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Join the 6th Gwaloop Cycle Challenge on Saturday 2 February 2013

gwaloop CC cycle challenge

photo journal ...the first five years...

In 2013 the Gwaloop Cycle Challenge becomes part of the BikeNZ Summer Series

gwaloop CC cycle challenge

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The Gwaloop Cycle Challenge is an event organised and owned by TMS Sport Promotions Ltd. Terry & Kathy Sheldrake Directors TMS Sport Promotions Ltd.


for all details information: www.gwaloop.co.nz

We are a sponsor of the Gwaloop Cycle Challenge and also to the NEW 110km Special race Gisborne to Wairoa Out & Back Course This ‘photo journal’ the first five years has been created, compiled and designed by SheldrakevisualART.com using photos from our own photo library. © Please Note: All photos are subject to © copyright. For further photo details please contact us: em: info@SheldrakevisualART.com ph: +64 6 868 8053

Scroll though this book for scenic views of beautiful Gisborne District. Those who take up the Gwaloop Cycle Challenge can enjoy magnificient views as they compete and complete New Zealand’s longest-one-day cycle race.

gwaloop CC cycle challenge

INDEX: Event Date Page (Please Note: No 2011 race - the event moved forward from Spring to Summer)

20 October 2007


25 October 2008 13 24 October 2009 23 20 October 2010 30 21 January 2012 40 Next Gwaloop 2013 plus the all NEW 110km Special 02 February 2013 60


gwaloop CC cycle challenge


The race begins on the Poverty Bay Flats and proceeds out and up into the Wharerata ranges via Nuhaka to Wairoa then returning on the inland route via Tiniroto - to complete the loop back onto the Poverty Bay Flats once again to Gisborne city.

gwaloop CC SportPromotions Ltd.


Official Entry Form

cycle challenge


2 0 0 km

‘cycle challenge’ RACE from Gisborne via Nuhaka to Wairoa and LOOP-BACK via Tiniroto to Gisborne

! t n e v


E New

d n e k e We r u o b a L , 7 y 0 a ‘ . d r t u c Sat 20th O

gwaloop CC ’

l a n i g i r O ‘ 2007 cycle challenge

^^^ The GOLDEN logo was/is used as a unique way of remembering those who participated in the orginal race... <<< Original Poster of the first Gwaloop. Saturday - Labour Weekend 20th October 2007

5 Sunday 21st October 2007,

gwaloop CC cycle challenge


Stephen Sheldrake - Overall Winner of the FIRST Gwaloop Cycle Challenge in 2007 and again in 2008. His 2008 time remains the course record 5hrs 45min 49sec.


Gisborneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Brent Sheldrake & Josh Barley of Wellington applying the effort out on the course... Inset: An inquisitive onlooker of the equine variety - keeping an eye on proceedings as cyclists passed through his neighbourhood way out past Frasertown...


Wairoa: Transition


Four riders entering Wairoa - with half the distance completed. Insert: Two of the Wairoa Transition attendants pose with their Gwaloop Original T Shirts. Photo on right shows two more competitors nearing Gisborne.

Two doctors, Deon Stoltz and Jeremy Webber leading the charge as they head back on the Poverty Bay Flats.


gwaloop CC cycle challenge


Three more 2007 competitors enjoying the final stage as they head back to Gisborne. Inset: Kendall Morgan-Marshall the Ladies second placegetter..... out on the course.

2007 Top from left: Kevin Strongman interview after the race with, Brent & Aaron Sheldrake Bottom photos: Chase group headed by Noel Holden & Barry Hyland departing Wairoa. Eventual ladies winner Lisa Payne on the final leg heading back to Gisborne.


gwaloop CC cycle challenge


2007 Ladies Winner Lisa Payne with second placegetter Kendall Morgan-Marshall enjoying the after race moment...

SportPromotions Ltd.


gwaloop CC cycle challenge

In association with the: Gisborne Cycling Club

2 0 4 km

‘cycle challenge’

Stage One Gisborne to Nuhaka Stage Two Nuhaka to Wairoa s ’ y d d Stage Three Ma S Looopn Wairoa to KI$D10 ptheer dkiday Tiniroto Stage Four Tiniroto to m k d Gisborne 26.4 stlan

ial c i f f O Form Entry

Ea ce rism op Ra t u o T tran i-Lo Min per En $30

, y a d r d Satur Weeken08 u o b a L h Oct. 20 25t

Keith Scholes competing in Gwaloop 2008. Keith was a great help to Terry & Kathy Sheldrake, acting as the offical surveyor for the course. Photographed here getting a hands on feel in real time and being chased by Alex Hyland.



faces of 2008


2008 Ian Smallman & Peter Rennie photographed on the return journey â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Stage 3â&#x20AC;&#x2122; between Wairoa & Tiniroto.



2008 leading men head up one of the tough climbs of Stage 3 between Wairoa and Tiniroto. Stephen Sheldrake (Avanti) & Omer Kem (Team Bissell) lead the way with Wellingtonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Josh Barley in pusuit.

Completion of the challenge for these riders of 2008... Keith Scholes, on the left, Malcolm Niven on the right flanking two visiting riders.



Tiniroto Tavern: Transition

Omer Kem, Josh Barley and Stephen Sheldrake steadily climbing past the Tiniroto Tavern.



Omer Kem and Stephen Sheldrake riding away from the rest of the field as they traverse the steep section of the course on the return to Gisborne...

Stephen Sheldrake - taking refreshments from his support team member Carl Cairns on route to complete Stage 3.


gwaloop CC cycle challenge


The sheer delight and excitement of finishing as the Ladies Winner of 2008 would be hard to beat as expressed on the face of Sarah Smallman of Christchurch. Seen here being congratulated by husband Ian after crossing the Finish line. Then being interviewed by TMS Sport Promotions Ltd. Race Director Terry Sheldrake


Challenge 204km

204kms: Gisborne, Nuhaka, Wairoa, return via Tiniroto

Entries on website: www.gwaloop.co.nz Saturday Labour Weekend: 24 October 2009

26. Candice Hammond 2009 and 2010 Ladies winner working hard to maintain her lead...



Entries on 23 Saturday


And theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re racing as the Starter releases the riders...

2009 main peloton peels off the Waipaoa River roundabout... led by Peter Murphy.



2009: A chase group also peeling off the Waipaoa River roundabout on the Poverty Bay Flats... led by Nan Baker.

2009: And yet another group peeling off the Waipaoa River roundabout led by Gary Hope.


gwaloop CC cycle challenge


2009 Ladies Winner - Candice Hammond of Cambridge... on the final Stage 4 returning back and getting close to Gisborne...

2009: Lead group of three men during Stage 3. Team Bissell riders: Ben Jacques-Maynes and Jeremy Vennell keep a watchful eye on Daniel Coombes.


gwaloop CC cycle challenge

Labour Weekend Saturday 23 October 2010

Jeremy Vennell & Ben Jacques-Maynes >>> the 2009 - 1st + 2nd placegetters


2010 leading group of riders...



2010 leading group of riders on the 2nd Stage between Nuhaka and Wairoa. Overall Winner Ian Smallman Team Subway Christchurch, is seen here in his sponsors corporate Green & Yellow colours.

gwaloop CC cycle challenge

2010: Candice Hammond - Overall Ladies Winner leading a group through Manutuke during Stage 1 ...just ahead lay the Wharerata ranges... Insert: Candice being interviewed after the race



2010: Chase group - well out of Frasertown and heading for Tiniroto...

Overall Winner Ian Smallman during Stage 3 near Tiniroto Tavern...



Gisborneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Steve Wolter leading across small bridge out past Frasertown..

gwaloop CC cycle challenge



2010 Overall Winner Ian Smallman leading down Gentle Annie on the final Stage 4 descent...

Lead Car heads into one of the more scenic areas of the race... Insert: Candice Hammond first woman home...



gwaloop CC cycle challenge

Gwaloop Cycle Challenge 2012



The lead Peloton heading towards Manutuke, with Overall Winner Jeremy Vennell â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Team Bissellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; taking a turn at the front...

gwaloop CC cycle challenge

One of the novel teams (from Canada) that enjoyed the experience of Gwaloop... and want to return to do it all over once again...



Early moments... as the riders head out past the Gisborne Showgrounds Park.

As the 2012 race began - the eventual winner of the Ladies race, Judith May of Auckland was quietly beginning her race at the rear of this group... she would in time ride through the ladies field to set the fastest ladies time ever for Gwaloop... 6hrs. 24min. 56sec.



Peter Murphy at speed passing through Morere...

Stephen Sheldrake leading a chase group through Morere...


Nuhaka Store: Transition


Nuhaka Roundabout Transition... Stage 2 begins... as Alex Hyland signals right turn to Wairoa.

Nuhaka Store logo

Nuhaka Roundabout... Stage 2 begins... as Alex Hyland continues to lead the group on the way to Wairoa.



Lead group heading on their way to Wairoa.

gwaloop CC cycle challenge

2012: Leading group heading for Wairoa... Stage 2 is a relatively easy ride - an undulating section of the race...




Overall Winner Jeremy Vennel ‘Team Bissell’ still at the head of the main group ... this time photographed on the return jouney ‘Stage 3’ between Wairoa & Tiniroto.. coming over the crest of a gentle rise...

gwaloop CC cycle challenge

The main group... again photographed on the return jouney ‘Stage 3’ between Wairoa & Tiniroto



Gisborneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Callum Gordon with a competitor chasing in earnest through the hill section around Tiniroto...

gwaloop CC cycle challenge


Lead group descending at speed on route to Tiniroto...


Gisborneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s young and talented Callum Gordon cornering at speed while descending Gentle Annie - final Stage.


Nuhaka Store


Gisborneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Stephen Sheldrake in chase mode down Gentle Annie ...

Tiniroto Tavern

2012 Winners: Jeremy Vennell (Hawkes Bay) & Judith May (Auckland)



‘New Zealand’ Gisborne to Wairoa LOOP 2 February 2013

New Zealand’s Longest One Day Cycle Challenge: www.gwaloop.co.nz


gwaloop CC cycle challenge

www.SheldrakevisualART.com - photo rendering sample...


2013 62

NEW ‘Out & Back Course’ ...Gisborne to Tiniroto - Out & Back’... this is a New 2013 Race for Solo Riders ONLY...

The End Thanks for taking the time to read through this

photo journal ...the first five years...

Gwaloop Cycle Challenge We trust you may be inspired to take up the challenge on

2 February 2013

204km Gwaloop ...or... 110km Special.

for Entry details and information: www.gwaloop.co.nz

Š All photos: SheldrakevisualART.com


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Gwaloop Cycle Challenge Gisborne NZ  

Gwaloop: "the first five years"... 2007 next 2013 The story of the longest One Day Cycle Challenge in New Zealand - Gisborne to Wairoa loop...

Gwaloop Cycle Challenge Gisborne NZ  

Gwaloop: "the first five years"... 2007 next 2013 The story of the longest One Day Cycle Challenge in New Zealand - Gisborne to Wairoa loop...

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