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Helping Hands

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“Charity must never look back, but always ahead, for the number of its past beneficiaries is always quite small, but the present and future miseries it should alleviate are infinite.” Blessed Frederic Ozanam, Founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

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PlEASE TEAR OFF AND RETuRN THIS SECTION TO: Finance Department St Vincent de Paul Society WA (Inc) PO Box 473 BElMONT WA 6984 A representative from the St Vincent de Paul Society will contact you shortly in recognition of your support. THANK YOU Gifts over $2 are tax deductible.

Donation Hotline: 13 18 12 Online Donations: St Vincent de Paul Society (WA) Inc Ozanam House, 76 Abernethy Road, Belmont WA 6104 PO BOX 473, Belmont WA 6984 Telephone: (08) 9475 5400 Facsimile: (08) 9475 5499 Email:

For Welfare Assistance please call 1300 794 054


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Providing a ‘Hand Up’

About the Program

Helping Hands Registration

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Western Australia has been responding to calls for assistance from some of the communities most marginalised and disadvantaged since 1865. The Society relies on the compassion and generosity of the community to provide a ‘hand up’ to those in need through Home Visitation and Special Works. Members of the Western Australian community are able to support the ‘Good Works’ of the Society by giving financial donations through initiatives like the Helping Hands Program.

The St Vincent de Paul Society’s Helping Hands Program allows supporters to make a periodical commitment to the Society to help grow its specialised services and meet the needs of the West Australian community.

Yes! I would like to support the St Vincent de Paul Society by becoming a Helping Hands member.

“let us do without hesitation, whatever good lies in our hands.” Blessed Frederic Ozanam, Founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

The benefits of becoming a Helping Hands supporter are:  You can nominate the amount and the regularity of your donation.  You can nominate if you would like to support a particular area or to donate to the area of most need within the Society. These include Vinnies Youth which aims to provide recreational and educational activities for disadvantaged children, Vincentcare which offers accommodation and care for people experiencing homelessness and/or mental illness, Passages Resource Centre which provides support and referrals to disadvantaged youth and Refugee and Migrant Support which provides material goods and friendship to newly arrived people.  You can change your amount and regularity at any time.  You receive only one tax-deductible receipt each year helping you cut down on your paperwork.  You will receive the bi-annual newsletter The Spirit. For further information about the Helping Hands Program, please call (08) 9475 5400.

Request and authority to debit the account named below to pay the Catholic Development Fund on behalf of the St Vincent de Paul Society (WA) Inc. Name: _________________________________________ Company (if applicable): ___________________________ Address of individual / company: _____________________ _______________________________________________ Suburb: ________________________ P/C: ___________ Contact number: _________________________________ Email address: ___________________________________ Frequency of debits: Weekly / fortnightly / quarterly / half yearly (please circle) Amount: ________________________________________ Date to commence first debit: _______________________ Final payment date (optional): _______________________ How did you find out about the Helping Hands Program? (please tick)

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Helping WA families get back on their feet.

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Vinnies Youth provides activities for children.


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