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Media Release

11 March 2010

For Immediate Release

“St Vincent de Paul Society condemns Welfare Quarantining Decision The St Vincent de Paul Society today condemned a Senate Inquiry’s findings on compulsory income management. “We receive this news with a sad heart,” said National Council Chief Executive, Dr John Falzon. “This Inquiry heard evidence from all over Australia. The evidence overwhelmingly showed that income management can be a useful tool when it is voluntary and backed up with supports and services. It also showed that compulsory income management is degrading and stigmatizing,” said Dr Falzon. “The people who are doing it tough are being set apart and treated as though they are dysfunctional. The St Vincent de Paul Society completely rejects this view. “The people we assist are not to be condemned. This Inquiry’s findings are, however, to be condemned. “The people we stand in solidarity with, the people who are struggling to make ends meet, have nothing to be ashamed of. The shame will be with a Government that turns the clock back on social policy, returning to the “Susso” of the Depression Era with all its accompanying disempowerment and demonization.” “This is a cynical manouevre to get around the Racial Discrimination Act. Compulsory income management, be it on the basis of race or class, is offensive and unjust. ”

Contact: Dr John Falzon 0421332247

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