and support during the study.


Dhamaka latrines in Rajasthan, India.  
Dhamaka latrines in Rajasthan, India.  

Study about appropriateness of design, possibility of conversion to sanitary latrine and extent of groundwater pollution caused Dhamaka lat...