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Update 6A to Newsletter 6 / eNews as at Sunday 15th April 2018 Okay – with things moving at a mile a minute, it’s the case of “print and be dammed” once more, with our Newsletter! To bring you all up to speed in one shot, Caroline took ill on Friday past (6th April 2018). She was pointing hardly to just below her breasts, and was getting short of breath. Not knowing what this was, I called an Ambulance, who took her into Lister Hospital. The end result was Acute Cardiac Syndrome, which required a test that could only take place during the week, so up and down for a bit! So here she is in Lister Hospital (Stevenage) Acute Medical Unit, n either the Friday or Saturday evening…

So, I can only apologise for those who wanted to come and see us at Enfield the next day (Saturday 7th April 2018). It’s very unlike me to cancel a stall at short notice, but there was no way I’d be able to do it. She has to go back in for a stent again, eight days before the plans for our Theydon Bois stall. So, our stall at Theydon Bois in May 2018 is therefore cancelled too. Because the meds she’s on now will scupper the existing plans for surgery (non-related) in the Autumn of 2018. So, we may be able to attend a couple more of the NLETE events at Enfield & Theydon Bois later in the year, when we did plan to be off. A you can imagine, a lot of our plans might just need to be “in pencil” for now. Never has the “Card Subject To Change” been appropriate, but I hate to say that I genuinely did not see this coming! Thank you for everyone who has sent good wishes or thoughts and prayers our way – I’m sorry I’ve not had a chance to reply to you all yet. But, there is good news! We did get a three-way score on Tuesday…. New copier Minnie2 (a c364e who is no slouch and much quieter!) was installed in the morning… (Already in use, and catching up faster than the last one ever did!)

… Caroline got discharged at dinner time, and then I had my headphones ready on the 301 home as Dundee United surprised us all and won 1-0 against the champions of our division!

So – what’s happening book wise? All our titles are subject to delay at the current time. You may get a “split” delivery, so we can get things out to you as soon as we can. As Caroline’s assistance is currently having to be curtailed when she’s not up to helping, I would genuinely appreciate your patience at this time. I am trying to catch up, but feel free to email, phone or write re your orders. H1/H2 – if you ordered these, you will be getting H1 first (as this is a stapled one from the copier, and does not need the comb binder, guillotine or punch).

Essex - we’ve been printing and assembling the books, and plan to have Volume 721A out in hard copies tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest. 721B will follow in the near future. Tube Times – thanks for lots of orders on this one! London Pocket Guides for May 2018 and complete timetable – a seprate update will follo in the next four weeks, updating everyone with our plans. Steven Knight Media – the South East book is being delayed…

“We have been informed by Stagecoach that changes will be made to the South East fleet on June 2nd 2018. This will involve the withdrawal of the fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Little&Often) fleet which will be replaced with larger vehicles. As a result we have taken the decision to delay publication of the above book, which was due to be printed this week. It will now be published in late June/early July. This will enable us to include details of the additional vehicles that will be allocated to the Stagecoach South East fleet. Once the changes take place on June 2nd we would welcome up to date images of the replacement vehicles on the Ashford services.”

… but the Manchester one went to print last week. Both of you who pre-ordered have been told! Please reply to this email, write or telephone if you have any questions. Our current email reply time is a bit longer than usual, but I will reply to you! Caroline and Suzy x

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h2t newsletter update 6a to newsletter 6 april 2018  

h2t newsletter update 6a to newsletter 6 april 2018

h2t newsletter update 6a to newsletter 6 april 2018  

h2t newsletter update 6a to newsletter 6 april 2018