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start of our study should have been analysed against the demographic structure and national figures.

E Harrison
 (L Howliston)
 J Knight
 C Simon
 A-M Warren

‘Gender should be considered against other factors at the start and the end of the interventions.’

Our research did not taken into account the role of a male teacher. Did an all-female team affect the results? Next steps In order to develop our work on gender issues within Design & Technology, a move through the school with the group 7x3 into Year 8 would provide us with more reliable data in which to base our conclusions from. Gender should be considered against other factors at the start and the end of the interventions. Is the issue a jump from primary school to secondary school and the differences in methods used? Further development of the storyboards for new year 7 intake may be needed. Should we consider the students skills when they arrive, and their perceptions from primary school? Is the issue more complex than one of just gender? Is the demographic a factor? Also, a sample below 30 does not offer a reliable sample. Should we have looked at two different TK groups? Data measurements should have been taken before the intervention started and at the end to measure the effectiveness of the work. National data should have been used to ensure we looked at trends. Is a time factor involved, not allowing enough time for students to complete work?


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Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry  

Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry