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Tim Taylor, © March 2008


Two approaches to meaningful social justice

These ideas are borne of the need that young people have expressed to ‘make a difference’ and ‘do something constructive.’ STEP 1: Is to be able to recognise principles of social justice and be able to see them at work in the community or being breached in the community. Resources: See: Read Teaching Catholic Social Justice Principles by Gerald Darring at or just google ‘catholic social justice teaching.’

Approach One – The Pulsing Heart

The circle begins as global, shrinks to the

local and is empowered to once again reach globally. SEE JUDGE ACT



NAME something unfair that’s happening in the world. Explore the situation

and research media reports to find both sides of the argument. 2. NAME the social justice principle involved. 3. REFLECT upon what Scripture tells us about this issue. 4. RECOGNISE the same issue in our immediate circle of influence. How do I contribute towards injustice in my own life. 5. TAKE ACTION on the immediate circle of influence. This ensures real action and the opportunity to see the results of the local action. 6. INFORM find out about other issues which involve this social justice principle. 7. TAKE ACTION informed action can now reach out to act in solidarity, making a difference where possible and/or supporting agencies who advocate for those oppressed.

Approach Two – The Radiating Heart

Like the expanding universe, the action grows out of inner belief and expands to make a difference to a widening circle of influence..


NAME something you believe in. Use the Principles of Social Justice to inform choice or something from Scripture. 2. CELEBRATE where these principles have been lived out – in Scripture, In personal life, In Local Environment and in the World. 3. EXPLORE where it is not being lived out: locally and internationally. 4. INFORM find out about what action is being taken already. 5. TAKE ACTION simultaneously on all three levels - Solidarity – Take action at local level and support organisations who are taking action globally. 1.

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