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How to teach British Values in an objective way to students in

This topic was chosen because OFSTED will check the school’s compliance in the delivery of British values. It also reflects a current political development which has highlighted British values as a core subject to be taught explicitly in all maintained schools. The topic is a difficult and challenging one that requires both considerable knowledge and sensitivities.

PSHE and 

Actions taken with rationale


We accessed the government website on delivering British values to check the scope of the topics and the raison d’etre. The Channel General Awareness Module was completed to link into the delivery of values.


Lessons were prepared by each teacher – one was Yr9 PSHE, the other Yr 10 Media Studies; both lessons were delivered and assessed by the observer, followed by a plenary discussion and written observations entered into the CPD log booklets. Findings We deduced from the first observation that it is vital to focus pedagogy on each key value, rather than deliver a generic approach with all four values delivered at the same time. Many students showed limited awareness of British Values with implications for curriculum planning. Next steps All staff need to be made more aware of BV and strategies for delivering lessons on them – we discovered a paucity of knowledge and confidence amongst staff – this suggests some deep coaching is required.

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 R Burgess

There is the potential for staff CPD to improve delivery of BV education. BV could be incorporated into the current work around curriculum reform. A survey monkey questionnaire could be developed to find out where and how BV already exists within discrete subject areas.


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Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry  

Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry