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strategies to 

This question was chosen because many lower attainment students will not even try to answer mathematical questions because of poor confidence, not necessarily due to a lack of knowledge or ability. Increasing this confidence will hopefully lead to better exam performance.


Actions taken with rationale

How can we
 develop effective

mathematical skills for year 11 students in the lower attainment band so that they have more confidence and are better able to answer 
 numerical GCSE questions?

We focused on teaching a class to make more use of formula triangles to re-arrange equations that are provided in exams. Although this method is less mathematically rigorous than using algebra to rearrange equations, the methodology is far more accessible for the lower attainment band and simple rules can be applied to help. In conjunction with this another lesson was taught teaching pupils to identify the relevant information (knowing the unit that belongs with a variable is also a common difficulty) that is provided in the exam question such that the correct equation can be found and used from the provided equation list.

J Burton
 D Poyser
 J Bain


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Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry  

Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry