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Never Never Never Give Up – What I’ve Learned Today by svandijk | on January 3, 2013 Today has been an eye opener. I have learned that if you have a certain desire, no matter what it is and if you focus completely on that desire, you will make happen whatever it is you desire. If you want something so badly, thoughts about it become part of your everyday life, it becomes an obsession. Because of those thoughts, that obsession, you will start doing everything you can in order to get what you want. So focus on what you really want. I want to be successful online. I want to have ultimate freedom, that is my desire. With the Empower Network I know I can succeed. They inspire me, they motivate me, they coach me. Success doesn’t come easy but know this: Winners Never Quit Quitters Never Win Vince Lombardi Do not give up, even when you have setbacks, obstacles, hurdles, defeat. Because these are all temporary and help you learn and grow. Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about. Never never never give up! Winston Churchill I will not give up until I get what I desire. I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goals and that is why I joined the Empower Network. It is time to do what I want in life, and not have other people control my life. The Empower Network is going to help me succeed. It has helped thousands of others succeed and now it is my turn. It can help you too, just visit my blog here and click on one of the banners to watch the free video. Sander van Dijk

Never Never Never Give Up