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How can writing frames/rubrics be used to 
 improve KS3 
 abilities to self-

We chose this question as making better use of assessment for learning, particularly students’ abilities to peer and self-assess their work, is one of the priorities in the department this year. As part of her Master’s Thesis, Krista found that students were often uncomfortable with selfassessing their own work; however, research suggests that better selfassessment skills will enable students to make better progress. Research suggests that ‘rubrics are useful instructional tools that can be used to clarify teacher expectations and guide students to learn to assess their own work against established criteria’ (Li & Lindsey, 2015).

assess their 

Actions taken with rationale

literacy skills?

1) A draft rubric was created and used to teach a middle ability Y8 class. Observations of how students used the rubric, alongside questioning students, was used to evaluate the success of the ru-

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 B Owen
 R Roberti

bric. Students were asked to assess exemplar pieces of work before moving on to assessing their own work. This was done in order to ensure the rubrics were used consistently by students; studies have shown that rubrics are sometimes flawed because they include ‘discrepancies among different raters applying the same rubric’ (Li & Lindsey, 2015) 2) Based on feedback from first round, a second rubric was created. This rubric included very specific grade criteria and examples. This


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Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry  

Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry