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How to change the mind set of

1. To discuss and devise strategies to improve techniques of answering 6 mark questions – explore options available

student’s written

2. To identify classes to pilot. CDM andf RB – Yr 11 GCSE class and TW Yr 10 GCSE class

response to


exam questions from factual statements to analytical and evaluative 

Having identified the Resource of CUSTARD (Circle command words, Underline key words, Scribble notes and useful ideas, Take time to plan your answer, Answer all parts of the question, Read your answer carefully, Do not rush or panic) with Sarah Anson’s intervention – we set about adapting this to use within GCSE PE.

Findings We logged data before the pilot test and after to see if any of the 3 classes showed improvement.


Next steps To develop within Faculty and share the CUSTARD resource for use with the new OCR specification and also with the current Yr 10 GCSE EDEXCEL class into Yr 11 classes.

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 C Muir
 T White


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Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry  

Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry