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ing to get a genuine choice, that the classroom teacher made it very clear that all 3 options were equally valid and we really did not mind which one they picked. We also had to make it clear that all 3 options would take roughly the same amount of time. We did this to avoid students thinking there was an easy. Below is a screen shot of what the students were presented with:

A Aiken
 K Donaldson
 S Pollard
 J Wale
 M Wilcox

We purposely pointed out to the students, through these brief summaries, that the first two options (performance goals) were much lower risk or gave an opportunity to demonstrate intelligence/ability to their peers. If Dweck’s research was to be supported, then the students with a growth mind-set tendency were more likely to choose option 3. Once students had selected their options, they got on with completing them. For the lesson study research it was the selection that was the relevant issue and not the outcome of the task. The classroom teachers subtly noted down what each student in their group had opted for whilst they were working. I shall not go into detail about the tasks themselves, but for those interested: Option 1 was a factual Q and A test
 Option 2 was an extended exam question 
 Option 3 was a ‘Write your own exam question’ activity Clearly only option 1 and 2 would give the students a clear outcome in terms of marks/grades. However, in the past we have found option 3


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Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry  

Illumination: An Enlightened Enquiry