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Welcome to the Seventh Math Club Meeting1

Riddle for this week: Spell out this phrase. Half a circle, full a circle, half a circle, A Half a circle, full a circle, right angle , A Answer: COCA COLA Please take out our old problems and a pencil/scratch paper. Please grab a whiteboard!!!

Announcements - Please, Please, Please turn in your dues!!! They are now $7 and we really need the money for our competition!!! - We are registering for competition and we really need to get a final count in, so please make sure your name is written on the roster, and which competition you will be taking, Amc 10 or AmC 12. Our competition date is first or second week of February!!! - Please sign up on the tutoring sign up sheet if you are interested in tutoring for Math Club! - Please make sure you grab the new assignment for this week before you leave! - We have the positions of treasurer and public relations still available! Sign up with Mehak or Katherine if you are interested! - Fundraising!! Ideas let us know!! We really need fundraisers to pay for competition!!! -

As of now, we do not have enough money to pay for competition, so we are forced to take a loan from ASB. So we need to include in our minutes that someone makes a motion to apply for a loan for $72. Someone needs to second it and then Neil, just include it in our minutes and we will turn it in to ASB!

Okay let us work on our problems!!!! -

If possible everyone bring their own whiteboard markers to the meetings!!!

Seventh Meeting  

agenda for our seventh math club meeting

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