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STATEMENT OF INTENT Architecture stands at the crossroads of personal creativity, sociology and the built environment. Architects are responsible for observing and channeling how people engage with space. The visionary architect questions, challenges and redefines thinking about space. My interest in architecture is to study and learn how to shape and cultivate social interaction in the built environment. I am primarily interested in public spaces. I am drawn to a practice that is rooted in design that is sensitive and resonant to place. Architecture is intervention. It inserts itself into an existing mix of social, economic, ethical and environmental landscapes. The M.Arch program at SALA UBC provides an ideal environment to study the technical practice and creative processes of the profession, but more importantly SALA gives students the unique opportunity to question and challenge the definition of architecture and the role of the architect. My background is interdisciplinary. I have a Master of Arts in interdisciplinary studies and undergraduate degrees in opera performance and political science /economics. My professional work is in communication design in the performing arts. My educational and professional background is framed by a focus on performance. As a performer, I have a unique perspective on how a building responses to both audience and performer. It should work for both.

Stephan anton van Eeden

In sociology, dramaturgy forms a theatrical metaphor that links the social interaction to time, audience and most importantly place. People are in a constant state of performance. Architecture gives this performance not only a place for it to reside but a structure and context.

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I am interested in developing a creative process that views all buildings as performative spaces. Working through a methodology of dramaturgy, a building shapes and directs social interaction. It is the stage upon which the performance resides. A building must operate on aesthetic and functional grounds appealing to multiple audiences. A building creates the scenes of everyday life. A building has clear purpose and directs the possibility of interaction. A building is activated by people. I am also interested in learning how architecture responds to its use, materials, and mix of landscapes. A methodology of calibration. Architects should explore the question not whether less is more, but rather if nothing can be more. This view means that architects must not only act as creators or builders proposing the new, but rather as repairers, caretakers and cleaners. The architecture that interests me proposes reusing abandoned or under-utilized structures, the recalibration of existing elements of a building that do not work, and the decommissioning of buildings that are unsustainable. I am inspired by the work and writings of Rem Koolhaas, Jeanne Gang, Kazuyo Sejima, and Peter Zumthor. I am currently completing the New York Paris program at GSAPP Columbia University in New York City. This program is a studio-based architecture intensive focused on developing an appreciation and the design techniques of the contemporary practice using these two great cities as thought laboratories. I have included a selection of projects completed during this program in my portfolio. A career in architecture combines my artistic and technical interest in how spaces are built, but also how the built environment can aid and shape people’s interaction in tune with their social and natural landscape. Buildings are performative spaces. They are structures where things happen. I am not interested in designing exclusive private spaces. I am not interested in building a signature, but rather designing structures that seem self-evident and meld into their landscape mix. By creating opportunities for people to interact, I want to design spaces that can allow a community to flourish.

Stephan Anton van Eeden

EDUCATION New York / Paris: A Shape of Two Cites // GSAPP COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY > 1-year non-degree studio program in architecture MA in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (ISGP) // UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Advanced training and research program in creative marketing for the performing arts > Course-work // integrated marketing communications, social marketing, e-marketing, marketing research, consumer behaviour, managerial accounting B.Mus Double Major // Opera Performance and Political Science+Economics // UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA > Course-work // advanced study in economics and extensive voice, stage and production training in opera


Stephan anton van eeden

> Marketing Coordinator // UBC OPERA // June 2010-June 2012 Develop and maintain targeted marketing and advertising building on established brand fundamentals and market identity

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Deliverables // comprehensive strategic multi-platform marketing plan for full season of operas. Full creative and copy writing package for each opera and ancillary season events. Package includes all print and electronic promotional material and social media engagement. Result // increase total gross revenue by 60% and subscriber base by 80% > Freelance clients Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, 2012 PuSh Festival, 2012 East Side Yoga, 2012 UBC Press, 2012

UBC School of Music, 2011 Neumann Leadership, 2012 Ophelia Projects, 2013

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT > Volunteer Coordination // BRAND.LIVE // COASTAL JAZZ AND BLUES SOCIETY // May 2012-June 2013 Responsible for all aspects of managing volunteers throughout multiple events with festival presenters // Volunteer pool ranges between 100-800 people. Deliverables // pre-event coordination with producers, copy writing of internal and external documentation, systems engineering, recruiting and scheduling volunteers to necessary areas, on-site volunteer management, Salesforce database management, and coordinating delivery of volunteer benefits. SYSTEMS > Database Engineer // COASTAL BLUES AND JAZZ SOCIETY //January-February 2013 Integration and consolidation of entire SalesForce Database System for effective and effective CRM development and deployment > Earned Media Tracking // PUSH FESTIVAL // April 2012 Consolidation of earned media portfolio into online platform to garner accurate audience reach data and leverage media evaluation metrics. > Box Office Sales Systems Coordinator // UBC SCHOOL OF MUSIC // June 2010-August 2011 Implemention of online and point-of-sale solution to deliver high-level of box office customer service and retention of patron data Deliverables // assessing ticketing need, vendor/system selection, contract negotiation, equipment set-up, budgeting, staff hiring/training, season development, continued system maintenance, sales reporting and staff development throughout the performance season.

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