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pation. The anonymous listening didn’t affect student participation.

M Talbott
 J Upward
 K Wright

Round 3: The teacher observations and student feedback showed that one student was very positively affected by the tables being moved to groups and also felt motivated by the use of reward for Target Language. One student was unaffected by these changes. Here are examples of a student questionnaire, student feedback after the lesson, Reflection of the lesson and notes taken during observation:

‘...[students] liked the

Next steps

security of checking


their partner’s answer to build their own confidence.’

Feedback to department about:

- use of rewards in the form of stamping when target language is used to increase participation -

Use of technology (Activ Slate and Pods) increased participation


Group teach was well received amongst students.

2. Develop activities which incorporate use of technology more regularly into lessons 3. 4.

Develop and expand use of Group Teach amongst classes Use rewards more often to increase participation in the form of Target Language.


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Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry  

Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry