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Important Monogram Basics for Art Lovers

Everybody loves monograms. A monogram is one of the prime gifts you could ever receive for a certain reason or occasion say as a wedding gift, for your birthday or during Christmas. The biggest challenge with monograms is the understanding of the right decorum for this artistic work. The following guidelines will provide the knowledge on how to sculpt foolproof monograms.

Personalize the motif Make the mark personal as if it’s your best stature, you can even engrave it on your best outfits. Remember that clients rarely return monogrammed goodies unless they are defective.

Pick the right style that suits an individual’s name

A monogram combines the initials of a name and there are different styles in this regard: First, we have single- lettered monograms. This style is mostly applicable to single individuals or couples who happen to have a similar last name. For instance, Shawn Kelly and Marion Kelly (couple); in this case the initial ‘K’ is taken. Secondly are the two- lettered monograms for persons who lack middle names and couples whose last names are different. Take an example of Mark Gerald or Mary Jane and Joe Hannington (couple).

The third style is for three- lettered monograms. It is used for those with three full names like Kim Norah Smith. Falling under the fourth style are the name or phrase monograms. The style is chosen for items that take a particular phrase or when denoting a family/group name. Several letters are used in these cases. The fifth category is the icon monograms that are used to display famous characters. These icons take a distinctive style, mainly, digital prints and are black in color.

Choose the appropriate color Sometimes, the color choice of a monogram depends on the item at stake. Clothes are embroidered with monograms while taking the thread color into consideration.

The font style The font style to be used depends on the number of letters that will make up the monogram. For items that are monogrammed with a single initial, the font size needs to be big enough for visibility. Those that accommodate many letters like family names may require a medium sized font.

Choose the most suitable monogram frames

The monogram frames need not to contradict the color and texture of the monogram. For instance, a highly decorated monogram requires an unscrupulous frame. Framing should not be hard and as an artisan, you should feel free to experiment things. There are different framing styles including but not limited to: Beach style, Industrial, Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Asian, and Victorian. If you are looking forward to doing great crafting, there you have the monogramming ultimate guide. All the best!

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Important monogram basics for art lovers  

Monograms are in huge trend to customised the clothing, home decor items, daily used essentials and many more! Get important tips on monogra...

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