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small Venice. Exaggerated? Absolutely! There is no Rialto bridge and the gondolas are nowhere to be found. But just like in Venice, you have your boat right outside your door, and through the canals, you can drive out to the shimmering ocean. Maybe we should add that the bridges might be a little less extravagant. In the middle of Hamburgsund, a small village on the coast north of Gothenburg, a new community with 76 new houses surrounding a lagoon has been constructed. THOUSANDS OF ISLANDS

Hamburgsund’s and Fjällbacka’s archipelago consists of thousands of islands which are an unending source of adventure. Here you’ll find small bays with beaches, and here you can go mackerel fishing and lobster fishing. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and here you do that, in all weathers. During the early spring and late fall, you are almost alone in the archipelago. Explore the surrounding villages on the islands Kalvö and Dyngö, lay anchor in a beautiful bay, where you are the only one there. And fall asleep to the sound of the seagulls and the water gently hitting the boat. You can take long walks on Hamburgö or Valö and why not take the boat to the tavern on the distant Väderöarna. MagazineSweden reached out to Göran Moser, one of the three entrepreneurs who are behind the project “Skäret in Hamburgsund”. Doesn’t it require a lot of local knowledge and experience for a project like Skäret? – Yes, you can say that. We are three entrepreneurs that live and work here in Bohuslän. We have during the years, created sev-

eral small communities, From the island Tjörn in the South to the town of Strömstad in the North. During the later years, we have created 11 beach-houses in Rågårdsvik, and around 20 houses in the archipelago with sheds on Ödby island, outside Hunnebostrand, and Skäret in Fjällbacka, where we built 17 houses with docks and private quays and their very own jetties. Canals and lagoons – sounds like it took a lot of time? – Yes, it has taken a long time, and Skäret in Hamburgsund is the most significant and most challenging project we have undertaken so far. Not only did we build houses – but we were also tasked with digging out a considerable area for a lagoon, create the canals and build new bridges for the community. – It was essential to create a community that would blend into what was already in Hamburgsund. At the same time, we didn’t want to build an imitation of what has already been done. We were particularly careful with the project, down to the closest detail, when we decided what the houses and the common areas were to look like. Every stone and every plank must be put into place with our vision in mind. Our costumers should know precisely how the village will look when it’s finished. Sound’s like like you had a thrilling trip? – We did - but we can now proudly say that we have succeeded, Göran gladly states. The lagoon and the canals are finished. The bridges are in place and around 40 happy house owners have already moved in. LAKEHOUSE ”SJÖHUS” AND ARCHIPELAGO HOUSE ”SKÄRGÅRDSHUS”

– Together with our architect, we have created two different house types we already know our clients want, one house we call Sjöhus and one that we call Skärgårdshus. The Skärgårdshus is

more traditionally following the concept of the typical houses in Bohuslän. The Sjöhus is more modern. – The houses have as big common areas as possible, both inside and outside. There are two to four bedrooms in both types. All houses have a separate mooring for the boat and a separate storage. We have hired a highly credited builder, Erlandsson Bygg AB, who has long experience in building houses on the coast. The standard of the houses is high, with for instance Miele appliances – and our customers have the possibility to make changes within the houses. What is the most enticing thing about Hamburgsund? – Skäret in Hamburgsund is 400 meters away from Hamburgsund center, which is within convenient walking distance. In the center there is, among other stores, an ICA (Swedish food store) with a good selection of food and appliances, also a popular fish-store with their inhouse kitchen. Besides the renowned restaurant “Hjalmars”, where you sit and eat on the dock, there are four more taverns. – Hamburgsund is a very nice, genuine coastal village, but for us who live here, it is the archipelago with its thousand islands that appeal to us the most. And we are sure it will also give our new homeowners a new quality of life! Do you live in Skäret? – Yes, we have also bought houses on Skäret in Hamburgsund. It is a great feeling to be able to combine living, in what we think is our dream place, with an excellent investment to leave behind to our kids, Göran Moser concludes. Text: Editorial Photo: Press pictures



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MagazineSweden issue no 5 2019  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...

MagazineSweden issue no 5 2019  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...