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What’s working for Freshfields really like? Will the training suit you? Is it true that you’ll get to work on our international projects and high-profile deals? And how are we placed to weather the recession? The best way to get the real picture is to ask the people who are doing it already. So we’ve put to our trainees the questions we’re asked most often, and we’ve heard some fascinating stories in the process... QUESTION 1

‘Will working for a global firm really feel global to me?’

Challenging, enjoyable and demanding: is Freshfields right for you? The past two years have been incredibly stimulating and enjoyable. We’ve seen what the firm and its people are made of as we’ve faced the most turbulent time of our careers as lawyers – and between us we have over 50 years’ experience. Our people have risen to our clients’ ever more complex demands and we’re thriving because of it. It’s at times like these that you see whether your recruitment programmes are working – do the people you have trained and developed deliver what your clients need them to deliver? For us, the answer has been a resounding yes. We can’t rest on our laurels, however – the quality of the new lawyers we bring into the firm will determine whether we can maintain our well-deserved reputation into the next generation.

And that’s where you come in. This brochure will give you a clearer idea of whether the challenges inherent in a career with us are of interest to you, and of the development and support we can offer you. You’ll also find out more about our trainees’ experiences with us. There’s a lot more information on our website and we’re always happy to answer questions at the events we run throughout the year or via our trainee recruitment team. If you join us, we can’t promise you an easy time – we will need real commitment and real application – but we can promise you a hugely varied and highly enriching experience.


‘Freshfields’ client work is seriously highprofile. Will you honestly let me near it?’ PAGE 6–9 QUESTION 3

‘Can a firm this big really give me the training I want?’ PAGE 10–13 QUESTION 4

‘Things are tough at the moment. What does that mean for Freshfields and its people?’ PAGE 14–17 Rewards and benefits PAGE 18 Vacation scheme PAGE 19 WHEN AND How do I apply for a training contract? PAGE 20

Tim Jones

Mark Rawlinson

Chair of London management group

Lead partner for trainee recruitment and head of London corporate



‘Will working for a global firm really feel global to me?’ As we’re one of the world’s leading international law firms, the work our people do crosses international borders every day. We’ve got 2,500 lawyers, 460 partners and 27 offices from Abu Dhabi to Washington DC. Just one deal can involve work in over 40 jurisdictions.

With the work we do and the clients we have, you soon get used to individual projects spreading across countries, continents and time zones.

notification obligations. That meant talking to local lawyers in each of those countries, then compiling the details to take back to our client so they could press on with the deal.

For example, my first seat here was in the regulatory team and in the first week I started work on a transaction for a major international investment bank. They called us up to explain the deal and to ask if it was possible. When we started looking at all the jurisdictions, we realised it was going to take a bit more work: Panama, Thailand, Ghana, Australia, Turkey and the rest... We had to find out about specific local requirements, such as whether they’d need licences or registered bank accounts in different countries or whether the transaction gave rise to any unusual

Soon I’ll get first-hand experience of Freshfields as an international firm because I’m spending six months in Hong Kong on secondment. I passed through when I was travelling, before I started my training contract, and I’m really excited about going back. I’m looking forward to living there and really getting to know the city instead of seeing it as a tourist. I’ll be working in the corporate department, but over weekends and holidays I’ll be taking every opportunity I can to explore.

It may be overseas secondments, working as part of an international team on cross-border deals for global clients or simply working with colleagues from different international backgrounds. You’ll be seeing the law and business from a truly international perspective.

Tim Redman

86% key fact

of our clients instruct more than one office.


Joined: February 2008 Education: Law at Durham University; LPC at BPP Law School Seats so far: Corporate, banking, dispute resolution To find out more about Tim go to:


‘Will working for a global firm really feel global to me?’



Our client list is global and every single client demands the best from us. The scale and complexity of their businesses mean our lawyers can’t just be technical experts: they also need to understand different cultures and different ways of doing business.

partners and more than


fee-earners worldwide.

Our OFFICES 27 offices in key business centres around the world.

We share our experience and knowledge across borders, practice groups and sectors, according to our clients’ needs – and that’s just one of the reasons our clients keep coming back to us. London office

We’re not in business to be the biggest – we’re here to be the best. We set the same exacting standards in every one of our 27 offices, on every single deal. This means that from day one of your training you’ll be immersed in important, challenging work. We recruit our people from a broad range of backgrounds. Many of our lawyers speak several languages or are qualified in more than one jurisdiction (but don’t worry, additional languages and qualifications are not a pre-requisite for recruitment). This diversity of nationalities and experience is good for our clients and it makes the office a livelier place to be. Each of our offices serves local clients as well as international companies doing business in the region. Our lawyers are experts in their own jurisdictions and you will find a mix of qualifications in any one office to ensure we can offer the full service our clients require – our scale lets us focus resources where and when they are needed. You can see why our trainees and lawyers need to be flexible both geographically and intellectually.

Madrid office US New York Washington

Vienna office


London Madrid Milan Moscow Munich Paris Rome Vienna

Middle East* Abu Dhabi Bahrain Dubai

Asia Beijing Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong Shanghai Tokyo

OUR global clients include •

key fact

Europe Amsterdam Barcelona Berlin Brussels Cologne Düsseldorf Frankfurt Hamburg

• • • • • • •

AIG AkzoNobel AstraZeneca Bank of England Barclays Citigroup Colgate–Palmolive ConocoPhillips

• • • • • • •

 aily Mail and D General Trust Danone Deutsche Bank EMI Formula One General Motors Goldman Sachs

• • • • • • •

Hewlett-Packard HSBC Hutchison Whampoa ITV JPMorgan Cazenove Kingfisher London Stock Exchange

• • • • • • • •

LVMH Mars Merrill Lynch Morgan Stanley Nokia Porsche Group Prudential Rolls-Royce

• • • • •

 oyal Bank of R Scotland Scottish & Newcastle Siemens Sony Computer Entertainment Tesco

of our trainees go on an international or client secondment.

*We also have an association with the Law Firm of Fares Al-Hejailan in Saudi Arabia.





‘Freshfields’ client work is seriously high-profile. Will you honestly let me near it?’

Joined: February 2008 Education: Law at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge University; LPC at BPP Law School Seats so far: Dispute resolution, corporate, secondment to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) To find out more about Kirsten go to:

If you are a trainee, we’ll expect you to get properly involved with the work we do. That means you’ll be talking to clients, going to meetings and making a genuine contribution to important deals. Yes, you will have to earn that responsibility and no, not all your work will be front-page news. But from day one we’ll expect you to immerse yourself in the projects you work on and start making a real difference.

RECENTLY WE HAVE • B  een appointed as the official legal services provider to the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. • A  cted for the Bank of England throughout the credit and banking crises, including on the provision of emergency liquidity to Northern Rock, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the failures of Bradford & Bingley and Kaupthing, among others, and the recapitalisation of the major UK banks. • A  dvised Nedbank, the South African bank, on the $215m financing of a 15-year project backed by Intelsat to construct, launch and operate a new commercial communications satellite to serve Africa. 6

Does it get much higher profile than the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games? As 2012 gets closer, I’m on a six-month secondment to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games’s legal team. Even though I’m here on secondment, it doesn’t feel like I’m a trainee. To everyone here, I’m just part of the team. Our offices are right next to the executive offices, so it’s not unusual for me to run into Lord Coe during the day. I’ve become an expert on what athletes can and can’t bring into Britain. Certain things need some thought before they come through customs, like horses, medicines, special foods, dogs – even guns! The laws aren’t always clear or obvious but, along with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and the UK Border Agency, we’re responsible for making sure it’s a smooth process for athletes, sponsors

and the media. I’m working with the government to compile a comprehensive guide on how to adhere to the law when bringing in anything from a thoroughbred to a pistol. I’m also doing a lot of the contractual work for our antidoping lab. All Games athletes are subject to stringent drug testing and to keep pace with what’s required we’ll need to conduct 5,000 tests in a month. That’s as many as the biggest labs currently handle in a year. So it’s a huge undertaking and we need to be sure that we specify everything in the contract. Have we got the right people? Do all key aspects meet the right standards? Can they guarantee they’ll turn round tests fast enough? These are all things about which we need to be legally very precise in order to deliver clean Games which run smoothly.


‘Freshfields’ client work is seriously high-profile. Will you honestly let me near it?’ Our work is complex and high-profile. The matters we’re involved in can have critical effects on the health and success of our clients’ businesses. All our lawyers work hard (and sometimes late) to meet our clients’ needs and as a trainee you’ll be treated as a vital part of the team – after all, our clients judge us on the performance of the team as a whole. You’ll need to be adaptable. You’ll gain exposure to different industry sectors and types of business. There’s no such thing as a typical deal or a standard ‘trainee’ role, so you may play a small part or you may be running the project. Whatever your role, you’ll need to relish the challenge of every task you’re entrusted with and every deal you’re part of and be ready to learn from each client and each transaction. From the start, you’ll be able to take on as much responsibility as you show yourself capable of handling. As a trainee, it’s up to you to seek out work and get involved. You’ll discover your limits and when you need to ask for help or support from colleagues – which is always forthcoming. So we’ll recruit you for your potential and then help you make the most of it. The more you learn, and the faster you do it, the more effectively you’ll be able to work.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Freshfields

Key qualities we seek • The ability to get to the heart of a problem. • The curiosity needed to work out the best solution. • The flexibility and adaptability to work around problems. • The energy and drive to keep focussed at all times. • The interpersonal skills to work effectively with others. • The organisation and discipline to juggle multiple tasks. • Interest in commercial issues (which we hope goes without saying). TIP When you fill in your application form, think objective evidence not subjective opinion. We understand that everyone will have had different opportunities and experiences, so we look at all aspects of your application form, not just the academics. Most important of all – be yourself.

We encourage everyone at Freshfields to get involved in our community and pro bono activities. Over the past year, for example, we have helped London school children with their reading and maths, worked with Shelter to help tackle homelessness, advised the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative and developed our pro bono micro-finance practice across our network. Our new trainees take part in a community team challenge, such as redecorating a homeless drop-in centre or clearing a school garden. Many trainees also get involved in our Tower Hamlets Law centre, which we have been supporting for over 36 years. We work with leading human rights, homelessness and children’s charities. We help ensure that people are given a fair trial, or participate in initiatives to tackle aspects of homelessness, or help disadvantaged young people to make their voices heard. We provide funding for future trainees to undertake internships with Reprieve in the US and the Centre for Capital Punishment Studies in the Caribbean and some of our current trainees are on secondment at Liberty, the Free Representation Unit and Oxfam. We have been awarded the Business in the Community Big Tick for our Ready for Work programme every year since 2007. We’ve also secured Clean City Awards in London every year since 1999. We’re CarbonNeutral® and we were the first firm to produce an independently audited CSR report. Our approach to social and environmental responsibility has won us several awards, most recently the 2009 Legal Business CSR Programme of the Year award.

Community investment

Many of our offices have close partnerships with local schools as part of our commitment to raising the aspirations and improving the skills of disadvantaged young people.

key fact


of our electricity supply in London comes from renewable sources (and has done since 2004).

CSR AWARDS CSR Programme of the Year Legal Business Awards 2009 Big Tick for our Ready to Work programme Business in the Community 2009 Highly Commended The Law Society Excellence in Social Responsibility Awards 2008

For more on CSR see: 8



‘Can a firm this big really give me the training I want?’ We believe world-class training needs to be flexible. If you already know what you’d like to focus on, you can tailor your seats accordingly. Or you may choose to move around the firm, trying up to eight seats, to find out what interests you most. It’s up to you.

Susan Wamanga-Wamai: I’ve tailored my training to

Benedikt Meyer: During my training contract, I’ve been

the type of law I want to practise. I always felt I wanted to concentrate on corporate and finance because I thought of these areas as having tangible results and clear commercial outcomes. I’ve chosen seats in corporate and the financial institutions group and a six-month secondment with Merrill Lynch. Spending time at an investment bank opened my eyes to how our clients see what we do – they just want to know whether an issue will affect them or if they can do the deal.

able to pick out the areas that interest me most. I wanted to start with six months in the corporate department to see the transactional side of Freshfields. Of course, starting with a longer six-month seat has also given me the chance to settle into the office and get to grips with day-to-day life at a ‘magic circle’ firm.

Freshfields gives you more flexibility than most firms because your seats can last for three months or six months. That means you get a lot more opportunity to see the firm than you would otherwise. It all helps to get a feel for where you want your career to go.

What next? Well, I’d love to go on secondment to a client for a while, so I can see what we do from the other side. I’ve also done lots of work at university in EU law and competition law, so I’d like to find out more about what competition law is like at the very top of the legal profession. I love to compare academic theory with what happens in the real world. At Freshfields you get the calibre of work to do just that.

Throughout your training you’ll get the very best support from colleagues, partners, mentors, buddies and our development team, as well as all the personal and professional resources you’d expect from a world-class law firm. We’ll keep giving you ‘off-the-job’ training throughout your career. That includes international conferences, update sessions with teams or sector groups and residential development programmes. They all help you to develop the team, project and management skills you’ll need and to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing legal landscape. key fact


of our trainees choose to do more than four seats. 10



Joined: August 2008 Education: Law at Leeds University; LPC at BPP Law School Seats so far: Corporate, secondment to Merrill Lynch, banking

Joined: February 2009 Education: Law with German law at King’s College London; LPC at BPP Law School Seats so far: Corporate

To find out more about SUSAN go to:

To find out more about BENEDIKT go to:


‘Can a firm this big really give me the training I want?’ Our two-year training contract is the most flexible in the City. You can choose up to eight seats over your training, including secondments to clients and international offices. It all helps you find the part of the firm that best fits your abilities and interests.

Induction programme You’ll spend the first two weeks of your training contract on the induction programme. That’s when you find out about our strategy and how the firm works, as well as taking part in practical sessions designed to help you hit the ground running in your first seat. You’ll also undertake some of the Professional Skills Course. Then, as you join each new practice group, you’ll get more specific training.

THE TRAINING PROGRAMME LPC Preparation for practice p


Client and overseas secondments

Legal Practice Course

Overview of the work and what to expect

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS COURSE/ DEPARTMENTAL TRAINING Focused programmes to help you with the foundations for your future career

Seat rotation You can structure your two-year training contract to suit you. You could rotate through seats in all of our practice groups or you could tailor your training towards one particular area you want to specialise in. It’s your choice. To start, we suggest spending time in one of the larger practice groups and we also recommend a minimum of three months in each of corporate, finance and dispute resolution. To help you discover what interests you most, you’ll attend presentations from different practice groups and teams within them to learn about the work they do. Of course, you’ll pick up some of the best information by talking to your peers and colleagues.

Brussels office As a trainee, you can choose to spend three to six months on secondment to a client. It helps you understand our clients’ needs, and the range of work that we undertake. You can also spend six months in one of our international offices. Some of these offices need specific language skills, but we offer language training if you need it.




See as few as four or as many as eight of our practice groups

A range of secondments working in-house for one of our clients, giving you valuable insights into how our clients make decisions

Work in one of our international offices for six months

The right support We have global systems to support our people, from IT and HR to marketing and knowledge management. Thanks to this back-up, our lawyers are free to concentrate on the legal and commercial challenges facing our clients – and there have been plenty of those in recent months. Although our work’s global, we don’t have to do it all face-to-face. Our remote-working technologies let our lawyers work across borders and time zones. This helps us meet our environmental responsibilities by reducing our carbon footprint – in fact, Freshfields has been CarbonNeutral® since 2007.

From 2009 all our prospective trainees will undertake the new accelerated LPC at BPP Law School in London. This LPC has been designed by BPP and a consortium of five firms, working together, and is intended to give students the most appropriate preparation for undertaking training contracts in City law firms. The LPC will be run twice a year, giving you the potential to choose between courses starting in August and February, allowing you to start your training six months earlier (if you wish). Those undertaking the Graduate Diploma in Law can do so at BPP in Leeds, London or Manchester. We are happy to consider those who have studied the GDL or the LPC elsewhere, as well as barristers and lawyers qualified in other jurisdictions (provided your qualification entitles you to take the Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer Test).

Appraisals and reviews We’ll watch your progress throughout your training contract, give you constructive feedback and help you get the right spread of experience. We schedule formal appraisals at the end of each seat and expect you to ask for informal feedback at other times.

QUALIFICATION Decide where you want to practise at the end of your training contract; attend the induction for newly qualified solicitors

Grants We pay your law school tuition fees and the Solicitors Regulation Authority examination and enrolment fees and offer a maintenance grant. We also consider grants towards voluntary work or language study after graduation.

PRACTICE Continue learning on and off the job




‘Things are tough at the moment. What does that mean for Freshfields and its people?’

One of the things I’ll always remember about my training is the time I spent with the Bank of England. Freshfields has been working with the Bank since 1743 and actually started off in one of the offices inside the Bank. I decided to apply for this secondment because I thought it would be an exciting place to work and would fit in well with the regulatory direction I wanted to take. It was an amazing time to be there because the Bank was so busy setting up the £50bn asset purchase facility – which lets the Bank buy assets to improve market liquidity. It really was uncharted territory for the Bank and it was exciting to be involved in something that was on the front pages of the papers.

I’m finishing my training contract with another secondment, this time at the Freshfields office in Dubai. It’s quite a small office, but it’s expanding all the time – we’re starting a dispute resolution team at the moment, with more associates coming in. There’s lots of regulatory work to keep me busy and the two other trainees are handling a lot of corporate and finance transactions. Whether I’ve been in Dubai or London, the advantage of Freshfields’ expertise in so many practice areas has been obvious: whatever direction the markets take, we’ll keep thriving.

For over 250 years, clients at the very highest level of business and public life have come to us for advice they can trust. In that time we’ve prospered through various challenging economic periods. There are lots of reasons for this: our clear strategy and business focus, our international reach, our breadth of practice, our strong relationships with our clients and our enduring reputation for quality. It all means we’re still performing strongly and feeling positive about the future. Our work changes as the economic landscape changes. And because we’re so quick to adapt to our clients’ needs, we’re in the ideal position to weather the recession and capitalise on economic recovery. For our people, that means a constant flow of high-quality work with top-tier clients, all around the world.

‘Freshfields defied the turmoil in the global legal market to increase full year turnover by almost a tenth and hold profits at the previous year’s record levels.’ The Times, 3 July 2009 From article entitled ‘Freshfields takes its chance to top fees league’ by Alex Spence

JESAL PATEL Joined: August 2007 Education: English literature and language at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University; GDL and LPC at BPP Law School Seats so far: Structured and asset finance, corporate, secondment to the Bank of England To find out more about JESAL go to:



‘Things are tough at the moment. What does that mean for Freshfields and its people?’ With an established international network and a wide range of specialisms, we can focus our efforts where the potential is greatest. This ensures the growth of the business and helps protect us from market fluctuations.

Heritage and longevity

INDUSTRY Groups • • • • • •

The rapid pace of change and the challenges our clients have been facing recently have really stretched us. But it means life is always interesting – and stimulating – for our people. Our adaptability has stood us in good stead through the turmoil of recent months and we’re confident in our ability to face future challenges. For an example of our ability to adapt, see the section on the carbon economy opposite. We recruit adaptable and curious lawyers so that when economic conditions change they are happy to rise to the challenge. It is not just as a trainee that you will experience such varied workloads: as the market changes our qualified lawyers may also need to learn about different areas of law or apply new ways of thinking to existing practice. Our clients rely on us for this kind of flexibility. Recent awards include UK Law Firm of the Year Chambers Europe Awards 2009 Law Firm of the Year: Western Europe PLC Which Lawyer? Awards 2009 Global Law Firm of the Year and Law Firm of the Year: England Who’s Who Legal Awards 2009


• • • • • • •

Automotive. Chemicals. Consumer products and retail. Energy and natural resources. Financial institutions. Infrastructure and transport. Leisure. Manufacturing and services industries. Pharmaceuticals, medical products and healthcare. Private clients. Private equity. Real estate. Telecommunications, media and technology.

Our history stretches back to 1743, when Samuel Dodd was appointed solicitor to the Bank of England, founding a client relationship that still endures. We are proud of our position as one of the oldest and most prestigious law firms in the world. Trainees who join us play an important role in maintaining that reputation. The standards of excellence handed down to us have served the firm and its clients well – but we continually seek ways in which we can improve. If we need to change, we are not afraid of making difficult decisions. In 2000 we merged with two German firms to create an international partnership. In 2007, we restructured to secure better opportunities for our future partners.

Practice Groups • • • • • • • • •

Antitrust, competition and trade. Corporate. Dispute resolution. Employment, pensions and benefits. Environmental, planning and regulatory. Finance. Intellectual property and information technology. Real estate. Tax.

Opportunities in the New Carbon Economy

The new carbon economy offers a multiplicity of opportunities to provide services to new and existing clients. Clean development funds, emissions trading, carbon capture and storage, climate change litigation, the development of a new generation of nuclear technologies and other large infrastructure projects (such as water, public transport and smart grid), renewable energy and low-carbon product sourcing for a start. The breadth of the firm’s existing expertise in such a wide variety of areas gives us a head start in meeting clients’ needs in a rapidly changing world – and is aligned with the firm’s environmental ethos.


Rewards and BENEFITS Not only do we have the most flexible training contract in the City, we also have a very flexible benefits scheme, which allows you to choose the benefits appropriate for you.

Vacation scheme BENEFITS INCLUDE • • • •

The firm provides trainees with 25 working days’ holiday a year and a £2,000 interest-free advance on your salary when you start your training contract. We also consider grants towards voluntary work or language study after graduation.

• • • • •

In addition, we have a subsidised staff restaurant, free on-site gym, in-house doctor, dentist and physiotherapist, massage and beauty treatments and a wide range of subsidised sporting, social and cultural activities.

• •

Life assurance. Critical illness insurance. Pension scheme. Income protection insurance. Private medical insurance. Dental insurance. Travel insurance. Gym membership. Interest-free loan for travel season ticket. Bike purchase scheme. Car purchase scheme.

Our summer vacation scheme is designed to give you a real insight into the firm’s culture and the work we do here. You will spend three weeks in the practice group of your choice, working closely with an associate minder. You are also allocated a partner minder and trainee buddy, to ensure that you are integrated fully into the firm’s professional and social life for the duration of your vacation scheme. You will attend an induction programme, plan and execute a group project, undertake an individual research task with a partner minder and take part in a one-day mock transaction.

Clubs and Societies • • • • • • • • • • • •

The gym in our London office

• •

Salary Trainee solicitors currently receive £39,000 per annum for their first year of the training contract and £44,000 per annum for the second.

• • • • • •

Unpaid leave Many of our newly qualified associates choose to take advantage of the period of unpaid leave they are offered to mark the end of their training contract.


• • • •

Art. Basketball. Book club. Christian fellowship. Climbing. Cricket. Cycling. Football and five-a-side. Golf. Hockey. LGBT. London Marathon. Music. Netball. Opera. Photography. Rugby VII & XV. Running. Sailing. Softball. Squash. Swimming. Tennis. Wine and food.

Applying for the vacation scheme We will accept applications online from penultimate-year undergraduates between 1 October 2009 and close of business on 15 January 2010. If you are on a four-year course with your third year abroad, you can apply in your second year for a placement after you return. Vacation placements last three weeks, at a salary of £275 per week (net of tax).

Scheme Dates 2010 21 June to 9 July 12 July to 30 July 2 August to 20 August

‘During my vacation scheme I realised it was exactly what I wanted. It wasn’t what I expected – it was just lots of fun, so I didn’t apply anywhere else.’ SUSAN WAMANGA-WAMAI VACATION SCHEME: Easter 2007 worked in: Restructuring and insolvency



CONTACTS We hope you’ll now have a clearer picture of our firm and what it’s like to work here. But we understand that you may have questions, so you’ll find more in-depth information on our website.

Our application form is online and asks you to complete a personal statement. We also ask you to complete an online verbal reasoning test. There is plenty more information on our website: LAW STUDENTS


Law undergraduates should apply as soon as they have received their penultimate year results.

If your application is successful, we will ask you to attend a selection day in our London office, which consists of the following:

GRADUATES Graduates can apply at any time between November and July.

NON-LAW STUDENTS Non-law students should apply from 1 November in their final year.

Application Deadline The deadline for applications for our February and August 2012 intakes is 31 July 2010.

Written test An exercise to test your flexibility of thought and your ability to write clearly and concisely. Interview one An analytical interview to test the way you think ‘on your feet’ and how you process information. Interview two A general interview to learn about you, your interests and motivations. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT We aim to let you know within a week to 10 days of your interview whether we can offer you a training contract. If you haven’t spent time with us as a vacation visitor, we will offer you the chance to spend a day here to help you make up your mind.


Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to somebody about the application process or anything you have (or haven’t) seen in this brochure, please contact our trainee recruitment team.

Write to us at Trainee recruitment Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP 65 Fleet Street London EC4Y 1HS

Call us on +44 20 7785 5554

Email us at

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