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No 5 • 2019


DAY OF ADVENTURE Fantastic experiences with Sweden in the international spotlight Greta Thunberg Swedish teenager raises climate awareness

Camping festival International gathering in Lillehammer, Norway

A swedish safari Meet wild boar, bison and deer at Eriksbergs Hotel & Nature Reserve

A Comedy opera by Benjamin Britten


INFO & TICKETS +46 54 21 03 90 wermlandopera.com

Current Exhibitions The Collection 500 design objects from late 19th century to the present Bauhaus Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus School 1980s Design Memphis Milano and the postmodern paradigm shift

Open every Wednesday between 12 - 6 pm Magasin 6, Frihamnsgatan 50 - Stockholm, mobeldesignmuseum.se



Come as a guest – leave as a friend

Your adventure starts here. In Västerbotten. In Lapland

Welcome to Sweden’s oldest theatre! Opera


Acis and Galatea

En confidence

- a pastoral about love and loss

With Jonas Nordberg & Marika Lagercrantz


10/8 at 3pm

Using Confidencen’s intimate yet spectacular rococo stage, director Tine Topsøe captures the pastoral tragedy of Acis and Galatea, which in Händel’s lifetime became one of his most beloved and performed works. Sung in English.

Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger’s music for the theorbo in 17th century Italy meets the words of persian poets Rumi and Hafiz.

Music: Georg Friedrich Händel Conductor: Olof Boman Stage director: Tine Topsøe With: Ylva Stenberg, Hyojong Kim, Staffan Liljas, Jihan Shin. Confidencen Opera & Music Orchestra and Choir


Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day 6/8, 7/8, 8/8 at 7pm A dance performance where you as an audience member can move freely around the auditorium, or stay in your favourite spot and let yourself be surrounded by music and dance. After the show, we invite the audience to join the artists at the bar for more music, readings, and talking “en confidence”. Sung in English. Music: Georg Friedrich Händel Conductor: Olof Boman Choreograper: Satoshi Kudo With: Stina Ahlberg & Anthony Lomuljo, dancers, Ylva Stenberg, soprano, Anders J Dahlin, tenor, Jonas Nordberg, lute, Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann, cello. Confidencen Opera & Music Orchestra


Beneath the Orange Trees 11/8 at 1pm

- on a treasure hunt in Europe with Johan Helmich Roman In the beautiful Orangery of the Ulriksdal Palace Park. After their winter’s sleep, the orange trees give room for this year’s festival orchestra performing some of the musical treasures from the journeys of Johan Helmich Roman, and music by our Swedish baroque master himself. Musical director: Johan Lindström


Sing Along at Confidencen 24/8 at 3pm Olof Boman, artistic director of the Confidencen Opera and Music Festival, is a dedicated choir leader and has invited folk musicians Lisa Rydberg and Lisa Långbacka as well as baritone Carl Ackerfeldt to a musical feast where everyone can sing along.

Family performance



En confidence

26/7 at 11.15 & 27/7 at 11.15 & 12.30

With Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann & Hannes Meidal

3/8 at 3pm Bach’s cello suites performed as a journey through life by one of Europe’s finest baroque musicians, Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann, and actor Hannes Meidal.

A guided tour into the theatre magic. Be the first to experience the tale of Acis and Galatea! The tour starts in the foyers where we are introduced to the world of Baroque theatre and its secrets. We then get a sneak peek of the rehealsals of the opera. Recommended from age 6. In Swedish.

confidencen.se | +46 8 85 60 10

Content Issue No 5 • 2019



DAY OF ADVENTURE West Sweden host the ATWS (Adventure Travel World Summit) in september.

NATURE’S BEST The Swedish national trade association is in charge of Nature’s Best quality label for eco-tourism in Sweden.


54 CLIMATE SMARTNESS Calculate the impact your holiday has on the climate and get sustainable holiday tips with a new digital tool.

GRETA Swedish teenager travels the world on a mission. We better start thinking seriously about our planet’s future. Before it’s too late . . .

40 CAMPING FESTIVAL The highlight for all who travel the roads in trailers or caravans.

56 SWEDISH SAFARI A real safari experience and luxurious living in the Swedish archipelago.


REAL LIFE VIKINGS Meet a thousand-year old viking at the Vikingaliv Museum in Stockholm. Well, almost . . .




Welcome to Sweden!

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Premiers! icals dance & mus Film, theatre,

No 5 • 2018



“The Artistic Tenor” on stage in Sweden and the USA




es: Art Galleri seums & ns! bitio ARTMu THEATRE FOOD & DRINKt exhi No 1 • 2019 the lates Read about


Sweden is an experience just in its own. And we are here to help you to get the most out of your trip to Sweden. Read about museums that offer unique experiences, and the botanical garden with original hand-drawn posters from some of Sweden’s foremost illustrators through time. And Read about the beautiful west coast and the archipelago. We cover the Day of Adventure experience, and follow some of the companies involved. You can also read interviews with people responsible for some of Sweden’s most exciting excursions and outdoor experiences. One of those thrilling experiences is talking to the person behind bringing a whole community to life by the seaside. Which is what the Swedish west coast is about, the sea, the freedom and a Swedish summer never to be forgotten. According to the locals from the west coast, they have the most beautiful archipelago in the world. We invite you to read about it and look at some astonishing pictures taken at the secret spots only the locals know. It’s definitely well worth a visit! Read about a wide selection of camping sites, with an even more extensive range of activities. If you’re a fisherman, read where you find the best fishing spots on the west coast of Sweden. If you are a biker, we have an article on where to take your bike. Everything from long-range biking to high-altitude biking! Wherever you come from and whoever you are, we are positive that you will find something in our magazine to make your trip here unforgettable! Welcome to Sweden!





Hotel Tips & Experiences!

TRAVEL WITH INLANDSBANAN The train that drops you off in the middle of an adventure



SABATON OPEN AIR Sweden’s Meta l event of

the year returns




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Welcome aboard! MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Stockholm in August Fri 9th – Sat 10th August OLYMPIC DAY IN KUNGSTRÄDGÅRDEN

La Majonnaise is back! La Majonnaise is a French folk and boule festival, everyone is welcome whether you are a participant, spectator or just want to experience the food, the drink and the music. La Majonnaise was founded in 1995 and is Sweden’s largest open boule competition. For the first time the festival goes on tour and visit Boulebar in Gothenburg, Malmö and Örebro before the final finale at Rålambshovsparken in Stockholm. – What distinguishes La Majonnaise is the mix between food, music, people and boule. I really urge everyone to try and compete. It’s

easy to get started and our boules guides are ready with their best tips. Beginner’s luck is promised to everyone, says project manager Sigrid Bersmann. During La Majonnaise, amateurs are given the opportunity to meet the world elite from, among others, Sweden, Belgium and France. The competition runs from Friday to Sunday, August 29 - September 1. AE www.lamajonnaise.se

This is an opportunity for children and young people to try out Olympic sports, chess, parkour and cricket, and even meet some Olympic athletes. Olympic Day is free to attend. Sun 11th August STHLM URBAN TRAIL

This isn’t your average running event. This 10 km run will take you not only around, but also through buildings. The run begins and ends in Galärparken. Runners will have a good breakfast post-run. The entrance fee increases the later you sign up, so sign up now! The cost day of is 500 SEK. Tue 13th – Sat 17th August STOCKHOLM CULTURE FESTIVAL

For five days and nights, this festival fills the city center’s streets and squares with activity. The theme this year is space. Everything at the Culture Festival is free, with the exception of guided city walks that cost 30 SEK each. The festival includes many varieties of music, street art, theater, dance, art, international guest performances, and more. enjoy this special taste of Stockholm’s unique culture. Thurs 15th – Sat 17th August NIGHT MARKET BY MISSHUMASSHU, ESTRELLA DAMM AND GIGITAL

Grilled Cheese – the food festival back in Stockholm The grilled cheese sandwich is celebrated with its own Food Festival in Hornstull on August 24th. The concept is simple: the only permitted ingredients are cheese, butter and bread. With those few ingredients it’s time to start laboring, the sandwich must not cost more than 50 swedish kr. This is the conditions when the food festival warms up the sandwich grills for this year’s



event. Just like last year, the festival is held at Södermalm, this time in connection with Hornstulls Market.In addition to the visitors being able to put their teeth into about ten versions of the hot sandwich, there is a organized competition for the best grilled cheese sandwich of the year! MT www.grilledcheese.se

The passage stretching diagonally from Smålandsgatan to Birger Jarlsgatan will be packed with street food, live music, arcade games, and art to buy. Now is your chance to try kimchi! Fri 16th – Sat 17th August GRÄNSLANDET – SYMPHONY FEST

Listen to the Borderland Symphony Orchestra and others play classical, modern, and pop music over two full days. You’ll hear performers play Tchaikovsky, Phillip Glass, and pianist David Huang play Bach’s Goldberg Variations in a unique silent concert. This is a wonderful festival that takes place in a gorgeous oasis in the city. If you’re a fan of symphonic music, this is definitely for you! TM

Noteworthy Environmental facts: 27,000 trees are cut down each day so we can have Toilet Paper • Aluminum can be recycled continuously, as in forever. Recycling 1 aluminum can save enough energy to run our TVs for at least 3 hours. 80 trillion aluminum cans are used by humans every year • We can save 75,000 trees if we recycled the paper used on the daily run of the New York Times alone

Uppsala International Guitar Festival Uppsala International Guitar Festival is one the most influential of its kind. This year’s edition is set to be amazing with legendary guitarist Bill Frisell, Brazilian super virtuoso Yamandu Costa, internationally acclaimed flamenco stars Niño Josele, “Robi” Svärd and Sandra Carrasco, as well as the prodigy Indian bass player Mohini Dey. Uppsala International Guitar Festival takes place in Uppsala, a university city with a lovely atmosphere of history and culture where film director Ingmar Bergman was born and his famous film Fanny & Alexander was recorded. The city is also a gastronomic mecca and foodies can experience some of the best restaurants in Sweden, plus of course the Swedish fika. The festival is a meeting place for music celebration and learning. Over the years, legendary artists such as John Williams, Paco De Lucia, Pat Metheny, Anoushka Shankar, Steve Vai, Tommy Emmanuel, and Jennifer Batten have performed. AE www.uppsalagitarrfestival.se

Programme at Uppsala Concert Hall 9-13 October THURSDAY 10 OCTOBER

Yamandu Costa & Dos Mas Uno, Brazil/Argentina Freak Kitchen & Mohini Dey, Sweden & India FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER

Stephanie Jones, Australia Bill Frisell, USA SATURDAY 12 OCTOBER

Duo Siqueira Lima, Uruguay / Brazil Niño Josele, Robi Svärd & Sandra Carrasco, Spain / Sweden SUNDAY 13 OCTOBER

Ricardo Gallén, Spain Romancero Gitano & Tango Mass “Abrazo”

The bear Glok from Skåne’s zoo cool down with a special bear ice cream: fruits, berries and other goodies are frozen and become a perfect snack in the heat.

We all scream for ice cream As the temperature rises around the country, Skåne’s Animal Park takes ice-cold measures to keep the park’s animals cool. With baths and special ice cream, animal caretaker helps the animals feel good in the summer heat. During hot summer days it is important to stay cool and get enough water: it applies to both guests and animals in Skåne’s Zoo. Extra bathing opportunities and cooling ice cream are a couple of methods that help the animals feel good in the summer. In a special day program, guests can, among other things, come along with the attendant and bathe the linden red pigs, shower the elks and invite the bears to “bear ice cream”. - Most animals appreciate a cooling ice cream, so we make special animal ice creams. Fruits, berries, corn and dog food are put in water and into the freezer. In addition to the cooling ice cream, it is a great enrichment for the animals, says animal keeper Cornelia Hermansson. The animals that enjoy bathing have been given extra bathing opportunities in the summer heat: linden pigs and wild boar get cold showers and refilled mud baths, the Golden eagle have a new splashing pond and the bear Glok has moved in together with his female Ester to a area with their own pool. The moose have a water spreader that is started a couple of times a day. - We are working to create understanding for all animals and to build a link between humans and animals, says Glenn André Viste Bøe COO. - The people, the guests of the park, and our animals should have it as good as possible during the summer here. And the animals just like us humans like to take a swim in the heat. We help them with that. MT www.skanesdjurpark.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Paddelkompaniet Your wilderness adventure in south Sweden! Visit the family company with the personal service. For 25 years they have received tourists mainly from Sweden, Denmark and Germany, but also from other countries in Europe. Discover the wilderness in Blekinge from the inside and let your mind be filled by the tranquillity and the nature. CANOE RONNEBYÅN

The canoe trail on Ronnebyån is about 70 km long and stretches from Hovmantorp in Småland to Karlsnäsgården in Blekinge, but you can also paddle parts. The river alternates between narrow winding sections and elongated lakes and is surrounded by deep forests with a rich wildlife. Along the canoe trail you find prepared camp grounds of simple standard that include a fireplace, toilet, waste bins, and occasionally even shelters. Transports and camping gear are offered for an extra fee. SEA KAYAK JÄRNAVIK

The lush archipelago in Blekinge is Sweden’s southernmost and it has been denominated as biosphere area, ARK56. It has numerous islands and bays and is excellent for kayaking. There are about 60 km from Karlshamn to Torhamn, and Järnavik is strategically located in the middle. If you are lucky you can spot white-tailed sea-eagle and seal. The company also offers courses, packages, transports and camping gear. RED www.paddelkompaniet.se

Lots of fun at Dalhalla On August 17th, it’s time for the show Humorkalaset to rise on stage at the international established outdoor arena for theater, concert and opera performances outside Rättvik in Dalarna, Dalhalla, and it will be a party like no other. To entertain on stage we find, among others, Johan Glans, Marika Carlsson and Johanna Nordström stand. Stand-up, song, dance, parody in a blissful mix are promised! Hosts for the evening are Kristina “Keyyo” Petrushina and Tomas Järvheden. Together with a large group of other humorists will they give the audience a great deal of laughter. Johanna has, despite her young age, a great deal of experience with radio, being on stage and in front of the camera as well as scriptwriting. In 2015 she ran a stand up for the first time and now people from all parts of Sweden travel to see Johanna perform. Hasse Brontén, Özz Nûjen, Kristoffer Appelquist, Robin Paulson, Ann Westin, Hampus Hedström, Jesper Rönndahl, Messiah Hallberg, Therese Sandin and Martin Lagos also participate on the stage. RED www.dalhalla.se

Tixis world! “The coolest thing about being famous is that you get your own emoji.” Tixi, 9 months 12


The Swedish prison museum

In Gävle, the history of prison care is found in a castle detention cell from year 1732 and a cell jail from yeat 1847. Ten of the cells present Swedish correctional history from the 1840s until 1986s, when the prison was closed. In the palace detention you can see different crime scenes, torture and execution tools and the criminals from the past. Step into the arrests and imagine what it might be like to be arrested here ... AE www.sverigesfangelsemuseum.se


Image: Boris Lux - Lux’s Type Collection, Ocean liners - Titanic, CC BY-SA 3.0

Titanic the Exhibition The Exhibition takes us back 107 years in time. The exhibit has been visiting many great cities across the world, like Berlin, Madrid, Kiev and Mexico. Over 2.5 million people have seen it. Titanic the Exhibition had premiered in Uppsala the 17th of May 2019. The plan was that the renowned exhibit was to be shown to the public in Fyrishov until the 25th of August. But the reception was grand, and the interested for the sunken ship was still afloat. People were intrigued about the unique built interiors and the gruesome faith that awaited the passengers. Therefore the exhibition is extended to the 1st of September. You’re walked through the exhibition with an audiobook, where you

will hear countless stories about peoples final hours and heroics acted out on the boat. There are several stories linked to Sweden on Titanics maidens voyage since many Swedes emigrated to America during that time. It’s mostly noticeable when you look at the Swedish language, where you find, it’s the second only to: the American language is spoken onboard. The Exhibition has over 200 original items and some recreated interiors in full scale. MT Exhibition and place: 17th of May-1st of September Fyrishov, Uppsala www.titanicuppsala.se

The dinosaurs come alive in Skellefteå! The American exhibition “Dinosaurs The Exhibition” opened the gates in Skellefteå on May 30th and has been a great success. At more than 1000 square meters, the guests can wander through historic landscapes along with the impressive full-scale dinosaurs. Thanks to sophisticated technology, the dinosaurs come to life, and move very naturally, as they did millions of years ago. The exhibition offers a huge time travel through the periods Trias, Jura, and Krita, the

guests get to experience an enchanted world with the incredible creatures that ruled the planet Earth. Through stories based on research, advanced technology, interactive environments, the exhibition is presented in an educational as well as playful way regarding time periods, geology, geography and climate. The exhibition runs through August 25th. AE www.dinoskelleftea.se

The world’s smallest museum The smallest museum in the world is located in Skane in Tomelilla and is only 17 square meters in size. You probably think that it cannot accommodate so much on such a small area? In this particular case, 50 years of production can be accommodated by two very productive gentlemen, Hasse & Tage. On thirteen monitors the immortal films spin and in cabinets, drawers and glass stands you will find props, manuscripts and a whole host of other things from films, revues, sketches and monologues guaranteed to trigger your memories. RED www.hasseotagemuseet.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Noteworthy Effective treatment for varicose veins Varicose veins is a regular occurrence, and some studies show that 1/3 of the western populations has some form of varicose veins. Earlier studies have shown a female predominance, but this can be questioned in later years thanks to new studies. The regular reason for varicose veins is age, but young people can be the subjugated aswell. Varicose veins runs in the family, which means it is inheritable, the one who has it will often find that they have a close relative that also has it. SYMPTOM OF VARICOSE VEINS

Håkan Rudström, M.D.

The regular symptoms is a feeling of heaviness and tension. Sometimes, itching, tenderness, calf-cramp, and ache. The symptoms often show a day circle, where it tends to get worse towards the night. The troubles can be eased by having the leg in a high position or compression treatment. The varicose veins clinique in Uppsala and Stockholm offer at the first visit of consultation with a vascular surgical specialist. During the same visit, an ultrasound is done (duplex), and the specialists decide what kind of treatment is most efficient for you from the information given. If wanted, a date for surgery can be scheduled. Treatment is made by daytime-surgery, and if no anaesthetic is distributed, the patient is free to leave the same day. There are options to stay the night as well on nearby hotels. MANY PROS OF CONSULTING A VARICOSE VEINS CLINIQUE

Immediate access to a higly specialized surgent with interest for varicose veins, and only need for one consultation before action. With the most intuitive and effective treatments there is with the cosmetic results that are shorter than convalescence than with traditional surgical technique. Endovenous Laser Ablatio (Long Saphenous Vein): 1400 Euro (2400 Euro both legs). Endovenous Laser Ablatio and varicose vein resection with multiple mini incisions: 1800 Euro (3000 Euro both legs). AE www.aderbrackskliniken.se

Environmental facts:

Outdoor cinema

A popular summer activity is watching movies outdoors. In parks, on squares, swimming beaches and more. Swedens population gathers to watch movies together. If you haven’t seen a movie under the stars yet, it’s high time for it. - We have had a high pressure on orders for film outdoors this summer, which is great fun. It is so wonderful that films are allowed to live after they have gone to the cinema and that they are then shown in a new environment that can give a further feeling for the film. The most popular films this year are A star is born and Mamma Mia: here we go again, two musical films that go home to everyone. - Jenny Wallheimer, film consultant at Swedish Film. In many countries, outdoor shows are organized all year round. In Sweden, it is in the summer that the activity can really be enjoyed, so it is important to take the opportunity. August is a good month for watching movies in the evening when it is a little darker, which creates a really cozy movie feeling. OUTDOOR SCREENINGS IN AUGUST:

Alingsås, Bjuv, Borås, Båstad, Emmaboda, Eslöv, Farsta, Gävle, Göteborg, Halmstad, Haninge, Helsingborg, Hjo, Hägersten, Hässelby, Hässleholm, Höllviken, Jönköping, Kalix, Karlskrona, Kil, Kristdala, Kungälv, Laholm, Lerum, Lidingö, Ludvika, Lund, Malmö, Mullsjö, Norköping, Nossebro, Olofström, Orust, Oskarshamn, Sjömarken, Skara, Spånga, Stockholm, Sundbyberg, Torsby, Trosa, Uddevalla, Umeå, Upplands-Bro Uppsala, Vara, Ängelholm, Örebro, Östhammar. RED www.swedishfilm.com

When you throw plastic bags and other plastic materials in the ocean, it kills as many as 1 million sea creatures annually • A glass bottle made in our time will take more than 4,000 years to decompose • The amount of wood and paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years • An estimated 50,000 species inhabiting our tropical forests become extinct annually. That’s an average of 137 species a day • Rainforests are cut down at a rate of 100 acres per minute



Photo: Leo Bülow

Photo: Leo Bülow


Museum of Furniture Studies

Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow.

Möbeldesignmuseum – Museum of Furniture Studies, opened in February 2018, is a unique attraction based on the private collection of Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow. This comprehensive collection has been built up over their 40 years of experience as professional designers and architects and has arisen from a shared interest in Scandinavian and international furniture design. Their recent roles – Sandin as a professor of design and Bülow as a company director and design manager in the industry – have given them the insight that the furniture culture need to be experienced and studied in detail by today´s students, professionals or by anyone with an interest in design.

With a focus on original designs from a variety of periods and by illustrating the development of functions, materials, techniques as well as trends in society the museum aims to create a platform for the study and development of the furniture of tomorrow. The Museum’s private collection currently consists of around 800 items from the end of the 19th century until today. Over 250 eminent Nordic and international designers are represented. The collection also features items of applied art that are representative of various different periods. MT

Trip me up has developed a creative booking process where you easily book your trip online by specifying the travel date, budget, interests and other information that the travel agency needs to be able to book a suitable destination. Before the trip you will be sent a secret envelope, and here you will find all travel details and hand-picked tips on local activities

and experiences that can be experienced at the destination. But above all, your secret destination is revealed first at the airport ... if you can avoid looking in the envelope in advance. AE


Trip me up Imagine arriving at the airport on time and Ready with your passport. You look curiously at the screen of “departures” and realize that any of these destinations can be your destination for the weekend. You take out the envelope and open it slowly ... Trip me up is a new travel agency that tailors weekend trips based on what you want to see, do and experience on your holiday. The destination? It’s a surprise until departure day! The trips are based on the unique concept of “surprise travel”, where your personal interests control which destination you should travel to. Back to basics for exploration simply! - The surprise concept provides an opportunity to experience a new destination, without research in the back. There is so much to discover beyond the top ten lists and this is a way to bring more than souvenirs home from the trip, says Bride Persson, CEO at Trip Me Up.

www.tripmeup.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Day of Adv The 16th - 19th of September Gothenburg, and West Sweden’s hospitality industry will get a visit from the ATWS (Adventure Travel World Summit). The conference is hosted in Gothenburg, but starts with “Day of Adventure” – a day where 800 delegates from across the world get the opportunity to participate in different outdoor activities all over West Sweden. They will get to choose between for example hiking, mountain climbing, biking, paddling, fishing and sailing. Photo: Katja Ragnstam








Fantastic experiences when Sweden gets into the international spotlight


hat ATWS is coming to Sweden is a big thing, and not to be taken lighly. We are very proud to host the event here in Gothenburg and West Sweden. The recent years, leading up to this, the ATWS has been hosted in Tuscany, Alaska and Argentina. The first day of ATWS, “Day of Adventure”, is a perfect time to show our beautiful destination and what our fantastic hospitality industry has to offer. It is also an ideal time to showcase our sustainable experiences, says Fredrik Lindén, CEO West Sweden Tourist Board. FORTY OR MORE TOURS SPREAD ACROSS WEST SWEDEN

All in all, there are approximately 30 different companies involved. They are hosting around forty different tours during “Day of Adventure”, which is the prelude to the congress.

The following days (17th-19th September) a conference will be held at the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg. – Delegates from across the world sign up for the conference and simultaneously to which “Day Of Adventure” activity they want to participate in. In West Sweden they get to choose between for example hiking, mountain climbing, biking, paddling, fishing and sailing, Fredrik Lindén continues. MANY EXCITING COLLABORATIONS

– All delegates that come here have a big interest in these kind of activities. Of course, there are many opportunities for the adventure companies in West Sweden to make new connections. “Day of Adventure” is an excellent chance for Sweden to establish itself as one of the more prominent nature tourism destinations and show what the industry has to offer. – The running theme is that we must be careful with our nature. Our goal is always to

leave nature the way it was when we arrived. Swedes have worked with sustainability for many years. You could say that we are role models in this area, and in that, we take great pride. But we must always strive to excel. Sustainability has been one of the most critical issues when we have signed up the companies that will host acivities during the “Day Of Adventure”. A sustanable mindset and practise has been essential, ecologically, economically as well as socially. And of course that they can offer an enticing product available on the market at a competitive price. If done correctly, The “Day of Adventure” will have a great effect on the delegates and an even more significant impact on the industry, Fredrik Lindén concludes. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: West Sweden Tourist Board

ADVENTURE TRAVEL WORLD SUMMIT is a yearly event arranged by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). ATTA is a global organization with members across the world. They connect companies, tourist organizations, journalists and influencers and their main goal is to highlight sustainability.



Naven Outdoor Experience From lighthouse – on water land Fråncastle slotttotill fyr - på vatten ochand land

We are located on Kållandsö, the heart of Lake Vänern. Vi ligger på Kållandsö, i hjärtat av in Vänern. Du hittar oss vid Naven hela You will find us at Naven all year round and in the summer året och på sommaren flyttar vi även in till Läckö Slott. Precis utanför we alsofinns move to Läcköfinaste Castle. We haveegentligen one of the world’s dörren en in av världens skärgårdar, är det en väl finest just outside the oss door actually a well bevaradarchipelagos hemlighet men vi vill dela med av – den till dig. it’s Låt oss ta med dig ut och paddla, vandra cykla. Hängyou. medLet’s på vraksafari eller kept secret, but we want to eller share it with go paddle, ta med på en guidad i skogen sagoväsen. Elleron ta hike orbarnen bike together. Jointurthe wreckbland safariolika or take the kids dig ut på helt på egen hand och utforska Sveriges största sjö. a guided tour of the forest among mythical creatures. Or go out on your own and explore Sweden’s largest lake. Vill du stanna kvar en stund så har vi mysiga stugor som ligger nära

If you och want staybastuflotte for a while, have cozy cottages close vattnet en to härlig medwe badtunna. to the water and a lovely sauna raft with a hot tub. Andas. Stanna Andas ut. Breathe. Stop.upp. Exhale.

- 101– 91 www.naven.se || 0510 +46 510 101| info@naven.se 91 | info@naven.se


Day of Adventure is packed with activities! Meet some of the participating companies on the following pages, and get a closer look at what the west of Sweden has to offer when it comes to outdoor fun with sustainability and environmental care in focus!

Beautiful Ekens archipelago in lake Vänern On the island Kållandsö by Lidköping, you’ll find Naven Outdoor Experience that is a point65 kayak centre. They offer courses and guided kayak trips, you can for exampel experience sunset paddling and nature guiding at Naven and by Lackö Castle. There is also a sauna-raft where you have an unbeatable view over lake Vänern and the setting sun. The raft is is equipped with a hottub, sauna as well as a grill hut and can fit up to 15 persons. There are also regular cottages and parking for motorhomes. There are also activities on land if you



prefer that, you’ll find something to do even if you’re a sea lover but stranded with your family. Tours and excursions, hiking for families with storytelling for the children. There is also hiking on the trail at Traneberg. Last but not least, you can tag along to the beautiful Lackö Castle and Spikens fishing village trip. This guided trip also includes a guided tour on the Fröfjorden trail with the mighty Oakes To get between the places you can easily go by bike and experience the Swedish nature. By lake Vänern you have a chance to ex-

perience some fantastic fishing. With exciting species like bass and lake trout, lake salmon, pike and perch. Naven cooperate with one of Sweden’s leading fishing guides so you might have a fishing experience to remember all your life. Kållandsö Navensberg, Lidköping www.naven.se


Kayak in Grundsund

Grundsund is located in the Bohuslän region of Skaftö. Approximately 30 minutes from Torp, Uddevalla and the E6. At Balanspunken / Kayak in Grundsund, experience many different kinds of adventure and participate in various courses in kayaking. Sign up for a yoga class or treatments that heal the mind and body. – We live by words of happiness and life joy, and we want more of it, says Christina Ingermarsdotter who runs the operation. Grundsund offer courses for beginners in techniques and safety and other classes that provide more in-depth knowledge about kayaking. Looking for a bigger adventure on the ocean, then maybe a three-day tour with camping sounds interesting? Perhaps even a six-day tour? Both done under the supervision of experienced guides. Christina Ingermarsdotter tells us: – We love the ocean and the islands here in Bohuslän. To know kayaking as well as we do is something we take pride in, so every weather

works for more extended tours. We also have winter paddling, which makes the archipelago justice. – Last time we did a tour to Gothenburg, one of the six-day tours, we had wind all week. Sometimes we even had to wait it out, and sometimes we had to put in some extra time in the kayak. However, the feeling of arriving in the city centre of Gothenburg has never been sweeter. We were sea and wind experts, all of us. Besides the kayak business, we have yoga, massage and alternative medicine. Balanspunken - Kayaking in Grundsund is a certified InfoPoint where help is available from knowledgeable staff, so if there are any questions about the area, feel free to ask. There is also brochures and maps. Östra Kajen 10, Grundsund www.balanspunkten.nu

M/S Mira M/S Mira lays in the harbour of Fjällbacka. With M/S Mira you can go on trips into the Fjällbacka archipelago. Experience the small and authentic docks, try fishing and enjoy the unique red shifting rocks in the part of the archipelago that is often called the worlds most beautiful. Here you’ll find cosy small docks, the house where actress Ingrid Bergman stayed during the summers and much more. The fisherman Ingemar tells us the history of the islands and the archipelago of Bohuslän. You can go crayfishing with Ingemar and and see crayfish cages and learn how to prepare crayfish. In the end of September M/S Mira arrange lobster safari. The fishing boat takes you out on a three-hour fishing trip where you get to enjoy lobster pines and other things that belong to a lobster safari. As an extra treat, you can buy parts of the catch to bring home. The feeling of being at home by the stove and cook (norwegian) lobsters that you have caught yourself is something extraordinary. It is also possible to rent a boat and explore the islands on your own. Ingrid Bergmans torg, Fjällbacka www.msmira.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Adventures A deep breath in the everyday life Högsbyn’s Leisure Center is one hour by car away from Trollhättan and offers guided motorcycle tours and organized hikes to Sörknatten (where Astrid Lindgren’s “Ronia: the Robber’s daughter” was filmed) and more places. The camping has lovely fishing grounds, well, yes, Dalsland is covered with 11% water so that might not be surprising, but what might be a little surprising is the ability to find all the sweetwater fishes here. A paradise for anyone who is a fan of fishing. They also offer beaver safari with kayak where you meet the fearless animals in their natural habitat. On the grounds, there is also well-equipped cottages to rent. The camp is located right by the lake Råvarpen that a part of Dalslands Canal and tours to Värnern or Gustavsfors are available for booking. The area is surprisingly calm, and Jan Tyrenhag, who is the man behind the camping, tells us that guests with no experience of the silence can find it excruciating. For the stressed city-person it becomes an oasis of calmness. Of course, nature has a big part in making it magical. Jan continues. Surely a minute to rest is more needed than ever before, with the tempo of the average person getting higher all the time. The facility differs from the other camping with its big area, many guests have said it is like having a summer house. We also have many Swedes returning year after year. They take a step back during the weekends to come and visit and go back to work during the weeks. Högsbygården 1, Dals Långed, www.hogsbynsfritidscenter.se

Who knew biking on Öland in November could be this beautiful? Photo: Martin Palm

Bike year-round with Abloc If you like cycling, chances are that you have heard of Vätternrundan, the 300 km cycling sportive which gathers some 20,000 participants annually to bike around lake Vättern just before midsummer. But did you know that it has become tradition for 100 people to go around the same lake on December 28th, though on a route which is 40 kilometers longer and through snow, ice or whatever the weather gods find appropriate for the occasion? – Historically, the Swedish cycling season has been rather short, only a few months. We want to change that, and show that it is possible



to bike year-round, says Mattias Carlsson from Abloc, organizers of the Abloc Winter Challenge. And he is true to his words, Abloc organizes events, camps, clinics and guided tours every month of the year, as well as helping various destinations broadening their cycling offer. – To us, cycling is a unifying sport. You could ride with old friends or to find new ones, and together you can push boundaries that you wouldn’t have been anywhere near alone. It could be about doing the longest ride of your life, but might as well be to do something

completely new to you, like riding in a bunch or trying out mountain biking, says Mattias. As an example, he tells us about a camp earlier this year, where a former Olympic medalist and a newcomer rode side by side, sharing experiences. - That’s the spirit of all our events; everybody is welcome, no matter your background. It’s never too late to learn something new, all you have to do is to come with an open mind. www.abloc.se


Among hundreds of islands At Kajaktiv in Bleket on Tjörn, you can take a course in canoeing, Kajaktiv also offers guided paddle tours or private tours and has sales of kayaks and equipment. Everyone can go out and enjoy the salty winds and glide through Tjörn’s beautiful nature. See the rugged landscape towards Pater Noster, the famous islands of Åstol and Klädesholmen. The possibilities are many, and it is only your imagination that sets the boundaries. Whatever route you choose, you will have a memorable experience. During a full day of guided tours, you can paddle along the traditional fishing villages and explore the shallow bays. Explore where only a kayak can reach or go out among the islands and look for the curious seals, who often find you as exciting as we think they are. Slide-in at one

of the hundreds of islands and have a refreshing dip and eat your complementary lunch bag. Owner Patrik Forsling tells us: - Everyone can paddle, but some tips and tricks will make your paddling both fun and safe. We offer courses for beginners but also for those who have more experience and want to develop your canoeing. Kayaking on the west coast is lovely. Find your strawberry spot around one of the thousands of islands the coast has to offer. Launch the kayak directly from Kajaktiv’s jetty, and you are in Sweden’s most excellent paddle water right away. Bleketvägen 42, Bleket, Tjörn www.kajaktivtjorn.se

Upperud Upperud 9:9 is a family run hotel by Dalsland’s canal in south-west Sweden. The tall building is a hundred year old grain silo, which has been carefully transformed into an inspiring place to stay, enjoy great local food, go swimming, paddling or fishing from the jetty, or perhaps hire out the whole venue for your own private party/conference. At Upperud 9:9 there are also regular concerts and pub nights with live bands, creating a real meeting point for both locals and visitors.  The five individual hotel rooms are nestled into original exposed structures where you can still find a grain of wheat or rye in the gaps between the planks. French balconies let in the crisp Scandinavian light and stunning views over water in all directions.  High ceilings allow for the upstairs lofts where you can rest on comfortable beds in natural materials. Art and design evoke the simplicity.  Dalsland’s beautiful pilgrim trail passes right by Upperud. Many guests are keen to experience the woods on foot, hiking the 45 km to the next hotel along the trail, Edsleskogs Wärdshus. Sleeping in tents or in prepared campsites along the way and enjoying the changing terrain and landscape with many small lakes, hills with viewpoints and the pure wilderness.  Upperud 9, Åsensbruk. www.upperud.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Adventures Activities In Dalsland Dalsland’s activities are one of Northern Europe’s largest facilities when it comes to construction of adventure in forests and land. The company is located at Steneby Prästgård in the middle of the Dalsland landscape and arranges education, conferences and kick-offs for companies. They have about fifty different activities to decide from. And if you don’t like any of them, you can get an experience custom-made just for you and your group. Gold panning, horseback riding, indoor climbing, group exercises, sea and nature experiences. There are several activities that are performed at high altitude. One of them is an “obstacle course” consisting of 25 different sections at 10-18 meters height, something for the adventurous but certainly not for those afraid of heights! Dalsland Activities has welcomed guests since 1993 and in 2017 and 2018 they were awarded “Trail riding experience of the year in Sweden.” They create innovative and sustainable experiences with a large number of activities, supported by experienced and dedicated staff. - The events are the basis for everything we do, but when it comes down to it, it is the personnel that make the experience unforgettable. And we can proudly say that we have something for everyone, declares Pontus Gyllenberg, CEO. Steneby Gård 1, Dals Långed www.dalslandsaktiviteter.com

In Bohuslän’s sunny heart Ramsvik Stugby and Camping is located north of Smögen in Hunnebostrand right by the sea with a fantastic nature reserve next door. Here you can experience hiking, sea fishing, kayaking, trail running and scuba diving. Visitors tell us that there’s a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, cosy cabins and a great restaurant with the beautiful sea view as an extra spice. The area suits families with children entirely, and there are many child-adapted activities, such as crab fishing and swimming. During Day Of Adventure, Ramsvik merges with the company Icebug, that manufactures



shoes. Together they allow participants to try a stretch of the “Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail”, which is a 3-day event with participation from all over the world. During the Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail, participants walk or hike three sections of a total of 72 km, about 25 km per day, in the beautiful Bohuslän nature. The routes go over rocks, meadows, through forest areas and you have a fantastic view of the sea. The food is organic and made from local ingredients. Many people say that Icebug Xperience is a very social event. It’s free, you spend time with the other participants in the

evenings, take a sauna together and eat together. This year’s race will take place August 30 until September 1, for the sixth consecutive year. Participants in Icebug Xperience are recommended accommodation packages, with overnight stays in the cottage, organic and local breakfast and dinner buffet. Ramsvik Stugby & Camping, Hunnebostrand www.ramsvik.nu http://icebugx.com/xperience-bohuslan/


Dive excursions with Dyk-Leif Hamburgsund lies 13o km north of Gothenburg and 190 km south of Oslo. Located on Kvarnberget, the dive centre has a lovely view of the Hamburgsund and only a short walk to the harbour. Viktoria and Anders Säldemark own the facility where there are both single rooms and multi-bed rooms. Tours take place daily. The goal is often the Väderöarnas nature reserve, which consists of 365 islands, and offers Sweden’s best nature dive sites with a fantastic species-rich fauna. You get to see the best of Bohuslän both above and below the water surface. Comfortable dives with

custom-built and safe dive boats. Eat well, relax, take a sauna, enjoy the sunset on the terrace and fall asleep in a warm bed. Open all year round. Theme days are arranged for those who want to know more about what you see as you dive. There are also evening and night dives as well as summer dive camps. Kvarnbergsvägen 23, Hamburgersund www.dykleif.se

Explore the archipelago with a yacht Located on the west coast, by Långedrag, is the Maritime Group. In Långedrag there are good restaurants and all possible facilities such as changing rooms and saunas. Maritime Group works with boat charters and sailing events. Owner Patrik Hedenstedt has worked sailing in various forms throughout his adult life. Patrik tells us. - Our goal is to have something to offer everyone who wants to get out to sea whether they are beginners or experienced sailors. We focus on being an authentic, local supplier of sailing experiences on the Swedish west coast. We only work with the highest quality of boats and very experienced staff. - We who work with charters are all raised in the area and know the coast very well. At our events, we use the same boats as in the World Cup in match racing, and the staff are elite sailors at the highest levels. On the website there are a large number of boats to choose between, you can charter a yacht and explore the west coast archipelago with or without crew. Or participate in a sailing event. The islands along the West Coast not only offer beautiful scenery, but there are also well-preserved fishing communities. With boathouses, cosy taverns, seal safaris and fishing evenings by the sea. Whether you dream of a lively and intense holiday or endless sky and sea with silence and peace, you find it on the islands. Farr 65r S/Y Celeste is a Farr 65r racer/cruiser which is perfect for long journeys as well as short cruises for up to 20 persons. Photo Maritime Group Sweden

Talattagatan 2, Göteborg www.maritimegroup.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Explore the Swedish west coast archipelago on one of our yachts. We have a number of different yachts available, either bareboat or with crew

Maritime Group Sweden AB Talattagatan 22 SE–426 76 Gothenburg, Sweden

UPPERUD 9:9 100-year silo by Dalslands kanal Hotel - Outdoor - Event www.upperud.se


Inspiring you to achieve more than you thought you could, in nature, with others who share your passion, is what keeps us going. In cycling parlance, à bloc means giving it all you’ve got. www.abloc.se

Archipelago tours, rentals, crayfishing and lobster safari in wonderful Fjällbacka

M/S Mira, Box 64, 457 40 Fjällbacka Contact: ingemar.granqvist@telia.com Phone +46 703 40 75 50, www.msmira.se


In balance with nature.

We love to paddle, to be close to the sea and its nature, and getting others to find and feel that love. We have courses in paddle technology, we have tours with tents, we have winter paddling with indoor living.

We have rentals for short and long trips and we have great knowledge of Bohuslän which we are happy to share. We give people contact with nature, both outside and inside themselves.


Högsbyns Activities Center – in the heart of Dalsland, where nature is the most beautiful

Högsbyn 1/2

Högsbyns Fritidscenter

www.hogsbynsfritidscenter.se • info@hogsbynsfritidscenter.se • Jan Tyrenhag +46 (0)708166516

ICEBUG XPERIENCE WEST COAST TRAIL CO A STA L WA LKI N G & T R A I L R UN N I N G R A CE 30 A UG – 1 SEP T 2 0 1 9 , S o t e n äs, We s t S w e de n

We create memories!

High rope, Zipline, Horse back, Moose park, Kayak and more … Phone: +46 531 33086 • www.dalslandsaktiviteter.com

S I N C E 19 9 3

Diving trips to Väderöarna Accomodations Nature photo Underwater photo Kvarnbergsvägen 23, 457 45 Hamburgsund Phone: +46-706-20 00 28 • E-mail: info@dykleif.se

Can you imagine a world without waste?

RE:USE! 25 May 2019 - 29 Mars 2020

Free entrance. Contact us: +46 522 65 65 00 or info@bohuslansmuseum.se For information about our exhibitions visit: www.bohuslansmuseum.se, Museigatan 1, Uddevalla.


A small Venice in northern Bohuslän Welcome to Skäret in Hamburgsund

Imagine that you walk out on the deck. It is a beautiful summer day. You can smell the coffee in your hand, as you look down into the salty sea of the Swedish west coast. Your boat is tied to your very own dock, ready to take you out to sea . . . Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?





small Venice. Exaggerated? Absolutely! There is no Rialto bridge and the gondolas are nowhere to be found. But just like in Venice, you have your boat right outside your door, and through the canals, you can drive out to the shimmering ocean. Maybe we should add that the bridges might be a little less extravagant. In the middle of Hamburgsund, a small village on the coast north of Gothenburg, a new community with 76 new houses surrounding a lagoon has been constructed. THOUSANDS OF ISLANDS

Hamburgsund’s and Fjällbacka’s archipelago consists of thousands of islands which are an unending source of adventure. Here you’ll find small bays with beaches, and here you can go mackerel fishing and lobster fishing. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and here you do that, in all weathers. During the early spring and late fall, you are almost alone in the archipelago. Explore the surrounding villages on the islands Kalvö and Dyngö, lay anchor in a beautiful bay, where you are the only one there. And fall asleep to the sound of the seagulls and the water gently hitting the boat. You can take long walks on Hamburgö or Valö and why not take the boat to the tavern on the distant Väderöarna. MagazineSweden reached out to Göran Moser, one of the three entrepreneurs who are behind the project “Skäret in Hamburgsund”. Doesn’t it require a lot of local knowledge and experience for a project like Skäret? – Yes, you can say that. We are three entrepreneurs that live and work here in Bohuslän. We have during the years, created sev-

eral small communities, From the island Tjörn in the South to the town of Strömstad in the North. During the later years, we have created 11 beach-houses in Rågårdsvik, and around 20 houses in the archipelago with sheds on Ödby island, outside Hunnebostrand, and Skäret in Fjällbacka, where we built 17 houses with docks and private quays and their very own jetties. Canals and lagoons – sounds like it took a lot of time? – Yes, it has taken a long time, and Skäret in Hamburgsund is the most significant and most challenging project we have undertaken so far. Not only did we build houses – but we were also tasked with digging out a considerable area for a lagoon, create the canals and build new bridges for the community. – It was essential to create a community that would blend into what was already in Hamburgsund. At the same time, we didn’t want to build an imitation of what has already been done. We were particularly careful with the project, down to the closest detail, when we decided what the houses and the common areas were to look like. Every stone and every plank must be put into place with our vision in mind. Our costumers should know precisely how the village will look when it’s finished. Sound’s like like you had a thrilling trip? – We did - but we can now proudly say that we have succeeded, Göran gladly states. The lagoon and the canals are finished. The bridges are in place and around 40 happy house owners have already moved in. LAKEHOUSE ”SJÖHUS” AND ARCHIPELAGO HOUSE ”SKÄRGÅRDSHUS”

– Together with our architect, we have created two different house types we already know our clients want, one house we call Sjöhus and one that we call Skärgårdshus. The Skärgårdshus is

more traditionally following the concept of the typical houses in Bohuslän. The Sjöhus is more modern. – The houses have as big common areas as possible, both inside and outside. There are two to four bedrooms in both types. All houses have a separate mooring for the boat and a separate storage. We have hired a highly credited builder, Erlandsson Bygg AB, who has long experience in building houses on the coast. The standard of the houses is high, with for instance Miele appliances – and our customers have the possibility to make changes within the houses. What is the most enticing thing about Hamburgsund? – Skäret in Hamburgsund is 400 meters away from Hamburgsund center, which is within convenient walking distance. In the center there is, among other stores, an ICA (Swedish food store) with a good selection of food and appliances, also a popular fish-store with their inhouse kitchen. Besides the renowned restaurant “Hjalmars”, where you sit and eat on the dock, there are four more taverns. – Hamburgsund is a very nice, genuine coastal village, but for us who live here, it is the archipelago with its thousand islands that appeal to us the most. And we are sure it will also give our new homeowners a new quality of life! Do you live in Skäret? – Yes, we have also bought houses on Skäret in Hamburgsund. It is a great feeling to be able to combine living, in what we think is our dream place, with an excellent investment to leave behind to our kids, Göran Moser concludes. Text: Editorial Photo: Press pictures



With a long experience within tourism My Gothenburg Guide offers: TASTE TOUR: includes delicacies such as hard cheeses, pickled herring, Swedish oysters. Round it off with chocolate at our own Gothenburg Chocolate factory! BOAT TOUR: Around the Islands of the North archipelago and see our rocky landscape which the west coast is known for!

FISHING TOUR: Fish mackerel and eat a good and tasty lunch at the Custom’s restaurant. TAILOR MADE TOURS: according to your wishes and interests, like architecture, food, history, nature, design, art, fishing or wine/beer. WE ALSO OFFER TRADITIONAL TOURS!

My Gothenburg Guide works with a network of guides within the association of FGAG with only authorized guides as members! Our website is under reconstruction! Please contact Sophia Ekesand Guerra at mygothenburgguide@gmail.com


A comfortable stay – for your dog as well Best Western Hotels & Resorts is the world’s largest hotel family. A global hotel chain consisting of 4100 privately owned hotels in more than 100 countries. In Scandinavia, which originates from the head office in Sundbyberg, they have 130 hotels in a hundred places.


o you need a hotel for a few nights? Best Western is an option for both families and dogowner. Long-term stay for those who need to stay longer in one place. In total there are ten options for accommodation within the chain. Everything from a base offering 3 or 4 star hotels, best known as Best Western, offering local meeting places in welcoming environments. The hotels are adapted for leisure and business travelers looking for personal accommodation - there is also often a possibility to check in with your dog as a company. In addition, there are a variety of variants, all the way up to the design hub for those looking for accommodation in addition to the usual in

city locations. All of the Best Western hotels include free Wi-Fi and the Scandinavian hotels also include a breakfast buffet. Best Western Hotels & Resorts has become famous for a committed response, focusing on hotel accommodation as well as the experience of the place. Guests can expect lovely rooms with modern amenities, flat-screen TVs, coffee and tea makers and desks. Most hotels also have mini-refrigerators in the rooms. In other words, there are all the conditions for a really comfortable and nice accommodation at Best Western. Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: Adobe Stock



Nature tourism



Nature tourism

Nature’s Best – sustainable travel in Sweden The quality label Nature’s Best is a decisive reason why nature tourism is now developing so quickly in Sweden. The label was launched in 2002 and was then the first of its kind in the Northern hemisphere. Naturturismföretagen is the national trade association for nature based tourism and is in charge of Nature’s Best quality label for eco-tourism in Sweden.


he focal point is the quality of the travel experience, combined with strict environment and nature conservation measures, as well as a clear local connection. This is eco-tourism – the Swedish way So are you ready for the bright nights of the Swedish summer, or its deep-frozen winter scenery and the mysterious northern lights? Try dog sledding to the Ice Hotel, driving a reindeer sleigh with Sami herdsman, salmon fishing, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, canoeing, timber rafting, horse riding expeditions, boat trips in the archipelagos, wolf tracking, fly fishing… And much, much more! Nature’s Best is Europe’s first sustainable tourism label that assures the quality of hundreds of experiences run by responsible certified tour operators around the country. Which means if you book a trip with one of Nature’s Best tour operators you know that they have to adhere to a strict code of conduct, and you make a positive contribution to the environment where your tour or activity is taking place. – this is to experience Sweden at its best. NATURE’S BEST SIX BASIC PRINCIPLES

1. Respect the limitations of the destination – minimize the negative impacts on local nature and culture. Ecotourism is about preserving what the visitor has come to experience. The ecological and cultural capacity of each area must be respected. This means tour operators must have a solid knowledge of the destination, local presence and work closely with others present in the area.

2. Support the local economy. Ecotourism is about community development. Conservation can easily fail if local people object to it. Tangible benefits from tourism are a positive force. Each visitor contributes economically to the well-being of the destination by renting rooms, hiring local guides and purchasing goods and services. The more, the better. 3. Make all the operator’s activities environmentally sustainable. Eco tour operators must set a good example of a sound environmental practice. Approved operators have policies to minimize environmental impact by prioritizing, e.g., collective transport, sustainable lodging, waste management, etc.… 4. Contribute actively to nature and cultural conservation. Ecotourism assumes responsibility for the protection of biodiversity and special cultural values. This means supporting nature preservation in various ways. Our operators cooperate to find ‘win-win’ ways of doing business. 5. Promote knowledge and respect and the joy of discovery. Ecotourism is about traveling with curiosity and a respectful mind-set. Approved operators are competent hosts providing visitors with a good introduction to the area. Good advice and guidance are often the keys to a memorable trip. 6. Quality and safety all the way. Ecotourism is quality tourism. Approved tours must meet and even exceed our customers’ high expectations. Safety issues are taken very seriously, and we have many satisfied customers. An approved tour operator is a trusted supplier and partner. These basic principles have been interpreted and listed in a document of criteria signed by each certified operator. Text & photo: Lennart Pittja

NATURTURISMFÖRETAGEN is the national trade association for nature based tourism and is in charge of Nature’s Best quality label for eco-tourism in Sweden. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Experience the largest Safari Park in Scandinavia. Be close to the animals, stay over at the first-class hotel and taste the award-winning gastronomy. eriksberg.se

naturE travEl

tEam Building

Outdoor ExpEriEncEs @ Stockholm Kayaking • Hiking • Sailing • Wildlife Canoeing • Ice Skating • XC Skiing www.

T h e G r e e n T r a i l s . com

Our future



Our future

Greta You have probably already heard a lot about Greta Thunberg, the Swedish activist who, at age 15, began protesting outside the Swedish parliament in August 2018 about the need for immediate action to combat climate change. Her ”school strike for the climate” (skolstrejk för klimatet) began attracting media attention and she has since become an outspoken climate activist.In response to the publicity, the school strike for climate movement began in November 2018 and spread globally after the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) in December the same year. And that was literally just the tip of the iceberg . . .


n 15 March 2019, an estimated 1.4 million students in 112 countries around the world joined her call in striking and protesting. A similar event involving students from 125 countries took place on 24 May 2019. In July 2019, on behalf of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), secretary-general Mohammed Barkindo declared Thunberg, and other young climate activists as the ”greatest threat” to the fossil fuel industry. Greta Thunberg has received various prizes and awards for her activism. In March 2019, three members of the Norwegian parliament nominated Thunberg for the Nobel Peace Prize. In May 2019, at the age of 16, she was featured on the cover of Time magazine. IN THE BEGINNING

In an interview with Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!, Thunberg said she first got the idea of a climate strike after school shootings in the United States in February 2018, and as a result of which a couple of youths refused to go back to school. These teen activists at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida went on to organize the March for Our Lives in support of greater gun control. Then in May 2018, Thunberg won a writing competition about the environment held by Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper. The paper published her article after which she was contacted by Bo Thorén from Fossil Free Dals-

land, a group interested in doing something about climate change. Thunberg attended a few of their meetings, and at one of them, Thoren also suggested that school children could strike for climate change. Thunberg tried to persuade other young people to get involved but ”no one was really interested” so eventually, she decided to go ahead with the strike by herself. At a TEDx talk in November 2018, Thunberg said she first heard about climate change at the age of eight and could not understand why so little was being done about it. At age 11, she became depressed and stopped talking. Later on she was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), and selective mutism. She added that selective mutism meant she was speaking only when she needed to and that “now is one of those moments”; and that being on the “spectrum” was an advantage “as almost everything is black or white”. Thunberg has said: “I feel like I am dying inside if I don’t protest”. GRETA DOESN’T FLY

To lower her family’s carbon footprint, she insisted they become vegan and give up flying. She said she persuaded her parents to give up eating meat by making them feel guilty. “I kept telling them that they were stealing our future.” Her mother also gave up her international career as an opera singer. Despite invitations to speak at international events, Greta also doesn’t fly anywhere. Thunberg says her teachers are divided in their views about her missing class to make her point. She says: “As people they think what I am

doing is good, but as teachers they say I should stop.” One teacher who supports her said: “Greta is a troublemaker, she is not listening to adults. But we are heading full speed for a catastrophe, and in this situation the only reasonable thing is to be unreasonable.” In May 2019, Penguin Books published No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, which is a collection of her speeches. Penguin also intends to publish Scenes from the Heart, the Thunberg family’s story. Earnings from these projects will be donated to charity. In June 2019, Thunberg announced she will sail across the Atlantic in a high-speed racing yacht to attend United Nations climate summits in the United States as part of a sabbatical year. The yacht is fitted with solar panels and underwater turbines and so generates zero-carbon emissions. After arriving in New York, accompanied by her father, Greta aims to travel by train and bus to the annual UN climate conference in Chile with stops in Canada, Mexico and other countries. JUST A MESSENGER

In a statement she originally posted on her Facebook page, Thunberg acknowledges that she is not a climate scientist: she is merely a messenger who is repeating what scientists have been communicating to the public for decades, so far without much success. She says if everyone listened to the scientists and acknowledged the facts, “then we could all go back to school”. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Anders Hellberg MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Summer Fun

Camping festival in Lillehammer

Lots of people spent their vacations on the road, in trailers or caravans. For those who spend their vacations like that, the camping festival is a real highlight! Long before anyone knew about Woodstock, Roskilde or Hultsfred, the caravan-people was gathering to a festival. That draws people from near and far. And to this day the tradition lives on.



Summer Fun


ach year the caravan-associations in Norway, Finland and Sweden arrange NCT camping meeting (Nordisk Camping Träff). We change the location of the meeting each year and this summer the NBCC, Norsk Bobil, and CaravanClub, invited to a meeting in Lillehammer. Lillehammer is one of Norway’s More famous places, since the Olympic games in 1994. There were many Olympic medalists from Norway

during the Olympics. What is a NCT meeting - and when does it begin? For us, it starts as soon as we leave Falun. The first phase of the trip is Caravan Clubs Tandådalens Camping. It is a renowned winter camp but is open all year round. There we met our friends from Finland who also will stay shortly here on their trip to Lillehammer. The day after, we pass the Norwegian border. Our destination is Mjösa Lake, which we will get to via Elevrum and Hamar. Here we get a preview of the meeting grounds. There are fantastic views, with Mjösa in the center. With that experience in our luggage, we arrive at the Olympic Village. With this extraordinary trip behind us, we arrive in the Olympic village and welcomed by our Norwegian counterparts. The first day of the meeting, Sunday morning, we will start with a bus drive down to Gjövik where we get to board the esteemed ship “Skibladner”, which have Swedish roots. In 1856, she was built in Motala, Sweden. The tour on Mjösa takes about three hours and has several stops along the docks. The journey ends in Evjua dock, where we will be collect by bus and shuttled back. The way back is spectacular and filled to the brim with beautiful sights and views. When everyone who is expected has arrived at the meeting area, we start our formal ceremony — the inauguration of this years NCT. On Tuesday, by tradition, the organisation’s flagbearers will march in, representing the different branches. Following this is an orchestra that will lead us to the initiation site. The inauguration consists of a welcome greeting from the Caravan organisation, the chairman of the Nordic Caravan clubs and a representative from the municipality. And then a little magic, which will make the ceremony a bit more fun for the kids.

After the inauguration, what happens then? Each night there is a dance after the gathering we have by the longboard. For the kids, have the organisers made a packed program that includes excursions to different places, fishing, playgrounds and much more. Each of us has its team in throwing horseshoe. And on Saturday there is a big competition, which is separated by children, women and men “divisions”. You never know who will win this, It gets a bit like it use to be in this place. Norway’s delegates win in all classes. Another traditional activity we do is Caramba, which is competition in operate your caravan. The competitors offer an incredible show of skill. Here, will the Nordic championship be settled, but here’s not the Norwegians favourites. Finland has won this esteemed title the last couple of years, and they did it again. After this, it’s time to wrap up the NCT. So to summarise: For us who have already been to a couple of NCT is it a chance to meet old friends from our three neighbours here in the north. People we might only see once a year. For new participants, I think NCT is another kind of experience. Many people discover the fine companionship at our meetings, one can both be surprised and delighted. Altogether we are 198 carriages from three different countries that meet up in Lillehammer. During the later years, the tendency has been that the number of participants has been shrinking. Even though people are buying more motorhomes than ever before. Caravan Clubs goal is to turn around that tendency. 2020, will the NCT be hosted in Kuopio Finland, which is approximately 450 km Northeast of Åbo. Kuopio is one of the most beautiful parts of Finland, where the saying “the country of a thousand lakes” really gives the name meaning. The Finnish Caravan-organisation is really going all in for making the coming meetup breaking the down-going spiralling trend. We can’t wait! Börje Svärdström, President Caravan Club of Sweden



Advertorial produced by Destination Kosta


he Lodge is located in the middle of the Småland Kingdom of Chrystal, close to Sweden’s oldest glassworks. Guests come to us to experience, get a good night’s sleep and to feel good. Reside and get pampered in a naturally relaxing environment. Most of our services are included, so you and your company only need to concentrate on enjoying your free time. Take trips to the Kingdom of Chrystal, go for a stroll in the forest or enjoy a bike ride. Discover forest animals on a trip through Kosta Safari Park, or enjoy the jacuzzi, sauna and our pool area with two pools, wood-fired hot tubs enclosed by our outdoor dining area. Downstairs from the pool deck is our lovely sauna with space for eight people. Unwind after a long journey, a hard day at work or an active day in nature. The use of the sauna is complimentary for hotel guests.

ae autem ut prox natur imu s Cum

56°49'59.0"N 15°24'2.5"E



afari in the forests of Småland. Take the car through the park and see European bisons, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, red deer and wild boars close up. Here you can see fallow deer, red deer and wild boars. While the fallow deer is a social animal and likes bathing in the sun, the red deer are shy, and you normally do not see them in daylight. In our park, however, you have good chances to see red deer in daylight. There is also a good chance that you’ll see our wild boars and the Visent, the European bison.




osta hyttsill. Hot shop herring is an old tradition in Glasriket that dates back to the time when the glassworks was the village’s gathering point. Enjoy the good food, music and glassblowing! Today, hot shop herring is a festive meal prepared in the traditional way with great finesse in the annealing furnace where the glass was placed to cool down earlier in the day. The glowing glass mass in the furnace lights up the glassworks with its soft glow, and if you are lucky then you are one of those who get to try blowing glass yourself. During a hot shop herring evening at Kosta Glasbruk the guests get to enjoy the community, the warmth and the good food. Just like the vagabonds and the people in the village always did. Classic hot shop herring is made with salted herring cookedwith onions and cream. It is served with smoked pork sausage, fried pork and baked potato with herb butter and is a typical regional dish.

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osta glassworks is Sweden’s oldest still operating glassworks. The furnaces here have been lit since 1742. We welcome you into the warmth to witness a genuine Swedish handicraft. This is your chance to follow the production in the glow from the furnaces. From the melting of the molten glass to glassblowing, cutting and painting. In the area you also find the Kosta Boda Art Gallery where you have the opportunity to see current exhibitions and Kosta Boda’s factory outlet.

KOSTA - a place to experience www.destinationkosta.se

the Design

the Hotel

the Experience ART GLASS EXPERIENCE Full board with lunch, dinner, breakfast and entrance to our unique spa area.



2 018 • 2



7 01

2015 • 20 1

SEK 1.845 per person with double occupancy

www.kostabodaarthotel.se • +46 478-348 35

SEE info@WHEN mirrokel.com




Mirrokel 1/1 M I R R O K E L, a magnification jewelry that simplifies everyday life and helps you to see even the smallest text. When reading the content on a soda bottle or looking for the amount of calories in your friday snack, when at a restaurant having trouble reading the menu or even the text on your phone. Don’t worry about bringing your glasses. The Mirrokel will be there for you, always.

Mariana ”Mirre” Dehlin mob 0708-30 82 30 info@mirrokel.com

Swedish Design

M I R R O K E L B Y M I R R E | M A R I A N A ” M I R R E ” D E H L I N | C E L L See 0 7when 0 8 - you 3 0 need 82 30 I N F O @ M I R R O K E L . Cwww.mirrokel.com O M | W W W . M I R R O K E L . C Owww.mirrokel.com M


Situated in Hägghult, 20 km east of Osby in the north of Skåne. Started in 1994 and today has ca 200 members. Black Mountains has ca 8000 visitors during high season and many more during the rest of the year. Booking of guided tours is made at the Black Mountains restaurant or through the web site. Rafts and tents can be rented and fishing gear is on sale in the restaurant.

The mezmerising magic of the Black Mountains Take a guided tour through the magnificent landscape, ride the raft between beautiful mountain walls, take a snack or just watch the view. The Black Mountain non-profit association works to ensure that the unique environment of the old diabase quarry outside Lönsboda in northeastern Skåne is taken care of and being preserved. Text: Editorial Photo: Black Mountains




Amazing views in and around the Black Mountains.


he diabase from Lönsboda is unique in its kind. For more than a hundred years, the diabase has played a major role in the history of the countryside, and the black slide from Hägghult, just outside Lönsboda, has a good reputation internationally thanks to its recognized high quality. The nonprofit association Svarta Bergen takes care of the environment surrounding the old quarry that was laid down in 1989 and offers visitors guided tours, a magnificent view and a chance to unwind in a unique environment. – I am very biased at the moment, but it is a wonderful environment for walking and staying

in. It’s something completely unassuming, says Mari Arvidsson, restaurant and booking manager. – Some guests saw the sign down the road, drove here and exclaimed: “Wow, where have we landed somewhere?” It ended with that they ate lunch and lay on the rocks all day long. They said they would not leave from here. It describes this place quite well I think. It’s something magical with the stones, something very special, she continues. The rock eruption is still on going in a new quarry in the immediate vicinity. There is also the opportunity to enjoy the view in peace and quiet and visitors are offered the opportunity to go for a nice trip down the old quarry. – You see the area from another view and you understand the greatness in a new way. It’s

magical to see the quarry from that point of view, “says Mari Arvidsson. GUIDED TOURS

All old pictures, movies and, not least, the guided tours at the quarry create a link between past and present. There is a lot of artwork in the area that tells the story of Diabas and shows what it can be used for. – Just to come and enjoy the view and buy a glass of coffee, you do not have to pay an entrance fee. But I also really recommend a trip with one of our good guides - or with our new raft. The story behind this site is fantastic and uniquely preserved, says Mari Arvidsson.



Can you grow paint? Yes, and that’s what we do. Linseed can be pressed into oil and when mixed with pigment you get linseed oil paint. Good on wood, good for the environment and better for you. It’s cheaper per square meter too, which is an added benefit.

www.ottossonfarg.com Eksholmen farm






COME AND MAKE BARGAINS! Still Sweden’s by far largest and most popular flea market!

IN VÅRBERG 20 meters from the Metro entrance

13 - Red Line

HOURS Weekdays 11-18 Saturdays 10-16 Sundays 11-16

Come and make great deals and/or rent a place and sell your own stuff!

+46 8 710 00 60 www.loppmarknaden.se





Vacations for both dog and dog owner Most dog owners, of course, want to bring their dogs on vacation and there are many options that suits both dog and dog owners. Here are some tips for the vacation to be a wonderful experience.


n order for both you and your dog to have a relaxed and enjoyable time together, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your holiday. Whether it’s a long trip to warmer countries or a major city holiday that’s in mind, you might want to plan for an alternative at home for your dog. Maybe a neighbour or good friend can fit your dog while you’re gone or the dog can live on a well-managed dog’s pension. But if you’re going to hang out at the cottage, wander in the mountains or camp in the summer, of course, your dog will have to hang out. TRAVEL WITH YOUR DOG

If you go with your own car, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to walk your dog, so do many stops along the way and make the tours as short as possible. Remember to never

leave the dog in the car a hot summer day! If you are traveling by train, it may be good to be out in good time to get a place where pets are allowed. An increasing number of bus companies allow pets but the rules vary and can change quite quickly so do an extra check before you travel.


Make sure you and your dog are registered at Animal ID.se - the Swedish Kennel Clubs Ownership register. If your dog runs away, it’s easy to get around when the dog is registered. More travel tips can be found at: www.skk.se/resamedhund


Even if the dog may also need to relax during the holidays, they still like to do activities of different kinds. Hiking in the woods and fields is of course an excellent activity that is both relaxing and active at the same time. If you bring the tent it will be extra fun, dogs usually like to get together with their flock. You can also go on a course with your dog. Perhaps you want to try out dog sports like agility or nose work or just have a better obedience. Clubs within the Swedish Kennel Club and various private companies organize courses and camps during the summer.

Text: Måns Engelbrektsson Photo: Malin Lindholm



Summer Fun

Onions on the walls in Rudbeck’s and Linnaeus’ botanical gardens Less than an hour from Stockholm and only twenty minutes from Arlanda, in the university town of Uppsala, you find the home and gardens of Carl Linnaeus. As you step into the beautiful baroque gardens of the world-famous botanist and physician, you leave the city’s pulse behind.


ore than a thousand species of Swedish and foreign vegetables, wildflowers, trees and medicinal plants are arranged according to Linnaeus’s classification system, first published in 1735. Recognized as the “Father of Taxonomy”, Linnaeus also invited the binomial system of naming organisms that we still use today. But the history of the botanic garden starts earlier than that, when the professor in medicine, Olof Rudbeck (senior), got permission from Queen Kristina to start the first botanical garden in Sweden. In 1655 came a shipment with plants from Holland. The Queen had by now abdicated. And the plants landed in a garden by the outskirt of the city. Thanks to Olof Rudbeck, the garden developed to an institute with prestige, and with such a good reputation even Carl von Linné couldn’t stay away. Not only did Olof Rudbeck create a garden in world-class. But his big life project was putting together a collection of books with all the



known herbs and plants - Campus Elysii. Unfortunately, the pressure logs, books and garden was burned down in the great fire 1702. The only thing that survived the fire was the “flower book” with thousands of beautiful drawing and illustrations of flowers that would be a good template for colouring in by hand. In the garden of Linnaeus, you can during the summer find the exhibit Bulbi Rudbeckii, with a big selection of illustrations from the “flower book”. The posters show bulbs and tubers that were cultivated here during the second part of the 1600s. Most of the pictures in the exhibition are drawn by the son Olof Rudbeck (junior) and the younger daughter Wendela Rudbeck – the project was in many ways a family project! If you pay attention, you can find an illustration by Olof Rudbeck (senior) himself ! Please, come and enjoy tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, gladioles, irises, snowdrops, crocuses and lilies! Closing for the season on the 29th of September. Have a great summer! Text: Lotta Saetre Photo: Jesper Kårehed


WHERE MYTH MEETS TRUTH www.thevikingmuseum.com - Djurgårdsvägen 48

Nature tourism

A climate smart vacation How’s your climate anxiety? At klimatsemester.se you can calculate the impact your holiday has on the climate and get sustainable holiday tips with the help of a new digital tool. The network for climate-smart holidays has been initiated by researchers, public organizations and tourism practitioners in Gothenburg and western Sweden with the aim of jointly addressing tourism’s contribution to climate change.



Nature tourism

10 vacation tips from klimatsmartsemester.se Text: Editorial Photo: Adobe Stock

1. HOP ON A BOAT from Stockholm to Svart-

sö with beautiful hiking trails along the sea, over meadows and through forest. Nature is magnificent and the city heat blows away in the sea breeze. Overnight stay at STF’s hostel. You can also cycle around the island if you prefer it.

2. LYSEKIL BY BUS 841 which runs all the

way from Gothenburg to Lysekil and takes 2 hours. Take a trip to Grundsund where the TV series Saltön was recorded. Canoeing and diving are world class and dramatic rock formations are interspersed with idyllic small inserts.

3. JAMTLAND TRIANGLE WITH THE NIGHT TRAIN to Duved’s station and from

there a bus goes all the way to STF Storulvåns Fjällstation. The tour is 46 kilometres long and consists of three days of stages between Storulvåns, Sylarna and Blåhammarens Fjällstation. Eat well and live comfortably at the mountain stations or tents. It is also possible to take the tour with guide and full board.

4. GREBBESTAD is the centre for oyster

lovers, it’s also here you find the non-profit association Oyster Academy which organizes, among other things, the annual Oyster Opener competition. Go on oyster safaris and learn how to pick oysters. For those with diving certificates there is the opportunity to explore the world of oysters even more closely. 5. MIDNIGHT SUN IN LOFOTEN Take the night train to Lofoten in Norway and experience the breathtaking views from the mountains. The place where mountain and ocean meets.

6. TO HÖGA KUSTEN, Härnösand can you

take a fast train from Stockholm. The trip is excellent to do in a sweep from southern Sweden, but you can also jump off and take a quick stop in Stockholm on your way. Höga Kusten offers both outdoor activities and breathtaking scenery, as well as first-class tastings and cultural events.

7. ISLAND HOPPING in Gothenburgs south

archipelago. Cycle or ride a tram from central Gothenburg to Saltholmen where boat trips until the entire southern archipelago are offered. There is also the possibility of kayaking between the islands.

8. TAKE THE TRAIN TO MALMÖ, both from Sweden and Copenhagen. Great quality coffee, cosy wine bars and restaurants with a multicultural feeling. Walk along the water and look at the bridge that connects us to the continent. In Malmö there is also Sweden’s first packaging-free food store, which is worth a visit. 9. TAKE THE TRAIN TO HELSINGBORG and

enjoy a nice little harbour town that is perfect for a weekend trip. Have a coffee at one of the many cafes and walk along the water in the harbour. Just north of the city is Sofiero Castle. When the spirit falls on you, simply jump on the ferry across the strait to Helsingör.

10. COPENHAGEN ON BIKE Denmark’s capital is designed to be discovered by bicycle. On the Öresund train to Copenhagen you can bring your bike on board.

Sources: Kamb et al. (2016) Klimatpåverkan från svenska befolkningens internationella flygresor,  http://publications.lib.chalmers.se/records/fulltext/240574/240574.pdf MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Summer Fun

Swedish safari

A real safari experience, and luxurious living conditions in the Swedish archipelago. That and much more is what Eriksbergs Hotel & Nature Reserve offers. In this beautiful country environment we have one of Swedens best hotels, and award-winning restaurants. In the wildlife reserve bison, deer, mouflon sheep and wild boar roam freely. Here people are guests in the animal kingdom – not the other way around.



Summer Fun


ow there is an opportunity to live in architect-designed camping, or as tradition would call it; “glamping” (glamourus camping). Situated on a mountain in the middle of Scandinavia’s most prominent wild reserve, with a fantastic view over one of the sanctuaries biggest lakes. – With glamping, we offer even more of a safari feeling and allow the guests to get even closer to nature and the sanctuaries abundant wildlife, says Per-Arne Olsson, CEO at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve, located 2,5 hours with car from Copenhagen. During the summer glamping was introduced. It is where Bertil Harström, who is the architect behind several Treehotels, has drawn the new camping tent, which is placed on a mountain as old as time. – Glamping fits Eriksberg like a glove. To go to sleep and wake up directly in nature creates memories for life. The glamping tent is made by hand from linen cloth and the interior is specially made to be unic and to fit into the concept. The inspiration for the tent comes from the tent used in the USA’s civil war, they are the same type. The military connection can be found within Eriksberg as well, through the well-preserved ramparts following the coastline. Eriksberg’s founder, the internationally known author, photographer and nature-conservator Bengt Berg, used similar tent forms for his tents when in Africa studying the hunting of big game. These tents are well preserved and a part of an exhibition in Eriksberg. SECLUDED NATURE LIVING

Another accommodation in the wildlife park is Lily Croft which lays secluded, with its very own oceanview. It is a 750 square meters hotel and conference villa that keeps a very high standard, and even higher security. –We turn to those who are looking for an experience of high quality and service. Those who want to be close to nature, says Per-Arne. Many of our visitors appreciate the calmness here, which does not exist in an ordinary day to day life. We also offer activities for those who wants to join in. Such as eagle safaris, walking safaris, wine tastings, raft safaris, clay pigeon shooting and bison walks. Seeing the sights close up is a fascinating nature experience. – Wisent is a European bison where the bull can weigh 900 kilos. They are endangered and as rare as tigers and black rihonos, Per-Arne Olsson concludes. Text: Editorial Photo: Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

ERIKSBERG HOTEL & NATURE RESERVE is a nature reserve in southeastern Sweden and consists of 1,348 hectares, of which 409 hectares is water. The enclosed area is approximately 925 hectares, which means that Eriksberg is Scandinavia’s largest safari park. In the area, there are fallow deer and red deer, Père David’s deer, wisent, wild boar and mouflon sheep that roam freely together. In the beautiful courtyard environment with buildings from five different centuries, there are high-standard hotel rooms where animals and nature are the running theme. Restaurants where game and fish from the area are the basis of everything served. Modern conference rooms and a glazed wine cellar with room for 9,000 bottles. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


The Karlsborg Fortress museum A museum situated inside the fortress, in the longest building in Europe. It’s a museum filled with objects from the military and local history. The new exhibition ”200 years thru Karlsborg Fortress history”, that takes you on an adventure through the fortress time. For opening hours, see our website/google Phone +46 505 45 18 26 facebook.com/fastningsmuseet www.fastningsmuseet.se

Animals and plants from all around the world

My name is Mr Nilsson

Welcome to our newly built guesthouse with 8 double rooms in an idyllic and relaxing rural setting 500 meters from Högbo Bruk GPS co-ordinates: N60. 66803 E16.80144.


skommarsgarden.se Tel 070-555 83 01

Helena & Lennart await you with warm welcome!

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Communicate beyond all borders!

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Sverige magasinet CANOE RONNEBYÅN The canoe trail on Ronnebyån is about 70 km long, but you can also paddle sections. Experience true wilderness on this beautiful river, surrounded by deep forests with rich wildlife. Camp grounds Transports

SEA KAYAK JÄRNAVIK The lush archipelago in Blekinge, ARK 56, is Sweden's southernmost. It has numerous islands and bays and is excellent for kayaking. If you are lucky you can spot white-tailed sea-eagle and seal. Courses Transports

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Mittpunkten is a popular shopping centre in central Östersund always ready to receive international visitors. And don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a stray football or a quiz during some shopping event.


t is said that Östersund is exactly in the middle of Sweden. What could be better than to name the mall Mittpunkten The Midpoint? The shopping centre in central Östersund has a wide variety of stores, a health centre, a pharmacy and its own parking garage. At Mittpunkten, you can also buy the gift card Citykortet which can be used for payments in most of stores in Östersund. Annette Lindow is responsible for marketing at Mittpunkten, and sees the future as bright: – We have many positive developments at the shopping centre. Mittpunkten has a large and wide variety of both small and large shops, a food store and a cafe. Recently, a health centre was also opened and since we already have a pharmacy on site, it goes without saying that we cover a large part of the local residents’ needs. – At Mittpunkten, it is very much about “one- stop shopping”, that is, you can find

everything you need under one roof, Annette continues. – We also have the city’s longest opening times, open until 7 pm every night and we are closed just three days of the year. Accessibility and convenience are also big plusses, visitors come directly into the shopping centre from our parking garage. Mittpunkten puts a lot of effort into customer-focused activities that make for an enjoyable shopping experience: – We often have fun events, which we follow up on our social media outlets. We adapt them to larger events in our town, such as a quiz during the annual festival Storsjöyran or football games during the Storsjö Football Cup. As prizes we hand out vouchers to use as payment in our stores. During season we have a collaboration with our home team Östersund FK, where you can compete for tickets to all home games. – We want our customers to have as pleasant a shopping experience as possible! Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Göran Strand and Nestorville

There is a lovely community spirit among the staff at Mittpunkten, which makes for a pleasant atmosphere at the shopping centre. This is the staff party, that had a country theme, where the staff got to learn how to square dance to the centre’s signature song.




Meet the vikings in real life!

The Vikings and their lives have fascinated us for a long time. In both books and films, they have long been portrayed as domineering conquerors and beer swilling brutes. We now have the opportunity to get a unique insight into how they actually lived. At The Viking Museum in Stockholm you can even meet a thousand-year-old real-life Viking. Well, almost . . . 64




he idea for the The Viking Museum came about because there is a growing interest in the Viking era and Stockholm was simply missing a museum that solely focused on the life in Sweden of a thousand

years ago. – First and foremost is that we naturally want to convey knowledge about this fascinating part of our history, but at the same time we get the chance to create a fantastic tourist attraction, says Tora Larsdotter Andersson, archaeologist and guide at the museum. And is archaeology closely linked to the museum?

– Yes, it would have been difficult to create a museum about the Viking era without archaeology having a central role to play. It is where we find all the information about the Vikings and their lives, then we present our findings to the public in the museum. – We need to focus heavily on archaeology otherwise there are only runestones available to give us information. It also means that our exhibition is constantly evolving as new discoveries are constantly being made. For example, just now in Uppåkra in Skåne, we are working on a very large excavation that is already showing clear signs that Uppåkra was a very big settlement in southern Sweden – it could turn out to be even more important than Birka. Obviously, this is something that will force us to revise current theories about how the country was built-up. The Vikings are often portrayed as being conquerors and brutes, but presumably the majority of their lives was very different? – Absolutely, this is actually one of the most important elements of our exhibition. Something not everyone is aware of is how strong the women were during the Viking era. There

is often much focus on the men and their conquests but in a lot of cases it was the women who were the strongest in society. – What is the most fascinating with the Vikings era, is that it was during this time that Scandinavians first started appearing in other countries and were described by other cultures. Previously we lived pretty isolated lives up here in the north. But the Vikings undertook many trips south across Europe, not just to conquer and brutalise, but also to trade.

– Our train ride is another thing that makes our museum unique. First you walk around in our modern interactive exhibition section and then you continue through the Viking era on our special story train! Do you have any special events or activities going on just now?

– We notice that the HBO series “Vikings” have generated a genuine interest for the Viking age far abroad the borders of Sweden. Many of our visitors wonder what’s The Vikings are accurate, and aline with often depicted in Viking culture. That’s why their classic helmets, we have created a guided so what is the actual tour that will answer these story behind these questions. We tell the real helmets? story about some of the series characters. – This is quite interesting – We also believe in because during all the learning through experiexcavations that have been ence, and that goes for all made, we have only ever the senses. So during the found three helmets. Most weekends and between were actually made of the school semesters, we leather and the notion of have live vikings walking the classic helmet is more around. They are teaching something that was creTora Larsdotter Andersson, archeologist and guide at The Viking Museum. how to do crafts from the ated by popular culture in Viking era. We also have the 19th century. Someone returning dramatized shows, and battles are who had a major role in creating this myth of acted out. Both are entertaining and instructive. the classic Viking helmet was Richard Wagner, – In our restaurant, you can try to drink he made the helmet synonymous with Vikings REAL mead. During the everyday meals, the and the people of the North with his operas! Vikings drank beer and a sort of soft drink, but What are you most proud of at the during special occasions, they drank mead. The museum? popular belief is that mead is similar to beer, – There are many gems, but one thing I would but the closest thing we have today is honespecially like to mention is our DNA man. ey-wine and not beer. This is a model created using genuine Viking – This fall we will also have mead testing, era DNA. So, you can actually meet a real for the curious viking! Viking eye to eye! – Our model, Estrid, is also created from Text: Tony Manieri genuine DNA. We have managed to map Photo: The Viking Museum almost all of her life. We can even see from her skeleton that she fell in her seventy’s and broke her arm. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Summer Fun



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The Museum of Evolution

In The Museum of Evolution palaeontology, you’ll find the most significant collection of real dinosaur skeletons together with skeletons of prehistoric fish-lizards and swan-lizards. On the zoology department you move between all the continents of the world, from the polar areas to the tropics. Amongst the museums 5000 animals, you’ll meet the proboscis monkey, giant anteaters, the African penguin, mooses, giant salamanders and the Tasmanian devil. The animals have been collected from the late 17th century until today, and the number keeps growing.


ats Eriksson is the director of The Museum of Evolution, a part of Uppsala University. To work with exhibitions this old, in many cases up to four hundred years old, is an extraordinary feeling. -We have a vast collection, some of our items has been in our ownership since the 1600s, says Mats. It’s an exciting feeling to poke around in it and wonder who did the same hundreds of years ago. One thing that always fascinates is dinosaur skeletons, and you have quite a few? -Yes, in the palaeontology part of the museum we have a lot of fossils and dinosaurs, which is super exciting. What set us apart from many dinosaur museums is that we have real skeletons, fossils and many other things. But they are all real. They might not be as spectacular as their plastic counterpart that you can find on other museums, but they are real, Mats continues. - When you find something during an excavation is it seldom a whole skeleton. Usually it’s smaller parts. But we have a magnificent skeleton of a Long Neck, or as it’s called, Euhelopus. It’s actually parts from two different animals, and we are working on restoring it to its original glory. We are unbelievably proud of this, since it’s the only one in the world. We have approximately 60% of the original animals, and the rest is made from a cast. How did the skeleton end up at your museum? – Most of what we have in our palaeontology collection comes from China. An explorer from Uppsala that was in China during the 1920s together with local scientists. – During that time, you didn’t have an organisation to take care of fossils. But there

was an agreement between Uppsala and the Chinese equivalent institute when you were doing a cooperative dig. The finds were sent to Uppsala to get analysed, and all duplicates were sent back to China. It was a rare agreement for the time, and most other countries who had exhibitions to China just took everything they could find. Uppsala was the only institution who had a deal with China. That’s something they remembers to this day and are thankful for. We have had visits where they tell us that they remember the cooperation with fondness, on multiple occasions. It sounds like Indiana Jones worked with you at Uppsala? – Yes, you would think that he did. Back in the day, it must have been super exciting to be an explorer, since we didn’t know as much as we do today, not the least about China. Except for palaeontology, what can your visitors expect to find? – Our zoology department, it’s pretty newly opened, we have put a lot of effort to update our collections and everything we display. We only have stuffed animals in the zoology department, so it’s similar to the old type of museum from the past. – It’s a different feeling when you can study an animal closely, that you will assumedly never see in the wild. We have so many animals and fossils on both departments that you can barely see all of them in a single visit, says Mats Eriksson. Amongst our collection of animals, we basically have all the Swedish animals, which is a great joy for both scientists and visitors. – There’s a unique feeling of familiarity and cosiness to visit us. I want to emphasise that. You feel at home here, which many of our visitors often says.

come here and get guided tours through our collections and exhibits. It’s usually very appreciated. Do you have some especially fun things in the plans for The Museum of Evolution? -During the summer we are opened, as usual, and anyone, whose path goes by Uppsala are welcome. We also have some extra fun events coming up this fall. During the Culture night the 14th of September we will present something we call “Skulpturalt”. We will then open a new room in the zoology wing where we will have an art exhibit with objects on pedestals. We have worked with fossils and animals and made art from that. It will make the observer think, you will get a new perspective on the objects presented. It will be presented as a piece of art rather than the animal it once was. Seashells, for example, have an inspiring shape. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: The Museum of Evolution

This has to be a real treasure, especially for school classes. – Yes, it is! We have several visits from schools, which we think is very pleasant. They

Mats Eriksson, director at the Museum of Evolution. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


COME AND MAKE BARGAINS! Still Sweden’s by far largest and most popular flea market!

IN VÅRBERG 20 meters from the Metro entrance

13 - Red Line

HOURS Weekdays 11-18 Saturdays 10-16 Sundays 11-16

+46 8 710 00 60 www.loppmarknaden.se

Come and make great deals and/or rent a place and sell your own stuff!

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Sverige magasinet Sveriges STÖRSTA tidning

om turism och nöjen

Welcome to Sweden’s biggest automobile and aviation museum Old cars and aircraft are not only about technology - it is about design, form and, lot least - it is about dreams... The dream about your own car, the dream about flying, the dream about freedom. Here we have one hundred years of dreams. Welcome to an exiting and fascinating museum! You will find us in Ugglarp, along the coast road between Halmstad and Falkenberg on the Swedish west coast. www.svedinos.se - 0346-431 87 - info@svedinos.se

Summer open every weekday 10:00-17:00 See www.plastenshus.se

A permanent exhibition about plastic, displayed in the old factory area, where words, pictures and products guide us through 125 years of industrial development. Welcome! Open house Saturday 24th of August Hours 10-14

Hässleholmsvägen 6, Perstorp • Tel: + 46 435 393 03 Mail: info@plastenshus.se • www.plastenshus.se


A world-class tourist destination in the beautiful sorroundings of southern Sweden - Museum, café and conference - Culture, art and nature experience - Everything from Dag Hammarskjölds private home in New York - Exhibition about Dag Hammarskjöld, former UN Secretary General and world citizen

Opening hours 2019 April 3 - September 29 Wednesday - Sunday, 11 a.m - 5 p.m For groups and conferences there is the possibility to visit all year round.

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www.dhbackakra.se Tel. (+46) 076-835 26 70 Backåkravägen 73, 271 77 Löderup

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to Mittpunkten! Mittpunkten is a popular shopping centre in central Östersund always ready to receive international visitors. With 20 stores, a health center, a pharmacy and our own parking garage, you will find most everything you need under one roof!




Gold of Lapland Stretching from the mountains in the west to the sea in the east, Gold of Lapland in northern Sweden covers a vast area with mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and fields. Offering a wide range of activities that attract visitors from far and wide, there is something for all ages to suit all tastes. A place filled with some contrasting experiences, like complete tranquillity and intense adrenaline rushes, a place where urban and countryside life seamlessly meet and a place where memories of a lifetime are created.Â





old of Lapland’s biggest assets are the amazing people that live and work there and the beautiful nature. It´s a place for outdoor activities and also rest and relaxation. It´s a place for hanging out and having fun with your friends and for inviting guests and visitors to share the experience. Choose anything from adventurous white water rafting to tranquil river raft voyages, from exciting dog sledding expeditions to relaxing walks. Stay in a traditional Sami hut or sleep high in the treetops, cook food over an open fire, marvel at the Northern Lights and experience the bright summer nights. Visit museums, animal parks, wilderness centres or learn more about Sweden´s indigenous people. You will arrive as a guest but leave as a friend. FOOD FOR THOUGHT

flavour. Try a meal at one of our restaurants committed to preparing creative dishes made with local produce or cook your own meal outdoors over an open fire. Taste some wine made of blueberries and make sure that you stop by at Budhas Kafferosteri, a coffee roastery in Lycksele, that appears in the White Guide as the best roastery in Sweden in 2017. The owner’s love of coffee is clear to see. THE 8 SEASONS OF SAPMÍ

Gold of Lapland is located in Sapmí, the traditional Sami settlement area that stretches from Norway in the west to Russia in the east. The weather in northern Sweden is divided into eight different seasons instead of the traditional four. This due to the big natural changes that occur during the year and how they affect the life of a reindeer herder. During the months of June and July, Sapmí receives more energy from the sun than nearly all other places on earth, this is because the sun almost never sets. In

autumn, nature puts on a show of colour with bright yellow, orange and reds and through the winter time the sunlight is very sparse and the landscape is blanketed with thick, white glistening snow. This offers up a good chance to experience the magical northern lights – Aurora Borealis. A WORD ON CULTURE

The area is well known for its many famous authors. Amongst others, there is Torgny Lindgren who became a member of the Swedish Academy in 1991. His work has been translated into more than thirty languages and is one of Sweden’s most internationally successful contemporary writers. At Raggsjöliden, you can visit the place where he grew up and learn more about him at the visitor centre in Raggsjö. Text: Cecilia Wallinder Foto: Thea Holmqvist

The whole area is very exciting for food lovers, with flavours from the forests and all that our land has to offer. Moose, reindeer, salmon, trout, mushrooms, berries and more – all pulled together into one culinary experience full of


Because of the areas varied natural and cultural appeal, it is a candidate to become a biosphere reserve through UNESCO’s Man and the biosphere programme, the inauguration will take place by the river in Vindeln.

Facts: Destination Gold of Lapland is an organisation owned by its member companies in Västerbotten county in Swedish Lapland.

Getting there by train: Skellefteå, Vindeln, Bastuträsk, Arvidsjaur, Lycksele, Umeå

Getting there by air: Lycksele, Arvidsjaur, Skellefteå, Umeå.




Christoffer Totte Engvall, I would love to love to be here. Photo: Marita Jonsson Photo: Helga Jonsson

Mattias Käll, Packaged – an investigative project on plastic. Photo: Marita Jonsson

Cherry Garden

”Nobody understands how it happened but a grand art gallery has slipped up towards the Great Sky ocean horizon. The ship is now anchored there . . . A white construction that, without boasting, manages to float on the moorland, fitting in to the Gotlandic building tradition and measuring itself with the outside world. ” (Ingela Lind)


herry Garden is situated on the southern tip of Gotland, in the small village of Sundre. Here, Marita and Jon Jonsson have errected an Art Museum, a Sculpture Gallery and pavilions, surrounded by a park with sculptures, opening up toward the surrounding nature and sea. Both Swedish and international contemporary art is exhibited here. In the Park there are about 20 permanent works on display. People call the artmuseum The Louisiana of Gotland. It is situated in a main building and a wing of 750 square metres of exhibition area, to this are added pavilions, a Sculpture Gallery,



four gardens and the park with the sea visible in the south and east. This year, the Japanese Gutai painters Akiko och Sadaharu Horio are on display with Japan inspired textiles by Barbro Lomakka, Late paintings by Björn Erling Evensen, Abstract whims by Pi Eriksson, primitive and wild Brain leakage by Christoffer Totte Engvall, Cliffs by Channa Bankier, as well as two chosen artists from the spring exhibition from the Royal Institute of Art. On permanent display are works by Maria Miesenberger, Cajsa von Zeipel, Fredrik Wretman, Lars Olof Loeld, Eva Lange, SIMKA, Dan Wolgers, Klara Kristalova, Anna Bjerger, Shiro Tsujimura, B E Evensen och Sadaharu Horio can be found. Cherry Garden is a place for contemporary art, architecture, literature, music and modern

dance which challenges the habits and makes visitors to stop and reflect, and share their thoughts with others. It is a place in unison with nature and with sustainability as a concept. Children’s Art School consists of ten summer courses for young and older children. The courses go on during the whole summer with pedagogues and exhibiting artists and deal with creativity and sustainability. One special guest this summer is Mattias Käll who has gathered all the packaging plastic from his family in one year and then photographed it on different places in nature and created a sculptor installation which is on display in the park. Text: Editorial

Kulturen in Lund Kulturen in Lund is a museum spanning two adjoining sites in the heart of Lund. Step into the houses and experience life from the Middle Ages to the 1930s. We also have around twenty exhibitions for you to enjoy, on subjects ranging from folk art to modern design, from mediaeval history to the present day and from local to global culture.

Kulturen in Lund | www.kulturen.com/english

Photos: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen

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Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...

MagazineSweden issue no 5 2019  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...