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able students showed some resilience by referring to their class notes when they encountered difficulties in order to complete the tasks successfully at sentence level.

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‘The more able student used her book to deduce the meanings of the sequencers while the less able stu-

Lesson 3- Students again responded well to the use of the voting pods to identify the missing verbs in a sentence. As it was multiple choice, the observers noted that the less able students participated fully due to narrow options. The less able student didn’t get disheartened when he got them wrong and continued to fully participate in the task, whereas for the more able student it was a consolidation and confidence boosting task. The cards consisted of a sequencing words, verb and noun and students were instructed to build sentences. Observers noted a variety of strategies students used, such as spotting patterns (e.g. all verbs starting with ‘je’ and). The more able student used her book to deduce the meanings of the sequencers, while the less able student focused on the verb and noun combinations, with a sense of achievement at completing the task. The word grid activity consolidated and recorded the students’ knowledge of the parts of the sentence, with the more able applying this to generate complex sentences.

dent focused on the

Next steps

verb and noun combi-

- We will feed back the findings of the more successful strategies to the faculty

nations, with a sense of achievement at completing the task.’

- We will schedule time to co-plan lessons for differentiation and sharing of resources, particularly with less able groups. - Continue to use pods to promote accurate application of grammar points (writing without the usual literacy barriers) - Explore ways to move from sentence to paragraph level with lower-ability students. - Making the strategies used by more able students explicit so they can be adopted by the less able students and promote resilience.


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Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry  

Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry