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Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Foreword by His Excellency the President Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama

I am most encouraged, but not entirely surprised, that our country should warrant a second volume of this exclusive book so soon after the first volume. Taken together both volumes amply demonstrate that Botswana is a country of great potential, full of success stories that we can and should share with the rest of the world. In this respect one finds today a growing confidence and determination among our people that they shall succeed in taking their society to the next level as a hub for regional prosperity, through innovative economic diversification. Botswana is located at the heart and epicentre of Southern Africa. We have therefore worked hard to forge win-win collaborations to entice trade and investment into the region through our memberships in the Southern Africa Development 4

Best of Botswana

Community (SADC) and Southern African Customs Union (SACU). Having positioned ourselves positively we provide an ideal platform for local and international investors to take advantage of emerging regional opportunities. In spite of the recession, all indications are that these partnerships will continue to grow in importance. Our long established tourism sector is moving beyond its traditional focus on the fabulous wilderness and wildlife of traditional destinations such as the Chobe-Okavango to also ensure greater access to the natural and cultural heritage of other areas within our beautiful country. While we offer the world diverse landscapes teeming with wildlife, we are also a

“After the success of Best of Botswana Volume One, it gives me great pleasure to introduce readers to Best of Botswana Volume Two”.

country of culturally diverse and proud people – a quality that is poignantly captured in the pages to follow. Our people are truly the ones that are celebrated in this book, as their enterprising spirit is that which continues to build Botswana. Global conservation and preservation is also an issue of great concern. Our approach to ecological issues has earned us international recognition.  We have taken steps to protect our fragile and life sustaining environment by educating our citizens on the importance of eco-friendly tourism.  This book is the next best thing to a visit to Botswana – for tourists and business people alike. Every country needs to promote itself and what better way than to showcase their

successes and achievements through a quality volume such as this. We are proud that as a country known for its good governance, peaceful coexistence with its neighbours and which uses its natural resources for development of its entire people, we can be assured that this publication will continue to showcase our rich heritage. I trust you will enjoy the book and will find time to visit Botswana. Yours Sincerely His Excellency the President Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama President of the Republic of Botswana

Best of Botswana



Best of Botswana

Botswana At Her Very Best “Best of Botswana Volume 2 continues the story of Botswana’s achievements and successes by celebrating the beautiful land and her people – capturing her recent achievements and strides in excellence.” The thread of optimism which wove itself through the inagural edition of Best of Botswana has found itself grounded in reality. Batswana’s general optimism is bearing fruit. I am excited to bring to you the second edition of Best of Botswana which we have filled with stories reaped from this positivity. The time for Botswana has come, but not gone. The country rose to the occasion and has ensured that it has not missed out on the opportunities brought by current international recognition. This book serves not only as a promotion of Botswana to Batswana, but to the rest of the world. There is a great sense of pride amongst Batswana and we hope that we have captured this patriotism accurately in the pages that follow. Botswana has embedded herself as a shining light for the rest of the region as a country of great political stability, currently enjoying a climate of peace and tranquility – a relatively rare find in today’s world. As a showcase of democracy, it is not surprising that so many other African countries regard Botswana as a role model and great influence. This reputable position is a factor that drives the patriotism which is so evident in our people.

Africa Group Publisher Thapelo Letsholo

Botswana’s successes can most certainly be attributed to prudent fiscal and economic management going back many years. The Botswana government has continued to carefully utilise the country’s mineral resources in a controlled and balanced manner, ensuring not only the economy’s stability, but consistent growth. The spirit of entrepreneurship also seems to have grabbed hold of Botswana, with her citizens actively seeking to better themselves in new and enterprising ways.

Best of Botswana has become a definate celebration of the country and its many assets, as well as of the people. We celebrate the talented individuals in various sectors of Botswana life, such as fashion, music, dance and sports, to name a few. Botswana has a rich multicultural diversity - enjoying a balance of cultural and religious tolerance, as well as a rich cultural heritage. Above all however, Batswana are friendly and spirited – welcoming visitors as if they are arriving back home, a major contributor to the booming tourism industry. The many natural wonders of beautiful flora and fauna do however speak for themselves. The country has taken great strides in protecting its wildlife – both in the private and public sectors. Our sincere thanks go to the participants showcased here in our second edition; representing the “Best of” in their respective sectors – you are what makes Botswana the great country it is. Special thanks go to our sponsors whose vision and support of Botswana we greatly appreciate – most notable are BEDIA and Brand Botswana. The presidential endorsement from President Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama has helped us realise how much this project means for Botswana - of which we are immensely grateful. My hope is that Best of Botswana will inspire more success for our country – and generate more stories for us to continue sharing. Enjoy our latest treasure, Botswana’s treasure. Thapelo Letsholo

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in The ‘Best of Botswana’ Vol. 2. Neither ‘Best of Botswana’, RedPepper PR & Communication Consultancy nor GVPedia Communications cc assume any responsibility for errors or omissions. All rights reserved: No part of this publication shall be reproduced, copied, transmitted, adapted or modified in any form or by any means. This publication shall not be stored in whole or in part in any form in any retrieval system.

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Best of Botswana


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Best of Botswana


Botswana at a Glance

Capital city                          Gaborone Area                                     581,730 square kilometres Government                        Multi-party democracy since Independence (1966) Population                           2.04 million (preliminary 2011 census data) Current GDP growth            7.2 percent (2010) Inflation                               8.2 percent (average between January and August 2011 Official languages               English            Religion                               Secular (Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, Judaism) Currency                              Pula (BWP) Country dialling code         +267 Internet domain                   .bw


Best of Botswana

Botswana - the good life A cosmopolitan and peaceful country, Botswana is the perfect place to live and work. Its stability and economic growth have made it a dream destination for many visitors, eager to immerse themselves in the welcoming culture and numerous opportunities available.  Geography and Climate Botswana is centrally located in Southern Africa, sharing borders with Zambia in the

north, Namibia in the north and northwest, Zimbabwe in the northeast and South Africa in the south and southeast. The country is predominantly flat, tending toward gently rolling tableland. The climate is semi-arid to arid. The average daily maximum temperature is 33°C 40°C in summer, from September to April, and 22°C - 30°C in winter, from May to August. The average minimum temperature is about 19°C in summer and 5°C in winter.

Politics and Regulatory Framework A healthy multi-party democracy has been in place since 1966, with clear separation of the judiciary, executive and legislature as enshrined in the constitution. Transparency International ranks Botswana as Africa’s least corrupt country while other global surveys such as World Bank Doing Business Reports have hailed the robust regulatory framework built around modern pieces of legislation.

Market Access Besides the supportive legislation, Botswana is a signatory or member of several market access agreements and arrangements, such as the interim Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union, the African Growth and Opportunity Act with the US, the Southern African Customs Union with four other regional states, and the Southern African Development Community with 14 other states. Botswana also has numerous bilateral trade agreements with African and international states. Best of Botswana


Diamonds – the drivers of the economy Since their discovery in 1967, diamonds have powered economic growth in Botswana, not only funding infrastructure development, but the rollout of education, health and social services countrywide. Today, Botswana is among the most modernised economies in Africa, with country-spanning highways, world-class aviation industry and healthy per capita incomes. The P24 billion expansion of Jwaneng Mine means diamond revenues and the blossoming value addition industry will continue to support the economy into the 2020s and beyond.   Financial Services Leveraging off a solid legislative base, Botswana’s financial services sector is among Africa’s strongest, with profitable, wellcapitalised and liquid institutions, supported by sound regulatory and oversight organisations. With ten highly competitive commercial banks, three statutory development banks, several asset management firms, a thriving stock exchange and well-supervised micro-lending arena, access to credit is among the least of investor’s challenges in doing business in Botswana.   Banking and Foreign Exchange The country’s 10 commercial banks are all subsidiaries of global and regional groups such as FNB, Barclays and Standard Chartered as well as First Rand and Standard Bank - thus offering a recognised, well-integrated and high-tech standard of products and services. 14

Best of Botswana

The ten banks and 63 bureaux de change compete in the arena of foreign exchange services, providing customers with unfettered access to foreign currency.   Media Botswana’s media landscape is among Africa’s most pluralistic, with two national television stations, five national radio stations and 10 print titles - including two dailies published countrywide. Access to the broadcast media is free while competition between print media titles keeps prices affordable. Of the seven broadcast media and 10 print titles, four of the former and nine of the latter are owned and operated by the private sector, ensuring a diversity and independence of views.   International Institutions and Embassies Botswana’s peace and stability has made it a leading diplomatic destination in Africa. By 2011, a total of 76 foreign missions were accredited to Botswana, both residential and non-residential, while Botswana had a total of 35 diplomatic missions abroad. The foreign and diplomatic missions cover nearly every corner of the world, ensuring easy access to and from Botswana. In addition, leading international institutions based in Botswana include the Delegation of the European Union to Botswana and SADC, the SADC headquarters, various UN agencies and country specific organisations such as the British Council and Swedish Trade Council.   Investment Opportunities and Incentives With government strategy being to diversify the economy away from diamond mining, policy has been towards provision of incentives for private sector investment that would achieve this strategy. As a result inducements such as tax incentives, as well as one-stop shops for licensing and permit issues remove the obstacles for investors to do business. Opportunities available range from the manufacturing and services sector, with agencies such as BEDIA and BIDPA on hand with detailed information on possible investment avenues. Best of Botswana


Agribusiness While commercial farming activities in Botswana have largely been limited over the years, government programmes and agencies have gradually been able to develop agribusiness to a level able to reduce the reliance on imports for agricultural produce. Today, industries such as dairy and beef farming, poultry, crop production and others have become established, while opportunities exist in stock feed production, irrigation, feedlotting and in the agro-services sector.   Botswana Cuisine Arguably the best in the world, Setswana traditional cuisine has gained popularity over the years, via the increasing number of cultural expos and more importantly, wordof-mouth transmission by tourists. In an era of global health consciousness, Setswana diet staples such as sorghum and millet have proved popular worldwide, even spawning numerous dedicated internet pages on the various recipes. The many unique dishes and traditional brews have gained Setswana cuisine an international following.   Art, Fashion, Design - an explosion of creative talent The fashion and design industry in Botswana is an almost perfect “marriage” of culture and modernity with the many designers who have come up over the years and frequently combining both influences in their products. Artists in Botswana have gained international renown for their tradition-themed productions on canvas, in sculpture and other mediums. However, it is Botswana’s traditional basket weaving prowess that is a firm favourite with international visitors, being a unique and timeless art form perfected by villagers over the years. 16

Best of Botswana

Economy and Associated Growth Botswana boasts one of Africa’s most consistently high growth rates with the government using revenues from the mining backbone to diversify the economy in which the non-mining private sector is an increasingly important player. Through massive infrastructure investment to support the private sector, the economy is diversifying from mining, supported by a strong financial services sector, watertight investment protection legislation as well as broad skills base and other investment incentives. Industry and Engineering Capabilities Supported by facilitated legislation, Botswana has a healthy industrial and engineering sector, primarily headed by leading multinational entities engaged in various undertakings. Sectors such as textiles, beverages, chemicals, metals, plastics, brick and tile manufacture, milling, concrete and electrical products are well established in the country, while others such as glass manufacture are slowly gaining ground. Indicative of the country’s industrial and engineering capabilities, the construction sector grew by 28.3 percent in the second quarter of the year, powering economic growth.   Infrastructure Government and the private sector bolster the infrastructural backbone of Botswana. As a proportion of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Botswana has been among Africa’s highest spenders on infrastructure in recent years, with billions of Pula pumped into the development of transport, ICT, health, energy and water among other sectors. Between 2009 and 2010, the country spent P27.76 billion on its development budget, with Best of Botswana


another P10.77 billion allocated for 2011. The development budget is the component of the annual national budget set aside for various infrastructural expenses - firstly allocated via individual ministries, then secondly to specific projects. The development budget is also the most keenly awaited component of the budget for the private sector, as it represents public sector investment in the economy, whose demands provide the biggest and most important support for industry. With the Government of Botswana being the single biggest procurer in the economy, the size of the development budget has become the key indicator of private sector growth prospects. The billions poured into the private sector between 2009 and 2011 – all supported by budgetary deficits – proved critical in propping up the economy during the lean recession years, when the collapse in mining triggered a drop in consumer demand. It is this sustained consumer demand that enabled the private sector to also engage in various developments, most notably the mushrooming of retail malls, residential and commercial properties, hotels and others. Government’s massive infrastructural investment was also a seed for future growth, with various economists and World Bank analyses indicating that the deficits would translate into high growth in the medium term, with the investment paying off in terms of electricity self-sustenance, ease of trade and doing business, higher ICT uptake, as well as 18

Best of Botswana

healthier and more educated citizens. The economists have noted the “intermediary” role government played, in using funds earned from the boom years of mineral revenues, to support the non-mining private sector and thus both diversify the economy and brighten prospects for future investors. Best of Botswana outlines the major infrastructural strides Botswana has taken in recent years, some of which are still ongoing as the government and the private sector build a backbone to support economic activities. Transport and Logistics The country boasts well developed and expanding road, rail and air transport infrastructure, with billions of Pula spent over the years ensuring that investors have a backbone on which to conduct their activities. Numerous private sector companies are involved in the receipt, handling, dispatch, storage and delivery of containerised cargo for both import and export, with competitive rates on offer. Aviation In recognition of the fact that an efficient and well-developed aviation system is critical for economic competitiveness and growth, since 2008 government has invested more than P1 billion in major airport development and expansion projects countrywide. These include Sir Seretse Khama, Maun,

Francistown, Kasane, Serowe/Palapye, Hukuntsi, Tsabong and Tsodilo, as well as improving navigational aids at several airports. Of these, the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (SSKIA) is arguably the most crucial, being the gateway for international travellers in and out of Botswana. The P433 million has already witnessed the construction of a new stateof-the-art terminal building complete with full body security scanners and modern protocols. On completion, it is expected that the terminal will be capable of processing up to 900 passengers per hour, while the runway which is to be extended by a kilometre, will be capable of hosting large aircraft including jumbo jets. The new airport will also have a new parallel asphalt taxiway running for four kilometres and 33 additional hangar plots. In addition, the P180.5 million upgrade and expansion of the Kasane Airport is expected to open avenues for tourism development by providing greater and more efficient access to the Chobe natural attractions. When complete, Kasane Airport will be able to handle Boeing 737 and equivalent aircraft, boosting traffic to the tourism- rich northwest region. At the recently renovated Francistown Airport, the changes to airfield pavements, terminal building and ground lighting, mean ease of travel for passengers in and out of the northern city which is Botswana’s second largest.

Roads Between 2009 and 2011, government has heavily invested in the improvement, maintenance and, in some instances, construction of roads throughout the country, targeting essential routes for both passengers and goods. Between 2009 and 2011, the government set aside a budget of several billions of Pula for the improvement of bitumen and trunk roads as well as secondary roads construction. Key roads

projects, completed or ongoing, include the Dibete-Mahalapye stretch on the AI highway, the country’s major highway linking road travellers from Zimbabwe to South Africa. In addition, focus has also been placed on roads in rural Botswana, to encourage economic developments. These roads include Letlhakeng-Dutlwe, MopipiRakops, Tsabong-Middlepits and others, paving the way for investors to explore opportunities in these areas. Best of Botswana


Trade routes such as GaboroneTlokweng Border Post, Nata-Kazungula and Francistown-Ramokgwebana have all received attention under the roads infrastructural projects, being a key for the flow of export and import activities. In addition, a section of the route between Gaborone and the border town of Lobatse is being resurfaced and expanded. Within the capital, Gaborone, major roads improvement is ongoing with the cityspanning Western By-Pass being expanded to six lanes, all the way to Metsimotlhabe, approximately 20 kilometres away. With average costs for road construction ranging between P3 and P5 million per kilometre, the Botswana government’s road infrastructure project has stubbornly marched on, through the recognition of the fundamental role roads play in development. Rail While no extensions of the rail network have been done in recent years, government is spending more than P500 million supporting the Botswana Railways’ capacity to deliver world-class rail services to industry. The parastatal losses, owing to high maintenance and infrastructure expenses, unmatched by revenue, are being continuously improved through government’s budgetary support, while the Railways’ strategic plan is slowly moving it into profitability. Botswana Railways’ last financial results indicate that it has maintained its ability to support industry’s haulage requirements, particularly the heavy-duty products emanating from the mining industry. Exciting news in rail infrastructure is focussed on the US$10 billion Trans-Kalahari Railway (TKR), which will connect coalfields in eastern Botswana to the country’s copper, silver and uranium-rich western districts. The railway will run through to Walvis Bay in 20

Best of Botswana

Namibia, where Botswana plans to build a dry port, essentially giving exporters a costeffective route to the sea. Already 36 private sector bidders have expressed interest to the governments of Botswana and Namibia to build and operate the railway. The two governments are currently considering what their role will be in the final project, although it is highly expected that the entire development will be a public private partnership. Water The Government of Botswana’s primary goal in the water sector over the years has been to develop an integrated and efficient system able to support household and industry demand, while based on the conservation ethos. Spending on existing, under-development and planned dams has historically been a budget priority for Botswana, being a semi-arid country. At present, three dams, Dikgatlhong (400 million m3), Thune (90 million m3) and Lotsane (40 million m3) are under construction and due to be complete by March 2013. When complete, the combined volume of the country’s dams will rise to 948 million cubic metres, effectively supporting both household and commercial use going forward. Besides the dams, government is pumping funds into rehabilitation and upgrading of pipe-work distribution, institutional reforms and water technologies. In addition, the

ground-breaking initiative for the reuse of treated effluent continues in Gaborone, further complementing the supply-side initiatives. Future water sector plans include drawing water from the Zambezi River to supply an agro-commercial integrated project at Pandamatenga, as well as drawing supplies from Lesotho’s highlands. Electricity Botswana’s goal in electricity is simply “self-sufficiency.” Following years when it was economically preferable to purchase electricity from South Africa, government began an aggressive self-generation project earlier in the decade, whose results are slowly unfolding. At the forefront of this initiative is the P11 billion expansion of the Morupule Power Station through the addition of 600 megawatts (MW) on the existing 120 MW capacity. With the project being fast-tracked and prioritised at the highest offices of governance, the expansion, known as Morupule B, is due to be completed next year. When commissioned, the expanded power station is expected to capably handle the country’s power needs, which are expected to peak at 600 MW beginning next year. Government is also studying the possibility of further expanding Morupule by another 300 MW through the addition of two further units, in order to effectively deal with long-term demand. Best of Botswana


Besides the expansion, government has allocated P500 million in the current financial year to the refurbishment of the existing Morupule Power Station, known as Morupule A. The refurbishment, which focuses on sprucing up the station’s four units, will ensure that the facility consistently contributes its 120 MW to the national grid. The Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), which is the state power utility, is also spearheading the commissioning of a 90 MW power station at Orapa, whose twin turbines will initially be powered by diesel before switching to Coal Bed Methane by 2013. The BPC is also handholding a local independent power producer through the production of approximately 160 MW through Coal Bed Methane. The landmark project continues to take shape with the testing of a massive resource in eastern Botswana, for the provision of the country’s first “clean energy” power station. On the clean energy front, construction is ongoing on the country’s first photovoltaic 22

Best of Botswana

(solar power) station on the outskirts of Gaborone. The one megawatt station, being built by Japanese contractors at the Japanese government’s expense, will be handed over to the BPC for management and maintenance, once complete. The BPC is still pursuing its own 200 MW solar power station, moving recently to feasibility study stage. The project aims to tap into the country’s abundant sunshine, to deliver a sustainable and clean source of energy on a wide scale. With the expansion of the national grid westwards, the various initiatives underway should ensure that Botswana not only achieves self-sufficiency in electricity but that more households and businesses have access to cheaper electricity soon. Knowledge Industry: Information Communication Technology Botswana presently has three out of the four World Bank requirements for a knowledge economy, namely institutional and economic regime, education system,

and telecommunications infrastructure. The fourth, an Innovative System, is being driven by the Innovation Hub, which when complete will provide tenants with state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure with high capacity international connectivity, secured power, professional business services, and business development services. The Government of Botswana has been amongst the most eager in Africa to adopt modern ICT in both governance and as an infrastructural backbone. Besides sponsoring the rollout of fixed line telephony more than 30 years ago and the subsequent licensing of cellular service providers in the late 1990s, government has played a central role in providing the technical and policy level backbone for ICT. By limiting its role to the provision of an infrastructural backbone and enabling policies, government has helped the growth of numerous private sector ICT players, with competition between them boosting product and quality innovation.

This focus on the backbone saw government investing P69.7 million this year to bring the East Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) to Botswana. EASSy is enabling local users to access the Internet at one of the world’s fastest speeds, while creating an environment for lower connectivity costs. In addition, government has also invested P250 million into the development of the West African Cable System (WACS), a submarine fibre optic cable that will next year bring even faster Internet connectivity than the recently launched EASSy link. Today numerous data, internet and other ICT service players subsist on the backbone created, while at policy level, government continues to create opportunities for further penetration of information technology at both public and private sector levels. Going forward, government plans to intensively pursue the e-government strategy, designed to significantly improve public sector service delivery, and accelerate the uptake and usage of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) across all segments of society. Officially known as the National e-Government Strategy (2011-2016), the plan outlines five major programmes and approximately 25 interrelated projects that will collectively move all appropriate government services online. Health, Medical facilities and Medical Excellence Botswana boasts excellent health care facilities comprising government, private sector, missionary and mine-based primary and secondary facilities. The symbiosis between the government and private sector means that highly specialised procedures and care are available - as are auxiliary services such as government and private sector medical air transport. A dedicated Health Hub, schools of medicine and international research organisations are also engaged in

cutting edge medical research. While private sector players have been an integral part of Botswana’s health sector, government has traditionally provided the backbone through primary, secondary and tertiary health services countrywide. Botswana boasts more than 272 clinics, 338 health posts and 844 mobile stops, as well as more than 20 district and three referral hospitals. Besides the basic infrastructure and efforts to enhance access to and quality of health services, government continually beefs up the entry point of the sector through new health training institutions and courses. Besides several modern institutes of health sciences around the country, the University of Botswana has grown into a centre of excellence in public health delivery and research, assisted by partnerships with leading global organisations. In addition, government has embraced information communication technology in health care delivery, with P23 million being earmarked for the rollout of the Integrated Patient Management System (IPMS) project.

The IPMS will enable a real-time cyberspace patient records management system. Already seven hospitals are linked to the IPMS, enabling the smooth accessing and updating of patients’ records, thus enhancing the timely and accurate delivery of health care. Botswana’s great health sector success, however, has been in its fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS. Since the diagnosis of the first case in 1985, government prioritised the fight, starting at policy level, to building technical, financial and infrastructural competence. At present, nationwide governmentsponsored programmes such as the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission and ARV provision, have met with success in constraining prevalence rates, while inculcating safe sex within local culture. Besides this, government and its numerous local and international partners are heavily involved in prevention, abstinence and education campaigns, while also piloting cutting-edge research on stopping the disease. Best of Botswana


Botswana. A Diamond in the Rough Since time immemorial, it has without doubt been one of the most intriguing objects known to man.

Its faultless purity, matchless indestructibility and stunning beauty have kept it in the highest regard across time and culture; enduring as a pre-eminent symbol of longevity, wealth, success, glamour and love. The lure of the diamond has captured the imagination of generations the world over - but for the last 40 years, its undisputed home has been on the crown of a nation nestled in the heart of southern Africa: The Republic of Botswana. Since the discovery of diamonds in 1967, Botswana has established itself as the world’s leading producer of the gems by quantity and value; prudently utilising the resultant revenues to change its economic landscape and turning what was once one of Africa’s poorest nations to what it is today - a peaceful 24

Best of Botswana

modern state with a vibrant economy and one of the highest standards of living on the continent. Home to some of the richest diamond mines in the world by value, Botswana’s diamond sector accounts for approximately 70% of Botswana’s export revenue, 45% of the Government revenue and 35% (approximately US$5 billion) of the Gross Domestic Product. The vast resource is the country’s single largest source of foreign exchange, and has thus enabled the government to fund virtually 100% of basic education, provide virtually free health care, build the infrastructure that has supported its bustling economic activity and funded 80% of the anti-retroviral drugs that have given hope to its citizens living with HIV/AIDS. The country’s infrastructure is modern and well developed, ranging from 10,000km of tarred road (compared to 9km in 1966), rail and air networks; to world standard Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services, and a countrywide digital telephone network with approximately 5,000km of fibre optic cable. Standing at 82 percent, Botswana boasts one of the highest literacy rates in Africa. Every child in the country receives free schooling to the age of 13 and beyond primary school; education is 95% government-funded. Best of Botswana


After the government, the mining industry is the largest single employer in Botswana, with 25% of employment directly or indirectly linked to diamonds. Debswana, the giant mining company formed in a joint venture between the government of Botswana and the South African diamond company De Beers, operates four diamond mines, employing 6,500 people - 96% of whom are citizens. The mining company is also the country’s largest contributor to socio-economic development, investing more than P10-million in corporate social development projects annually. 26

Best of Botswana

The discovery and frugal trade of diamonds have gone hand-in-hand with the country’s governing policy of democracy, under the guiding principles of one of the fairest constitutions in the world. Botswana prides herself in being one of the most peaceful nations on earth and the most peaceful in Africa (Global Peace Index- 2011). The landlocked country’s history of peace and economic and political stability has rightfully earned her the proud title of one of Africa’s most transparent countries, as well as a much revered place in the ‘top three happiest

countries’ on the continent (Forbes 2010). The country is home to a diverse and multicultural population estimated at a little over 2-million. Batswana are tolerant people who take immense pride in their culture, heritage and way of life - which is based on the respect for traditional and cultural values of mutual respect (botho), consultation (therisanyo) and the promotion of social harmony (kagisano). The upholding of these values has indelibly played a role in moulding Africa’s longest continuous multiparty democracy. Rated the least corrupt African state by Transparency International (2010 report) and coming 33rd position in the world, Botswana has a zero tolerance for corruption and economic crime, as well as having a proven record of being one of the most highly investor-friendly countries on the continent. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, due to a stable macro-economic environment, the country continuously retains its favourable investment grade sovereign credit ratings by both Moody’s Investors Service and Standard and Poor’s. Botswana’s sovereign 2011 ratings for foreign currency and domestic currency were retained at A-/A2 (long-term, short-term) and A/A-1 (longterm, short-term) respectively, placing the country among the most stable in Africa. Since gaining independence in 1966, Botswana has successfully held free and fair elections at five-year intervals to elect government. This is one of many national

practices which highlight an uninterrupted trend of good governance - an admirable feat that has seen Botswana ranked in the top three countries with the best governance in Africa. This practice has been internationally recognised, as demonstrated when the former president Mr. Festus G. Mogae was awarded the Mo Ibrahim Award in 2009, in recognition of excellence in African leadership. The country stretches over an area of 582,000 square kilometres, extending from the world-renowned Okavango delta and wetlands of the north, to the vast Savannah grasslands and the Kgalagadi Desert in the south. A veritable tourist paradise, Botswana offers one of the last remaining unblemished wildlife havens in the world. Bringing in approximately US$240-million per year, the vibrant tourism industry is among the largest contributor to the country’s GDP at 13 percent, and is ranked amongst the top 10 in the world. Botswana offers the tourist, visitor and investor a complete experience, presenting a blend of astounding variety, a rich cultural heritage and the opportunity to interact with her warm-spirited people. There is no better way to experience it than to visit this shining beacon of peace and thriving progress; none a more fitting home, if there ever was, of the most alluring gem in the world.

Botswana. Our Pride, Your Destination. Best of Botswana


Sir Ketumile Masire Sir Quett Ketumile Joni Masire was the second President of Independent Botswana, ruling from 1980 until 1998 when he stepped down

Former President of Botswana, Sir Quett Ketumile Joni Masire left a legacy of successes noted by the achievements he bequeathed for his country. Born as the son of a headman (tribal leader) in July 1925, Sir Masire shrugged off the stereotypes of the era – when young men would become labourers in South African mines – to evolve into one of the country’s and Africa’s most respected, known and beloved personalities. Leveraging off his love for academics, a young Masire used education to open numerous career opportunities, including the pioneering of several institutions, such as 28

Best of Botswana

the iconic Seepapitso II Secondary School. Following a period in agriculture, Masire’s life journey turned to journalism and politics in the late 1950s and early 1960s as a reporter and tribal council member. His leadership skills were again evident in 1961 and 1962, when he helped form the Botswana Democratic Party, serving as its secretary general. The party has ruled Botswana since independence and is credited with establishing democratic norms and engraining these into the national psyche. His diligence, energy and drive eventually led him to succeed Sir Seretse Khama as Botswana’s second president in July 1980,

continuing the remarkable ten percent per annum growth rates, which were powered by the management of the country’s economic miracle. During this performance his legendary status was sealed by the honorary knighthood bestowed on him by Queen Elizabeth II in 1991 – seven years later Sir Masire stepped down. In retrospect, it would appear Sir Masire’s strong academic background, flair for journalism and political dexterity at very senior levels were all a prelude to the calling that would put him and Botswana on the world stage of international diplomacy. His academics, journalism and politics provided him with all the skills necessary for statesmanship, while the farmer in him meant he was in touch with the ordinary man. As soon as he finished his term of office as President, Sir Masire’s capabilities were called upon in the continent’s hottest political cauldron – investigating the circumstances surrounding the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Following this mission, Sir Masire’s experience was again required as a facilitator towards a ceasefire in the DRC, a task that was carried out in the midst of a raging war in that country. The former President’s duties required him to narrow the gap between the late Laurent Kabila’s government and armed rebels. Between 2004 and 2007, Sir Masire undertook peace missions in Lesotho, Malawi, and Swaziland, while also leading election observer missions to Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique and Nigeria. In 2004, his efforts were recognised when he received the Mahatma Gandhi International Award in recognition of his dedication, energy, and patience in pursuit of continental peace. Besides this and other international awards, Sir Masire has, since 2006, been a board member of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, an organisation that supports good governance and leadership in Africa. Further indicating his dedication to the continental call for statesmen, Sir Masire was in Kenya in 2008, defusing an electoral crisis that had claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people, while displacing hundreds of thousands more. Lately, he has been called to assist in the Zambian elections on 20 September 2011, showing that a statesman’s work is never done. From rural youth, to academic, president and continental diplomat, Sir Masire has exported Botswana’s democracy to the world, putting the country’s decade’s long dedication to good governance on the international map.

Gaositwe Chiepe Intellectual, educator, diplomat, politician, cabinet minister, nation-builder, Batswana.

Effectively describing Gaositwe Chiepe will always be an uphill task - given her luminous career, spanning decades of dedicated civil service. Add to this description stateswoman, panAfrican peace mediator and anti-apartheid campaigner - and it becomes clear the indefatigable Chiepe cannot be filed under any one sterling category. From her appointment as Botswana’s inaugural female minister in 1974, Chiepe’s life is an awe-inspiring story of pioneering and pacesetting in numerous fields of civil responsibility. In her 25-year civic and diplomatic career, Chiepe held various ministerial positions

in portfolios such as external affairs, minerals, commerce and industry, as well as education. Prior to this, she was appointed high commissioner to the United Kingdom, Nigeria, West Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the European Economic Community between 1970 and 1974. However, it is in her last Cabinet of Botswana assignment as minister of education, that Chiepe is most remembered by ordinary Batswana and the global community. Her selfless dedication to the development of local education stretches from when this function was based in Mafikeng – the former extraterritorial capital of Bechuanaland – to

the current fully functioning home-grown governmental system. Armed with a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Bristol, Chiepe began climbing the ranks in education in the early 1950s - breaking into the then whitedominated territory as an education officer, senior education officer and eventually deputy director of education in the mid-1960s. At Independence in 1966, Chiepe became Botswana’s inaugural director of education, essentially taking responsibility for a field that the new government had singled out as a high priority area in the fledgling nation’s development. With assistance from various US, UN and British bodies, Chiepe found herself in the technical frontline of hammering out a system to educate the nation, with the particularly unenviable task of evolving a home-grown curriculum. As demonstrated in a later interview, Chiepe fought for a curriculum which would be sensitive and fair across the unique disparities between communities countrywide, thus ensuring that every Motswana child had equal access to education. Now standardised policies, designed to afford all children a universal access to basic education and other initiatives to increase gross enrolments, stem from efforts made by Chiepe and her colleagues during her years in education. Today, the country boasts one of the continent’s highest literacy rates, as well as progression rates from primary, to secondary and to tertiary. Chiepe retired from civil service in 1999, having been the minister of education at the time - an appropriate exit point as her legacy is built around her phenomenal contribution to the growth, development and sustenance of education in the country. Besides bequeathing a functioning system of education to generations of citizens, Chiepe demonstrated to the African girl-child that it is possible to rise and ascend to the pinnacles of success in academics. During her years of primary, secondary and tertiary education, Chiepe fought prevailing attitudes of men and Batswana in general which did not encourage women to advance in educational endeavours. Her successes and service to the development of Botswana cut a swathe for numerous other Batswana, particularly young girls, to emulate, resulting in the face of today’s Botswana – a gender sensitive, education-focused society which successfully rests on both culture and modernity. Best of Botswana


Linah Mohohlo Over her 35-year career at the Bank of Botswana, Linah Mohohlo has evolved to personify Botswana’s economic miracle and modernity. While in other parts of Africa, a female central bank governor is either unheard of or due in an indeterminate number of years, Mohohlo has been at the helm of the bank since 1999.

However, her pre-eminence has little to do with her being a woman or her title as the Bank of Botswana Governor. Advised and supported by board members, deputy governors, sectional heads and fiscal authorities, Mohohlo has steered the country’s monetary policy 30

Best of Botswana

during her 12 years on the top seat. The journey has included eight boom years with the attendant challenges of inflation and currency overvaluation and another four years that included the worst economic collapse Botswana has ever experienced – that of 2009.

Her diligence during this period was part of the reason why she earned a lifetime achievement award from the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) in August 2011. The OMFIF cited Mohohlo’s excellence in supporting economic understanding and integration as well as transparency and discipline in economic policy. Under Mohohlo’s guidance, the country’s monetary policy has evolved to become supportive of sustainable growth policies through effective management of national financial, monetary and payments systems. During the boom years, Mohohlo tightened monetary policy to reign in inflation, while introducing the ‘crawling peg system’ in 2006 to marginally adjust the Pula’s value and thus maintain competitiveness. This was a departure from sudden devaluations of previous years, which some sectors of the economy blamed for their various ills. Her governorship has been notable in its sensitivity to even the slightest internal or external threats to financial stability, as well as visionary prudence in the management of foreign currency reserves. Using the principle of “making hay while the sun shines”, Mohohlo achieved an 80 percent jump in national savings between 2000 and 2008, ensuring that government was able to provide a buffer for the economy during the recession in 2009. Even today, government continues to dip into the accumulated savings from the boom years, reducing the level of debt it has had to contract out and consequently protecting future growth for citizens. Mohohlo’s distinction is however, no accident. She holds several degrees in economics, finance and investment from US and British universities, while her path in the central bank has taken her through several sections and high level positions. Mohohlo has taken her excellence in monetary policy to the continent, serving in various capacities for the United Nations, the Commission for Africa, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others. She co-chaired the World Economic Forum for Africa meeting in Cape Town in May 2011, adding the accolade to the numerous awards she has won in Africa and globally in the area of public finance.

Bogadi Judith Sefhako “The country’s strong and proud association with being the cultural heartbeat of southern Africa is most powerfully embodied in Bogadi Judith Tsetsana Sefhako”.

Several years ago, researchers who were conducting national branding for Botswana noted that internationally the country was associated with words such as “diamonds,” “desert,” “zebras,” and “cultural dances.” In the stories related by the many tourists, returning Peace Corps and other volunteers, the word Botswana conjures up images of an African safari, the Big Five and loin-cloth clad traditional dancers kicking up dust. The country’s strong and proud association with being the cultural heartbeat of southern Africa is most powerfully

embodied in Bogadi Judith Tsetsana Sefhako - activist, artist and Batswana legend. The term “cultural activist” appears to fall far short of adequately describing what Sefhako has achieved in terms of developing, lifting and promoting the various Batswana cultural, audio and visual arts over several decades. Ditholwana Cultural Ensemble, her flagship achievement, will forever be associated with the dizzy heights of cultural artistic performance locally and

internationally - through their numerous global tours, awards and successes. Having formed Ditholwana in 1993, Sefhako successfully applied her years of experience in building primary school traditional dance groups, to her latest venture. Ditholwana took Botswana by storm in the mid-1990s with their repertoire of colourful performances encompassing the music and dance from many local tribes. The “starburst” nature of their arrival on the local scene was proved by that fact that one year after establishment, Sefhako took Ditholwana to the USA for a tour in Washington State, Washington DC and other areas. Between 1995 and 1996, Sefhako and her 25-member group had a busy schedule touring Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa - during which they picked up several awards and also conducted workshops for fellow traditional musos. Led by Sefhako, the group continued to climb the scales internationally, receiving one of their biggest honours with an invitation to perform at 2010’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Besides Ditholwana however, the tireless Sefhako had other side projects which also focussed on promoting Setswana culture to a worldwide audience that apparently had an inexhaustible appetite for the product. In 2007, Sefhako successfully developed and launched the Molaletsa cultural village, which offers visitors a variety of cultural activities and traditional foods for a more holistic Botswana experience. Apart from the numerous awards, achievements and global success, Sefhako’s (and Ditholwana’s) eminence stems from the path she has carved out for other Setswana cultural artists and groups. Pivoting off their success, traditional music and dance groups mushroomed all over the country in varying degrees, eager to emulate the Ditholwana success. With Sefhako and her group having created demand for traditional music, the international community began eagerly keeping an ear to the ground for the latest from Botswana. Today, shrewd entrepreneurs are pioneering cultural tourism as a more sustainable alternative to safari and Okavango delta-based activities, leveraging off the international goodwill generated by Sefhako and Ditholwana. Best of Botswana


Tshenolo Batshogile Botswana’s talented soprano star.

Singing is one of Botswana’s passions. Everyone sings and so church choirs, community choirs, school choirs and even office choirs abound. The music you can hear from these choirs covers quite a range, too: traditional Tswana music, church music, gospel, other African music and increasingly, music from the western classical choral tradition. These choirs form the incubating pools from which the singing talent of Botswana grows. So it was too with Botswana’s number one soprano, Tshenolo Batshogile. From her school choir in Ramotswa, through church choirs and then to the community choir Sedibeng, she followed the course of all the good singers in Botswana. The conductor of Sedibeng Choir, Andy Batshogile, who also happens to now be her husband and manager, realised that here was an unusual voice and he took her under his wing to nurture and train her voice. She made her debut at the 2004 President’s Concert and has gone from strength to strength since then. She was chosen to sing in the BIFM-EU Festival Concert, with local conductor, David Slater, and has regularly appeared in this very prestigious annual event. It was then 32

Best of Botswana

that the French Embassy in Gaborone began to take an interest in her and sent her to the HAIFA Festival in Harare, for a workshop with the French baritone Jacques Belobo. There followed a two-week Summer School in Nice, France, at which Tshenolo was chosen to sing in a public concert. In between these excursions Tshenolo continued to build her reputation at home singing at corporate events and public concerts. She took the lead soprano role in “Pirates of Penzance” and “Mikado”. Her biggest break so far came when the French Embassy offered to send her to the Conservatoire de Bourge-la-Reine in Paris for two years. There she had the best teachers in a stimulating environment and it transformed her technique and style. From being a good amateur, she became an accomplished singer. One of her first appearances after the Paris experience was as the lead soprano in a newly written opera by the author, Alexander McCall Smith with music by Tom Cunningham. It was called “The Okavango Macbeth” and was performed in McCall Smith’s tiny opera house just outside of Gaborone: the No. 1 Ladies’ Opera House. The success of that meant that she was

chosen as the lead soprano in “Cavalleria Rusticana” also to be performed in the No. 1 Ladies’ Opera House. Now, added to her performing, Tshenolo has taken on voice students and is in much demand in Gaborone. She also has begun teaching at the Music Camp of Botswana - an annual week-long music course that she was once a participant in. Tshenolo is now the best operatic soprano in Botswana. What is it about opera music that she loves so much? Well, she says diffidently, she is not an easy talker and finds that the powerful music and emotion of opera gives her a way of expressing emotions that she would otherwise keep to herself. To the ample store of Tswana music which she loves for its rhythms, and which is so much part of her life - she has added much-loved arias from La Traviata, La Wally, La Boheme, Marriage of Figaro, Carmen, Porgy and Bess, Don Giovanni and Cavalleria Rusticana. And as Tshenolo passes on her knowledge and technique to others, she has become a role-model for the many sopranos in Botswana who now believe that they too should strive to become opera singers.

Laone Thekiso ‘You will grow up to be a musician’.

The above statement was said by a piano teacher at the International School in Sweden to a five-year-old Motswana boy. This boy, Laone Thekiso, was in Sweden because his father had a diplomatic posting there. This could have been acute foresight or simply a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever the answer, the result is that nearly 20-years later Laone has emerged as Botswana’s best classical pianist. In 2011 he gave his first solo recital in Gaborone, stepping confidently onto the Maitisong stage. With an assured bow to the audience he proceeded to play some of the most challenging of piano pieces, like the Chopin Etude and the enormous Sonata for Piano in B minor by Franz Liszt - the titan of the Romantic piano. The technical demands of the latter piece of piano writing are formidable and the emotional maturity necessary to make sense of this 20-minute work is crucial - a long way from the 5-yearold taking piano lessons as an afternoon school activity in Sweden. Perhaps it was Laone’s father who provided that spark that ignited his passion for piano playing. Father Thekiso loves music and as a result recordings of the great jazz pianist, Abdullah Ibrahim, were frequently heard in the home.

The journey from that 5-year-old to the accomplished pianist of today is one of scaling great heights. When the Thekiso family returned from Sweden Laone was sent to Maru a Pula School where he seems to have found just the right conditions to encourage him to keep on playing. He signed up for piano lessons with Olga Merker and began to make rapid and impressive progress. Within the next five years, he had passed Grade 8 piano, the highest of the grades offered. So impressive was his progress as a pianist and as a musician that he was given the wonderful opportunity of playing piano concertos with the visiting Johannesburg Festival Orchestra at the annual BIFM-EU Festival Concerts. Over his last three years at Maru a Pula he played concertos by Mozart, Beethoven and Franz Liszt. He played Liszt with astonishing panache and virtuosity relishing the staggering technical challenges and the richly romantic style of that archromantic composer. Now it seemed nothing could get in the way of Laone, his music and piano playing. He attended Hotchkiss School in the USA for a year where he pushed his playing further by widening his repertoire and extending his already dazzling technique. After Hotchkiss,

Laone went to Williams College in the USA where he is currently completing his four-year degree in Music. This has opened a whole new chapter for Laone. There the young man has been exposed to the intense co-operative style of chamber music. He won the Berkshire Student Concerto Competition, for which he learnt another of the great romantic piano pieces - the First Piano Concerto by Sergei Rachmaninoff. Usually, piano students at Williams wait for their final year to give what is called their senior recital: a solo recital on the piano. Laone opted to do his recital at the end of the junior year and presented his programme - which included the formidable Liszt Sonata in the College Recital Hall on their Bösendorfer grand piano. Much has happened to that small 5-yearold Motswana boy who once sat upright at his piano in the cold Swedish weather – such as giving his first public solo recital in Gaborone playing the awe inspiring music of Franz Liszt. He is now by far Botswana’s best classical pianist and stands on the threshold of a fulfilled career as a pianist. That piano teacher at the International School in Sweden did not speak in vain with her words to Laone: ‘You will grow up to be a musician.’ This he has done and more. Best of Botswana


Ndingo Johwa In the galaxy of musicians who have become synonymous with Botswana and its culture, there are few stars as illustrious as Ndingo Johwa - a veteran jazz music extraordinaire.

Distinguishing Johwa from the handful of Botswana jazz patriarchs such as the late Duncan Senyatso, Lister Boleseng and Socca Moruakgomo is the fact that the gravellyvoiced guitarist and vocalist sings almost exclusively in Ikalanga, which is the country’s second most popular vernacular language after Setswana. Johwa in fact, is an Ikalanga cultural icon: singing in, promoting 34

Best of Botswana

and showcasing the language within Botswana and the region; through music productions, cultural festivals and tours during the two decades that he has been on the commercial scene. Since his breakthrough in 2000, Johwa quickly amassed a national fan base drawn initially by the novelty of jazz in IKalanga language. He retained this support through the pure talent this folk

musician has honed over decades in the local underground music scene. Known popularly as Satjilombe, the creative genius dubbed his music Ika-jazz, showering his earliest audiences with an audio-visual presentation featuring music, poetry, dance and colour in Ikalanga. Regional attention soon came knocking, with Johwa becoming the first Motswana to join, and perform as part of, Steve Dyer’s legendary Mahube Project - an attempt to highlight indigenous music from southern Africa. Dyer and other musicians in the project were awestruck by the simplicity and genuineness of Johwa’s genre, which is a style fusing folk music arrangements and Afro-jazz. From the Mahube project and through six albums to date - each carefully recorded and marketed over the years, Johwa consolidated his presence as a powerful local voice while building international demand for Ikalanga and Botswana’s music and cultural products. Indicative of this, Satjilombe began an ongoing collaborative relationship with Zimbabwean superstar, Oliver Mtukudzi, building a fan base rapidly in Zimbabwe while also creating a highly marketable offering for southern African audiences. In August 2011, the two musicians again shared the stage in Botswana, stunning a packed audience with a colourful celebration of culture and most emphatically underlining Johwa’s star status within the region. However, Johwa’s eminence has not been limited to his musical prowess. From the beginning of his commercial career, Satjilombe used his success and industry weight to highlight Ikalanga cultural concerns, pushing for greater recognition of the vernacular language in the government agenda. He also quickly emerged as a talent spotter, grooming young musicians such as Shanti Lo and Nono Siile, who have become stars in their own right. Through his efforts in collaborative and other initiatives, Johwa is among local jazz patriarchs who have grown the new generation of musicians presently making waves regionally and internationally. Besides his roles as a cultural activist, Ikajazz pioneer and talent mentor, Johwa also often organises charitable fundraising tours, with proceeds being given to causes such as underprivileged children. With a Best Of album currently flying off shelves, it is fitting to celebrate an era of musical genius and humanitarian resolve in the life and times of Ndingo Johwa.

Odirile “Vee” Sento This pint-sized dynamo is among Botswana’s most instantly recognisable musical exports, with chart and pop successes on the continent as well as within the cyberspace community.

Known as Vee, the 28-year-old rocketed to fame in the last decade with his musical creation Kwaito Kwasa, a musical formula that immediately proved popular nationwide with the young and trendy. His breakthrough album in 2001, Introloction, featured the hit Pompa Tswididi; while his follow up album a year later contained the infectious title track Lamalanga. With his second album, Vee secured a major

recording contract which propelled him to his third album, Kasi Angels in 2003. It was this last album that caught Africa’s attention, through the hugely popular Taku Taku and Letlhale tracks - the latter attracting 162,771 views on social media site, YouTube. Taku Taku introduced Vee first to the tough South African kwaito market, but also further northward to Zimbabwe, Zambia and music lovers in the rest of the region. The attention was reflected by a stampede of South African producers for his next album Ntja Mme, which sadly slipped through the cracks of a crossborder marketing row. Vee returned to local production in 2006, setting up his own studio and reconnecting with his broad fan-base. Two other albums Kasiology and Everybody landed in 2007 and 2009 respectively; both to a positive reception locally and continentally. However, Vee has carved a niche in Botswana’s gallery of icons - not only because of his music, but rather his irrepressible creative drive and dynamism. From creating a music genre and generating demand for it in 2001, the musician established his own studio and signed up groups that went on to establish their own success locally. Various groups and individuals are signed

onto his studio - pumping out their own productions and interpretations of the Kwaito Kwasa genre. In addition, Vee’s success revived young Botswana talent and saw young musicians emerging in genres such as afro-pop and disco. His creative prowess and business acumen was again at work in establishing mineral water and condom brand businesses. With his keen entrepreneurial mind at work, Vee was also the first artist in the country to seal a cell phone promotional deal, with two corporate entities branding their handsets and marketing packages around the musician. The local corporate world, in fact, was quick to appreciate Vee’s value as a marketing tool by tapping into his talent for various educational and promotional campaigns. This year, the hoarse-voiced entrepreneur toured the country with the Brand Botswana campaign team, performing in more than 100 villages. The tour once again underlined Vee’s enduring popularity with fans of all ages and localities, having effectively cemented him into the collective national memory. It is this success and ability that has enabled the musician to cross over into iconic status even before he turns 30-years-old. Best of Botswana


Charma Gal Celebrated musician Magdalene Lesolebe has carved out a successful music career under the alter-ago, Charma Gal.

Although Magdalene Lesolebe has been in the music industry for seven years, it has been in the last three years that she has come into her own as the ultimate crossover musician. Better known as ‘Charma Gal’, the Leralaborn 28-year-old has evolved into the darling of both Setswana traditional music fans and afro-pop music fans - having the privilege of chart-topping successes in both genres. Setswana traditional music catapulted Lesolebe to success in 2005, when she was one of two lead female singers in the local super-group, Culture Spears. She became a household name with the group’s Botswana Music Union award-winning hit, Kulenyane in 2006. But it was her crossover into afro-pop under Culture Spears’ sub-group, Ekentolo which brought Lesolebe into her element, igniting the nation’s imagination with tracks such as Chika Dance and Matebele. Her allure, it appears, lies in her ability to musically express the everyday issues at the heart of the nation. For the Ekentolo project, 36

Best of Botswana

Lesolebe invented the ‘Charma Gal’ alter-ego complete with national-flag themed attire and choreographed pop dance routines. The “afropop meets 1980s South African melodies” proved the winning combination for Ekentolo, with main composer and performer Charma Gal at the forefront of the success. Although Chika Dance was predominantly a dance track, it became the public’s answer for the next big hit in local music. Intelligent timing saw the Christmas 2009 track transform into an instant hit, enjoying massive radio airplay and even further marketing via the ubiquitous “combis” (passenger taxi buses) countrywide. Matebele was equally well distributed via formal and informal channels in 2010, cementing Charma Gal’s status as a musician of note in Botswana and the region. The track’s storyline of a young woman eloping also struck a sympathetic note in the nation. With Culture Spears and Ekentolo, Charma Gal has transformed into a regional star, with successful tours to France, South

Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Swaziland. The traditional and afro-pop groups’ music has been well received while Charma Gal’s distinctive vocals and stage act have won over many. Charma Gal’s growing continental success is based on the unique freshness of her music, in an era dominated by the commercial success of genres such as house music and kwaito. For many fans within and outside Botswana, Charma Gal’s music harks back to a time of playful storytelling and dance, “folksy” music with a message, driven by undeniable talent. The starlet has therefore been able to bottle and export a forgotten Setswana musical genre, by developing it into a marketable and recognisable brand, using both lyrical and visual stage presentations. Culture Spears has labelled Charma Gal a “composer, musician, dance choreographer and fitness trainer,” indicating that the “multitasker” has the talent to reach new heights both in Botswana and across the continent.

Itseng Kgomotso Over the years, Botswana has gained a reputation in the international fashion and beauty industry for producing some of the world’s most striking female models.

On various stages from Miss World, Miss Universe to fashion catwalks, Batswana ladies have marketed the natural beauty of Botswana as the alternative envoys to the usual diplomats. In the bevy of belles who have carried the national flag high, 21-year-old Itseng Kgomotso is among the elite clique who have frequently registered “firsts” in their various endeavours in this cutthroat industry. Itseng’s road to fame began when, as a University of Botswana student, she entered and scooped the Miss Botswana 2008 title. The 1.78 metre tall bombshell serenaded judges and audiences alike to win her first beauty title. Through that win, Itseng represented Botswana at the Miss World 2008 pageant held in South Africa, where she shared the stage with 111 other stunners from around the world. Broadcast on over 300 channels in more than 150 countries to millions of viewers, Itseng’s star burned bright even though she was not among the winners on the night. Despite the setback, Itseng used her exposure at the highest level of the business

to launch a career that was soon sprinkled with other achievements. In July 2010, the then 20-year-old emerged as the second princess in the Miss Universe Botswana pageant, before winning a life-changing competition barely four months later. In October 2010, Itseng became the first Motswana to win the Toyota Kickoff Soccerbabes model search, propelling her into the fashion modelling business in South Africa. With the win came a high profile model shoot in Mozambique, where she mingled with top fashion and studio personnel. Since then, Itseng has not looked back, melting into South Africa’s fashion industry and enjoying high profile success - her lustre shining off Botswana’s image in the international arena. Not bad for a rural-born lady. At one point in her life she aspired to be a diplomat in the Foreign Service. Her choices of studies at university – Political Science and Public Administration – were in fact chosen with a career in statesmanship in mind. The young student was unaware at the time that fate had decided she would play a very different ambassadorial role. Best of Botswana


Miss Botswana Botswana, the land of beauty

In 2011, stunning 20-year-old University of Botswana student Karabo Sampson won the Miss Botswana crown. Over the years, the Miss Botswana pageant has served to showcase Botswana’s most beautiful and amazing women on a global platform. Mpule Kwelagobe was crowned the Miss Universe in 1999 “ the first Botswana woman to win the prestigious title; then another Miss Botswana beauty, Emma Wareus was crowned Miss World 1st Princess in 2010. In 2009 Miss Botswana stunner Sumaiya Marope also graced international newspapers during the Miss World finals in South Africa - and she became the darling of international photographers. However, the contest does not solely serve to showcase the plentiful beauty of Botswana women - it goes much further than that. Yes, Miss Botswana publicises the people of Botswana, but it also preens and 38

Best of Botswana

supports one of the most important brand ambassadors for the country during her year with the crown. The Miss Botswana queen is heavily involved with social responsibilities at home and drumming up support abroad. The contribution from the Miss Botswana pageant to the people and country of Botswana is immeasurable. The pride and prestige of winning this event is thus obvious. There are however, a number of other perks which add to the honour. In the last three years, the Miss Botswana finals have grown to become most women’s dream - all thanks to the coveted rewards put in place by the organisers. The 2011 queen has begun her reign brightly by doing well in the sport and talent of the Miss World finals, which catapulted her to the top 25. In fact she was one of the few faces that were showcased on the Miss World Facebook pages during the sport and talent finals which were held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Miss Botswana Karabo Sampson describes herself as an extrovert with a character determined to succeed. When asked to say a little about Botswana at the Miss World, Karabo talked passionately of the avid sand dunes of the Kalahari, the unique wetlands of the Okavango and the rich traditional culture of a nation that prides itself in peace and serenity. This passion evident on a world stage shows how impactful a Miss Botswana can be for her country. Karabo’s one minute video shoot for Miss World, was filmed at the Okavango delta and Makgadikgadi saltpans. She also received an honourable hand-woven Okavango basket, which carries the significance of environmental conservation. Here’s to a successful 2011 reign for the country of Botswana and the bright future of the shining lights of Miss Botswana queens on the world stage. Best of Botswana


The Cultural and Culinary Combination of The No. 1 Ladies’ Opera House “Botswana is a remarkable country and I admire it greatly for what it has achieved. It stands for something that is very important - respect for human rights and integrity in public life.” – Alexander McCall Smith

The No. 1 Ladies’ Opera House, situated at the foot of the famous Kgale Hill just outside Gaborone, was the innovation of renowned Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith. Opened in 2008, The No. 1 Ladies’ Opera House is the first and only opera house in Botswana. Under the theme of McCall Smith’s acclaimed series, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, the intimate 60-seater opera house and restaurant celebrates one of literature’s most memorable and lovable African characters, Precious Mma Ramotswe. However, The No. 1 Ladies’ Opera House will not only appeal to the loyal Mma Ramotswe fans, but also any cultural enthusiast, food enthusiast – and more importantly, Botswana enthusiast. This unique venue celebrates Batswana talent by regularly showcasing musicals, opera’s and dramatic productions, doubling as a music centre and opera house which is open to the public. The venue has hosted world class classical performances organised by renowned classical expert and past organiser of the Maitisong Arts Festival, David Slater – who is also a friend of McCall Smith. The restaurant truly brings the fictional world of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency to life. This is cleverly worked into the menu. Morning meals offered include Alexander McCall Smith’s Favourite Breakfast, Mr J 40

Best of Botswana

L B Matekoni’s Breakfast, Mma Makutsi’s Pancakes served with Mma Ramotswe’s Pot of Bush Tea. In the afternoon, dishes like a Speedy Motors Trusted Lunch or an Angelika Orford Special are on offer. Evening productions include an alfresco dinner, featuring dishes such as venison with Mma Ramotswe’s bean salad or butternut soup. All food is superbly cooked courtesy of John and Alphonce in the kitchen and served by waiter Smokey, with Vivian ever ready to help. The logo and signs which signal your arrival at The No. 1 Ladies’ Opera House were created by artist Iain McIntosh who illustrated McCall Smith’s series of novels of 44 Scotland Street which originally appeared in the Daily Scotsman in Edinburgh. The Opera house aims to provide a stage for some of the grand voices and actors discovered in Botswana and offers a showcase of Botswana’s rich tradition of choral singing and unique use of physicality in acting. The No. 1 Ladies’ Opera House plans to have musical events and biannual operatic productions. In 2009, McCall Smith staged the musical Okavango Macbeth using local opera singers and a team of South African and British classical music experts. It received wide international media coverage from The Times of London, The New York Times, The BBC, and also received over 7000 internet hits.

The venue offers much more than just opera as its schedule includes dramas, open-air concerts, art exhibitions, as well as a farmers’ market. It is also the starting point for a tour of the locations of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency novels. However, the real stars of the opera house are the musicians which inspired its inception – such as Boyce Batlang – the young Motswana who belts out perfect Italian tenor with his ‘The Three Tswana Tenors’ counterparts. The venue is merely a glorious celebration of a nation which has kept the art of the song alive. Location and hours: Kgale Siding (an old recruiting centre for mineworkers going to South Africa) after St Joseph’s Senior Secondary School, Gaborone, Botswana. Open daily from 7.00 am to 4.00 pm (except Sundays). Serves: Breakfasts, bush tea, lunch and afternoon coffee and cakes – all under the shelter of acacia trees.

For further information email

Diphetogo “Dipsy” Selolwane Diphetogo Selolwane, better known to his legions of local and international fans as Dipsy, has evolved into a cult figure in the 14 years he has dominated the football scene.

The star has become Botswana’s most well known footballer, alerting the world to the presence of high quality players and leagues in the country. As one commentator has written, no other player in any sport in Botswana has more powerfully or widely represented the country’s sporting brilliance. Dipsy’s career spans two continents of high-level football, from five years in various

leagues in the US to another six in South African premier league where he continues to shine to this day. During this time, Selolwane has also availed his talents to the Botswana senior national football team - whose star has been on the rise in recent years. While the attacking midfielder was not the first Motswana to play internationally, his hero status stems from being the most

successful - winning awards and accolades at a time when Botswana football’s international image was summarised by the epithet, “Africa’s whipping boys”. Most of Dipsy’s nine international goals in Botswana national colours scored since his debut in 1999 came at time when the country was perennially being bundled out regional, continental and international competitions. Since that deft turn against a bemused South African defence in a COSAFA cup qualifier in 1999, there was every indication of a star being born, with Dipsy scoring the goal that marked his arrival on the international scene. Over the years of under-performance at national level, the affable footballer carried the country’s hopes of football success, a desire that has lately come to fruition with Botswana’s qualification for the 2014 African Cup of Nations (AFCON). While in this latest AFCON campaign, Dipsy was not relied upon as the chief goal scorer, his supportive role with timely passes, as well as his robust influence as a seasoned campaigner and legend, bolstered the team to its first ever qualification for a major tournament. Today, with the world media still gushing over Botswana’s remarkable journey to qualification in AFCON, Batswana are more than aware that the success has been built around Dipsy’s sterling efforts of inspiring his team-mates and boosting their selfbelief. In fact, the current team’s success has revolved around the growing numbers of foreign-based players, all of them coming from South African leagues – a trail blazed by a young Dipsy in 2005. For the foreign-based players, Dipsy’s exploits created demand in South Africa for Botswana players, whose talents had previously been overlooked, in favour of imports from further afield in the continent. The midfielder’s life is also exemplary for up-and-coming footballers, as the story of a young lad who emerged from dusty street football, into formal sporting structures and into the country’s premier league. Through successful products such as Dipsy, Botswana’s football administrators have spruced up their grassroots and midtier structures to attract and develop talent, while clubs are increasingly developmentoriented. Best of Botswana


Botswana football has come of age Botswana’s football passion, dedication and ability are capable of rivalling just about anyone in Africa. This was confirmed when the Botswana National football team, The Zebras, qualified in style for the first time for the Finals of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), to be held in Equatorial Guinea in 2012.

Considered to be minnows, Botswana secured their first ever Africa Cup of Nations place with two games to spare when beating Chad 1-0 in Group K of the 2012 qualifiers in March 2011. Striker Jerome Ramatlhakwane scored the early second half goal that brought Botswana triumph in Ndjamena, Chad. The win in Ndjamena moved the Zebras to 16 points - making them the first team to qualify for the January 2012 tournament. Botswana’s stunning performances to reach this stage surprised spectators and viewers of the African game everywhere, as they have won five of their six group matches and drawn one. First they beat Tunisia away with a solitary goal; Chad was defeated 2-1 in Gaborone; followed by a hard fought 1-1 draw away to Malawi; and a 2-1 home victory over Togo. The Zebras ensured that they finished the qualifiers with a 100 per cent home record, 42

Best of Botswana

having not lost a single game on home soil during the qualifiers for the 2012 showpiece to be held in Equatorial Guinea. The only defeat came from Togo in an away game that did not effect qualification at all as The Zebras had already booked their place in the Finals as early as March - while the rest of Africa still had to wait until the last day of the qualifiers in October to know their fate. As Botswana confirmed its maiden participation in the AFCON Finals with the Chad defeat, it was fitting that Ramatlhakwane should score the 50th-minute winner as he has contributed five of the seven goals that reaped 16 points from six matches - including home and away wins over 2004 African champions Tunisia. All of his goals have been match-deciders. Another hero is coach Stanley Tshosane, also a local, who shunned the limelight as Botswana pulled off victory after victory in the

only mini-league that offers two automatic Finals places. The National team’s success did not just come by chance. Since 2005 Botswana football, thanks to big money from mobile phone operators and recently Botswana television, has been going professional, now seeing P1-million Prize money for the League Champions. The Premier League, sponsored for the third year running by Be Mobile, has also been producing stars of note. Many have been snatched up by the bigger South African League in recent years. They include Terrence Mandaza, Boitumelo Mafoko, and Mogogi Gabonamong - all from champions Township Rollers. Jerome Ramatlhakwane, currently the leading goal scorer in the 2012 AFCON qualifiers with six goals, was recruited by Santos of South Africa, from Mochudi Centre Chiefs. Other South African based players

from the Botswana league include The Zebras number one goal keeper, Modiri Marumo. Midfielder Dirang Moloi also played in South Africa until recently. The budding Ofentse Nato, at the young age of 21, featured in all qualifiers for The Zebras. The towering and strongly built Gaborone United anchor-man will be one of the ones to watch when the AFCON Finals get underway in 2012. Best of Botswana


Sport in Botswana Sporting Chance: Something for Everyone From high-powered racing across the Kalahari Desert to the staging of the annual Donkey Races, Botswana is home to a wide range of sporting activities to suit many tastes.

The 1,000 km Desert Race, which crosses the vast Kalahari, is one of the best known events on the annual sports calendar in Botswana. The race is held in July and attracts in excess of 500 entrants representing the world’s leading car and motorcycle manufacturers. More than 100,000 spectators flock to witness this tough race as it crosses some of the toughest terrain on earth. At the other end of the scale, the annual Donkey Races are held in the village of 44

Best of Botswana

Kumakwane on the outskirts of Gaborone, paying homage to Botswana’s plentiful donkey population. Sport in the country is overseen by the Botswana National Sports Council, which has more than 33 affiliates representing a wide cross-section of sporting activities. This includes martial arts, athletics, badminton, tennis, table tennis, darts, rugby, softball, golf, gymnastics, basketball, hockey, horse riding, netball, cricket, volleyball, weightlifting,

boxing, dance sport, bowling, cycling and swimming, and many more. All of these sports are offered at primary and secondary school levels and competitions are held at a very high level. Athletics is one of the higher profile sports in Botswana with many of the country’s elite athletes making an impact and earning a living on the lucrative European circuit. The country’s first professional athlete was 800m runner, Glody Dube, who rose

to prominence during the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and turned professional soon after. Others followed closely in his wake, including 400m runners California Molefhe, and Amantle Montsho, long jumper Gable Garenamotse and high jumper Kabelo Kgosiemang. Rugby has grown in popularity in recent years and the Botswana national team, known as the Vultures, has become a major attraction for spectators, rivaling the support enjoyed

by the National football team. The Vultures compete in the annual zonal championship of the African Rugby Confederation, and has won the Castle Trophy twice in recent seasons. Botswana has produced champion boxing and karate teams which have dominated competition in the region. Botswana has become the number one Nation in volleyball in the region and it is not uncommon to find two Botswana teams

competing against each other in regional finals. Another sport at which Batswana athletes have excelled is bowls. The National men’s and women’s teams qualified for the 2012 World Championships in Adelaide, Australia after performing well during the African States competition in Swaziland in 2009. Whilst softball has dwindled in other African countries it continues to thrive in Botswana. League matches take place Best of Botswana


every weekend and the National team often participates in the World Championships. Cricket is one of the fastest growing sports in Botswana. Its development has been driven by Batswana of Indian origin whose efforts have seen the sport introduced to several of primary schools in the country. The Gaborone Oval is a popular venue for league matches and tournaments. Whilst the Botswana National cricket team does not yet enjoy Test status, it is 46

Best of Botswana

an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and is presently ranked joint 29th in the world by the ICC, the 5th highest ranked non-test team in Africa. Tennis is played widely in Botswana with players of all ages taking part. The Botswana Tennis Association has a nationwide Youth Development Programme, whilst tennis is also offered in schools. At professional level, the country’s leading men’s and women’s players regularly take

part in the Davis Cup and Federation Cup team events. Golf is another of the fast-growing sports in Botswana and is very popular amongst the youth. This is, in part, due to the Youth Programme that was introduced five years ago and came at no cost to young players wanting to learn the game. The Programme is to cultivate an interest in golf amongst Primary school pupils. Bostwana has a host of world class golf courses, among them are Gaborone, Grand Palm, Phikwe, and Francistown golf courses. Whilst there are many recreational players, Botswana’s National teams play regularly in youth and senior events in the region. Two-wheel sports are also very popular. For the more energetic, cycling is a popular activity, often attracting cyclists from as far as Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Namibia to take part in local races. Motocross and motorcycle racing have become one of the more popular recreational sports in Gaborone, but top Botswana racers often compete in events in South Africa and Namibia. Despite its small population, Botswana has achieved notable success in chess. In 2002, Botswana’s World Chess Association Master, Boikhutso Mudongo became the first-ever African woman to win a medal at the International Chess Olympiad. The country also boasts Africa’s only woman Grand Master, Tuduetso Sabure. Gymnastics and swimming are relatively new to Botswana but there have already been some significant milestones achieved. In 2005, Kutlwano Mothibi became the first Batswana gymnast to take part in international competition, competing at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Meanwhile, towards the end of the last decade, a team of swimmers began competing in regional and continental competitions under the Botswana National Sports Council. Horse racing remains an elite activity but this is beginning to change due to the involvement of cellular network Mascom, which sponsors races at circuits in Maun, Tlokweng and Francistown. Here local riders are able to compete with their own farm horses, giving enthusiasts a rare opportunity to enjoy a day at the races. Botswana’s wide array of international sporting activity is underpinned by the country’s cultural games that have become popular among locals and tourists alike.

Sport in the country is overseen by the Botswana National Sports Council, which has more than 33 affiliates representing a wide cross-section of sporting activities. Best of Botswana


Chapter 1 Vision Statements


SHoP Architects PC

Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana



Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana



Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Vision Statement from the BEDIA Acting Chairman Botswana has emerged as a beacon of light in the region; while other economies worldwide have suffered in the downturn, the country has remained relatively unaffected.

Ethel Matenge-Sebesho

The Government has made a conscious effort to move away from a diamond-reliant economy. The diversification of the economy is a central objective which contributes to the goals of Vision 2016: Towards Prosperity for All. This has seen the emergence of a multifaceted economy, including various sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, and services among others. The private sector will play a vital role in the achievement of Botswana’s development and thus joint ventures between locals and foreign investors are being encouraged so as to assist in skills transfer. Vision 2016 encapsulates the aspirations of the country in its fifty years post independence. The commitment of the Government in encouraging entrepreneurial growth is a key part of the Vision. This enabled environment attracts participation from the private sector. The collaboration between the 54

Best of Botswana

public and private sectors is the precursor to any well endowed economy. Other sustainability factors include frugal management, consistency in policy making, stable politics and governance. The maintenance of a high economic growth rate has resulted in the accumulation of large foreign reserves, the development of human resources as well as low foreign debt. The impediment of bureaucracy on development and investment has been curbed, and together with free market trade promotion, has liberated Botswana’s economy. Botswana’s impressive performance has not gone unnoticed. This is evident in the number of impressive ratings and indicators from foreign organisations worldwide, such as the title of ‘Least Corrupt Country in Africa’ from Transparency International as well as the ranking of highest credit rating in Africa from Standard and Poor and Moody’s Investor Services. These ratings are all indicators of

the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of Government, creating a trade-conducive environment. Botswana’s economic growth has heralded an era of foreign investment, where interest in the country is seen to have gained momentum. The fruits of these investments will come to bear in the next couple of years in the run up to 2016. It is said that, a growing economy is better than a stable economy - even though there are inherent risks. However, these risks are minimised with investment into the country, as it allows for flexibility and gives room to expand further. The Future Vision of Botswana is to maintain the necessary growth rates to reach its development goals. The role of foreign investment is vital to this development and so Botswana, along with BEDIA, will continue to encourage investors to choose Botswana as their destination of choice. The enticements are obvious: no exchange controls, relaxed capital movement, and the allowance for expatriate personnel in cases where the required skills are unavailable locally. The Best of Botswana books are an integral part of the investment process. The book is unique in that it forms a single compelling showcase of all that the country has to offer. Potential investors are directly presented with a vast array of options of growth areas and industries with detailed and visual profiles on each. Not only is Botswana’s beauty put on show here, but the entire economy and the companies which are helping shape our growth path towards Vision 2016. The true visionaries of Botswana are also celebrated here. BEDIA’s mission is to promote investment in export-orientated activities that will result in economic diversification, rapid economic growth and sustained employment opportunities in accordance with Botswana’s social and economic policies and objectives. This has aligned us perfectly with The Best of Botswana book and we are proud to work together in the hope of a common goal – the realisation of Botswana’s Vision of a highly competitive economy. Paging through what we have to offer in this book, shows that we are not far off. BEDIA ACTING CHAIRMAN

Tel: (+267) 3181931 Fax: (+267) 3170452 Web:

Best of Botswana


Thabo Thamane - CEO of CEDA The Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) was established out of government’s commitment to citizen economic empowerment and the need to have an entity that will support business development and promote citizen entrepreneurship, which was found to be lacking among a large majority of citizens.

As an Agency, we provide this type of support through offering various products which include loans to citizen entrepreneurs at highly subsidised interest rates; and joint ventures between citizens and non-citizens (interest rates are at market rate). In line with our mandate, we at CEDA pledge to continue to be on the entrepreneurs’ sides as they step into the challenging and exciting world of business. As a result, our payoff line, FINANCE. DEVELOP. SUSTAIN, not only reaffirms our role in society but also informs all that CEDA’s existence is, not only in the provision of FINANCE but also to DEVELOP & SUSTAIN Botswana’s SMME’s. In other words, the provision of FINANCE to aspiring entrepreneurs is the core and primary function of CEDA: to DEVELOP people, businesses and the 56

Best of Botswana

economy of Botswana through outreach programs such as Information Sessions, Customer Service Forums and training across Botswana in order to bring together entrepreneurs to network, share ideas and common challenges. CEDA SUSTAINS the country through long-term growth and ability to change and uplift people’s lives. That is over-and-above the access to finance that CEDA provides Business Advisory Services. With these services we have been able to harness the business expertise, skills and wisdom of senior business and professional people, making their services available to CEDA funded entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises; with the whole intention to enhance sustainability, profitability and collective contribution of the SMME sector to the overall economic performance. In so doing, we radiantly light the way

forward for new industries, guiding the footsteps of intrepid entrepreneurs who blaze the trail ahead, bringing prosperity and stability to those who follow - and to the economy of our country. Simply put, CEDA is there for you – to help you fulfill your ambitions, to realise your potential and to make your contribution to the growth and diversification of the economy that is so vital for the future of our country.

P/Bag 00504 Gaborone Botswana Leseding House Plot 204 Independence Ave Gaborone Tel: +267 317 0895 Fax: +267 319 0001

Education in Botswana The value proposition and the premise upon which education in its wider sense can be embraced, is that it is an indelible and evolving process.

It has, as a process, an ever-present raft of phenomena that either grow or diminish its usefulness. Its consequence depends on how in a set, its characteristics are acknowledged, nurtured and managed. The impact of education in many instances is the outcome of numerous variables which make it complex to define. In any event, fundamental is the acceptance of the notion that education is an enduring experience. There is a compelling need to view it as a life-long asset endowed on an individual who is entrusted with its custody for the good of man. It breeds innovation and creativity, determines human behaviours, societal dynamics, scientific discoveries, solutions for mankind, and sometimes when wrongly executed - disastrous outcomes for mankind Whichever way we look at it, the bedrock of a good education owes its foundations to a good home or a strong ‘family’ environment which has to be rich in its value systems. The context of ‘family’ may vary from the norm, but should not necessarily compromise its originality – strictly, that is where the education process really starts.

Subsequently, the environment in which education is imparted, knowledge shared, will in itself vary extensively and will have impactful consequences depending on the specific environment. As such, the design of the education environment structures and ‘scaffold’, supported by the philosophies or methodologies under-pinning its delivery are critical. We only have one chance to get it wrong, having regard for the impact of education on future generations. We need a fresh vision for an enterprise driven global perspective, whose pace of change in modern times is unprecedented. The earth is no longer divided between its citizens who are pro or anti free business enterprise. The technology revolution, itself feeding from the various strands of education, has an almost cathartic effect on the world’s transformation as we witness it today. The culture of learning is a strong determiner of the education efficacy. On the other hand, the cultural environment in which education is espoused directly influences behaviour. Perhaps for the African continent, there needs to be introspection upon our

education legacy systems, which had certain assumptions whose validity, must be questioned. For what it is worth, we need to explain the movement of the education ‘cloud’ between different regions of the world, with the view to explain the intricacies of different spectra for instance between China, Japan, India, Europe, Africa, the US and so on, as seen from the education perspective. Learners will be exorcised from the entrenched belief that the purpose of education is to subsequently seek a job, rather than seize the opportunity to create jobs. The ‘new order’ must adopt the 360˚ leadership approach where participants in effecting change, will set themselves free from influences and myths that often hold them back from exploring their personal influence. In a borderless knowledge global space, knowledge and education are inextricably linked and both are exportable commodities. Access to education is abundant and unrestricted in the technology highway of today. Lasting education is therefore no longer for the privileged. The ‘Business Hive’ at Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) epitomises, through a well grounded knowledge ‘honeycomb’, an impassioned determination by business undergraduate students to break barriers. A wholly student owned initiative, fully supported by their mentors, tutors and the institution’s management and leadership ethos, ‘The Hive’ represents a brand new mindset which builds on the positive attitude of the possible and new found confidence - believing that there is no substitute for learning by doing; that importantly, business enterprise is almost always someone’s brainchild. In that regard, education and enterprise are interlinked, both characterised by the continuous learning experience. The ‘experience’ has to be enriched by a fun-filled and enjoyable learning environment. It must never be a burden, it must instead provide opportunities for exposure, the latitude to think big by drawing on the education ‘package’ accumulated by the individual and the insatiable sense of curiosity. The Botswana Accountancy College derives its inspiration from these sorts of thought processes.

For more information, visit or email Best of Botswana


Chapter 2 Travel and Tourism


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) The Botswana Government through Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) has embarked on major airport developments around the country so as to develop and grow the industry in Botswana.


Best of Botswana


Civil aviation authority of botswana

These developments are being carried out at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, Maun, Francistown and Kasane International Airports. The developments will enable the airports to handle wide bodied aircraft and cater for the expected increase in air travel for both passenger and cargo. Francistown International Airport Construction of the Francistown International Airport commenced in July 2008 and it was completed in August 2011 with the approved

project cost of P562 Million. The state-ofthe-art airport is operational. Facts about the Airport: • The Terminal building is designed for the traffic forecast up to 2025. • On the Typical peak hour, the passenger building is designed to handle 99 domestic arrivals and departures and 127 International Arrivals and Departures (each). • The building also has CIP (Commercially Best of Botswana


• Important Person) lounges in both Domestic and International Departures lounges, and a VIP Lounge in addition. • The terminal building provides for car rentals, restaurants and a few shops. It also houses all the CAAB offices on the mezzanine floor. The building is provided with state-of-the-art Flight Information Display system, conveyor belt, airline check in desks, and Public Address system. • No of Offices: 67 62

Best of Botswana

• Sizes of Aircraft to land: Boeing 737 or equivalent class aircrafts Sir Seretse Khama International Airport Phase two of Sir Seretse Khama International Airport is still under construction and is anticipated to be completed by early 2012. Facts about the Airport: • Typical peak hour passenger capacity 976

Artists Impression of Kasane International Airport

• Runway (length width) - 4km capable of accommodating Boeing 747 or equivalent class aircrafts. Including full length parallel taxiway • Cargo Apron - B747 or equivalent class aircrafts. • Upon completion, the terminal building will provide for car rentals, restaurants and a few shops. It also houses all the CAAB and airline offices. • The building also has two CIP lounges and a VIP lounge. Maun International Airport Construction of a 3700m Runway commenced mid-2011 and 2800m is complete and is ready for operation. The terminal building and related airside works will follow in 2012. The airport will be open to both domestic and international traffic, and mainly serves as the gateway for tourists visiting the world famous Okavango Delta. Upon completion, Maun International Airport will cater for typical peak hour passenger capacity of 637. The airport will accommodate Boeing 737 or equivalent class aircrafts.

Plot 61920 Letsema Office Park, Fairgrounds P.O.Box 250 Gaborone Botswana Tel: +267 368 8200 Fax: +267 391 3121 E-mail : Best of Botswana



Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Wilderness Safaris Exploration Safaris and Wilderness Air

Wilderness Safaris’ Explorations are an innovative range of fully serviced crosscountry safaris that recreate the sense of Africa of old. More than a century ago, the only way to experience this extraordinary continent was on safari. Today, Explorations mirror that exhilarating age of discovery. Our specially designed tents with pure cotton linen, stylish old metal finishes and refreshing amenities add to the overall atmosphere and guest comfort. Explorations are unrivalled by mostly utilising private concessions and wildlife areas exclusive to Wilderness Safaris guests. Explorations guides are noted for their passion and knowledge of their particular countries and lead each journey from start to finish, creating a seamless interpretive experience. A variety of travel modes, such as game drives, walking, 66

Best of Botswana

mokoros, canoeing, boating and air charters, maximise every opportunity to view the diversity of Africa’s flora and fauna. Each itinerary has been carefully created with the changing seasons, game movements and guest experience in mind. Explorations are divided into three categories, with some subtle differences between them. Discoverer explorations Discoverer Explorations consist of preerected luxury trails camps. The specially designed en-suite tents are an innovative hexagonal Meru style, with all comforts and amenities provided, such as pure cotton linen and ‘old brass’ finishes – all aimed at creating a sense of stepping back in time to the age of the early explorers.

Adventurer explorations These simple camps feature spacious walk-in dome tents that are pre-erected in carefully selected areas. Authentic canvas bedrolls with crisp cotton sheets and duvets are set out on GI stretchers, and facilities include metal bucket showers and chemical toilets that are shared with other guests. Meals are generally cooked on an open fire and enjoyed in the open air. Trails explorations Trails are not accommodation specific – both Adventurer dome tents and Discoverer Meru tents are used – and are defined rather by the self-propelled nature of the experience, whether this be on foot, canoe or bicycle. These Explorations are about reconnecting with nature and embracing the elements away from the luxury of vehicles, on foot or on mountain bikes. Wilderness Air “Connecting you to the wilderness” is the value proposition of Wilderness Air, the

charter company operated by Wilderness Safaris and whose Setswana name means ‘aeroplane’. The service is more than a simple connection however; rather the aerial transfers between camps allow a totally different impression and appreciation of the country below. From the densely matted papyrus flanked waterways of the Okavango Delta and their secretive

sitatunga inhabitants, to the bizarre, unexplained fairy circles of the Namib Desert and the dambos and closed canopy miombo woodlands of Zambia, all yield a new perspective when viewed from above. Best of Botswana


Jewel of the Kalahari - The Okavango Delta Botswana’s Wildlife Oasis This beating heart of life is a natural spectacle which seasonally stretches its veins of water to nourish the arid Botswana terrain and its many diverse animals.

As a result, the Okavango Delta is one of the most desired wilderness destinations in the world, as it offers raw insight into Africa at its wildest. The experience forces one to catch their breath as the adrenaline of viewing big game is contrasted by the ultimate tranquillity of an untouched and serene delta - evoking scenes of unbelievable natural beauty. Visitors to the deep interior of the Okavango Delta are given an overwhelming sense of being at the centre of Africa. It is an ultimate African journey which offers a scenic variety like no other. With the horizon 68

Best of Botswana

changing from dry to wet land, it is difficult to mentally absorb the scenery, as visitors become over saturated by meandering palms circling islets and papyrus fringed waterways, dense woodland glossy with lush vegetation, and a wealth of wildlife. This unique ecosystem is the largest intact inland delta in the world. Situated deep within the Kalahari Basin (once a prehistoric mega-lake), it is obvious to see why the Okavango Delta is referred to as the ‘jewel’ of the Kalahari. It has seemingly defied all odds that come with the harsh

terrain and its existence alone is a miraculous wonder. This fan shaped delta is kept alive by the third largest river in Southern Africa – the Okavango River. Its formation has been carefully crafted over thousands of years by sand brought by the Okavango River from its source in the high ground of Angola. The Delta is filled seasonally when the summer rains swell the Okavango River, pushing the floodwaters from Angola and arriving in Botswana at Mohembo in the Caprivi. It then spills into the vast plains of the Delta. The miracle of the Delta is again

highlighted in the perfect timing of the floods. They arrive just after the water-filled pans of the summer rains disappear around April and May. The journey of the waters involves 1300 km of traversing Khalahari sand. They bring with them refreshment to the plants and animals and their incredibly vast ecosystem. The Okavango is on an extension of Africa’s Great Rift Valley and so is situated in an unstable area of underground faults. This tectonic movement continually shifts the flow and distribution of the water above creating new drainage patterns. The area regularly

experiences tremors and minor quakes as the land heaves under the surface. The hungry earth and sky soak up much of the water with over 95 percent being lost to evaporation. By the time the flood water reaches the Delta’s southern fringes at Maun, the volume of water is a fraction of what it was when it started its journey, with as little as two to three percent reaching the Thamalakane River. Amazingly the flow continues to the Boteti River in the east, going on to fill Lake Xau, the Makgadikgadi Pans or draining into the Lake Ngami in the west.

The Okavango Delta consists of three main geographical areas: • the Panhandle, • the Delta, and • the dry land area. The Panhandle begins at Mohembo in the north of the Okavango, branching down for around 80km. The Panhandle is a funnel created by two parallel faults in the Earth’s crust. This creates a deep and wide impression for the river to run through, Best of Botswana


flooding the swamplands seasonally. Papyrus beds and phoenix palms dominate the vegetation. Tourists are attracted to the Panhandle area for its offerings of fishing, birding and its vibrant western villages. The fan of the Delta emerges at Seronga where its waters spill onto the land, varying in size from 15,000 sq km in dry months, to a massive 22,000 sq km in wet periods. This paints an incredible mosaic in numerous channels and lagoons, creating ox-bow lakes, flooded grasslands and thousands of islands of marooned puzzle pieces of land. This rejuvenating water benefits even the smallest creatures, such as the termite, who have survived (and flourished from) the floods by building their own islands. These fungus growing termites are one of 400 termite species in Africa and their impressive structures provide refuge and food to a number of other animals. It is clear why the delicate Okavango Delta needs to be fiercely protected – as each 70

Best of Botswana

creature in the balancing ecosystem has a vital role to play. The Okavango is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, having been nominated in 2010. Government policy has ensured the longterm conservation of the area in regulations, although not in official protection status. Local camps and lodges have taken the initiative in efforts of concessions in the new Okavango Development Management Plan. The Okavango also enjoys the status of a Ramsar site under IUCN, which is an agreement which limits its development. There has also been a successful rhino reintroduction programme. Tourists are drawn to the Delta and dry land area largely for game viewing, birding and boating in the traditional mokoro. The diversity and number of animals and birds is staggering. There is a recent record of 122 species of mammals, 71 species of fish, 444 species of birds, 64 species of reptiles and 1300 species of flowering plants. Best of Botswana


Chobe National Park The second largest national park in Botswana enjoys some of the biggest wildlife concentrations in Africa.

The memorable Chobe River is a sight which imprints itself in the minds of first time visitors, and is equally spectacular by air or land. Its dazzling blue hues leave visitors to the area breathless. The Chobe is unquestionably one of the most picturesque rivers in Africa as it nurtures an incomparable concentration of diverse wildlife. This weaving ribbon of water is a life giver – sustaining a large number of Botswana’s flora and fauna. Chobe River has carved out a deep path through the sandy Botswana terrain, winding 72

Best of Botswana

through the small town of Kasane and the wild landscape of the Chobe National Park beyond that. The park was established in 1968 – the first one in independent Botswana, covering 11,700 sq km of floodplains, swamps and woodland, with the river forming the northern boundary. The park is divided into four distinctly different eco systems: • Serondela in the north-east of Chobe River

area with lush plains and dense forest; • Savuti Marsh in the west about 50 km north of Mababe gate;  • Linyanti Swamps in the north-west; • Dry hinterland in between. The popular Chobe Riverfront is the most easily accessed game park in Botswana and as a result receives the most number of visitors. As part of Botswana’s big game country, Chobe Riverfront is acclaimed for its elephants (120,000) and Cape buffalo. Game

viewing season is winter (April – October) when the waterholes dry up and animals gather at the river to drink, making it possible to see hundreds of elephants drinking and bathing in the river on an afternoon game drive. There are over 15 animal species on the loops skirting the parameter of the Chobe River. Animals include waterbuck, lechwe, puku (found only in this area), giraffe, kudu, roan and sable, impala, warthog, bushbuck, monkeys and baboons, which often attract

the predators such as lion, leopard, hyena and jackal. Cruising on the Chobe River offers a whole new viewing experience from a different perspective of the parks animals – most especially with the hippo, crocodile and an expansive array of water birds. With more than 460 species of bird sighted, Chobe is one of Africa’s main venues for bird safaris. The Chobe River finds Botswana at Ngoma but traverses distant land to get there after springing up from the highlands in the north of

Angola. The Chobe, Okavango and Zambezi rivers move more water than all the other southern African rivers put together, with their courses manipulated by the Great Rift Valley fault lines. Ngwezumba Pans Situated about 70 km to the south of the Chobe River, the Ngwezumba Pans are essentially a system of pans of clay encircled by Mophane trees and grassy plains. The Best of Botswana


pans are filled in the rainy season when water flows into them. These pans are a supplier of life to animals far and wide who are drawn to quench their thirst when away from the rivers of permanent water, such as the Linyanti and Chobe Rivers. Savuté Savuté, nestled at the heart of the park, comprises of a lengthy channel and subsequent marshland and is renowned for its predator viewing, boasting large populations of lion, cheetah and hyena. The Savuté Channel is a geographical mystery, curiously having dried up numerous times over the last century. This story is told in the ghostly skeletons of long dead trees lining the sides of the channel. Flowing from the Linyathi River for 100 km, the Savuté Channel deposits water at not only the swampland of Savuté Marsh, but also south to the Mababe Depression. The Mababe Depression is also fed by the Ngwezumba River from the north-east and was once part of the prehistoric Makgadigadi super-lake. It is now a massive flat expanse surrounded by clumps of trees. The water which migrates from the two rivers which covers Mababe in season, brings with it thousands of bird and animal life most notably, 74

Best of Botswana

scores of Zebra herds paint the landscape with their black and white stripes. Linyanti Linyathi too provides fantastic game viewing in the winter months when non-permanent water dries up. Finding itself in the middle of the scenic western photographic concessions and the eastern hunting concessions, Linyathi has a public campsite.

Best of Botswana


Moremi Game Reserve First reserve in Africa established by local residents ‘Best game reserve in Africa’

Moremi Game Reserve is a gem which has accumulated some exceptional awards. It was voted the ‘best game reserve in Africa’ in 2008 by the distinguished African Travel and Tourism Association at South Africa’s premier tourism fair, Indaba. It also holds the honour of being the first reserve in Africa to be established by local residents. The Batswana people of Ngamiland daringly and resourcefully took action to declare Moremi as a game reserve in 1963 76

Best of Botswana

under the guidance of Mrs. Moremi - late Chief Moremi the Third’s wife. They were distressed by the hasty reduction in wildlife numbers in their ancestral lands, as a result of cattle encroachment and uncontrolled hunting. Moremi Game Reserve is the only officially protected area of the Okavango Delta, and therefore is of great scientific, environmental and conservation importance. One can experience premium savannah game viewing

by 4x4, as well as bird-watching on the lagoons. There are also thickly wooded areas, which are home to the shy, and rare, Leopard. Moremi, without doubt, ranks as one of the most beautiful reserves in Africa, and even the world at large. Approximately 30 per cent of the reserve is part of the mainland, with the remainder and bulk being within the Okavango Delta itself. Situated in the central and eastern areas of the Okavango, including the Moremi Tongue and Chief’s

Island, Moremi boasts one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the continent. As a result, it offers spectacular game viewing and bird watching - with all major naturally occurring herbivore and carnivore species of the region, and over 400 species of birds many migratory and some endangered. The vast variety of wildlife includes buffalo, girafe, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, jackal, impala as well as red lechwe. A wild dog project has been run in the area since 1989

which ensures they are a regular sighting, often seen wearing collars placed on them by the researchers. Some say Moremi has over 30 per cent of the world’s population of wild dog in the wild. Black and White Rhino have been re-introduced recently, which now makes the reserve a ‘Big Five’ destination. Enclosed in an area of around 3900 square kilometres, Moremi is where land and Delta meet, creating an exceptionally picturesque reserve of flood plains. It is wet seasonally

or perennially ensuring startling contrasts of waterways, lagoons, pools, pans, grasslands and riparian, riverine and mophane forests. This landscape ensures driving Moremi’s numerous loops and trails is exhilarating and inspiring. Moremi is a favourite destination with selfdrive campers, and trips can be combined with the Chobe National Park to the northeast. The rustic Third Bridge campsite which is situated near the beautiful Sekiri River Best of Botswana


and flanked by thick stands of papyrus is very popular - leaving enduring memories of dazzling Okavango sunsets. There are various camps scattered throughout Moremi Game Reserve which provide outstanding service and value for money. There are also Mobile Camping safaris, Elephant back safaris, walking safaris (Footsteps across the Delta walking trail camp and Oddball Mokoro Trail), African horseback safaris, as well as guided Mokoro safaris. Mekoro (plural of mokoro) are dug-out canoes made from either ebony or sausagetrees. Most mekoro are now made from fibre glass which helps preserve the ancient and magnificent trees of the delta. Peak game viewing season is from July to October when the pans dry up and wildlife centres permanently on remaining waterholes. Temperatures are very hot from October until the rains in late November to early December. 78

Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


The Kgalagadi The semi-arid Kgalagadi terrain dominates most of Botswana, as it covers a full 84 per cent of the country’s land area.

It is in essence, a basin which sediments have continually been deposited into over the centuries and then re-covered with sand. As a result, the region has vast diversity in its ecology, vegetation, geomorphology and climate. As the largest continuous area of sand on earth going through nine African countries, with an approximate area of 2.5 million sq kms, the Kgalagadi reaches through 30 degrees of latitude, embracing several ecological zones. The varieties and colours 80

Best of Botswana

of sand add to the canvas of the Kgalagadi desert. The Kgalagadi (Kalahari) defies the misconception that the desert is a barren and lifeless land, as it is rich in natural resources such as the expansive grasslands that nourish wildlife populations and domestic cattle herds (approximately 2 million). The desert therefore sustains Botswana’s third largest industry cattle ranching. The Kgalagadi has also provided the country’s mineral wealth, namely

diamonds, which have fostered and sustained dramatic economic growth for the past 35 years. There is a singular beauty to the Kgalagadi – which can appear elusive at first glance. On closer inspection, the desert comes to life with an astonishing diversity of plant and animal life. It has broad variations in vegetation, supporting several savannah types, namely grass, shrub and tree savannah. The general Kgalagadi landscape consists

of grassy plains dotted with low shrubs, with the occasional interjection of trees. The generally flat surface of the desert is broken by topographical differences such as dunes, channels, fossil valleys, and pan depressions. The desert transforms itself after a good rain season – with flooded pans surrounded by lush grasses which rejuvenate humans and animals alike. The desert animals are well adapted to the semi-arid climate. These include springbok, gemsbok, eland,

wildebeest, zebra, kudu, red hartebeest, duiker, steenbok, and the predators, lion, cheetah, leopard, and both spotted and brown hyena. For example, the antelope get their moisture by feeding at night and early morning (when plants regain moisture) as well as by eating succulents and conserving the little body moisture they do have by remaining inactive during the midday heat. Kalahari lions appear to get moisture from the body fluids of their prey.

The Kgalagadi desert emanates from its heart in Botswana. The north of the Kgalagadi lies in the humid tropics of Gabon, Congo and DRC – dominated by the Congo Drainage System. There is little water further south in the desert areas of Botswana and neighbouring countries South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola – as it is an arid to semi-arid region. Within Botswana, the Kgalagadi cradles the two special geographical regions of the Best of Botswana


Makgadikgadi Pans and the Okavango. The Makgadigadi Pans were once a massive prehistoric lake (when the Kgalagadi would have been a mush wetter area). The Okavango is a large inland wetland delta system, which in essence brings life to the pans and the Kgalagadi. Humans have lived in the Kgalagadi from the Early Stone Age. The San occupied the area in the Middle Stone Age and developed symbiotic survival strategies with their environment. Modern settlements have seen an increase of cattle farms to the area. Five remote game reserves and national parks make up Botswana’s pie-slice of the Kgalagadi, namely: Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Khutse Game Reserve, Makgadikgadi Pans Game Reserve, Nxai Pan National Park, and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. They give visitors the illusion of never ending vast space and isolation – one of the areas greatest attractions. 82

Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Tsodilo Hills World Heritage Site “The Louvre of the desert”

The dramatic Tsodilo Hills most certainly could be thought of as the art gallery of the ancient world, as the hills are most notable for their numerous rock paintings – of which they have one of the highest concentrations in the world – hence the nickname, the ‘Louvre of the desert’. Tsodilo Hills is a rocky outcrop surrounded by the plains of northwest Botswana. The site comprises of three main hills named ‘Male’, ‘Female’ and ‘Child’ 84

Best of Botswana

which rise up suddenly from the scrub bush of the Kalahari. The sun takes on the role of artist at the close of each day by splashing copper colour over the rock face, making sunset at the site one of the most spectacular in Botswana. This, coupled with the mystical feeling one gets at the magnetising Tsodilo, is what captivates visitors. Thought to be one of the world’s oldest historical sites, the spiritualism of the Hills has been mystifying

inhabitants for the last 100,000 years and immediately strikes visitors with a feeling of stepping back in time. Tsodilo Hills comprise of enormous quartzite rock formations which rose from ancient sand dunes in the east with a dry fossil lake bed in the west of the Kalahari Desert. It is understandable why the San Bushmen refer to Tsodilo as the ‘Mountain of the gods’. Tsodilo is seen as a sacred

dwelling place for the ancestors by the local inhabitants - the San, the original inhabitants, and the Hambukushu who have occupied the hills periodically for the past 200 years. Their ancestors performed religious rituals here to ask for assistance and rain. They left behind their mysterious rock paintings. Archaeological research has been ongoing for the last 30 years and has resulted in the findings of pottery, iron, glass beads, shell

beads, carved bone and stone tools which date back 90,000 years. The Early Iron Age site Divuyu, dating from between 700-900AD, reveals that Bantu cattle farmers have lived at the hills for over 1000 years, most likely having come from central Africa. They settled on the plateau trading Congolese jewellery made from copper, seashells from the Atlantic, and glass beads from Asia - probably in exchange for furs and specularite (a glittery iron-oxide

derivative that was used in early times as a cosmetic). The excavation revealed there was much interaction between different groups at the site as trade networks were extensive. They also discovered over 20 mines which extracted specularite. The significance of the site is noted in its role as a physical record of ancient culture and the prevailing symbiotic relationship between the San Bushmen and nature. Best of Botswana


The extensive rock paintings represent thousands of years of human inhabitation and are revered as some of the most significant in the region. There are over 4500 rock paintings in this 10 kilometre squared area, mainly consisting of red and white finger paintings and geometric shapes. It is widely accepted that the artists were the San with some of the later paintings most likely by the Khoi who were pastoral and settled in the area. The two most well known images are that of the rhino polychromes and the Eland Panel. The Eland Panel is situated on a soaring cliff overlooking the African wilderness - the Eland is seen as the rain animal by the San. The most startling thing about the mysterious Tsodilo artwork is perhaps that the site is so far removed from all other southern African rock art sites, with the 86

Best of Botswana

closest being 250 kilometres away. They are also unlike any other paintings as their style differs with isolated figures and scenes depicting wild but mostly domestic animals – but minimal storytelling traits. This concentration of domestic animals is not seen at any other southern African rock art location. Tsodilo was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002 as a result of its great historical and cultural importance. ACTIVITIES AT TSODILO HILLS: • Rock art; • Guided walking trails (Rhino Trail, Lion Trail and Cliff Trail); • Museum visit; • Campsites; • Cultural experience at local villages. Best of Botswana


Buried Treasure - Gcwihaba Caves Raw Beauty beneath the Kalahari Dunes

Gcwihaba, otherwise known as Drotsky’s Caves, represent an interesting mystery of nature amidst Botswana’s rich wilderness. Situated on a sand ridge set amongst undulating dunes near Botswana’s north-west border with Namibia, Gcwihaba has been part of the Kalahari ecosystem for almost three million years. Gcwihaba is a fascinating underground labyrinth of caverns and pits containing a maze of passages which lead to bizarre rock formations, flowstones of various beautiful and subtle colours, stalactites, inlets, 88

Best of Botswana

hallways, apertures and “frozen” waterfalls. The unique caves are located in one of the most remote places in Botswana, and are only accessible to tourists via flights provided by safari companies in the Okavango Delta. From there it is a long and fascinating 4x4 drive to Gcwihaba. The Gcwihaba caverns were first brought to European attention in the 1930s when the local Bushmen tribe, the !Kung showed them to Ghanzi farmer Martinus Drotsky. For years they were known as the Drotsky’s Caves. The caves have an amazing population

of bats which hang upside down from the walls. The most common species are the Commerson’s Leaf-nosed Bat – the largest insectivorous bat in southern Africa, the tiny Dent’s Horseshoe Bat and the Egyptian Slitfaced Bat. The caves provide an amazing sight of hanging creamy stalagmites and stalactites which reach up to 10m in height or length. They also have an underground hall, known as Drostky’s hall. Unique ecosystems of flora and fauna have been recorded at Gchwihaba including the

Namaqua Fig, only found at these hills and easily recognisable by its long trailing roots, the endemic aloe, tent tortoises, barking geckos, Ruepel’s Parrot - also unique to this region - and barn owls, which live in the caves. Tour guides say the caves are also home to porcupine and a leopard. A hyena sometimes hides there too. In fact, the word Gchwihaba is a Bushman word for ‘hyena’s hole’. The air inside the caves is healthy for humans, although it is hot and humid. Some caverns are up to 10m high whilst others are so tiny that visitors need to squeeze, or crawl

on their bellies, to get through them. The Botswana government continues to unearth many hidden caves which remain buried by sands blown into the system over hundreds of years. Gchwihaba is a designated National Monument and a proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many interesting archaeological sites around the caves. Archaeological evidence suggests that the area was inhabited by foraging peoples thousands of years ago. Late Stone Age tools, burnt ostrich eggshells, animal bones, even a fossilised primate skull,

have been unearthed in the region. These mind boggling finds coupled with the rough natural beauty of the site, make Gchwihaba one of the truly special places in the world.

The caves provide an amazing sight of hanging creamy stalagmites and stalactites which reach up to 10m in height or length. Best of Botswana


Chapter 3 Hotels, Lodges and Resorts


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Gaborone Sun Botswana is where the white-hot Kalahari Desert meets the wild Okavango River delta in an explosion of green. And hidden in the searing sand is one of the world’s richest sources of diamonds

Sun International’s luxury Hotel, Casino and Conference Centre in Botswana is another glittering diamond. The Gaborone Sun located in the capital City of Gaborone, offers travelers and business people sophisticated rooms and Conference Centre with the added advantage of a premium casino. The Gaborone Sun’s hotel rooms provide a home-from-home feel where you can relax or catch up quietly on some after hours work. Accommodation includes a total of 196 rooms including 1 Standard paraplegic room, 1 luxury paraplegic room, a palatial Presidential Suite, 3 suites, 38 luxury rooms and 152 Executive Rooms. Take a tour of our property and see what we can offer you. We would love to welcome you home.


Best of Botswana

Conferencing & Meetings The Gaborone Sun Conference centre consists of a main conference room, which may be divided into three separate rooms. In addition there are five seminar rooms for use as meeting rooms. The centre is totally selfcontained with a reception and lobby area and pre-assembly that includes a bar. All rooms are equipped with wall to wall carpeting, air conditioning, PA Systems, black-out facilities, telephone jacks and conference aids.

• Monday – Saturday:19h00 - 22h30 (Closed on Sundays) • Dress: Smart casual (regret no shorts).

Dependant on style required, this venue can host up to 500 delegates.

The restaurant is bathed in rich Mahogany wood giving the room a cozy intimate atmosphere. Guests will feel completely cozy and comfortable while still enjoying the rich fragrant natural wood. Mahogany’s boasts a menu which will satisfy the appetite of any a dining connoisseur whilst being entertained by our resident pianist. A true dining experience not to be missed during your stay at Gaborone Sun.

Mahogany’s Sophisticated ambiance coupled with intimate elegance

Savuti Grill • Monday - Saturday • Breakfast: 06h30 - 10h30

• • • •

Sunday Breakfast: 07h30 - 11h00 Lunch: 12h30 - 14h30 (Excluding Saturday) Dinner: 19h00 - 22h00 Dress: Casual

This is a quick service restaurant offering an extensive buffet carvery including some traditional cuisine and some spicy Indian curry. Then end it off with a selection of deserts or a smorgasbord of cheese and biscuits. This is also the venue for an extravagant English Breakfast or if you prefer, a Continental Breakfast. Conservatory and Pool Terrace • Monday to Sunday 10h00 till 22h00 Guests can enjoy a light snack and refreshments at this delightful terrace venue. Slots Cocktail Lounge • 17h00 until close: Live Entertainment: 19h00 until 23h00 Pool Bar • 10h00 until 23h00 Set in the tranquil gardens, the pool bar serves a full bar and cocktails. Casino Walkup Bar • Exclusive to Tables and Slots players. • Open 24 hours. • Closed on Good Friday. We offer both the Slots and Tables gambler the opportunity to enjoy a gaming experience in a modern up market Casino environment. For non-stop Slots action (open 24-hours) and for Table play from 12h00 till late, our qualified Gaming staff are available to tend to your every need. We provide smoking and non smoking areas, which accommodate all your favourite machines. All Progressive jackpots are linked

in both areas for your convenience. Slots are open 24 hours (with the exception of Good Friday). Blackjack and Roulette are available daily from 12h00 until close. We regret we are unable to give credit or accept cheques; however Travellers’ Cheques and Credit Cards are welcome. (Suitable identification is needed for all Travellers Cheques and Credit Card transactions). The Casino is closed on Good Friday. For Casino Cash Desk, call +267 361 6082. Slots Catering for all your needs, slot machines vary in denomination from 2t (Thebe) to P5 (Pula). Tables We have Blackjack (minimum P20 Pula) and Roulette (minimum P5 pula) games, a Privé with higher stakes and privacy. There are Casino tables in both smoking and nonsmoking areas. Most Valued Guest (MVG) State of the art Smart Card technology allows you to enjoy a hassle free coinless Gaming experience. For more information please feel free to contact our MVG desk, where our friendly staff will gladly assist you. Contact Us Telephone: +267 361 6000 Facsimile: +267 390 2555 Email: mb_bw_Reservations@

Best of Botswana


The Grand Palm Resort The Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort is nestled in Africa’s natural gem, Botswana. The Resort which is majestically situated in Gaborone is the personification of beauty, charm and elegance.

It offers guests luxurious and affordable accommodation, dazzling entertainment, a thrilling casino and a world-class convention centre. The Grand Palm Resort has two spectacular hotels; the 5-star Peermont Walmont hotel which blends efficiency, comfort, luxury and privacy into absolute harmony and the 3-star Peermont Metcourt Inn hotel which promises a spectacular reception at affordable prices. The four-time Travel Award winner, The Grand Palm Hotel Casino and Convention Resort, was awarded its fifth star from the Botswana Tourism Board in 2010 for the luxurious Walmont hotel. It houses 188 rooms and suites and displays a distinctive character and charm of efficiency and enchantment – perfect for both business and leisure accommodation in Botswana. The newly refurbished executive 5th floor offers guests exclusive features and services, including a separate guest relations officer providing personalised service, a business lounge with 94

Best of Botswana


international newspapers and complementary refreshments and an executive boardroom for private meetings. The Grand Palm Resort offers a variety of sporting and recreational facilities that will allow any traveller to relax and take in the African environment. There is a short and long jogging/nature trail set around a picturesque lake and park area allowing glimpses of wildlife such as Red Hartebeest and Blesbok. The health conscious are provided with a multi-station health club, squash court, Olympic size swimming pool, flood-lit tennis courts and a volleyball pitch. The resort also offers its guests a smorgasbord of restaurants to tantalise the taste buds. Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be enjoyed at Mokolwane Bistro which offers a sumptuous international and traditional buffet. This classic restaurant overlooks the lush hotel gardens where guests are ensured of a visual delight as you can watch the meal being prepared. Combining old-world charm with African ambience, The Beef Baron Grill & Rib Room is a beautifully appointed 120-seater restaurant which serves an ĂĄ la carte menu specialising in prime Botswana beef cuts, and a choice selection of international wines. The Fig Tree restaurant is located on the pool terrace in a true African Bushveld setting

under a thatched pool bar with clustered thatch umbrella seating. A selection of meals and cocktail drinks are served. Summer evenings are ideal for selected outdoor functions such as barbeques or theme evenings. The stylish new casino at The Grand Palm offers exciting modern ambient with independent gaming areas, smoking and non-smoking facilities. The Grand Palm casino combines numerous exciting and original casino promotions, gaming action and personalised service. The Diamond PrivĂŠ offers a private entrance and parking for valued players. The Casino features 150 of the latest slot machines, ranging from 1 Thebe to 25 Pula denominations and 16 exciting tables including Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco and Poker. The Grand Palm has also taken giant eco-friendly steps towards going green. It launched a grey water plant, implemented significant power saving measures and installed water saving apparatus into bathrooms. The Grand Palm Hotel Casino and Convention resort has more style and better play and still remains the perfect business and leisure destination in Gaborone.

Tel: +267 363 7777 Fax: +267 391 2989 Email: Best of Botswana


Metcourt Inn Gaborone & Metcourt Francistown The Peermont Metcourt hotels are situated in Botswana’s capital, Gaborone and Botswana’s second city, Francistown offering the traveller a modern 3 star select service.

The Metcourts are cosy, comfortable hotels offering affordable accommodation and delightful service. The popular, Peermont Metcourt Inn is located inside of the Grand Palm Resort. 149 modern rooms are available and are refreshingly value for money. All room types are provided for: standard and executive twin and double rooms and 2 special assistance rooms, both smoking and non-smoking. Each room has Direct Dial telephones and safes. High speed internet service and a business centre at the adjacent Gaborone International Conference Centre are available for essential business. Breakfast is served in the chic Café and a bar opens to the modern lounge area. Both drinks and breakfast can be enjoyed on the sophisticated yet calming outside patio overlooking tranquil gardens. Metcourt Inn guests are welcome to utilise all the facilities of the Peermont Walmont hotel, including an Olympic size pool, squash club, food lit tennis courts and volleyball pitch. The Grand Palm Resort is surrounded by lush gardens and offers a trip into nature with a jogging trail around the picturesque lake, giving the traveller glimpses of the African wild. Guests also have access to the 5-star restaurant facilities, the international buffet at Mokolwane, a la carte old style 96

Best of Botswana

dining at Beef Baron and poolside drinks and meals at The Fig Tree. The Metcourt Inn is side by side with the Gaborone International Conference Centre, where within walking distance delegates can stay in affordable accommodation whilst attending international and local conferencing events. Situated in the heart of Francistown’s central business district is the Peermont Metcourt, a select services 3-star hotel. Francistown has seen a growth in demand for quality lodging establishments at affordable rates. The Metcourt meets these needs completely for every kind of traveller from stop-off tourists to the overnight business person. The Metcourt comprises of 53 cosy rooms, each with Direct Dial telephones and Wi-Fi services. Diners can enjoy generous portions of the best tasting food at the friendly and relaxed Golden Hills Spur, directly adjacent to the hotel.

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Mondior The charming 67 key, four-star Peermont Mondior hotel with its unique African “chic” style offers classic elegance, the highest level of service and successfully maintains international standards at affordable rates.

The décor mingles together a sense of timelessness and a warm earthy atmosphere. The Peermont Mondior hotel in Gaborone offers exceptional accommodation designed to make your stay comfortable, convenient and pleasurable. For your convenience all the rooms are equipped with semi-self catering facilities. Smoking and non-smoking rooms are available. It offers conference and banqueting facilities for 60 delegates and High speed internet (Wi-Fi) service. We offer

uninterrupted power supply for your leisure and business convenience. Complimentary airport shuttle is available on request. Guests can unwind at the pool, relax in the lounge or dine at the nearby News Café restaurant. Conference and boardroom facilities are available for up to 50 people.

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Oasis Motel - Destination of choice For business or a break, Oasis Motel can be likened to an oasis of relief in the Kalahari Desert – providing refreshment and shelter in a tranquil and serene environment, leaving a weary traveller revitalised.

Oasis Motel is located four kilometres from the heart of Gaborone on the GaboroneTlokweng boarder (RSA) road, and two kilometres from the River Walk shopping mall. It offers easy access to Gaborone’s business hub and airport. The Hotel features 110 air-conditioned rooms which all come with standard features including DSTV, telephone, WiFi, ensuite bathrooms, and more. All our rooms are spacious and each comes with its own secure parking adjacent to it. Oasis Motel offers single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms, Chalets (double room with separate lounge and kitchenette) and Family rooms (two inter-leading rooms for a family of four). Oasis Motel is situated on a 4.96 hectares property, which allows it have a huge area of garden and grounds. Oasis Motel is set amidst shady palm trees, flowering shrubs and lush green lawns. The atmosphere is tranquil, relaxing and refreshing as an Oasis should be. 98

Best of Botswana

The facilities are not congested and have ample gardens, excellent pool and pool-side facilities, a bar, shops, a bureau de change facility, ATM facility, ample secure parking, and 24-hour security. Oasis also provides airport transfers. Oasis has two restaurants - Reflections and The Terrace Restaurant. Reflections is a fine-dining restaurant specialising in sea food and Indian cuisine. Buffets and light meals can be enjoyed at The Terrace Restaurant which overlooks the pool. The conference facilities at Oasis Motel consist of one main conference hall which can be divided into two separate rooms and five seminar rooms. We offer excellent comfort and an environment conducive for business meetings. Attractive package deals are available for conference groups, with special discounts on accommodation and meals for larger group bookings. We can cater for any event, including and not limited to weddings, AGM’s, cocktail functions, anniversaries and

birthday parties. This is also not limited to functions held only at the hotel, but also at clients’ premises. Oasis Motel has been Botswana’s landmark in the service industry for over two decades now and has played host to many world leaders and luminaries, including the late Mozambican President Samora

Machel, first President of Zambia - Kenneth Kaunda, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton. Oasis Motel’s trademark reputation exceeds customers’ expectations every year. Their passion for excellence has won the hotel international accolades and in 1990, Oasis Motel was awarded the Best of Botswana


15th International Award for Tourist and Catering in Madrid, Spain. Oasis Motel has catered for the State House 17 times in 23 years during the Independence Day and President’s Day celebrations – which see 5000 guests served. The Motel continues to be a popular choice for catering in Government and business. 100

Best of Botswana

Gaborone is a stopover point for tourists travelling to the North and is also Botswana’s commercial centre – the choice location for the head offices of national and international stores and businesses. Whether one is a business traveller or a tourist on holiday, Oasis Motel is the ideal destination.

Virgin Enterprises (Pty) Ltd Oasis Motel Plot 171, Zeerust Road, Tlokweng Tel No. 267-3928396, Fax No. 267-392 8568 P O Box 30331, Gaborone /Botswana

Wilderness Safaris

About Wilderness Safaris Wilderness Safaris is a conservation organisation and ecotourism company dedicated to responsible tourism throughout the areas in which it operates in southern Africa. Our goal is to share these wild areas with guests from all over the world, while at the same time helping to ensure the future protection of Africa’s spectacular wildlife heritage and sharing the benefits of tourism with local communities. We operate camps and safaris in Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles and are run by a group of like minded wildlife enthusiasts who came together to build a successful safari business, delivering a unique experience for guests, fair returns for shareholders and stakeholders, while ensuring that southern Africa’s pristine wilderness areas remain sustainably protected.

Our wildlife, marine and cultural safaris in remote and pristine wilderness destinations are specialised, educational, explorative, and fun. Camps and services are safe, authentic and insightful of guests’ needs. The private concessions that we manage offer some of Africa’s most impressive and untouched wildlife experiences. We are privileged to operate on nearly three million hectares (seven million acres) of southern Africa’s best wildlife and wilderness reserves. The idea of space to breathe – the wilderness experience – becomes clear when we consider that Wilderness provides almost 4 000 hectares (9 800 acres) of private land per bed – or 7 500 hectares (18 500 acres) per room. This privacy and space is what makes our operation unique and special. Recognising that conservation is as much about people as about the environment, we have pursued important goals through Best of Botswana


our Children in the Wilderness programme, as well as through the Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust, which have helped change the face of nature-based tourism in southern Africa. Children in the Wilderness is a non-profit organisation that aims to restore a sense of hope, ambition and the possibility of a bright and productive future to southern African youth. This is achieved by hosting disadvantaged children for a week at a time in a safe and natural environment where nature becomes the teacher and healer. Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust supports a wide variety of projects in southern Africa, within the categories of wildlife management, research and education. These projects address the needs of existing wildlife populations, seek solutions to save endangered species and provide education and training for local people and their communities. Wilderness Safaris firmly believes that its single most important achievement to date is to have built a sustainable business model that does not compromise environmental principles and which provides jobs, training, 102

Best of Botswana

skills, careers, adjusted horizons, hope and a realistic alternative to less sustainable development. Our Community and Conservation Efforts As a conservation organisation and a nature tourism operator, we believe that responsible ecotourism is the most effective and practical means to ensure the viability and sustainability of African conservation in the modern era. We are serious about what we do and believe in our vision of contributing meaningfully to conservation. We view our role in conservation in Africa as: • Ensuring sustainable conservation of carbon sinks and biodiversity through the creation of viable ecotourism businesses either within formally protected areas or on community or privately-owned land without formal protection. • Ensuring that ecotourism remains the chosen alternative in an economic sense to less sustainable industries such as mining, agriculture, farming, hydro-electric schemes and others that irrevocably damage biodiversity, wilderness and ecosystem processes.

• Creating a profitable, ethical and responsible business that others can imitate and implement in regions where we are not active or cannot make a difference ourselves. We understand this role as that of building sustainable conservation economies. In order to most effectively co-ordinate our conservation activities, we have separated out three key elements of our environmental and conservation strategy. These three elements together are a cohesive and coordinated approach to achieving a meaningful and sustainable conservation model twinned with the financial viability provided by a responsible ecotourism business: Operational Sustainability The management of our front- and back-ofhouse operations in the most sustainable and environmentally sensitive way possible, through the use of minimum standards, measurement, efficiencies, renewable energy technologies and education of our staff and guests to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Caring for, educating and empowering people People are at the heart of our business. Looking back we are thankful that the people who have joined us on this journey truly believe in what we are doing. We understand that our people are in every aspect the vital link between our guests, our partners and the wilderness. By engaging with our rural community partners in an honest, mutually beneficial and dignified way, this ensures sustainability beyond the lifespan and aegis of our organisation, and delivers a meaningful and life-changing share of the proceeds of responsible ecotourism to all stakeholders. Our commitment to our people is to invest in their health and development. Our HIV programme is unique in the tourism industry. We also offer extensive training and have influential social outreach projects such as the Children in the Wilderness programme. Biological Diversity The measurement and understanding of our biodiversity footprint and its management, and where relevant the enhancement

of indigenous species richness through reintroductions, research projects – in short, the fulfilling of our obligations as custodians of 3 million hectares of wild areas in southern Africa. It is with these three strategic pillars that the Wilderness business model of generating profits through the development of sustainable conservation economies aims to take the business to new heights. Wilderness in Botswana Botswana’s wild areas – the Okavango Delta, Linyanti and Selinda Reserves and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve – are considered the spiritual ‘soul’ of Wilderness Safaris, representing as it does our history, our roots and much of our inspiration. The importance of visitors and tourism to the sustainability of Botswana’s magnificent wildlife and conservation areas cannot be overstated. Approximately 60% of all the people who live in northern Botswana are employed in some aspect of the wildlife and tourism industry, an industry which is now the second largest contributor to the GDP of the country. The presence of camps such

as our own and the protection afforded by the concessions in which we operate, has had a spectacular impact on the sustainable conservation of all the animals and plants that live here. A case in point: white and black rhino, poached to extinction in Botswana some time ago have, thanks to a joint project between the Botswana government and Wilderness Safaris, been returned to their integral place in the hierarchy of wild Botswana. By far the most important facet of our conservation-based activities is the sustainable protection and security of the land we operate on, but there are also other initiatives on which we focus our attention: research, monitoring and re-establishment of priority species being a few. To this end, five permanent staff members fulfil the function of Conservation and Environment Officers for Wilderness Safaris in Botswana. As a result and in recognition of the fact that in the Selinda and Linyanti Concessions Wilderness Safaris is responsible for one of the two highest-density elephant concentrations in the country, we have facilitated and partially funded two MSc Best of Botswana


studies examining vegetation impact and are currently hosting a PhD and further MSc researcher examining additional elements of this puzzle. Without the co-operation, support and understanding of local communities that adjoin concession areas, national parks and reserves, conservation would have a far more limited chance of success. Since 1983 Wilderness Safaris has led the field in terms of recognising that the involvement of communities in conservation and tourism is not only ethically right, but also presents its own set of opportunities, both for the sustainability of conservation and also its expansion into areas previously not available or considered for the purpose. In Botswana we are particularly proud of our partnership with the Okavango Community Trust (OCT) in the Kwedi Concession where we operate Vumbura Plains and Little Vumbura camps. The 90 000ha concession is leased from the OCT which represents approximately 104

Best of Botswana

5 000 people in five key villages on the border of this conservation area; members of this community make up the bulk of the staff employed by Wilderness Safaris. Benefits to the community are not limited to employment, a lease fee and a share of revenue, but in fact extend to a variety of social services such as HIV/AIDS counselling and a number of projects around local crafts which have been put in place to mutually benefit the community and the camps. Ecotourism needs well-trained staff to ensure that the environment comes first. Our Kaparota training camp deals with management training, guide training and general staff training; mediums range from dedicated courses for previously unemployed members of the community with no tourism experience, to specialised departmental workshops for existing staff, to the two-year management training programme which includes placement in Wilderness Safaris camps. A total of 800 people are employed in Wilderness Safaris camps in Botswana,

more than 90% of which are from local communities. Finally our successful Children in the Wilderness programme has youngsters from all over Botswana, particularly from communities neighbouring conservation areas, hosted in functioning guest camps (which are closed to paying guests for this period) where they stay for a week at a time and receive both social and environmental education. More than 100 children are hosted in these camps each year with follow-up visits in the communities and villages on the Delta’s edge during the course of the year. A member of staff dedicated to Children in the Wilderness is permanently employed at the Wilderness Safaris office in Maun, while the entire staff compliment gets involved every year as volunteers in the CITW program. Wilderness Camps Wilderness Safaris operates several private concessions in Botswana where our guests are able to have exclusive experiences

and safaris. The many varied activities on offer include game drives and night drives by vehicle as well as wildlife viewing by boat and dugout canoe (mokoro) which are ideal ways to see the water areas. Walks (at the discretion of the camp manager) are unsurpassed for being in touch with nature. Hides offer a great way to enjoy wildlife viewing and birding, especially during those midday siesta hours. In order to host our guests, and therefore ensure the sustainable protection of the wilderness areas in which we operate, we have built a selection of small intimate safari camps across southern Africa. Of paramount importance to us is that our camps cause as little impact on the environment as possible. This is relevant not only during the building process, but also during dayto-day operating and takes into account all elements of environmental impact, from the visual and aural implications, to effects on soil, the water table, vegetation, game movement, and so on.

Wilderness Safaris camps are divided into three types guiding your safari experience: Premier, Classic and Wilderness Adventures, a company within the Wilderness Group that came about as the result of partnerships between Wilderness Safaris and various local communities in southern Africa’s prime wildlife and wilderness areas. Premier Wilderness Camps This is the highest level of camps in our portfolio and comprises our most elegant and stylised accommodation. These camps combine luxury, superbly designed architecture with the warm comforts of home and personal service. Each Premier Camp has its own individual style, as well as additional features such as salas for a soothing midday siesta. Each unit has an en-suite bathroom, with an outdoor shower ‘under the stars.’ For those who want to keep active, some have gyms, and all offer in-room massage therapy.

Classic Wilderness Camps Many of the Classic Wilderness camps’ tents are raised off the ground with interconnecting walkways. All tents have en-suite bathrooms and most have outdoor showers to complement the experience. Wilderness Adventures Camps Previously known as Safari Adventure Company, Wilderness Adventures is a Wilderness Brand that was born out of a need for an authentic back-to-basics experience that is aimed at everyone from nature enthusiasts to young-at-heart travellers and families. The camps are slightly larger than those of Wilderness Safaris, consisting of smaller yet comfortable en-suite canvas and thatch tents with rustic finishes. The emphasis in each camp though is on its communal area, a convivial place to relax and enjoy good food and excellent company, the outcome being an active, involved and vibrant safari experience. Best of Botswana



Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


The Beef Baron The Beef Baron combines olde world charm and African ambience. This beautifully appointed restaurant serves a delectable a la carte menu specialising in prime Botswana beef cuts and a choice selection of wines. The five star restaurant was awarded a first, Golden Arrow Award by PMR 2011 in the executive restaurants section.

Where The Grand Palm Resort is now situated, long ago stood a large cattle ranch. According to tales, the Beef Baron was a far off relative of the original owners of this farm, reputedly a long standing friend of Dr David Livingstone and owner of vast herds of cattle. From time to time, the two friends used to meet here and enjoy a handsome banquet, which naturally enough, always included succulent aged beef. Therefore, the menu was created for the steak lover in you, with the best cuts selected from the finest Botswana beef, hung for a week and cooked to perfection, just how you request it. Karoo lamb cutlets are rested in a secret marinade resulting in mouth watering tenderness and flavour. Sourced from around the world, selected seafood is delightful and offers a change 108

Best of Botswana

to diners in a landlocked country. Special dietary requirements are welcomed, with vegetarian, Halaal and Kosher dishes prepared upon request. Everyday the international chef interests the taste buds using exotic spice selections from far out places, Iran, Thailand and Madagascar to mention a few. Side plates of vegetable are always fresh, delivered 365 days a year and prepared carefully to ensure all the crispy goodness remains intact. For the adventurous guest, food specials change every month and give you an opportunity to try dishes ranging from jellyfish to veal to crayfish to venison to beluga. Chosen to compliment any choice of the menu is the international wine list, giving connoisseur’s a fine selection of red, white, rose and sparkling wines. For those diners in a celebratory mood, champagne is kept on ice. To follow your delicious meal is one of the smoothest Irish coffees in Gaborone, prepared with just the right amount of blended Scotch topped with freshly whipped cream.

The waitrons are trained to offer the guest the best service in town, they are extremely professional, offer knowledgeable wine and menu choice advice and a smile on every occasion. The restaurant has an old style, candlelit, wooden panelled dining area coupled with a more African experience of terrace dining. The terrace

tables border the lush gardens and overlook the tranquil lake, allowing diners to listen to the night birds calling and catch a glimpse of the odd vervet monkey passing by.

Tel: +267 363 7777 Best of Botswana


Chapter 4 Diamonds


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


DTC Botswana unveils the Shining Light Diamond Jewellery Collection 2010/2012 Diamond Trading Company Botswana launched its 2nd collection of diamond jewellery on 7th June 2011, at the Gaborone International Convention Centre.

The 2010/2012 SLA competition is the 9th competition to be run in South Africa and the 2nd competition to be run in Botswana and Namibia. The Shining Light Diamond Jewellery Design Awards were launched in Botswana in 2008. The theme of the 2010 competition, Enduring Bonds, was based on the symbiotic relationship between diamonds and stories, and symbolises the unique and emotional bond that exists between two people whether it is one of love, loyalty or friendship. One hundred and six (106) entries were received in the 2010 competition from aspirant Botswana designers, students and apprentice jewellery designers from across Botswana. With international interest and awareness in this prestigious competition on the increase, the 2010 Judging Panel comprised of international judges including supermodel Alek Wek (Sudan); international jewellery designer Karen Lee (China); and 112

Best of Botswana

Art Consultant Yoshiko Ikoma (Japan). Local judges comprised of Jacob Thamage (Coordinator of the Diamond Hub); Mildred Boduwe (founding Principal of the Oodi College of Applied Arts and Technology); Philisani Amos (Lecturer, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology); Sheila Khama (former Chief Executive of De Beers Holdings Botswana); and Brian McDonald (DTC Botswana Managing Director). The 2010 SLA collection comprised of 30 pieces of diamond jewellery (10 pieces per country), collectively representing the indigenous diamond design talent of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana - making this particular collection the largest collection of diamond jewellery ever designed and created for Diamond Trading Company. The event was graced by Captains of Industry, Heads of Diplomatic Corps, DTC Botswana Sight holders, and senior Government officials amongst others. The Honourable Minister of Minerals, Energy and

Water Resources Dr P.H.K. Kedikilwe, who was the Guest of Honour, commended DTC Botswana for introducing the Shining Light Awards to Botswana and said that initiatives such as this competition have a place in the country’s beneficiation agenda. He said Government appreciates that beneficiation is a paramount objective for DTC Botswana and that the competition is perfectly aligned to Government’s efforts of realising the country’s Vision 2016 in answer to a pillar of an Innovative and Productive Nation. For her part, the CEO of Diamond Trading Company, Varda Shine, intimated that the Awards bring together various players in the diamond industry that are all in pursuit of the same goals – those of unearthing creativity and further showcasing our amazing product. She went further to say that the Shining Light competition is tangible evidence that if we work together, we can achieve great things for Batswana and for the diamond industry.

DTC Botswana’s Managing Director, Brian McDonald, said, “The importance of nurturing Botswana’s design talent cannot be over-emphasised, and we are fortunate to have a close and supportive relationship with stakeholders who share our values and priorities. We have Sight holders who, like us, see virtue in creating opportunities for skills development and job creation. We have a group of highly driven, young Batswana designers who do not only want to develop their creative talent, but to also claim space in the international stage and fly their national flag with pride’’. Overall winner, designer David Moatisi created his neckpiece using 18ct white gold set with 2,848 diamonds weighing 73.17cts – sponsored by Eurostar Botswana. He bagged a prize of P50, 000. Other winning designers of the 2010/2012 Shining Light Diamond Jewellery Design competition were:

• Designer Buhle Mguni sponsored by Mohit Diamonds. Buhle created her sun cuff using 18ct white gold and rhodium set with 887 diamonds weighing 17.43cts. • Designer Keflwe Mmolotsi sponsored by H&A Cutting Works Botswana. Keflwe’s cuff was created using 18ct yellow gold set with 1,480 diamonds weighing 5.31cts. • Designer David Ditlhako sponsored by Suashish Diamonds (Botswana). David created his choker using 18ct yellow gold set with 718 diamonds weighing 11.80cts. • Designer Thusonyana Caiphas Othomile sponsored by Teemane Manufacturing Company. Thusonyana created his neckpiece using 18ct yellow gold set with 158 diamonds weighing 8.66cts. • Designer Thusonyana Caiphas Othomile sponsored by Blue Star Diamonds. Thusonyana created his neckpiece using 18ct white and yellow gold set with 592 diamonds weighing 12.16cts.

• Designer Ditshupo Mogapi sponsored by Shrenuj Botswana. Ditshupo created his neckpiece using 18ct white and yellow gold with 344 diamonds weighing 16.16cts. • Designer Tiro Mokgoare sponsored by Moti Ganz Botswana. Tiro’s bangle was created using 18ct white gold set with 520 diamonds weighing 14.68cts. • Designer Shanti Lo sponsored by Pluczenik Botswana. Shanti Lo created his pendant using 18ct white and yellow gold set with 100 diamonds weighing 3.28cts. • Designer Neo Matome-Harun sponsored by Steinmetz Diamonds Botswana. Neo created her neckpiece using 18ct white gold set with 1,311 diamonds weighing 16.88cts.

For more information on the Shining Light Awards, please visit: Best of Botswana


Shrenuj Diamond cutting factory

Shrenuj Botswana is a part of the 105 years old Shrenuj group. Shrenuj’s core business is the manufacture of rough diamonds into premium polished diamonds and subsequent distribution through value added downstream channels. The group is vertically integrated, with sizeable jewellery manufacturing operations, branding programmes and its own retailing activities. Shrenuj Botswana Shrenuj Botswana was inaugurated by H.E. Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama in May 2010. Diamonds manufactured in the unit are integrated in Shrenuj’s global sales programmes, notably achieving the high 114

Best of Botswana

standards expected by clients of the Shrenuj brand. Drawing on the global infrastructure, Shrenuj Botswana employs workers from the long established Indian manufacturing operations to assist with employee development. Consistent with the societal commitment of Shrenuj Group, over 30% of staff are speech and hearing impaired. Continuing its pioneering spirit, Shrenuj commissioned Botswana’s first diamond jewellery manufacturing unit in March 2011, not only adding more value to the diamonds within Botswana but also creating an additional set of skills for Batswana. This unit is enjoying

the benefits of the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) with the US. Reflecting the group’s strengths in jewellery manufacturing, Shrenuj Botswana continues to support DTC Botswana’s Shining Lights Awards by sponsoring local designers in 2009 and 2010. Their involvement in the programme brings their designs to reality and has taken them to India to participate in their manufacture. Distinguishing Strengths Three key areas of excellence have driven Shrenuj’s impressive track record of growth and expansion.

Diamond Marker

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Shrenuj has exceptional management capability because of its talented individuals and clearly defined systems. This includes fully auditable reporting, detailed and robust planning, and consistent financial performance. Transparency and accountability also underpin Shrenuj’s steadfast commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. This permeates all activities, and extends to active participation in trade bodies. Shrenuj has a long history of corporate citizenship, including social, educational and cultural programmes. It established operations in Botswana, with a vision to drive a lasting positive social impact in the country. As well as providing local employment and skills transfer, it supports disadvantaged individuals through its Corporate Social Responsibility programme with the hearing impaired. VALUE CHAIN INTEGRATION Shrenuj has vertically integrated successfully. Its step-by-step approach to growth reduces risk and enables the business to extend in a way that is fully aligned with its core competencies. This enables Shrenuj to capture a greater share of the total pipeline value. It also minimises costs through efficient supply chain management.

TECHNOLOGY AND PROCESSES Shrenuj Botswana continues to grow scale in polished manufacturing. It sustains strong profitability in this area through a commitment to lean processes and continuous improvement. Shrenuj Botswana is the first in the country to use state of the art diamond inclusion mapping equipment, Galaxy 1000, providing local work force with access and training to operate the latest technology and importantly maximising the polished / value return from the rough purchased. Agile process management systems enable Shrenuj to adapt rapidly to shifts in supply or

demand. Shrenuj Botswana is fully compliant with the Best Practices Principles of the DTC and is an accredited ForeverMark™ diamond manufacturing unit. GROUP OPERATIONS With 21 offices in 13 different countries Shrenuj has global operations, integrated throughout the diamond pipeline. Strategically located global infrastructure Shrenuj applies a ‘hub and satellite’ model to its polished distribution. It has five hubs located in each of the major trading centres. Satellite offices in consumption centres to Best of Botswana


Shrenuj launch

provide prompt local service support these. Jewellery distribution caters to two distinct segments. Shrenuj supplies major retail chains, offering central warehousing and a tailored consolidated service package. It also serves a wide network of independents, offering local support through its extensive sales force. Recent retail expansion focuses on the emerging markets of India, the Middle East and China, which offer the greatest return on investment and growth potential. DIAMOND MANUFACTURING Shrenuj Group has five factories: three in Mumbai, one in Tel Aviv, specialised in fancy cuts, and the facility in Botswana. Shrenuj employs over 1,500 workers in its diamond manufacturing operations. Stable, diversified rough diamond input requirements Shrenuj manufactures across a full range of qualities. It receives supply from all the leading diamond producers and has been a DTC Sightholder since 1987. It receives a direct supply from DTC Botswana and has trading / sourcing operations in Antwerp and South Africa. A stable, diversified supply is crucial to Shrenuj’s business model, to meet downstream commitments, provide stability for manufacturing and justify long-term marketing investment.

Shining Light award winning piece 2009 116

Best of Botswana

Commitment to continuous improvement Shrenuj identifies areas for improvement and learns from best practice by benchmarking

across its factories and against competitors. By adopting an efficient and flexible production strategy, Shrenuj maximises utilisation and can adapt efficiently to shifts in supply or demand. Supporting customers with targeted services Shrenuj’s distribution focuses on building long-term supply relationships with retailers and jewellery manufacturers. Local market knowledge, marketing expertise and first-hand understanding of retail make Shrenuj an ideal partner for these customers. JEWELLERY MANUFACTURING Growing, integrated infrastructure Shrenuj has large-scale jewellery manufacturing operations, equipped to worldclass standards, with the group’s total jewellery manufacturing workforce over 1,700. Together, the group’s in-house and contractor operations provide the capacity to produce over one million pieces per year. Technical proficiency drives quality production The principles of continuous improvement and flexible production techniques allow Shrenuj to bring new designs to market rapidly, minimise stock and achieve superior quality more efficiently than its competitors. Award-winning design capability Shrenuj has product development teams in India, the US, Hong Kong and Germany, supported by front-end local design teams in each of its consumer markets. This enables it to create exciting and innovative designs with local market appeal. Shrenuj’s design capabilities have won numerous international industry awards. The new jewellery factory in Botswana enjoys the benefits of rich experience that the group has gained in its global operations over the past many decades. JEWELLERY DISTRIBUTION Locally appealing branding programmes Shrenuj distributes its jewellery products to independent retailers and chains around the world. An increasing proportion of its production is distributed through branding programmes that are specific to local markets. These brands enable retailers to move away from price promotion by offering engaging and emotionally appealing marketing. Shrenuj operates 14 programmes in 10 countries, including Caro74 and Valina in US, Fiana in France, Arisia, Sveni and Bhavya in India, Amante88 in Hong Kong, MasterCut and Syntilla in Australia. Shrenuj has created a unique collection, “Zanzoth”, using Botswana diamonds that are set in jewellery within Botswana. RETAIL ACTIVITIES Strategic downstream business evolution In 2003, Shrenuj entered diamond jewellery retailing. This was a natural progression from

Shining Light award winning piece 2011

its branding programmes, and provided complete control over every step of the pipeline through to the consumer. Shrenuj has focussed its retail expansion plans on regions with the greatest strategic potential. India, the Middle East and China offer the opportunities greatest growth potential, maximising return on investment. They enable Shrenuj to build on existing operational presence and market knowledge. Joliesse is strategically positioned for Chinese growth Shrenuj acquired Hong Kong retailer Daily Jewellery (now ‘Joliesse’) in 2003. Shrenuj transformed the Joliesse operations into a highquality fashion brand through a complete rebranding and store refurbishment programme. It shifted its clientele to a less price-conscious and more fashion-conscious consumer. Joliesse currently has ten stores in Hong Kong, with plans for a further two in the next year. Shrenuj is also planning to open its first Joliesse store in mainland China. The brand has achieved wide recognition and credibility in Hong Kong, the regional trend-setting market, which will enable it to effectively catalyse growth in China. Diti is fast-gaining wide retail coverage across India Shrenuj’s second retail operation, ‘Diti’, is a chain of shop-in-shop retail outlets in India. It was launched in 2007. The first phase of Diti outlets are shop-inshops, located in luxury lifestyle stores. Shrenuj plans to increase the penetration of Diti to

top 29 cities across India with 170 points of sales by March 2013. The products of Diti are positioned as affordable luxury products. The product range comprises mid-priced exclusive studded gold and platinum jewellery. This approach appeals to upwardly mobile middleclass Indian consumer purchasing habits and enables it to rapidly build scale. FUTURE PLANS Shrenuj has decided to make Botswana, its second corporate home. It is committed to be a profitable, innovative and responsible corporate citizen of Botswana, becoming a role model for others in the industry. Expansion plans to fully integrate operations in Botswana have already been approved and it is expected that local participation in ownership will become a reality in the longer term. Supporting these projects Shrenuj Botswana incorporate a set of values aligned to Vision 2016. These will form the framework around which the business will be managed and at the heart will be its Corporate Social Responsibility programme which serves as a reminder that all Botswana citizens have a role to play in society and all are capable of undertaking new skills some of which will add value to the countries highly valued raw product.

Plot 20653, Savute Rd. Block 3 Industrial, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 395 3610/6 Fax: +267 395 3613 Email: Best of Botswana


Leading through excellence

Safdico is a Diamond Trading Company and one of the world’s leading diamond companies specialising in high-end diamonds of exceptional rarity. The group has purveyed some of the world’s most famous diamonds such as the Graff Constellation (world’s largest D Flawless Round Diamond over 100cts), the Delaire Sunrise (118ct Vivid Yellow Square Emerald), and the Princess Rose (12cts Flawless Intense Fancy Pink) to name a few ( Safdico has set unsurpassed standards of innovation, craftsmanship and professionalism throughout the diamond industry. The company’s training programmes are BOTA accredited. The facility is also ISO: 9000 2001 accredited for training and skills development in diamond manufacturing. Within two years of establishment, Safdico’s employees have been successfully trained to cut and polish exceptionally expensive +5cts, Triple Excellent, GIA certified diamonds. This factory produces the highest quality diamonds worldwide. The group has a worldwide distribution network with offices and facilities in Johannesburg, Gaborone, Tel-Aviv, Mauritius, Geneva, New York, Antwerp and London. Transparent and fully traceable Throughout the entire manufacturing cycle, every diamond is monitored by our unique 118

Best of Botswana

tracking system. This allows the stone to be traced back to its origin to ensure that it is completely conflict-free. Furthermore, in order to establish traceability, we employ laser engraving technology, which is invisible to the naked eye. As an organisation we are fully accountable, undergoing stringent external audits twice a year. Our transparency and professionalism ensures that every single diamond that passes through our hands bears all the hallmarks of quality, accountability and provenance. Diamond Technology Park (DTP) Safdico identified a future in Botswana of which it wanted to take part. Having operated in Africa for over 65 years, Safdico felt it had a lot to contribute to Botswana’s burgeoning industry. Safdico facilitated the Botswana government’s aspirations of transforming the industry from a leading diamond producer to a world diamond centre maximising diamond beneficiation through value add and consolidation of the industry in Diamond Technology Park (DTP). The company opened its state of the art Diamond Technology Park in 2007. In keeping with the Botswana Government’s vision for the establishment of a downstream diamond industry, Diamond Technology Park (DTP) has placed Botswana at the top of the diamond technology curve. DTP is expediently situated a short


distance from the airport, the Diamond Trading Company Botswana (DTCB) and city centre offers a secure base in the diamond capital of the world and gateway to the continent. It is the Business hub and centre of excellence for professionals in the diamond industry, with unmatched standards in security and opportunity. Diamond Technology Park has been developed in a professional, socially responsible, commercially viable and sustainable manner that satisfies the aspirations of government, the international diamond industry and other key stakeholders. Modelled on similar successful international developments, the concept of Diamond Technology Park is that of a supply chain cluster housing the entire diamond industry in a centralised, secure manner. DTP tenants have been drawn from the world’s leading diamond companies who enjoy superior levels of expertise and solid experience. DTP is a vibrant diamond centre providing services to its diamond, jewellery manufacturing and diamond mining clients. These services include the Diamond Hub and the Diamond Office of the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, local and international banks, courier companies, technology suppliers, brokers, and consultants, the Gemmological Institute of America (the world’s leading laboratory), security, and a Botswana Police Station. DTP has been built in phased

developments, meeting global demands and requirements for the exclusive diamond industry. DTP First Phase is fully let and comprises of the Atrium and Courtyard buildings. DTP is in the process of expanding into its Second Phase with development of a state of the art diamond trading platform. The three-story “Bourse Building” will house additional office space as well as a hightech tender facility with capacity to sell hundreds of thousands of carats monthly. Corporate Social Responsibility Safdico policy is to invest in the communities in which it operates through the group’s FACET (For Africa’s Children Every Time) Foundation ( FACET opened its second Graff Leadership Centre in Mochudi (Leribe Lesotho 2010, Cape Winelands 2012). FACET’s groundbreaking project aims at empowering orphaned and vulnerable youth to attain employment, sustain a respectable quality of life and become productive members of society. The beneficiaries of the FACET centre include over 600 youth and their families with outreach to a further 6500 community members. It is Safdico’s intention to continue to play its pivotal role, leading the local diamond industry with new ideas and innovations.

Suite 101 The Atrium
Diamond Technology Park
 Plot 67782
Block 8
Industrial Gaborone, Botswana PO Box 47057, Phakalane Gaborone, Botswana Email: Best of Botswana


Chapter 5 Fashion


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Colour in the Desert Fashion Week “Colour in the Desert� promotes local fashion design and the clothing and textile industry in Botswana.


Best of Botswana

“Colour in the Desert” has a big interest in creating a growth and development platform for young people pursuing careers in fashion design or clothing textile industries thus the need to have Kaone Kario as the face of the event. The intention of hosting this annual event is to give young people a chance to be exposed to local players in the industry and international designers. They aim to establish relationships with related projects and involve as many young designers as they can. This will be an effort to take the local fashion design and clothing and textile industry to international competitive levels, while creating income generating opportunities for Africans and reducing government dependence. The clothing, design and textile industry in Botswana, which covers a large aspect of fashion design and manufacturing, is going through a series of transformations offering opportunities for those in the industry who are welcoming the change game. Aware of the challenges faced by local designers, models, jewellery and fashion accessories designers in Botswana, “Colour in the Desert” put together this platform to expose them to essential partners and continental future partners. “Colour in the Desert” offers locals in the industry the opportunity to present their skills to the market. At the same time, it also strives to inform and teach them of the best practices, career and business development in the field. We also provide a unique marketing opportunity to both local and external designers to tap into the potential Botswana market. The theme for the event is “Advocacy for the development and exposure of the Fashion Design and Clothing & Textile industry in Botswana”. The founders realised over the years of their involvement in the industry that a lot of young people complete their studies in fashion and textile

related programs from local schools and are then faced with challenges of breaking through and realising their place in the market. “Colour in the Desert” integrates a very professional team with extensive experience in the industry and related industries. The show producer is internationally acclaimed, Jan Malan. This guarantees quality assurance in the production and implementation of the initiative. The show features a Young and Upcoming designers Competition as “Colour in the Desert” believes that the market has grown enough and created a place for young talent. There are a number of ongoing workshops and year-round fashion shows. The Fashion Week also included a Local Designer night as well as a platform for PanAfrica designers. Sponsors Colour in the Desert gathered extraordinary support from numerous sponsors: Phakalane Estates, Air Botswana, Polished Oak Group, The Voice, Sunday Standard, and Gabz FM. Outcomes: • 30 people attended the workshop • 5 exhibitors of fashion accessories displayed and sold pieces • 36 models underwent training • 30 backstage dressers volunteered • 4 local artists and cultural groups provided entertainment • 6 local established Designers showcased • 8 Pan-African Designers shared the stage • 5 Young Designers took part in the competition Botho Chalebgwa was crowned the winner of the inaugural “Colour in the Desert Young Designers” competition. Her prize includes travelling with Mpho Kuaho to Swahili Fashion week where Mpho will showcase. Best of Botswana


Seddy Wear Kefseddy Designs (Pty) Ltd - Lesedi Matlapeng, a talented Fashion Designer, is the proprietor of the reputable fashion house Kefseddy Designs (Pty) Ltd based in Broadhurst Gaborone, the label being known as ‘SEDDY WEAR’.


Best of Botswana

Entrepreneur Lesedi Matlapeng launched from studying Fashion Design at the Pretoria Technikon in South Africa, to owning a company which is on record for successfully designing and dressing models of international stature. Kefseddy Designs was born in 2003 after Lesedi was asked to design the wardrobe for Miss Botswana to wear on the Miss World stage. “The label is here to provide people with suitable garments, designing all kinds, types and size of clothes” says Lesedi. Specialising in evening dresses, ethnic and leather outfits, wedding gowns and collaborations, we are inspired by our clients who hold many different kinds of challenges and aspirations. This inspires us to stay grounded and focused - our rewards are our happy and satisfied clients. The company Kefseddy Designs has undertaken a number of projects to date, amongst them being: The wardrobe for Miss Botswana 2003, 2009 and 2010; showcasing company designs 2004 (at the BITF & Redds 2005); dressing Miss Malaika 2005; dressing Miss Universe (Botswana) 2010; Miss Universe in Las Vegas; as well as the current Miss Botswana at the upcoming Miss

World. She also designed the final evening dress worn by Miss Botswana 2009, Sumaiya Marope, at the 2009 Miss World pageant held in South Africa. Her career has been shaped by pageants in her designs of the last five years, where she has carved a successful niche. She flew to Sao Paulo Brazil for the 2011 Miss Universe to support Miss Universe Botswana 2010 winner, Larona Kgabo, as well as to get to admire her design on stage first-hand. The company has also been the recipient of

many awards acknowledging their successful and inspired approach to fashion. Lesedi was awarded the Best Business Enterprise at the 2007 biennial Botswana National Youth Service Awards. Her products can be accessed on-line.

‘Seddy Wear’ Kefseddy Designs Pty (Ltd) Cell: +267 72288900 Tel: +267 3907434 E-mail: Best of Botswana


Mpho Kuaho: Issues Fashion Studio The vastly talented and experience Botswana designer Mpho Kuaho, is making waves in the country’s fashion industry.


Best of Botswana

Not only is she a phenomenal designer with more than 10 years experience, she also holds a B.A Degree in Fashion Design as well as a Diploma in Clothing Production. She is passionate about Botswana fashion and is heavily involved in many aspects of the industry. She runs her own fashion business called “Issues Fashion/ Apparel Factory”, as well as having her own retail outlet called “Issues Fashion Studio” which is in the upmarket Riverwalk shopping mall in Gaborone. The popularity and success of Issues is rising meteorically and is a haven for stylish and seasonal fashion ware of carefully selected quality. She has won numerous awards and has a number of significant accomplishments behind her name. She was named the 2006 Redds African Design winner, after beating designers from 10 other African countries. One of her most notable achievements is having worked as a wardrobe assistant in The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency movie series - based on the world renowned book series of the same name by author Alexander McCall Smith - which was premiered all over the world. Mpho Kuaho has also had the opportunity to showcase her fashion on prestigious stages all over the world, including in the Mozambique Fashion Week, the Vukani

Fashion Awards (South Africa), the Swahili Fashion Week (Tanzania), the Angola Fashion Business, the Shanghai Global Expo (China), as well as the India Willis Fashion buyer. Most notable, Mpho Kuaho is the cofounder of Colour In The Desert Fashion Week Botswana. This is a prestigious event where she hopes to showcase and grow other local talent and bring Botswana fashion to the attention of the world.

Brand: Jophes 09267 Studio: Issues Fashion Studio Designer: Mpho Kuaho Star sign: Scorpio Tel: +267 7259 5372 +267 318 7792 Email: Best of Botswana


Mom & Me Preggy Wear Mom & Me specialises in maternity wear and baby clothing. What sets them apart is their attention to customer service and value for money.

Their personal attention to customers comes from their experience as parents themselves – finding a natural affinity to the needs of new and young mothers. As a result, the clothing you find at Mom & Me is farremoved from the shapeless and unflattering maternity wear of days gone by. They offer fresh and fashionable clothing for expecting mothers as well as unique and beautiful baby-wear for when the little one arrives. All clothing is carefully selected with mom and baby in mind – ensuring you can feel your best in stylish yet comfortable apparel. Mom & Me is what Batswana women have been looking for and is the answer to their desire to look and feel good during their pregnancy. As parents, the owners have talked to many pregnant women and new parents across the country and discovered that Batswana were looking for a company offering decent maternity wear. So they set out to offer just that. Mom & Me is inspired by Batswana women and aspires to bring them a collection of on-trend quality maternity wear, offering the latest season’s fashion as well as everyday 128

Best of Botswana

utility basics. During the careful selection process, clothing is chosen for its comfort, quality, affordability, and style. All clothing is specifically fitted to the shape of pregnant women, as well as the various stages of growing curves. Even the detail of fabric is taken into account – offering support, durability, stretch and softness. All women want to look and feel good. Many women don’t necessarily want to spend lots of money on maternity clothes, as they are only worn for a short period of time – although they need to be durable enough to withstand the frequent usage during that period. Mom & Me is by your side throughout this journey, and thereafter. Supplying products for women at such a memorable time in their lives is a privilege to be a part of. Mom & Me offers a labour of love to the women of Botswana. Motherhood is a miraculous journey, a journey which needs to be celebrated and relished. The new feelings and changes of mind and body that come with pregnancy are an integral part of the journey. Why then should women not expect to feel fashionably

comfortable during the experience? Mom & Me does not only care for mothers during their pregnancy, but also in the vital months and years following birth. Once your baby arrives, Mom & Me aims to offer all of the essential products and fashion accessories needed in your first years as a mother. So often, the fuss is all for baby – but we know that mom needs to be cared for too! The clothing ranges from jeans, underwear, sleep-wear, active wear, to dresses and skirts - including stock-styles to much-loved brands, wear-to-work looks to at home maternity styles. Mom & Me loves getting suggestions for new designs and products that women feel should be added to the collection. If you have any ideas, please contact Mom & Me at the details below.

Tel: +267 75187843 +267 76737263 Email: Best of Botswana


Chapter 6 DĂŠcor, Design and Interiors


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Elegant & Exclusive World of Interiors (Pty) Ltd t/a E & E Interiors Imagine the Difference E & E Interiors provides consultancy services in interior design and decorating to varying clients in the corporate world and individual homes.

Primarily, our superb, unique and exclusive products provide style, quality and elegance, to a wide range of our customers who pride themselves in living or working in beautiful, serene and comfortable homes and offices. Elegant and Exclusive World of Interiors (Pty) Ltd, trading as E & E Interiors, is an Interior shop established in March 2003, initially at Gaborone International Commerce Park and later moved to Block 3 Industrial. Our new elegant, inviting and more spacious showroom is now situated at Plot 20615, Sekotlo Road, still at Block 3 Industrial. E & E PRODUCTS AND SERVICES • Custom-made fitted kitchens • Home appliances and accessories (stoves, microwaves, ovens, fridges etc) 132

Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


• • • •

• • • • 134

Best of Botswana

Granite tops Built- in cupboards Home and office furniture Sanitary ware (bath tubs, wash basins, w.c‘s etc in the range of Roca, Villeroy and Boch, Catalano, Duravit, Pomdor, Grohe and Hansgrohe). Bathroom accessories (towel rails, soap holders etc) Designer mirrors Imported fabrics Rugs, fitted carpets and wooden flooring

• Bed linen, kitchenware and an assortment of ornaments. • Doors (pivot and internal) • Garden furniture • Window treatments & accessories (curtains, blinds, rods, rails, finials, holdbacks etc) • Shop fittings, partitioning, ceilings etc • Interior design and decorating consultancy services (corporate and homes)

TRADING HOURS Monday-Friday-0830hrs-1800hrs Saturday-0900hrs-1400hrs Visit or call us at: Plot 20615, Sekotlo Road Block 3 Industrial (Opposite Mahindra and Carworld) Tel: +267 3190024 Fax: +267 3190023 Cell: +26773016889 Email: Best of Botswana


Elegant & Exclusive World of Interiors (Pty) Ltd t/a PlazaBoard PlazaBoard is a business venture primarily dealing in supplies to the bukkie brigade carpenters, developers and contractors with cut and edge of board, installation of kitchens and BIC units of new cluster and apartment blocks, housing complexes, townhouses and so on.

The Factory - Production Area PlazaBoard is a subsidiary company of E & E World of Interiors, situated at Plot 20681, Unit-2, Synergy Industrial Park, Opposite Oriental Plaza, Block 3, Broadhurst Industrial Area in Gaborone. The Company is ideally located at the heart of the Broadhurst Industrial Hub for the convenience of its clientele and is easily accessible. WHAT WE DO Supply of melamine boards, chipboards, MDF supawood boards, hardboards, veneer boards, wrap n impact doors, kitchens and carpentry hardware and accessories, DIY (kitchen units, BIC units, vanity units), solid timber, ceiling and partitioning materials. PlazaBoard also does 3D plans for all interior works, domestic and corporate. 136

Best of Botswana

PRODUCT RANGE AND SERVICES • All types of colours and grades of chipboard used in the construction of kitchens and built-in cupboards. • Use of computerised board optimisation software to achieve the lowest board costs for any job. • MDF (supawood) boards. • Kitchens and BIC doors, WRAP or IMPACT edged in all standard colours, with 0.4 mm or 2.0 mm edging. • Kitchens and BIC handles and accessories. • Cutting and edging of boards to customers’ requirements. • Pre-built carcass units for all kitchens and BIC requirements. • Kitchens and BIC installations and designs on the latest software, with 3D colour prints and material lists. • All types of ceiling boards and partitioning materials.

PlazaBoard employees at work

• DIY power tools, hand tools and accessories. • Solid timber. MODERN MACHINE SHOP Our competence, reliability and quick turnaround time is anchored on our machine shop which is equipped with modern equipment, operated by experienced and well-trained local staff that are sensitive and responsive to the dynamics and demands of this industry. KITCHEN DESIGN The Company prides itself in the use of state-of-the-art software and hardware to design contemporary kitchens and BICs, hence its ability in successfully tendering for the supply and installation of the same.

CARCASS CONSTRUCTION The Company also builds kitchens and BIC carcasses on its own premises to save valuable time for the DIY customers and contractors doing installations. CURRENT RANGE OF EQUIPMENT The Company’s manufacturing equipment includes: • Panel saw; • Edgebander; • The Hinge hole drill machine; • Forklift - 3 ton capacity. With this range of equipment, PlazaBoard is increasingly gaining credibility and confidence in meeting the requirements of its rapidly growing customer base.

For further information, please contact; Plot 20681, Unit 2 Synergy Industrial Park Opp. Oriental Plaza Block 3, Broadhurst Gaborone, Botswana Tel: (+267) 3900219 / 3190024 Fax: (+267) 3900253 / (+267) 3190023 Cell: (+ 267) 75990946 / 72108432/36 E-mail: Best of Botswana


Construction Extras The tile merchants with tiles and finishes to match any personality

E construction Extras

... the tile merchants

Our Showroom

Our Vision To contribute to a prosperous nation by gracing every home and building in Botswana with durable and beautiful flooring, sanitary ware and fittings. Our Mission To increase property value by sourcing and delivering high quality products and services that meet the finishing needs of our customers, at affordable prices and convenience. At CONSTRUCTION EXTRAS we value a culture of customer focus, quick response, collaboration, excellence, transparency, integrity, and providing maximum return to our stakeholders. The Business In 2004, Flash Quality Business Services (Proprietary) Ltd was set up as a 100% citizen owned commodity Broking Company. The business involved the selling and distribution of various consumer and industrial products, an area in which we continue to trade. 138

Best of Botswana

To enhance our diversity and in a bid to be relevant to the national growth processes, we introduced a focused business line to our portfolio, specialising in flooring, sanitary ware and fittings. Trading under the name CONSTRUCTION EXTRAS, we specialise in selling top of the range, high quality local and imported ceramic and porcelain tiles, sanitary ware and kitchen and bathroom fittings. The Market Our accumulated experience and reputation for product quality and outstanding service have given us a foothold in both the residential and commercial markets. CONSTRUCTION EXTRAS’ approach to business has resulted in us establishing mutually beneficial relationships with discerning Home-Owners, Property Developers, Building Contractors, Architects and Interior Designers. We target and serve both individuals and companies, large and small, looking for the best finishing solutions to their homes or commercial properties.

Francistown International Airport

Sir Seretse Khama International Airport

Products and Services Our product range is exquisite, extensive and of high quality, and it covers the following product lines: • POLISHED TILES • GLAZED PORCELAIN TILES • ALL TYPES OF CERAMIC TILES • SANITARY WARE • SANITARY FITTINGS • KITCHEN SINKS AND PREP BOWLS • BATHROOM VANITES We have suppliers in the following countries: Italy • Brazil • China • Spain • UAE • India • South Africa • Portugal All our suppliers are ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurances certified.

Agents of Hans Grohe and Douglas Jones. Distributors for: R.A.K. Ceramics (UAE) Primus Victoria (Portugal) Magres (Portugal) Tau Ceramica (Spain) Euro Tiles (Italy) Asian Tiles (India) Casalgrande Padana (Italy) Project References Since our inception we have had the privilege of being involved in numerous construction and maintenance projects throughout Botswana. Below are a few of the project references:

Company Supplied Project Sunshine Construction Botswana Agricultural College Fulmar (Pty) Ltd Phakalane Turnkey Houses Caitec Phakalane Luxury Apartments Caitec Head Office Hitecon Gaborone Industrial Court Hitecon Ministerial Housing Project BHC Head Office BHC Palapye Housing Development BHC Francistown Housing Development Sasa Interiors CEDA Head Office Sinohydro Corporation LTD Sir Seretse Khama International Airport – New Passenger Terminal China Civil Engineering Construction BHC Residential Apartments 324 Units Block 7 B.J Builders Game City Extension Unik Construction Engineering Nata Senior Secondary School Zhong Gan Engineering and Consultants Francistown International Airport Red East Construction Sebele shopping center China Civil and Engineering Construction UB Science and Health Building The Company Structure CONSTRUCTION EXTRAS’ business is driven by five divisions that comprise of: Management, Corporate Marketing and Sales, Finance, Administration, and Distribution. Our team of dedicated and well-qualified staff is well placed to provide exceptional service to customers at all times. Our broad

network of local and international partners compliments our excellent service and quality product range. The day to day operations are administered by a team of two Directors, a Logistics Manager, Marketing and Sales Representatives, two Stock and Dispatch Clerks, a Receptionist/ Secretary, and Cleaner/ Tea Lady.

Conveniently placed at the heart of Gaborone Industrial area, our business premises and Showroom are at: Plot 69368 Unit 8 Magochanyama Road Block 3 Broadhurst Industrial P o Box AD 455 ADD Kgale Postnet Gaborone Tel: +267 318 7883 Fax: +267 318 7884 E-mail: Best of Botswana


Loads of Living What started off as a franchise store is now privately owned by Batswana Directors.

Loads of Living Botswana is located at the Fairground Mall. This store was an absolute hit and became  synonymous with the term variety and top quality home ware. Products supply includes linen, towels, furniture, curtains, kitchenware, tablecloths and designer products. Our Products are of the highest quality, style and comfort at extremely competitive prices. As a result, the demand for our products is growing fast and we are now the country’s leading contemporary lifestyle store. Our vision at Loads of Living is to enrich people’s lives with home ware that is both beautiful and affordable products that give maximum pleasure while meeting practical everyday needs. We believe that good design, fabulous function and lasting quality should not be out of reach. We are the leaders in bringing loads of up to date products into your life. Our Chrysalis linen and towels are the most luxurious in the country and is exclusive only to us. 140

Best of Botswana

The Loads of Living creative team travel extensively, both inside South Africa and abroad, to seek out the best we have to offer in terms of style and trends, all at a fantastic price. You’ll love our coffee mugs in Maxwell and Williams, Fortis and fine bone china brands and our luxurious 100% silk scatter cushions. We also stock our own custom made signature design furniture as well as Sprada (coffee machines and coffee concepts), Sanders (German machine washable duvets inners) and MBM Africa (indoor and outdoor furniture). Though price is important to us, design and quality are never compromised. At Loads of Living we make sure that even our most basic items are extraordinary - from

elegant embroidered border on a simple duvet cover to the generous proportions of a plain white dinner plate. Our expert teams of buyers, designers and merchandisers are also dedicated to serving your dĂŠcor needs. That means finding solutions to your decorating problems, as well as offering inspiration and advice to help you shop with confidence.

Loads Of Living Shop G27, Fairground Mall Plot 28562 Samora Machel Drive Gaborone, Botswana Tel : +267 395 1735 Fax: +267 395 1745 Best of Botswana


Indigo House Indigo house is a wholly citizen owned exclusive, creative design company established in 2011.

Currently based in Gaborone: we provide dynamic, creative and cost effective space solutions. Retail, corporate, residential and hospitality interiors are our forte. THE TEAM Our vibrant team prides itself on specialised abilities within the interior design field and beyond. Ms Tshepo M. Selaledi Head of Design - B. A Interior Architecture Curtin University of Technology “..the balance between the natural, social and built environment is vital for life...� Interior design plays a great psychological role as an aesthetic role to human life. How we relate to our spaces, how we feel when in our spaces, has an effect on our emotions, hence our decisions. Email: 142

Best of Botswana

Mrs. Segametsi N. Seisa Head of Operations - BCom Accounting (CA route) “Design is about progress, a state of mind and a way of engaging with our surroundings. We can use it to lead a way to sustainable economic development and efficiency. It is in the way we will operate our design business which will allow us to effectively pass on benefits to our clients allowing us to offer creative and exclusive designs and solutions cost effectively on all levels. Retail. Residential and Commercial. Indigo House presents an operational life style that is competitively priced.” Email: We stress exclusiveness, creativity, balance and excellence in all solutions we provide.

WHAT WE DO • Interior Design • Space circulation solutions • Project management • Office and home furniture supply and consultancy

Portion 111 Millennium Office Park Ground floor , North Wing Gaborone, Botswana P.O Box AD 713 ADD Gaborone, Botswana Tel: (+267) 3931134 Fax: (+267) 3931132 Best of Botswana


Imagine the Difference Pabaap has created a balanced portfolio of complementary services to offer a one-stop-shop to its customers.

The following offerings are currently available at Pabaap: Garden Design and Landscaping We at Pabaap design and implement beautiful gardens that are sustainable and timeless. In our first meeting we will walk you through the various gardening themes, discuss your needs, and desires. At our next meeting we will present you a preliminary plan and explain how the design will make your outdoor space the showcase of the neighbourhood and benefit the environment. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with exceptional comprehensive service. We source all the products associated with creating a peaceful, and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to complement the style of your outdoor living space. 144

Best of Botswana

Landscape maintenance and Garden care service As an extension to the exceptional landscaping services being rendered, Pabaap also offers landscape maintenance and garden care services only to the Business community. The activities include tasks as diverse as lawn care and maintenance, shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and fertilizing, sweeping and anything else which keeps your garden looking at its best. Our garden maintenance offerings range from a one-off visit to simply get the garden into shape; to regular visits.

Pabaap has truly outdone itself regarding goals set for the first three years of operation. Our workmanship bares the testimony of our talent and how we would want to be perceived in the future. Our hallmark ranges from successful garden designs and installation of park landscaping, commercial and residential projects we have carried out so far. We pledge to offer you a garden experience of exceptional quality, diversity and yet making it truly exclusive for you. Watch this space as we evolve going forward!

Email: Optional email: Best of Botswana


Chapter 7 Healthcare, Beauty and Wellness


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


BPOMAS Since its inception in 1990, Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS) unwavering dedication to facilitating and improving the lives of its members and their beneficiaries has been paramount to its role as the country’s leading provider of comprehensive healthcare.

BPOMAS is a member of the International Federation of Health Plans (IFHP), as well as the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF). This membership gives BPOMAS access to expertise and knowledge from within the health insurance industry worldwide. Vision • To be the leader in the provision of sustainable healthcare solutions. Mission • To assist members to access quality, innovative and effective healthcare solutions that meet their needs. Values • Professionalism • Innovation • Team Orientation • Accountability • Service Excellence • Botho

Dr. K C S Malefho, Chairman BPOMAS Management Committee

We provide medical aid cover to public service employees, their dependants as well as employees of parastatals (that were previously Government departments) who opt to remain members of the Scheme. As Botswana’s largest medical aid scheme, we have continually strived to provide our client base of over 71,000 public officers and their dependants with quality healthcare services, at the most affordable rates. All Government employees are eligible to join BPOMAS and are entitled to a 50% subsidy from the Government.  The Scheme ensures that member interests are protected and access to healthcare is assured. The affairs of the Scheme are managed by a Management Committee, which currently comprises 12 appointees.  The Chairman of the Committee is the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health. Administered by the Associated Fund Administrators Botswana (AFA) Pty Ltd, 148

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GOVERNANCE Introduction The Administrators, appointed by the Management Committee in terms of the Scheme Rules, are responsible for the proper execution of the operational business of the Scheme under the direction of the Management Committee.  Overall governance of the Scheme is vested with the Management Committee which ensures that the Scheme is administered in accordance with the Rules of the Scheme and legislation, where applicable. General Membership BPOMAS membership stood above 71,000 principal members as at 31 March 2011. An Annual General Meeting is held annually to allow members to, amongst others, receive and adopt the Audited Annual Financial Statements and Management Report on the performance of the Scheme. Management Committee The affairs of the Scheme are managed under the direction and supervision of a 12 member Management Committee, which convenes in accordance with the Rules of the Scheme. Members of the Management Committee are appointed by the relevant appointing authorities as prescribed in terms

of the Rules. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health sits as the Chairman of the Management Committee. Sub-Committees The Management Committee is empowered to delegate any of its powers to a SubCommittee(s) consisting of such of its members and co-opted individuals with the requisite knowledge and experience required to advise the Committee. The SubCommittees serve to enhance the functions of the Management Committee through specific recommendations on specialist areas of knowledge. WHAT WE OFFER The Scheme offers two (2) benefit options to choose from, namely the High Benefit Option, and the Standard Benefit Option. Both plans are tailored to provide extensive cover towards our members’ wide range of medical needs. High Benefit Option This option offers a comprehensive cover of P 185 000 in benefits per family per financial year. Members and their dependants are required to pay the 10% co-payment as prescribed by the scheme rules. However, it is important to note that a member and his dependants are limited to P1000.00 per financial year in co-payments after which an exemption letter is generated. P 85 000 Annual Basic Limit • In-patient and Out-patient services • Maternity benefits • Dental services • Acute Medicines • Optical benefits • Chronic benefit • HIV Benefit • Psychiatric medication • Paramedic services • Alcoholism and drug addiction • Prosthesis

P 100 000 Dread Disease Cover The Dread Disease benefit covers hospitalisation for a dread condition and maintenance treatment thereof. Diseases covered include the following: cancer, heart attack, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, organ transplant, paraplegia, blindness, multiple sclerosis, stroke and road traffic accidents. This list may change from time to time. Standard Benefit Option This option offers a total of P13 500 up to P18 500 in benefits, depending on the family size per financial year. Members of BPOMAS and their dependants on Standard Benefit option are exempt from paying 10% co-payment. The Standard Benefit Option includes: • In-patient and Out-patient services • Maternity benefits • Dental services • Medicines • Optical benefits • Psychiatric medication • Paramedic services • Alcoholism and drug addictions • Prosthesis OTHER BENEFITS Members and their dependants have access to private healthcare services. BPOMAS is recognised and accepted by almost all service providers in 99% private medical facilities in Botswana, and many leading facilities in South Africa and beyond. Both Options offer comprehensive health cover including emergency medical services by Med Rescue International Botswana (MRIB) and funeral benefits for the principal members and their dependants. All members have access to merchants participating in the VAP Programme. MANAGED CARE PROGRAMME (MCP) Objectives of the MCP are • Provides access to quality healthcare

through interventions that ensure good clinical outcomes for BPOMAS members and their dependants. • Ensures that quality healthcare is delivered to clients at appropriate cost without adversely affecting clinical outcomes. • Endeavors to ensure that evidenced-based care is delivered by all service providers registered with the scheme. The programme is administered by a team of healthcare professionals at the Managed Care Department (MCD) who have specialised skills and knowledge of evidence-based medicine. These professionals on a continuous basis engage with service providers to ensure that BPOMAS patients get a standard of healthcare matching with international best clinical practices. The MCD team applies the well known concept of “Managed Care”, which is used internationally in healthcare insurance industry. Managed Care as a concept looks at issues around: • the cost and utilisation of a wide spectrum of services that members of medical aid schemes access on a regular basis. • It seeks to establish balance between quality of healthcare and associated cost of interventions. Managed Care Department has over the years introduced a number of interventions or disease management programmes ranging from: • HIV/AIDS Disease Management • Chronic illnesses and • Pharmaceutical Benefit Management. Best of Botswana


Plans are at advanced stage to introduce other services such as Wellness Programmes and Case Management for certain specified disease conditions. HIV/AIDS Disease Management Programme The HIV/AIDS Disease Management Program was the first intervention to be introduced at Managed Care Department. This involves ensuring that members and their dependants access comprehensive HIV Care in line with the latest national and/or international treatment guidelines. The spectrum of care includes: • Medical consultations • Laboratory or pathology tests for monitoring disease progression • Access to antiretroviral medicines • Adherence counselling and support • Enrolment for not on treatment HIV positive beneficiaries • Enrolment for HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) • Enrolment for the Prevention of mother to child Transmission (PMTCT) • Preventive safe male circumcision (SMC) Only clinicians who have knowledge of HIV/ AIDS are allowed to look after patients who are enrolled on the programme. MCD conducts regular Continued Professional Education to ensure that clinicians offer the latest and up to date HIV treatment to BPOMAS members and their dependants. The program has been very successful 150

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since its inception and allowed thousands of patient’s access to antiretroviral therapy. The programme continues to grow annually as more patients who are eligible as per the set criteria enroll. Chronic Illnesses/Diseases MCD is also involved in the management of chronic disease including hypertension, diabetes, asthma and hyperlipidaemia. These diseases constitute the majority of chronic illnesses prevalent in the general population in Botswana.

Through this program patients register for chronic medication benefit and are given a guarantee letter indicating the medications they are taking. Chronic medication benefit allows members to access bigger amounts of money compared with acute medication benefit. This has had the effect of ensuring that fewer patients run out of funds before the end of the financial year, which was the case before the introduction of this benefit. Only members on BPOMAS High Option can use the chronic medication benefit.


Pharmaceutical Benefit Management (PBM) BPOMAS introduced Pharmaceutical Benefit Management system in January 2009. PBM is managed by MCD and partly outsourced. The system was introduced in order to reduce the cost of medicines and to ensure long term sustainability of BPOMAS. There are two components to PBM namely Generic Reference Pricing and Differential Mark Up. Through Generic Reference Pricing, all branded products that have generic equivalents registered and available in Botswana are reimbursed at the average price of the generic equivalents. The idea is to encourage clinicians to use generic medicine which are generally as effective as their branded counterparts. Registration in Botswana means that the products have been rigorously tested and assessed for quality, efficacy and safety by the Drugs Regulatory Unit (Ministry of Health) and consequently there should be no doubt as to whether these generic products work. Differential Price Mark Up involves reimbursing at a higher mark up for the generic referenced medications and a lower mark for the branded products that do not have generic equivalents in the Botswana market. Currently generic products are reimbursed at up to 57% mark up on the basic acquisition price whereas branded products are reimbursed at 35%. Future Interventions In the short to medium term MCD will introduce the following interventions; namely Case Management and Wellness Programmes. It is hoped that these interventions will enhance the services provided by MCD for BPOMAS members.

Our Pursuit of Happiness in the Community Our commitment to a healthier Botswana extends beyond our membership portfolio. For the last two years, BPOMAS has hosted the North vs South Health Challenge, a BPOMAS initiative that challenges Batswana to embrace healthy living habits/interventions through a number of fun fitness activities in the form of aerobathon. The event is held simultaneously in Gaborone and Francistown, with up to 400 participants enduring the exciting, but gruelling (5) five-hour long challenge. The 2nd annual North vs South Health Challenge saw yet another high turnout, with pumped and excited members of the public braving the early, tentative wafts of the summer’s impending heat wave to take part in the Aerobathon. Led by highly experienced teams of instructors from various local gyms, they underwent various fitness activities ranging from aerobic kickboxing and Hi & Lo Impact aerobics, to high intensity Zumba dance moves and rejuvenating yoga. Local companies eager to be a part of the event and show their support for the health initiative also exhibited at both venues. BPOMAS also supports and sponsors the Medical Practioners Group (MPG), Pharmaceutical Society of Botswana (PSB) and has sponsored a myriad of organisations through its Corporate Social Initiatives. OUR PROMISE When it comes to choosing a friend that understands and cares for what is most important in your life, the choice really shouldn’t be that hard to make. At BPOMAS, we work hard to make sure the medical aid that you receive covers you and your loved ones, and that your personal benefits meet your needs. At BPOMAS. Your Health, is Our Concern.

Gaborone: Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Scheme AFA House, Plot 61918 Showgrounds Office Park P O Box 1212, Gaborone Botswana Client services Department: 365 0530/ 547/544 Marketing: 365 0585/ 586/ 596 Managed care: 365 0530/ 578/ 531 Call Centre: 365 0555 (07:00-22:00 Monday to Sunday) Fax: 395 1165 Francistown: Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Scheme Autolot House, Plot 2074 Suit 104, Blue Jacket Street P O Box 323 Francistown Botswana 241 2290/ 241 2390 Fax: 241 2340 Best of Botswana


Articulate Image & Lifestyle Consultancy We offer personal training sessions and boot camps under the Lifestyle Umbrella. We also host wellness workshops for groups and corporates. Image consultancy involves: advice on image, shopping and style for individuals and also host corporates. We specialise in personal branding!

We also have an image parlour that offers services including nails, hands and feet; waxing; make up; and massages. We stock Bio Sculpture Gel for nails. The greatest wealth is health Articulate Lifestyle Consultancy encompasses all aspects of physical and nutritional wellbeing to create a balanced life of happiness whilst achieving incredible physical results. We understand the strains, stresses and vices of the modern society, and the effects these have on lifestyles. We offer a truly integrated approach – a fusion of scientific, spiritual, teamwork and personalised attention - to combat these effects. Articulate provides all our clients with an approach that allows for a totally individual, tailored approach to health, wellbeing, body transformation and peak physical performance. Lifestyle consultancy includes: • a thorough assessment and analysis of your current lifestyle; 152

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• development of a personalised training and healthy eating plan; • detox sessions; • personalised training sessions; • progress monitoring and evaluation. Why Style Consultation? This consultation will change the way you look at yourself and clothes forever. It will: • stop you wasting money on clothes you rarely wear; • eliminate guesswork when shopping; • make shopping quicker and less stressful; • make your daily visit to your wardrobe one filled with inspiration instead of frustration; • increase your self-esteem and confidence; • have others noticing the positive change in your appearance. You will receive a style manual that is: • Personalised: made just for you. Everything about you is taken into consideration from your height, age, weight, problem area, vertical body

• •

type, horizontal body type, scale, face shape, shoulders, neck length and more. All the information is then combined to give you a clear picture of your needs. Recommendations are colour coded for easy identification. Comprehensive: illustrations by categories that cover every item you place on your body from underwear to coats, swimwear to evening attire, business wear to weekend casual, eyewear to hairstyles and shoes. Accurate: researched constantly ‘Your Personal Style Solutions’ program combines a figure analysis and a style selector to ensure you get the most accurate information possible. Up-to-date: re-assessed and re-illustrated regularly to ensure it is in line with today’s current looks. Unique: No other image program comes close to this one. Easy to use and understand: no difficult concepts or terminology.

Why Image Consultancy? Image Consultancy consists of wardrobe and shopping advice. By improving your image you will: • experience an increase in your selfconfidence and self esteem; • improve your prospects for career advancement; • enjoy new and exciting social and romantic interactions;

• shop in half the time and with much greater accuracy; • create a wardrobe of clothes that excite and inspire you. Style is not about beauty, age, size, wealth or even fashion, it’s about knowing and respecting yourself for who you are and having the confidence to discover and project your unique image in a consistent and confident manner. Wardrobe Consultancy We will assist you: • to clean out the existing clutter; • to organise what you have left; • to co-ordinate clothes which will mix and match easily and effortlessly to meet your lifestyle needs; • to determine what items needs to be purchased to fill in any gaps. Shopping consultation Shop Smart Services (ideal for those who need some guidance to find their own dressing style): • expands your wardrobe into an efficient one where you can dress for any occasion in an instant, and never look the same; • a practical experience to learn how to coordinate your clothing items to maximise your wardrobe; • essential to truly re-invent yourself; • ideal for those too busy to find the time to shop.

PO Box 45911 Gaborone, Botswana Tel (+267) 71327755 / 72174334 E-mail: Best of Botswana


Chapter 8 Training and Education

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University Of Botswana The University of Botswana was established on 1st July 1982 by an Act of Parliament.

The University campus consists of that part of the two former universities of Botswana Lesotho and Swaziland (UBLS) and University of Botswana and Swaziland (UBS) which was situated in Botswana and was sometimes referred to as the Gaborone Campus. The University is closely involved in the national development process of Botswana. In this regard the special functions of the University are to engage in improving the quality and in expanding the quantity of the human resources needed for development, and to act as the repository of the collective knowledge and experience of the nation and the world. The first of these functions is fulfilled through the teaching programmes offered by the University and its affiliated institutions, leading to the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates. The second function is carried out individually and collectively by the staff of the University and its affiliated institutions, through the research and development, consultancies and information services which they undertake. Like any other complex organisation, the University has established certain patterns of authority and specialisation, systems, and rules of procedure, in order to perform its functions in an orderly and effective manner. These regulate day-to-day work within the University. The University currently has eight faculties: Business, Education, Engineering and Technology, Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, the Faculty of Health Sciences comprising the newly established School of Medicine, and the School of Graduate Studies. The Chancellor of the University is Sir 156

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Ketumile Masire. The Vice Chancellor is Professor Thabo Tsae Fako. The Deputy Vice Chancellors are Prof. Lydia Nyati-Saleshando and Mr Dawid Katzke. The institution aims to regulate consultative management in an atmosphere of collegiality which is the foundation for higher education. As the highest institution of learning in the country, the University of Botswana comprises a rich tapestry of expertise, skills and talent that resides among staff and students. Each holds a commitment to standards, strength of character, good intentions, ethical conduct, integrity, independent thinking and the ability to subordinate their personal interests for those of the University. As a result, the University of Botswana is a national asset and should be proudly treasured as such. The mantra of the University is encapsulated in the words of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Thabo Fako: “It is simply not enough to have a good mind: one must use it well and reason with other.� Vision To be a leading centre of academic excellence in Africa and the world Mission To improve economic and social conditions for the Nation while advancing itself as a distinctively African university with a regional and international outlook

Tel: +267 3552004 / 2285

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Botswana Accountancy College Transitioning into the role of Botswana’s leading Business School.

The Botswana Accountancy College story is a unique but profound one which has since developed into a “colourful journey”. From its inception thirteen years ago in 1996, no one would have imagined the college would reach the great heights it currently enjoys in the corporate and academic context.  The recepient of several international awards, the college prides itself in an indelible footprint. As an institution it has remained focused in its ‘promise’. It has grown from strength to strength and has ‘pushed the envelope’ in its mission to meet and exceed expectations of all of its stakeholders. In the process, the college has built a formidable brand which is currently a household name at home and internationally. It has also created for itself, an enviable position as a niche in what it does best – tertiary education. In this regard, BAC has embarked upon rebranding initiatives, which will decisively position itself as a reputable business school of the future. National Tertiary Education Policy – capacity building and transition into a “Business School” 158

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BAC seamlessly links its business to the National Vision 2016 and pivots its strategy around the national priorities of skills development and capacity building in line with the “new order” of ‘the knowledge based economy’. Within the transformation process, the BAC asserts itself not only, as a college transitioning into a business school but rather as a ‘centre of excellence’ Other areas of strategy include: • Positioning as a regional player in the tertiary education landscape • Capacity to appeal to the discerning local and international student • Customer Focus embedded in the “student experience” • Investing in people to offer industry relevant programmes • Developing and growing strong links with key Strategic Partners [global professional bodies and UK universities including: ACCA, CA (England & Wales), Botswana Institute of Accountants, CIMA, AAT, The University of Derby, (UK), The University of Sunderland, (UK) and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) among others.] All of this is made possible by the commitment of its professional staff who are experts in their various fields of business disciplines. They have the best interest of the student at heart and have made a lifetime commitment to make

a difference in the lives of young people and their future careers. Students are ensured they become beneficiaries of a modern setting in the learning environment - benchmarked against the best in the international tertiary education space. In this regard, the ‘student experience’ is a reality for most of our students. The college is relied upon by its key stakeholders; including the Ministry of Education and Skills Development from whom it receives full support, to provide solutions. The spectrum of the solutions is wide but must nevertheless include making a contribution in changing the quality of life of its citizenry through a better use of knowledge. The BAC operates from two main centres – the main campus in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, and Francistown in the north of the country. Its learning environment exudes confidence everywhere you look. It holds in high esteem, young people who know what they want out of business. The corporate culture of BAC, and its strong leadership style, has all the hallmarks of an organisation which most people would want to be a part of - from students, academics and other partner organisations. The college is driven by talent and belief in self. The virtue of teamwork could not thrive better. Rounded business leaders emerge out of BAC, who subsequently make their mark as captains of industry and ambassadors of the reputable name of BAC. Best of Botswana


Arguably the only tertiary institution of its kind in the Southern Africa region, BAC offers a differentiated business model underpinned by its blended suite of courseware in its portfolio of offerings. Embedded in its organisational structures is the culture of quality which in many ways enables the college to gain the respect it currently holds. Although it is a quasi public sector organisation, BAC ‘behaves and thinks’ like a privately owned business. In other words, its private sector ethos accounts for its success. BAC was conceived out of an urgent need by the Government of Botswana to address the acute shortage of citizen professional accountants; it then became the brainchild of the Botswana Government, DeBeers Botswana the mining group and the Botswana Institute of chartered Accountants who brought it into existence with a clear mandate. Today, the college prides itself in a number of international awards conferred by global organisations ranging from the “Premier + Tuition Provider” status, - and more recently the PMR Africa Diamond Arrow award for leaders and achievers. These awards in many respects define the college and reinforce its brand as an institution which is determined to keep a tight rope on its pedigree by ‘acting locally and thinking globally’. The BAC offering of programmes range from internationally recognised accountancy qualifications, undergraduate honours degree programmes delivered in partnership with two U.K. universities in business and business 160

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related disciplines, including computing, entrepreneurship and tourism management. In addition, there is an MBA programme on offer as a ‘top-up’ programme for members of recognised accountancy bodies. Graduate programmes are also offered at MSc level in strategy and related subjects. Importantly however, all graduates are mentored to develop entrepreneurial instincts, thereby regarding themselves as providers of employment rather than job seekers. The significant investment in talent is part of the hallmarks of its differentiation. In its team of professionals is the highest calibre of skills sets. BAC’s outlook is to develop people not only to be employment ready, but also to create wealth, hence its emphasis on entrepreneurship development in its academic programming. Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) has provided the highest quality business education in Accountancy, Computing, Business Management and Insurance since 1996, playing a significant role in Southern Africa’s tertiary education landscape. BAC welcomes students from the whole of Southern Africa, offering globally recognised and accredited professional qualifications, and in turn, promoting Botswana’s standing as a knowledge-based society.


For more information, visit or email Best of Botswana


ABM University College Raising a generation of prosperous Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.

Industry Liaison Manager with Debswana Managing Director Jim Gowans


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ABM University College (ABMUC) formerly known as Academy of Business Management, was incorporated in 1989. It was later registered with the Ministry of Education in 1990 as a private vocational institution making it one of Botswana’s oldest private tertiary institutions. In 2003 it was registered with the Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) and in 2005 with the Tertiary Education Council (TEC) - the only two regulatory bodies of higher education in Botswana. As the pioneer of private tertiary education in Botswana, ABM has evolved into a University College and is repositioning itself to becoming a fully fledged University of Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership by 2013. To date, the institution has contributed immensely to the development of human resources

in the country, having trained thousands of people employed in different positions in government, parastatals and private corporate bodies within the various sectors of the economy. ABM strives for academic excellence and is the place for those that seek an intellectually stimulating and inspiring environment that places great importance on life-long learning and self-actualisation. We also pride ourselves in contributing towards the achievement of Botswana’s National Vision pillar of “building an educated and informed nation” through the delivery of relevant and enriched programmes. In its quest for excellence, ABM University College has also formed strategic partnerships with several international bodies and institutions, and has partnered with Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom to offer Top-up Honours Degrees. Vision The University Of Choice Mission To provide entrepreneurship and leadership development through market responsive education, training, research, consulting and innovative service delivery. Location The institution has two campuses located in the two cities of the country, namely Gaborone and Francistown. In pursuit of physical growth, plans are underway to open a campus in Masunga which is 100kms from Francistown.

Council Chairperson - Mr. Gobona Tobedza

Governance and Management Structures The institution operates under the guidance of the University College Council and the Management Team. Council members bring a wealth of experience from various fields of expertise.

Executive Director -Mrs Daisy Mmabatho Molefhi

Message from the Executive Director Mrs Daisy Mmabatho Molefhi In its pursuit for excellence, ABM continues to aim higher, as it strives towards its goal of not only becoming a University of Choice, but also a Centre of Entrepreneurship and Business leadership. In this way, this would impact Botswana but, the dream is to impact the region and ultimately make its impact beyond the region. The focus on Entrepreneurship will significantly address the youth unemployment issues, which are not only a challenge in Botswana, but also in the region, while this leadership development component attempts to contribute in developing leaders of tomorrow to close the prevailing gap. As part of our commitment to enhance the employability of all our students, in all types and sizes of organisations, our curriculum has been developed with a strong emphasis on industry relevant skills, underpinned by sound understanding of the industry. Our robust and dynamic curriculum tries to be responsive to the industry needs as we have forged some close and unique ties with industry. Through engagement with elements of skills and work based learning, that is, during industrial attachment our students are able to relate the subject knowledge to context specific theory and practice in the real world of business. In essence our programmes of study develop student’s ability to evaluate critical standard practices and offer alternative solutions to problems encountered in complex business environments, thus creative innovative and hands on graduates. This is a well calculated move as creative and innovative employees are vital to an organisation’s future success. In a bid to develop a well grounded graduate who does not only posses the subject knowledge but also possesses life skills, which will place them in good stead in the work place, the institution undertook a curriculum overhaul. This

resulted in the infusion of certain compulsory modules which cut across the programme divide. These compulsory modules are Entrepreneurship, Computer Appreciation and Awareness, Contemporary and Future Scientific Issues, Leadership Development and Self Realisation. The importance of these compulsory modules cannot be over emphasised as they address skill gaps. The compulsory modules act as a catalyst in developing skills related to management, leadership, and entrepreneurship; in the process increasing the student’s understanding and awareness of contemporary issues within a fast moving global environment. One of the modules also addresses the issues pertaining to self awareness in order to unleash the potential of our students. The significance of acquiring work-related skills has never been more evident. This is compounded by fierce competition in the job market and the intricacies in the job market. ABMUC is proud to help its students to acquire the qualifications and skills that prove so attractive to future employers. The institution has developed and accredited its flagship programmes which are in line with the strategic direction of the organisation of transforming into a University of Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership. The programmes are Certificate and Diploma in Business Leadership Development, Certificate and Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development. In a bid to sharpen the competence of our alumni, the institution hosts intensive training programs on Entrepreneurship. These workshops give the alumni an opportunity to review the behaviors, skills, and knowledge surrounding Entrepreneurship. This gives them a chance to come into direct contact with practicing Entrepreneurs who usually share real life experiences with them. In a nutshell, ABM has made and continues to make significant strides in raising a generation of prosperous entrepreneurs and business leaders. Best of Botswana


Diplomas • Purchasing and Supply • Leadership Development • Entrepreneurship Development Certificates • Day Care Management • Security Studies • Risk Management • Early Childhood Education • Insurance Practice and Management Professional Qualifications • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) • Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) • International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Programmes Long-term Programmes ABM University College offers a wide range of enriched, industry–relevant and internationally recognised programmes in the areas of Business, ICT and Engineering. Honours Degrees: • BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance • BA (Hons) Business Management • BA (Hons) Human Resource Management • BA (Hons) Marketing • BA (Hons) Tourism Management Advanced Diplomas: • Computer Engineering • Electrical and Electronics Engineering • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality • Business Management • Financial Management • Marketing Management • Human Resource Management • Business Information Systems • Secretarial Studies • Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations 164

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We pride ourselves in being the only institution in the country accredited to offer the CIM programme. Programmes are offered both full-time and parttime, and are accredited and/or registered with either of the two higher education regulatory bodies - the Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) and the Tertiary Education Council (TEC). Short-term Programmes ABM offers over thirty (30) accredited short term training courses for skills development and enhancement in a number of areas: • Sales and Marketing  • Public Relations & Customer Care • Marketing • Customer Care • Marketing Research • Desktop Publishing • Spreadsheet • Word Processing • Database

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

ICDL JAVA 1 and JAVA 2 Business Entrepreneurship Development Small Business Management Introduction to Cost Accounting Accounting and Finance Marketing for Tourism Travel, Tourism Management Hospitality Management Cultural Tourism Housekeeping and Accommodation Business Communication Skills Personnel Administration Purchasing and Supply Stores Management and Stock Control Operations Management in Supply Chain Team Building Business Ethics Ethics and Corporate Governance Introduction to Project Management Health and Safety

Partnership with industry In order to ensure that our graduates have valuable work experience upon graduation, our students go through an internship for three months every academic year, also allowing them to build relations with industry as well as giving them the opportunity to apply knowledge acquired from the lecture room. Not only does the institution offer industryrelevant programmes, but through the Industry Liaison Office which bridges the gap between ABM and industry, the institution has relations with key players in industry and upon graduation, this office assists where possible in placement of graduates. International Students and Scholars ABM welcomes international students, scholars and researchers to join our diverse learning environment. We are committed to providing international students and scholars the opportunity to embark on a rewarding and exciting learning journey in preparation for

a brighter future. ABM thrives on a diverse student body and currently has a good number of international students and aspires for a more diverse and greater number of international students. We believe that diversity in all its forms, from diverse citizenry, divergent opinions to cultural awareness is a cornerstone of the ABM experience. The International Students Office provides support to international students from their first day at the college as well as throughout their lifetime as ABM Alumni. The office assists in issues of accommodation, transportation, student permits/VISA and gives a comprehensive orientation to international students before classes commence. Student Recreational Activities For those interested in not only developing their minds, but are also concerned with their fitness, a variety of indoor and outdoor sporting activities as well as performing arts are offered. ABM teams have a record of winning medals at the Private Tertiary Institutions Association (PTIA) competitions. Entry requirements The basic requirements for entry are the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) or the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

for Botswana students, and its equivalent for international students. This includes: Matric, Cambridge, GCSE or International Baccalaureate. For Mature Entry, the requirements are a minimum of 2 years Work Experience in a Related Program of Study. Application procedure Application forms may be downloaded from and sent via post or fax to the Admissions Office, or can be collected at our campuses.

Gaborone Campus Private Bag 00331 Gaborone,Botswana Tel: (+267) 3956887 Fax:(+267) 3184431 Email: Plot 38796, Lephala Road Block 6, Gaborone Francistown Campus Private Bag F4 Francistown,Botswana Tel: (+267) 2410765 Fax: (+267) 2410766 Email: Best of Botswana


Transforming BA ISAGO to full University Status in its next strategic plan 2012-2014  BA ISAGO University College (BA ISAGO) is a private tertiary education institution with Branch Campuses in Gaborone, Francistown and Maun. It started in 2002 in Francistown with 50 students and now has close to 2000 students.

Class of 2011 Graduates

Phase 1 Development to be completed February 2012

Growing with Quality 166

Best of Botswana

The University College has largely embraced and subscribes to major National Blue Print Policy documents, guiding the development of Tertiary Education in Botswana, such as the Tertiary Education Policy - “Towards a Knowledge Society”, the new National Human Resources Development Strategy and one of the pillars of Vision 2016, “espousing the creation of an informed and educated nation”. BA ISAGO’s programmes are accredited and quality assured by both regulatory and accrediting bodies in Botswana, namely, the Tertiary Education Council (TEC) and the Botswana Training Authority (BOTA). The College’s quality assurance mechanisms are further consolidated and enhanced through a strategic collaborative partnership with internationally renowned academic institutions such as University of South Africa (UNISA) and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe. In addition to drawing some of its programmes through such partnerships, BA

BA ISAGO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ISAGO continues to develop and introduce its own home grown programmes, which are benchmarked internationally and quality assured similarly. Most, if not all, such programmes are market driven, largely responding to the socio-economic needs of the country and the region. BA ISAGO also has a strong collaborative partnership with Kellogg Foundation, geared towards empowerment of the Basarwa Community in D’ Kar, near Ghanzi, with emphasis on traditional leadership development, youth and women leadership development. The College also has an active corporate social responsibility policy, through which it has promoted a number of outreach programmes. Strategic Plan 2012-2014: BA ISAGO’s priority plans and challenges in its next strategic plan, entail the following: • Transforming BA ISAGO University College into a fully-fledged University, with four faculties and corresponding departments. • Further recruitment and retention of highly qualified and experienced academic and administrative staff, through the enhancement of the College’s conditions of service and enhancing its staff development policy, in line with its localisation thrust. • Acceleration of efforts in the development of the College’s own curriculum. • Further enhance and consolidate the College’s ICT infrastructure, Library and Information Resources. • Realignment of the College’s curriculum to be in tandem with the new priority training areas identified by the new Human Resources Development Strategy. • Further consolidation of quality assurance mechanisms, by enhancing governance structures, policy guidelines, procedures, systems, rules and regulations. • Strengthening institutional planning, capacity building and corporate branding. • Working towards completion of its purpose-built infrastructure at the new Campus at Block 7, Gaborone West. • Enhance academic instruction, research, consultancy and community engagement efforts. • Expand the College’s market share by recruiting more privately sponsored students locally and in the region, through collaborative support with the Botswana Education Hub.

Reib President, Mr O Bale presenting a prize to the best student in Real Estate

Mrs R T Gabasiane, board Chairperson, dissolving the graduation congregation

List of Academic Programmes The following degree, diploma and certificate programmes are offered on a full or part-time basis:

• Risk Management and Insurance • Actuarial Sciences

Degree Programmes Bachelor of Commerce, specialising in:• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Entrepreneurship Strategic Supply Management Risk Management Human Resources Management Marketing Management  Financial Management Management Accounting Transport and Logistics Business Informatics Tourism Management Industrial and Organisational Psychology Law Fiscal Studies

Bachelor of Accounting Sciences in Financial Accounting Bachelors in Law (LLB) Diploma Programmes • National Diploma in Safety Management, leading to a BTech Degree • Diploma in Real Estate, leading to a BTech Degree • National Professional Diploma in Education • Diploma in Court Administration • Diploma in Human Resources Management • Diploma in Real Estate • Diploma in Accounting • Diploma in Development and Disaster Management

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Mrs R T Gabasiane - Board Chairperson

Mr O B Gabasiane - Managing Director

Campus Development at Block 7

Professional Programmes • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) • CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) • BICA (Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants) • ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)

Dr R Kishun - Executive Director

Certificate Programmes BA ISAGO has developed nine programmes at Certificate level which have been validated and accredited by the Botswana Training Authority (BOTA). These include Certificates in: • • • • •

Human Resources Management Business Management Entrepreneurship Certificate in Real Estate Certificate in Law

• Certificate in Customary Law • Certificate in Court Administration • Foundation and Intermediate Certificate for Deputy Sheriffs and Court Bailiffs   Centre for Research, Entrepreneurship and Project Management (CREPM) In October 2008, BA ISAGO established CREPM for the purpose of enhancing professional development of various organisations in the public and private sectors, as well as promoting academic research and expanding the business of BA ISAGO, through consultancies, short-term training, seminars, workshops and community engagement. The College remains strongly committed to growing its business through sound, ethical and internationally acceptable best practices.

Maun Campus: Suite 6, Lewis Building Old Mall Extension, Maun Gaborone Campus: (with effect from March 2012) Cnr of Westnern By-pass and Willie Seboni Junction (Block 7) Plot 54831

Mr R Tadu - Dean, Academic Programmes

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Plot 168, Gaborone International Commerce Park, Gaborone Tel: +267 365 7744 Fax: 267 395 7706 /09

Francistown Campus: Haskins Building (near Materspei College) Off Sam Nujoma Road Light Industrial Site, Francistown Tel: +267 241 8780 Fax: +267 241 8778

The Core of Healthcare Education Boitekanelo College is a registered and accredited institute by Botswana Training Authority in accordance with Botswana Vocational Act of 1998, and is registered with the Tertiary Education Council. Boitekanelo College is the only privately owned institution in the health sector in Botswana, offering training of healthcare personnel. The college offers accredited short and long term programme’s grounded in research and designed to meet the ever changing healthcare delivery system demands.

We are also actively engaged in the provision of in-service training and consulting for the public sector by working closely with Ministry of Health and Local Government to ensure effectiveness and to promote high standards of patient care. The development of the healthcare training is part of wider strategic objectives of the Botswana government to address this crucial component of under-staffed human resource by a well-structured multi-disciplinary approach.

Department of Allied Health Sciences »» Diploma in Healthcare Management »» Certificate in Healthcare Assistance »» Certificate in Phlebotomy »» Certificate in Dental Surgery Assisting »» Certificate in Plaster Technology »» Certificate in Emergency Medical Care

4th Floor Kopanyo House 5131 Nelson Mandela Road Gaborone Station Tel: (00267) 3911-009 Fax: (00267) 3911-014 Email:

Department of Public and Occupational Health »» Diploma in Counselling »» Diploma in Public Health Education »» Diploma in Health Education & Promotion »» Certificate in Public Health Education »» Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety »» Certificate in Counselling »» Certificate in Healthcare Administration

Short Courses »» Basic First Aid »» Occupational Health & Safety »» Ergonomics (Lifting & Handling Techniques) »» Peer Education »» HIV/AIDS in the Workplace »» Substance Use & Abuse »» Disaster Management »» Stress Management »» Food Safety

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Botswana Examinations Council  BEC is mandated under section 5 of the Botswana Examinations Council Act (Act No. 11 of 2002) to conduct school examinations and any other examinations for the Ministry of Education and Skills Development and issue certificates in respect of the examinations.

Our Vision To be a provider of accessible and globally competitive qualifications. Our Mission To provide all learners with effective and responsive assessment through quality centred examinations system. The value: Excellence CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Botswana Examinations Council is committed to upholding the principles of good corporate governance, among others, independence, transparency, sustainability, accountability and integrity. As an examination body it is also essential that BEC subscribes to the principles of good educational measurement and assessment standards. Botswana Examinations Council has divisions of Quality Assurance and Internal Audit which helps to ensure that internal controls are continually reviewed and adhered to for purposes of strengthening corporate governance. MANDATE BEC’s key business activities include examinations and assessment policy and programme development, the conduct and regulation of national school examination programmes and the award of certificates for programmes in the general education subsector. The specific functions and responsibilities of BEC are as follows:

Botswana Examinations Council Board Chairperson Prof. John Moteane Melamu


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• To advise the Ministry of Education and Skills Development on assessment issues; • To provide appropriate assessment programmes and examination tools; • To provide examination procedures for all aspects of examinations; • To manage and administer the examination and certification process in general education; • To provide regulatory mechanisms for examinations in general; • To accredit all examination centres including schools; • To award qualifications in general education; • To maintain competitive standards in examinations; • To ensure the maintenance of internationally competitive performance standards.

GOVERNANCE STRUCTURES THE COUNCIL The Council is appointed by the Minister of Education and Skills Development and consists of fourteen (14) members, with representatives from the ministry and including its Parastatals, a representative from the Directorate of the Public service Management, Botswana Police, the public, the private sector, teacher organisations, as well as the BEC Executive Secretary. The Chairperson is an independent nonexecutive director who is appointed by the Minister of Education and Skills Development. COUNCIL COMMITTEES EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee comprises the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Council, the Executive Secretary and two other members of the Council. The committee’s mandate is to deal with and make decisions on urgent issues that cannot wait for a full Council meeting. These decisions however have to eventually be ratified by the Council. The Committee meets on an ad hoc basis depending on the needs of the organisation.

Examinations conducted by Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) BEC is mandated under section 5 of the Botswana Examinations Council Act (Act No. 11 of 2002) to conduct school examinations and any other examinations for the Ministry of Education and Skills Development and issue certificates in respect of the examinations. BEC has four key business areas namely to; Develop, Administer, Accredit and Certify. The Council runs the following Internal Examinations: • • •

BEC Executive Secretary Dr. Serara Moahi

HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE This committee comprises seven members. Two members are external human resources professionals while five are members of the Council. The Executive Secretary is among the five Council members and is the only executive management member in the committee. FINANCE AND PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE The committee comprises seven members. Four of these are Council members including the Executive Secretary. Other members are the Director Corporate Services as well as two external members. The main functions of the committee are to make recommendations to the Council for approval of financial policies, the budget and financial statements. RESEARCH COMMITTEE The Research Committee is responsible for advising Council on the conduct of research and policy options emanating from research findings. In discharging its functions the Research Committee addresses the following specific duties: • considers and advises Council and Executive Management on research areas to be addressed; • approves research proposals; • considers research findings and recommends action to Council; • suggests to Council and the education system as a whole policy options that emanate from the research findings; • facilitates the dissemination and utilisation of research findings; • considers such other research matters as Council may from time to time deem necessary.

Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Junior Certificate Examination (JCE). Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE).

External Examinations For those who never say it is enough in their quest for education, BEC provides testing/examinations services for international testing agencies or Examination Boards such as: • Educational Testing Service (USA): SAT – Scholastic Aptitudes Tests TOEFL – Test of English as a foreign language TWE – Test of written English GRE – Graduate Record Tests TSE - Test of spoken English • American College Testing Program. • University of London Examinations Board: - Diploma Courses - Degree Courses - Post Graduate Example of programs: Law, Information Systems, Health and Environmental Courses. Edexcel International (A wing of the University of London): - GCE ‘O’ ‘AS’ and ‘A’ level - GCSE - IGCSE • Association of Certified Chartered Accounts (ACCA). • ACER – Australian Council for Education Research.

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FINAL AWARDS COMMITTEE The Final Awards Committee (FAC) is responsible for making recommendations to Council for the awarding of certificates based on standards determined by the Technical Grade Advisory Committee and the relevant procedures for certification. These recommendations are in relation to the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), the Junior Certificate Examination (JCE) and the Botswana General Certificate for Secondary Examination (BGCSE) or any other examination conducted by BEC. Organisational Structure The organisational structure as a synoptic depiction of the BEC management structure. As indicated above, the structure is divided into five departments being Product Development and Standards, Examinations Administration and Certification, Research and Policy Development, Corporate Services and Information and Communications Technology.

Examinations work has been clustered into two core business areas. The functions of the two business areas are performed by the Directorate of Product Development and Standards and the Directorate of Examinations Administration and Certification. The remaining three directorates provide support services required in ensuring that examinations are conducted efficiently and cost effectively. There are specialised support units that fall directly under the supervision of the Executive Secretary that deal with strategy management, quality and compliance assurance, internal audit and public relations.

Plot 54862, KT Motsete Rd Private Bag 0070, Gaborone Tel: +267 3650700 Fax: +267 318 5011 E-mail: Advancing learning, certifying your future Best of Botswana


Chapter 9 Investment






GLASS BEDIA HEAD OFFICE • Tel: (+267) 3181931 • Fax: (+267) 3181941 • Web: • Email:






BEDIA was formed in 1997 as a privately managed organisation and is wholly funded by the Government of Botswana. It reports directly to the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The organisation is mandated with promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Botswana, promoting locally produced goods in the regional and international markets and improving the Botswana investment climate through policy advocacy. BEDIA also increases citizen participation in the economy and is a key institution in creating sustainable job opportunities  for Batswana. Over the years, BEDIA has played a critical role in marketing Botswana, selling investment opportunities in the country and assisting local entrepreneurs in identifying market outlets outside Botswana. In addition BEDIA is tasked with managing the Botswana Brand and Global Expo.

Our Objectives • • The  promotion  of  inward  investment  into  the country with the establishment of manufacturing enterprises  with  special  emphasis  on  export orientated manufacturing. • • Investment in selected services such as Information Communication Technology (ICT). • • To organise and participate in trade exhibitions and contact promotion missions to other countries in order to promote Botswana's export goods. • • To promote the establishment of joint v e n t u r e s between the local business community and foreign investors. • • To  encourage  the  transfer  of  technology  and the build up of skills of citizens working in the manufacturing sector. • • To avail factory buildings for investors to utilise. • • To provide a one-stop service facility in collaboration with various government departments mainly to ensure that all clearances, residence permits, work permits and land are obtained with minimal delays by existing and new enterprises.


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Botswana Investment Incentives • • Manufacturing companies pay tax at 15 percent  of  taxable  income  (subject  to approval). • • Resident companies pay company tax at  25  percent  of  taxable  income  and  are obliged to deduct withholding tax at 15 percent  on  all  dividends  distributed. • • Development  approval  order  -  zero corporate tax can be available to investors for a period of 5 to 10 years (subject to approval). • • There are no foreign exchange controls in Botswana, allowing for free repatriation of profits, dividends and capitals. • • Double taxation agreements are in place with South Africa, United Kingdom, Sweden, Mauritius, India and Russia. Negotiations with other countries are still ongoing.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN BOTSWANA Botswana's economy is still dependent on the mining sector, in particular diamonds, which contributes around a third of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Botswana Government's economic strategy therefore is to diversify the economy away from the mineral sector. The identified potential investment opportunities are based on the availability of raw materials locally or on imported raw materials for further transformation. The country has a young, sound and vibrant economy with potential and a wide choice of investment opportunities for the prospective investor.

There are available investment opportunities in the following sectors: Manufacturing

Glass Products

A  broad  range  of  goods  are  already manufactured for the domestic and export markets. This includes garments, software development, polishing of diamonds and semi  precious  stones,  engineering products, leather goods and canned beef products.  However  more  unexplored opportunities  exist  in  these  sectors.

Raw materials for glass manufacturing are available in abundance - silica sand and soda  ash.  Investment  opportunities  are available  for  manufacturing  float  glass, container glass decorative and fibre glass.

Textile, Garments and Accessories Manufacture  of  various  textiles  and garments to take advantage of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, which allows entry into the EU and the USA markets free of duty and quota.

Leather Products O p p o r t u n i t i e s   a re   a v a i l a b l e   i n manufacturing leather products like bags, belts, leather garments, protective clothing and fashion shoes.

Jewellery Cutting, polishing and setting of diamonds and semi precious stones.

Beef & Beef by Products Weaner production, establishment of feed lots feed mills and flexible pouches.

Transport & Logistics, Air & Rail Freight Air Cargo, Gabcon freight village. Mining supplies & logistics hub.

Education Graduate Business School Hospitality and Tourism school, Mining and  Energy  school, Agriculture  and Livestock Management School, Medical Science  and  Research    School, Conservation  and  Veterinary  Science School,  Peace  and  Justice  school.

Agriculture & Agro Processing Dairy farming stock feed production, green house and hydroponics, crop production.

Pharmaceutical Vaccine  production  and  packaging, manufacture  of  cleaning  chemicals.

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SERVICE SECTOR  Financial services The government has introduced legislation to  create  the  fiscal  and  regulatory environment necessary to make Botswana an attractive location from which services such  as  insurance  investment  advise, broking and trading of securities can be provided to non residents and in currencies other  than  the  Pula.  The  international financial    services  center  (IFSC)  was established with the mandate to promote these services.

Tourism One  of  the  objectives  of  Botswana's tourism policy is to obtain, on a sustainable basis, the greatest possible net social and economic  benefits  for  the  people  of Botswana from their tourism resources, scenic  beauty  wildlife  and  unique ecological,  geological  and  cultural characteristics. The industry tries to protect Botswana's environmental  resources. The  tourism sector is well established and there are opportunities  for  expansion  and development.


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Information Technology Botswana  has  a  relatively  young  but vigorously  growing  IT  industry,  with companies  offering  services  including training, database development, software development,  networking,  website development, call centre and others. The government is at the forefront in this 'IT revolution'  and  contributes  by  way  of offering computer related training/course at tertiary education institutions notably the University of Botswana, Botswana institute of Administration Commerce and Botswana  Accountancy  College.

Business  Facilitation Services BEDIA operates an investor friendly facility commonly  known  as  the  One-stopservice-centre.  The  facility  which  has been operating for the last seven years came  as  a  result  of  a  series  of consultations between the private sector and government. The organisation also realises that in order to succeed in its core business the investment environment in  Botswana  must  be  conducive.

BEDIA through the Business Facilitation unit provides professional service to both new and existing foreign and citizen investors. The main aim is to enable investors in the manufacturing and selected services sectors (excluding retailers and wholesalers) to secure all government clearances and approvals as quickly as possible. These  entail  among  others  industrial licenses,  work  and  residence  permits, visas as well as infrastructural facilities like land, factory space and utilities. Through its advocacy role and interaction with the private sector and government, the Ministry of  Labour  and  Home  Affairs  has  given BEDIA  and  the  Ministry  of  Trade  and Industry a special dispensation, through the  Employment  of  Non-Citizens  and Immigrations Act, to recommend to them the  exemption  of  all  employees  of companies holding the following positions: • Chief Executive Officer • Production Manager • Technical Manager • Operations Manager • Manager: Sales And Marketing • Manager: Finance BEDIA also offers an After-care programme which aims to: •

Identify  problems  encountered by  new  and  existing  companies  in the  implementation  and  operation of projects as well as offer assistance through direct consultation and cooperation with the relevant stakeholders. Extending  support  to  existing companies in the planning expansion, diversification and other reinvestment opportunities. Undertake periodic review of problems faced by industries and formulate new measures  to  expedite  project implementation  to  ensure  smooth operation  of  existing  companies. Update  and  enhance  existing database on companies in production.

Furthermore, BEDIA has a wide range of multi-user factory shells ranging between 250 square metres and 2000 square metres in Gaborone and Mogoditshane. These multi-user  factory  shells  are  for manufacturing purposes only. To  qualify  for  an  operational  space, investors should be able to demonstrate in  a  form  of  a  business  plan  that  the manufacturing  process  that  they  are undertaking is a worthwhile venture. Once the business plan is vetted and approved then a warehouse will be availed to the investor. However, this will depend on the availability  of  the  warehouse  space.

BEDIA Reference Information Resource Centre BEDIA Reference Information Resource Centre has been established with the aim to facilitate business, particularly within importing and exporting dealings. The main targeted user of its services are therefore, classically  comprised  of  the  business community (country's  importers  and exporters), intermediaries  and  service providers who contribute both directly and indirectly to international trade and also BEDIA staff members as providers of trade information. The Information Resource Centre clientele are mainly local exporters, potential exporters, local producers and manufacturers' foreign buyers,  foreign  investors  and  foreign suppliers, service providers such as Bankers, Financial  Services  Providers,  Insurance Companies, Consultants  and  Market Companies and the Media. We also service the  Business  Support  Institutions  that consist of the Trade Promotion Companies and Trade Associations. The Reference Information Resource Centre also serve the academia such as Researchers, students and Lecturers.

Export Enterprise Development The  Export  Enterprise  Development function of BEDIA is mandated to identify market  outlets  of  locally  manufactured products, with a major strategic focus on seeking and promoting products that are suitable to enter the export market. This is done through identifying and researching new markets to facilitate targeted export promotion  aimed  at  selected  buyers, including investigation of opportunities in markets that have trade agreements with Botswana, so as to maximise benefits.

Export Development Program The Export Development programme is aimed  at  diversifying  and  growing  the country's exports by training companies to be export ready. It also targets sectors identified in the National Export Strategy. The approach also aims at ensuring that companies with potential but falling outside the scope of the sectors that have been identified are not overlooked during this selection. The  training  endeavours  to  develop selected  companies  to  gain  hands- on practical experience in various aspects of production to help improve product design, quality and productivity.

Companies  are  also  educated  on  the techniques  of  developing  market  driven products whilst incorporating a robust Export Marketing Plan within their business models. All selected companies are visited to conduct needs analysis or assessment, which aims at identifying each company's training and technical needs requirements (for example, product improvement, production, quality, standards  control,  export  marketing  and market entry). The programme assists and encourages  companies  to  achieve  a widespread  understanding  of  export marketing plans, productivity improvement in the factories, product design including diversity, patenting, branding and business management systems. The three key objectives of the program are: 1. To keep companies that are new exporters active in foreign markets (consolidation of gains and growth on one market); 2. To promote market diversification of companies that have gone beyond the stage of new exports on already  penetrated territories; 3. To increase the number of new exporting companies and new exportable  products.

• •

To penetrate new markets. To  expand  market  share regionally and internationally.

These are practical activities that are carried out by BEDIA in foreign countries  alongside  Botswana manufacturers. Objectively, these foreign promotion interventions are carried out to: •

Increase  the  number  of Botswana  companies  that export  by  heightening  the export awareness of potential exporters, training and guiding them to make their first export. Increase  export  sales  by Botswana companies that have the potential to export or are already exporting by intensifying their awareness, training and guiding  them  to  consolidate their  presence  in  foreign markets and assisting them to become  diversified  export.

Services of the Export Enterprise Development Function at BEDIA • •

• • • •

Participating in overseas trade fairs and exhibitions. Timely and efficient services to overseas buyers in vendor identification, drawing itineraries, fixing appointments and other support services. Assisting  Botswana  companies  in product development and adaptation to  meet  buyers'  requirements. Organising Buyer-Seller meetings with a view to bringing buyers and sellers together. Organising seminars / conferences / workshops on trade-related subjects. Developing local manufacturers to be reach export readiness standard. Conducting market surveys on regional and international markets in collaboration with  the  Research  Department. Dissemination  of  export  promotion information to local manufacturers.

Export Promotion Interventions Missions and Trade Fairs • •

BEDIA HEAD OFFICE Tel: (+267) 3181931 Fax: (+267) 3170452 Web:

To  promote  Botswana  products  in Foreign markets. To  expose  Botswana  manufacturers in foreign markets.

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Botswana Development Corporation Your Investment Partner Botswana Development Corporation Limited (BDC)’s objective is to assist in the establishment and development of viable and sustainable businesses in Botswana. in milk production and therefore import substitution in dairy production.

As a financier, the Corporation’s role is to provide financial assistance to investors with commercially viable projects, supports projects that generate sustainable employment for Batswana and add skills to the local workforce. The Corporation has actively been involved in commercial and industrial development activities and continues to adequately demonstrate positive growth in all its chosen focus areas. Agribusiness The Agribusiness division is a portfolio that comprises of companies in the agricultural sector. The sector includes companies engaged in commercial irrigated crops production like the Talana Farms, Ostrich farming and marketing of horticultural produce. The Corporation is vigorously pursuing growth of the agricultural portfolio by investing in dairy farming as there is high demand but low production of milk in the country. This investment, once it materialises, will ensure that the country moves towards self sufficiency 178

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Services In the services sector, companies range from those involved in the hospitality, industry health services, educational services and financial services. Among these industries the hospitality or tourism sub-sector offers great potential for future growth and also offers further impetus for the economic diversification drive. Overall the plan is to continue to grow the agricultural and services sector within the corporation in order to unlock the real potential that these sectors offer in terms of economic diversification. As one of Botswana Development Corporation Limited’s subsidiaries in the entertainment and leisure area, Lion Park Amusement Resort provides a wide variety of leisure and entertainment activities that cater for all ages. The centre provides full event planning services and catering facilities. The amusement centre prides itself with a stateof-the art wave pool reminiscent of a sea with exciting waves and water splashes. The pool dubbed “The beach within reach” can take over 200 people at a single setting. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, your next destination is Lion Park Amusement Resort for relaxation, leisure and fun. Currently, the latest development at the resort is the construction of the second largest rollercoaster in Africa. This development is expected to increase more audience at the resort. Industry The division’s portfolio consists of 16 companies which create many direct employment opportunities for citizens. Companies engaged under this portfolio are involved in a wide range of activities that include construction, food and beverage, furniture, leather, food cans and glass manufacturing. The Division is currently implementing a large scale project that will manufacture float glass for the construction industry. The main raw material inputs are silica sand and soda ash, which are readily available locally. This investment will create more linkages and is expected to stimulate related industries such as glass processing for the production of tempered glass, rolled glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, energy saving glass and the production of automobile glass.

The Division is also implementing a large diameter steel pipe project for the local market suitable for the transmission of water, sewerage, oil and gas. The pipes can also be used for structural purposes such as the frameworks for buildings and bridges and their foundation piles. The project will be the first ferrous pipe manufacturer in the country. All ferrous pipes are currently imported. The importation of steel pipes results in high costs emanating from transport costs. The project is expected to employ more than 400 citizens when running two shifts at full production. Invoice Discounting Invoice Finance has been available to the business community for three years now, having grown from a foreign concept that the market did not fully understand to a facility that the market now demands. Through Invoice Discounting, projects from almost all sectors were financed, i.e. Manufacturing, Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and Construction. Property Development and Management As a development financier, BDC’s Property Development and Management has been instrumental in the sustained growth of the Property market, through its 100% owned properties, and partnerships. The Property Division’s mandate is developing and managing residential, commercial, hotel and industrial properties for BDC. The division also monitors a portfolio of property development loan facilities held with subsidiary, affiliate and non-affiliate companies, through partnerships or joint venture developments. Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) and its 100% subsidiary company Commercial Holdings, recently hosted the groundbreaking ceremony of yet another property development initiative. Fairscape Precinct as the building is named is going to entail rental office space, retail space, the main tower standing at 15 stories, penthouses, a hotel and 884 car parking bays in the basement. BDC found it necessary and imperative to initiate Fairscape Precinct by offering prospective commercial

and retail tenants with a world class mixed use property at a total cost of P466 million. The central aim of the Fairscape Precinct development is to create an environment which promotes economic opportunities and stimulates enterprises with a lot of emphasis on investment sustainability. With a 15 storey high tower, this will make it one of the tallest buildings in Gaborone. Botswana Development Corporation has recently acquired Toro Safari lodge which is a new project under the Botswana Development Hotel Company (BHDC), a 100% BDC subsidiary. The lodge is located in the Kazungula village in the northern corner of Botswana that is mostly known for tourist attraction through its flora and fauna that is capable of attracting tourists from as far as overseas. The property is within a short distance from the Kasane Township, the gateway to Chobe National Park and within driving distance to the majestic Victoria Falls. From a 2-star grading, BDC wishes to refurbish and expand the facilities and rebrand Toro Safari Lodge into a 5-star facility. Another recent development by BDC, still through its 100% owned subsidiary, Botswana Development Hotel Company (BHDC) is the acquisition of another lodge, Khawa Lodge which is located along the feeder road to the Trans-Kalahari Highway leading into Ghanzi Township. The acquisition of this lodge is yet another one of those achievements that add to the corporation’s mandate of diversifying the country’s economy and creating employment for the citizen of this country. BDC has embarked on a divestment process which saw the Corporation shed off its investments to Letlole La Rona Limited, another BDC founded company which was listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE). This is another initiative by the Corporation that demonstrates citizen economic empowerment. The proceeds of the divestment process will be utilised in financing new projects to further grow the Corporation’s portfolio. In addition, the Corporation will continue to review its portfolio and divests from mature investment using appropriate vehicles which will result in

broader participation of citizens who may not have access to substantial financial resources to invest in projects of their own. Corporate Social Responsibility Besides full time business, the Corporation is also involved in building, developing and supporting the deserving community or nation with all kinds of aids relevant to their needs. The Corporation assists those who have been affected by natural disasters like foods; recently BDC’s Corporate Social Responsibility built 10 houses with pit latrines for some villagers who were extremely affected by terrible foods. Not only is the Corporation involved in natural disasters aids, they also contribute by supporting and contributing in the education system of the country by donating International Communication Technology (ICT). One of Botswana Development Corporation (BDC)’s role is to support projects that generate sustainable employment for Batswana and add to the skills of the local workforce, BDC sponsored the winner of one of the music show competitions with P150 000 for education of their choice at United Kingdom. A basketry group of 25 women also benefited from this community development initiative after BDC built a workshop with office where they will operate a more professional environment.

Moedi, Plot 50380, Gaborone International Showgrounds, Private Bag 160, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 365 1300 Fax: +267 390 3114 390 4193 Email: Best of Botswana


The Botswana Stock Exchange The Botswana Stock Exchange is Botswana’s national stock exchange given the responsibility to operate and regulate the equities and fixed interest securities market.

The Botswana Share Market (BSM), the BSE’s forerunner initially came into existence in June 1989. At the time there was no formal stock exchange in Botswana, and BSM traded as an informal Market, although Stockbrokers Botswana Ltd, which at the time was the only stock broking in Botswana, acted like a stock exchange. Today there are a total of four registered brokers; Stockbrokers Botswana Ltd, Motswedi Securities, Capital Securities and African Alliance securities Botswana. In September 1994 the legislation to transform the BSM into a full stock exchange was passed by parliament paving the way for the establishment of the Botswana Stock Exchange where trading on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) opened in November 1995. The BSE’s Chief Executive Officer is Mr Hiran Mendis. The Stock Exchange Committee is formed by 9 individuals elected by the stockbrokers and three appointed by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. The Chairman of the Committee is Mr Patrick O’Flaherty. 180

Best of Botswana

The purpose of the exchange is to provide a transparent, well-regulated and efficient market for trading in shares and bonds. The BSE strategy is based on Trading sessions are at 9:30 am Monday to Friday. The BSE‘s success has been a result of contained efforts from both the government and the private sector expanding the market. From the commencement of the informal share market in 1989, we have seen the number of listed companies increasing from 5 at inception to the present 35. In addition, there are now 35 bonds and 2 exchange traded funds also listed. The Botswana Stock Exchange was set up as a statutory body through which government, quasi- government and the private sector can raise debt and equity capital. The BSE continues to be pivotal to Botswana’s financial system, and in particular the capital market, The BSE plays host to the most pre-eminent companies doing business in Botswana. These companies represent a spectrum of industries from Banking/financial services, Mining to Retailing, Wholesaling Tourism and Information Technology.

Favourable Investment Climate Botswana is in the very centre of Southern Africa and therefore is well positioned to facilitate business resulting from the increasing financial flows between the major industrial economies and Africa, as well as intra-African trade. Botswana offers a very favourable investment environment for those companies who wish to launch or diversify their business in the Southern Africa Region. Some of the reasons for locating businesses and raising capital in Botswana are detailed below. • The Pula is the most stable currency in the region, due to Botswana exporting more than 60 % of savings and Botswana’s foreign exchange reserves being in excess of 24 months import cover as a result. • Botswana enjoys the highest credit rating awarded to any country in Africa and the rating is comparable to that of developed economies. This makes Botswana the ideal market for raising capital at competitive rates. • There are no foreign exchange controls or foreign ownership limits in Botswana and dividends/profits from investments are freely repartriable. • A low taxation environment has been in place for some years to encourage inward investment and expansion by local business, and will be maintained for the foreseeable future. Corporate income tax is capped at 25 %, while a special 15 % rate is available for certain categories of manufacturing and all companies operating within the jurisdiction of the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC). • The legal framework which governs commercial activities has been recently modernised with the amendment to the companies act. Legislation and the Regulations pertaining to Capital market operations and the BSE will be amended shortly to enable the growth of the capital market. Political and Economic Stability • Botswana has enjoyed a multi-party democracy for over 45 years coupled with political stability and harmony. • Minerals, especially diamonds, have been the mainstay of Botswana’s economy

since independence in 1966. The sector accounts for 90 % of foreign exchange earnings and provides the single largest source of GDP, as well as of government revenue. Botswana also has large deposits of coal, natural gas and copper. Mining thus provides the basis for the growth of Botswana’s economy, giving it a position of stability from which to plan ahead for a more diversified economic future. Botswana has maintained a high GDP growth averaging 6.7% over the past 10 years. • Compared with most African countries, corruption is not a major problem. The government is committed to “zero tolerance” of corruption based on the resolve that in Botswana corrupt practices must remain a “high-risk, low-return undertaking”. Botswana has also been rated by Transparency International (TI) as one of the most transparent countries in Africa. The Exchange continues to be an active member of the Regional Committee of SADC Stock Exchanges (COSSE) and the African Stock Exchanges Association (ASEA). As the government privatisation programme unrolls the BSE will provide a market for listings by parastatals. BSE ROAD MAP 1989 - The BSE traces its humble beginnings to when it was known as the Botswana Share Market (BSM) in 1989 when it was formally established. In 1989, the BSM started with 5 listed entities. 1994/5 - In September 1994 the legislation to transform the BSM in to a full stock exchange was passed by Parliament paving the way for the establishment of the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) where trading opened in November 1995. 2001 - With effect from July 2001, a full time Chief Executive Officer was appointed with the aim of establishing an independent. 2003 - In April, in order to better execute the affairs of the Exchange, better serve stakeholders, be more responsive to global events and to remain competitive, the BSE discontinued the secretarial role of the Ernst

and Young Botswana to become a fully independent entity. 2006 - The BSE developed a strategic plan with the objective of developing the Capital Market. The BSE adopted seven strategic pillars to better execute its plans and these are; Infrastructure Development, Market Development, Product Development, Regulation, Governance, Human Resource Development and Financial Resources. 2008 - The Central Securities Depository (CSD) was implemented in May 2008 and share dematerialisation has been progressing well since. The BSE also commenced computation of 3 additional indices i.e. Local Asset Status Index (LASI), Foreign Resources Sector Index (FRSI) and the Domestic Financial Sector Index (DFSI) with effect from February 2008. BSE Board Charter was adopted in 2008. 2009 - The strategy to implement Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) was bearing fruit as the BSE held discussions with potential ETF issuers. In 2009 selected BSE publications were translated into Setswana. As at end 2009, there were 31 listed companies and 32 bonds listed on the BSE.

Botswana Stock Exchange EXCHANGE HOUSE Plot 64511 Fairgrounds Gaborone, Botswana Tel: 267 3180 201 Fax: 267 3180 175 E-mail: Best of Botswana


Chapter 10 Banking


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Chapter 11 Finance


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Best of Botswana


Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency

Introduction Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) was established by the Government of the Republic of Botswana in 2001 to provide financial and technical support for business development with a view to promote viable and sustainable citizen owned business enterprises. The Agency was established to address the need for coherent and holistic support for the development of small, medium and large scale enterprises through the soft window package. CEDA offers funding for start-ups, expansions, stock or working capital in new and existing business ventures. The Agency also offers business advisory services to entrepreneurs in various skills as identified through the needs assessment that is conducted during the monitoring of funded businesses. The underlying objectives of CEDA are: • Foster citizen entrepreneurship and empowerment; 190

Best of Botswana

• Promote economic diversification; • Encourage the development of competitive and sustainable citizen enterprises; • Create sustainable employment opportunities; • Promote the development of vertical and horizontal linkages between citizen enterprises and primary industries in Agriculture, mining and tourism. Our Products and Services comprise of: • Loans; • Equity; • Credit Guarantee Scheme; • Citizen Entrepreneur Mortgage Assistance Equity; • Invoice discounting/factoring; • Training and Mentoring. The Equity Component CEDA provides finance or a combination of both loans and equity, depending on the financial viability as well as the funding requirements of the project. However, the loan

shall be extended on commercial terms with interest rates charged at prime commercial linked rates depending on the risk associated with the project up to a maximum of P30 million for a period not exceeding 15 years. This offering is offered under the Structured Finance Department. Previously the management of the Agency’s pioneer equity fund, branded the CEDA Venture Capital Fund, was outsourced to a privately owned fund management company which was given a 10 year autonomous mandate to manage the fund on CEDA’s behalf. This fund was a closed-ended, general fund capitalised with seed capital to the tune of P200 million. Types of transactions • Start-ups; • Early stage investing; • Expansion capital; • Mergers and acquisitions; • Restructuring and turnarounds; • Management buy outs and buy ins.

Criteria for Assistance CEDA assistance will be in the form of financial assistance to citizen entrepreneurs and joint ventures wishing to start, expand, or acquire business operations in all sectors. To qualify for assistance the following shall be considered: • Citizens of 18 years or above; • Viable citizen businesses and joint venture businesses between citizens and foreigners; • Citizen owned businesses facing foreclosure and seeking to re-finance mortgage loans for land, commercial and industrial property in exchange for share of equity in their businesses; • Direct involvement of the shareholder in the project. Economic Development CEDA plays a critical role in supporting Government to address the issue of poverty eradication, unemployment, youth

empowerment and economic diversification. Since inception, CEDA has funded start-up businesses and expansions to the value of about P2 billion in various sectors of the economy, thus creating an estimated 28 000 jobs for Batswana. CEDA has actively engaged policy makers over the years on the need to improve access to Government procurement for SMMEs. This has resulted in Government issuing a directive to Central Government, local authorities and parastatals to procure goods and services from local companies, provided pricing is competitive, in order to grow local manufacturing base and support local businesses. In 2009, Government identified the Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) as an initiative meant to eradicate poverty and create wealth for Batswana. CEDA is an integral part of the Economic Diversification Drive as a provider of funding and business advisory services to local businesses.

P/Bag 00504 Gaborone Botswana Leseding House Plot 204 Independence Ave Gaborone Tel: +267 317 0895 Fax: +267 319 0001 Best of Botswana


The Botswana Unified Revenue Service The Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) is responsible for the assessment and collection of taxes in Botswana on behalf of the Government. It is charged with the responsibility for the assessment and collection of the Income Tax, the Value Added Tax, the Fuel Levy and the Capital Transfer Tax, and the administration of statutory controls at various border posts and other points of entry.

In addition, BURS is charged with the responsibility of collecting Customs and Excise duties on behalf of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU). Other responsibilities include accounting for the revenue collected on behalf of the Government. BURS plays a vital role in protecting Botswana’s borders and collecting the revenue that our government needs to provide services to the people of Botswana. In order for Botswana’s “Vision 2016” pillars to become a reality, we all need to make voluntary tax compliance a critical national priority. Over the past five years, tax revenue as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 192

Best of Botswana


botswana unified revenue service

has been more or less stable at around 20%. Further, the tax revenue as a proportion of government budget has been increasing consistently since 2005/06, signifying the growing importance of the tax revenue in the economy. Increase in the revenue collected will facilitate the construction of schools, roads and other physical infrastructure and increase the human resource and social development of the people of Botswana. BURS is committed to play a significant role in this process of development by enhancing revenue collections for the Government and providing excellent service to taxpayers. BURS continues to provide Taxpayer education to the public which aims to aid taxpayers and stakeholders to understand their tax obligations. This is based on the premise that it is easy for taxpayers to comply if they are aware of their obligations and understand the compliance process. Among the initiatives that BURS has undertaken includes strengthening of its initiatives in taxpayer education, intelligence network as well as improving accessibility and taxpayer services countrywide. BURS carries out these initiatives by conducting workshops,

participating at exhibitions and fairs, through different media channels etc.

Applicable tax rates are: • Income Tax - 0-25 % for resident individuals • (Threshold for individual taxpayers is P36 000 per annum) • VAT - 12% • Corporate Tax - 22% - 15% for manufacturing companies - 15% for IFSC companies • Dividend withholding tax rate - 7.5% • Customs & Excise Duties (different rates apply) For further information relating to any of the types, contact BURS on our toll-free phone number 17649 or visit BURS at one of our local offices.

Gaborone Head Office: + 267 363 8000/9000 Francistown: + 267 241 3635 Ghanzi: + 267 659 6456 Jwaneng: + 267 588 0695 Lobatse: + 267 533 0566 Mahalapye: + 267 471 0486 Maun: + 267 686 1321 Palapye: + 267 492 0388 S/Phikwe: + 267 261 3699

Plot 53976, Kudumatse Drive Private bag 0013, Gaborone Gaborone, Botswana E-mail: Tel: + 267 363 8000 / 363 9000 Fax: + 267 363 9999 Best of Botswana


Chapter 12 Insurance


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Barclays Bank of Botswana

Together reaching new highs Barclays. Always within reach

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Best of Botswana

Aon Botswana Your Premier Insurance Broker “At Aon, we constantly innovate and take pride in our unmatched ability to deliver the best value for our clients in a completely transparent fashion by uniting the strengths of our local, global and industry teams.”

Vision “We aim to be the world’s most responsive, client-focused insurance and consulting services company.” Aon Botswana is the preferred choice in risk management solutions based on our proven ability to crystallise business risks and effectively manage these to support the progress of your organisation. Aon offers a full range of services ranging from risk management to insurance, specialty insurance and reinsurance brokerage, employee benefit consulting and access to actuarial services out of its sister company in South Africa. With access to the global resources and distribution network of our parent company, Aon Corporation, Aon Botswana has the unique capability to design risk management solutions that address the special risks faced by corporate, commercial and individual 198

Best of Botswana

clients, particularly in Botswana and on the African continent. In Botswana, Aon is the largest corporate broker employing 105 employees, with representation in all major business centres, namely Gaborone, Francistown, Maun and Selebi Phikwe. We serve the following market segments: • • • • • •

Large multi-national groups; Large national groups; Medium – large organisations; Parastatals; Small organisations; Individuals.

Services Aon Consulting Aon Consulting comprises specialist teams offering consulting and administrative services in the disciplines of healthcare, retirement funding and actuarial. We

strengthen the business strategies and performance of our clients by integrating these units into holistic business plans to create sustainable growth. The services offered by Aon employee benefits consulting complement those of our core risk management business in a dual approach, extending the benefits offered by employers to their employees and through alleviating the administrative burden of employee benefits in healthcare and retirement funding. They are: • Pensions group life & schemes; • Credit life schemes; • Bank schemes. Aon Risk Solutions “A world of risk demands a world of ideas” At Aon Risk Solutions, experienced risk management and brokerage professionals capitalise on a range of skills, our global resources and distribution network to develop comprehensive, tailored solutions anywhere in the world. The following teams/ units work with you to identify your business needs and understand the complexity of your organisation to design creative, personalised solutions delivered seamlessly, anywhere in the world, through a local point of contact. • Personal lines division – covers include: car insurance, home owners insurance, all risks cover for Cell phones, laptops, IPods; • Guaranteed Loans Insurance Fund (GLIF); • Middle market; • Mining and energy; • Financials and manufacturing. Corporate Social Responsibility Business organisations in Botswana have the aptitude to unlock the way to manypositive

opportunities for the communities where they do business. On that account, Aon Botswana has to be an essential part of tackling the big challenges facing society – whether they be the HIV scourge that’s tormenting our nation or lack of recreational activities which often expose our people (especially young people) to indulge in activities that may harm or destroy their future. As a great believer in giving back to the community that forms part

Aon Head Office - Gaborone Aon House, Plot 50368 Gaborone Business Park Showground, Gaborone Tel: + 267 361 7300 Fax: + 267 3914608 E-mail: Aon Francistown 1st Floor, Autolot House Blue Jacket Street, Francistown Tel: + 267 241 2191 Fax: + 267 241 3291

of its customer base, Aon Botswana seeks to reposition itself as an organisation that does well by doing good for the community through rendering support to government initiatives put in place to improve the lives of Batswana, hence the decision to partner with Holy Cross Hospice in helping families with HIV/AIDS and other threatening illnesses with a variety of services to heal, sustain and strengthen the community.

Aon Maun Sethunya House Office No. 5, Maun Tel: + 267 686 1371 Fax: + 267 686 1481 Aon Selebi Phikwe Phikwe Square, Plot 2537 Unit 33, Selebi Phikwe Tel: + 267 261 3305 Fax: + 267 261 3313 Best of Botswana


Chapter 13 Security


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Best of Botswana


Prevailing Security Systems Prevailing Securities (Pty) Ltd strives to offer comprehensive security services that are dedicated to meeting the ongoing needs of its clients. Since its founding in 2005, it has provided security guards and performed installation to a vast network of facilities.


Best of Botswana

The company is dedicated to delivering an excellent service at a competitive price and is 100% Batswana citizen owned. Its team includes former members of national security forces who have a total of over 10 years of experience in the fight against crime. The team have Business graduates, a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. We are committed to quality assurance based on ISO 9001 SPECIFICATION. Our guards are thus subjected to continuous training in line with international industry standards. Our company prides itself on being much more than just another Security Company. We realise that each client has special requirements and we do our utmost to identify with their individual needs and then provide complete satisfaction. Prevailing Securities’ workmanship is quality controlled, ensuring that the highest standard of excellence is adhered to at all times. The company’s technical experience is comparable to the largest security companies in the country. Our first priority is to ensure that our experience, teamed with professional staff exceed client expectations in managing their security requirements. The protection level of the Fully Armoured Monocoque armoured vehicle with newly developed fibreglass trimmings, is the highest in Botswana and because of the high protection level, higher value commodities can be transported in it, such as Reserve Banks. Due to the high volume and value of money transported for Reserve Banks, this vehicle would be ideal for what we call “secure to secure” runs, such as from the airport to the Reserve Bank. Best of Botswana


The fact that Prevailing Securities can now offer the banks in Botswana “Mobile Banking� is a huge benefit to the banks, who in effect will increase clientele offering these clients in rural areas the opportunity to utilise their banking services. We offer WhistleBlower Management as research indicates that tips continue to be the most effective means of detecting fraud. The development of a whistleblower protection policy is an important element of any effective fraud prevention and mitigation strategy and clearly demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to good corporate governance and comprehensive fraud and corruption risk management We also offer Fraud Risk Management where we work with clients to identify areas where the organisation is at risk, together with an assessment of the likelihood that those risks will eventuate and estimate of their impact. Finally, we develop measures to minimise the risks. Our fraud risk management service aims to reduce the likelihood of loss through fraud. We can help management to evaluate suspicions, investigate them vigorously, improve recoveries and provide evidence that will allow you to make appropriate decisions 204

Best of Botswana

that can be used in future proceedings, through Fraud and Financial Investigations. Clients Amongst the number of clients the company has, we have several contracts with organisations such as The Department of Broadcasting (in remote areas including Jwaneng, Kanye, Mahalapye, Palapye. Serowe and Francistown), The Gaborone City Council, Botswana Power Corporation, Botswana Housing Corporation and University of Botswana, High Range and Golden Fruits. We have also completed a number of contracts for The City of Francistown Council, South East District Council, Selibe Phikwe Town Council, Labatse Town Council, Ministry of Health at Nyangabwe Referral Hospital, Car World and Sistec. Armoured Monocoque • Fully Armoured Shell Mounted onto the Chassis

• Protection Level: B6 • Calibre: 7.62 x 51 rounds • Steel: 6mm Armoured Steel - will stop multiple rounds • Glass: 44mm Bullet Resistant Glass • Polycarbonate – will stop 3 shots within a 120mm triangle

• • • • • • •

Internal Layout can be as per the required application i.e.: • Cash-in-Transit • Mobile Banking Unit – 2x Pay Points • Bulk Carrier for Reserve Banks • Bullion Carrier for the Mining Industry

Prevailing Management Mr Shadrack Baaitse Shadrack is the company managing director / founder and has been in the security field for over seven years. He has worked for National Security and has acquired Security Specialist and Security Management certificates. His major task incorporates supervising the service department, liaison with financial and commercial institutions.

Our Services: • Vehicle Tracking Devices • Fleet Management • Access Control Systems • Digital Surveillance Systems • Video/ Audio Intercom • CCTV Installations • Physical Guards

Security Training General Security Consultancy Guards and Guard Dogs Fire and Smoke Detection System Time Attendance Cash-In-Transit Security audit / survey

Tel: +267 395 3330 Best of Botswana


G4S G4S is the world’s leading security solutions group, specialising in outsourcing of business processes in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. G4S (Botswana) Limited is a trusted partner of governments, corporations, private companies, embassies, parastatals and non-governmental organisation (NGOs).

The Company’s integrated approach to offering comprehensive security solutions is based on a broad range of specialist services. This inclusive security solutions capability - under one organisational structure and in tandem with a wide geographical reach allows G4S to provide a unique approach to comprehensive security solutions. G4S is listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange and has a shareholding partnership in which G4S plc holds 70% shareholding while the remaining 30% are in the hands of citizens and local institutions. G4S plc listed on the London Stock Exchange brings the international expertise and resources of a leading global security group. G4S has over 2300 employees delivering services to governments and private sector clients across the country including operations in Gaborone, Francistown, SelebiPhikwe, Ramotswa, Jwaneng, Lobatse and Palapye. 206

Best of Botswana

Physical security and security systems are becoming increasingly linked. G4S meets customers’ expectations for a comprehensive security solution with a flexible combination of products and services from the following departments: Manned Security G4S manned security solutions are customised to each client’s individual needs, using the most appropriate combination of manned guarding and security technology. Site-specific and tailor-made procedures are agreed with the client at the onset of each contract. Regular consultation between G4S security managers and the client, especially with regard to risk assessment and customer care, ensures continual adaptation and improvement of performance management and consequent customer satisfaction. This concept of integrated security solutions is based on two simple objectives:

the Company aims to offer the client the most cost effective option available in the market and sets clear quantifiable goals in terms of benefits generated. As a member of a worldwide market leader active in over 110 countries, G4S Botswana has access to highly specialised security expertise specific to airports, mines, custodial services, cash solutions, hospitality and financial institutions. Secure Monitoring and Response Through its state-of-the-art national control room in Gaborone, G4S is able to monitor a wide range of individually identifiable signals, including, but not limited to: • Security alarms • Electric fences • Fire alarms • Medical emergency alarms • Illegal access signals • Vehicle tracking • Low battery power alerts • Portable panic buttons • CCTV remote images By deploying the optimum number of response crews G4S Botswana is able to achieve the quickest average response time in the industry. All crews are highly trained and experienced, and are under constant direct supervision of the control rooms. Vehicles are fitted with vehicle tracking devices, and all events and communications are logged for most effective control and performance standards management. Through its extensive international connections, G4S Botswana has access to the most specialised expertise in the world and is able to design the most cost effective options for technical security solutions. In addition to the full range of alarms systems for residential and business applications, G4S designs and supplies the following: • Access control systems • Visual alarm verification systems

• Vehicle tracking and fleet management systems • High security alarms • Fire alarm systems • Safes • CCTV systems • Time locks / time delay systems for safes and strong rooms • Intercom systems • Guard patrol monitoring systems Scheduled as well as unscheduled technical support for the above product range is also offered. Cash Solutions G4S Cash Services is the leading provider of integrated cash management solutions in Botswana. The division specialises in the secure transportation, storage of cash and, valuables; cash counting, cash processing as well as ATM replenishment and maintenance

for 90 percent of the financial institutions in the country. All movement of cash is carried out in armoured vehicles and smoke box fitted vehicles. Key aspects of these services include: • Cash transport using end-to-end technological protection • Cash management – processing of deposits and sorting bank notes • ATM Services - replenishment, management of availability, first line maintenance and custodial services • Key security – collection and delivery of strong room keys to remove overnight risk to clients • Security products – tamper evident bags, seals, coin boxes • Teller planting services - provision of tellers for cash processing services Best of Botswana


Mining the resource, enriching the nation


Best of Botswana

Chapter 14 Mining and Engineering

Best of Botswana


Mining the resource, enriching the nation

On 25th March, 1992 the name of the company was subsequently changed to Debswana Diamond Company (Proprietary) Limited. The company’s primary objective is diamond mining and associated processes. Debswana operates the Orapa, Letlhakane, Jwaneng and Damtshaa Mines. The four mines have contributed significantly to Botswana’s socio-economic growth 210

Best of Botswana

through diamond revenue, transforming the country from an agriculturally based economy in the 1960s to a country that has consistently displayed one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. Through its Jwaneng Mine, Debswana is the world’s leading diamond producer by value. Debswana is also the second largest producer by volume.

Safety, Health and Environment Since inception, Debswana continues to uphold employee safety as a critical success factor to its business. The company is steadfast in its commitment to attain zero harm to employees in every day work. In this respect, the diamond mining company has taken major steps and launched a companywide Safety Risk Management Programme,

Debswana Diamond Company Debswana Diamond Company (Pty) Ltd is a unique partnership between the Government of the Republic of Botswana and De Beers. The company was incorporated on 23rd June, 1969 under the original name of De Beers Botswana Mining Company (Proprietary) Limited.

the objective of which is to provide all its employees with appropriate safety training. The first company in the world to provide its employees with Anti-Retroviral Treatment, Debswana continues to play a meaningful role in Botswana’s health front. In 2010, the company successfully launched the ‘My Campaign’ HIV/AIDS strategy aimed at ensuring employees appreciate and

optimally use and benefit from its Disease Management Programme and other wellness and HIV/AIDS service offerings. Its Orapa and Jwaneng hospitals act as referral hospitals for communities in the vicinities of the mines. Debswana takes an active interest in conservation, and has created two viable game parks in the mining lease areas around its two principal mines, Jwaneng and Orapa.

These parks provide a vital sanctuary for wildlife in areas where wildlife has otherwise been forced out through encroachment, cattle farming and poaching. Corporate Social Investment As a good corporate citizen, Debswana subscribes to the philosophy that its entrepreneurial success should be Best of Botswana


underpinned by social and economic responsibility. In line with this ethos, the company has a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) policy aimed at creating a legacy of prosperity and sustainability. This is done through a sound partnership with communities in which Debswana mines operate and the country in general. Production Following a challenging 2009 due to the global recession, Debswana mines recorded excellent performance in 2010, producing 22.2 million carats compared to 17.7 million in the previous year. In 2010, Debswana yet again retained the ‘World’s largest diamond producer by value and volume’, as confirmed by the Kimberly Process.

Debswana mines run hospitals that provide service to communities in which the mines operate.


Best of Botswana

Major Projects In 2010, Debswana achieved a number of milestones that undoubtedly reaffirmed the company’s position as one the leading diamond mining companies in the world. In December 2010, Botswana’s President, His

Excellency Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama commissioned the Cut 8 project, Debswana’s single largest investment since the company’s inception. This 24 billion Pula project has already created over 2000 jobs for Batswana. Another major project that the company undertook in 2010 is the construction of the 90 mega watts Orapa Turbine Power Plant, which will go a long way in alleviating power shortage in Botswana and thus help curb business interruption due to power blackouts experienced in the country. The project has been handed over to the Botswana Power Corporation who will operate and manage it. Debswana also embarked on the expansion of its coal subsidiary, the Morupule Colliery, a project that will see Botswana’s coal production capacity treble from the current one million tons per annum to just over three million tons thus securing power supply to the nation for the medium term. The expansion project will cost close to 1.5 billion Pula and is expected to be completed in 2012. Future Outlook Following the launch of its new strategy dubbed the ‘Debswana 2013 & beyond: A High Performance Organisation’ in early 2011, Debswana is now focusing on maximizing the long-term value generation through improvements in productivity and efficiency as

One of the company’s major projects in 2010 was the construction of the Orapa 90MW Turbine Power Plant, to alleviate power shortage in Botswana.

it strives to be a world-class operated mining company with world-class assets. According to the company’s Managing Director, Jim Gowans, who took office in January 2011, this strategy will see Debswana produce improved returns which will also position it to lengthen its strategic business plan resulting in the ultimate benefit to the people of Botswana through dividends derived from Debswana diamonds.

PO Box 329 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 361 4226 Fax: +267 318 0778 Email: Best of Botswana


Bothakga Burrow Mining Bothakga Burrow Mining is a wholly Botswana citizen owned mining contracting firm which is headquartered in Gaborone, Botswana. The firm prides itself in merging international best practice with local Botswana expertise to deliver appropriate solutions. In so doing, we are able to offer our clients superior quality and value.

“We have a commitment to the integrity of our service, and utilising our most important asset – our people, we deliver ingenuity and responsible leadership in our project execution,” With a strength of over 500 personnel both technical and operational, in our portfolio of mining operations, the firm is well positioned, capable and committed to understanding our clients’ needs and aspirations to find the best way to transform an idea into reality and to further provide multi-disciplinary expertise required for successful planning and implementation of a diverse range of mineral resource management, mining and mineral processing programmes and projects. Bothakga Burrow Mining has been providing contract mining services to the Botswana Mining environment since 2005. The first contract was in the Orapa/Letlhakane and Damtshaa operations with a fleet of 60ton rigid dump trucks and associated mining support equipment. A select list of some of the Projects undertaken by the Firm: 214

Best of Botswana

1. Orapa Diamond Mine »» Open pit Mining • Waste mining to support Debswana Mining Operations after a slope and ramp failure, as well as fire damage to primary loading shovel • Waste extraction 2. Letlhakane DK2 Diamond Mine »» Open Pit Mining Stage 2 • Pushback of Kimberlite Pipe DK2 • Waste and Ore Extraction ~~ Key Figures: 12.9 million tons in 5x14m benches 3. Jwaneng Cut 8 Phase 1 Mining »» Open Pit Mining Cut 8 • Pushback of Kimberlite Pipe • Waste and Ore Extraction ~~ Key Figures: Removal of 60 million tons

4. Damtshaa BK12 Open Pit Project »» Open Pit Mining Stage 2 • Pushback Half Shell of Kimberlite Pipe BK12 • Waste and Ore Extraction ~~ Key Figures: 10.3m tons in 5 x 10m benches 5. Jwaneng MTP Tailings and Calcrete Project »» Advanced Works contract for Cut 8 Project • Relocation of MTP Tailings • Mining of Calcrete deposit in the Pit 6. Tati Nickel Tailings Dump Management • Tailings Dump dozing operations of 1200t/hr feed • Grading and Compacting operations for dump level maintenance • Grasshopper and Spreader Advance

7. Jwaneng Cut 8 Phase 2 Mining (Majwe Mining JV with Leighton, Basil Read & Bothakga Burrow) • Contract Mining Operations to move 658 million tons of waste over 60 months for a contract value of US$586m, at Jwaneng Mine.

• • • • •

20 ton Graders 18000 Litre Water Carts 12 ton Smooth Drum Rollers Fleet of Custom made Service Trucks Fleet of Custom made Field Support Vehicles

We further leverage on synergies created with our Joint Venture partners to execute major projects in Botswana and the Region for leading global diamond, coal and gold producers. Some Plant and Machinery Owned by the Firm • Fleet of 100 ton rigid dump trucks • Fleet of 60 ton rigid dump trucks • 110 ton Excavator • 40 ton Front End Loaders • 61 ton Track Dozers • 70 ton Track Dozer

Plant Workshops Plot 21310 Phakalane Industrial Tel: +267 3181265 Fax: +267 3939084 Email: Best of Botswana


Tati Nickel Mining Company Tati Nickel Mining Company has been in operation since 1988 after the discovery of nickel and copper sulphide deposits at Selkirk and Phoenix Mines (1995) in the north east of Botswana, 45KM from Francistown.

TNMC is owned 85% by Norilsk Nickel Group of Companies and 15% by the Government of Botswana. Norilsk Nickel is the worlds largest producer of nickel and palladium and one of the leading producers of platinum and copper with operations in Australia, Russia, South Africa, Finland and Botswana. Our vision is, “to be a sustainable world class nickel metal producer through optimisation of our resources.” We care for our people, our country and protection of the environment in which we conduct business. TNMC complies to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) quality awards system: ISO 14001, 9001, 17025 and OHSAS18001.

Bogdan Kuzhel – Managing Director (a)


Best of Botswana

Production Mining at Tati Nickel has been confined to the Phoenix and Selkirk mining leases. However new prospecting licenses were acquired

in 2010 and early 2011 to discover more ore bodies beyond the mining leases. The current exploration work and other recent developments estimates Tati Nickel mine life of up to 2023. The mineral composition in the sulphide ore at the Phoenix open pit, contains very low ore grade compared to other base metal mines in the world, however, the existing process allows the mine to treat grades of as low as 0.15% nickel profitably hence achieving its business objective of being a sustainable world class nickel metal producer. The Dense Medium Separation Plant The Dense Medium Separation Plant (DMS) was commissioned in 2008 to pre concentrate the low grade ores of between 0.2 ~ 0.25%Ni and upgrade them to richer concentrate by a ratio of between 0.3 ~ 0.4%Nickel. This plant is the first of its kind in the base metal industry and it is the largest in Africa. The DMS technology shows a remarkable impact of expanding the overall throughput capacity and in turn significantly extend the life of mines. Phoenix Analytical Laboratory Tati Nickel’s Phoenix Analytical Laboratory

plays a pivotal role in directing decision making especially determining the value and quality of our product (nickel concentrates). Profoundly, the Phoenix Analytical Laboratory is Tati Nickel’s pride and the first and only lab in the mining industry in Botswana to be awarded the South African National accreditation Systems award (SANAS), ISO 17025 in geochemical analysis. Corporate Social Responsibility Tati Nickel Mining Company has a well coordinated CSR programme which started in 2007 with a view to “promote a healthy, well educated and skilled community with enhanced employment and business opportunities”. The first three years of the CSR programme, the main strategy was to empower communities in the vicinity of the mine, within a radius of 70 kilometres, and the two main areas were social investment (education, health and community development) and business development (commercial, industrial and agriculture). Education is a flagship project within the CSR programme. TNMC and the Department of Education in Francistown jointly initiated the

Result Improvement Project for Mathematics and Science subjects. With this project, ten junior secondary schools and five senior secondary schools have benefited by getting their libraries equipped with computers with internet connectivity, multi-media equipment for learner assistance and installation of computers with internet connectivity in computer labs, including software for mathematics and science. Since 2007, TNMC has spent P7,470,000 in education and out of this P5,235,67.20 was spent on secondary education. As Tati Nickel Mining Company we strive towards the achievement of the Vision 2016 pillar of ‘An Educated and Informed Nation’.

PO Box 1272 Francistown, Botswana Tel: +267 2410701 Fax: +267 2416215 Email: Best of Botswana


Ihawu Mining Proudly and wholly citizen owned, Ihawu Holdings (Pty) is a total solutions road logistics, mining and construction industry services partner.


At inception, the company was established as a road transporter; as we grew, our mining customer base proving haulage, an opportunity presented itself at one of the leading mining houses - and that is how the Mining division was born. We have never looked back. Mine Contracting and plant Hire Employing more than 500 people, Ihawu Holdings (PTY) Ltd offers a full range of surface/pit mining services. Our Total Solutions Package has been our major strength to our mining partners - that is mining, loading and haulage. Our mining equipment fleet includes articulated dump trucks, excavators, dozers, graders, water bowsers and loaders. We continue to be advocates of safety driven operations, hence our subscription to 218

Best of Botswana

‘Safety is not negotiable’. This is driven by policies that are aimed at operating in safe environments, with safe equipment guided by safety conscious people. Our safety record remains impeccable.

Major recent projects: • Francistown Airport • Maun Airport • Francistown Stadium • Ramokgwebana Road

Total Mining Solutions • Contract Mining • Loading • Transportation

Gravel and Sands The company is a fully licensed harvester and supplier of river sand and pit sand. We also supply gravel.

Aggregates and Concrete Products This division is one of Botswana’s leading suppliers of all types and sizes of aggregates – for building construction and road surfacing. The company has a washing plant on site to ensure that we meet the various demands of our customers. We also supply quarry dust and all these products are delivered to the site with the support of our transport unit.

Stock Bricks and Concrete Products The company is not new to the manufacture of stock bricks. This used to be the core business through a sister company – the well known Monabel Concrete Products. This company changed the landscape of Francistown and surrounds in the 1990s as a lot of modern buildings, schools and housing estates were proudly supplied by

this company. We continue to supply quality products only now using the holding company name Ihawu Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a proud member of the Khupe Group of companies. Total Solutions: All products landed on time at your project and guaranteed.

Contact Person: Abel Khupe Private Bag F333 Francistown Botswana Tel: +267 2413336 Fax: +267 2414522 Email: Best of Botswana


All That Glitters Optimising Botswana’s Mineral Wealth

Diamonds are the backbone of Botswana’s economy and have transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world at independence to a thriving middle class economy. In addition to its thriving diamond, gold, copper, nickel, cobalt and coal mining industries, Botswana boasts a wealth of under-explored minerals, good infrastructure and a mining-friendly government. The country retained its top 10 position in the influential Fraser Institute’s 2010 Midyear Survey of Mining Companies. Botswana’s was ranked eighth in the world and first in the developing world as an attractive investment location among major mining jurisdictions. The scores for major African mining jurisdictions were: Botswana (79.3), Ghana (54.4), Tanzania (52.9), Namibia (50.4), Zambia (47.1), South Africa (39.6), DRC (29.6) and Zimbabwe (14.2). Meanwhile, a recent risk survey rated Botswana the world’s third best place for mining, behind Australia and Canada and ahead of the United States. Exploration continues with the aim of unearthing the country’s uranium, silver and platinum mining potential. This process is being driven by the Government of Botswana’s Department of Geological Survey (DGS), which makes use of Japanese satellites in mineral exploration in Botswana. Diamonds are the backbone of Botswana’s economy and have transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world at independence to a thriving middle class economy. Jwaneng, which produces 9.3 million tons of kimberlite ore per year at a ratio of 1.25 carats of diamond per ton, is the richest diamond mine in the world when measured by value of recovered diamonds. Known 220

Best of Botswana

reserves at Jwaneng will produce at current levels for at least the next 20 years. Jwaneng is one of four major diamond mines in the country that are jointly owned by the Botswana Government and De Beers. The oldest of the four, Orapa, is located along the ‘Orapa Kimberlite Track,’ near the boarder with Zimbabwe. The others are the Lethakane mine, which is the second oldest, and the Damtshaa Mine. The country’s first independent diamond mine – the Lucara Diamonds and African Diamonds joint venture AK6 mine – will start production in 2011. Botswana’s diamond mining potential is also attracting attention globally. After successful prospecting at four sites, UK mining company Firestone plans to develop four new diamond mines two of them near diamond rich Jwaneng and Orapa. Along with Zimbabwe and South Africa, Botswana is one of Africa’s major nickel producers. The Selibwi Phikwe mine is the focal point of the copper-nickel-cobalt mining industry producing 40 000t of copper-nickel matte per year for refining in Zimbabwe and Norway. The Tati Nickel Mining company near Francistown, which is owned by Anglo American (43%), Canadian Lionore Mining International (41%) and the Botswana government (15%), has two operating mines, Selkirk and Phoenix with production estimated around 320 000 t of nickel concentrate per year grading at about 5.5%. African Copper’s flagship Mowana mine produced 6,4 million tons of copper concentrate in the fifteen months ended March 31, 2010. Hana Mining’s Ghanzi Copper-Silver Project in northwestern Botswana covers approximately 2,200 square kilometers with at least six exploration targets identified to date. Discovery Metals is also exploring for

nickel in the Dikoloti area and for copper and silver in Maun. Botswana’s gold mining operations are concentrated around Francistown where gold is hosted within structurally controlled greenstone belts, which extend across from Zimbabwe. The Tati and Vumba greenstone belts are considered to have excellent potential with production amounting to approximately 400 000 oz of gold. Australia’s Gallery Gold has placed its entire exploration focus on gold in Botswana. Exploration spans an area of 2 300 square kilometres that covers some 90% of both the Tati and Vumba greenstone belts. The most promising prospect appears to be the company’s wholly owned Mupane Gold Mine which produces an estimated 100,000 ounces of gold a year. Whilst Botswana has vast coal resources estimated at over 200 000 megatonnes these resources are grossly under-exploited with production of less than one million tonnes a year. The Australian listed energy company Aviva Corporation has identified huge potential at its Mmamantswe coal mining project, some 100 km from Gaborone with reserves in the region of 895 million tones. Uranium exploration is taking place across the length and breadth of Botswana with over 100 prospecting licenses having been issued. Australian company, A-Cap Resources Ltd is so far the only company with advanced plans to start the first Uranium mining in Botswana. The company expects to have started mining the resources in 2011. State-affiliated Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) has become the first company to explore for platinum in Botswana.JOGMEC has partnered with Australian firm Discovery Metals to jointly explore for platinum and nickel in Dikoloti in north-eastern Botswana.

Abdulla Associates In early 2009, the directors of ABDULLA ASSOCIATES identified the need to launch a Quality management system process. They consulted BOBS who specified the standard to be archived as the ISO 9001:2008.

Mlimani City Conference Centre - Tanzania

The Square

and delivery of quality products and services to our clients. Abdulla Associates is committed to ensuring these standards are achieved or exceeded on this project. Directors A R Abdulla - B Eng (Hons) GDE Pr Eng A B Abdulla - Bsc MCE

Abdulla Associates staff

Abdulla Associates is a wholly citizen owned civil and structural engineering consulting firm that was formed in 1999 by its two principals and shareholders, Messrs AR Abdulla and AB Abdulla, both of whom equally own 50% of the company shares. The two principals remain actively involved in the day to day operations of the company as directors, and have surrounded themselves with a dedicated team of citizen technical and administrative staff complement. Since its inception Abdulla Associates has grown in resources and expertise and undertaken numerous projects in and around Botswana. It has developed core competencies in building project management, structural engineering and geotechnical engineering. Abdulla Associates also has become increasingly sought out by their client

base to provide multi-disciplinary building and engineering solutions for every stage of project life cycle from feasibility studies, to design and construction and contract management with cost control. Abdulla Associates experience covers a wide range of developments in industrial, commercial, residential, health, institutional and infrastructure projects. Abdulla Associates has been particularly successful in securing private sector projects and project management of construction projects in emerging markets. ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATION In August 2010, Abdulla Associates were awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Certification by the Botswana Bureau of Standards. This quality certification was testimony to the firm having put into place systems for ensuring production

Staffing Abdulla Associates strives to maintain appropriate staffing levels, and ratios of technical and administrative staff to professional staff to adequately respond to its workload and client requirements. At the same time Abdulla Associates also prides itself in providing its clients with the personal and direct involvement of at least one of principals on every project throughout a project’s life and so limits its size and workloads accordingly. Currently Abdulla Associates have a total, full time staff complement of 14, consisting of four qualified engineers, 1 junior engineers, 6 engineering technicians and 4 administrative staff. All of Abdulla Associates staff are citizens, except for one engineer and one administrative staff and wherever possible preference is given to citizens when employing staff.

Plot 64, Unit 12 Gaborone International Commerce Park (Botswana) PO Box 26685 Gaborone Botswana Tel: (+267) 3907385 Fax: (+267) 3907196 Best of Botswana


Systems & Services Engineers (Pty) Ltd ‘‘Delivering innovative, sustainable and socially responsible engineering solutions on the built environment and infrastructure projects’’

One of the leading Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Consultancies in Botswana, Systems & Services Engineers (Pty) Ltd (SSE) is a Gaborone based incorporated company offering consultancy in electrical power systems, electrical and mechanical services installations in building and associated infrastructure to both the public and private sectors. The company, which is 100% Botswana citizen owned has been in operation for over 13 years. Systems & Services Engineers is a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers Botswana (ACEB).



Our Vision To be the preferred provider of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services by building a reputation of consistent 222

Best of Botswana

good quality service through the provision of value added and environmentally sustainable solutions. Our Mission The promotion of professionalism, accountability and responsibility to our stakeholders being our Clients,our Employees and the Community in which we live and carry out our business. Our Values Fairness and Good Faith. Human Resource Development and Empowerment of Employees. Ethical Conduct. “Botho” – Respect for Others. Ecological Sustainability awareness in our work practices. Company Ownership & Resources The company is 100% Botswana citizen owned. The Managing Director of the firm is Mr. Alex Monchusi. Mr Monchusi who wholly owns the firm, is a Chartered Engineer (UK) with over 20 years local and international experience having worked for many years in London and New York. Best of Botswana


MD - Mr Alex Monchusi

The company operates from fully equipped offices in Gaborone. Our current full time staff compliment is 20. Many of the engineers are Chartered or Registered with Professional Engineering bodies and have regional and international qualifications & work experience having studied and worked in places like New York, London, Ireland, the Middle East, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana & Zimbabwe. Providing Leadership in the Business Community Systems & Services Engineers (Pty) Ltd, through its Managing Director, Mr Alex Monchusi has over the years provided leadership to the Construction Industry and the Private Sector in Botswana at large. Mr Monchusi, a mechanical engineer by profession, is a past Chairman of the Association of Consulting Engineers Botswana (ACEB) as well as having held several board memberships in such organisations as the Public Procurement & Asset Disposal Board (PPADB), First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB) and others. 224

Best of Botswana

Currently Mr Monchusi is the President of the Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM). He holds a BEng degree from England, an MSc from Scotland and an MBA from the University of Cape Town (UCT). Professional Services Rendered • Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health (MEP) Building Engineering Services. • Power Systems projects encompassing Power Generation, and Distribution • Infrastructure Development – Civil, Power Distribution • Project Management • Condition Surveys & Energy Audits • Feasibility Studies • Technical Audits/Independent Technical Advice Sectors Served: Our appointments range across all sectors including; • Government Departments • Private Sector • Local Authorities

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Parastatals “Green’’ Sustainable Developments Defence/Military Establishments Healthcare Laboratories Commercial Office Blocks Financial Education Institutional Retail & Leisure Hotels Sports Stadia Industrial/Manufacturing Auditoria Residential & Mixed Use Developments

Quality Assurance Policy Systems & Services Engineers strives to achieve quality in design, thoroughness,

concern for appropriate technology and care throughout for the Clients’ interest. We aim to provide each client with highest quality professional service which is also personal and respectful. These ideals, we believe, are fundamental to providing professional consultancy services. Staff are trained to view each project as an opportunity to exceed client expectations through the provision of the highest quality services and we all recognise that the end product will be a reflection of our service and an inspiration to others. We are in the process of attaining the ISO 9001 certification.

Gaborone International Commerce Park Plot 104, Unit 12 & 22 PO Box 5411 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 3161176 Fax: +267 3161178 Email: Best of Botswana


Chapter 15 Property, Building and Construction


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Bridgetown Holiday Resort Botswana’s first self catering luxury resort offers investment opportunities to individuals and organisations.

Bridgetown Resort is undoubtedly one of Botswana’s most luxurious tourist investments to date. Situated in the town of Kasane, a major wildlife hub in the country, the establishment is being constructed just along the banks of the famed Chobe River. The river flows from Angola into Namibia, then Botswana before coming together with the Zambezi then flowing through Zimbabwe and ending in Mozambique. Bridgetown is being constructed a few kilometers from the country-linking bridge over the Zambezi River. The region boasts several species of plant and animal life, hot springs and a diverse cultural heritage. Upon completion, Bridgetown will boast a luxury lodge, wellness centre, 228

Best of Botswana

convenience stores, 110 fully furnished self-catering apartments as well as other up market amenities. The architecture of the design has been engineered to complement Kasane’s geography: the winding path of the river and the depth and mystery of the valleys. Instead of the traditional housing layout where the bedrooms are on the top floor, Bridgetown apartments have a seating area on the ground floor, the bedrooms on the first floor, and the lounge on the second floor. This should enable tenants to enjoy the magnificent scenery, such as the steam from the nearby Victoria Falls on a clear day. The Bridgetown development is a hybrid between a tourism development and a hotel investment with the majority of the

110 cabanas up for sale on a sectional title basis. Individuals or companies can purchase the cabanas as an investment with an option for owner occupation and right of use as provided for in the operational guidelines. The complex also includes common use facilities such as a world class gym and sauna, restaurants, bar, convenience store complemented by well manicured and landscaped gardens punctuated by four infinity swimming pools within the grounds. The landscaping will be themed around the main feature, the Chobe River, with storm water utilised to create meandering watering canals for the grounds. A boardwalk deck will present a Best of Botswana


wonderful view of the mighty Chobe River while strolling in between the row of single storied and three storied cabanas. The first phase of the project should be completed in December 2011, as construction is well underway. This phase includes thirteen two-bedroom cabanas and ten single-storey, one-bedroom cabanas. Although it is a mammoth project, it is within the confines and premise of what Kasane is. While at Bridgetown, one would have access to Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, the Victoria Falls across in Zambia 230

Best of Botswana

and Zimbabwe, the Chobe National Park which has the highest population of African elephants in the continent, as well the renowned wonder that is the Okavango Delta. Bridgetown will serve as both a holiday resort and a wealth-sharing property investment facility with Kasane being a tourism destination of choice that traditionally has experienced high occupancy rates. Complemented by the advent of infrastructural developments such as the country-linking bridge over

the Zambezi and the upgrading of the airport supported by the establishment of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA), it is expected that the inflow of visitors into Kasane will increase. The borders of Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia meet here, not only linking the five countries, but placing their strongest tourist attractions (and protected areas) in the same zone. KAZA’s vision is to “Establish a world-class transfrontier conservation area and tourism destination in the Okavango and Zambezi

river-basin regions within the context of sustainable development.� The countries have agreed on having a singular visa for visitors who wish to explore the areas’ attractions. Kasane is the hub for KAZA, with offices having recently been commissioned. Bridgetown is therefore coming at an opportune time. Lifestyle Adventures while at Bridgetown Through the network of tour operators and shuttle providers accredited by Bridgetown, visitors to this luxurious resort

will be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities including the following: Safari, Hunting, Photography, River & Mokoro Boating, Camping, Quad Biking, Angling & Birding, 4x4 Trails and Nature Drives, Tour Bus, Micro Light, Light Aircraft and Helicopter Flights, Bunji, Swing & Gorge Jumps, Wire Slide, White Water Rafting, River Boarding, Jet Boating, Horse Back Trails, Golf, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Leisure and Relaxation River Cruises.

Marketing and Sales Office Office Number 6 Oasis Motel Complex Plot 171, Zeerust Road, Tlokweng Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 3934635 Fax: +267 3934630 Contact: Mompati Peter Maruapula, General Manager Email: Cell: +267 72421503 Best of Botswana


Saatchi and Saatchi (Pty) Ltd Founded in Botswana in 2004, Saatchi Civils is a building and Civil Engineering construction company, private house builder, industrial developer and investor.

S a a t chi & S a a t chi ( P t y ) L t d C IV IL E N G IN E E R IN G A N D B U IL D IN G C O N T R A C T O R S P .O .B O X 2 5 7 8 S E L E B I P H IK W E P H O N E / F A X :2 6 1 0 8 7 8 C E L L : 7 1 6 7 4 6 6 7 E - M A IL : S a a t chi@B ot sn et .bw

Aggregate Crushing Plant

Saatchi Civils is a locally based company with more than five years of design, procurement and management experience in Civil Engineering. This has involved building projects of varying size and nature, as well as projects of limited budgets.

Primary Foundation


Best of Botswana

Group resources The parent company Saatchi and Saatchi (pty) ltd is a practitioner of the designand-build concept as well as partnering approaches to the construction procurement.

Other main services of the parent company are: • Civil engineering and building construction - civil engineering and building works; • Concrete repairs - cathodic protection of concrete structures and concrete repairs; • Saatchi plant - based in Botswana, provides plant hire services for parent company and external customers; • Saatchi homes - we build executive homes and aim to gain a strong presence here in Botswana.

Phokoje Substation

Aggregate Crushing Plant

Experience The company portfolio in Botswana spans residential developments in Phakalane, mine upgrades and construction works in mining environments, engineering management and Civil Engineering contracts. Projects include: • Aggregate crushing plants-primary foundation bases, gallery, conveyor belt and screen foundation bases (Dikgatlhong dam project).

• Mine upgrades and construction projects – BCL; • Power stations and sub stations- concrete foundation bases

P.O.BOX 2578 Selebi, Phikwe Cell: +267 76097827 E-mail: Best of Botswana


Chapter 16 Architecture


Best of Botswana


ARCHITECTURE • Interiors • Project Management • Environment

Best of Botswana


Arctez Our Philosophy: BEYOND CREATIVITY‌ resourcing building solutions

Arctez is a company known for Architectural excellence and for its longstanding commitment to design of residential, corporate, educational and civic institutions. Since inception in 1999 we have had our focus in attainment of a balance between aesthetic value, the functionality of the building and application of appropriate sustainable design solutions. Arctez has grown steadily with emphasis on performing current projects successfully and has branch offices in Johannesburg and Lusaka. Services and capabilities Architecture: Arctez is an organisation of highly creative and imaginative architects and designers, committed to designing buildings, spaces and places which are as striking and innovative as they are socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Project management: As a leading provider of project management services, Arctez has established a proven track record. Our technical and project management experts are uniquely suited and dedicated to the success of our customers and to the quality of the solutions they provide. 236

Best of Botswana

Interior design and space planning: Arctez applies architectural principles in the design of structural interiors for living, recreational and business purposes. Our designs centre around occupational and safety standards coupled with specific end-use applications. PPP: Arctez, through its directors, is qualified to arrange PPP’s schemes looking at the major areas of Planning and Strategy development (needs analysis, project definition, concept validation), Procurement and Contracting (procurement strategy, procurement process) and Ongoing Management. PPP’s have been found to be beneficial as a means of bringing together social priorities with the managerial skills of the private sector, relieving government of the burden of large capital expenditure, and transferring the risk of cost overruns to the private sector. Keeping up with trends and ever-changing times Global Trend: The current trend in the world is to go green - save energy, save water, save power and recycle material. Also we must be mindful of the materials and methods of construction we employ on site, so that they


ARCHITECTURE • Interiors • Project Management • Environment

do not impact negatively on the environment. Practical green initiatives included in our designs consider maximum sunlight penetration through optimal orientation, harnessing resources such as wind and water, and offering productive roof surfaces - used to grow plants, generate power and provide places to play and rest. Technology: adopting modern 3D imaging and animation software to present a realistic vivid scheme to clients and investors. CPD: Continuous professional development amongst our employees is actively encouraged through internal and external courses, conferences, exhibitions and presentations. Our differentiating attributes Cost Reduction and Management: Arctez together with its development partners has put in place measures to minimize the effect of the trend on the overall life cycle of the buildings by saving time and costs. Innovative Hybrid Methodology that makes our approach applicable to the traditional method of procurement, Design and Build and Turnkey methods. Wealth of Experience: Both of our Directors are members of multiple professional organisations (RIBA, SACAP, AAB, PPP, SAIA and SACPCMP) and have had significant experience (combined into 36 years) in various projects regionally and internationally. Professional Integrity: At Arctez we strictly abide by the “Codes of Conduct” as prescribed by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Some of Arctez’s proudest moments • Recognition of our green design capabilities in the design competition recently for the • Botswana Innovation Hub. Our Postmodernistic design was very competitive on an international level. Our design (Based on the way in which desert plants have evolved) was 2nd overall from 16 entries from all over the world. • Recognition of our project management capabilities especially in large projects as confirmed by our commissioning to undertake the new Science and Technology University in Botswana (BIUST) built under the design and build methodology. • Arctez Directors being awarded the design mandate from World Trade Center (WTC)

Cape Town for sub-Saharan Africa. These Centers working in conjunction with WTC New York aim at affording specialist business services to investors and entrepreneurs.

Tel: +267 3165342 Fax: +267 3905627 Email: Best of Botswana


OLSA DESIGNS OLSA DESIGNS is a forward thinking and dynamic architectural design firm based in Gaborone, Botswana, founded in 2003. OLSA plays an integral and indispensable part in the collective creative process in Gaborone and beyond, not only in the built environment but also the un-built. One of the firm’s stronghold is in its unique and dynamic approach to design, play of shapes, imaginative forms and colors both in interiors and architectural works aimed at giving its clients unique solutions and identity. With a primary focus on architectural design, projects have also been undertaken which deal with planning, interiors, and design aspects related to the architectural process.

Inherent in aspirations at OLSA is the strong believe in bringing forth creativity at every forum of life regardless of constraints. As is evident in the portfolio of both built and proposed work, design is primary to the office. OLSA truly believes that lives can be positively affected by design, and that the task of architecture is to have this effect upon people. We believe that where creativity lacks, life stalls. Spaces must inspire, engage, and motivate its users as well as the greater community. OLSA questions dogmatic strictures and conventional assumptions, favoring a careful consideration of light, material, and detail specific to the nature of each project. At the onset of every project, the process begins with understanding our clients’ goals and objectives. Familiarity with your vision is priceless. Our design team has the talent to transform a single idea into the type of environment that makes a lasting impression. In fact, each environment we design is completely unique. For those who are unsure where to start, our designers are also able to provide valuable 238

Best of Botswana

inspiration to set your project into motion. Nature plays an integral role in our design philosophy. The principal architect and designer Mr Mulema Aggrey (B.Arch) has vast and extensive experience having worked in several leading architectural and interior design firms in Botswana and Kenya. He firmly believes that creativity at its best brings forth sustainable solutions to every aspect of life. Life is to be celebrated, and with great and liberating spaces and built forms. The firm’s client base, past and present encompasses corporate world, institutions, industrial and individuals.

OLSA Designs (Pty) Ltd Private Bag 00311 Gabarone, Botswana Tel: +267 317 0371 Cell:+267 72561011 Tel/Fax: +267 391 1204

Best of Botswana


Chapter 17 Motoring


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Nissan - Broadhurst Motors Call us zealous, even overzealous, but at Nissan we know that settling for just any solution is just that - settling. It’s also the fastest way to go from being a motor company fuelled by imagination to just another motor company, period.

That’s why we think beyond the expected answer. And ask questions. Because only through this process of constant challenge can real change occur, one question at a time. For many years, we have supplied quality vehicles to Botswana customers - vehicles which have met the specific needs of the Botswana market. The iconic prevalence of our cars in Botswana is even noted in Alexander McCall Smith’s renowned “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” book series – where fictional motswana Mma Precious Ramotswe proudly inherits her father’s Datsun truck and uses it to launch her career. We have a comprehensive range of passenger cars, light, medium and heavy 242

Best of Botswana

commercial vehicles and its recreational and other specialised vehicles. To meet the objective of significantly growing market share, Nissan is currently engaged in a dynamic programme of new model introductions. Nissan, through its environmental practices in its manufacturing process, has won numerous awards and recognition for its environmental efforts. These include the exclusion of chlorofluorocarbons and other harmful chemicals from all phases of its manufacture, chemical and other waste management; water and power savings efforts; a man made wetland which is a catchment area for storm water; recycling; and working closely with its numerous suppliers and dealers to ensure sound environmental practice. All Nissan vehicles benefit from Nissan’s international lifecycle approach of environmentally sound vehicle design, use and recycling. Quality Nissan guarantees quality through paramount passion. From Takanobu Sakumoto, the man with superhuman ears who detects and fixes unwanted noise in Nissan’s cars – and modestly claims that his skill is simply because he is a ‘car person’, to the shield-like paint technology which prevents damage from bird droppings and the sun, to its engineers working tirelessly at the worldwide Field Quality Centres, to the first class safety of features like the Brake Override System; Nissan maintains the exacting standards of a worldwide quality evaluation system. At Nissan’s testing ground in Tochigi, vehicles are put through their paces on road surfaces from all around the world. Nissan’s 3

Dimensional Measurement Machine detects the minutest discrepancies in their vehicles. At the Global Production Engineering Centre (GPEC), Nissan train personnel from around the world to build cars to exacting levels. At Nissan’s All Weather test centre, they recreate the world’s climates to be sure that your car will perform whatever the weather. Broadhurst Motors Sales, Service, Parts, Accessories GPS coordinates: 24°37’.936’’S 25°55’.107’’E Plot 5664 & 5671 Broadhurst Ind. Gaborone, Botswana Tel: (00267) 391 2579 Email:

Francistown Nissan Sales, Service, Parts, Accessories GPS coordinates: 21°58’97.6’’S 16°55’06.9’’E Plot 2425/24 Central Industria, Francistown, Botswana Tel: (00267) 241 2380 Email: Maun Nissan Sales, Service, Parts, Accessories Plot no 847 Riverside (Maun), Gaborone, Botswana Tel: (00267) 686 4555 Email: Best of Botswana


Renault in Botswana Renault has set up shop in Botswana and has “fully built-in workshop facilities specifically designed for servicing Renault products.�

The company brings to the country some of the most chic and stylish European makes. This includes a long list of passenger cars including the Laguna, Scenic and Espace, amongst others. One of the most interesting on the French roadster is the head turning new Megane. The midrange sedan/hatch now has a wide range of sub models to choose from, the hottest being the new MĂŠgane Coupe. If cars were judged purely on aesthetics such as good looks then this would come very close to the top, with its body and sloping roofline giving the car unnerving beauty. It rides low and demands respect from a distance, with its sophisticated interior and eyebrow lifting digital speedometer, bound to get the eyeballs rolling approvingly. The marquee has catered for the most active car segments, such as the small hatch 244

Best of Botswana

segment. For example, the new Mégane Shake it! is powered by Renault’s 1,6-litre 16-valve fuel-injected four-cylinder engine that produces 83 kW at 6 000 r/min and 151 N.m of torque at 4 250 r/min. A six-speed manual gearbox, the Mégane Shake it! is believed to sprint to 100 km/h from zero in 10,5 seconds and go on to a top speed of 195 km/h. It is not only ‘hot’ but also clean as Renault claims the Mégane Shake it! Consumes just 6,9 litres/100km on the combined cycle and emits just 163 g/km of CO2. Shake It! specifications include a single CD/ MP3-compatible RDS audio system, satellite audio controls on the steering wheel column, Bluetooth connectivity, and a very unique “Tunepoint” feature allowing the connection of a personal MP3 player via USB adaptor, auxiliary audio jack or iPod connection.

Air-conditioning as well as heightadjustable driver and front passenger seats are standard, as well as a height and reach adjustable steering column and front electric windows. Options are limited to larger 17-inch wheels and metallic paint. Safety and security features include driver and passenger airbags, Isofix child seat mountings, ABS with EBD and emergency brake assist, as well as Renault’s AntiIntrusion Device that uses a key card for remote central locking, an integrated immobilizer, and automatic door locking mechanisms when the car is in motion. In the mid-1990’s Renault was not a familiar brand name to the average Southern African. The older generation had some recall of the Renault 5 of the Seventies and, if they were motor sport enthusiasts, they may have been able to make the connection with the

all-conquering Renault V10 Formula 1 engine then powering Michael Schumacher to victory after victory on the world’s racing circuits. The Renault reputation for quality of product, superior driving experience and quality of service has also made Renault a sought-after franchise. Renault adheres strictly to its policy of never allowing growth to outstrip its ability to provide the required high standards of Renault after-sales service. An industry survey naming Renault as amongst the best service providers bears proof of the high standards maintained. The Renault model range covers a large sector of the market with the Renault Clio, New Clio 3, Megane Sedan, Megane Shake it!, Megane Sport, Laguna, Scenic and Espace passenger ranges and the Renault Kangoo and Traffic in the commercial sector. New model launches to the local market now follow shortly on the heels of their European launches and Batswana can look forward to seeing a number of brand new Renaults being brought to market every year as part of the Renault Commitment 2009. Renault has become a world leader in vehicle safety. The stringent Euro NCAP crash testing programme has awarded maximum marks to a number of Renault models and so endorsing them as among the safest vehicles available in the world. (8 vehicles have already received the top 5 stars NCap rating).

Renault Botswana Plot 20687, Sekotlo Road Block 3 Broadhurst Industrial Tel: +267 3500055 Fax: +267 3500011 Best of Botswana


Mahindra Botswana Mahindra products span all major industries that form the foundation of the Botswana economy: agribusiness, automotive, farm equipment and others. The diversity of our expertise allows us to bring our customers the best in many fields.

Mahindra Botswana is a fully-fledged organisation operating in Botswana, leveraging on the strength of its Indian roots and 65 year history. Mahindra Botswana has fully-fledged facilities that handle sales, service and spare parts. Mahindra has a growing national footprint that is moving ever deeper into communities as it continues in its drive to offer value-for-money products and services to Botswana customers. Mahindra Botswana also has a powerful network in place to ensure the effective and efficient distribution of all parts in all areas of Botswana. Mahindra vehicles include the XUV500, Scorpio SUV, the Xylo and Xylo Panel Van, the Thar, the Scorpio Pik-up and Bolero (both in double and single cabs), as well as Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector. Mahindra & Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES) maintained its leadership position in the tractor industry in September 2011 with a registered 44% increase in domestic 246

Best of Botswana

sales, while total sales (domestic + exports) registered a 41% increase at 24,673 units. Discover a new driving experience with the highly popular Scorpio SUV; one that is complete in every way. Travel in stunning style, delight in plush comfort and be thrilled by superb performance wherever your destination takes you - tarmac or dirt. Only in Mahindra Scorpio! This marvel from Mahindra has set new standards and is born of innovations in technology, comfort, safety and style that make every drive an exhilarating experience. The new Scorpio Pik-Up Double Cab with Mhawk and Diff Lock comes beefed up with more muscles so you can power up your workday and your weekends. It’s the perfect work buddy, with its great terrainbeating performance and high fuel economy and the perfect partner for your getaways too. Since it’s decked up with plush interiors and a range of conveniences, it is a comfortable and luxurious ride. All this, comes in a strapping new look that’s sure to make heads turn. Established in 1945, Mahindra is a

leading manufacturer of multi-utility vehicles with significant presence in key sectors like automotive, farm equipment, financial services, trade and logistics, automotive components, after-market, IT and infrastructure.

Mahindra Botswana (Pty) Ltd Plot 20694, Sekotlo Road, Block 3, Broadhurst Industrial Tel: +267 3160155 Fax: +267 3160154 Best of Botswana


Running Repairs Leading the way in vehicle repairs

The Company prides itself on its ability to provide the newest, technologically advanced machinery, tools and equipment to repair damaged vehicles and restore them to the specifications of the manufacturer. A fertile business environment and a visionary approach have been the main catalysts for the continued growth of wellknown vehicle body repair company – Car World. The forerunners in this industry in Botswana, Car World, specialises in large scale repairs to all major motor vehicle brands and continues to thrive in an evergrowing and fast-developing economic environment that is conducive to foreign investment. The company had modest beginnings in a workshop in Mogoditshane in 1994 and today employs over 175 people. 248

Best of Botswana

Car World, which has two successful branches in Gaborone, has evolved into a world-class body repair and rebuilding concern. In 2008, Car World was awarded the International Star Award for World Quality Commitment presented by Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D), a Spain-based quality assurance company. It was the first Botswana Company to earn the award, which was based on customer satisfaction, communication strategies, leadership, continuing education and training, as well as total quality management. Car World specialises in major body repair for a host of exclusive brands, including Daimler Chrysler, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Peugeot, Jaguar, Volvo, Chevrolet and VW. The company prides itself on its ability

to provide the newest, technologically advanced machinery, tools and equipment to repair damaged vehicles and restore them to the specifications of the manufacturer. Its Broadhurst branch has a state-of-the-art workshop that is fully equipped to effect repairs from any type of collision.

Tel: +267 318 2999 Fax: +267 395 7615 Toll Free: 0800 800 555 24Hrs Breakdown Service +267 71400999 / 71323700 Best of Botswana


Speed Shop No job too small

Auto Track has high tech automotive equipment to ensure that it is able to provide state-of-the-art finishing and ensure customer satisfaction. In the swiftly expanding vehicle repair industry in Botswana, Auto Track has identified a need and established its niche in the provision of minor repairs to all major makes and models. Auto Track was established when its co-founder, who has vast experience in the automotive industry, identified a gap in the market for a company that could provide an alternative to companies specialising in the repair of major damages to vehicle. Auto Track specialises in repairing vehicles with light and medium accident damage and where there is no major structural damage. Auto Track’s “speed shop” concept involves realignment of body panels and other cosmetic items with the primary aim of repairing vehicles in the shortest time possible, without compromising quality. All repairs are carried our in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards. 250

Best of Botswana

Tel: +267 3188123 Fax: +267 3907933 Best of Botswana


Chapter 18 Transport and Logistics


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Evolution of the Post Office Oldest Public Service

BotswanaPost (the Post) is one of the oldest public services in Botswana, established in 1875 by the London Missionary Society. In those days, pairs of “runners� carried mail between various points on a stretch from Bulawayo up to Mafikeng. Historical records indicate that these runners (men on foot) carried up to 15,542 postal items of mail per annum. The Post evolved over the years into the Bechuanaland Protectorate Postal Services. At independence it was transformed into the Department of Posts and Telegraphs with 21 Post Offices and 43 Postal Agencies. The portfolio of services at the time also included the Post Office Savings Bank. During this period the Post was at the centre of communication and commerce, with the letter perhaps being the fastest mode of communication after the telephone, which was however only accessible to the privileged few. Mail order catalogues mainly from South Africa were a popular source of procuring supplies for the majority of Batswana. In 1980 and 1982 respectively, Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) and Botswana Savings Bank (BSB), were incorporated as parastatals. The two companies had previously operated under the auspices of the Department of Posts and Telegraphs. The incorporation of BotswanaPost into a parastatal followed in 1989, through the Botswana Postal Services Act Chapter 72:02. This was as a result of rapid developments taking place, including accelerated development of telecommunications and later email and internet which all became popular modes of communication. BotswanaPost is mandated to provide, develop, operate and manage postal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner and carry out other operations as well as enter into bilateral agreements with other postal administration on postal services matters. A merger with Botswana Savings Bank is planned for 2012; this will further consolidate and provide wider banking services to the hitherto unbanked communities in Botswana. BotswanaPost provides a diversified portfolio of services that include business solutions for organisations that are looking for efficiency and speed. With a postal network of 121 post offices and 79 postal agencies, BotswanaPost is well positioned as a business partner of choice for most businesses. Product and Service Offering Some of the services offered, in addition to traditional postal services are: 254

Best of Botswana

Express Mail Service (EMS) EMS is the quickest way to send business and private items nationwide and worldwide at competitive rates. EMS can be delivered doorto-door to more than 157 countries worldwide. The service has a track-and-trace service facility that enables EMS mail to be tracked using a unique tracing number. Pick Up and Delivery is available by prior arrangement. Hybrid Mail Hybrid mail is a service that is designed for organisations that need to mail large quantities of invoices, statements and time-sensitive notices. Mail is lodged electronically from the customer’s computer directly to BotswanaPost where mail is configured, printed, enveloped, sorted, routed and physically delivered to the customer’s postal address. Agency services These are services provided on behalf of third parties like Government and private companies and are provided throughout the entire postal network or in some instances, when requested, are limited to a few selected post offices. Courier and Freight Logistics Botswana Couriers (a subsidiary of BotswanaPost) delivers courier and freight services of any weight and size from door-todoor throughout Botswana and internationally. Other services are in-house and external messenger services, freight forwarding and document clearing, door-to-counter and counter-to-counter services in Botswana and South Africa. Money Transfer Services The money transfer service allows customers to send and receive money through the postal network. BotswanaPost has partnered with Mascom and Orange to provide mobile money services to registered customers. Kitsong Centres There are 54 business centres strategically located across the country, providing internet services, typing services, faxing, laminating and binding. Philately (Stamp Collecting) This is an international hobby for stamp collection especially commemorative stamps. These are then sold at international platforms or auction. Stamps are a source of revenue for stamp resellers locally and in international markets. They are also a valuable resource for researchers in universities and colleges all over the world.

On a Journey to Excellence BotswanaPost has embarked on a journey to excellence by transitioning into a service postal model through growth and diversification of its product and service offering, so as to be at par with high performing postal organisations in the next few years. To support this transition, the Post has embarked on a number of initiatives to drive its corporate strategy: • Counter automation project - to provide faster, more flexible over-the-counter postal services to customers. Through technological applications, customers will be able to access postal services from a single point of sale through the new Riposte counter Point of Sale. • Infrastructure optimisation - the upgrading of IT infrastructure to computerise and connect all 121 post offices to a central location to provide an efficient network system that will give customers value for money. • Automated sorting - to optimise efficiencies, BotswanaPost invested in an automated sorting facility with a capacity to sort 36,000 letters per hour at high speed, accuracy and greater efficiency. • Unlocking revenue potential of the property portfolio. The BotswanaPost Head Office (Poso House) is being refurbished to optimise office space, improve building functionality and security.

The future Post Office will develop and add other services to its current portfolio to grow its revenue base. With Information Technology innovations, opportunities are being explored to provide e-post services, mobile services and secure mail. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) To focus the organisation’s corporate social responsibility programme, BotswanaPost has established a Foundation. The CSR initiatives will build strong relationships with communities where the Post Office does business.

Plot 53952 Khama Crescent P.O. Box 100 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 395 3131 Fax: +267 391 3599 Best of Botswana


Botswana Railways Established in 1987, Botswana Railways (BR) forms a crucial link in the Southern African region railway systems. Along with South Africa’s Transnet to the south and National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to the north, it provides a connection to Namibia and Swaziland and an unbroken rail link to Zambia, the DRC, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi.

Services Freight services Botswana Railways Freight Service is the country’s leading transport operator of bulk goods. Botswana Railway’s strategically laid rail network, coupled with good relationships that exist between Botswana Railways and other rail operators such as Transnet Freight Rail in South Africa and the National Railways of Zimbabwe, makes Botswana Railways freight service the most suitable, reliable and cost effective mode of transport to use for moving bulk commodities. Botswana Railways Freight service targets bulk commodities that may be operationally challenging for transporting by road. Currently the bulk commodities that Botswana Railways transport are driven by the mining industry, such as; copper, soda ash and salt, coal and fuel. With the ongoing mineral explorations taking place in Botswana and the discovery of various mineral deposits in certain parts of 256

Best of Botswana

the country (mainly coal), opportunities are there to grow the business. Botswana Railways aspires to provide total logistics solutions that are in line with our customers’ changing needs and in accordance with global trends, therefore its commitment is to continuously look at ways of improving service delivery to our customers. To this effect, Botswana Railways has Key Accounts Executives whose main roles are to manage relationships with BR’s customers. Their daily activities are to ensure that customer consignments are moved timeously; wagons are placed as per customer requirements and provide regular updates to customers on the position of their consignments. Dryport facilities Botswana Railways has got three dry ports, with container terminals located in Gaborone (Gabcon), Francistown (Francon) and in Palapye (Palcon), offering fully computerised, containerised door-to-door delivery. Established with the aim of increasing BR’s share of traffic, these dry port facilities have reduced the time and costs of containerised cargo deliveries, giving locally based importers and exporters a safer, faster, cheaper alternative to road transport. Gabcon Gaborone Container Terminal (Gabcon) is a Joint Venture of Botswana Railways and Transnet Freight Rail. It was established on 1st October 1999 to operate as an international container terminal business in Gaborone. The terminal relies on sea, rail and road transport systems for its operational functions. Gaborone container terminal (Gabcon) was established as a container dry port to facilitate all rail transported containerised cargo into and out of Botswana. Gabcon is a recognised international dry port which has a terminal in Gaborone. Gabcon is a customs bonded area that allows containers to be manifested directly from point of origin and point of destination on a through bill of landing.  An efficient rail link operates between Gaborone and the ports of Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London in the

Republic of South Africa. This is monitored by effective and efficient computer systems. Francon The Francistown Container Terminal (Francon) is a small business unit of Botswana Railways which has been predominately housed under the Marketing Department of Botswana Railways. It is a dry port facility, which operates in the same manner as Gabcon though it is run by BR alone.  Future plans for Francon are to enable it to act as a northern hub for consolidating road based traffic from destinations in the northern part of Botswana as well as neighboring countries in the north. This repositioning strategy will ensure that Botswana Railways is able to increase its market share, therefore increase its profits. Palcon Botswana Railways has recently obtained yet another license to develop and commission another dry port in Palapye which will be targeting services within the central region. Blue Mark Blue Mark is a parcel delivery service. It is a

cost effective, overnight, door-to-door delivery service, which runs between Lobatse and Francistown. All one needs to do is contact one of Botswana Railways offices based at some railway stations for your parcel to be collected at a minimal cost. It is then transported overnight by rail to the desired destination. This service is fast, secure and affordable for both the individual and the organisation. This service is available six days a week, from Monday to Saturday catering for parcels of almost any weight - from a letter to large items of up to 300kg. Bluemark is available at all major stations; they are Lobatse, Gaborone, Mahalapye, Palapye, SelebiPhikwe, and Francistown. In light of its strategic location, BR has the potential to become a regional rail hub and thereby realise sustainable operating profits.

Private Bag 0052 Mahalapye,Botswana Tel: (267) 471 1375 Fax: (267) 4711385 Email: Best of Botswana


Reaching Africa and The World Fast + Furious International offers a wide range of customised global transportation logistics, courier and supply chain management solutions for local and cross-border companies.

Our logistics solutions and delivery services are focused on the customer through unparalleled levels of service and convenience. With well-established local and international networks, key alliances and strategic partnerships, Fast + Furious is able to meet the specific requirements of its clients’ business needs. Ultimately, the main objective is to provide professional services to help our partners and clients reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Fast + Furious’ competitive advantage derives from designing and implementing appropriate courier, logistics and supply chain solutions - from planning and sourcing through to final delivery - the so-called "Last 258

Best of Botswana

Mile". Fast + Furious does not have huge fixed infrastructure into which to squeeze customers' courier and logistics requirements. Instead the company uses a grass roots approach to identify exactly what clients’ needs are, and then creates or matches the best solutions available to those requirements. This freedom allows Fast + Furious to look at a customer's courier, logistics and supply chain needs from an unfettered perspective, and to bring all the varying service offerings to bear to create a customised solution. Fast + Furious has identified and partnered with the best service providers across a broad spectrum of service offerings and have selected these best of breed practices and offerings. Through a continual monitoring

of the company’s service providers, Fast + Furious is constantly evaluating its service levels and adjusting preferred providers depending on their performance. The range of service offerings available from Fast + Furious is as extensive as those found in the entire market, and so the company is able to provide solutions ranging from a simple courier delivery through to pick and pack and warehousing solutions, including a clearing and forwarding function. With in-depth collective experience and industry understanding, Fast + Furious will create a solution which best fits the customer’s needs depending on the identified delivery requirements, service levels needed and budgeted costs. This solution can be as

broad or specific as the customer needs and, in fact, in some cases Fast + Furious will only handle a small portion of a customers supply chain whilst in others the company plays a far bigger and more strategic role. Fast Furious relishes every challenge. People in the company enjoy a permanent adrenalin rush. The people work late. They work weekends. They enjoy excellent relationships with transporters, brokers, airlines and shipping lines that enable Fast + Furious to “make a plan” when a job demands extraordinary performance. Collectively, the team has over decades of industry experience which, when mixed with the raw enthusiasm and energy of its younger people, makes for potent customised solutions.

Tel: +267 393 4893 Fax: +267 393 4897 Email: Best of Botswana


Botswana Couriers Botswana Couriers continues to be the fastest growing courier company in Botswana. Since its inception in 2001, a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of the Botswana Post Group, Botswana Couriers has grown to become a prominent player within the logistics industry.

We offer courier, freight and logistics services to individuals as well as businesses in all segments of the industry. Our vast distribution network unlocks our capacity to offer door-todoor and door-to-counter services throughout the country as well as in South Africa. Our Global network covers over 220 destinations worldwide, giving us the widest reach and the capability to connect our customers from all four corners of the globe. Our Mission To deliver efficient, cost effective, customised logistics solutions. Our Vision To be a leading logistics and supply chain management company, locally and internationally. Our Values • Discipline • Efficiency • Team Work • Build Strong Relations 260

Best of Botswana

Our Services Our services boast faster delivery times than any alternative method of transport and many services in the modern world rely on them. We have a diverse portfolio of service offerings specially designed to suit the specific and varied needs of our customers. Same Day Deliveries are for urgent and high value items. They are frequently used by the legal and other professions where contracts, paperwork and documents all need to be prepared, signed and processed, within a very tight deadline. This service is offered between major centers in Botswana and Johannesburg. Overnight Domestic and International Courier; as the old saying goes, time is money and sometimes you need things shipped or delivered at the speed of light or as close to it as possible. It could be that you need materials quickly due to an unforeseen occurrence, or perhaps one of your clients is in need of an item only you can provide. You can rely on the Botswana Couriers’ overnight delivery services to ensure the item makes it to its destination on time. These daily services are provided between Gaborone and major centers in Botswana, as well as between Johannesburg (including surrounding areas) and Gaborone. Messenger Services offer customised mail pick-up and delivery services within town. We have dedicated couriers who are responsible for the day-to-day running’s of mail services for specific organisations. Daily proof of delivery documents are produced for accurate recording. For Tender and Embassy Collections we offer a convenient post paid solution. Collections and Submissions are made with prior written notice. For non-account holders, upfront payment will be required for the collection or submission to be made.

In the past year we have focused our growth strategy towards Warehousing and Distribution making us the first and only courier company in Botswana to offer such distinguished services. These are available to both our local and international clientele. Botswana Couriers Online The Botswana Couriers online facility allows our customers to track and trace their parcels from origin to destination through the company website. This facility provides realtime updates on the whereabouts of a parcel en route to its final destination. In another major development, we successfully worked toward adding convenience to the way we do business with our customers. This feature allows our customers to book their collections online through a detailed booking form. Once submitted, a response will be sent directly to their email addresses bearing a collection reference number as confirmation. With the growing demand for courier services within this market, and the increased competitiveness in the industry, we have now made it easier for customers to calculate their own shipping costs from the comfort of their homes or offices. Our online calculators allow customers to calculate their shipping costs based on weights and destination. This was identified as a great avenue not only to add convenience but to instill confidence and understanding to customers in the way they are charged.

Our People The heart and soul of every organisation are its people. At Botswana Couriers our employees are our most valuable asset. Led by a competent team of executive management it is our prerogative to ensure that we up-skill and develop our employees to industry standards. As a customer centric and service orientated organisation we ensure our employees provide exceptional service and uphold the highest level of integrity at all times.

Botswana Couriers House Plot 89, Tshukudu Road Gaborone International Commerce Park Tel: +267 3930629 Fax: +267 3930630 Email: Best of Botswana


Botswana Container Giants

What started off as a department within Botswana Railways - as Gaborone Container Terminal (GABCON) in Gaborone - successfully became an independent entity specialising in containerised cargo and ultimately opening two more branches in the northern region of the country in Francistown (FRANCON) and the central part in Palapye (PALCON). This entity is essential in the Botswana logistics industry as it contributes significantly towards the gross domestic product by supporting almost all the national economy’s enterprises. Operating in a landlocked country in-between the seaport countries, Botswana Railways saw the necessity to set up GABCON as a stand-alone entity. This was due to enticing business opportunities at the time and the railway linkage between Botswana and South African Ports. GABCON has targeted the Regional business market through cross-boarder alliances - especially the consolidated cargo going to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo and the rest of the SADC countries - as we are geographically positioned to serve the rest of the regional countries. 262

Best of Botswana

GABCON Gaborone Container Terminal

The opening of borders of regional countries ensures that the cargo movement between the countries is flexible; together with the introduction of one-stop-shops, the regional markets can be penetrated. A brand new GABCON strategy is paving way for new things to come. Our company’s new vision of being “the leading integrated logistics provider and Container Hub in the Region” together with vision “number 157”, which were both recently redrawn, aims at growing the company and the country further. The number stands for the 7 strategic

objectives which the company will be focusing on until the year 2015. The strategic objectives are: focus on our employees, our customers, our processes, our growth, our strategic partners, our company image and our financial performance. With the expansion of the mining and construction sector in the country, such as coal, there is a need to link the world’s sea ports to our landlocked country to transport these minerals for shipping to the respective markets. As such the vision is very achievable, according to CEO Koofhethile. He believes that

expanding to the regional markets will bring in foreign investors and traders to operate from Botswana, as a result of the free movement of cargo between the SADC countries.

Gaborone Container Terminal Plot 14415, Maakgadigau Road Gaborone West Post Office Box 494 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 316 4323 Best of Botswana


Ihawu Logistics Established in 1991 in Francistown Northern Botswana, Ihawu Holdings (PTY) Ltd has launched itself as one of the leading, wholly owned citizen Transport companies that has proved to be an invaluable partner predominantly in the mining sector.


Operating nationally and now the SADC region, we have built strong relationships with some of the world’s most respected resource companies and grain seed trading companies. With a modern fleet of more than 200 units of truck horses and side tipper interlink trailers, equipped with the latest satellite-based tracking and communications system which takes full advantage of advanced technology, we are always ready to productively service our customers. We continuously improve our transportation management system which includes electronic logging, communication messaging, detailed routing and automated diagnostic checks. Keeping up with the latest high technology has enabled Ihawu to operate at peak performance and better prepare ourselves and our customers for on time scheduled deliveries. This privately owned company has made an indelible mark in the transport and mining industries. We realise that our strength lies in our people and we therefore spend considerable 264

Best of Botswana

resources in training our drivers to promote energy efficient driving as a cost effective and responsible way ensuring minor environmental impact to our operations. This initiative is led by the Executive Chairman himself – Abel Khupe, a former trucker himself with years of hands-on experience in association with our truck horse suppliers. We are proponents of the saying ‘Safety is not negotiable’ and hence our policies are aimed at operating in safe environments, with safe equipment guided by safety conscious people. Ihawu Holdings’ longstanding Green Fleet corporate policy has been to maintain speeds of 80km/hr or the

posted road speed, whichever is the lowest number. This has helped contribute to the company’s overall fuel economy initiative put in place to assist in reducing the company’s fuel consumption and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions which our fleets release. We are committed to recycling, key products being tyres and used engine oil. Used tyres with no life casings are returned to our tyre suppliers and the used engine oil is picked up by an accredited used oil dealer. Our Core Values are centred on our reputation, safety, green operations and delivery.

We have serviced and are still servicing some of the country and the world’s respected companies: • Tati Nickel Mining Company • African Copper • Iam Gold • Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board

Contact Person: Abel Khupe Private Bag F333 Francistown Botswana Tel: +267 2413336 Fax: +267 2414522 Email: Best of Botswana


Chapter 19 Beverages


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Kgalagadi Breweries (Pty) Ltd (KBL) and Botswana Breweries Limited (BBL) KBL and BBL are the Botswana subsidiaries of SABMiller plc - one of the world’s largest brewers by volume with more than 200 brands and brewing interests and distribution agreements in 75 countries across six continents.

KBL and BBL are Botswana’s leading producers and distributors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and are among the nation’s largest manufacturing firms. KBL’s portfolio of beer brands meets the needs of a wide range of consumers and includes St. Louis Larger, Castle Lager, Castle Lite, Ohlsson’s, Lion Lager, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft, Redd’s, Baron’s, St Louis 24, St Louis Export, Grolsch, Hansa Marzen Gold, Sarita, and Brutal Fruit. Through its soft drinks division, KBL’s is the only producer and distributor of Coca-Cola brands in Botswana with a state-of-the-art 268

Best of Botswana

manufacturing plant in Gaborone. BBL brews Chibuku - the traditional opaque beer made from sorghum and maize, Phafana and the non-alcoholic beverage Keone Mooka Mageu. A number of innovative product packs have been introduced: a straight-sided screw-top 1litre carton, a 750ml pack and a draught delivery option are all currently under development. Botswana Breweries has recorded a number of successes, including retaining and improving its high safety standards which saw an improved NOSA rating from 4-star to 5-star, which was very gratifying. The Company earned the SABMiller Africa awards for best in Forecasting Excellence and Internal Control and Governance and was joint recipient - with KBL - of the SABMiller Corporate Governance Award. KBL and BBL together employ nearly 1000 people. As Botswana’s leading alcoholic beverage producers and distributors, KBL and BBL are committed to promoting

responsible alcohol behaviour – both inside and outside the companies. As subsidiaries of SABMiller plc, they subscribe to the Group’s Alcohol Framework and have a comprehensive Code of Commercial Communication in place. KBL and BBL also actively seek to encourage collaboration across the areas of education, access to information, law enforcement and parental involvement, in order to encourage responsible alcohol behaviour. Through their various corporate social responsibility programmes that the Group Managing Director Hloni Matsela refers to as a “community centred business model”, KBL and BBL actively invest in community partnerships, socio-economic and enterprise development initiatives to build a stronger Botswana. KBL and BBL believe that their business is not separate from society, and that the success of KBL and BBL is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of the wider community. Everywhere the companies operate, they work to build Best of Botswana


strong local businesses that contribute to local economies. Sustainable development is integral to the way that KBL and BBL do business and is aligned with the strategic priority to constantly sustainably raise the profitability of local businesses. Underpinning this approach are 10 sustainable development priorities that demonstrate the companies’ commitment and provide clarity for the businesses, shareholders and other stakeholders on what the companies believe are material issues. They inform how efforts are focused and how resources are prioritised. These priorities are continually tested and reviewed to make sure they remain relevant and meaningful. KBL and BBL consult regularly with external stakeholders to ensure they take their views and perceptions into account and evolve their approach accordingly. OUR VALUES Our people are our enduring advantage • The calibre, passion and commitment of our people set us apart. • We value and encourage diversity. • We select and develop people for the longterm. • Performance is what counts. Accountability is clear and personal • We favour decentralised management and a practical maximum of local autonomy. 270

Best of Botswana

• Goals and objectives are aligned and clearly articulated. • We prize both intellectual rigour and emotional engagement. • We are honest about performance. • We require and enable self-management. We work and win in teams • We actively develop and share knowledge within the group. • We consciously balance local and group interests. • We foster trust and integrity in internal relationships. • We encourage camaraderie and a sense of fun. We understand and respect our customers and consumers • We are endlessly concerned with our customers’ needs and perceptions. • We build lasting relationships based on trust. • We aspire to offer the preferred choices of product and service. • We innovate and lead in a changing world. Our reputation is indivisible • Our reputation relies on the actions and statements of every employee. • We build our reputation for the long-term. • We are fair and ethical in all our dealings. • We benefit the local communities in which we operate.

Botswana Breweries (Pty) Ltd Chibuku House, Nkrumah Road Old Industrial Site, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 395 3831 Fax: +267 391 1924 Kgalagadi Breweries (Pty) Ltd Plot 20768, Kubu Road, Broadhurst Industrial, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 395 3619 Fax: +267 390 1447 Best of Botswana


Original Iced A superior quality ready made cocktail range that is set to revolutionise the cocktail market. A first of its kind and an original mix of the finest of ingredients, Original* Iced cocktails are served ready made and chilled to perfection.

Original* Iced is a product by Snow Bliss that was conceived on the concept of delivering a cocktail of a superior quality, that is ultra convenient, sophisticated, yet still-cost effective. Having been in the market since 2008, a truly innovative South African product as it’s the first of its nature, it has represented South Africa as one of the most original, fresh and innovative ideas to surface. Now launching in Botswana, the cocktail range is sure to take the market by storm as it has never been seen before in the country, but most sought after by those familiar with the product. The coctktail range is distributed by Vestone Beverages Co, a 100% citizen owned Distribution Company in Botswana that distributes its own beverage brands and International beverage brands of top quality. 272

Best of Botswana

The cocktail range will be launching three of its revolutionary ready made variants; the schnappy strawberry tang of the Strawberry Daiquiri, the sweet bitterness of the Margarita and the tropical smoothness of the Pina Colada. Made from real fruit ingredients and an appropriate alcohol content, the cocktails are delectable to taste. The product has walked away with several awards; the South African Fairlady Consumer Award for the consumers most popular alcoholic beverage in 2010 to

mention but one. It is our belief that the cocktail will withstand the test of time in the market for many years to come as cocktail lovers can now enjoy the perfect cocktail, every time, any time and perhaps most importantly - anywhere. Conveniently available in pouches which freeze within eight hours, high quality Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita and Pina Colada Original* Iced Cocktails can be sipped on at a barbeque or at a cocktail party. Snow Bliss, the manufacturing company of Original

Cocktails is an ISO 22 000 certified beverage manufacture, hence ensures that the highest quality standards are adhered to at all times for the perfect Original cocktail.

Contact Distributor for Enquiries: Vestone Beverages Co. P.O Box 26382, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: 3951 363 Fax: 3951 368 Best of Botswana


Chapter 20 Technology and Communications


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Mascom Wireless Established in 1998, Mascom Wireless is Botswana’s leading telecommunications provider, and has established a formidable history and brand that is well-known and recognised throughout the country.

Providing the widest coverage in Botswana which reaches over 95% of the population, Mascom prides itself as a community oriented corporate citizen. Our brand promise “Number 1 because of you” embraces this concept and the company supports it by adopting an innovative approach to doing business. This in turn has witnessed Mascom bringing innovative products and services to Botswana including the following: • Within 5 years of operation, in 2003, Mascom launched Kwik Recharge, which is the most technological advanced method of recharging through the cellphone, and allowing for the 1st nonphysical recharge channel. • By 2004, Mascom was providing a 100% EDGE enabled network and to date 276

Best of Botswana

remains the only 100% EDGE enabled network in Botswana. In the same year of 2004, Mascom became the first provider to launch Visa Direct Top Up recharge service. To position Mascom as a process oriented company, in 2006, Mascom received a Quality Management System (QMS) and Environmental Management System (EMS) certification, thus earning our license to operate by assuring our customers of providing them a seamless quality service at all levels of operation, and at the same time cognizant of the need to do business in a sustainable manner that takes into account the environment. In 2008 Mascom launched 3.5G and other innovative products and services like Dynamic Discounting through MyZone in 2009. To date Mascom is providing 3.5G network in the urban spaces of Gaborone and Francistown. Mascom became the 1st provider to partner with the Government of Botswana in a rural telecommunications development project known as Nteletsa 2 that provided coverage to 41 previously underserved villages. The project also included the creation of Mascom Kitsong Centers that provide access to basic services including internet access, recharges, typing, faxing and prepaid electricity. To empower local communities that the Kitsong Centers are located in, these centers are run by local entrepreneurs on a franchise basis. Plans to expand the Mascom Kitsong Centre concept is underway with a further 10 more to be rolled out in 2011. Presently with a client base of over 1.450 million subscribers, and 54% market share, Mascom continues to

innovate and recently introduced MyZaka MascomMoney, the mobile money service that allows subscribers to send money anywhere in Botswana using their cellphone. All these services are supported by Mascom’s continuous network and IT investments, which will culminate later in the year with the inauguration of the Mascom Innovation Centre in Phakalane, Gaborone. Mascom’s investment will ensure that the company keeps up with the future, and most importantly ensures that Botswana

and Batswana remain key players in the Southern Africa’s communication landscape by enhancing Botswana’s position as an innovation champion in line with Botswana’s 2016 vision.

Mascom Wireless Tsholetsa House, Plot 4705/06, Botswana Road, Main Mall, Gaborone Tel: 3903396/8 Fax: 3903415 Email: Best of Botswana


Orange Orange Botswana is a leading mobile operator and provider of telecommunication services in Botswana serving more than nine hundred thousand customers countrywide on a GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G+ and Wimax network. For more information visit:

What is your vision of where the telecommunications industry is heading and your outlook? Elisabeth Medou-Badang, Chief Executive Officer: The telecommunications industry, especially the Internet segment, which is now a core activity for us, is marked by continuous transformation. These changes are driven by technological advances, by a constant flow of innovative services and by the arrival of major new players from the Web economy and industry. This tremendous dynamic is spurring growth across the sector, expanding the customer base and multiplying uses. We aim to leverage these trends to develop our business in Botswana. To do this, Orange Botswana must meet several important challenges. We must carefully monitor the framework governing the regeneration of our networks to accommodate the explosive growth in traffic. We also need to guarantee a sound business case for our new activities. What’s more, we must be bolder about affirming our commitment as a socially responsible enterprise wherever we do business. 278

Best of Botswana

Orange Botswana is, and must continue to be, a leading player in the ongoing communications revolution, reflecting our expertise in networks, customer care and our pivotal contribution to innovative services and uses. Everybody — employees, customers and shareholders — needs to identify with this vision and share in the fruits of our efforts. Market and strategy Ander Dobo, Corporate Sales and Internet Executive Officer: The digital revolution never stops. At the office, at home, on the move, it keeps changing every aspect of daily life. We’re always there to guide you and bring you simpler solutions to make sure you enjoy the very best of the digital world. This is our mission. The promise The challenge is to deliver permanent connectivity, everywhere in Botswana — in the home, at work, in the street, in vehicles, in the middle of nowhere — in both rural and urban environments.

Networks are the foundations of the market Yannick Gablin, Chief Technical Officer: Networks must accommodate continuous exponential growth in traffic from global Internet communication. Soon, Orange anticipates a large share coming from new services like IPTV and video on demand (VOD), as well as rising demand for enterprise applications from corporates in Botswana. This creates two pivotal challenges for network infrastructure: Provide the market with scalable, future proof technologies needed to support the development of these new applications, including 3D TV, sharing of personal content, cloud computing and more; guarantee network interoperability, convergence and security, as well as service simplicity: for all users. What can customers look forward to from Orange? Lebogang Molosi, Marketing Communications Manager: Orange has an

array of next generation services including new and emerging technologies that it plans on bringing to Botswana and supporting soon. These incude: Mobile NFC: Near Field Communications LTE / 4G: Fourth generation networking Television / Digital Home Livebox 2 Orange Set Top Box + Video on Demand (VOD) 3D TV Multimedia Deezer Music Premium Multimedia Access / Media Centre Voice HD Voice: High Definition Voice Business Video2Protect Fleetlive

To get in touch: If you need to get in touch with us, Call the Head Office on (+267) 393 6135 fax us on (+267) 393 6135 or write to us at Orange Botswana, Private Bag BO 64 Gaborone, Botswana Best of Botswana


Tel: + 26 7 393 6031 Fax: + 26 7 393 6036

Outsource Digital is an innovative office automation specialist company, and is the first choice for turnkey business automation solutions. Through outstanding service, competitive pricing and a vast distribution network they have developed a trusted and respected brand – driven by integrity, teamwork, and innovation.

COPIERS AND MULTI FUNCTION PRODUCTS (MFP’S) Outsource Digital provides a complete office automation product range of faxes, copiers, scanners, duplicators and printers to suit all your business requirements by providing solutions for small, medium or large environments. Outsource Digital offers an extensive range of machines with the most popular models being the Studio355/455 BW MFP Series and the Studio 6530C MFP Series which delivers accelerated Productivity and superior colour quality. PABX, VoIP and IP In a fast moving world the speed and efficiency of business communications are vital to the success and productivity of every small, medium and large business and homes. Enterprise networks based on the Internet Protocol technology are at the forefront of delivering these requirements. Outsource Digital is the leader in partnering to deliver the systems and expertise needed by many companies in this area. By offering a wide range of high quality and affordable solutions, Outsource Digital has an outstanding record of helping companies identify affordable solutions to their communication needs while presenting extremely high cost savings that amortize the investment over a very short period of time, often showing immediate payback. COMPUTERS / SERVERS / SOFTWARE In addition to the office automation offerings, Outsource Digital completes the total business solutions package by offering a range of 280

Best of Botswana

award winning Desktops, Laptops and related hardware as in servers and data storage services assisting you in securing the most effective and affordable software. Print Audit 5 is the world’s most comprehensive suite of print tracking products. Its three components Analysis, Reduction and Recovery can be purchased individually or as a suite. SURVEILLANCE AND SECURITY SOLUTIONS CCTV: In today’s world Surveillance and Security products are key factors for protecting your family, staff, and assets, ensuring their safety and security 24/7. The products are easy to install and maintain and provide peace of mind for the business and home owner. There are various options available to consumers depending on their needs and budget parameters. Analogue CCTV is more cost effective to install, easier to operate and maintain. The ideal security option is digital CCTV since digital is far more flexible, offers recording in a higher definition of multiple tracks. There are additional factors available such as storage capacity, definition (mega pixels) and the frame rate. Access Control: Gone are the days of your employees clocking in and out of their workplace or wondering who accessed your premises when and for how long. Simply install a T50 Fingerprint Access control device or a Terminal Biometric Nitgen Fingerkey and your employees can move swiftly through the process and you always have the data at your fingertips.

Delivering Tomorrow’s Solutions Today Botswana Technology Centre (BOTEC) is a leading research and technology organisation established by the Botswana Government in 1979.

BOTEC supports the national development goals by aligning research, science and technology products and services with the Vision 2016 ideals and the National Development Plans. The organisation, which leads in harnessing innovative science and technology for the transformation of Botswana into a globally competitive nation, is renowned for successful implementation of energy projects. Our mission Our mission is to provide solutions for industrial business development through innovative research and application of science and technology. Our research projects: BOTEC Headquarters A demonstration project that uses passive solar design applications to create comfortable interior conditions. Applications include solar shading, orientation, evaporative cooling, solar chimneys, natural

lighting, efficient fittings, thermal mass and water conservation. Kgalagadi Sand Building Block (KSBB) The KSBB R&D project seeks to develop design mixes for a building block using Kgalagadi sand as the main raw material, calcrete and flyash-extended cement as a binder. The tangible end product of the project shall be a masonry unit, complete with its specifications and methods of production and application. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Street Light Powered by a solar panel and a battery, this system can be used in areas where grid electricity is not available.

Botswana Technology Centre Private Bag 0082 Gaborone, Botswana, Plot 50654 Tel:+267 3914161 Fax:+267 3974677 Email: Best of Botswana


Chapter 21 Media and Marketing

Communication 282

Best of Botswana



Best of Botswana


“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about� - Oscar Wilde RedPepper PRC is a strategic communications firm with a broad reach throughout Africa and based in Gaborone, Botswana. Under the direction of Thapelo Letsholo, the company is focused on influencing the direction and growth of companies and brands through insightful strategy and targeted communication. We provide effective outcomes that not only exceed current market expectations, but continue to build and grow over time.

Our dominant competitive advantage and value proposition is engagement at the highest level. Engagement in the preliminary stages of any given project ensures that projects are built on the foundations of a strong brand strategy. Brand strategy needs to align the business and communication objectives - ensuring any outcome is both informed and measurable.

As passionate believers in the benefits of collaboration, we draw upon a broad network and collective arsenal of first-class local and international strategists, designers, photographers, web developers, copywriters, printers and production crews. Our philosophy is built on the idea that every opportunity deserves the very best team; regardless of whether they exist within our core staff, our freelance partners or our extended network of project contributors. With a strong network of select partners, affiliate consultants, designers and strategists, RedPepper PRC thrives on finding and maximising the inherent value of brands.


Best of Botswana

RedPepper PRC is well connected across Africa through its partnership with GVPedia. com - publishers of Diplomat Africa and the ‘Best of...’ series of publications. These well-established publications showcase many leading and emerging companies and personalities throughout Africa.

RedPepper PRC strives to promote, stimulate and sustain strong corporate and brand reputations for its clients. This is achieved by offering sophisticated communications campaigns that are designed to communicate effectively and succinctly across all media. Communications are based on knowledge, research and key industry insights - and push the limits of innovation, design and creativity without losing sight of intended objectives.

Through strong attention to detail, use of clear and effective language - and the power of engaging, emotive design and imagery RedPepper PRC aims to work collaboratively with our clients to create a compelling story behind their brand. We then bring this to life in astounding ways that the target audience will easily remember.


Tel: +267 395 1363 Fax: +267 395 1368 Email: Best of Botswana


Corporate Interaction Communication Consultancy



Corporate Interaction communication consultancy provides strategic communications counsel to leaders who want to grow and protect the value of their reputations and the value of their companies.

We help companies align communications initiatives with business strategy; integrate corporate and marketing communications to achieve business results more efficiently; analyse and design the structure of communications organisations; and use communications to achieve corporate objectives in times of challenge or crisis. Our advice draws on a global network of senior communications counselors as well as experts in business strategy, statistical modeling, organisational design, regulatory and legal issues, corporate governance, branding and marketing strategy. Even the most sophisticated business initiative cannot succeed without a finely tuned communications and marketing infrastructure. Every organisation and every brand needs to deploy its marketing and communications capital efficiently to build and maintain visibility and credibility. Messages — the words you use to describe your company — are, along with the company’s actions and results, the building blocks of every relationship. But every company’s desired messages are increasingly difficult to manage in a complex, interactive environment. Today, success is based just as much on what others say about your company 286

Best of Botswana

as on what you say about yourself. No matter what communications channel is used or where the activity originates — in advertising, customer relations, brand management, public relations, investor relations, marketing, or even the call center — we advise you on how to move beyond basic co-ordination and collaboration. By adopting fully integrated marketing/communications efforts, our clients achieve a higher impact through their communications with internal and external audiences. We provide strategic communications and reputation management counsel to senior executives who want to build, protect or recover their organisation’s reputation and brand value within an often unpredictable economic, social and competitive environment.

Plot 20613, Unit 1 Western Business Park P.O. Box 81939 Molapo Crossing Botswana Tel: +267 316 5407 Fax: +267 316 5408

Sesowa Production House Corporate Interaction communication consultancy provides strategic communications counsel to leaders who want to grow and protect the value of their reputations and the value of their companies.

Corporate Interaction communication consultancy’s distinctive taste for tangible communication solutions has also seen the birth of our television production subsidiary Sesowa Investments. Sesowa is a production company that produces original scripted programming across various subjects and topics according to the needs of the client and target audience. It is often the subject of discussion amongst social circles and our peers on how such a young production company has managed to develop so many memorable episodes of First Issues without losing our signature quality or losing our minds. The answer is very simple; we are a team of self driven and motivated individuals under innovative leadership. In fact what sets us apart from our competitors is our distinctive company culture, our knack for finding and telling unique and inspirational stories, our highly organised infra-structure and our seriously cutting edge trademark technology. All of these strengths have resulted in our beloved business magazine program First Issues and other documentaries being commissioned by corporate companies and government departments. It is our tradition that we have repeat business with just about every client that we ever do business with and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. While it is a fact that we are well known for

producing First Issues, the exciting news is that there is no limit to what we are capable of producing, Corporate DVD’s, Documentaries, events coverage, Docu-dramas, TV commercials, radio jingles, short films and reality shows just to mention a few. We have the right leadership, the right resources and the not-so-common sense to understand the delicate balance between creativity and the client’s needs. We also provide cost effective media placement solutions from print to electronic media. When you think about multimedia communication solutions, think Sesowa production house. Our edge Sesowa production house is backed by stateof-the-art TV production equipment which includes the latest offering in the Z7 series of the Sony range of professional HDV cameras. We use the best editing software available and our production studio is second to none. Boasting over three years of First Issues production, our experience and thirst for excellence has seen us host some of the best celebrated personalities in various fields but focusing on the business element side of things. Among others, we have interviewed Mr. Moeletsi Mbeki, younger brother to former South African President Thabo Mbeki, South African born big screen sensation Terry Pheto,

Celebrity business talk show host for BBC Rene Carayol, Inspired leadership network chief mentor David Wilkinson and local business personalities such as Satar Dada and Chandra Chauhan. We are still on the journey to TV production excellence and there is no limit to our capabilities.

Plot 20613, Unit 1 Western Business Park P.O. Box 81939 Molapo Crossing Botswana Tel: +267 316 5407 Fax: +267 316 5408 Best of Botswana


Leapfrog Communications and Advertising Agency

Leapfrog Advertising and Communications Agency has been in existence since 1999. The company started as a website and electronic media house. It expanded into a full through the line agency in 2004. Our offering to any organisation that we work with is simply to give the brand attention; because without the limelight and attention nothing prospers, and we are almost always selective to only work with brands that love attention; because that is our tag line and our motto, it drives and explains the way we carry business. Because to us, any brand can stay above water, but only brands that love and are given attention, are in the spotlight and will succeed exceptionally in their chosen fields. Our work speaks for itself, we have built many brands from zero to hero, we have managed already 288

Best of Botswana

established brands and created equity and return on investments on the brands. We are proud of what we do and most importantly enjoy serving. Our vision is simple, to be an expert agency and become a leading communications and Advertising Agency in Botswana. We are innovative, quick and keen to produce work that delivers results for our clients, because we understand that ‘good ideas mean nothing without great results’. At Leapfrog, we are driven by integrity, professionalism, sustainability, social investment and honesty in everything that we do. Plus we offer a much needed fresh approach to the advertising world. we are not about one hit wonders, we don’t represent brands that are here today and gone tomorrow, the idea is to break into the market, not only stay visible to consumers, but be the brand of choice at all times. We are all for ideas that can sustain growth for our clients through our dedicated team of young and experienced personnel who are totally dedicated and committed to what they do. Our approach puts the client’s brand at the epi-centre and ensures that all recommended communication solutions are focused on building the brand in a differentiated, relevant and sustainable manner.

Plot 4921 Gym Active Complex Tel: +267 3923375 Fax: +267 3923378 Best of Botswana


Native Group “Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.�

Rhythm 290

Best of Botswana

A quote by William Bernbach, that led to Mpho Balopi’s inception of Native Impressions, not only as a namesake but as a guiding principle. Within the local advertising industry, he noticed that there was one particular impression that was missing- a homegrown one. Armed with this realisation, Balopi began Native Impressions; an advertising agency oriented towards to a Tswana style. A style not associated with a

certain laxity or inefficiency but rather one that embellishes and celebrates the traditions and customs that are uniquely our own. Since its inception in 2004, Native Impressions has grown to become one of the most respected agencies in the country and gradually marking it’s feet within the Southern African region. Now, how boring would it be to just be one of the great agencies around? After all, Native Impressions is in the business Best of Botswana


of creativity. As the company grew, it made room for diversifying its talents and develop the Native Group that now consists of 7 sister companies. The creation of Native Outdoor was another response to a niche noticed by the pioneer, that outdoor advertising was predominantly foreign owned. Living in a country with vast amounts of land and open space, it just made sense to tap into this blank canvas and invest in the potential rewards of billboard advertising and other outdoor resources. With the many events that Native is involved in, another opportunity arose for the development of a company that provides branding and display devices, thus leading to the creation of Native Imajez. This principle of opening up the Native group to various advertising spaces and resources did not stop there. With Botswana’s increased development, the advent of malls has been a great source of attraction for consumers. Mall Activation was subsequently developed in



Best of Botswana

order to keep up with the trend that malls and shopping centers were becoming. To further validate its talents, the Native group decided to venture out into more focused specialties. This led to the birth of Reach Media, which concentrated on all media operations and sales. This company provides an avenue for the growing market of young Batswana who are gradually becoming more interested in all things media. Image Lounge was another one of the Native companies that had its own specialisation – in photography and other photographic services. Image Lounge boasts its own set of advanced photographic supplies as well as a professional, state of the art studio in which many advertising campaigns are brought to life. Responsible for almost all advertising photography needs in Botswana, its set to grow beyond the expectation of its founders. If they were siblings, the sixth born would be Dzyn Lab which is an interior design business. Dzyn Lab brings a different type of Best of Botswana




creativity to the Native Group in that it does not have an advertising focus but still has the artistic flair that the group is known for. To bring in the aesthetics to space not only to corporate structures but even residential, Dzyn Lab is already making inroads in the home and decor market. And finally there is the aptly titled public relations firm, the youngest of them all, The Firm. The short and succinct name of this company speaks to its purpose. To simply deliver public relations services, in a country where this type of profession is still relatively new. As many companies around Botswana continue to expand, they too need to develop their own image and establish strong relationships with their stakeholders. As dynamic as the Native Group is, there is one main thread weaving them all together, that is being innovative in its attempt to implant a Tswana imprint. When the word innovation is brought up, many might think of the creation of something so completely new and unheard of, it’s essentially reinventing the wheel. At Native, it’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about repackaging it. The Native group repackages it by adopting the Setswana custom of storytelling, and using that to communicate a message that builds connections amongst clients and their audiences – whether it be with our photographs, our banners being displayed in malls, or on a massive billboard. We do simplicity with flair and tradition with honor. It’s just the Native way, naturally inspired.

+267 315 9587 +267 319 1752 294

Best of Botswana

Video Production and Recording Event Broadcasting | 3D Animation and Graphics TV and Radio Commercials | Digital Marketing Business Television | Multimedia Broadcasting

Communication Networks One of our specialities is Satellite Broadcasting and I.P Network Platforms to facilitate communication and training networks - These solutions are targeted at the Retail, Corporate, Mining and Government Departmental sectors as an effective communication and training tool, which in the past decade has proven to have streamlined and increased success rates of the organisations that use our platforms. Audio Production From recording to production to mastering



and sound design, this division offers a wide range of services for all productions created by the Camhouse, as well as being involved in various projects specific to the music and events industry.

CGI Animation The state of the art CGI graphics department is capable of creating a full spectrum of animated graphics, both still and animated, 2D and 3D.

Video Production This is the video pre and post production department. This division provides a full spectrum of Video and Multimedia offerings from small in-house productions to large mainstream projects in all formats from IP to broadcast.

Advertising This area of the business is purely driven at holistic advertising campaigns for the client who has the requirement for a start to finish media solution, including all aspects such as print, radio, TV and PR strategies to drive brand or product awareness.




Tel: +267 395 1363 Email: Best of Botswana


Lifestyle Project Management  |  Events Apparel  |  Social Media marketing Passion and play @ work...

SixPence™ Management has been in the business for well over 12 years and continues to grow as a lifestyle management company.  An international company with its roots firmly in Botswana, we are clear, focused and pride ourselves with having one of the most versatile, experienced, creative and conscientious teams around. We are big on quality. The diverse needs of the client are consistently recognised without undermining the quality of the service required. We love what we do and this is evident in our work - hence our tag: passion and play @ work... Projects include the FIFA 2010 World Cup Trophy tour by Coca-Cola, Miss Botswana production and management and we have worked with such esteemed clients such as 296

Best of Botswana

South African Tourism and Shrenuj Diamond Company Botswana. SixPence™ Management has had the pleasure of working with various industries. These include the beverage, mobile, airline, magazine and sports marketing industries just to name a few. SixPence™ Management sees a growth into social media marketing and apparel.  Apparel, simply because apart from music, there is no better language. We see clothes as a vessel of self expression. Fashion bridges all kinds of divides.

With social media marketing, SixPence™ Management seeks to bring your business closer to your core client. We are all part of the ever narrowing global village and to quote author Mitch Joel, who asks.... “Is it important to be connected?” and answers “Well, consider this: If Facebook were a country, it would have the sixth largest population in the world. The truth is we no longer live in a world of six degrees of separation. In fact, we’re now down to only six pixels of separation, which

changes everything we know about doing business.” With a slow but progressive network growth within the African continent, SixPence™ Management is surely to grow in leaps and bounds as the years progress. Strategic partnerships and long lasting business relationships are the key to this team.

Email: Skype: sixlifestyles Twitter: @monahali Best of Botswana


Impression House Quality printing, efficient service, real-time orders tracking through their website and automated sms service has Impression House occupy a unique position in Botswana’s print industry.

Impression House has had a market presence since 1978. Centrally located off Kudumatse Drive in Gaborone West Industrial, they operate in spacious premises with ample parking area. Well-resourced and well-equipped departments with 24 hours production enable them to live up to their commitment of providing their customers with good print quality at the shortest time at competitive prices, while maintaining high levels of service. With a fully integrated custom-made ERP system, they offer free system-triggered SMS service to keep customers notified of jobs both when opened and when they are ready for collection. Customers with an account have the privilege of logging onto their website to track their orders with real-time status 24/7. Records of finished orders will continue to be available for 3 weeks after completion. With a staff compliment of over 140 of which 95% are citizens, they are no doubt on the right track of empowering citizens with the necessary skills required in the various aspects of printing. 298

Best of Botswana

Website: Tel: (+267) 3922984 / 3163808 Fax: (+267) 3924777 / 3163811 E-mail:

Impression House is “Sprinting Ahead� in equipment, technology, personnel and service level. They have departments that ensure the streamlining of jobs end to end resulting in efficiency and cost savings for their customers. Their departments are fully resourced with quality equipment and personnel that meet high standards. Below is a brief description of the departments in their organisation. Pre-Press: With state-of-the-art computers and software, they are equally comfortable handling files in both PC and Mac platforms in a number of software. All files are digitally imposed and plates for printing are made direct from computer to thermal plate for unmatched print quality. Their pre-press personnel have the expertise in the technical aspects of file-preparation for printing. In addition to accurate preparation, they can also make any required corrections to files submitted for print and render them output-worthy.

Press: Well-equipped with world-renowned Heidelberg range of presses they use 1, 2, 4 and 5 colour presses to cater for all types of printing applications from business cards to A1 size posters. Accurate colour matching is achieved by using computerised mixing and quantity calculations. Well trained and skilled operators ensure adherence to strict quality standards. Post-press: All finishing is done in-house with machinery for cutting, collating, saddle-stitching, wirobinding, perfect binding, die-cutting, foiling, laminating, drilling etc. Trained and skilled personnel ensure jobs are finished to highest standards. Sales & Estimation: A well resourced Sales department provides quotes with a turn around time from whileu-wait to a maximum of 24 hours. Quotes can be emailed as pdf files or faxed as per

client’s request. The sales personnel are trained not only to gather all necessary information regarding the customer’s specifications for a print job but also to offer customers suggestions and alternatives to meet their requirements. Store: A well-stocked store caters for nearly all jobs lined for print without having to wait for supplies. This ensures optimal production efficiency as they are less dependant on their suppliers after-hours and week-end. Maintenance: All machinery and computer equipment undergo regular maintenance routines to be kept in top condition, enabling them to confidently handle jobs with very demanding deadlines. Bottle-neck situations are avoided by having back-up equipment and personnel in almost all departments. A wide variety of spare parts are kept handy at all times to combat most break-down situations.

Business Continuity: A powerful stand-by generator capable of running their entire plant and office makes them immune to power-cuts. All computer and electronic equipment run on robust online UPS systems with adequate power back-up. Fully computerised operations ensure total control on job tracking, production planning, automated SMS-triggering and real-time web-updates of jobs in production. Delivery personnel and delivery vehicles with radio communication ensure there is no delay in reaching the jobs to the customer’s premises. There is adequate parking area and you will experience friendly staff in all departments. They are flexible to accommodate priority orders and have mechanisms to make quick production re-planning procedures with round-the-clock managerial presence. Best of Botswana


PressPhoto PressPhoto is the leading photo agency in Botswana with its imagery, services and technology.

We are an essential source of real time editorial and creative pictures. We cover Botswana and beyond for media and other secondary users and have a strong photographic network to reach all over Botswana where news happens. We cover most of the international events where Botswana might have interest in.  PressPhoto is a very young and focused photo agency with a global standard in practice. Every day we add lots of new pictures for our clients. Pressphoto not only 300

Best of Botswana

takes pictures for today, it also preserves the present for the future as we believe that photography is a powerful tool to contribute in the process of development and echo the voice of less powered voices. PressPhoto provides a variety of photographic services starting from hardcore photojournalism to feature photography, documentary photography, corporate photography, and PR photography. Our photography team provides clients demand based services, training and photography

consultation. Besides our own assignments we also take care of special and exclusive assignments for our clients. Our photo archive is also a very good source of news and creative pictures. To meet the deadline of our clients we provide on time services to them. Our experienced photographic team will make sure your assignment from concept to final creation meets the standard. Whether for sport or entertainment, portrait or lifestyle, corporate or advertising, we can co-ordinate your commission – from start to final creative.

Private Bag: 351/219 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 73800901 +267 71776751 Fax: +267 3186519 Best of Botswana




Progress on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance in Botswana.

Energy, Environment and Sustainability Clean Botswana is a publication that identifies the leading benchmark organisations across all industry sectors which have the highest level of innovation in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) in Botswana. The publication is an annual guide of accurate corporate progress in the ESG space. It is vital for decision makers in business and government to note those affecting positive change in their industries by searching for information on best practices, sustainability and superior returns on investment. It also serves as a beautifully packaged memento and creates awareness amongst readers and policy makers - inspiring action on how to achieve more environmentally conscious living in Botswana and Africa. CLEAN BOTSWANA represents a snapshot showcase of how environmental, social and corporate governance issues are evolving in Botswana by tracing corporate best practices. It showcases insights and ideas powering sustainable development in Botswana and focuses on the future - looking at the bigger long-term picture. CLEAN BOTSWANA aims to encourage 302

Best of Botswana

people and businesses to ensure that the positive aspects of travel and tourism, lifestyle and business go beyond just contributing to the country - but to include the benefits to the environment. Content Companies and organisations across all different industry sectors in Botswana will be profiled in CLEAN BOTSWANA, showcasing their achievements and value proposition. They will also discuss the mission, vision and strategy of their sustainability plans. Our focus is on environmental and economic sustainability. Chapters • Energy • Waste Management • Sustainable Business • Transport • Agriculture and Food • Mining • Clean Technology • Recruitment and Training Policies • Corporate Governance • Corporate Social Investment • Sustainable Living

Distribution With a total print run of 15,000 books, CLEAN BOTSWANA is a business-to-business publication aimed at business decision makers and professionals you trust to do business with; who share your vision and invest in your products and services. If you have a powerful corporate message, you need it to be seen and read. CLEAN BOTSWANA gets into the hands, onto the desks and before the eyes of leading policy makers, entrepreneurs and business people both locally as well as internationally. CLEAN BOTSWANA is available in eBook format and optimised on our global website as well as our global business directory www. These receive over one million unique readers from 165 countries worldwide. The publication also receives exposure over a wide range of social networking platforms.

RedPepper PRC Tel: +267 3951363 Fax: +267 3951368 email:

Diplomat Magazine

Sharing knowledge, future vision and inspiration in the pursuit of best practice in governance and leadership























W o orld is A

s Barna


he comT ing t







• 2011


at Afric




Why? The diplomatic community needs to promote and showcase their national interests, missions, foreign policies and diplomacy successes. Our Challenges SADC countries face various social, development, economic, trade, education, health, diplomatic, defence, security and political challenges. Most of these challenges cannot be tackled effectively by individual members as we are all interlinked, we provide a platform whereby we can all be more effective in our approach in combating these challenges. For example, the sustainable development that trade brings could be threatened by the existence of different product standards and tariff regimes, weak customs infrastructure and bad roads. As would political instability, education and health. The Member States recognise that achieving regional economic integration in Southern Africa requires them to put their


Volume 2


The Role of the Magazine The magazine is about government and their role in promoting economic growth and the social well-being of Africa. African leaders need to promote and showcase their vision, national interests, missions, foreign policies and diplomacy successes. We focus on foreign affairs, trade, investment, business, energy, health, education, environment, security and culture.


Diamond Power

by Mariu


Diplomat is a quarterly print and online magazine about government and Industry and their role in promoting economic growth and the social well-being of Africa. The magazine launched in East Africa first with now more than five issues under their belt. has just launched as the wheels are now in motion for Southern Africa and West Africa to join our East Africa colleagues in reporting the whole story of Africa. The first Diplomat magazine for SADC was launched in February 2011.


e gains


• www .Diplom










2 • 2011





BEDIA: out b Serious a t n e tm s e v In n o ti o Prom a: otswan on Brand B ,Your Destinati e id r rica: Our P rs in Af e t n e C rade s World T pen for Busines O is Africa






full support behind SADC to act on behalf of all Southern Africans for their common prosperity, peace and unity. SADC Vision The SADC vision is one of a common future, within a regional community that will ensure economic well-being, improvement of the standards of living and quality of life, freedom and social justice; peace and security for the peoples of Southern Africa. This shared vision is anchored on the common values and principles and the historical and cultural affinities that exist amongst the peoples of Southern Africa. To submit an article or report to be included in Diplomat Southern Africa please contact our editors.

Gaborone Tel: +267 3951363 Johannesburg Tel: +27 11 7052097 Best of Botswana


Chapter 22 Conferencing, Exhibitions and Events


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Global Expo Botswana (GEB) is the country's premier international business-to-business exhibition. Launched in 2006, the multi-sectoral exhibition is managed and organised by the Botswana Export and Development Authority (BEDIA) on behalf of the Botswana government. The annual GEB is held at the Botswana Conference and Exhibition Centre, Fairgrounds and annually its theme changes. The theme for 2011 expo is, Promoting Economic diversification and Partnerships.

Objective The key objective of the expo since inception to date has been:


To offer exhibitors and visitors a platform to explore new markets, secure new business, build partnerships and grow their business.

This platform has enabled local and international companies to actively promote their businesses and explore the prospects of new markets.

Why Global Expo Botswana The core reasons for the growth of this expo from inception to date are that:


It contributes to the promotion of joint venture opportunities between Botswana companies and foreign investors.


It is aligned with the country’s efforts in attracting Foreign Direct Investment.

* * *

It stimulates profitable business partnerships.


It inculcates a culture of entrepreneurship locally.

It enhances exports of locally produced goods. It allows international exhibitors access to the Botswana market.

Global Expo Botswana Value Added Services The annual GEB runs concurrently with the Investment Forum, Buyer-Seller meetings and workshops to the exhibition as part of value addition.


Best of Botswana

Global Expo Botswana Services

The standard services offered at the GEB are mainly modular booth systems, Internet and e-mail facilities as well as wireless Internet, exhibitors' lounges, conference and seminar facilities, government department facilitators, business day invitations, complimentary exhibitors' handbook and catalogue and assistance with visa applications.

Textiles and garments

* * * * * * * * *

Manufactured products


Exhibitors mostly interested in taking part in the GEB are:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The annual GEB is frequented by visitors such as:

Agribusiness and agricultural products

Construction materials Automobile Electrical goods and appliances Timber and furniture Engineering products Chemicals and cosmetics Machineries Information Technology Consultancy services Leather and associated technologies Mining Tourism Power and renewable energy

Importers Wholesalers and traders Agents Business executives Mining supply chain managers Distributors Procurement agencies International buyers Retailers

Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA) Plot 28, Matsitama Road, Gaborone Main Mall P. O. Box 3122, Gaborone Tel: +267 318 1941 Fax: +267 318 1941 Website:

Best of Botswana


The Gaborone International Convention Centre Hailed as the gem of the African continent, Botswana is a fascinating country of extraordinary natural beauty, richly populated with game and great mineral wealth.

The capital city, Gaborone has attained the international status as the economic hub of this thriving nation. Situated at The Grand Palm Resort the Gaborone International Convention Centre is the ideal venue for major trade events, industry conventions, weddings, sporting and entertainment extravaganzas. The magnificent banqueting and convention facilities of the GICC is the feather in the Grand Palm Resort’s cap and a spectacular choice for larger receptions where decor possibilities are endless. The GICC facilities are said to rival the best in international standards. This 1 550m² suite 308

Best of Botswana

offers six varying configurations, catering to a variety of needs. Events organisers can choose from a variety of room dimensions, seating styles and capacity configurations. Functions hosted at the GICC are tailor made towards the customer’s individual specification, with event styles ranging from cocktail, to banquet, to cinema, to school or board room. The banqueting services offer full day conferencing specials that provide clients with packages that include venue hire, refreshments and midday meals. The GICC offers guests the option of hosting a lavish or a rustic event, large scale conferences to intimate meetings. Provision

can be made to set-up a large marquee on the tent platform which is ideal for functions under the African skies of up to 5000 people. The Boma allows a truly African outdoor setting, adjacent to the lake where guests can dine under the stars and enjoy the energy of a traditional Bon Fire. Alternatively for a truly exclusive experience, the Santa-wani suite comprises of an exquisitely decorated lounge area with a 20 seater board room, fireplace, separate toilet facilities, a service area for private bar and catering services and a balcony overlooking the resort. Ensuring exclusivity,

Hotel casino convention resort

the clients of San-ta-wani are provided with undercover private parking and a private lift escorting guests directly to the suite. The international resident chef at the GICC provides events with the added value and choice of dining experiences ranging from delicious set menus, abundant buffets and exclusive cocktail parties. The Business Centre located inside offers business services such as binding, copying, printing and faxing, and a boardroom. The GICC has extensive technical resources and is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment including multi-media capabilities and flexible lighting designed to suit all needs.

The Grand Palm also offers smaller conference venues. The Okavango Suite accommodates 350 people and the Moremi Suites compromise of three separate meeting rooms capable of seating up to 100 people, ideal for press conferences or small scale business gatherings. Awarded first place, a Diamond Arrow Award by PMR in 2011, the Gaborone International Conference Centre is the place where Africa’s leaders meet.

Peermont Group Sales Tel: +27 (0) 11 557 0557 Fax: +27 (0) 11 463 6185 Email: The Grand Palm Tel: +267 363 7777 Fax: +267 391 2989 Email: Best of Botswana


Mr. Michael Montshiwa - Chief Executive Officer

Fairground Holdings (Pty) Limited, was established on 21st March 1986 and is a subsidiary of the Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) with 51% shareholding and the other shareholder is the Government of Botswana with 49% shares. Located in Gaborone’s city centre, our 50 hectares venue, houses the Botswana Conference and Exhibition Centre - a versatile venue for conferences, fairs and exhibitions. Our Conference Centre has the 10,000 seater Ditshupo Chamber and Boipuso Chamber accommodating 1,000 people classroom style. Both rooms are ideal for conferences, gala dinners and weddings and have also been used for various exhibitions. In addition to the main chambers we have three multipurpose conference rooms which accommodate 250 to 500 people. We have 13 breakaway rooms often utilised as boardrooms and for conferencing. We are fully serviced with security, media facilities and have ample parking. FGH offers the following products and services: • Conferencing and Banqueting (Chamber; Ditshupo; Annex; Banquet; Pavillion Halls and breakaway rooms) • Pavillion Restaurant 310

Best of Botswana

• Bar • Social Events such as Garden or Indoor Weddings, Music Festivals and Church Congresses • Take Away Restaurant • Equipment Hire (Shell Scheme) • Outside Catering FGH organises key annual events including the Botswana Consumer Fair, the Information Technology Exhibition (itex) and the Food and Beverage Exhibition (fobex). Our experience in organising these events has equipped our team with the critical expertise to assist our clientele with their own events. We offer rental of shell scheme exhibition stands, assist in outsourcing of specialised events suppliers and can also manage the event for you! Progress in the world of Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions industry is relentless. The customer is continuously barraged with new developments. Competition is strong and the battle for the customers’ favour is fiercer than ever. Understandably, we at Fairground Holdings want to win this battle as we believe that customer focus is key and therefore personal service is most essential. In order to grow our position in Botswana, we

have to keep evolving to measure up to the best in the market. Given the various challenges we face in our industry, I am delighted to report that FGH has set our goals in motion through the refurbishment of the Pavilion Restaurant, Bar, Pavilion Halls and Kitchen which commenced in August 2011. This is just another step closer to our ideal of being a company that can offer customers excellent products and services, one that has the fundamentals and potential to improve the customer experience as well as realise profitable growth. Our prospects for the future are to bring in a world class Hotel so that we can compete within the region. Lastly, I would like to introduce new members of the Team: Ms Sindie Rasesa, Fairs & Exhibitions Manager and Ms Thabo Mogomotsi, Marketing & Communications Manager. I look towards the future with confidence and excitement to ensure our strategy is fully understood, committed to by all and executed.

Fairground Holdings Tel: +267 397 5555 Fax: +267 390 4263


Information technology exhibition

The Information & Technology Exhibition showcases the latest insight about innovation, latest technology and solutions in telecommunications, multimedia, science, digital entertainment, compute hardware and peripherals. itex brings together ICT service providers, buyers, users, stakeholders, government agencies and the public to promote networking, information and knowledge sharing. itex ensures that your business is equipped with the latest technology and knowledge for optimum performance to maximise the opportunities coming your way. The itex runs in conjunction with a conference

that facilitates benchmarking opportunities and a chance to network with experts and decision makers in the industry.

Fairground Holdings Tel: +267 397 5555 Fax: +267 390 4263 Best of Botswana



FOOD & BEVERAGE Exhibition

development, through seminars and product demonstrations. fobex exhibitors are always looking for innovative ways to improve efficiency and service levels, and it is from platforms like fobex that expertise and innovative solutions can be sourced. Whatever you are looking for in Food, Beverage & Hospitality, fobex is the only one place to be for expanding your business or acquiring all the information needed to start up a business within this industry in Botswana.

The Food and Beverage Exhibition (fobex), has become a platform for local, regional, and international hospitality businesses to interact and promote the necessary linkages for the growth of the industry. The exhibition is growing from strength to strength and is becoming the forum for buyers across retail, food service and manufacturing sectors. The key output of this exhibition is innovation, human and technological 312

Best of Botswana

Cultural Night Our 3rd Annual Cultural Night is scheduled for 30th March 2012. Once again, Ditshupo Hall will be transformed into a Global village showcasing culture in all its forms including art, poetry, dance, traditional music and food, history, theatre and more; accessible to people of all ages. With the objective to reinforce and celebrate the unique strength of Botswana’s cultural diversity, the Cultural Night has grown to be an unrivalled event offering access to an amazing array of food and art from across the globe and the 2012 event promises to be the biggest

Cultural Night to date marking a great step in bringing culture closer to people. There is definitely plenty to see, so why not explore the culture of the numerous foreign diplomatic missions to Botswana and enjoy a night of folk dance; be amazed as local and international designers parade their most colourful fashion; learn about art from different parts of the world; create some craft of your own; enjoy a delicious culinary journey; and tap your feet to Botswana’s hottest local musicians. Join in and see history come to life in just one night. Purchase a stall as early as now to avoid disappointment!

Fairground Holdings Tel: +267 397 5555 Fax: +267 390 4263

Botswana Consumer Fair is an all inclusive platform whose objectives are to create an interactive forum for our exhibitors and their clients. It offers opportunities for diversification of the economy and promotes service sectors. Being the biggest fair in Botswana in has recorded the highest attendance of 60 000 people to date, therefore making it the biggest platform for exhibitors to display and sell products off the stand. Product Launches are common at the Fair as businesses are able to disseminate

information about their commodities, services and generate leads. “Shop, Discover, Explore� In developing the above tagline, we considered the core activities of the Consumer Fair and tried to capture the essence of the event in three short words. The majority of the public comes to the consumer fair to Shop, Discover the latest product innovations as well as Explore networking possibilities.

Fairground Holdings Tel: +267 397 5555 Fax: +267 390 4263 Best of Botswana


Bak2Skul Annual Bak2Skul Fun Filled Festival a platform for music cultural exchange for all nations.

The annual Bak2Skul Festival is the biggest outdoor event in Botswana that has been running for the past nine years in Gaborone. Held annually on the 1st January with the after-party following on the 2nd, the Bak2Skul concept is developed and maintained around celebrating our old school days. The school uniform fashion statement creates the out-ofthe-box and well thought theme that has made the Bak2Skul experience unique, exciting, consistent and relevant to any outgoing market of young adults in Botswana and across the borders. It aims to promote the re-uniting of old school mates at the beginning of every year before they return to their ever hectic lives locally and outside Botswana borders. Since the Bak2Skul inception in 2004, we have seen a rapidly growing client base (currently +26000) of young adults aged 18-45 years locally, regionally and internationally. This year is no different as we would like to unite African cultures on stage by bringing together the best entertainers of various 314

Best of Botswana

nations on one stage to celebrate the annual Bak2Skul events in style. Bringing together the best of Africa’s talent to share a stage doesn’t only contribute to the artist’s exposure to new markets, but it also plays a vital role in music cultural exchange in increasing countries’ represented footprint in Botswana’s entertainment tourism. The Bak2Skul team comprises of young ambitious and creative Batswana who have grown to become role models in running events and promotions businesses professionally. The success of Bak2Skul has created a boom in the entertainment industry amongst the youth and young adults. Bak2Skul has brought hope, inspired and motivated Batswana who have been and to the event to sustain the legacy. (Bak2Skul e tsisitse mowa wa go itshimololela le go itirela ka bonatla, bothakga le botswerere mo bananeng le Batswana botlhe ka kakaretso). Values • People - We put people and their environment at heart in all the initiatives that we conduct. • Integrity - We are true to what we do and we comply with all the policies’ legalities. • Pioneering - We exist to do things differently, to offer alternative products and experiences. • Team Work - We treasure every stakeholder with direct or indirect influence to our projects. Bak2Skul Economical Benefit Bak2Skul continues to empower 100% SMMEs, locals and VDCs for various services at all our events constituting 80% of the total event budget. Over the past eight years, Bak2Skul has created 5000 job opportunities which benefited local companies and Batswana in various communities. Sectors which continuously benefit from Bak2Skul range from music producers, telecommunication, transport, printing companies, radio stations, advertising, security, video and photography companies,

hotels, air travel and sound production etc. We pride ourselves as being the biggest outdoor lifestyle event that endorses local talent and continuously maintain our commitment to go an extra mile to discover and market upcoming musicians and appreciate our very own legends. Since inception, 480 entertainers (artists, DJs, live bands) have been engaged at Bak2Skul events, with local musicians comprising 90% of artists and DJs in the line-up and constituting 90% total Bak2Skul entertainment budget. Social • Support young Batswana entrepreneurs in their endeavours. • To influence cultural exchange through music and entertainment. • Advertise and Brand Bak2Skul Annual Fun Filled Festival to make it a milestone event, in every Motswana’s calendar. • Promote a culture of ‘enjoying responsibly’ among the young Batswana adults. • Educate young Batswana on issues of sexual responsibility. Opportunities we present for local companies • We provide an opportunity for companies to take their products and services to the people in a relaxed environment. • We provide lucrative conditions for companies to launch their products and services. • We provide an ideal market population for companies to test their new products and services. • We equip sponsors with market intelligence through allowing them interaction with a large customer base at the Bak2Skul Fun Filled Festival. • We enhance Marketing creativity through allowing companies to wrap themselves around the Bak2Skul concept, as well as open a window for future relevant marketing ideas. • We provide a platform conducive to local companies to tap into and conquer new markets.

• We create clientele brand loyalty towards the sponsoring companies, through pre and post aggressive advertising of the annual Bak2Skul Fun Filled Festival. • We make brands household names. • We implant brands into young minds, so they can grow with them. At Bak2Skul, our measure of success is more than just making events. We focus on building first choice brands, nurturing partnerships with our sponsors and the community. SKUL WITH NO RULES! Follow us@bak2skul04 Facebook: Bak2Skul Event and Group Best of Botswana


Chapter 23 Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development


Best of Botswana

Loans from P10 000 up to P60 million Our commitment to business development has been unwavering since 1963. Whether you are thinking small or medium sized enterprises, requiring funding across all sectors including property, industrial, commercial, retail and agriculture, NDB is the business bank for you. We offer business loans from P10 000 up to P60 million for start up or expanding an existing venture. Please contact us today, and you will be amazed by how we understand your business. INDUSTRIAL




Gaborone Development House | PO Box 225 | Tel: +267 3952801 | Fax: 3971044 Palapye PO Box 10387 | Tel: +267 492 0552 |Fax: +267 492 0551 Maun PO Box 453 | Tel: 686 0316 | Fax: 686 0645 Francistown PO Box 282 | Tel: +267 241 6044 | Fax: +267 241 6065 or visit Best of Botswana





Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Peermont Botswana in pursuit of nature and community preservation Peermont Botswana believes in caring for the community. The Grand Palm Resort cares through the pursuit of green initiatives that help preserve and protect the country’s natural environment whilst on the other hand caring for people through charities and goodwill projects.

In the pursuit of green initiatives to assist in the preservation of the environment, the Resort has adopted numerous projects in its quest to better the environment and the community. The group has a strong belief in preserving the natural environment around us, thus on location at the resort there is a Grey Water Plant that recycles waste water for all garden use, with Peermont Metcourt Inn’s waste water recently added to the system. Smaller green initiatives include energy and water saving devices in the rooms and heat pumps, planned for introduction in 2012, which will substantially reduce our electricity footprint. On the property there are two ecological trails with views of large antelope including red hartebeest, Botswana’s national animal the zebra, vervet monkeys and many birdlife species. Peermont Botswana regularly donates to charities in line with its corporate social responsibility pillars; Education, Youth Development, Entrepreneurial Development, and Environmental Enrichment. This year it has fulfilled these corporate social goals by donating 200 Oxford Illustrated Children’s Dictionaries to local primary schools; taking 280 underprivileged and disabled children 322

Best of Botswana

to the circus; sponsoring disabled farmers in creating sustainable vegetable production businesses and supporting charities such as the Princess Diana HIV/AIDS foundation. The Resort has also undertaken larger scale projects such as last year’s donation of two portable work cabins to the Police, which have since been erected in two residential areas in proximity of the hotel. This allows the police to respond in a timelier manner to incidents and increase police visibility in the community. The outpatient clinic closest to the Resort, Julia Molefhe Hospital, will be our next project, making it a better place for healthcare workers and the patients, who are mostly children. Although Peermont Botswana has donated where they can, they know that there is so much more to do and urge others in the community to assist. The Grand Palm will continue to find ways to better and maintain the country’s environment and communities so that they may leave a legacy for future generations.

Tel: +267 3637661 Fax: +267 3912989 Email:

Entrepreneur of the Year Botswana’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in the Batswana people. The year 2012 ushers in an exciting new project in entrepreneurship.

The inaugural Entrepreneur of the Year awards will be launched and aims to celebrate and honour the most creative and inspirational entrepreneurs from around Botswana. We officially invite the Batswana entrepreneurs of tomorrow to be a part of this celebration – and bring your drive, enthusiasm and innovative ideas. Entrepreneur of the Year recognises the Batswana entrepreneurs who have established and sustained successful and profitable businesses. The Award pays tribute to local entrepreneurs who have demonstrated excellence and drive in their field of business, while making social contribution a significant part of their business philosophy. The Award will honour the crème de la crème of the local business community whose courage, foresight and determination creates and sustains successful growing business ventures. Vision To become the Award of highest prestige that recognises and inspires entrepreneurship in Botswana.

The Award will become a prestigious mark of success that entrepreneurs aspire to attain, and a platform where deserving entrepreneurs are showcased nationally. Mission Selection is made through stringent judging criteria, to maintain highest standards in the process of uncovering successful entrepreneurs. The development and promotion of entrepreneurship in Botswana is the priority of Entrepreneur of the Year. Set to become one of Botswana’s most prestigious and established business accolades where Top Entrepreneurs are showcased on a national platform. About the Award Entrepreneur of the Year salutes local entrepreneurs who have shown outstanding performance as business owners in their chosen field of entrepreneurship. A true Botswana entrepreneur is not only someone with individual success and vision, but someone who aspires for success in the name of their country – working for the greater good

of entrepreneurship in Botswana and ultimately, a resource to Botswana through their sharing of skills, time and knowledge. Recognition is given to outstanding individuals who have the courage to venture out on their own and explore uncharted territories. In the process, they leave their indelible mark of success and create a benchmark that others strive to surpass. Entrepreneurs are grown – through self-development as well as nourishment. The enrichment of Botswana through entrepreneurship will ensure that the cycle of business innovation continues to generate trade and industry. Successful entrepreneurs are visionary thinkers who are not only capable of creating a sustainable enterprise but are also a constant source of inspiration to those in their industry.

Organisers: RedPepper PRC Tel: +267 3951363 Email: Best of Botswana


KBT Advances Enterprise Development In 2004, Kgalagadi Beverages Trust (KBT), the social investment arm of Kgalagadi Breweries (Pty) Ltd and Botswana Breweries (Pty) Ltd launched KickStart with an aim of creating a culture of entrepreneurship among young people between the ages of 18 and 30.

Investing in the youth

Botswana is faced with significant levels of unemployment and KickStart is an appropriate continued response to the country’s national priority to create jobs, particularly amongst the country’s youth, by providing them with entrepreneurship opportunities through skills development. KBL and BBL are proud of the achievements of KickStart considering that as a leading corporate, the companies have the inherent responsibility to care for the wellbeing of the society. KBT initially established the programme to partner the Botswana government in addressing youth unemployment in Botswana. It later flourished to become one that encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth and a platform to stimulate sustainable enterprise development. Through KickStart, KBT has established and grown a significant number of small businesses owned by Botswana youth. KickStart provides young entrepreneurs 324

Best of Botswana

with monetary grants for business start-ups and the expansion of existing businesses, and also focuses on outcomes-based business skills training and mentorship. The programme promotes business awareness and builds capability among young people through training, providing grants as start-up capital and mentoring and assistance during the business set-up phase. A mentor is commissioned to monitor grant beneficiaries and to help them to run their businesses prudently for the first twelve months. KBT KickStart has become the country’s leading and largest entrepreneurship programme within the private sector with the programme having become a benchmark for successful small enterprise development. Each year, KickStart has seen budding and existing entrepreneurs enter the competition. The primary intention is that candidates develop sound business ideas into viable and sustainable businesses. Many of these businesses have become sustainable businesses. Many of the KickStart businesses have gone on to become significant companies, employing a significant number of people. These companies have contributed to both job creation and the broader Botswana economy.

At the close of submission of entries for KickStart 2011, over a thousand applications were received, of which sixteen were selected at preliminary judging. The chosen sixteen then went on to participate in a two week business training course from January 19th until February 2nd. During the course, the young entrepreneurs were given business skills training and taught how to develop a business plan. To date, KickStart has distributed over US$ 1.2 million to youth entrepreneurship projects and provided business skills training to more than 90 young entrepreneurs. The programme has enabled more than 22 young Batswana entrepreneurs to realise their dreams of owning a business. In addition, over 80% of the supported businesses are still in operation.

Botswana Breweries (Pty) Ltd Chibuku House, Nkrumah Road Old Industrial Site, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 395 3831 Fax: +267 391 1924 Kgalagadi Breweries (Pty) Ltd Plot 20768, Kubu Road, Broadhurst Industrial, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 395 3619 Fax: +267 390 1447 Best of Botswana


Business Hive Botswana The Business Hive is a BAC student’s initiative where top students are given an opportunity to meet and interact with industry leaders and in turn, realise their business dreams and ambitions.

Through the Business Hive, selected industry players mentor and guide students and grant them the opportunities to experience the corporate world first-hand. Business mentors include Adam Jones the Managing Director and Publisher of Wealth magazine, Lesang Magang of Phakalane, business mogul Satar Dada and Kagiso Mmusi from Pula Holdings. Objectives 1. To expose students and staff members to business and finance industry professionals through a series of workshops and speeches. This will inspire and motivate members to action their business aspirations. It will also assist members in acquiring knowledge, skills and the general art of business. The Business Hive aims to hold at least 12 events in an academic year. This will be a combination of workshops and speeches and a minimum of one event per month. 326

Best of Botswana

Experienced entrepreneurs will be sourced from all over the world through our network of connections. 2. To work with local enterprise authorities to solve currently prevailing business issues. This will be done through competitions, debates and ultimately formal presentations. This is intended to accord members with the platform to gain business strategy experience and make a notable change in the business society. Research skills, presentation and communication skills will be harnessed in this exercise. The aim is to solve the current situation in Selebi Phikwe which concerns the economic future of the town, provide feasible ideas to help residents get financial independence from the mines and government. Business Hive members could travel to Selebi Phikwe once their ideas have been approved by CEDA and all concerned stakeholders, to present their findings to the town Mayor and Member of Parliament. 3. To assist members in career development. This is intended to assist members to learn how individuals manage their careers within and between organisations, and how organisations structure the career progress of their members. This will help members create their career pattern, harness their decision making and integrate their values into their business aspirations. The plan is to hold career development workshops where members will learn what employers are looking for in order to strategically position themselves as potential employees and employers. This should fall within 12 months.

4. To introduce members to the world of investing. Members will be trained to invest in the stock exchange. An experienced broker from the Botswana Stock Exchange will be brought on board to teach members on all matters involved in investing in the stock exchange. This is designed in a series of no less than three workshops. Out of this exercise, a selection will be made to form the Student Managed Fund coupled with a final written assessment. This will be a group of students from the Business Hive who will be given real money to trade in the stock exchange under the Student Managed Fund. The aim is to accord hard working members with the opportunity to gain experience and acquire the art of investing first-hand. 5. To bring students and staff together to share knowledge, aspirations and ideas in the field of finance and business. The aim is to assist students interested in finance/business by providing them with opportunities to acquire social and professional growth, networking and leadership skills, professional advice and experience in their career areas. This is incorporated in the members-only meetings,

debates, workshops, speeches and in their roles as leaders of the Business Hive (for those in the Executive Committee). “Entrepreneurship is the epitome of BAC’s existence. It is our intention to become an international business school. Through the Business Hive, we hope to give students a platform through which they can link models of entrepreneurship to practice,” BAC Executive Director Mike Lesolle. “Dreams are not the gateway to success implementing and realising that dream is. The Business Hive will teach students leadership, self belief, innovation, and ingenuity, which will help them realise their dreams… We have also lined up financial gurus to introduce students to the art of investing. BAC has set aside funds which students will invest in the bourse to earn profits for the Student Development Fund. Through career workshops, the Business Hive will also help those who do not want to go into business, to develop their careers,” Edward Johnson, Chairman of Business Hive and student of Accounting and Finance at BAC.

For more information, visit or email Best of Botswana


Ernsol Botswana – Striving for a greener environment Ernsol Botswana is the brainchild of Lebogang Molatedi and Johnson Mabona, the two directors of the company, and was formed in 2008.

Ernsol is passionate about the environment and strives to regulate greening methods and technology in Botswana society and business. The company is currently a member of BOCCIM, The Bio Fuels Association of Botswana and the Association of Electrical & Mechanical Contractors of Botswana. Our products Demand Side Management – We assist companies and individuals who want to reduce their electricity bills. We have products that assist buildings in being energy efficient, with the proactive Energy Management system as our flagship product, which controls commercial buildings’ air conditioning and lighting systems. Renewable Energy – We offer renewable energy solutions which include solar, 328

Best of Botswana

geothermal and bio energy. We offer solution design and implementation. Our variety of products utilise the latest sustainable energy advances and are all carefully selected to meet today’s industry needs. Green IT – We offer cutting-edge technology solutions and consulting services to companies embarking upon a carbon reduction strategy. This includes technology specifically geared to reducing energy consumption within a company’s IT infrastructure. Power Backup Generators – We provide top quality power generation products and after sales service assistance. We have diesel generators that range from 1kVa to 2000kVa. Our philosophy centres around saving the environment which is why we always encourage our clients to invest in a catalytic converter which will further help lessen the effects of millions of litres of fuel burnt daily. Metering – Ernsol distributes electricity and water meters. We also have an AMR

(Automatic Meter Reading) solution that provides a comprehensive technology solution to meet your meter reading, data analysis and business operations demand. We also offer single and three phase electricity smart meters. ERNSOL PROJECTS TO DATE 1. Debswana: TSC motion sensor project 2. Air Botswana Head Office: motion sensor project 3. Botswana Post Poso House: motion sensor project 4. Kgalagadi Breweries Beer plant: motion sensor project 5. UNDP: motion sensor project 6. G4S Securities: motion sensor project 7. Ministry of Health: motion sensor project 8. Tshani Bottle: Backup system

ERNSOL (Pty) Ltd is a registered company under the Botswana companies act with registration number CO 2008/1525. The company is registered for VAT with BURS and its VAT number is C08888401113. ERNSOL has an operating bank account with First National Bank Botswana, River Walk Branch.

Old BOTEC Building Plot 10062 Machel Drive Fairgrounds Gaborone Tel: 3654500 Fax: 3957103 Email: Best of Botswana


Chapter 24 Future Botswana


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


A Plethora of Business Opportunities These World Trade Centers function as an Integrated Pan African Network of Centers of Excellence with a common goal - To Develop Trade with Africa

THE PURPOSE OF A WORLD TRADE CENTER IS TO MEET THE LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS NEEDS OF THE REGION IT SERVES. It supports business and government agencies involved in trade development, stimulating the economy of the respective region of location. It is the focal point for local and foreign trade in a city or region and gives companies of all sizes a platform to gain access to international markets. A few visionary individuals supported by various governments and private sector companies across Africa and Europe have embarked on creating successful operating World Trade Centers across Africa. These World Trade Centers function as an integrated Pan African Network of centers of excellence with a common goal – to develop trade with Africa. The World Trade Center Africa Initiative, as it is known, currently consists of 13 World Trade Centers and its sponsors are embarking on growing the number across sub-Saharan Africa. The current countries that are benefiting from the World Trade Center Africa Initiative are; South Africa (WTC Cape Town and Johannesburg), Botswana (WTC Gaborone), Burundi (Bujumbura), DRC (WTC Kinshasa), Kenya (WTC Nairobi), Mozambique (WTC Maputo), Namibia (WTC Windhoek), Rwanda (WTC Kigali), Tanzania (WTC Dar Es Salaam), Uganda (WTC Kampala), Zambia (WTC Lusaka) and Zimbabwe (WTC Harare). 332

Best of Botswana

Increasing trade with Africa by 1%, will potentially earn the African continent approximately US$ 70 Billion in annual revenue (which equates to more than three times the current foreign aid donations it receives and 16% more than Africa requires to alleviate poverty on the continent.) NEPAD, SADC and COMESA all have a shared common vision with The World Trade Center Africa Initiative – with the common denominator being encouraging inter-African and International trade with Africa. This initiative accelerates regional economic integration, reduces poverty on the continent, creates wealth for its inhabitants, and stimulates peace and security amongst its people. The African Network of World Trade Centers forms sophisticated links between businesses across Africa that serve a diverse range of economic sectors. These sectors include: mining, energy, construction, agriculture, tourism, finance, communication, logistics, health and technology. It aims to support the Small Medium Enterprises of Africa, which is the primary economic driver to develop jobs and stimulate a consumer driven economy. These enterprises typically suffer from a lack of access to growth capital, a lack of understanding of and access to international markets and frequently experience large corporate and foreign company exploitation. These are amongst the primary elements that The World Trade Center Africa Initiative seeks to address, thus helping the local companies to sell more of their products

and services abroad. This enables them to grow their businesses in the region of a World Trade Center presence and to employ more human resources in these regions. It achieves this objective by engaging with more than 300 other World Trade Centers globally and thereby developing new markets for its clients. Services Services offered by The World Trade Center Africa Initiative:

The World Trade Center Africa Initiative has as its mantra:

Together, we as Africans, can make a difference and achieving our individual growth objectives as well as strive to achieve an increase of 1% of Global Trade with Africa

• Trade Promotion • Transactional Trade Services and Trade Education • Import Export Management • Financial and Risk Management solutions pertaining to Importing & Exporting • Exclusive business services including: executive travel, personalised & individualised executive global introductions, reciprocal office facilities in more than 300 cities, fast track access to all World Trade Center


AND REGULAR DEAL FLOW. THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES WITH THE WORLD TRADE CENTER AFRICAN INITIATIVE ARE THEREFORE AS FOLLOWS: REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT: World Trade Centers are some of the most iconic buildings around. These buildings command rental rates at an average of 18% higher than similar buildings less than a street block away. Vacancy rates are in most cases 11% less than the market average. Best of Botswana


The World Trade Center Africa Initiative provides the services and management for the WTC projects it undertakes in Africa. The opportunity is for Real Estate Developers to capitalise on this opportunity without the need to run the operations of the WTC in Africa. COMMODITY TRADING: The commodities of Africa are rapidly increasing in demand. Commodity traders globally can be assured of the supply security offered via the African Network of World Trade Centers, due to the significant government support and its vast “on-theground� network. This has ensured that The World Trade Center Africa Initiative has been able to secure supply directly at source, covering in excess of 1000 mining operations. At source supply 334

Best of Botswana

ensures product availability and sustainable extraction that builds value in local communities. At source control largely eliminates risk of fraud on trade paper and removes the trade fear of supply fraud. The World Trade Center Africa Initiative supports Small Medium mines that generate community value and stimulate job creation on the continent. Global commodity traders can therefore secure supply agreements directly with The World Trade Center Africa Initiative, which is underwritten by the WTC’s comprehensive supply security process. TRADE FINANCE: The World Trade Center supports more than 200 trade transactions per month and it is expected that it will grow to more than

1800 transactions per month within the next calendar year. Transaction sizes range from US$ 2 Million to US$ 30 Million. This opens a participation opportunity for Trade Financiers. Participating in the Trade Finance programme of The World Trade Center Africa Initiative not only provides a security in deal flow, high shortterm yields and credit risk security but also an underlying sovereign and commodity risk security typically missing in this asset class when investing in emerging economies. The World Trade Center Africa Initiative invites all international funds that are seeking high yield vanilla Trade Finance opportunities to contact The World Trade Center Africa Initiative in this regard. Fund commitments can range from 36 to 60 months, however fund exposure cycles and returns on each commodity trade are typically less than 270 days.

World Trade Center Africa Initiative – Unlocking Africa’s Potential

EXPORT AND IMPORT: Companies across sub-Saharan Africa are invited to participate and grow their business globally, through the development of import and export trade both on the continent and off the continent. These companies will enjoy exposure through the region’s local WTC office to more than one million potential business partners at other WTC’s globally. As the power of the World Trade Center network extends across countries and nations, each participating business is able to grow globally through The World Trade Center Africa Initiative and each regional WTC. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS: Strategic Partners in each economic region of Africa are required to make trade as seamless as possible. It is efficiency that generates the profit that grows the value

of local business and economies. We therefore invite companies that provide business services related to: freight forwarding, shipping, customs brokers, business brokers, business consultants, accounting, legal, business development, international trade, import / export, global sourcing, procurement, commodity traders, professional conference organising, international marketing and publishing, trade and credit risk insurance and trade finance to come forth. Strategic partnerships will be formed with a select number of these companies in each economic region. In addition The World Trade Center Africa Initiative is also seeking partnerships with port authorities, customs offices, warehousing and banking partners across Africa.

World Trade Center Gaborone The Grand Palm Bonnington Farm, Molepolole Road Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +27 87 944 4072 Email: Best of Botswana


Future of Trade The race is on to identify, showcase and network the most progressive international organisations, products and services that will spearhead the future economic growth across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Expo This annual Expo with more than 4000 square meters of exhibition space. 12 large Africa focused pavilions for all the Trade, Industry and Tourism promotion agencies, effectively putting the whole of Africa on show from Lagos to Cape Town. All the African World Trade Centers, International African Chambers of Commerce, Industry specific export councils and large NGOs will also be present to complete the puzzle. Top Export Companies and Brands from Africa Integrated around the country pavilions are the top export products and export promotion agencies. The focus areas are Agribusiness, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Green Tech, Transport, IT & Communication, Education, Manufacturing and Retail. All African success stories in export and trade must be showcased and celebrated, growing market share, boosting trade, improving international trade relations and providing inspiration for others to follow. Future of Trade Africa (Transport, Logistics and Finance) The surrounding stands will focus on the enablers of trade which are logistics, materials handling and supply chain companies, essentially showcasing all the suppliers to the Future of Trade in Africa. This will include Air, Sea, Rail & Road freight, Couriers, Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Materials Handling, Packaging, Training, Security, Finance, Legal, Customs and Technology. GROW AFRICA The Grow Africa Pavilion joins together and showcases the truly effective entrepreneurship, SME and skills development programs with the understanding that the combined resources, momentum and energy will result in a “butterfly effect� so as to make a substantial difference in uplifting the people, economy and social stability of Africa. The focus areas are entrepreneurship, small to medium enterprise development, job creation (incorporating skills transfer, training and development), and community development. 336

Best of Botswana


Focus Industries Agribusiness • Infrastructure • Oil and Gas • Green Tech • Logistics IT & Communication • Education • Manufacturing • Retail

Best of Botswana


International Commerce Exchanges Enhancing trade exponentially between Africa and the World World Trade Centers, Chambers of Commerce and Trade, Industry and Tourism promotion agencies from around the globe are gearing up with business leaders from their regions to engage in dual country commerce exchanges with Africa. The Future of Trade Expo 2012 will see the launch of no less than 6 International commerce exchanges with many more to come as the excitement grows. 338

Best of Botswana


Conferences • World Trade Center (Global) • Export and Trade Africa • Invest Africa • RETOSA (Tourism Investment summit) • Energy Africa • Build Africa • Food and Agribusiness Africa • Grow Africa (Entrepreneurship, SME Development and Education) • Proudly African • MEGA EVENTS (World Cup Football, Rugby and Olympics) Email: Best of Botswana


Our Future The Post an Icon of Excellence - by Jim Baden

Being a German citizen and having spent most of my life in Germany, I must admit I have not really been exposed to the World. I recently had a chance to visit Botswana, a country in the centre of Southern Africa, where I must admit I had no technological expectations. My host - a typical African family of mother, father and their children, with the grandmother living in a different location – at first appeared simplistic. On this typical morning this medium class family, with the excitement and stresses similar to those of a first world family, with the expected stresses of a mid week morning, Kabelo, one of the kids tells me he normally accesses his e-mail through his Postal e-mail address which is somehow similar to their physical address and has been told it is an e-mail for life. I find this interesting but I decide not to probe further as he had to e-mail an assignment to his college professor. As Kabelo leaves, the intercom rings - it is the mailman and everybody gets excited. Boitshepho rushes out of her room and tells me she had ordered some ornaments two days ago through the postal e-commerce portal from Kuru Trust in Gantsi some 700km away, and was told they would be delivered today. The mail man walks in and to my surprise, he is carrying many things. He delivers some letters, newspaper, milk - and he remembers Boitshepho’s package, to her delight. He then tinkers with the gadget he was holding and reports that he has just taken the water and power consumption readings via Bluetooth. As everyone leaves the house for the day, I realise I have to do some things at the Post Office and a couple of steps outside the yard I find a Post Box where I put some letters for the family. As I enter the Post Office, the place is buzzing, feeling more like an up market supermarket than the Post Office I had expected. It occurs to me that I had to change some money and I as I looked around lost in amazement, a friendly lady with a glowing smile and wearing a smart uniform approached me enquiring if I needed some help and advised me that I didn’t need to queue as I could get money at the postal ATM located on site. About five to ten minutes after getting the money, I remembered that I needed to send a document back home that needed to be used the next day. I then remembered the big sign I had seen at the Post Office which said “wireless internet available here”. I switched on my laptop and paid for access into the postal web portal using my credit card. Later on as I was packing, Kabelo’s father walked in excited and informed me that he had invested in the postal company some two years back and he had more than doubled his initial investment. At the airport the next day, my flight was delayed and as I was walking around, I again see this now familiar sign, “Post Office” and I again gravitated toward it. There I discover why my host family was so attached to the Post Office. It has a wide range of services; it reaches every household, everywhere, everyday and is actually a trusted service provider in the nation. I smiled, “this is not the Africa I expected”. As I flew over the great Africa continent with the magic and beauty of its landscape, the blue Indian Ocean reflections beneath were blurred by the continuous vivid picture that repeatedly visited conscience - the picture of a magnet characterised by the ambience, filled with passionate, boundless, personalised and embracing service excellence. This indeed created in my mind, the reality that it is the BotswanaPost group which is at the heart of the communities as an icon of service excellence. It is truly at your door step, with you anywhere, anytime, anyway.

Plot 53952 Khama Crescent P.O. Box 100 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 395 3131 Fax: +267 391 3599 340

Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana


Participators Abdulla Associates ABM University College Aon Botswana Arctez Articulate Image & Lifestyle Consultancy Auto Track Ba Isago University College BAC - Botswana Accountancy College BAC - Business Hive Bak2Skul Barclays Bank of Botswana BBL - Botswana Breweries BDC - Botswana Development Corporation Limited BEC - Botswana Examinations Council BEDIA Boitekanelo College BOTEC - Botswana Technology Centre Bothakga Burrow Botswana Consumer Fair Botswana Couriers Botswana Innovation Hub Botswana Railways Botswana Stock Exchange BotswanaPost BPOMAS - Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Scheme Brand Botswana Bridgetown Holiday Resort Broadhurst Motors - Nissan BURS - The Botswana Unified Revenue Service CAAB - Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana Camhouse Media Car World CEDA - Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency Clean Botswana Colour in the Desert Fashion Week Construction Extras Corporate Interaction Communication Consultancy Debswana Diamond Company Diplomat Africa Magazine DTC - Diamond Trading Company Botswana E&E Interiors Entrepreneur of the Year Ernsol Botswana Fairground Holdings Fast + Furious International FNB Botswana FOBEX - The Food and Beverage Exhibition Future of Trade Africa Expo G4S Botswana Gabcon Gaborone Sun Global Expo Botswana Global Village Partnerships Ihawu Holdings (Pty) Ltd - Logistics Ihawu Holdings (Pty) Ltd - Mining Impression House Indigo House Issues Fashion Studio ITEX - Information Technology Exhibition KBL - Kgalagadi Breweries Kefseddy Designs Ltd Leapfrog Communications & Advertising Agency Loads of Living Mahindra Mascom Wireless Mom & Me Preggy Wear Native Group NDB - National Development Bank Oasis Motel Olsa Designs Orange Botswana Original Iced Outsource Digital PABAAP Peermont Botswana Peermont Metcourt hotels Peermont Mondior hotel PlazaBoard PressPhoto Prevailing Securities RedPepper PRC Renault Saatchi and Saatchi SAFDICO - South African Diamond Corporation Sesowa Production House Shrenuj Botswana SixPence™ Management System & Services Engineers (SSE) Tati Nickel Mining Company Tati River Lodge The Beef Baron The Gaborone International Convention Centre The Grand Palm Resort TRL Travel University of Botswana Virgin Enterprises : Oasis Motel Wilderness Safaris World Trade Center


Best of Botswana

221 162 198 234 152 250 166 57, 188 326 314 55, 186, 194, 320 268, 324 178 170 54, 172, 306, OBC 169 281 214 313 260 48 256 180 254, 340 148 2, 24 226 242 192 60 295 248 56, 190 302 122 138 286 208 303 112 132 323 328 310 258, IBC 182, 318 312 336 206 262 92 306 8 264 218 298 142 126 311 268, 324 124 288 140 246 276 128 290 316 98 238 278 266, 272 274, 280 144 322 96 97 136 300 200 282 244 232 118 287 114 296 222 216 106 108 308 94 64 154 98 58, 66, 101 330

Best of Botswana


Reaching Africa and the World

Best Service, Best Cost Tel: +267 393 • Fax: +267 393 4897 • Email: • 344 Best4893 of Botswana

Best of Botswana


The World’s Ideal Investment Destination Tap into Botswana’s extensive wealth of natural resources and lucrative business incentives







As the centrepiece of African investment and the world’s future trade hub, Botswana boasts economic stability and vibrancy with a positive outlook to established and potential future investors. Blessed with peace and tranquility, the country offers both local and international investors an opportunity to tap into its diverse and abundant natural resources and investment prospects. There are virgin trade and investment opportunities in the glass, information and technology, pharmaceuticals, leather, mining and jewellery sectors, to name a few. Favourable investment incentives and trade agreements with the European Union (EU), the United States of America (AGOA) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) create a platform for the investors to access international markets duty-free and quota free.

BEDIA HEAD OFFICE Tel: (+267) 3181931, Fax: (+267) 3170452 Web:


“Best of Botswana Volume 2 continues the story of Botswana’s achievements and successes by celebrating the beautiful land and her people – c...

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