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President's Letter Here we are with just a few more weeks until spring. Are you getting as excited as I am? Is your workforce ready for the workload that might be in your future? I have touched on it before but thought I would briefly talk about workforce again. First off are you experiencing workforce issues? Are you seeing a decline in qualified workers? I’m sure you are. The unemployment rate in Rockingham County as of Dec 2017 was 2.8% currently in Virginia it is 3.7% which is below the current national average of 4.2%. That in itself should help you understand why it’s so difficult to find qualified workers. That being said there are a few things that we can do as industry professionals to help boost our workforce. If you weren’t able to attend Debby Hopkins presentation a few weeks back on apprenticeships that is one place we can start. Here is a link to her presentation to help you better understand what’s out there for us. Now I know some of you are saying why would I want an apprentice? Well the truth is why wouldn’t you? Under the program through Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development once you set up your program there is grant money to help you develop employees. It’s a long topic I could explain but you might be better off to first look at Debbie’s presentation. In the coming weeks we will be offering some help if need be to get this program set up for your business. Some of the other things you can do would be to get involved with MTC’s career placement program. In the coming weeks we will be working closely with MTC on getting the program out there to our members so that hopefully we can better understand how it works and how it might be able to benefit your business. Lastly the

most important thing you can do is educate the public. talk about the issue, talk to people you know, talk to political figures, talk to our school board members, talk to the local technical schools on what they are doing, and talk to counselors at schools. If they aren’t aware of the issue how can they help us? I know for a fact my peers are tired of me talking about it but maybe it will help. So please if you are having a workforce issue get involved our actions and pursuit to correct this issue is the only way we can make it right. Let me know if you need any help and I will help however I can. We soon hope to have a plan in place to replace the Home and Living Expo and we want to hear from your thoughts so feel free to email me or Michelle any ideas you might have. Again I would like to continue to encourage you to go to our new website and create your biz profile. This new site that we created is a smaller version of Angies list and the more members we have with profiles the more exposer you will get on the web. We are very excited about this new site and hope that it will drive the local community to your sites and increase your leads. So please make it a priority to get your profile set up. We have lots of events coming up for you to get involved in so please take some time to join us in the months ahead. Thank You for your continued support of the Builders Association and helping us promote affordable housing in our area and across the state. I look forward to seeing everyone at some of our events in the future.

UPCOMING EVENTS Member Orientation March 13, 2018 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM O'Neill's Grill RSVP Deadline is March 12 HRAR Membership Meeting April 5, 2018 11:45 AM DoubleTree County Zoning Administrator, Diana Stultz will provide update on recent zoning changes Brief & Brew: Ten Ways to Market Your Construction Company Vada Kelley w/Estland April 12 2018 4 PM - 5:30 PM O'Neill's Grill

Blog Feature This month our blog contributor is Hans Harman with Momentum Earthworks. Check out his article titled "Most Important Construction Phase - Preconstruction" here.

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March 2018 Newsletter  
March 2018 Newsletter