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The Shakti Mat An ancient form of medicine has been reinvented and wants an invitation into your home. The Shakti Mat is bringing acupressure to a whole new level. Acupressure is an ancient form of medicine and is still practiced around the world. It involves an acupressure practitioner, your acupressure points, and a little bit of pressure. No new age medicine, no numbing agents, and traditionally no machines. The practice of acupressure is based on the theory that along your blood lines are invisible meridians. Along those meridians float chi or qi that is the energy of life. When the life energy flows naturally and without effort then you are healthy. If there is a deficit at any point along the meridians it can cause aches, pains, or even disease. The meridians are all linked to every vital system and organ within the body therefore affecting your overall wellness. A practitioner will even out the flow of your chi by pressing on different points called acupressure points. These points can now be physically located with a tool called an electric point finder, so this is a great step in proving that the practice of acupressure is legit. The different points can be massaged or pressed and others can be massaged to stimulate the natural healing hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin and allowing your chi to flow as it is supposed to. Now you can enjoy an acupressure session right from the privacy of your own home. The Shakti Mat is a mat that can stimulate thousands of your acupressure points and allow you to experience many of the benefits that you would normally get from visiting an acupressure practitioner. The Shakti Mat can be used to help you get more restful sleep every night, no matter where you are. It is a great tool to assist in stress management. And most of all it can ease your pains. Whether it be from a torn muscle or chronic pains that you have suffered for years from, the Shakti Mat can make you feel better. The Shakti Mat is a cloth acupressure mat. It has thousands of tiny spikes that are meant to be pressed against your different acupressure points. It is very light weight and flexible so being able to use it for different positions is a great characteristic. You can lie on it, sit on it, or even stand on it. Your first time using the mat you should keep some sort of cloth between you and the spikes until you get used to the unique sensation they cause. And limit your first use to fifteen or twenty minutes to overcome any irritation. After you have adjusted you can use the mat as long as you want. It is suggest you use the Shakti Mat for a Yoga mat. Unlike modern medicine there is no limit, there are no damaging side effects, and there is no way to over dose on acupressure. Using the Shakti Mat daily can be very healthy for depression as well as chronic pain. You can fall asleep on the mat and have no side effects. When you first lay on the mat you have to adjust to the initial feeling but will quickly experience the warmth that takes over your body and relaxes every part of you. The warmth is generated from the fresh and increased blood flow that incurs shortly after pressure points have been stimulated. The Shakti Mat comes with suggestions on how to position the mat for different ailments and pains. It is very simple to pack up and take where ever you go. You can remove the foam pad and just take the cloth and spikes. Since you can use your mat on a bed or chair you will have plenty of cushion. It is recommended you take the mat on travels since traveling can be stressful and very hard on your body. Even if you just rest your feet on the mat or stand on it while brushing your teeth you can affect your whole body. Your feet tie in with reflexology so just by standing on the mat you are triggering hundreds of other points that reach out to every corner of your body. While traveling, especially through different time zones it can be very difficult to get restful sleep no matter where you are. If you roll a towel then place your mat on it and rest your neck where the towel is you can stimulate the acupressure points that relieve tension and stress the most. This will allow you to sleep like a baby no matter where you are. The Shakti Mat can be very intimidating when you first see it since there are literally thousands of spikes that may appear to be something to inflict pain. The benefits that can be gained from using the mat are so much better than the scary first appearance.

Another benefit of the Shakti Mat is that is increases blood flow therefore lowering blood pressure. This mat can literally be your helping hand in having a heart attack and not. The mat also helps clear acids from your system which causes many joint and digestion problems. There are many other amazing benefits you can gain just from feeling good. When your chi flows smoothly, the energy you gain from it alone is life changing. When you have energy you are less likely to feel depressed. When you are less stressed you are more likely to be a happier person. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Who doesn’t want their pains to go away? There are millions of people on anti-depressants, how many of those people could benefit from a non-prescription natural treatment instead of taking pills every day? Try the Shakti Mat and see how the quality of your life changes, see the amazing things acupressure can do for you. Do not let restless nights and aching bodies plague you any longer. There are no negative side effects and could be life changing.

The Shakti Mat  

Acupressure is an ancient form of medicine and is still practiced around the world. It involves an acupressure practitioner, your acupressur...