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Welcome to our Fifth Math Club Meeting! 2010-2011

Riddle of the Week: How do you expand (a + b)2?

Answer: (a




Fundraisers & Tutoring We are working on creating an ASB account for our club so we can raise fundraisers at local restaurants, markets, etc. Our first fundraiser will begin shortly! Interested tutors should go to the library around 7:15 until 8:00 in the morning or after school. See Mr. O or us for more information!

Board Positions! Congratulations to those who passed the interviews and won a board position. Our 2010-2011 Math Club Board‌ Vice President: Zach McCoy Secretary: Treasurer: Public Relations:

Math Worksheets Solutions to last week’s worksheet: Easy Questions: 1. 2.


Medium Questions: 1. D 2. E Hard Questions: 1. 2.


Please let us know which problems you had trouble with so we can discuss the solution during our next meeting!

Fifth Math Club Meeting  

agenda for our fifth meeting

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