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ccording to the traditional British wedding customs the bride is supposed to carry (or have on her, at least) something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Each of them has its own meaning and importance. Another important thing that every wedding must have is the wedding gift. A wedding remains incomplete without the wedding gift. Let us look at some of them.

Weddings create a number of memories and the Waterford Crystal Wedding 5 x 7 Photo Frame is a very beautiful means of displaying the best among them. Made out of lead crystals it is a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple. The stylish leaves etched on the margin and

the swans making a heart with their necks make it look more beautiful.

It is very important to save money once you are married and nothing makes saving money more fun that the Wedding Day Fund Piggy Money Bank with Hammer. The money bank made of ceramic and shaped like a pig with the picture of a cake and the words “Mr. and Mrs. Wedded bliss fund!� make it look all the more cute. The hammer which is detachable can be used to break the bank if needed.

What can be more romantic than beginning the first day of your wedded life with a steaming cup of your favourite beverage in identical Salt and Pepper His and Hers Set of Four Mugs and Spoon Set? The design is extremely smart and contemporary and you can forget about the

confusion over whose cup it is as the words “His” and “Hers” are written on them.

This Pair of Dartington Crystal Glitz Champagne Glasses are a great gift for the wedding of a couple who enjoy an occasional sip. The three Swarovski crystals embedded in each flute make them look all the more gorgeous. Also, the swirls engraved at the bottom of the flutes give them the perfect look.

If you are looking for an off-beat wedding gift then this White Keepsake Wedding Box could be just the right thing. The small metal knob at the centre can be pulled to reveal a sheaf of 40 sleeves in which you can keep the special photos of your wedding. Inside is a small velvet lined box where the little mementoes can be stored.

These are some of the popular wedding presents in UK that you can choose from when you buy wedding gifts. Even though you might forgo the four items mentioned in the beginning, you cannot forgo the wedding gifts.

Something Nice and Something Bright for the Lovely Bride  
Something Nice and Something Bright for the Lovely Bride  

Wedding gifts form an integral part of the wedding ceremony. Take a look at the ones discussed here and see if you would like to buy one for...