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Easy 4 Step Formula To Online Success by svandijk | on March 12, 2013 In this article I will share with you a simple 4 step formula that is vital for getting the results you want in your online business. It helps you to focus and to set a goal that you will work towards. By the way, this is one of the many highly valuable lessons I have learned in the Inner Circle, one of the Empower Network Products. Here’s the formula:

1. You Need To Have A Clear Intention In order to succeed in any online home business (or any business for that matter), you need to have a clear intention on what it is that you want to accomplish. Before you do anything, whether it is a life goal or a daily activity, you need to be very clear on what that intention is. For example, your goal or intention could be to lose weight. It’s an intention, but not a very clear one that helps you reach that goal. So, a better way to set your intention would be something like: “I want to lose 50 pounds in the next six months”. See the difference? You now have a clear goal to work towards. You could even set the goal for a more short term result, that way you get motivated to get results faster and it keep you focused better. It will be like: “I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of next month”. It may seem simple, but don’t underestimate the power of having a clear intention. Same goes for making money. Instead of wanting to make more money, how about: “I want to make $10.000 per month in the next 90 days”. That’s having a clear intention. Now this goal may seem ridiculous in such a short time, but it is very much possible in the online world. An amazing webinar by David Wood in the $15K per month formula (also one of the Empower Network products), tells you exactly how to set your intention. If you don’t have the $15K Formula product, I suggest you get it. It is packed with top marketing training and strategies from to marketers. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to join Empower Network and see for yourself.

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2. Choose A Strategy The second step is to have a strategy, a plan for accomplishing your clear intention. In the online home business, you need to have a marketing or advertising strategy in place for getting the results that you want. You have to choose a strategy that you feel comfortable with and then stick with it. Whether it is free content marketing, social media, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, or offline strategies to market or promote your online business.

3. Keep It Simple Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) is a well known phrase that is often overlooked. In fact, it is quite hard to keep things simple for us human beings. We like to over-complicate things (me included). It is easy to make things complicated, and it’s really hard to keep it simple. That’s a major reason why people tend to complain so much and have so many excuses on why they can’t do it. It’s easy to turn a 4 step plan, into a 16 step plan.

4. Take Massive Action I don’t have to say that when you get the first three steps taken care of, you will not create any results if you don’t put it to work by taking lots of action. Go out there, and do what is necessary to create the results you desire. And do it consistently over an extended period of time. Do not give up if you don’t see results within a couple of days. Never give up and never quit! If you do that, you will get the results you want. Sander van Dijk

Easy 4 Step Formula to Online Success  

A simple 4 step formula that is vital for getting the results you want in your online business. It helps you to focus and to set a goal that...