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Top 4 Elements of Team Building Activities For Adults

If you’re looking for team building activities for adults, then it’s important that you include these 4 crucial elements. In any organization, company or team group there is an integral foundation by which they stand. This stand is based on a mission and a set of values. This mission and set of values is effectively developed by the group as a whole who come together to serve a united purpose. But how may you ask do they come together? How do teams develop? In any team you want to know and establish who you are as individuals, who you are as a team, what purpose you want to serve, and how do you want to lead? If there is a spark of inspiration to serve people we must light conversation in order to develop relations. People come from all walks of life, but we are not that different. I believe we all have a common purpose to uplift one another in service in order to realize the epitome of our potential as individuals and as a whole. Just look at our military, our businesses, our schools, our sports and our art. We all achieve so much more when we come together as one. Today more than anything effective team development is to essential organizational integrity and sustainability. United we stand and divided we fall. Teamwork is the back bone to community and the highlight of society. There are 4 fundamental team building elements that are the key to long term success and unified growth. These top 4 fundamental team building elements are: communication, trust, conflict resolution, and leadership. They play a crucial role in team building activities for adults.

Below are a list of team building activities for adults based on each element:

1. Communication Focus: Self Awareness, Personal Growth, Building Rapport, Finding Common Ground Activities: Two Truths and a Lie~ Instructions: Have each person introduce their selves by telling two truths and one lie. The rest of the group members must guess the lie. Life Highlights Game~ Instructions: Have each person consider 5 minutes of time they would want to do over if they could. (An alternative of this game would be to consider asking each person what would they do with their life if they knew they only had 5 minutes left.)

2. Trust Focus: Work Ethics and Accountability Activities:

Attitude Adjustment~ Instructions: Have group members write positive and negative attitudes on a pieces of paper. Then have each member pick an negative or positive attitude to act out. Put them in pairs and have them take turns acting out their roles then have them discuss how each attitude will be either beneficial or detrimental to common stressful work circumstances. Labels~ Instructions: Make name tags of many different professions or life styles and post them on each individual group member’s back. Have it to where individuals can’t see but everyone else can. Each person must try to determine the label on their back by asking stereotypical questions like “Am I Black or White, Male or Female?” Group members can only make yes or no responses to the questions. Hidden Agenda~ Instructions: Pick a leader then using a set of toy building blocks or legos of different sizes distribute them among the group. Write a listen of simple instructions you want them all to follow to create a wall. Post your instructions clearly so that everyone one can see. Then take some paper cards and write Hidden agenda on each one them pass them out to each group member. Have each member write an different idea they would like to incorporate into building the wall. Inform not to show anyone.

Then tell everyone to commence working together following your instructions and give them a choice of trying to incorporate their hidden agendas without telling anyone. Time the activity and have members discuss how they worked together and how they could make improvements to accomplish their common goal. Trust Fall~ Instructions: You can put group members either in pairs or in of groups 5-6 with one on the out to fall into the others to catch. If you do pairs, have one person turn their back to their partner and close their eyes. Have them ask ask their partner, “You got my back?” Once their partner yes, the blind one must choose to fall back onto the other. The other partner then catches the fall. If you all choose the group version, have 5 members line up face to face with arms interlocked to form a chain directly in front of a high platform that one member can safely stand on. While the 5 members are below with interlocked arms have the other stand on the platform and turn their back to group with their eyes closed. Then tell the member on the platform to ask the group, “Do you all got my back?”, have the group tightened their arms together and reply with a firm, “Yes, we got your back!” The member on the platform then waits a few moments and falls back onto the group.

3. Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving Focus: Finding Common Ground& Seeing the Bigger Picture Activities: Bigger Picture~ Instructions: Take a piece of paper and cut it into various different shapes one for each member of the group. Pass each paper piece to each member and have them make a copy of their paper piece 2 times bigger and write their names on it. Then have the group members gather together with their pieces at a table and work together to assemble the bigger puzzle. Black, White or Gray~ Instructions: Put members into groups of three and have them pick a common work issue to discuss. Have two members take turns defending opposite sides of the issue. After 10 minutes have the 3rd member discuss pros and cons of each side. Then have all three members work together to develop a possible solution to the issue.

4. Leadership Focus: Leadership Styles, Leadership Roles and Interdependence Activities: Back to Back~ Instructions: Put group members into pairs and have them stand back to back. Give each pair 1 piece of paper and one pencil. Have one member visualize a simple picture in there head and have them describe and instruct their partner to draw it without stating what the picture is as a whole. Mine Field~ Instructions: Put group members in pairs and blindfold one of each pair. Set up a mine field maze using either chairs or boxes. Have members in silence attempt to walk through the maze under the instructions of their team mate. Be inspired and start planning and implementing in your community today! TOGETHER*EVERYONE* ACHIEVES*MORE

“He that does good to another does good also to himself.” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

To Your Happiness, MJ. Ferren

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Team building activities for adults  

In any organization, company or team group there is an integral foundation by which they stand. This stand is based on a mission and a set o...