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Chapter 5 Comprehension and critical thiking Section 1 6.a. what kind of climate does the amazon basin have?Humd tropical b. how are northern brazil and sounthern Argentina different? Humid tropical cool, desert climate c. how might the region´s major physical feature have influenced development and daily life in Atlantic south America?Rivers plains and plateaus made t a good place for farming Section 2 7.a. what parts of Brazilian culture reflect African influences? Religion festivals, food b. what factors lead people from the northeastof brazil to move to the southeast?The northeast is the poorest so people go to the south for jobs c. is deforested in of the amazon rain forest necessary?Yes, because they can construct industrial activist and more opportunities Section 3 8.a. how is Argentina’s culture different from other south American countries?There is a lot of European influence, there is few native people

b. what is one different between Uruguay and Paraguay?Paraguay s land looked c. as Argentina’s economy improves, what might happen to its informal economy?The informal economy will decline as people get better obs.

Standardized test prep: Chapter 5 1.

in which country do most people speak Portuguese?



2. what major river flows through northwestern brazil? d. amazon river 3. which of the following statements about Argentina is true? c. Argentina is a member of Mercosur 4. Which of the following was an effect of the dirty war in Argentina?a. the country´s economy suffered 5. What is the most important part of the economy of Paraguay?b. agriculture 6. Based on the graph above, which of the following statements is false?b. by 1960 more people in brazil lived in urban areas than in rural areas 7. based on the graph above, about how many people lived in urban areas of brazil in 1990?c. 110 million

Chapter review: Chapter 6:


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Section 1 10.a. what are climate and vegetation like on the altiplano? Climate is cool, vegetation, shrubs and grassland b. what are two differences and one similarity between the Alabama desert and the altiplano?2d-I both are cloudy -2 both are cloudyIs-there are no trees Section 2 11.a. how did the Incas organize their huge empire? They had irrigation systems They had paved roads they had suspension bridges b. how have Spanish and native cultures left their marks on culture in pacific south America?

Spanish-roman Catholicism -Spanish language

c. Why do you think Pizarro killed the Inca king even though he had reeved riches as ransom?Pizarro wanted all the riches Section 3 12.a. what country in pacific south America has the heal this economy? Chile b.what problems in Ecuador and Bolivia cause political unrest? Poverty c.what would become benefits and drawback of moving from the highlands to one of lima young towns? Benefits-jobs , escaping the violence

Standardized test prep: Chapter 6:

1. The main mountain range located in pacific south America is called the?b.Andes 2. Which of the following conditions is a result of the Niño? D. warmer waters near the pacific coast 3. What early culture had a huge empire in pacific south America in the early 1500s? a. Incas 4. Which of the following statements about culture in pacific south America is false? B. Chile has a higher percentage of Indians than any other country in South America 5. Which country’s main export is oil? C. Ecuador 6. Based on the graph above, what one product s Chile’s main export to the United States? C. fruit 7. What has been a major cause of political unrest in the region? A. dissatisfaction whit economic policies

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