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e salute the many non-profit organizations in our region. They may be robust operations that perform heavy lifting with big rograms. They may be feet-on-the-street teams that distribute small luxuries to nsure a sense of dignity among the needy. They may even be swabbing the kennel floors of our four-legged friends that eagerly await to find their final loving home. They are energized by selfless individuals who think of nothing but giving back and paying forward. They are unsung heroes who we wish to recognize and applaud. Our sponsors play an important role in recognizing our volunteer and charitable institutions. Their generosity helps make it possible to salute the extraordinary non-profits that demonstrate their willingness to uplift, support and develop others.

Silicon Valley Nonprofits

Working Together For The Common Good, By Transforming Our Mutual Beliefs And hopes Into Action.

Let’s tip our hats to the following remarkable Silicon Valley Nonprofits!