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A Poetic ‘EQUINE-E-Book’ sharing the beauty and peace to be found at Clearview Stud: written by Jenny Palmer

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This E-Book shares the thoughts, writings and poems of Jenny Palmer a Poet of Gisborne New Zealand. Š All photos and material is subject to copyright, and may not be used without the author’s permission in writing. 09/04/2013 Contact Jenny by email at: E-Book created by:

ISBN: 978-0-473-24541-2

Clearview Stud Tania and I watched as the horses were fed in the shady afternoon nothing more had to be said between us, as the afternoon turned to evening this could only be called a little slice of heaven here on earth. That was Clearview in my eyes….. Oh what a wonderful day it had been for me, getting on a horse that morning for the first time in years, and now driving a farm bike, life couldn’t get any better than this. As I stood and watched these amazing horses, I felt at peace, I saw the shadows start to deepen as the horses finally moved away after feeling they had, had enough of bucket feed, then start to graze on the lush green grass, these horse’s had it made in so many ways. If they only knew how blessed they truly were and what a special life they had, with these amazing women, Sheila and Tania. Every day, at dawn, they would rise to tend their beautiful horses. Clearview Stud sitting quite comfortably in the Whakatane country side, I will miss you...

y n n e J

r e m Pal


Courage Love between Shelia and her horses is a special thing it’s her life. Shelia seems to be able to tune into something extra ordinary in her horses. When Shelia walks into the field to tend to her stallion Richie AKA (SEEK THE RICHIES) or Buck AKA (THE ULTIMATE DREAM) she has no fear in her. Her courage flows like a river untouched she shows love and respect to her stallions for they are her family, her babies, and they have given the same love back to her as you can see from this photo. I have seen it and felt it and am so lucky to have been a part of it.


CEE IMA HOT VERSION More stunning than any other horse you have seen I might even be the horse of your dreams We could go riding together as the sun begins to set And we are not finished yet, if that’s what you see, So much to do, walking into the ring just you and me CEE IMA HOT VERSION Than anything out there As horse and rider we have so much to share You groom my coat till it shines as black can be Silver in the bridle making a memory CEE IMA HOT VERSION Nobody has a horse like me I am one kind polished and refined So come on, come on And get the deal signed




Dennis: AKA (CEE IMA HOT VERSION) A horse under such amazing control He waits patiently for the signal, to begin, His round with just a touch from the rider His ears, forward, listening, As he steps onto the wooden bridge His coat the color of the midnight sky, Makes him stand out from all the other horses How beautiful it is to see a horse and rider Working as a team like this These two in the ring don’t put a step wrong Rider and champion are one Cheers go up as they take their turn and leave As winners


Primo: AKA ( PAWSITIVELY HOT CHOCOLATE) When you were so tiny and small and a long legged foal You only had one goal. Now as a beautiful stallion its our hearts you stole We watched you grow and make a stand Now here you are gracing Denise’s land Carrying the perfection seen as the Quarter Horse Brand Primo was the name given to you On the day you came into sight PAWSITIVELY HOT CHOCOLATE was definitely right Look at you now so powerful and strong as you make Your mark in the ring You’re praises we sing From the foal we remember running free To the Stallion we see Wow! - What an awesome memory.


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Danny You make us catch our breath as we see the muscles under your coat ripple. Ears alert to every sound happening around you. We stand in awe of you, motionless as you move toward us Your tail twitching from side to side, nervous of what is taking place His beautiful colour makes Danny stand out, from every other horse. As the sun hits his coat it changes from copper to gold His mane of white blows lightly in the breeze His head held high, it is like he is saying: “well here am I, my name is Danny”. You can’t help but admire this young colt. He watches you in all his glory, he knows what’s in store for him. I can see what people are thinking, Wanting ownership of this beautiful young colt. It is a wonderful dream, and all have the right to dream, don’t we As Danny heads back to his paddock for the night, We see people head home, with a photo of the young colt Dancing his way into their dreams, tonight.

© Photo courtesy Kelly Ross



He stands watch over his domain So fierce and yet so proud with his neck arched The sun glistens off his coat With his body toned to perfection as he moved toward the gate Muscle’s ripple, like a well oiled machine His nose scouts the air as his mares come into view This is his territory, and as he is in command Of all that is around him. - And he knows it! When the deed is done - his mood changes From the fierce and proud creature to a gentler nature He is and always will be THE ULTIMATE DREAM





We see you stand with your ears forward on the rein Gentleness I can see running through your veins That white strip on your nose As for the camera, you love to pose I have never seen anything as beautiful as you From your head to your tail With you we never fail From Australia to New Zealand you did sail So now you walk the paddocks at Clearview A lady is what they will see in you




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WINDERADEEN TIGRESS Come on Look towards the camera Ears forward, I hear you say Picture perfect in everyway You can’t get better than this Come on blow me a kiss WINDERADEEN TIGRESS You are truly blessed When I look in your brown eyes My oh my how time flies

Richie: AKA (SEEK THE RICHES) He is the colour of coppery burning red He walks into the ring and all eyes are on him And him alone with ears alert He holds all the hallmarks of a champion sire He stands out From all the other stallions in the ring Groomed till his coat shines With that amazing glow He is loved by one and all in the crowd Ritchie is in his element, the center of attention If only he could speak I am sure he would have an amazing story to tell



DREAMFINDER you stood out from all other horses They paled in comparison when you came into view. To your owners you were a dream come true Now, there’s a young colt running around That looks an awful lot like you Dreams do come true, so they say This colt was born with a blanket of white and the colour of dark bay It certainly made my friend’s very special day All her horses are a special find But JUSTA LADY’S DREAM Is going to stand out in everyone’s mind There will never be another DREAMFINDER that’s for sure But through the bloodlines, that are here on my friends farm, I can see that there is a special gift, here, now, running around What a beautiful find JUSTA LADY’S DREAM is definitely one of a kind




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The Sign says it all... Are you dreaming of owning a horse of quality one day? Do you want a horse to ride in shows that will stand out from the crowd? Maybe you want something, that will do you proud Or it could be, you want a friend that calls out to you from the paddock. When you look into those eyes, your lifetime together will be sealed Well look no further I can show you where to go The sign says it all - take the courage and go Horses of quality, good temperament, gentle, lovely to ride, color like you wouldn’t believe You feel like you’ve been given the keys to a candy store, you won’t want to leave Mares with foals at their feet, some with blankets, some without To a person who loves horses, that’s what life is all about All you have to do, is walk in their door, then you will see, horses galore CEE IMA HOT VERSION beautiful, Black, and sleek, SEEK THE RICHES as Red as can be Or maybe it’s THE ULTIMATE DREAM anyone of them would do me CLEARVIEW STUD, is the place to be


You used to be You used to be such a gangly long legged foal We all saw the potential deep down in your soul You use to stand at your mothers side As round the field you would literally glide From a beautiful dark Bay on your body and face We see you now, taking your rightful place Standing in the show ring Now you’re giving, someone else so much pride And when you have, daughters and sons We can look at you, to see what they will become From the foal we had seen Here you are, a breeders dream


Clearview Stud * * * * * * *

These horses were bred with patience, love, and respect They are horses of quality through and through THE ULTIMATE DREAM, CEE IMA HOT VERSION and SEEK THE RICHES These horses, as you can see are toned to perfection They are groomed till there coats shine like the stars above They win at the shows where ever they go You can’t ask for more than that having progeny like this grazing at your front door - WOW

If you or anyone out there has foals on your property from these stallions you are very lucky indeed. The Clearview Stud is their home - these stallions always bring the ribbons back to the stud farm as they celebrate with a roll in the dirt and the hay. They make Sheila’s life worthwhile in a very special way. Well they would definitely make anyone’s day stunning, awesome, out of this world is only a few words, WOW is all I can say!



Clearview’s Jade, (Rules Zipped in Chocolate) is star of the stud. She has won National Supreme Halter Horse four times. She created a record within the Appaloosa Nationals in New Zealand. Photo taken here with Vikki Madgwick after her first win.




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Tania, Shane Massingham (judge), Vikki Madgwick and Exclusivelee winning National Supreme Champion at the 2011 Appaloosa Nationals.


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Clearview Stud

Contact: Shelia Dandy 305 Hallett Road RD2 Whakatane New Zealand. 3192 Phone: +64 (07) 322 8222 Email: Web:


Author: Jenny Palmer Has always had a love for Appaloosa and Quarter horses, and it was the love of this unique equine breed that introduced her to Sheila & Tania Dandy of Clearview Stud. Jenny is also a Stroke survivor from 2004. Since then writing, poetry and novels has become another passion for her. This Equine-E-Book is an extension of her two passions, writing and horses. The opportunity to combine poetry and horses is a dream come true for her as she writes of her friendship with Sheila and Tania and their joint love for Appaloosa and Quarter horses.



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ISBN: 978-0-473-24541-2



Clearview Stud - Poetic Equine-E-Book  
Clearview Stud - Poetic Equine-E-Book  

Clearview Stud. A Poetic Equine-E-Book by Poet and Writer Jenny Palmer, Gisborne New Zealand