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FALL 2017 Carli Malec wears BFA Advertising chair Richard Wilde

Razan Al Sarraf wears BFA Fine Arts chair Suzanne Anker

Wear YOUR Chair

Andreina Figueira wears BFA Interior Design chair Jane Smith

SVA undergrads model fall’s hottest accessory Tyrick Medy wears BFA Animation chair Reeves Lehmann Merimon Hart wears BFA Photography and Video chair Stephen Frailey

Taylor Zarif wears BFA Visual & Critical Studies chair Tom Huhn

essentials, eats & entertainment

spaces, sketchbooks & spotify

Evan Pavley wears BFA Illustration chair Thomas Woodruff


fourth-year student, BFA photography and video

My favorite accessory is: For now, the David Yurman bracelet that I received for a Christmas gift from my dad, and my Lindberg glasses.

My favorite piece of clothing is: A navy suit, if I have to pick one.

My fashion inspiration is: Kris Van Assche. Not having false confidence from an unfitting style, such as trends, and finding my own style that looks good on me.

Describe your style in a few words: Business casual.

Artist AT T I R E SVA

students and faculty know how to rock that super-personal style thing better than just about anyone else on the planet. Pulling from a multitude of visual influences including film, haute couture, fine art, streetwear, thrift shops, their grandmothers, athleisure (can you believe that’s even a word?), uniforms, kilts and treasures found at sidewalk sales, they throw everything into the fashion blender and come out looking like no one but their unforgettable selves. Some go for the ultra-severe minimalist look, all in black from their head down to their Dr. Marten’s. Some head toward the other extreme, mixing vibrant prints and outrageous accessories with joyful abandon. Others pair fine menswear tailoring with unexpected choices of footwear, socks and/or adorable printed shirts. These folks know that even if clothes don’t make the person, they sure say a lot about the value of making a vivid impression in an often drab world.



STROM alumnus, BFA 2017, photography and video

Describe your style in a few words:


Think you got style? Want to nominate a fashionable pal? Post a pic on Instagram and tag #SVAStyle to be considered for our next issue.

TAYHEE TONG fourth-year student, BFA interior design

My fashion inspirations are: Alexander McQueen, Comme des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto.

Describe your style in a few words: Independent, black, cold.


Fourth-year student, BFA Fine Arts

Describe your style in a few words: Nonstop rollin’, changing like a chameleon, keeping it fresh for its audience.

My favorite accessory is: Too many to count.

My favorite piece of clothing is: The right piece at the right time.

My fashion inspiration is: The streets. People that walk them.


WOODRUFF Chair, BFA Illustration & BFA Cartooning

Describe your style in a few words: Eclectic and eccentric, the element of stealth and surprise.

My favorite accessory is: Hand tattoos by Thomas Hooper.

My favorite piece of clothing is: A pair of black velvet JefferyWest loafers with death’s head moths embroidered in red on the vamp.

My fashion inspirations are: Many: Bryan Ferry, Liberace, Fred Astaire, Roy Rogers, on and on...





Latest trends, must-haves and where to get them

f notebooks & sketchbooks f



$15 and up

$10 for a 5-pack



Soft- and hardbound Plain, ruled, dotted or graph paper

Softbound Ruled paper

Softbound Ruled or dotted paper

Hardbound with slipcase Ruled paper



Field Notes

Baron Fig

Public Supply




$10 for 3


available at art stores

Hardbound Unlined paper

Soft and hardbound Plain, ruled or graph paper

Softbound Plain, ruled or graph paper

Soft and hardbound Plain, ruled or dotted paper


otebooks, often the first item on every first-grader’s school supplies shopping list, have real staying power throughout the course of our lives. For many of us, jotting down thoughts, comments, sketches, even to-do lists in the trusted pages of a favorite notebook becomes a lifelong habit. We invited a group of six SVA student volunteers to inspect a variety of best-selling notebooks and provide feedback on the features they feel are most important. Though there was a wide range of opinions on cover style, paper choice and other key characteristics of the offerings on display, everyone agreed that they use pen and paper, not digital devices, for taking notes in class. “The information goes straight into my brain that way,” says BFA Cartooning student Bowen McCurdy. the one I do carry around; it’s a nice shape. I mostly draw in my notebooks and I journal a little bit. I usually prefer paper without lines. I like things that twist the formula a little bit, different materials, dividers, a little ribbon bookmark, fabric covers with a nice texture. I also like really cheap, crappy notebooks because if I’m writing and trying to work something out, if it’s a really nice notebook I get kind of precious with it; it intimidates me a little bit. The one I have now, I just bought at a CVS. A cheap one from CVS, you don’t worry about.

Lore Statman, BFA Visual & Critical Studies First choice: Public Supply like little extras, like the slipcase on the Moo notebook. I would keep that on a shelf at home. In general, I like hardcovers for the stuff I carry around, since sometimes I carry heavy objects and otherwise my notebook will get squashed. Something lighter is always nice, too. The Public Supply softbound is similar to


Bowen McCurdy, BFA Cartooning First choice: Baron Fig always carry a notebook to sketch and write. I look for blank paper. I like a notebook that lays flat. Thin ones are good because if you’re carrying around lots of stuff, you don’t want your notebook to be too heavy. This Baron Fig paperbound is nice and flat, light-


(Left to right) Students Joseph Gough, Jacqueline Kok, Adewunmi Adetayo (in back), Lore Statman and Joy Li review notebooks.

weight and it has the right amount of paper, not too much. I sometimes carry more than one, so anything too heavy or bulky doesn’t work for me. I separate my sketchbooks depending on the medium. I have one for pencil, one for ink and one for watercolor. Moleskines are great for dry media but not anything wet or heavy.

Joy Li, BFA Cartooning First choice: Cachet Classic Black have the Cachet Classic Black for i sketching. I have another one for writing poetry, more like these small paperback Moleskines. My sketchbook is blank; my poetry journal has lines. I like the Classic Cachet Black because when I’m using something other than pencil, like ink or watercolor, the paper is heavy enough that the media won’t bleed through. I like basic sketchbooks, they’re cheaper and I have more freedom to modify them, to do collages on the covers, personalize them a bit. Adewunmi Adetayo, MFA Design for Social Innovation First choice: Moleskine keep a notebook mostly for writing, I some drawing. I like the Moo notebook a lot but to take it around everyday, it seems too

The students were a practical bunch and liked the cheaper notebooks for sketching and jotting notes. But when offered a free notebook to take home—most were glad to snatch a fancier, pricier model!

Shinola, but it’s a little wider. I like notebooks best when they’re empty. If I spend a bit more, or get something that I like aesthetically—I will write in it less. I like the perfection. If I make a mistake, I want to tear the page out. Joseph Gough, MFA Illustration as Visual Essay First choice: Shinola have separate notebooks for sketching and for writing. I have one of these (Cachet Classic). The paper’s nice and it lays flat for scanning, and it’s really cheap. For making notes I have a Moleskine weekly planner softcover. It’s really great, I can’t go anywhere without it. People make fun of me for having a paper book. For notebooks I prefer plain paper. If someone bought me the Baron Fig paperbound for Christmas, I wouldn’t say no. I don’t like the fancy, slipcasey, bookmarky kinds—not my thing. This Shinola one is good for writing—really the best of the bunch on an aesthetic level. I don’t like books that are too shiny. Plain black is good. Sometimes I make an investment in a nice Moleskine, but I get terrified to put anything down on the paper. I think: I’m spending money by covering this with ink.


Joseph Gough

heavy. I might keep it at home. I would go with the bright yellow Moleskine, the color would help me identify it as the book where I write. Jacqueline Kok, MA Curatorial Practice First choice: Muji hoard notebooks. I have the Muji and Moleskine ones. I alternate between hard and softcovers; I use both. I have the small one because it was an impulse buy. I got one of the Shinola ones when I couldn’t find the dotted paper in the Moleskine. I would use the Moo more as a diary, if I wrote in a diary, which I don’t. Baron Fig looks really similar to


Bowen McCurdy (left) and Lore Statman.


Flora Zhai

Fine Arts Fourth-year student Flora Zhai only recently became interested in enamel pins: “I took a trip to Maine this May and I saw some pins in a gift shop— with the state name, puffins and moose. I wanted a souvenir.” After the trip, she started seeking out pins more and more. “I work at a jewelry store called Brooklyn Charm. We had pins there, but I never noticed them before.” She started adding to her collection with the shop’s vintage pins. She and her mother like to go to estate sales and antique shops in her native New Jersey, which turn out to also be a great resource for finding pins. She wears the pins on a wallet she wears around her neck as well as on her backpack. “I like how they look as a collection, as well as individually. They show your personality.” This summer, Flora visited her grandparents in China. “My grandpa gave me an old Mao pin from the Cultural Revolution.”


Brooklyn Charm Estate sales Ebay Thrift stores Antique shops Trading events H E R FAV O R I T E P I N S

Simpsons’s Patty & Selma “I got it on a site called” McDonald’s “I got it from Goodwill.” COST

Most expensive pin: $16 (The Simpsons) Least expensive: 50¢ (Tweety Bird) Average: $3-4

Notecards—If I have ideas for my thesis or little things I need to write down, it’s good to have them sorted into individual notecards. Like if

Andrew McGuire • Fourth-year • BFA Film

I think of a joke, I’ll write it down.

Tide to Go has helped me in many situations.

My portable charger. I’ve used it plenty of times. It does need to be charged every night though, which I often forget to do. Save the Cat: The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need by Blake Snyder. I study screenwriting and

Benadryl—I’m allergic to tree

my teacher recom-

nuts. I don’t have an Epi Pen

mended it.

because it’s not that severe. But Benadryl comes in handy.


What I Don’t Leave Home Without Perfume—bought it at Urban Outfitters. I usually keep perfume with me—

Joy Conway • third-year • BFA visual & critical studies

because, you never know!

Fidget spinner—I got the spinner for free from my job at Zumiez (a store that sells skate/snow merchandise).

Colored pencils are my main medium. I usually carry them with me wherever I

When I was study-

go. These are

ing abroad in Rome,

Prismacolor. They

I traveled around.

are a little pricey

I went to France,

but the pigment

Spain and the

and the way they

Netherlands. One

blend are what I

key charm is from Barcelona, and the

love about them. This sketch is of best friend. I played around with

Eiffel Tower is from

the idea of spending time on something and

France, obviously.

then going over it with something else. It’s a way to not overthink and to take chances.

EATS Where Artists Refuel and Refresh


↑ Lamarca Pasta 161 East 22nd Street (at corner of Third Avenue) An unqualified favorite among both students and staff. There’s a full-service, casual restaurant in the front (note the Mary Ellen Mark prints hanging on the wall) and a café in the back where you get can get take-out or eat in at one of the tables. The café is perhaps best known for their pints of pasta (choose a pasta shape and a sauce—or two) for just $7.25. They also have fantastic soups, sandwiches, salads and even individual portions of imported cheese. Note: Cash only. Favorite Dishes - Fusilli with Bolognese sauce - Bowtie with aurora sauce - Chicken fettucine - Rigatoni with tomato and pesto sauce mixed - Chicken cutlets “Lamarca is my go-to place. It’s the easiest and the quickest. I usually get the fusilli pasta with the aurora sauce.” — Trevor Munch, BFA Photography and Video

Toasties 214 Seventh Avenue (btw 22nd and 23rd streets) + other locations Better than your average deli with a huge array of made-toorder sandwiches and more. “It’s really close to the 21st Street building. They make great sandwiches.” — Eduardo Enriquez, Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

he humble Moe’s Cafe has been serving the SVA community for decades. A place where hungry students, faculty and staff can refuel with some comfort food or just grab a coffee. A TV is usually tuned to the news and there’s even a pool table to take a break.


FUN FACTS: More than just a café, Moe’s has

been inspiring our students for some time. Type “Moe’s Cafe” into the search field at, and you’ll find several visions from Design students for rebranding Moe’s. And in 2012, the Interior Design Department held a juried competition for designs that re-envisioned Moe’s space, which resulted in an exhibition at the Flatiron Gallery.

BLT Grilled Cheese Falafel Platter Chicken Tenders

Thirst Quenchers

Coffee is King among students, but here are some other refreshments that get us through the day: 1. Joyful Almond @ Juice Generation

Ajisen Ramen

2. Mint tea @ Maison Kayser

136 West 28th Street (btw Sixth and Seventh avenues) + other locations This Japanese restaurant has both sushi and ramen. “Great ramen for a good price.” — Eduardo Enriquez, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

3. Jasmine tea @ Cha-an Teahouse 4. Dr. Feel Good @ The Juice Shop 5. Vanilla sweet cream cold brew @ Starbucks 6. Iced green tea @ Cha Cha Matcha 7. Lemon black tea @ Happy Lemon 8. Bubble tea @ ViVi Bubble Tea



BFA Photography & Video student Cameron McLeod gives his opinions for the best coffee on the east side: “Pushcart has the best iced coffee. Think Coffee has better espresso. Irving Farm beats both of them, however. It’s just a little farther away.”

↑ Mizu 29 East 20th Street (btw Park Avenue South and Broadway) This popular restaurant serves up both Japanese and Thai dishes. “I always get the Drunk Man’s noodles—it’s noodles with chicken and broccoli.” — Brittany Laureano, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Cowgirl Hall of Fame 519 Hudson Street (at West 10th Street) A charming West Village spot serving up Sothern and Southwestern Food. “I love their beef and bean chili.” — Tal Drori, BFA Film

Think Coffee 380 Third Avenue (corner of 22nd Street)

Pushcart Coffee 362 Second Avenue (corner of 21st Street)

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters 71 Irving Place (btw 18th and 19th streets)

S K E T C H B O O KS w he re W e Work Ou t ou r ide a s


“This spread was more like a page filler than anything else, if I’m honest, and I was also surprised to see this one featured over other pages! I wanted to do something fun and colorful to loosen myself up. I think this was made during a period of time when I was teaching myself how to be looser and less of a perfectionist—less tight in my work.”

Sammy Savos

BFA Cartooning, third-year

“In middle school I started using actual sketchbooks. I just love buying them even if I’m not done with my current one, so they’ll sit in my room unused until I’m ready for them, which is fun to look forward to! “I really like looking through my sketchbooks to see how I’ve progressed, to bring me back to another time, and to get inspired from something I like that I did in the past, among other things! I love keeping them all as this special collection of personal work.”


“I finished these pages just before I moved into my freshman dorm (right now in my junior year). It was nothing more than some fun drawings I was making up as I went.”

Natalie Pellmann

BFA Animation, second-year

“I have been keeping sketchbooks probably since middle school, and I have them all lined up together in a cabinet back home. I think I have around 10 at this point. “I drew many of these pages just for fun! My freshman year drawing teacher at SVA required us to complete two sketchbooks for the whole year, so a lot of them were just ‘homework,’ although it was very satisfying. I enjoy character design and concept art though, so these pages are representative of that passion.”



ENTERTAINM @Instagram Follow-Worthy



Knarly Gav, tattoo artist

Elly Smallwood, artist, painter

Binge-Worthy Shows Charmed

Bates Motel



The 90s cult show about sister witches. Netflix (streaming)

This series is a prequel of the movie Psycho. Netflix (streaming)

Corey Olsen, photographer

SVA alum Molly Matalon, photographer

Bob’s Burgers

The Office

Animated series about the kooky Belcher family. Fox (current)/Hulu (streaming)

Choose Steve Carell (US version) or Ricky Gervais (UK version) as your boss. Netflix (streaming)

Broad City Friends

The 80s/90s cultural juggernaut about six pals in NYC. Netflix (streaming)

Follow two female 20-something friends and their hijinks in NYC. Cartoon Network (current)/ Hulu (streaming) Say Yes to the Dress

Chef’s Table

This food-porn documentary series profiles a different worldclass chef each episode. Netflix (current/original series)

“Part bridal show, part family therapy.” TLC (current)/Hulu (streaming) The Handmaid’s Tale

A dystopian future where women are subjugated by a totalitarian state. Hulu (current/original series)

@ Rick & Morty


Animated series follows a mad scientist and his grandson on adventures. Cartoon Network (current)/ Hulu (streaming)


@ G O OD T Y P E A collection of good type


Joselyn Tsaih, illustrator/ animator


@ C H I L LW I L D L I F E

Graphic design memes

Cool animal pics

A fictional comedy/drama about the real-life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Netflix (current/original series)

This sitcom, starring Aziz Ansari, touches on dating, race and culture. Netflix (current/original series)

The Great British Bake Off

Stranger Things

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

This competition show is one of the sweeter versions of the genre. PBS/BBC (current)/Netflix (streaming)

A science-fiction horror series set in the 80s. Netflix (current/original series)

Acerbic former-Daily Show regular shreds the newsmakers. HBO (current)



Master of None

Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer … yada, yada, yada. Hulu (streaming)





Find things to do in NYC

An awesome photo editing app.

Share your work and check out others—free for SVA students.

Learn code painlessly in your downtime.





Be in-the-know with this gallery guide.

Make your videos look like old VHS tapes.

Make memes, collages and more with this fun photo app.

Cool app where you buy and sell clothes and more.





An app for guided meditation.

Do research on companies, salaries and more.

Share money with pals easily with no fees.

Find a doctor and make an appointment.



WE DO D HOW DOWNTIME D SVA student picks for tunes, apps, shows, and more

SVA Spotify Playlists ALL THE FEELS Andreina Figueira BFA Interior Design


Joann Fernandes BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects 1. Snakehips & MØ - Don’t Leave 2. Imagine Dragons - Believer 3. Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj - Bom Bidi Bom 4. Noah Cyrus, feat. Labrinth -

1. Sleeping At Last - Overture 2. The Cinematic Orchestra, feat. Patrick Watson - To Build a Home 3. Bon Iver - Holocene 4. Ben Howard - Promise 5. The Head and the Heart -

Rivers and Roads 6. Tom Odell - Heal 7. Bon Iver - Skinny Love 8. The Middle East - Blood 9. M83 - Wait 10. X Ambassadors - Unsteady

Make Me (Cry) 5. Petit Biscuit - Sunset Lover 6. Kygo, feat. Selena Gomez - It Ain’t Me 7. Sabrina Carpenter - Thumbs 8. Maroon 5, feat. Future - Cold 9. Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson -

Just Hold On 10. Joe Anderson & Jim Sturgess -

With a Little Help From My Friends

SHOW PLAYLIST Cameron McLeod BFA Photography and Video

1. Dean Blunt, feat. Inga Copeland -

The Narcissist


Kimberly Moreno BFA Visual & Critical Studies

2. Injury Reserve - ttktv 3. Bongripper - Droid Developer 4. Jerry Paper - Chameleon World 5. Tonstartssbandht - Black Country 6. Made of Oak - Pinebender 7. Vessel - Red Sex 8. Anna Meredith - Nautilus 9. Oddisee - Fashionably Late 10. Night Moves - Colored Emotions

1. The Doors - Soul Kitchen 2. Harry Styles - Woman 3. Arctic Monkeys - Stop the World I Wanna

Get Off With You 4. Jack White - Love Is Blindness 5. The 1975 - Pressure 6. The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black 7. Harry Styles - Kiwi 8. Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone 9. The Last Shadow Puppets; Alex Turner; Miles Kane - Miracle Aligner 10. Janis Joplin - Cry Baby 11. The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden


Brittany Laureano BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects



Janina Quinn BFA Design

What We’re Reading

Invisible Monsters

To Kill a Mockingbird

Chuck Palahniuk The author of Fight Club’s tale of a fashion model who is disfigured in a car accident.

Harper Lee The classic American novel on race, morality and the loss of innocence.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Modern Romance

Margaret Atwood Now a Hulu TV series, this classic novel from the 80s seems disquietingly prescient today.

Aziz Ansari The comedian behind the Netflix series Master of None comically recounts dating life.

8. James Blake, feat. Chance the Rapper -

House of Leaves

The Girls

Life Round Here 9. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) 10. Kanye West - Fade

Mark Z. Danielewski An experimental, multi-layered horror novel with a cult following.

Emma Cline This fictional novel focuses on the female members of a cult like the Manson Family.

1. SOHN - The Wheel 2. Little Dragon -

Ritual Union 3. Tame Impala - The Less

I Know the Better 1. Rihanna - Needed Me 2. Drake - Legend 3. Drake - Jungle 4. SZA, feat. Chance the Rapper -

4. SBTRKT, feat. Sampha - Living Like I Do 5. Frank Ocean - Nights 6. Tame Impala -

Childs Play 5. Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You 6. Jacquees - Feel It 7. Jhene Aiko, feat. Ab-Soul - WTH 8. The Weeknd - High for This 9. Drake - Marvin's Room 10. Jhené Aiko - The Worst

7. Lauryn Hill -


B o ok s

The Moment Doo Wop (That Thing)

Blankets Craig Thompson An autobiographical graphic novel illustrates small town life, a Christian childhood and first love.


SHOPPING SPOTLIGHT th r ift s tor e rou n du p

AuH2O 84 East 7th Street, Manhattan Owner Kate Goldwater sources a mix of clothing and accessories from both known and unknown labels, and every item in the store is under $30. A rack of $10-and-under items awaits those on the hunt for a real steal.

↑ L Train Vintage Seven locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn L Train is consistently named a first choice by knowledgeable thrift shoppers. Prices top out at no more than $50 and the eclectic selection can include large stashes of designer handbags and racks of new unworn items. Each store has a slightly different vibe so it’s wise to visit a couple of locations to find your favorite.

Crossroads Trading 24 West 26th Street, Manhattan and 135 North 7th Street, Brooklyn Another buy-sell-trade establishment, this west coast-based organization offers a seasonal selection of trendy brands. There are plenty of pieces priced in the $25-ish range, but a Chanel handbag here can carry a four-figure price tag. Be sure you dig into the current market value before you splurge.

City Opera Thrift Shop 222 East 23rd Street, Manhattan All proceeds support the Lincoln Center cultural institution. A spot to find slightly more formal attire, the shop also carries items such as glassware, posters, and the occasional bit of furniture. Recently, a giant silk and cashmere wrap in a beautiful butter yellow was a steal at $15.

↑ Beacon’s Closet 74 Guernsey Street, Brooklyn, and additional locations At various locations across Brooklyn and Manhattan, Beacon’s Closet offers buy, sell or trade options on a great selection of clothing, shoes and accessories, including many designer names, priced around a third of their original retail value.

↑ Vintage Thrift 286 Third Avenue and 242 West 10th Street Proceeds benefit the East Side’s United Jewish Council. You’ll find current offerings from the Gap and Banana Republic alongside items by Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. Prices are gentle; jeans are around $10 and gowns are marked as low as $35. There’s also a selection of clothing sizes 12 and up.

East Village Thrift Shop 186 Second Avenue, Manhattan The prices here are incredibly low, with few items costing more than $35. Six racks of clothes starting at $2.99 mean that a couple of hours of careful sifting can yield a wardrobe overhaul for the price of a weekly Metrocard. Buffalo Exchange 332 East 11th Street, Manhattan, and additional locations This buy-sell-trade national chain’s New York City stores pop up in Brooklyn, Chelsea, the East Village and Astoria, Queens. There’s a wide range of price points, with some designer items reaching into the hundreds of dollars, though a T-shirt can be had for as little as $7.

↑ Housing Works Twelve locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn Prices may be a bit on the higher side, but the merchandise is generally in excellent condition and a percentage of proceeds go toward helping the city’s homeless and those with HIV/AIDS. Designer labels are a snap to find here, along with furniture, glassware, art books and gently worn shoes for as little as $25.

DEPOP For many people, the thrill of shopping at a thrift store is flipping through racks of unappealing items to suddenly discover a cashmere coat priced at $10. But there’s something to be said for this online global thrift store, which allows browsing at any time day or night via the web or its smartphone app. A quick search for Frye Boots turned up over 150 pairs, men’s and women’s at prices from $14 to $300. Sweet!


tal drori






al Drori graciously invited us into his fabulous Financial-District studio filled with an amazing array of collectibles and antiques that he’s acquired in his native Israel and on trips to San Francisco, Greece and elsewhere. “I was looking for something like this couch for a while. I had a picture and I went to so many stores. I finally found this in San Francisco.” “These pillows belonged to the mother of my aunt. She is 95 years old. She is a Holocaust survivor and she made them when she was around 20. So they’re very old.”

“This car is almost 80 years old. There was a car called Susita— it was the only car that Israel made. If you were one of the first people to buy this car, you got this miniature one. There are only 100 like this in the world.”

The half-mannequins on his windowsill were free: “Uniqlo is SoHo was throwing them out. I saw some guy loading them— there were like 100 of them. He asked if I wanted one. Then he said I should take two!”


A full-sized skeleton (a replica) was purchased on Craigstlist for $10. “I had to go up to Harlem to pick it up. It was funny bringing it back on the subway because I had to break it down and carry it in a couple of bags. There were bones sticking out. People were looking at me!”


A triple gumball machine sits in his kitchen. This was one of 30 he bought and sold. “This guy had a large stock of them. I negotiated to buy them all for $15 each. I rented a huge truck, posted them on Craigslist and they all sold in a few days!”

An early—and perhaps prescient—purchase was a director’s chair. “I wasn’t into film so much at the time. I was around 13. The guy I bought it from said he bought it at an auction in L.A. I don’t know if that’s true, but when he saw I was just a boy, he gave me a huge discount!”






“I love Alf. I always have him with me in my backpack when I travel. I can’t sleep without him.”


Anthony Seibert wears BFA Fine Arts chair Suzanne Anker

V I C T O R - J O H N V I L L A N U E VA SVA alumnus Villanueva (2001 BFA Graphic Design) has created Perler bead pendants of celebrities ranging from Karl Lagerfeld to Nicki Minaj. Who better to capture SVA’s biggest celebrities—our undergrad chairs! Check out more of Villanueva’s work at

Michael Houck wears BFA Interior Design chair Jane Smith Bowen McCurdy wears BFA Cartooning chair Thomas Woodruff

“I love that Richard makes me think outside the box—and he always has a smile on his face!” Sarah Kim wears BFA Design chair Richard Wilde

Shuhei Nakagaki wears BFA Film chair Reeves Lehmann

“My chair Tom Huhn is easy to talk to and affable—and he’s got great hair!” Skylar Peak wears BFA Visual & Critical Studies chair Tom Huhn

Rufus Barkley wears BFA Photography and Video chair Stephen Frailey

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SVA Style Fall 2017  

This twice-yearly newsletter celebrates students’ style, trends and undergrad culture at SVA. Highlighting what students are wearing, where...

SVA Style Fall 2017  

This twice-yearly newsletter celebrates students’ style, trends and undergrad culture at SVA. Highlighting what students are wearing, where...