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Mumbuca Catalogue 2010


Mumbuca - Mateiros - Tocantins - Brazil

Mumbuca In Jalap達o, North of Brazil, around 165 people live in a Village called Mumbuca. Mostly descendants of slaves who left Bahia around 1909 to find a better life. They are literally one big family that were born of the mix of Indians and blacks. There are very specific and traditional rules in the community: men take care of planting cassava, potatoes, rice, etc. and women take care of the meals and produce the crafts of golden grass. Life in this cozy village is highly influenced by nature which is reflected by the look of these wonderful accessories.

Mumbuca Kids playing at the waterfall

Mumbuca Golden Grass

Mumbuca Ms. Guilhermina, also known as Dona MiĂşda

Golden Grass is a straw that can only be found in this region and has its name because of its natural golden glance. The people from Mumbuca use it to create wonderful artcrafts. Ms. Guilhermina (also known as Dona MiĂşda), one of the oldest artists had learned the techniques of handling golden grass from her mother who learned it from native Indians.

Mumbuca Ms. Guilhermina making a Golden Grass basket

This community has lived off the land for many generations which has given them great respect for everything nature gives. It is exactly these traditions and cultural treasures that Tekoha tries to preserve. Such stories add emotional value and authenticity to our products.

New Mumbuca Catalogue 2010