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Gifts for a Child for the Day they are Named and Blessed

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The day a baby is christened, is one of the most important days in the baby’s life. On that day, the baby is given a name and blessed in the house of the Lord. Usually, christening functions are private affairs and only close relatives and dear friends are invited to the ceremony. After the ceremony at church, a small party is held to make the day memorable for the child and their family. If you are invited for any such function, make sure you take along with you a small token of affection for the baby. Are you confused about what to buy for a baby’s christening? Here are a few options that will help you make up your mind. The baby will not be able to recall this day once they grow up as they are too small when the event takes place. However, pictures taken during the ceremony can always refresh the child’s memory. To keep these photographs safe till the child grows up, you can give the child a White Leather Christening Cross Photo Album. The album is made of leatherette that is plain white in colour. On the cover, there is a matte oval which has a shiny cross on it. On the cross the word, ‘christening’ is written in black. The sleeves inside the album are beige in colour with white stripes. Below the space provided for the photo, there are lines in which you can write down the memories attached to the photo. The album can hold 100, 6” x 4” photographs. Another useful gift you can give the child is a Personalised Silver Egg Cup and Spoon. This is one of the best presents for christening you can come up with. The spoon is silver plated and has a Image Courtesy:

teddy bear at one end of the handle. The egg cup is also silver plated. It can be personalised with a 15 character message or the child’s name. It is a very good gift for the child’s growing up years.

If the child is a girl then a Personalised Cotton Zoo Tweed the Bear Girls Door Plaque is a wonderful gift to give. On one side of the plaque the baby girl’s name is written and on the left, there is a patchwork teddy bear holding flowers. This will be fabulous for the child’s nursery or bedroom door.

Many christening gifts are found online these days. Online gift stores are packed with various kinds of christening gifts. If you have been invited to a child’s christening of late, then buy the presents online. Last Image Courtesy :

Gifts for a Child for the Day they are named and Blessed  
Gifts for a Child for the Day they are named and Blessed  

If you want to buy a good gift for the child’s christening, log on to the net to find a wonderful collection awaiting you.