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Smoke & Lace Lianne Castillon Final Project CADF Thursdays 12:00 Vu 9/12/13

Color & Fabric Story Black Night

Pointe Di Roma Cotton/Rayon Blend Bottom Weight Fabric Breathable Soft

Burnt Ash

Tissue Faille Rayon/Acetate blend Soft, Matte, drapey, flexable

Pink blush

Lace Adds texture and dimention

Peach Passion


Creme Brulee

Bengaline Cotton/Acetate blend Adds Luster to the garments while still providing drape and flexability

The looks

Contrast Trench

Style # 43141993 Womens Trench Coat with contrasting colors and fabrics combining sturdy shell and confortable sleeves

Bengaline for shell of Trench Pointe Di Roma for


Jacket: Style #43439242 Womens Leather Jacket uses unique stitching detailing on front and back of jacket Pants: Style # 494351332 Womens Knit leggings with contrasting leather side pannel



Pointe di Roma and leather

Corset: Style #43143852 Body of corset made of bonning with front seam detailing, lace up back and ajustable straps. Dress: Style #2324324 Womens Lace Dress made with tissue faile for body of dress with top added lace fabric. Crew neck dress with lace around waist


Fabrics incluse tissue faile for body of dress and lace as an added top fabric


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