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Contemporary style at Lightsview with Rendition Homes’ new architecturallydesigned display home.


Lightsview community news

Lightsview’s Town Centre a step closer

Alternative living in the Urban Garage

A custom solution

The launch of Lightsview Apartments

Lightsview’s new Urban Garage home

lake-frontage allotment at Waterford,

marks an exciting first step towards the

creates spaciousness on a small block

the design instincts of home owner Vicki

vision for the Town Centre.

with clever vertical building techniques

Paluszkiewicz and the acumen of Precision

that save money and make for low

Homes has resulted in a unique and

maintenance living.

beautiful example of waterfront living.

A collaboration between Rendition Homes

Market day

and architecture firm Tectvs brings a

New manager of the Lightsview Farm

$139,000 land only 8km from the CBD

mid-century aesthetic and clever design

Direct Market, David Cook, invigorates

Lightsview’s wide selection of land choice

thinking to a new display home in the

the weekly event with his locally-focused

has something for just about every budget.

prestigious Waterford precinct.

community spirit.

Apartment living

Community harvest

Terrace style from $323,950

Lightsview’s latest 2 bedroom

A new generation of green thumbs

Lightsview’s range of fixed price turn-key

apartment release offers amazing

is appearing at Lightsview as Urban

Terrace house and land packages start

value from $299,000.

Sprout teaches techniques for small

from an incredible $323,950.

Rendition Homes innovate at Lightsview


garden success through the Magic Harvest program.

The combination of a prestigious

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Viewpoint edition [12]

Lightsview community news


News in brief

Introducing the Rendition Cancer Prevention Home

Well connected

Spotlight on great pizza!

Work is progressing well on East Parkway

Gear up for the Lightsview Ride Like Crazy

Lightsview Ride Like Crazy is proud to

– one of Lightsview’s major thoroughfares

Join up to 2,500 cyclists on Sunday

own Urban Lights Cafe (located opposite

partner with Rendition Homes to bring

that will create a new pathway into the

18 January 2015 for Adelaide’s most

the Sales and Information Centre) has

this urban and contemporary home

suburb via Hampstead Road. Joining

enjoyable ride with a purpose.

expanded its open hours, introduced

Fosters Road at the other end, East

Lightsview is proud to support the ride –

a fantastic new menu and constructed

Parkway is set to become an important

the initiative raises thousands each year

a wood fired pizza oven!

connector for residents as bus routes,

to combat cancer. Registrations are still

walking paths and jogging tracks are

open; visit

to market. The Terrace 344, which is currently being built at Lightsview by Rendition, will be completed in April 2015. Part proceeds from its sale will benefit the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation in their

diverted to or extended along its length.

Just in time for summer, Lightsview’s

And with its new liquor license, why not enjoy fresh pizza with a glass of wine? Open Tuesday to Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

research into cancer prevention. And as

What a great addition to your local

an added incentive for investors, attractive

neighbourhood. More information:

lease-back terms are available. For more

information visit


What’s on at Lightsview Summer is a great time to get out with friends, family and community for a bit of fun under the sun and the stars. The team at Lightsview are passionate

Lightsview Festival on January 10. This

about helping neighbours become

evening event is packed with rides, food,

friends and run regular events to bring

fun and – of course – fireworks.

people together. While there are year-

Credits Viewpoint would like to heartily thank Vicki and Jerry Paluszkiewicz for inviting us into their home, and Precision Homes’ William Moukachar for sharing his insights into the custom home design process. Many thanks also to Wayne Fazzalari and Angela Eden of Rendition Homes for their extensive help with our cover story. To the kind people at the Lightsview Farm Direct Market – David Cook, Sarj McLinton, Van Nguyen, Mark Aldridge, Chris and Lyn Tankey and more – we are very grateful for your time. We also offer our gratitude to Paula Winen of Urban Sprout for her thoughtful contribution. Finally, thanks to photographer Sven Kovac for so ably capturing the imagery of Lightsview.

round community activities such as Neighbourhood Watch and spring’s Magic Harvest gardening program, summer is an especially great time for some relaxation and our calendar is full of free events that will suit you and the family. Along with twilight cinema nights in the park and school holiday activities,

For more information on these free events, call us on 8261 1888, follow us on Facebook ( or register your contact details at to receive regular updates. Full calendar and event details can be found at or from the Sales and Information Centre

The sun sets on Lightsview’s 2013 Summer Festival before the fireworks erupt.

we will also be again hosting our annual JANUARY Sun 4 Lightsview Twilight Cinema in the park: Lego Movie from 7pm for pre-screening fun, screening from 9pm. Location: The Strand Reserve at Lightsview. Sat 10

Lightsview Festival – Waterford, 6 - 10pm. Location: Waterford Park.

Tues 13 Splodge crafts Fri 16 Lightsview Twilight Cinema in the park: Secret Life of Walter Mitty from 7pm for pre-screening fun, screening from 9pm. Location: The Strand Reserve at Lightsview. Sun 18

Lightsview Ride Like Crazy

Fri 23 Lightsview Twilight Cinema in the park: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from 7pm for pre-screening fun, screening from 9pm. Location: The Strand Reserve at Lightsview.

Viewpoint edition [12]

Lightsview community news

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Lightsview’s emerging Town Centre Now selling from $299,000

Lightsview’s new Town Centre will mix waterfront living with the convenience of dining and recreation destinations.

Clever design thinking makes Lightsview’s apartments an affordable but stylish option.

Lightsview’s vision for an integrated Town Centre, blending accommodation, dining and retail starts to take shape.

The vision for the precinct will feature

Lightsview Project Director Alan Miller

The Town Centre will also benefit

a mix of apartment accommodation,

says the apartments at Lightsview are

from the construction of a signalised

ground floor cafés, shops and upgraded

proving particularly popular, both with

intersection for the corner of Folland

pedestrian, cycling and public transport

investors and owner-occupiers. Built using

Avenue and City View Boulevard,

infrastructure. These amenities will

innovative and efficient construction

providing a pedestrian crossing

position the area as a must-visit for

techniques, they are an affordable option

between Lightsview and the Northgate

residents from across Lightsview, and

that relies on clever design rather than

Village Shopping Centre.

those living there will find everything

shortcuts to keep the cost down.

they need just outside their front door.

One of the most advanced examples of

“We’ve set some of the most convenient

the philosophy that underpins Lightsview,

The recent launch of Lightsview

land aside for those apartments so it’s

the Town Centre will be a place for people,

Apartments has been received well with

really high amenity there,” he says.

a place for living and a place for life.

“A lot of the apartments you see these

To secure your spot in this exciting new

days end up not having natural light and

Lightsview precinct call (08) 8261 1888.

the first building expected to commence construction in early 2015. Purchasers have been attracted to the convenience and aesthetic of the area.

ventilation in some of the bedrooms.” Our apartments also have a really spacious layout – they’re larger than most other apartments. And we’ve made sure there’s excellent access to natural light and ventilation into all the rooms.

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Viewpoint edition [12]

Lightsview community news


Rendition Homes innovate at Lightsview Architectural creativity and a keen interest in liveability come together in Rendition Homes’ new waterfront display home at Lightsview.

Two outdoor entertaining areas mean more space for life.

The two-storey, three-bedroom house,

“I wouldn’t invest this much money in

the water view and the other addressing

which was designed in collaboration with

a new development anywhere else in

the street. Set into each frontage is an

the renowned architects at Tectvs, is at

Adelaide,” he says. “But at Lightsview,

outdoor entertainment area, meaning the

the very top end of Rendition’s range and

with the water aspect, this environment

home has double the usual allocation of

takes its inspiration from an on-trend

and the proximity to the CBD it’s a

outdoor space.

Californian, mid-century aesthetic.

worthwhile investment.”

Managing Director of Rendition Homes,

Located alongside the lake and wetlands

the interior of the home where the views

Wayne Fazzalari, says Lightsview is the

of Lightsview’s Waterford precinct,

over the two courtyards lend a feeling of

only suburb where it makes sense for his

the home takes full advantage of its

spaciousness to every room in the home.

company to build a home of this type.

positioning with one frontage addressing

This significant feature translates into

Viewpoint edition [12]

Lightsview community news

“I wouldn’t invest this much money in a new development anywhere else in Adelaide” “As soon as you walk in the front door you

also includes feature tiles, matte black

see straight through to the back outdoor

tapware and pendant lights.

area and then your view just keeps going on out over the water. It’s seamless,” says Wayne. “Because of the nature of the house – with the double frontage and the reserve to the rear – everywhere you look you see out. You’re always looking through to something else.” A cohesive material and interior-design palette uses natural textures juxtaposed with industrial fittings to complement the connection the home has to its external environment. The master bedroom’s ensuite is a particularly strong example of this styling at work. The black Caroma bath is a leading element in a room that

Wayne says the home will serve as an example to visitors of Rendition Homes’ ability to be innovative and practical at the same time, whilst designing a home that suits a person’s specific needs.

Open-plan living meets an industrial aesthetic on the ground floor.

“Buying a house is an emotional thing,” he says. “It’s about creating the right feel in the home but also giving people what they want within their budget. You have to be innovative – in this market you have to be otherwise you’ll fall behind.” The home is on display in the Waterford Display Village each Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-5pm. For more information visit

‭Looking back: the home’s second frontage overlooks Waterford’s lake and wetlands.

The high quality finishes and feature design elements make the master ensuite special.

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Viewpoint edition [12]

Precision Homes’ concept sketch for their custom design.

Lightsview community news

By the water: Making the most of her home’s lakeside position was a priority for Vicki.


A custom solution Vicki and Jerry Paluszkiewicz’s custom-designed home at Lightsview proves just how much smart thinking and the perfect setting can achieve. Vicki bought land at Lightsview because

favourite features is the two facades –

needs. As Vicki finishes off the interior

she and husband Jerry were looking for a

one facing the street and the other facing

decorating and settles in for the summer,

lower maintenance lifestyle and love

the lake – which have different but

she looks right at home – something

living beside the water. After finding the

complementary styles.

that William would no doubt be delighted

right block in Lightsview’s Waterford precinct, Vicki began working with Precision Homes to create the house to go with it. The design guidelines for homes at Lightsview are carefully thought out so that individual residents can express their own style and preferences while still building something that fits seamlessly with the rest of the suburb. Precision Homes are deeply familiar with Lightsview’s way of doing things – company owner William Moukachar built his own home there.

“I think it wasn’t until we moved into the house that I really appreciated how good the design was”

William himself worked closely with Vicki on her design, which she hoped would capture the “sophisticated and elegant but still relaxed” atmosphere of a resort she stayed in whilst visiting Phuket. The resulting two-storey, three-bedroom house has a distinctive, unique feel as soon as you walk into it. “I think it wasn’t until we moved into the house that I really appreciated how good the design was,” says Vicki. One of her

“The front is very tidy and quite modern

to see.

and the back is more traditional and

“We’re not there just to build houses, we’re

laid-back,” she says.

there to build people homes,” he says.

The biggest challenge in building the

Vicki and Jerry’s home is an outstanding

home was including all the elements

example of what can be achieved on

Vicki was after without sacrificing the

a 10m-wide Lifestyle Allotment at

views, airflow or natural light.

Lightsview; the ability to fit so much

“We put a lot in there,” says William. “Downstairs incorporates the dining room, the sitting room and the kitchen all overlooking the water and she’s still got a double garage plus a study and a feature staircase.” Upstairs is just as cleverly laid-out with two bedrooms as well as living area that can be incorporated into the master suite via a very subtle sliding door which retreats into the wall cavity whilst not in use. Both William and Vicki said they “enjoyed the challenge” of working on a smaller block and using Lightsview’s guidelines to find the best solutions for Vicki and Jerry’s

home, including double-garage, on a compact allotment priced from $235,000.

Viewpoint edition [12]

Lightsview community news

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Alternative living in the Urban Garage

Lightsview’s new and innovative Urban Garage home is inspired by architectural innovation in small block building, and offers an affordable choice for those who want to make the most of modern Australian life. ON SALE NOW $339,950

Artist’s impressions of the cleverly-designed Urban Garage.

Lightsview’s new and innovative Urban

sleeping and includes features that take

The third floor’s layout gives both

Garage home is inspired by architectural

the pressure off those with busy lives.

bedrooms good views and plentiful

innovation in small block building, and


offers an affordable choice for those who want to make the most of modern Australian life.


work from home or find themselves bringing work home, the Urban Garage’s bottom floor includes a secure car park

The immediately striking thing about the

and a separated office space that is

two-bedroom, one bathroom house is its

shielded from the distractions of the

alternative industrial aesthetic, but the

storeys above – so work gets done when

open-plan, contemporary home is about

it needs to be done.

more than being fresh and on-trend.


Designed to cater for people who either

The second-level living area has the

The three-storey home is built vertically

natural light and airflow you’d expect

to create spacious living without incurring

in a large, expensive home, but without

the cost of buying a large, expensive block

the unnecessary space, which means

of land. An “outside the box” approach was

more time spent on the balcony with

taken with the floor plan; each level subtly

a cup of coffee and less time with the

delineates areas for working, living and

mop and bucket.

sunshine through large windows and a split level roof that allows light to stream in. The most exciting part though, is the chute that efficiently delivers your washing directly to the ground floor laundry and presents endless possibilities for practical jokes to be played on your housemate or partner. The Urban Garage is now selling from $339,950. See the property guide on page 10 for more details.

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Viewpoint edition [12]

Lightsview community news


Market day Lightsview’s weekly farmers’ market has a fresh emphasis on buying and living local thanks to new managers David Cook and Mark Aldridge.

Lightsview Farm Direct’s Manager David Cook.

Lightsview Farm Direct Market stallholder Sarj McLinton. David and Mark are from a small business

The Lightsview Farm Direct Market is held

and little courtyards so if they can get

called Farm Direct Community Markets.

every Sunday from 8am – 1pm near the

a nice plant for that space it’s great. It’s

They have a strong philosophy on how

Urban Lights Café on City View Boulevard.

really about promoting local business that

farmers’ markets can benefit South

Stalls are hugely varied, with everything

suits the people in the area.”

Australian communities.

from Columbian sweets to olive oil, as

“We have a real emphasis on bringing in local growers – a lot of them are from Two

well as plants and – of course – fruit and vegetables on sale.

David and Mark cultivate strong relationships with each of the stallholders, knowing that a market with a strong

Wells, Virginia, Mallala,” says David. “It

When deciding what kind of stallholders

regular offer will become a useful part of

promotes the local community feel and

to include at Lightsview, David says it is

people’s routine. It seems they’re having

people know they’re not getting produce

important to think about the needs of the

no trouble with this – one stallholder who

from overseas, which can have a lot of

local community.

does weekly cooking demonstrations at

preservatives and stuff in it.”

“We’re very aware of the area that the

“Of course – we can’t produce everything

market is in and that’s how we know what

here in South Australia, for example

the right mix of stallholders is,” he says.

pineapple, so where we can’t grow it locally we make sure it’s being grown inside the shores of Australia.”

“We have a stallholder here who does a lot of plants for smaller gardens and in pots. All these apartments going in at Lightsview are going to have balconies

Lightsview Farm Direct, Sarj McLinton, says she “just loves working with these guys, because they’re the best”. Lightsview Farm Direct Markets are held every Sunday 8am-1pm on the corner of Folland Avenue and City View Boulevard, Northgate.

Viewpoint edition [12]

Lightsview community news

Page 9

Meet the stallholders


Community harvest Lightsview residents have celebrated another successful year of growing their own fruit and vegetables with the Magic Harvest program.

Van Nguyen On his market garden block in Virginia, Van Nguyen grows a wide range of fruit and vegetables. But at the Lightsview Farm Direct Market he is particularly famous for his cocktail tomatoes, which are sweet and full of flavour. “I started growing at Virginia about four years ago,” he says. A market veteran, he is excited about finding some new customers at Lightsview. “I’ve done about three years at the Gepps Cross Market and one or two at the Parafield Market,” he says. “I’ve just started here in the last couple of months.”

The internationally-renowned program is offered to Lightsview residents for free and taught by Paula Winen of Urban Sprout. Each spring Paula takes a group of residents through the process of establishing and maintaining a vegetable patch.

This was Paula’s second year teaching the

“So we prepare a plot as a group –

program at Lightsview – a community she

at Lightsview we use a little spot just

thinks naturally fits with the ideas taught

outside the café there,” says Paula. “We

through Magic Harvest.

plant seedlings there and they also take the same home and follow through the program. We tend to have five or six different sessions and we go through things like soil and pests and diseases and watering and mulching.” The new home gardeners at Lightsview have had a successful year, with several participants relaying stories of crops like lettuce and silverbeet flourishing in their courtyard gardens.

“It sits really nicely with the whole Lightsview philosophy of being a greener, more eco-friendly development with all their green space and walking paths – so it all slots in really well,” she says. Using chemical-free techniques for vegetable and fruit production, Paula and her students practice globally-recognised methods for growing food that is healthy for all. At the end-of-program celebration, where the Magic Harvest

Lyn and Chris Tankey

While Paula is always delighted with

group made pizzas with the produce

Hailing from Auburn in the Clare Valley, Chris and Lyn Tankey

the results of her students, she also says

from their gardens, it was easy to taste

produce award-winning olive oil as well as a range of flavoured

developing horticultural skills is not the

the difference.

oils, sticky balsamic vinegar, dukkah and many other things

sole point of the program.

under business name Tankee Estate.

“It’s also about building that community,”

“Auburn is a beautiful spot – it’s just like the Mediterranean

she says. “There’s a social aspect to it as

so it is great for growing the olives,” says Lyn.

much as anything else. I think we’ve had about seven or eight family groups in

For the couple, markets are a chance to educate people about

these last sessions so they’ve met other

olive oil and its uses and show the difference between their

people who are also moving into the

product and others; “At markets people get to taste it, which

area and you can see how it really starts

makes a real difference,” says Lyn.

building that community feeling.”

For more information about the Magic Harvest program visit

Green thumb: Paula Winen of Urban Sprout (above left).

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Viewpoint edition [12]

Lightsview community news


Packaged homes by Lightsview

It doesn’t matter if you’re a family with teenagers, buying your first home or looking to build your fifth house – Lightsview has something that will suit your taste and budget.


Lightsview’s diverse range of

The new and innovative Urban Garage

innovatively-designed apartments are

takes its cues from contemporary living

spacious – around 84 sqm – and include

in places like Europe and New York. These

two bedrooms, a stylish bathroom and

Torrens Titled homes are built over three

open-plan kitchen and living areas.

stories and cleverly incorporate separate

In addition generous balconies add

areas for working, living and sleeping.

significant fresh air and sunlight flow.

2 Apartments



2 Urban Garage

Priced from $299,000



Priced from $339,950

Lot 1452 Jeffcott Avenue. Two storey corner home offering 3 bedrooms, study and open-plan family and meals area. Corner position adds private courtyard and plenty of light and ventilation.

Building on the design of the very popular Terrace 62, this evolution adds a second floor, master bedroom, ensuite and private balcony. Extra room on the ground floor is re-purposed toward a spacious open-plan living area.

3 Terrace 262



3 City Terrace

Priced from $384,950

Lot 1551 Jeffcott Avenue. To be constructed by Gasparin Homes, this 3 bedroom house offers the space for growing families without the burden of high maintenance. Fixed price, turn-key pricing!

3 City Terrace


Priced from $445,000



Priced from $449,950

Lot 1042 Hastings Lane. Outstanding 3 bedroom home with two and half bathrooms and 3 living areas. Impressive internal courtyard!


3 Absolute lake-frontage

2.5 Price $514,950


Viewpoint edition [12]

Lightsview community news

Page 11

This architecturally-inspired home

With three bedrooms and three

redefines affordable living. The clever

bathrooms, this innovatively laid-out

design incorporates two bedrooms, while

home with high quality finishes and

large picture windows and high ceilings

dynamic colour scheme has proven

allow sunlight to flood the whole house.

very successful with the market. The

A private courtyard and secure off-street

private courtyard and two balconies are

parking complement the floor plan.

particularly popular features.

2 Loft 38



3 Terrace 344

Priced from $323,950

World of choice with Lightsview’s land options

Lightsview offers the largest range of land options in Adelaide; more choice to help you find the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Priced from $225,000












Lifestyle Allotment

Executive Allotment

Premium Allotment

Platinum Allotment

Designed with an emphasis on easy living, the lifestyle block size is ideal for empty nesters or the young professional couple who like to live carefree.

This block size is perfect for

Designed with plenty of room

The Platinum Allotment is the

building a wide range of our

to move in mind, the Premium

flagship in our range of product

premium new display home

Allotment offers space and

types. It is large enough to

designs on an efficiently

flexibility for families who would

accommodate Adelaide’s most

planned site.

like to live an active lifestyle.

upmarket new home designs.

Terrace range

Priced from $139,000

Designed with Terrace Home living in mind, these cleverly designed Torrens titled allotments have varying frontages and garaging solutions.


Priced from $382,950

Detached range 10.0m


city terrace












Contact Lightsview Realty  Ph: 08 8261 1888

Experience innovation in Rendition Homes new waterfront display home at Lightsview.

Sales and Information Centre 2 City View Boulevard, Northgate Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Folland Avenue

Disclaimer: All care has been taken in the preparation of this material. No responsibility is taken for any errors or omissions and details may be subject to

Fosters Road

CIC (SA) Realty RLA 217912

Hampstead Road

Saturday and Sunday 12.00pm – 5.00pm

change. Intending purchasers should not rely on statements or representations and are advised to make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves in all respects. Artwork images and plans are artist’s impressions only and are not to be relied upon as a definitive reference. Lightsview is the development name of Northgate Stage 3 and is not intended to represent an actual or proposed place name in accordance with the Geographical Names Act 1991. CIC Australia intend by this statement to exclude liability for all information contained herein. CIC0238

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