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reatively speaking, LOOKatOKC is spending June by playing in our sandbox. We’re doing some exciting things this month that are hardly typical for this publication, but LOOKatOKC is a constantly evolving entity, and the most recent change you probably noticed is our Web presence at lookatokc.newsok. com. LOOKatOKC is now the destination for arts and entertainment coverage on, which means a completely redesigned portal bringing LOOKatOKC content together with our superb music, film and arts content from The Oklahoman. It’s amazing how far this publication has come in the past two years, and I see this new development as a validation of our efforts to greatly improve and expand LOOKatOKC. But the cover story for this latest issue is something new, as well. My essay on 1990s nostalgia is emblematic of something we’ll be trying in future issues, bringing some original long-form essays to the fore as a way to highlight ongoing trends and point out major milestones in the culture. In addition to showcasing the best things to do in Oklahoma City, we want to get people talking about how we live and how we play. And then, with our upcoming issue, we’re just stepping back and letting our annual Swimsuit Issue say it all with beautiful Oklahoma models and amazing photography from Chris Landsberger. Don’t worry — Nathan Poppe restricts his extravert tendencies to Colourmusic videos. He is not allowed near our swimwear. So we’ve got our toes in the sand, but our brains are on full sizzle, and it’s just the beginning of LOOKatOKC’s long hot summer. Come on in — the water’s perfect.


from the top 10 | ‘Code and Keys’ album review

Death Cab For Cutie is flouting convention and programming its own future.

LOOKATOKC 18 | Video game review ‘L.A. Noire’ may be the best video game you play all year, but it has plenty of room to improve.

26 | Tex-mex tradition Chile Mercado is a new venture from Jack Young that

is all about enchiladas, tacos, tamales, fajitas, queso, and guacamole.

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The best songs of 2011, so far A look back at the best “local” releases during the first six months of the year


he year is halfway done and several local releases have already caught my attention. Before I forget anything when the year-end lists start rolling out, let me point out the five best Okie band songs of 2011 so far.

5. “Vietnonnomnom” by The Boom Bang – It took me longer to say the song title “Vietnonnonnom” than it took The Boom Bang to write it. The punk quartet spent about 10 minutes writing the song for its debut album “World War Fun,” and the band burns through the live version in two minutes. Singer James Smith repeatedly confesses in the song’s lyrics how he’s no good, which serves as a fair warning for the band’s live shenanigans. 4. “Tamer Animals” by Other Lives - Choosing one standout song from Other Lives’ sophomore album “Tamer Animals” was a tricky task. Thom Yorke of Radiohead vouched for the album’s first single “For 12,” and the Stillwater band performed album highlight “Dust Bowl III” for me in a van shortly before its stellar Norman Music Festival set. The hauntingly beautiful title track wins because when cellist Jenny Hsu performs this song live, she uses deer antlers wrapped in jingle bells as percussion. 3. “Oh Well, We’ll Win” by Skating Polly - Punk duo Skating Polly know how to rock but Kelli Mayo, 11, and Peyton Suitor, 15, threw me for a loop with this non-album acoustic jam. A couple months after The Spy left its 105.3 FM frequency, the pair released this protest song via Facebook. The track questions the actions of broadcast juggernaut Citadel. At Skating Polly’s age, I was afraid to defy the Easter Bunny. Kudos to the brave rockers. 2. “Ancient Youth” by John Moreland – John Moreland’s latest full-length effort is “Earthbound Blues,” a stunning country gem. On the soulful track “Ancient Youth,” Moreland employs the singing talents of Ali Harter, Samantha Crain and Kelly Johnson. This combination of voices boosts the song into something that could fit on a Neil Young album.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: “Heartbeat” by The Pretty Black Chains, “Oh Me Oh My” by The Workweek, “Transit” by Brine Webb, “You Gotta Go Through the Darkness” by Chrome Pony, “Let it Go” by Brianna Gaither

1. “You For Leaving Me” by Colourmusic – I’ve made an effort to see every Colourmusic show in Oklahoma because of this track off of “My _____ is Pink.” With the use of pulsing organs and smoldering bass guitar, the Stillwater-based band crafts a rhythm that shakes walls and wobbles worlds. When this song builds, I double dare you not to pump your fist in celebration. << ARTWORK BY NATHAN POPPE



JUNE 8 - JUNE 25



Shows to see or not to see: JUNE 10: Student Film concerts have become pretty rare, but you can count on the band’s releases to be consistently good. The Okie indie rockers are celebrating the release of a new 7” vinyl named “Facts and Values.” Chrome Pony and Ryan Lindsey are performing opening duties. @ The Conservatory, 8911 N Western Ave.

JUNE 16: Green Corn Revival performs a free outdoor concert in the heart of Bricktown. It’s fitting the to see the Weatherford band performing in front of Harkins because its songs belong in a Spaghetti Western. @ The fountain in front of Harkins Theatre, 150 E Reno Ave.

JUNE 16: Ghostland Observatory @ Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern Ave.

JUNE 17: Feel Spectres @ The Conservatory, 8911 N Western Ave.

JUNE 10: OK Sweetheart had its music featured on “One Tree Hill” and “90210” last month. Things will not be OK if you skip out on hearing lead singer Erin Austin sing songs that channel groovy ’60s pop songs. @ The Opolis, 113 N Crawford Ave.

NATHAN POPPE All about music and the shows you should see, and shouldn’t see around Oklahoma.



Finding summer favorites


The ‘Five Days of Summer’ campaign leads to some new ideas on how to create some summer memories

nofficially, summer is here and the summer solstice is just around the corner. To celebrate the warm weather, I’ve created a “Five Days of Summer” campaign. I used each weekday to ask my Twitter and Facebook peeps a different question regarding summer favorites. The feedback I got brought back memories from past summers, ideas for future summers, and a chance to learn the interests from the local social media community.

Favorite summer song My top pick for “favorite summer song” has to be anything by Sublime. “Santeria” could be it as far as “poolside” songs go. Here are some suggestions via Facebook. David Lee says, “‘Sweet Home Alabama’ is never a loser for the lake.” Blake Fischer says, “Every single album and song by Third Eye Blind, but specifically, ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ works well.” Darren Rogers thinks “Cold Beer and a Fishing Pole” by Trent Willmon is a winner. Ali Shadfar says “Amber” by 311 and my favorite of them all would be Kyle Roberts’ pick: The Faces’ “Ooh La La.” So perfect.

Favorite summer cocktails When I think of summer cocktails, the first thing that comes to mind is a Mojito. It’s light, refreshing, pretty and gives you good breath. Asking the Twitter and Facebook community gave me summer cocktail ideas for 2011. People said anything from a Long Island Ice Tea to a French 75 to a Club Special and “anything, as long as it’s cold.” I would agree with that. Jane4oh5 and Mariadru (Twitter names) both say the Pimm’s Cup. It’s the official drink of Wimbledon and is one part Pimm’s Cup No. 1, two parts lemonade, club soda and cucumber for garnish. Sounds tasty. Haleyluna is a fan of a Pachinko Parlor cocktail. “The Pachinko my current sunny patio drink of choice,” she said. I’ve had the Pachinko Cocktail, and I can say from first-hand experience this one is to die for. It’s plum sake, ginger ale, candied ginger and simple syrup. Here’s a little secret: It’s $3 all day/night all summer long. Ronna Austin made my mouth water with her own creation of a drink she calls “Tootsie Roll.” Three two-liter

LACEY LETT is the co-host of a local music show on “The Spy.” Her ongoing column, “A Night Owl” is focused on what’s going on in nightlife news for LookatOKC.







bottles of lemonade, one liter of vodka, and one bottle of Frangelica makes up this cocktail. I’d guess this recipe is for a rather large get together.

Favorite summer food I definitely like to eat more food during the summer, which is opposite of what should be happening to fit in that itsy bitsy bikini. Nevertheless, give this girl some food: grilling seems like the most obvious choice. There’s the inevitable hot dog and hamburger, which I indulged in over Memorial Day weekend, but what else do people like? Stephen Neslage likes sweet corn cooked on the grill. Alan Hiserodt delights in fish tacos w/mango salsa and Heather Dutcher enjoys the orange push-pop from the ice cream man. When I heard that, I started reminiscing the days of getting a Tweety Bird Popsicle or Sonic the Hedgehog with gumball eyeballs. Man, those were the days.

Favorite summer fashion Getting a serious answer to everyone’s favorite summer fashion was next to impossible. Even my dad said a Speedo. Thanks, Dad. I finally got some answers from BrianneATMG who says “casual, flowy dress, big, fun jewelry and gladiator sandals.” I agree with that. Natalie Torrey chimed in with “crop tops, crochet, florals, high-waisted anything and wedges.” Courtney Hoover likes vintage sandals; boho style dresses and oversized straw totes.

Favorite summer event Last, but not least, are summer events. There are lots of events in the summer especially with Fourth of July, Memorial Weekend (not technically summer), and music festivals. Amy Hearn likes to go to the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah every year. This year it’s July 13-17, and David Crosby and Graham Nash are headlining. Mkvoiceprod says, “I like Red Earth! Very underrated in my Native American opinion” and LocalMel says “hands down” to deadCenter, happening June 8-12. Based on the social media community, I need to put on my boho-style dress and gladiator sandals, head out to deadCenter, drink a Pimm’s Cup, and hail down an ice cream truck while listening to 311 so my summer will be complete. All can be done, although the ice cream truck might be a little hard to find these days.

album review

‘ C O D E S A N D K E Y S ’ – D E AT H C A B F O R C U T I E


n the three years since Death Cab For Cutie’s stark and dark “Narrow Stairs,” Ben Gibbard sobered up, lost weight and married Zooey Deschanel, so perhaps consequently, “Codes and Keys” is the brightest and most optimistic Death Cab album to date. “Life is sweet in the belly of the beast, and with her song in your heart, it can never bring you down,” Gibbard sings on the sweetly pastoral “Stay Young, Go Dancing” — a far cry from the stalking drama of “I Will Possess Your Heart.” The lightness of tone is reflected in an expanded aural palette as guitarist-producer Chris Walla and engineer Alan Moulder spike the title song with strings and upbeat piano lines and punctuate the opening “Home is a Fire” with the kind of glitchy rhythms that bounced through Gibbard’s most famous side project, The Postal Service. In some respects, “Codes and Keys” sounds like a consolidation of Gibbard’s disparate musical ideas that brings them all under the Death Cab umbrella, but the skittering synthesizers of The Postal Service did not take over — they just took their place alongside the ebullient highland march of “You Are a Tourist” and the rocking, waltzing “Some Boys.” Even when he examines aging and mortality in “Monday Morning,” Gibbard still finds hope in a woman who “may be young but she only likes old things, and modern music it ain’t to her taste” — sounds a lot like the lead singer of She & Him. “Codes and Keys” culminates in the grand “St. Peter’s Cathedral,” an airy ballad that begins with blips and builds into a synth-symphonic crescendo as Gibbard muses over faith and the afterlife. Many original Death Cab fans feared that their band might lose its edge once it moved to a major label — the pervasive happiness of “Codes and Keys” could fuel that fear, but considering that all three Atlantic releases feature distinct moods and sonic directions, Death Cab For Cutie is flouting convention and programming its own future. — George Lang, LookatOKC Editor <<<



JUNE 8 - JUNE 25 I


album review



t doesn’t matter whether Jim James is recording his vocals in a grain silo (as he did on 2001’s “At Dawn”) or in a church gymnasium, where he and the rest of My Morning Jacket cut their latest long-player, “Circuital,” the reverberating results would sound just as excellent if this Louisville, Ky., quintet were playing from the men’s room stalls of the downtown Union Bus Station. “Victory Dance,” with its undulating organ, muted synthesizer undercurrent and distant guitar twang sounds at once ominously tribal and full of promise of brighter days over the next horizon, while the acoustic guitar sweep, interspersed with jagged, Neil Young-ish electric chord punctuations, tumbling piano and rolling midtempo beat on the title cut form the musical equivalent of a highway joy ride through a particularly clear and starry night full of thrilling romantic possibilities. The acoustic ballad “Wonderful (The Way I Feel),” with its subtle steel guitar colorations and wistful words of searching for a hassle-free place of piece and tranquility harks back to the band’s original folky, altcountry beginnings reminiscent of early Wilco, while the heavenly harmonies and spacey, rhythmic keyboards of “The Day is Coming” recall the acid-laced, Beach Boys-influenced soulfulness of which the Flaming Lips are sometimes capable. Then the band turns on the heat with “Holdin’ on to Black Metal” with its funky, firebreathing horn section, a large chorus of sassy-sounding females and James singing madly about drinking refills out of Lucifer’s cup. My Morning Jacket is a sonic garment of many colors, never more so than here on “Circuital,” but most listeners will happily wear all of its ever-changing shades. — Gene Triplett, Entertainment Editor LOOKATOKC.COM


JUNE 8 - JUNE 25


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album review



early 14 years after the debut of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “South Park,” most people should have an idea of where they stand on the Parker/Stone world view and whether they should get within earshot of “The Book of Mormon.” This cast recording for the hit Broadway musical is strictly for hightolerance listeners, but because Stone and Parker possess unique gifts for uncompromisingly pointed comedy, and Robert Lopez of “Avenue Q” can wrap their ideas in spectacular Broadway musical finery, “The Book of Mormon,” now nominated for a near-record 14 Tony Awards, will convert audiences for years to come. The story centers on Elder Price and Elder Cunningham (Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad), who are preparing to go on their customary two-year mission to convert nonmembers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In “Hello,” they learn techniques for going door-to-door, as doorbells inventively provide the countermelody. The overconfident Price desperately wants to go to Orlando, Fla., but he is paired with lying slob Cunningham, and they find out their future lies in Uganda. (“Cool ... where is that?” “Africa.” “Oh boy! Like ‘Lion King.’”) Once they arrive in Uganda, they learn that two socially sheltered men in their late teens come ill-equipped to deal with famine, disease, evil warlords, superstition and a culture nothing like their own. To Parker and Stone’s considerable credit, the material about the LDS church does not come across as brazen Mormon-bashing but more like informed ribbing. Both men grew up around Mormons in Colorado, but much like they continue to prove in “South Park,” they are equal-opportunity offenders. With “The Book of Mormon,” literally nothing is sacred to them. This is tough material, but their wit is sharp, and Lopez’s melodies are so deeply insinuating that humming along to blasphemy and tales of life-and-death misery can probably be forgiven. Well, maybe. — George Lang, LookatOKC Editor <<<



JUNE 8 - JUNE 25 I




movie review


Rating: R (Pervasive language, strong sexual content including graphic nudity, drug use and brief violent images) Running time: 1 hour, 42 minutes Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Mason Lee, Jeffrey Tambor



More laughs might cure second ‘Hangover’


t’s a given that boys will be boys with bruising consequences again in Todd Phillips’ latest comedy outrage, “The Hangover Part II.” The title after all is a pretty straightforward declaration that this is the fully warranted sequel to the writer-director’s 2009 surprise runaway smash hit about three guys who wake up in a trashed Las Vegas hotel room feeling the crushing morning-after effects of a mobile night on the town they can’t remember, and their frantic efforts to retrace their drugged and drunken path of destruction and find their missing bridegroom buddy, control all the damage and get him to the wedding on time. But the comic shots in this second serving are watered down by a funky tasting formulaic sameness, the formula being a part-by-part remix of the same narrative cocktail Phillips poured in the first round. The laughs are here to be sure, especially in the shaggy, portly form of Zach Galifianakis as Alan, the self-described “stay-at-home-son” of rich, doting parents who wants desperately to be accepted by his brother-inlaw, Doug (Justin Bartha), and Doug’s best friends Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helms). Unfortunately (and hilariously), he’s prone to appallingly inappropriate and childish behavior that kind of puts everyone off. But it’s deja vu all over again from the opening fade-in, with a bedraggled and borderline-panicked Phil on the phone to his wife, trying to explain why he and his buddies have been absent all night from the scene of a wedding <<<



JUNE 8 - JUNE 25 I


that is now only hours away. Just as before, the reason for Phil’s distress is that one of his hard-partying companions is missing and possibly kidnapped, dead or at least grievously injured. Once again, ringleader Phil, milquetoasty Stu and weird Alan — the “Wolf Pack” as Alan has dubbed his crew — are tasked with tracking down clues to the nature of the previous night’s bachelor party debauchery and the whereabouts of a lost sidekick. What’s different this time is the setting, switched from Vegas to Bangkok, and Stu’s the one who’s getting married, to a beautiful Asian-American girl named Lauren (Jamie Chung), despite his tenuous relationship with his future father-in-law, Fohn (Nirut Sirichanya), a stern traditionalist who thinks Stu is something less than a man. And this time the missing person is Fohn’s favorite son, Teddy (Mason Lee), a teenage academic and artistic genius who’s escaped daddy’s watchful eye to tag along with Phil and company and discover the forbidden wonders of a grown-up boys’ night out. It all starts out harmlessly enough when straight-arrow Stu — still gun-shy from his experience in Vegas — insists that his bachelor party consist of nothing more than one bottle of beer apiece, in sealed containers that can’t be spiked with any disaster-triggering drugs like last time. And that’s the last thing anyone remembers when they wake up the next morning in another trashed room, this time in the middle of one of Bangkok’s most infamous districts. Instead of discovering a tiger in the bathroom

and a baby in the closet, they find a high-strung, cigarette-smoking monkey swinging from the rafters, a severed finger in a bowl that appears to belong to the missing Teddy, and a crazed Mr. Chow (the hilarious Ken Jeong, reprising his role as the effeminate, psychotic “international criminal” the guys encountered in the first film). Also, Stu has acquired a tattoo on his face, and Alan has shaved his head. Of course that’s only the beginning of the overnight horrors that have transpired, as the guys soon learn when they meet a menacing mobster named Kingsley (a memorable turn by Paul Giamatti), a stripper named Kimmy (Yasmin Lee) who’s not what she seems (much to Stu’s dismay), and a gang of murderous drug dealers out to nail the guys for stealing their monkey. As in the original film, the depiction of male friendship has genuine heart, the raunchiness is rampant and refreshingly unapologetic as scripted by Phillips, Craig Mazin and Scot Armstrong, and Part II does have its share of guilty comedic pleasures. But the laughs don’t come as frequently or quite as uproariously as they did during the Vegas shenanigans because the writers have tried too hard to duplicate the magic of part one and have ended up producing what amounts to an elaborate rewrite of the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time. Its devoted audience has already been there, done that. —Gene Triplett, Entertainment Editor

movie review


Rating: PG-13 (Language and sexual material) Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes Starring: Morgan Spurlock, Brett Ratner, Peter Berg



New film explores cost of product placement


ust a couple of decades ago, product placement in films was considered such an undeniable evil that critic Roger Ebert spent much of his “At the Movies” review of Bill Cosby’s “Leonard Part 6” excoriating Columbia Pictures for its artless and brazen Coca-Cola shilling — and that was not even the worst part of that misbegotten 1987 comedy. But now, product placement is practically expected. Almost every gadget, car or consumable in films such as “Iron Man” is monetized these days. If it isn’t, viewers wonder if a deal fell through. This phenomenon, in which studios and compliant filmmakers search for ways to make everything pay in a movie, prompted sardonic documentarian Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me”) to conduct an ingenious experiment: He would make a documentary about product placement and finance the entire project through selling product placements to all comers. The result, “Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” offers sharp insight into this practice while diving headfirst into the revenue stream. At first, Spurlock is spurned by both marketing agencies and advertisers, mainly due to his reputation as a wise guy, but then he proves to be a savvy

pitchman for himself. Spurlock ultimately sells placement and mentions for Mini Cooper, JetBlue, Hyatt, Merrill shoes, Sheetz convenience stores, Ban deodorant and, most bizarrely, the horse-andhuman shampoo brand Mane ‘n Tail. He even creates commercials that run during the film and, as the coup de grace, he sells naming rights to health juice company Pom Wonderful — hence the title. This all sounds like a feature-length stunt, but Spurlock excels at taking a concept that feels like a short subject and sifting through every ramification, usually to engrossing and sometimes hilarious effect. He speaks to Noam Chomsky and Ralph Nader about the moral implications of his project, and then successfully gets Nader interested in some Merrills. Spurlock brings in directors Quentin Tarantino, Peter Berg and Brett Ratner to discuss the subject, and all are extremely forthcoming about the use of product placement to offset production costs. Berg, in particular, is a kind of Zen master of product placement. As executive producer of NBC’s “Friday Night Lights,” he welcomed deals with Applebee’s, Under Armour and Sears that worked the companies into the scripts and, by offsetting much of the show’s expense, preserved the low-rated series for five seasons. During Berg’s interview, in

which he says that his bosses at Universal “don’t give a (expletive) about art,” a “Battleship” board game can be clearly seen on the desk behind him. “Battleship,” Berg’s massive summer tentpole release for Universal, arrives in theaters in May 2012. Spurlock gets off track when he explores the monetizing of school property in Broward County, Fla., and the commercials that run during “Channel 1” segments in classrooms — subjects for another film entirely. But one flight of fancy he takes leaves an arresting impression. The director visits Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city that outlawed outdoor commercial advertising, and the lack of pushy messaging is a bit jarring. To North American eyes jaded by constant marketing, Sao Paulo looks somehow less vibrant without every available space going to the highest bidder. In the end, Spurlock got his movie made and still put his message across while pitching products almost constantly. “Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” will likely make viewers more acutely aware of when and what they are being sold. Just try to watch a summer blockbuster without imagining price tags on everything. —George Lang, LookatOKC Editor



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movie review


Rating: PG-13 (Sequences of martial arts action and mild violence) Running time: 1 hour, 31 minutes Starring: The voices of Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Gary Oldman, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, David Cross, Lucy Liu, Michelle Yeoh, James Hong.



Dream Works delivers on sequel


o the Panda smoothly flows from lovable loser to supercool warrior on a mission in the entertain-ing animated adventure “Kung Fu Panda 2.” The sequel to the 2008 blockbuster lands a strong one-two punch with its fists-of-fury action and uproarious if over-thetop comedy. But it also sports gracefully beautiful animation and timeless themes about parent-child bonds, inner peace and ruinous pride. The second film transitions seamlessly from the origi-nal, picking up shortly after Po the panda (voice of Jack Black) proved his mettle as the legendary Dragon Warrior by defeating a fierce, power-hungry snow leopard. It also slickly sets up the expected third film in the franchise. Po has achieved his dream of joining the Furious Five - Ti-gress (Angelina Jolie), Monkey (Jackie Chan), Viper (Lucy Liu), Mantis (Seth Rogen) and Crane (David Cross) - the kung fu-fighting protectors of China’s Valley of Peace whom he once idolized. Although he has taken a leadership role with the Five and become a skilled warrior, the still-pudgy panda maintains his wide-eyed sense of wonder, contagious enthusiasm and literally breathless disdain for walking




JUNE 8 - JUNE 25 I


long distances or up stairs. But Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman), who instructs Po and the Five, informs the panda that his mastery of kung fu won’t be complete until he finds inner peace. For Po, that means going back to his unknown origins. His restaurateur dad, Mr. Ping (James Hong), is a goose who has taught him much about making noodles but never revealed how a bird came to parent a panda. As Po seeks out the truth about his past, he crosses paths with vicious villain Lord Shen (Gary Oldman), a nefarious peacock with an unusual white and red color scheme. It turns out that a foreboding prophecy from a soothsayer (Michelle Yeoh) prompted the evil bird to take drastic ac-tion against Po’s biological parents, leading to the panda’s abandonment as a baby at Mr. Ping’s noodle house. With the help of his one-eyed lupine henchman the Wolf Boss (Danny McBride) and his vast wolf pack, Lord Shen re-turns with a scheme to build a weapon of unspeakable power and conquer China. When Lord Shen uses that weapon to defeat fabled Masters Thundering Rhino (Victor Garber), Storming Ox (Dennis Haysbert) and Croc (Jean-Claude Van

Damme) and retake the peacocks’ ancestral home of Gongmen City, Po and the Furious Five must take action to stop the bird baddie and save not only China but the art of kung fu itself. “Kung Fu Panda” remains one of the better movies in the DreamWorks Animation canon, and the sequel builds economically on the story, themes and style of its predecessor. If the story comes across as derivative - in particular, it brings to mind The Bible, “The Lord of the Rings” and, of course, various martial arts movies - it is told masterfully, with plenty of humor and heart to balance the many action scenes. The follow-up particularly excels visually: The fight sequences are fast-paced and believably executed, the land-scapes are rendered with richly textured beauty, and the flashbacks and prologue gorgeously emulate ancient Chi-nese paintings. And if you need one more reason to see it in the theater: “Kung Fu Panda 2” joins last year’s DreamWorks effort “How to Train Your Dragon” as one of the few 3-D recent releases actually worth paying the premium to see it in an extra dimension. —Brandy McDonnell, Entertainment writer

game review

‘L.A. N OIRE ’


he hard-boiled crime story has become so ingrained in our culture that most Americans know all the cliches even if they’ve never read a Raymond Chandler novel or seen a Humphrey Bogart film: the world-weary gumshoe and the calculating femme fatale, the corkscrew plots and existential gloom, the jazzy soundtracks and bent camera angles. From “The Maltese Falcon” to “Pulp Fiction,” film noir continues to fascinate. Even video-game creators have been drawn to these dark streets, dating back to ‘80s classics like “Deja Vu” and “Police Quest.” “L.A. Noire” (Rockstar Games, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, $59.99) is the most ambitious attempt yet to create interactive film noir. Developed by the Australian studio Team Bondi, “L.A. Noire” is a lavish tribute to the detective melodramas of the 1940s and ‘50s. Its epic tale of corruption and redemption draws from dozens of films while being moving in its own right. As a game, however, it’s not entirely rewarding. The protagonist is Cole Phelps, a World War II hero who signs on with the Los Angeles Police Department in 1947. Phelps moves up the ranks




JUNE 8 - JUNE 25 I

L.A. NOIRE DEVELOPER: RockStar Games PRICE: $59.99 PLATFORMS: XBox 360, PlayStation3.

quickly, from beat cop to homicide detective, and ends up investigating


a series of murders that bear all the signs of the notorious Black Dahlia killing. He eventually stumbles across a conspiracy involving Hollywood, city hall and California’s most powerful business tycoons. The main story line has 21 cases, and the action consists largely of two activities. First, you examine crime sscenes for evidence. This involves walking around the scene until your w ccontroller vibrates, then peering at w whatever piqued your senses. It’s a tedious process. te Second, you interrogate witnesses aand suspects based on the evidence ccollected. This is somewhat more intriguing, since you have to watch in o other characters’ body language and g guess whether they’re telling the tr truth, lying or doing something in b between. Guessing wrong won’t neceessarily prevent you from solving a ccase; the worst penalty is a chewingo out from the boss. There are some fairly pedestrian sshootouts and car chases, but it’s the interrogations that display the new technology Rockstar has developed for “L.A. Noire.” The developers filmed actors with 32 cameras, tr translating every tic and twitch to their virtual doppelgangers, resulting in some of the most lifelike faces ever

to appear in video games. Most of the dramatic burden is on Aaron Staton – Ken Cosgrove on AMC’s “Mad Men” – who creates a believable character in the seemingly virtuous, secretly tormented Phelps. Other “Mad Men” actors, including Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer and Patrick Fischler, pop up in supporting roles. But it’s John Noble from Fox’s “Fringe” who chews the most scenery as a rapacious real estate developer. Film noir fans will have a blast playing spot-the-influence, with scenes drawn from genre classics like “Out of the Past,” “Double Indemnity,” “The Set-Up” and “The Third Man.” Two more recent films, however, seem like the scriptwriter’s main inspirations: 1974’s “Chinatown” and 1997’s “L.A. Confidential.” The story in “L.A. Noire” is far more sophisticated than what video games typically offer. But much of the drama is presented in non-interactive cut scenes, suggesting that Rockstar is still wrestling with the balance between storytelling and gameplay. “L.A. Noire” doesn’t deliver everything it promises, but it does point in the right direction. – From The Associated Press

W H Y T H E ’ 9 0 s N E V E R L E F T.




JUNE 8 - JUNE 25 I




L A N G ,







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T his seemed like it was all happening way too soon. In April, the romantic comedy “Something Borrowed” began to unspool its lazy, Kate Hudsonflavored comedic romance at a special screening, and it was just chock full of zany side characters, wedding preparations, romantic triangles, lawyers partying in the Hamptons, yada, yada, yada. At any rate, Hudson’s character asks Rachel, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, to go check out a 1990s cover band at the M1-5 Bar in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood for her wedding reception. So she’s listening to this band of guys with gelled hair (except for the requisite clean-shaven guy) performing Third Eye Blind’s “How’s It Going to Be” and “Round Here” by Counting Crows. And as an entertainment writer exposed to more aggressively average movies than most normal people can stand, I’m constantly hit with half-baked notions and irrational concepts, but this idea of a 1990s cover band simply did not compute. Then, less than two weeks later, it happened again. I’m at the Norman Music Festival and I see a flier at the Brewhouse for a group named My So Called Band. Their photo is modeled ingeniously after the cover design for the Cranberries’ 1994 album, “No Need to Argue,” and on the band’s Facebook page, they pull other iconic poses – their pastiche of Weezer’s “blue” album is particularly good. My So Called Band features members of The Workweek and Evangelicals, so these are strong musicians doing right by all the good, bad and middling music that spun from compact discs during the years when alternative music was printing money. And yet, I still found it difficult to believe that the 1990s could be nostalgia fodder. Please do not take this as some kind of jeremiad against an entire decade. I met my wife in 1991, attended college during the grunge revolution and started my career as a writer immediately afterward, so my relationship with the decade is solid. Granted, I don’t carry much fondness for the post-grunge softening that took place in the late1990s with the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, the Wallflowers, Shawn Mullins, Eagle-Eye Cherry and Matchbox Twenty, but neither do I go around burning Lilith Fair posters. And I love Blur, Pulp and Pavement and I always will — it gave me a




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nice warm feeling a few years ago when “Range Life” would calm my infant son as I drove him to day care. I like to think it was the lines where Stephen Malkmus is taking shots at the Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots, but honestly, Sam, who is now 6, just doesn’t have the frame of reference. So it’s not that the 1990s were completely intolerable — any decade bracketed by My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” and The Flaming Lips’ “The Soft Bulletin” gets a credit rating in the 800s and a free ride to Harvard in my book. What I cannot understand is how the 1990s, at least in terms of the music, is all that different from what is happening in 2011. Indulge me a little. Let’s pretend I’m exactly 10 years younger. It’s the summer of ’01, I’ve just interviewed Mark Wahlberg for Tim Burton’s idiotic remake of “Planet of the Apes,” I’m walking around Manhattan and nothing bad has happened yet. I get in a cab to go to La Guardia, and the Ukrainian taxi driver is playing Duran Duran’s “Notorious” — a 15-year-old song constructed almost entirely by synthesizers in producer Nile Rodgers’ laboratory. It’s the summer of The Strokes in New York, and at that point, “Notorious” just seems like something from another planet. Fast forward to the present and 15-year-old songs don’t sound that old. I don’t get a wistful, days-gone-by feeling from listening to Weezer’s “Pinkerton” or Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt,” because half of the guitar-based indie music today still sounds like “El Scorcho” and Sean Carter is still king of the known universe. Back then, Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters were recording “Everlong” and “My Hero” and preparing to become the biggest rock band not named U2. This year, Foo Fighters’ “Wasting Light,” featuring Krist Novoselic playing bass on one track and effectively getting Grohl as close to a Nirvana reunion as possible without resurrection or zombification, went to No. 1 in nine countries. The current playlist for KATT-FM features new tracks from Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, Alice In Chains and Foo Fighters, along with songs from Shinedown and Three Days Grace that fit in perfectly with all those late Clinton Administration bands. Give a kid from 1999 a mix CD with these songs and he would not know the difference. I’m not even busting on the KATT — what I’m busting on is the commercial hard rock that has not changed in style or substance since Fred Durst first turned his ball cap around. As for the pop charts, the AutoTune’d vocals that started cropping up on Cher singles and Daft Punk albums in the late-1990s are the gold standard on today’s hit radio – a baker’s dozen years later, and only some of the names have changed. Nostalgia? Seriously? How can I miss the ‘90s if they never went away? It’s not that too little time has passed. George Lucas’ “American Graffiti,” the nostalgia piece by which all nostalgia should be judged, came out in 1973, and it was looking back to a night in Modesto, Calif. only 11 years before. The difference is the massive stylistic gulf between the periods: when Sha Na Na played Woodstock in 1969, their kitschy doo-wop antics had only been out-of-date for a decade, but in that patchouli-scented context, Bowser could have dressed as a Martian and he wouldn’t have looked that much more out of his element. Also, consider how the “Living in Oblivion” collection of 1980s new wave hits raced into stores in 1993 – the decade’s body was not even cold yet. With all that in mind, the 1990s nostalgia of today is not technically premature, but not enough has changed in mainstream music for the sounds and styles of the period to become really, truly strange. What were the 1990s? For the purposes of this discussion, the 1990s did not start on Jan. 1, 1990 and end on Dec. 31, 1999. Pop culture reads decades a little differently, and they are generally bookended by major events. So if the 1960s began with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and ended with the Altamont riot or the official breakup of the Beatles, then the 1970s lasted until either the 1979 “Disco Demolition Night” at Chicago’s Comiskey Park or the Aug. 1, 1981 launch of MTV. Using that line of reasoning, the 1990s did not start until Sept. 24, 1991, the day



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when Nirvana released “Nevermind” and the Red Hot Chili Peppers put out “Blood Sugar Sex Magik,” even though Pearl Jam’s “Ten” had been in stores for three weeks at that point. Before that, at least musically, it was still the 1980s: the summer of 1991 was the summer of Color Me Badd, Extreme’s “More Than Words,” “Unbelievable” by EMF and Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity,” all holdovers in substance and style from the ‘80s. But the 1990s was not a homogeneous decade of alternative rock. Garth Brooks owned Nashville in those years, and TLC, who reunited on “American Idol” last month, reigned over female-driven R&B until Destiny’s Child took over. Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” turns 20 in 2012, and its cultural impact is at least as substantial as “Nevermind,” and for many, many members of Gen X, 2Pac’s “All Eyez on Me” and the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ready to Die” have just as much staying power. Furthermore, the end of the 1990s scarcely resembles the beginning. Teen-pop came rushing back into the charts in 1997 with the advent of Hanson and the Spice Girls, and by decade’s end, the zeitgeist was divided evenly by Britney Spears and ‘N Sync’s teenpop, Blink-182’s brat-punk, and the party’s over hangover supplied by Limp Bizkit and Korn’s “nu-metal.” When did the 1990s strike the set, musically speaking? There’s a decent argument to be made that either The White Stripes’ “De Stijl” ended the decade on June 20, 2000 or The Strokes’ “Is This It” nailed the coffin shut on Oct. 9, 2001, but neither of those albums were “1990s killers.” They really did not change the discussion for most people, because at the end of the 1990s, file sharing meant that everyone could have exactly the kind of music they wanted for free and the idea of a zeitgeistdefining communal experience in popular culture was starting to go away because everyone could create their own, insular zeitgeist. In 2011, Lady Gaga is the closest the current scene gets to a phenomenon, but pop-cultural events are much smaller now because we’re broken into “micro-scenes” with smaller superstars catering to smaller throngs. More about that later, but why is 1990s nostalgia happening now? Much of it has to do with who has financial clout at the moment. To put it bluntly, the so-called “slackers” of the 1990s weren’t as lazy or directionless as “Reality Bites” portrayed them. Scott Booker, chief executive officer of ACM@UCO, recently told me that part of the reason for the preponderance of cool things available in Oklahoma City now has a lot to do with Geneneration X consolidating its power. In their 20s, they complained that there was nothing to do; in their 40s, they have the financial wherewithal and social standing to actually make things happen. That is also the age when people start to look back on their youth and begin to codify the past, and so history starts rushing back into current life. To understand how this happens, just look at the mid-to-late 1980s. Two decades had passed since the “Summer of Love,” and as the new wave era fell away, the Baby Boomers turned 40. MTV started running marathons of “The Monkees,” prompting a reunion of 75 percent of the pre-fab four. Tens of thousands of concertgoers pretended that it wasn’t pathetic. In 1987, the Beatles began releasing their entire back catalog on compact disc, and classic rock radio became a dominant format. Rolling Stone magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary with a year-long hippie-mythologizing jag, the Grateful Dead scored a comeback hit with a song about getting old, and Eric Clapton recorded an inferior new version of “After Midnight” for a Michelob commercial and it shot to No. 4 on the mainstream rock charts. Gen X spent most of that time stifling its gag reflex. But now, the people who were 20 when “Nevermind” came out are themselves staring down 40. The Baby Boomers are retiring and now that Gen X occupies the managerial position, perhaps it’s time to fly the flannel, unroll the bib overalls and break out the Birkenstocks. Well, hopefully not. Fortunately or unfortunately, nostalgia is built on selective memory, and the results even out the rough spots no one wants to acknowledge. Like MTV’s revisionist history of its early years (hint: it wasn’t all Billy Idol, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and <<<



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Duran Duran), 1990s nostalgia usually does not include fond backward glances toward Ugly Kid Joe, Snow or Ini Kamoze’s “Here Comes the Hotstepper.” This is why the fits of 1990s nostalgia currently cropping up in mainstream pop culture are usually the grunge bands or the groups that hit big after grunge crested. And those bands do brisk business. According to David Fitzgerald at DCF Concerts, the recent Third Eye Blind show at the Diamond Ballroom was near capacity. Goo Goo Dolls filled the Lucky Star Casino in Concho last month, Collective Soul plays June 11 at WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, and on that same night, Gin Blossoms start a twonight stand in Las Vegas. And for those who like their grunge once-removed and with a British accent, Bush releases its first album in a decade this fall and will probably be playing within earshot of the blackjack tables. And the Spin Doctors, a band that fell out of favor almost as quickly as it found it, will release a 20th anniversary edition of “Pocket Full of Kryptonite.” Expect decent sales and a tour. What doesn’t fly? The 2010 Lilith Fair revival failed to generate the sales and interest of its late-1990s heyday, and so far there seems to be little cache in reviving either trip-hop or Fatboy Slim/Propellerheads-style “big beat,” although the Chemical Brothers contributed a killer score for “Hanna” this spring. Some things simply do not capture the sound or the feeling of an era or bring up fond memories, but certain era-defining songs of the 1990s are like annuities, kachinging out dividends on a regular basis. Consider Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know.” When Britney Spears performed the song on her “Circus” tour in 2009 and Beyonce Knowles sang it the following year at the Grammy Awards, “You Oughta Know” became the go-to item for pop singers who want to prove they can cut it with real guitars behind them. Both performers received a ton of attention for singing the Morissette track, mainly because it is a lasting symbol of female rage and it made fans wonder who had crossed these women. But then Miley Cyrus singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on her current tour is just a bridge too far. It simply stretches credulity that a young woman who was born the daughter of an early-1990s country star and grew up in a state of privilege can relate to the sentiments of a guy who grew up as a throwaway outcast in a scuzzy area of Aberdeen, Wash., and died without ever understanding why the jocks who used to beat him up were now rocking out to his songs. To look at the Greek roots for “nostalgia,” it sounds absolutely horrid – the word comes from the terms for going home and pain. Unlike the ancients, we introduce a healthy dose of ironic distance into our nostalgia as we skim away the unpleasant memories. The only things remaining are the symbols of youth and simpler times. I get it – nostalgia is a natural and uniquely human reaction to the slow-motion train wreck of adulthood. It’s always sunny in Nostalgialand – except, of course, in Seattle. And music is the delivery system for these feelings: as Inara George of The Bird and The Bee sang last year in a paean to classic pop songs and their ability to conjure the past, “I can still remember when I heard it on the radio.” She was singing about communal experiences that radio offered people, and how a song can take someone back to a summer, a relationship, a feeling. When hit songs were pervasive and seeped into every element of life, they became both part of the collective experience and chapters in our individual histories. I can still remember when I heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on the radio, when I saw the Samuel Bayer-directed video on MTV, and when a friend blasted his freshly unwrapped CD for me. But I don’t really get nostalgic for musical periods or spend a great deal of time revisiting old sounds, mainly because a major part of my job involves listening to new music. There’s also a part of me that feels like buying into too much nostalgia is a little like giving up on the future. I love so much of the music that soundtracked my teens and 20s, but I might miss something new and amazing if I just curl up with Green Day’s “Dookie” and blot out what is about to happen. Now I’m wondering if this 1990s nostalgia is the last real musical nostalgia we experience. When Napster arrived at the end of the 1990s, it allowed people to both discover music they could not hear on the radio and surround themselves with the songs they loved from the past. Then, in October 2001, Apple supplied the world with a little white box that let people carry their musical lives wherever they went, and many people who bought iPods gave up on radio, one of nostalgia’s greatest enablers, essentially ending one element of music’s communal impact. And from that point on, it seems like we’ve been just as concerned, if not more, with how we experience things as we are with the things we’re experiencing. As technology accelerates, nostalgia might not be able to keep up – each year brings a new smart phone, a new social media platform, a new way to catalog our lives. The neglected Friendster or MySpace page that was last updated in 2007 or so – a time capsule enabled by obsolete communications – will be the new nostalgia for many people. Maybe that is what 1990s nostalgia is all about. Maybe that decade was the last time people experienced the culture together, at the same time, without time-shifting. Just don’t get too nostalgic about it. And as Noel Gallagher cautioned, dont look back in anger.



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the food dude


Tex-mex tradition S E E






2 7

Chile Mercado, 4640 SE 15, is the first of what former Monterey Jack’s owner Jack Young hopes is another group of modestly priced family restaurants with quality service and food. Photos by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman


All about food, cuisine and the places you need to eat around Oklahoma. For more food talk, check out the Food Dude’s blog at > ALSO, FOLLOW THE DUDE on twitter @TheFoodDood








the food dude


Chile Mercado’s menu hits some old tex-mex favorites but showcases some tradition specialties


ack is back, and he’s just getting started — beginning in the Mid-Del area. When Jack Young sold his local chain of Monterey Jack’s restaurants, including a location on Air Depot, in 2005, he didn’t anticipate a return. However, five years of “sitting on his butt” reinforced to Young how much he missed being one of the metro’s top purveyors of Tex-Mex. Chile Mercado, 4640 SE 15, is the first of what Young hopes is another group of modestly priced family restaurants with quality service and food. Young, with the help of many of his former Monterey Jack’s employees, opened last fall in the former Madison’s Pancake House. Chile Mercado’s menu is steeped in Tex-Mex tradition: enchiladas, tacos, tamales, fajitas, queso, guacamole. But it also contains some traditional specialties such as pechugas, carnitas, guiso, chile Colorado and verde. Leticia Hernandez, long the guiding force in the kitchen of Adobe Grill, is a manager at the restaurant. She is tasked with developing new menu ideas and maintaining quality control. Plenty is demanded as Chile Mercado is large by restaurant standards, with a capacity of near 150. “I like a challenge,” Hernandez said. Young said the exterior can be deceiving. “We’ve got a small parking lot,” Young said. “So, we can look packed on the outside but have plenty of room inside.” Speaking of exteriors, Young has an ambitious plan to add a patio and gain use of an adjacent vacant lot to expand parking, as well as host outdoor events for special occasions such as Cinco de Mayo. Young also plans to add a tortilla machine to the dining room. Chile Mercado has cheese enchiladas for $3.99 on Wednesdays, and a $13.99 double fajita promotion is in the forecast. Albert Fonseca worked at the original Monterey Jack’s at NW 23 and Ann Arbor. He was more recently with The Grateful Bean before it closed last summer. Fonseca, who is in charge of administration and kitchen operations, happily returned to work for Young. “Same great food and service,” he said. “We’re getting a lot of great comments from customers.” On my visit, I got a plate of Chile Colorado that came from a fresh batch. The meat was tender as it’s intended, and the rich, spicy sauce was the perfect answer to a bone-chilling afternoon. The salsas were as I remembered. The basic red wasn’t a revelation, but more like a welcome return from a long, lost friend. But it was the salsa verde — timid at first but fierce on the finish — that took me back to Tuesday nights at the May Avenue Monterey Jack’s, where a waiter called Cruz served my friend Dale and I every Tuesday: double fajitas, corn tortillas, salsa verde, whole beans instead of refried. It’s a reminder of how food, family and friends are rarely far apart in our memories, which makes it easier to understand why Jack Young was so eager to get back in the game. LOOKATOKC.COM


JUNE 8 - JUNE 25


The Chile Mercado Mexican staff inlcudes Albert Fonseca, who is in charge of who is in charge of administration and kitchen operations, owner Jack Young, Matthew Young and manager Leticia Hernandez. Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman

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HOT LOOK STAYCOOL Hats are heating up the spring and summer fashion scene Heather Warlick Moore | Mood P ublicat ion Editor

Your sunscreen is packed. You’ve got your sunglasses and beach towel. You’re all ready for summer vacation, right? Wrong. You almost forgot to pack a hat. Hats are an allseason must-have. In winter, a snug-fitting woven beanie will keep your head warm while making you look like a cute ski bunny. In summer, the right hat keeps the sun off your scalp, reducing your chance for dangerous skin cancer. It also keeps the sun out of your eyes and can help keep you looking and feeling cool in hot outdoor weather.

Of course, the outrageous hats worn by the prestigious women who attended the recent royal wedding are a little much for most American women. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love our hats. You can find a hat to go with almost any outfit, and nothing hides a bad hair day better than a hat. So, what hat styles are hot this spring and summer season? We’ll take a look at the classic women’s wide-brimmed sun hat, trilby hats, caps and artfully handcrafted hats reminiscent of some of those seen at the royal nuptials.

Talia f rom Anthony David Modeling Agency models a ver y f loppy navy st raw hat with burnout edging by Ralph Lauren is paired with a green one shoulder mini dress by Chelsea. Photos by Chris Landsberger | The Oklahoman.

fashion n

POWERED DB BY Y BELOW: The classic women’s wide-brimmed sun hat comes in

all colors and sizes this season. This style can be worn dressy as seen here: a Preston and York wide brim hat with shades of brown stripes paired with an elegant summer suit by Antonio Melani.

ABOVE: Another example of a sun hat with a rolled brim, this one by Betmar

New York in this season’s hottest color, coral, is the perfect accessory with a floral print strapless maxi dress, this one by Magazine.

WHERE TO BUY >> The hats by Betmar, Preston and York, Ralph Lauren and Lucky Brand and all clothing and accessories used in this photo shoot are available at Dillard’s Penn Square.

Block hats are available online at See this week’s giveaway at to enter to win your own Block Headwear trilby hat.



Trilby style hats are big this season. They’re being worn by celebrities all over Hollywood, including Justin Timberlake, Ashlee Simpson and many others. The trilby style is much like a fedora but with a narrower brim that is upturned in the back. A black trilby with sequined band is a sophisticated way to accessorize a sexy top and your favorite pair of dressy jeans for an evening out.

RIGHT: A tan trilby with a black band by Block

Headwear gives a sexy summer romper a little edge. The romper, by Jolt, features denim shorts on bottom with a red and white strapless top.

Photos by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman BELOW: Don’t forget the favorite standby ball

cap. This one, by Lucky Brand, looks adorable with a coral stripe short dress with pearl and silver beads on the straps.

ABOVE: We paired a straw fedora in natural shades embellished

with a shell flower by Betmar Beach with a very girlish navy lace dress for a beach inspired romantic look.


T H U N D E R : A







T H U N D E R : A











T H U N D E R : A









T H U N D E R : A







08 CONCERTS RATATAT, 7 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom,

423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)

Fat Man and Little Boy, 7 p.m.,

The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Chance Ray, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Crossfade, 7 p.m., The Marquee, 222

N Main, (918) 254-2500. (Tulsa)

The Giving Tree Band, Luna Moth and Blue Valley Farmer, 8 p.m., The Opolis, 113 N Crawford. (Norman)

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis

Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W Memorial, Mike Hosty, 9 p.m., 751-1547. Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Reming-

ton Place, Samantha Madison and Wild Card, 7 p.m., 424-1000.

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand

Casino Blvd., Patrick Winsett, 7 p.m., 964-7263. (Shawnee)

“2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

The Plein Air Painters of Central Oklahoma, Conversations Gallery,

119 S Broadway, 844-2324. (Edmond)

“Amy Blakemore Photographs 1988-2008,”Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Drive, 236-3100.

Drew, 6:30 p.m., 605-4543.

The Deli, 309 White, Frontier Ruckus, 7 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman)

NIGHT LIFE Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503 N Rockwell, Kristin Key, 8 p.m., 2394242.

THEATER “9 to 5: The Musical,” 7:30 p.m.,

Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2264.

HAPPENINGS “Starmaker: Jim Halsey and the Legends of Country Music,” Okla-

homa History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-5248.

Stage, south of the intersection of Reno Ave. and Mickey Mantle Drive, 618-7038.

Hester Prynne, Nightshade, Annel-

iese, Charons Toll, Romero and Indeed Sir, 8 p.m., Bricktown Live, 103 Flaming Lips Alley, 236-4143.


deadCenter Film Festival, 6:30 p.m., various locations downtown, 246-9233.

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos,

Oklahoma Arts Council presents “Evanescence,” artwork by Shaw-

The Biting Sow, 1 E California,

nee artist Stacey Miller, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2141.

Ike Lamb and the Creepers, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

“First Americans,” artwork by Rob-

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

ert Morris, Paseo Originals Art Gallery, 2920 Paseo, 604-6602.

“Cityscapes,” art work by Roger

Disney, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2141.

University of Oklahoma School of Art and Art History presents “Visions of Quiet Dignity: Photographs of South India,” Ashtanga

Studio in Third Eye Gallery, 120 E Tonhawa, 503-7779. (Norman)

“Lynn Stern: Seen/Unseen” and “In Color,” vintage prints from the

Photographic Society of America, June 5-July 16, The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.


09 CONCERTS Tech N9ne, 8 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom,

423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)

Brazos Stone, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

County Bucks, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Scott H. Biram, 7 p.m., Unit D, 1238 W 41, (773) 604-5300. (Tulsa)

Kieran Kane, David Francey and Lucas Kane, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738. Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase, 7

p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

“Magic of the Movies and Songs,” 7 p.m., Cushing Community Theatre, 105 E Broadway, (918) 225-4141. (Cushing)



25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

Students of The Academy of Contemporary Music, 7 p.m., 235-4410.

Royal Bavaria Brewery & Restaurant, 3401 S Sooner, Ms Blues, 8 p.m.,


Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Memorial, 80z Enuf, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Samantha Madison and Wild Card, 7 p.m., 424-1000.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Justin Echols Duo, 5 p.m., 702-8555.

CONCERTS 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Sammy Kershaw, 8 p.m., Choctaw Casino, 4418 U.S. 69/75, (800) 7882464. (Durant)

cola, 3400 Choctaw, (918) 436-7761. (Arkoma)

THEATER “9 to 5: The Musical,” 7:30 p.m., Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2264.


Riverwind Casino, 1544 W State Highway 9, Class Act, 9 p.m., 3226000. (Norman)

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill,

Tapwerks Ale House and Cafe Bricktown, 121 E Sheridan, Ston-

501 N Mustang, Those Guys, 9 p.m., 577-8270. (Yukon)

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive, Stephen Speaks, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233 Northwest Expressway, Boogie Fever, 9 p.m., 842-6633.

Live, 10 p.m., 321-2739. (Norman)

estreet, 10 p.m., 319-9599.

NIGHT LIFE Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503 N Rockwell, Kristin Key, 8 p.m., 2394242.

THEATER “9 to 5: The Musical,” 8 p.m., Civic

p.m., 799-7666.

Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 2972264.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

“Magic of the Movies and Songs,”

Blue Note, 2408 N Robinson, The

Paperclips, 9 p.m., 600-1166.

Bora Bora, 2415 N Walker, Apollo,

Kick Tree, Dystopian Getaway, Mordid Corruptor and Deadcore, 8 p.m., 557-1105.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave.,

103 Flaming Lips Alley, 236-4143.

Sweet, 10 p.m., 605-4543.

Royal Bavaria Brewery & Restaurant, 3401 S Sooner, Lacy Saunders, 8

Psychostick, 8 p.m., Bricktown Live,

Susan Wright, 5 p.m., 702-8555.

6:30 p.m., Cushing Community Theatre, 105 E Broadway, (918) 225-4141. (Cushing)



CONCERTS Pat The Human, Belle Manoir, Bury

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Carl V. Moore, 10 p.m., 702-8555.

The Empire and Pay At The Pump, 9 p.m., The Hidden Castle, 1309 24 SW, 701-0870. (Norman)

25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

UCO Jazz Lab, 100 E 5, Kelly Hunt, 8

Kevin Welch, 8 p.m., The Blue Door,

p.m., 359-7989. (Edmond)

2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Rick Jawnsun, 6:30 p.m., 605-4543.

Collective Soul and Everclear, 7

The Brewhouse, 110 W Main, REGG, 10 p.m., 321-2739. (Norman)

Rockwell, Kristin Key, 8 p.m., 2394242.

Big Dick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill,

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S Eastern, Banana Seat, 9 p.m., 619-3939.

The Deli, 309 White, John Fullbright, 10 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman)

Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503 N

The Brewhouse, 110 W Main, Squad

Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306.

N Western, 879-9778.


Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233 Northwest Expressway, karaoke, 8 p.m., 842-6633.

Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service

Exile, 9 p.m., Choctaw Casino Po-

and Alan Orebaugh, 7 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman)


The Deli, 309 White, The Saucy Gentlemen’s Club, 10 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman)

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand Casino Blvd., Mix Tape, 9 p.m., 9647263. (Shawnee)

p.m., Osage Event Center, 951 W 36 N. (Tulsa)

Student Film 7 inch Release Show with Ryan Lindsay and Chrome Pony, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911

Grand House China Bistro, 2701 N Classen, Jamie Bramble, 6 p.m., 524-7333.

terford Blvd., Burton Band, 9 p.m., 848-4782.

Candlebox and Soul Asylum, 7

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Garrett

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Erick Taylor, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543.

Waterford Marriott, 6300 Wa-

Memorial, Uninvited Guest, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

UCO Jazz Lab, 100 E 5, TJ Rhea and

Lucas, 6:30 p.m., 605-4543.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Mama

Blues Revue Band, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

The Doobie Brothers, 9 p.m., WinStar World Casino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville)

Reverb Brothers, 9 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

the Steamrollers, 8 p.m., 359-7989. (Edmond)

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Doc

310 Johnny Bench Drive, Jake Adams Band, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

KC Clifford, 8 p.m., The Blue Door,

The Deli, 309 White, Camille Harp

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Ellen Sheffield, 6 p.m., 702-8555. JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Deane and

Lower Bricktown Live Concert Series, 7:30 p.m., Bricktown Chevy

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos,

Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

p.m., WinStar World Casino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville)

CALENDAR Exile, 8 p.m., Sugar Creek Casino,

4200 N Broadway, 542-2946. (Hinton)

Kevin Fowler, 8 p.m., Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169. The Warm Guns and The Dead Armadillos, 9 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant

& Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Bora Bora, 2415 N Walker, Contrco, Before Your Blackest Memories, Left To Die, Carry Me Through Oblivion and Dark Arsenal, 8 p.m., 8 p.m., 557-1105. Belle Isle Restaurant & Brewery,

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S East-

Norman Music Institute, 2795 Broce Drive, Girlyman, 7 p.m., 2928400. (Norman)

1900 Northwest Expressway, 500 Miles To Memphis, 9 p.m., 840-1911.

ern, Paul Lopez and 151 Turnaround, 9 p.m., 619-3939.

Prohibition Room, 1112 NW 23, Clinton Trench Trio, 7:30 p.m., 601-0363.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave.,

Grant Stevens, 10 p.m., 702-8555.

Joe Stampley, 8 p.m., Choctaw

UCO Jazz Lab, 100 E 5, Peter Krauss,

Greater Oklahoma Bluegrass Music Society Concert and Jam,

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Derek Paul, 10 p.m., 605-4543.


Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Memorial, Christian Simmons, 8 p.m., 751-1547.

NIGHT LIFE The Boom, 2218 NW 39, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School, 6 p.m., 601-7200.

Casino Pocola, 3400 Choctaw, (918) 436-7761. (Arkoma)

6:30 p.m., Oklahoma Country Western Museum Hall of Fame, 3925 SE 29, 677-3174.

9 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman)

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Acoustic Open Mic with Jesse Cahn, 8 p.m., 605-4543.

He Is We, 6:30 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

The Deli, 309 White, Mike Hosty Solo,

8 p.m., 359-7989. (Edmond)

The Brewhouse, 110 W Main, The

Stumblers, 10 p.m., 321-2739. (Norman)

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, stand-up comedy with Heather Payne and Friends, 6 p.m., 605-4543. Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503 N

Rockwell, Kristin Key, 8 p.m., 239-4242.


Centennial Rodeo Opry, 2221

Riverwind Casino, 1544 W State Highway 9, Class Act, 9 p.m., 3226000. (Norman)

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School, 6

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos,

Tapwerks Ale House and Cafe Bricktown, 121 E Sheridan, iRock, 10

“Oklahoma Senior Follies,” 3 p.m., Kirkpatrick Auditorium at Oklahoma City University, 2501 N Blackwelder, 208-5000.


“9 to 5: The Musical,” 2 and 7 p.m., Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2264.

Exchange Ave., Rodeo Opry, 7:30 p.m., 297-9773.

25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C. Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639. The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Doc

Blues Revue Band, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Waterford Marriott, 6300 Waterford Blvd., Burton Band, 9 p.m., 848-4782.

Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306. Big Dick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill,

501 N Mustang, Those Guys, 9 p.m., 577-8270. (Yukon)

p.m., 319-9599.


CONCERTS Oklahoma City University, 2501 N Blackwelder, 208-5104.

Total Chaos, Resilience and N.F.F.U.,

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

Paleo, 9 p.m., The Opolis, 113 N Craw-

Rick Jawnsun, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

ford. (Norman)

The Point After Club, 6800 S Inter-

2011 Sunday Twilight Concerts, 7

7 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

state 35 Service Road, Jon Anthony Band, 9 p.m., 778-8166.

p.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 100 Myriad Gardens, 297-3995.

Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233 Northwest Expressway, Boogie Fever, 9 p.m., 842-6633.

Hawthorne Heights, Hide The Walrus, Command The Clouds, Young American and more, 1 p.m., The Hidden Castle, 1309 24 SW, 701-0870. (Norman)

Royal Bavaria Brewery & Restaurant, 3401 S Sooner, Billy Jean, 8 p.m.,



Blue Note, 2408 N Robinson, Sugar-

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C.

bush, 9 p.m., 600-1166.



“Oklahoma Senior Follies,” 3 p.m.,

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, 310 Johnny Bench Drive, Jason

Stringfellow, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39, 6017200.

Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis

CONCERTS OK Mozart Festival: Alloy Orchestra Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, 8 p.m., Rose State Performing Arts Theatre, 7005 SE 15, 297-2264.

Vital Remains, 7 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Eddie Edsel Acoustic Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

UCO Jazz Lab, 100 E 5, Edgar Cruz CD Release Party, 8 p.m., 359-7989. (Edmond)

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Ben Brock, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543.


Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.


CALENDAR OKC RedHawks vs Albuquerque, 7:05 p.m., RedHawks Field at

Bricktown, 2 S Mickey Mantle Drive, 218-1000.

Rebuilding Together 16th Annual Golf Classic, 9 a.m., Quail Creek Golf

& Country Club, 3501 Quail Creek, 751-0811.



Amy Speace, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-738.


Bricktown, 2 S Mickey Mantle Drive, 218-1000.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis


Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

“Starmaker: Jim Halsey and the Legends of Country Music,” Okla-

Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Memorial, Big Mouth, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand Casino Blvd., Jared Sutton, 7 p.m., 9647263. (Shawnee) Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Scott Keeton, 7 p.m., 424-1000.

UCO Jazz Lab, 100 E 5, Sister

Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, 8 p.m., 359-7989. (Edmond)

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Mitch Cason, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543.

CONCERTS J Roddy Walston And The Business, 7 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911

N Western, 879-9778.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Jeff Rogers, 6:30 p.m., 605-4543.

THEATER OK Mozart Festival: The Carolina Chocolate Drops, 8 p.m., Rose State

Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase, 7 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Performing Arts Theatre, 7005 SE 15, 297-2264.

Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen),


The Bassturd, Coolzey and Samuel Locke-Ward, 8 p.m., The Opolis, 113 N Crawford. (Norman)

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Leapin Lannie Electric Blues Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639. Prohibition Room, 1112 NW 23, Local Honey, 8 p.m., 601-0363.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Rick Toops, 5 p.m., 702-8555. JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Scott Keeton, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543.



CONCERTS Samantha Leal, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Tombs, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

The Globes, 9 p.m., The Opolis, 113 N Crawford. (Norman)

OKC RedHawks vs Albuquerque, 7:05 p.m., RedHawks Field at

homa History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-5248.

“2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3,

Dodson Galleries 28th Anniversary Show & Sale showcasing 25 artists from Prix de West Invitational and the gallery’s best-selling Oklahoma artists,

June 10-30 in the new Dodson Gallery location at the Metro Center, 6420 N Western, 840-7787.

“Lynn Stern: Seen/Unseen” and “In Color,” vintage prints from the

Photographic Society of America, June 5-July 16, The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.


The Plein Air Painters of Central Oklahoma, Conversations Gallery,

119 S Broadway, 844-2324. (Edmond)

“Amy Blakemore Photographs 1988-2008,” Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Drive, 236-3100.



Oklahoma Arts Council presents “Evanescence,” artwork by Shaw-

p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Lower Bricktown Live Concert Series, 7:30 p.m., Bricktown Chevy

Stage, south of the intersection of Reno Ave. and Mickey Mantle Drive., 618-7038.

LIVE MUSIC Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos, 25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California,

Ike Lamb and the Creepers, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,


“First Americans,” artwork by Rob-

Young Widows and My Disco, 8

ert Morris, Paseo Originals Art Gallery, 2920 Paseo, 604-6602.

p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

“Cityscapes,” art work by Roger

281 South, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.

Aaron Kellert, 5 p.m., 702-8555.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Steve Streetman, 6:30 p.m., 605-4543. JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Nathan Laughlin, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543. Grand House China Bistro, 2701 N Classen, Jamie Bramble, 6 p.m., 524-7333.



Accordion Babes, 6 p.m., 831-2874.

The Lonesome Heroes, 9 p.m., Royal Bavaria Brewery & Restaurant, 3401 S Sooner, Billy Jean, 8 p.m., 799-7666.

VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Lincoln Durham and Matt King, 8

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Rem-

Huey Lewis and The News, 8 p.m., Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Interstate 44 & 193 E, (800) 760-6700. (Tulsa)

Memorial, Big Mouth, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Ghostland Observatory, 8 p.m.,

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave.,

Students of The Academy of Contemporary Music, 7 p.m., 235-4410.

Istvan Gallery, 1218 N Western, The

nee artist Stacey Miller, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2141.

Disney, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2141.

Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase, 7

ington Place, Acoustomatic, 7 p.m., 424-1000.

Hi Lo Club, 1221 NW 50, Balthazar,

CALENDAR Lee Greenwood and The Gatlin Brothers, 9 p.m., WinStar World Ca-

sino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville)

Jacob Becannan and Jerry Redd, 9 p.m., 843-1722.

423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)

Cowboy Indian Bear, 8 p.m., The Opolis, 113 N Crawford. (Norman)

Istvan Gallery Live Presents: Jason Webley and Kabaret Falschantz, 8 p.m., Istvan Gallery,

1218 N Western, 831-2874.


Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave.,


WinStar World Casino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, Kevin Hart, 9 p.m., (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville)

Centennial Rodeo Opry, 2221


UCO Jazz Lab, 100 E 5, Soul-d Out, 8 p.m., 359-7989. (Edmond)

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill,

310 Johnny Bench Drive, Red River Mudcats, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Rogers and Weilburg, 6:30 p.m., 605-4543.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Ashley

Windham, 10 p.m., 605-4543.

Sonder Music Dance & Art, 225 E

Riverwind Casino, 1544 W State

Gray, Third Friday Celtic Night, 6:30 p.m., 474-9734. (Norman)

Highway 9, Mix Tape, 9 p.m., 3226000. (Norman)

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos,

Tapwerks Ale House and Cafe Bricktown, 121 E Sheridan, The

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C. Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639. The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Doc

D, 9 p.m., 232-9255.

Waterford Marriott, 6300 Waterford Blvd., Burton Band, 9 p.m., 848-4782.

Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service

CityWalk, 70 N Oklahoma, DJ Pauly

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

Derek Harris Duo, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233

25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C. Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Doc

6:30 p.m., Cushing Community Theatre, 105 E Broadway, (918) 225-4141. (Cushing)


Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306.

Big Dick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill, 501 N Mustang, Street Kings, 9 p.m., 577-8270. (Yukon)

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill,

Widespread Panic, 7 p.m., BOK

Stumbley’s Bar, 116 S Main, Siva

2011 Sunday Twilight Concerts, 7 p.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 100 Myriad Gardens, 297-3995.

Royal Bavaria Brewery & Restaurant, 3401 S Sooner, Heath Ham, 8

p.m., 799-7666.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W Memorial, 2AM, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Sullins, 8 p.m., 564-5785. (Stillwater)


Midway Club, 14501 SE 29, Byron McKedy and The Bandits, 9 p.m., 7412817. (Choctaw)

Slaid Cleaves, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

UCO Jazz Lab, 100 E 5, Bulldog Blues

“Kooterfest” 2011 with Bleu Edmondson, 8 p.m., Heritage Hall, 220

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, 100 Proof,

Memorial, Jim The Elephant, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand Casino Blvd., Metal Shop, 9 p.m., 9647263. (Shawnee)

Trace Adkins, 8 p.m., Hard Rock

Hotel & Casino, Interstate 44 & 193 E, (800) 760-6700. (Tulsa)

Like Moths To Flames, The Browning, Your Memorial and Delusions, 6:30 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.


Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233 Northwest Expressway, Superfreak, 9 p.m., 842-6633.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Jus-

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W



Stumbley’s Bar, 116 S Main, Chad


7:05 p.m., RedHawks Field at Bricktown, 2 S Mickey Mantle Drive, 218-1000.

Rick Jawnsun, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S Eastern, Jack Rowdy, 9 p.m., 619-3939.

W Broadway (Ardmore)

Performing Arts Theatre, 7005 SE 15, 297-2264.

“Magic of the Movies and Songs,” 7 p.m., Cushing Community Theatre, 105 E Broadway, (918) 225-4141. (Cushing)

SPORTS OKC RedHawks vs. New Orleans, 4:05 p.m., RedHawks Field at Bricktown, 2 S Mickey Mantle Drive, 218-1000.

tin Echols Trio, 10 p.m., 702-8555.

Band, 8 p.m., 359-7989. (Edmond)

10 p.m., 605-4543.

Riverwind Casino, 1544 W State

Center, 200 S Denver, (918) 894-4200. (Tulsa)

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C. Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

The Deli, 309 White, Mike Hosty Solo, 9 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman) JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Acoustic Open Mic with Jesse Cahn, 8 p.m., 605-4543.

NIGHT LIFE JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, stand-up

comedy with Heather Payne and Friends, 6 p.m., 605-4543.

Highway 9, Annie Up, 9 p.m., 3226000. (Norman)


Tapwerks Ale House and Café Bricktown, 121 E Sheridan, Mix Tape,

UCO’s Summerstock will present “Seussical”, 8 p.m., University of

10 p.m., 319-9599.

Central Oklahoma, 100 N University Drive, 974-2000. (Edmond)



CONCERTS Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase, 7

p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.




Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service

Northwest Expressway, Superfreak, 9 p.m., 842-6633.

Royal Bavaria Brewery & Restaurant, 3401 S Sooner, 13 Seeds, 8 p.m.,

6:30 p.m., Cushing Community Theatre, 105 E Broadway, (918) 225-4141. (Cushing)

OKC RedHawks vs. New Orleans,

terford Blvd., Burton Band, 9 p.m., 848-4782.

OK Mozart Festival: Grand Finale Encore – An Afternoon with Joshua Bell, 2 p.m., Rose State

“Magic of the Movies and Songs,”

Waterford Marriott, 6300 Wa-

Addiction and A Good Fight, 8 p.m., 564-5785. (Stillwater)


of Central Oklahoma, 100 N University Drive, 974-2000. (Edmond)


UCO’s Summerstock will present “Seussical,” 8 p.m., University of Central Oklahoma, 100 N University Drive, 974-2000. (Edmond)

UCO’s Summerstock will present “Seussical”, 2 and 8 p.m., University

Blues Revue Band, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, 310 Johnny Bench Drive, James Lann, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos,


“Magic of the Movies and Songs,” 501 N Mustang, Street Kings, 9 p.m., 577-8270. (Yukon)

Exchange, Rodeo Opry, 7:30 p.m., 297-9773.

310 Johnny Bench Drive, Cody Jinks, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306.

Big Dick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill,

VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Weathermen, 10 p.m., 319-9599.


Blues Revue Band, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Springlake Drive, E-40, 9 p.m., 6064880.

13 Stars CD Release Show, 9 p.m.,


25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

N Broadway, 542-2946. (Hinton)

Springlake Event Center, 3715

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S Eastern, Elvis T Busboy and the Texas Butchers, 9 p.m., 619-3939. Grant Stevens, 10 p.m., 702-8555.

Infected Mushroom with DJ Randy Seidman, 8 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom,

Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, 7 p.m., Sugar Creek Casino, 4200

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Leapin Lannie Electric Blues Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

McSalty’s Pizza Venue, 3000 N

Portland, Reverent Halo, Romero, Anneliese, Charon Tall, Eyes Wide Shut and Covanant Evolved, 6 p.m., 943-3637.

Prohibition Room, 1112 NW 23,


Shelly Phelps and John Randolph, 8 p.m., 601-0363.

Little Feat, 7 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom, 423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave.,

Twitch the Ripper, The Funeral

David McClam and Larry Pierce, 5 p.m., 702-8555.

Party, Darkfest, Thrill Kill Kult and 16 Volt, 8 p.m., The Marquee, 222 N Main, (918) 254-2500. (Tulsa)

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Steve Streetman, 6:30 p.m., 605-4543.

Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Zedd and

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Hosty, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543.

Innerpartysystem, 9 p.m., Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.

Becoming The Archetype with Inhale-Exhale, 7 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Innerpartysystem, 8 p.m., Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.




The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Eddie Edsel Acoustic Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Joel Wilson, 6:30 p.m., 605-4543. JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Matthew

Hart, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543.

SPORTS OKC RedHawks vs. New Orleans, 7:05 p.m., RedHawks Field at Bricktown, 2 S Mickey Mantle Drive, 218-1000.

CONCERTS Chance Anderson, 8 p.m., Wormy

Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

There For Tomorrow, Conditions, Oceana and Life on Repeat, 7 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Memorial, 100 Bones, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand Casino Blvd., McWade and Co., 7 p.m., 964-7263. (Shawnee)


1999 Century, $1650, 2001 Dodge Neon $1950. Both run good, 973-7882

'04 Hyundai Santa Fe white, good cond, Good AC. $4,900. 250-9619

1998 Century, 117K, a/c, good motor & trans, runs great, $1900, 312-4573.

5" Westin oval running boards, fits Chevy extended cab, like new, $230 obo, 397-4545. Overhead rack for small pickup, for ladders, siding, etc, $550, 834-5324. I BUY JUNK CARS/TRKS Running or not, all years. 341-5404 days. 8 foot Southwestern Bell equipment bed, exc cond, $700, 793-1961/239-0917 84 Lincoln Mark VII, 95 Mark VIII, 86 F-150 4WD, parts $20-$100, 826-9989

'00 Escalade, 120k, pearl, loaded, runs & drives great $7650 209-5297co 1992 Cadillac Allante, less than 85K orig. miles! Pinin Farina design, black on black convertible. Best offer over $5000 405-496-0264

'09 Chev HHR panel auto pw pl 1 owner 11k. Super nice! $13,900. 919-9940 2007 HHR Panel LT, Loaded, 58K, fact. warr. left, Extra Sharp! 580-704-3157 loan $9975 ¡ sell $9650 2007 COBALT, RED, snrf, spoiler, in good cond $5000 »» 636-4996

Lincoln Air Suspension Catalytic Converters Custom Dual Exhaust Rich 528-8811 Affordable-Reliable Transmissions 635-0777

WANTED: '55, '56, '57 Chevy, 2 door or convertible; '67, '68, '69 Camaro. 405-779-1372

1990 Eldorado, gold edition 68K mi, red & white on red leather, none smoker Plush! $5000, 640-1876.

1968 Ford F-100 Ranger Pickup, New 302 eng w/ new Edelbrock intake manifold & Holley 600 carb, elec. ignition, new brakes, new pwr steering pump & water pump, mag wheels, many more new parts ¡ $4995 ¡ 787-2236 or 503-3074

2005 A4 Conv., 80K, Exc Cond, silver, blk leather 580-704-3157 ¡ loan $10,950 ¡ sell $11,900

'01 Jag XJ8L, 57k mi, new, special wheels & mags size 20, asking $11,500. Call James hm:405-310-4190 or cell: 405 -473-6675

07 KIA SORENTO LX, 86K, PRICE REDUCED!!! $10,199. 405-600-4797

1996 Lincoln Mark VIII White ext, 192000 mi, $2,500. 405 627 1410

1994 Mark VIII, 195K mi, maroon, loaded, $2500 obo, 580-332-5498.

'98 Malibu, 4 door, 1 owner, 103k mi, $1,500 405-321-5846

'95 International Dump truck, diesel, 240K miles, auto, $8500 405-650-3123

1993 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab 350, good looking, 244k rebuilt mechan. exc, like new, $2,800. 405-238-9801 Bristow '98 Dodge Dakota, 5spd, ext cab, 154K, runs great, grt mpg $2500 209-5297co

'08 Prius, 70K mi, 48mpg, Beat the High Cost of gas! $19,900 Steve, 833-3417

'03 Camry XLE, 1 Owner, V6, Loaded, 130K, Exc Cond throughout $8950 844-8787

2005 Volvo XC 70

Low Miles, 2005 Volvo XC70 4Dr, Sports Wagon, AWD, Red ext, Tan int, leather, excellent cond, 32600 mi, $14500. 405-371-0804


1997 Ford Ranger XLT Longbed, 150K miles gd cond $2495 640-7209 1996 Red Ford Ranger Super Cab, auto PS PB, cold air, am fm stereo $3500 »» 249-3113 1994 Ford F-250 ext cab, long bed, gas, auto, 4WD runs and drives good, $3250, 405-641-0841. 2010 Nissan Frontier XCab, SE, Loaded, 1 owner. $16,900. 613-3165

2004 Chevy Blazer, $4750, clean, 692-8855 or 326-8855. 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche 88k mi, Z66, sunroof, loaded, all pwr 405-5709793 exc cond $11,500.

$ Cash 4 Cars $

2006 PT Cruiser Limited, 1 owner, $6900, 405-2326255, M-F, business hrs. 1995 Concorde, 106K mi, extra nice, non smoker, $2500, 210-3503.

2002 Ford Thunderbird Black Convertible Garage Kept Call 405-689-0525 $15,850.

2001 Dodge Neon, 4 door, 163k miles, $1655, 405-601-2136 or 405-305-0940.

'86 Fiero, 470 mi on new V8 Northstar, performance pkg w/lots of extras $5000, 405-371-6641 1976 Chevy Blazer 4X4, sharp, runs good, $8500 cash, 740-9574.

2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata 32,000 mi, $18,900.00, (405)850-2699

2004 Chevrolet Impala LS, good condition, 405-642-9789 $5900.

Affordable-Reliable Transmissions 635-0777

'57 Chev BelAir 2 Dr HT black new paint, p. steering, tilt, p. disc brakes, auto in floor, re chromed bumpers, Cragar wheels AC & more. $32,500, Call Nick at 580-704-4343

2005 Pontiac GTO 6.0 Liter, manual 6 speed, Midnight Blue Metallic ext, Black int, leather, excellent cond, 66,275 mi, Factory 18" Wheels, Original Owner $14,000. 405-261-2094

2002 Mercedes-Benz CLClass CL 600 Like new, more options than most new luxury cars. 36,000 miles by original owner. Perfect in every way. Original cost over $130,000. Rare opportunity to own a certain collectible. $30,000. 405-202-9425

2006 Mustang GT convertible, 1 owner, 2,000 miles, like new, $19,000, 405-202-4998. 05 Taurus, 71,000 miles, excellent condition, $4995. 405-350-0319 '03 Taurus SE, 147K, leather, sunroof, loaded $3250 209-5297 co 2000 Taurus SE, 116K, new tires, cold ac, loaded, $2950 201-3831 '99 Taurus, 169K, Runs & Looks Great!! All power $2275 209-5297 co.

For junk cars & trucks running or not. Extra $ for clean running cars. No title needed-free tow Ofc 427-8295 cell 514-7019 $ WE PAY TOP DOLLAR $ I Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVS Running or Not. No title, No problem 512-7278 I buy junk cars, trucks, vans. Top dollar. No title ok. Call JC, 635-0630.

2006 GMC Envoy 4Dr, Sport Utility, 2WD, Black ext, Gray int, leather, fair cond, 123K mi, 3rd row seat, Denali XL $10K OBO, Lorrie lor (405) 630-0044

2008 Grand Marquise LS 59K miles, 1 owner, non smoker $13,000 obo 620-5598 or 485-2334

‘ I BUY JUNK CARS ‘ ‘ UP TO $150 ‘ ‘ 405-919-3286 ‘

'01 GMC Denali, 170K hwy mi, Runs & Drives like New! $7750 209-5297co

CA$H 4 VEHICLES Fast 'n Friendly Service ‘‘ 405-410-5500 ‘‘

2004 Toyota Sequoia 4WD, V8, 117k mi, $14,200. 471-2440

'97 MERCURY COUGAR, 102k miles, white, runs good $750. 405-886-0029

I BUY JUNK CARS/TRKS Running or not, all years. 341-5404 days.

'84 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4wd. 22R engine. needs work $1500obo 324-2401

'03 Eclipse RS, 105K, 5spd, Runs & Looks Great $3950 209-5297 co

AAA cash for your car, trk, cycle. Run/not-free tow. We come to you 850-9696 $150 & Up for non-running vehicles, no title ok. 405-819-6293

1999 Odyssey EX, 126k, auto, ac, cd, gd tires runs great, $4500. 255-7735

$$ Fast Cash $$ 2003 Nissan Altima SE V6, all power, sunroof, 113K mi, very nice car! Purcell $8000, call or text 405.740.4413 '99 Maxima, 159K, Runs Great, Loaded Super mpg, $2950 209-5297 co.

1996 Oldsmobile Aurora Owned by non-smoking Adult. Needs minor repair work. $800 obo, Mary 405-305-2436



1993 Accord, 166K, 5 spd sunroof, good condition, $1500 obo, 885-3041.



'01 Audi A4 Quattro 5 spd, exc cond, 75k mi $7,200. 405-401-2280

$$$$ 946-4371 $$$$

» Handicap Lift » 1987 48ft drop deck trailer $4000, 1990 24ft Gooseneck $2000, 1992 32ft Gooseneck $2200, 1995 GMC 6500 Series top kick 24ft box $7500, 1996 Daewoo forklift 5000 lb capacity 4500 hours, $5800. Can see at 714 S Dewey, Mon-Fri. 8-3, 232-2286

'2000 Chevy Raised Roof TV/DVD, LTHR Only 64K mi, Full remote w/tie downs, Like New $16,900 » 590-3000

2000 Ford Windstar LX, 87K, new tires, dual ac/ doors, $2950 201-3831 1989 Plymouth Voyager high miles, 30mpg, v6, $900 firm. 405-202-5180.

Admin. Receptionist PT EDMOND waste services Phone, comp skills, filing. $8/hr. E-mail:

LEGAL SECRETARY For Edmond law firm. Expected to be proficient in Excel and Word. Must be able to type accurately, proofread and use formulas in Excel. Professional demeanor and basic math skills required. Experience with transcription and familiarity with oil and gas field a plus. Excellent pay and benefits based on experience. Casual office environment. Resume to:

ADMIN ASST LEGAL SECY $11-13/HR $35-40K (DOE) Edmond ofc. 3+yrs admin exp. Highly advanced Excel req. (will be tested). MAS 90 or Crystal Reports a+. Billing, reports, assist sales reps & customers. E-mail:

ADMIN ASST $12-13/HR Front desk, assist w/billing, asst owner. 2+yrs prof ofc exp, 55+wpm type, advanced Word, create Excel sprdshts. Deadline driven pos. E-mail:

Administrative Assistant needed for Mid-town based Property Management Company. Pay dependent upon experience level. Bookkeeping & personnel background a plus. Hours are 8:30 to 5:30 M-F. Fax resume to 605-6440 Answer Service Operator Edmond. Must type 45 wpm. Shift: Mon: 4p-9p , Tues off, Wed 3p-6:30p, Thur 4p-7p, Fri 4p-11p, Sat off, Sun 10a-6p. $11 per hour ¡ ¡ 285-4316 Owner needs organized, energetic Assistant, M-F 8:30-5. Use 10-key, filing, computer, must multi-task Need car, clean driving record. Pamela, 820-0254 OKLAHOMA HORSE RACING COMMISSION seeks applicants for a full-time Law Enforcement Staff Assistant starting at $14.41 hourly rate plus full state benefits, when eligible. HS diploma or GED equivalent, at least three years administrative work experience, min. 40 WPM typing with software experience. Application and job description are available at Application and three letters of reference should be received by the Commission 6/7/11. EEO employer

6-10+yrs stable hvy Oklahoma law litigation exp. Redline & Compare req. MS Word, Excel & Acess (data entry). Highly professional. E-mail:

RECEPTIONIST/ OFFICE ASSISTANT The right candidate must be motivated and dependable. Two years office experience required. A/P, A,R, P/R experience helpful. 10 key by touch & computer experience. Must be able to work in fast paced environment. We are a stable company with good pay & benefits. Apply in person, 3800 SW 10th, Haskell Lemon Construction or email resume to: Receptionist/Edmond Phones, filing, customer service, & general office duties $10.00 hr. Apply at 4501 Woods & Sons Avenue. Call 359-6935 if needed for directions Sales Support Person licensed P&C for busy NW Insurance office Send resumes to:

Buffalo Wild Wings Now Hiring Experienced Managers Email resume to:

LEGAL SECY $11-14 (DOE) Edmond firm. 3+yrs exp in ins def, prsnl inj, wrk comp. 60+wpm type, WrdPrfct. Dictaphone. Willing to wear many hats. E-mail:

Cock O' The Walk Bar & Grill-Bartender Day and night. Experience required. Please apply in person M-F, 2pm5pm at 3705 N. Western Dietary Department. Now taking applications for all postions. Varied hours. Apply in person at: Meadowlakes Ret. Vlg. 963 SW 107th St., OKC HOST STAFF & SERVERS Legendary Food, Legendary Fun, Legendary Family Apply M-Th, 3-5 @ TEXAS ROAD HOUSECrossroadsMall

Licensing/ Permits/ Collections Clerk

The City of Warr Acres is accepting applications for the position of Licensing/Permits/Collections Clerk. Position duties include billing and collecting all licensing fees. Selling permits and collecting utility payments. Work directly with contractors and residents, answer phones, occasionally attend meetings and numerous other duties. This person will be cross trained for all positions in the City Clerk’s office. Applicants should possess good communication skills and enjoy working with the public. Applications can be obtained at Warr Acres City Hall, 5930 NW 49th, Warr Acres, OK, 73122, Office of the City Clerk. Applications must be turned in no later than 5:00 p.m. on June 17, 2011.

OFFICE MANAGEMENT Immediate FT opening. Apply in person w/resume: Plumbing Solutions, Inc. 320 SE 5th St. Moore 405-790-0012

Restaurant Manager for busy restaurant in southwest Oklahoma. Great Opportunity for hard working manager to earn $50K-$80K plus benefits! Resume to

Servers Bartenders

needed for Country Club. Experience in fine dining helpful. P/T & seasonal positions. Send resume to You may also apply in person Tue-Fri 8-5. Enter thru the side entrance of the club. OKC Golf & Country Club, 7000 NW Grand Blvd., Nichols Hills, OK 73116. EOE No Nights, Weekends or Holidays. M-F 6am-2pm, competitive pay and benefits. Cafeteria style food service in NW OKC office building now hiring Food Service Workers. Interviews by appointment, email or 405-990-4611. Ann's Chicken Fry House 4106 NW 39th HIRING NIGHT WAIT STAFF. NO PHONE CALLS.

System Support & Service Tech Norman Electronics manuf company. Computer/Electronics troubleshooting skills & travel required, previous project mgmt experience helpful. You must be organied & be able to multi-task, while keeping customer serv your #1 priority. Send Resume with salary req to: resume

AMERICAN CLEANERS Hiring FT Customer Service Reps. Starting pay $8.75 per hour. Apply at 15300 N. Western Ave. CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE Salary plus benefits. Fax resume to 405-609-2997.

Part and Full Time Tellers

Oklahoma Employees Credit Union is seeking both Part and Full Time Tellers. Please visit or submit resumes to OECU is an AA/EEO employer.

COMPLETE CAREGIVER Elderly Midwest City couple needs help, live in possible. 405-732-0422

5 STAR EQUIPMENT seeking Delivery Driver/Yard Help Class A CDL required. Contact Karla, 681-7827. CDL-A Cert/DOT Driver Excellent Driver needed for busy Ice Company. Clean driving record, along with clear background and able to pass drug screen. Please apply in person at: Reddy Ice Corporation 5525 SW 29th Street OKC, OK 73179 Salary DOE 405-681-2892 CDL Training in just 16 days! Job Placement and Financial Assistance Available For Those Who Qualify! 405-254-5217 CLASS A CDL DRIVER Local Roofing Distributor Knowledge of Piggyback forklift a plus. Apply at Spec Bldg Materials, 1342 SW 3rd St, OKC.

Class A CDL

Oilfield Drivers Needed Must have a clean MVR, pass a drug test and live in the OKC area. (405)376-1555 Class A CDL Oilfield Winch Truck and OTR Drivers. $250 per mo safety/performance bonus. Clean MVR and Experience with Flat or Step Deck. Call 405-478-1105.

CLASS A CITY DRIVERS Class A CDL Drivers needed ASAP. Monday-Friday. Local city driving. HAZMAT is a plus 635-9550. CLASS A DRIVER needed. Daily runs, home every night. 40+ hrs per week. No endorsements needed. Will hire 1st CDL/A driver willing to start at $9/hour. Apply at: 3111 N Santa Fe, 8-3.



S5350 S Western #418 Delivery Driver AmSan OKC Class B CDL, clean MVR. Hazmat preferred. 2 yrs exp required, age 18, load product 50-70 lbs. Accurate inventory counting. DOT physical, drug/background screen, no felony. EOE, Drug Free Workplace DRIVER (CLASS A) J.A. OILFIELD MFG. has position available for full time DRIVER. Oilfield experience a plus. Must have clean driving record. Apply in person 2101 SE 67th St. OKC, OK 73049 DRIVER wanted for RT, Class B lic. w/Hazmat. Health, Dental and 401K plan available. Apply in person to 900 SW 6th St. OKC See Phillip or David for app.


Small fleet owner seeking OTR driver to pull dry bulk tank local and long haul. Xcellent pay, vacation and health insurance paid. Call 405-203-4602 Dump Truck Driver Needed. Must have Class A CDL. End dump and heavy equipment experience required. Call 623-0854. Flatbed Driver for Hotshot or big truck. 3yrs OTR exper. clean MVR. Home most week ends Call 405-823-4456

Local LTL Carrier Looking for a CLASS A & B DRIVER , Must have 2 years Experience, Clean MVR Know City Paid Every Friday Health and Dental and Life Insurance Available 401k, Paid Vacations, Paid Holidays Uniforms available Direct deposit Family Owned and Operated. EOE APPLY 1201 E GRAND OKC OK or 866-360-7455

Oilfield Trucking Company is looking for a CrossTown Local OKC Driver for our 1-Ton Hotshot Division. We offer: Health Insurance Assigned Equipment Weekly Pay Sign on Bonus Safety Bonus You must have a Class A CDL with Airbrakes Call Ken @ 405-745-2363 X224

OWNER OPERATORS NEEDED Home Most Weekends. Haz-Mat Certified K-Truck Lines 1-800-359-7303

RoadMaster Drivers School

National Guard & Tribal Training, 405-254-5217 Schwarz Ready Mix MIXER DRIVERS. Class B CDL, clean MVR Req'd. BENEFITS start DAY 1. 401k, paid holidays. Apply in person w/CDL. 1400 S. Holly - Yukon. 405-354-8824 Tractor Trailer Driver HAZMAT & Tanker required. Regional work, Rimarc Transportation 1-800-831-9563 We are a local fuel delivery company looking for professional part and full time DRIVERS in the Oklahoma City area. Requirements are a Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazmat endorsements. You must be at least 25 years old with a clean driving record and have 3 years or 200,000 miles of driving experience. 6 months experience pulling a fuel tanker preferred. Check out the following benefits you can have. ß $50,000 plus a year ß 4 or 5-day work week (12-hour days) ß Health care program ß 401K with 50% match ß Great equipment ß Uniforms ß Bonus incentives ß Sick pay ß Vacation pay ß Sign on bonus for experienced fuel haulers (up to $2000) ß Opportunity for advancement Please call 405-512-6817 M-F, 10AM-3PM, for an application. Winch Truck & Hotshot Regional driving opportunities, are avail at John Romine Trucking, Inc., OKC, OK. Class A CDL, clean MVR & 1 year exp reqd Please call 405-601-3884

Wrecker Driver needed part time. Will train the right person. Call 405-619-0337

Elementary Teacher LCA is interviewing for the 2011-12 school term. BS Degree in in Ed. Vivian Reasnor - 737-4902 Speech-Language Pathologist Looking for SpeechLanguage Pathologists to work in school settings. Part time and full time opportunities available. CFY welcome and encouraged to apply. Hourly rate of $33 minimum. Fax resume to 1877-789-8277 or email to

28 DRIVERS WANTED CA$H paid daily! No exp. needed. We train. Apply: Summer Song -1137 Exchange Ave, OKC- One Block South of Reno & Western 1-888-608-1783 Archery Sales/Service Full Time & Part Time Knowledge and experience necessary. 405-677-4868

COUNTER SALES OKC HVAC Distributor Great career position in Htg. & A/C. Must be outgoing, multi-tasker w/ good phone & organiz. skills . High School Diploma Mech. aptitude or industry exp. ++ M-F 8-5, SAL + BENEFITS. Email resume to INFO@ACESACSUPPLY. COM

MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN FULL TIME Experience required. Must have valid DL, pass background check and drug screen test. No phone calls. Apply in person at 3016 SW 89th.

Delivery Driver Clean MVR required. Benefits + 401K. Apply in person, M-F, 11-Noon, 330 NE 36th Street, EOE

Talecris Plasma Resources 7103 S Western Avenue Oklahoma City 405-634-0220

DELIVERY HELP needed in NW OKC, 4 day work week. Company vehicle. Call 405-7209099 for interview appt.

In addition to meeting the donation criteria. You must provide a valid photo I.D., proof of your current address and your Social Security or immigration card to donate.

DRIVERS & HELPERS for moving company. Apply in person at 1131 Enterprise Ave, unit 15A, OKC, OK, 445-7618. Dry Clean Experienced Pants Presser and Silk Finisher. Excel Cleaners. Apply in person 7-3, M-F, 8900 S Penn.


EXPERIENCED IN HAY, CATTLE & FARMING. 850-0532 Frame and Cornice Carpenters and Helpers, OKC area, steady work, hourly. Transp. and tools required. 824-8954 PART TIME POSITIONS needed for group home. Clean OSBI & MVR Reports. EOE. 949-2271 Horse Grooms needed for 8 temp FT positions from 8/1/11 to 12/31/11. Attends to the overall care of thoroughbred race horses incl feed, water, maint of stalls, track, clean, brush, trim horses, disinfect stalls & bedding. Will lift legs & clean horses’ feet & apply liniments & bandages to legs as req. Will care for 1-5 horses at a time. 1 month exp req. Able to lift 50lbs. Worksite at Remington Park, One Remington Pl, OKC, OK 73111 Mon-Sun 48hrs/wk; day off rotates. Split shifts 5am-11am, 3pm-5pm $7.32/hr, $10.98/hr OT. Fax resume to Jay of William Bret Calhoun at 281-807-3808. JANITORIAL SUPERVISOR for training, inspection and other duties. FT evenings. Paid holidays & vac. Apply 4-6 PM, Mon-Thur., 1024 N. Tulsa Ave, OKC. JANITORIAL Individuals & Couples to clean office buildings. PT evenings, M-F. Paid holidays. Apply 4-6 pm, Monday - Thursday, at 1024 N. Tulsa Ave, OKC. JANITOR NEEDED Clean background required. 6:30pm-3:00am Sun-Thurs. Apply in person at 2550 W. Reno, Suite 106. EOE LABORERS NEEDED Drug screen & background check required. Apply in person at: TruGreen LandCare 2416 S. Nebraska Ave. For more info call 405-417-5694 EOE/AA/M/F/D/V

Now Accepting New Donors Earn up to $150 this week while saving lives

Painter/Porter needed full time for Crown Martin Park Apts. Drug & background screen & Driver's License required. Positive attitude & team player a must. Apply in person at 5300 W. Memorial Road or email resume to: Pool Service Technician Needed Immediately Must have truck and experience. Call 820-3478 to apply. Receptionist for dental office in Del City. Self directed, cheerful; can multi-task, a fast learner. Call 670-4480; fax 670-3104 ROAD & SHOP MECHANICS (1 EACH) needed for diesel repair shop. Must be experienced in truck & trailers. $20-$30 per flag hour. Apply C&K Road Service 1816 SE 29 M-F 8-5 Rock and Roll to the tune of $500 to $1000 a week. Paid Training. Company Vehicle. Call 405-840-1719 SHUTTLE DRIVERS MVR, Drug screening & background check required. Evening & overnight shift. Includes week-end shifts. Hourly plus tips to $11+/hr. Call 680-3300 Technical Assistant needed for busy mobile ultrasound service, Occasional part-time position. Must have excellent driving record and attendance. Must be able to load and unload ultrasound equipment weighing 500 lbs on lift. Additional duties include driving vans, assisting with paper work, and patients. Daytime hours, but must be flexible. Send us your resume. Email: Mail: PMG/Attn: Human Resources/Tech 3433 NW 56th #400 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Fax: (405) 945-3150 TOWER CLIMBERS Immediate openings Established company seeking energetic & motivated people for permanent positions. Need experienced Foreman AND Need Laborers experience a plus, but will train. Need good driving record with valid DL. Must be able to travel. Perdiem paid Call 405-454-1487 or fax resume 405-454-1126

City of Bethany CREW WORKER I The City of Bethany is accepting applications for the position of Crew Worker I in the Public Works-Utility Dept. Work includes a variety of maintenance work in the care and upkeep of public water and sewer systems. Detailed job description available upon request. High school diploma (or GED) is required. Must have valid OK driver's license and ability to obtain Commercial Class B CDL driver's license and ODEQ Water/Wastewater Operators Certificate. Must be able to understand and follow oral and written instructions. Applicant must be able to use and maintain a variety of tools and equipment. Salary range is $19,956 to $29,540 with excellent benefits. Applications available at Bethany City Hall, 6700 NW 36th St, Bethany or and will accepted until 5:00 p.m. on 06/13/2011. EOE

Nichols Hills Cleaners has the following positions open for quality & customer service minded individuals: •Experienced Drycleaning Presser- Must be able to press all types of dry clean clothing. •Shirt presser - will train •Customer Service working with our customers & their clothing. •Clothing Inspector to inspect with attention to detail to be certain taht our customers clothes are perfect. •Sales & Delivery Driver Must follow traffic laws & have good driving record. Involves marketing to potential customers. We are open 7AM-7PM M-F & 8-5 Sat Benefits include health & dental insurance, paid vacations & holidays. Starting pay is $925/hr with more for extensive prior experience. Subject to drug screen and document verification with E-veify. Apply at 2837 W Wilshire At May Ave No Phone Calls Please.

Gaillardia Country Club is accepting applications in their Golf Course Maintenance department for FT Greenskeepers. Flexible days and hours mandatory, some weekends necessary. Competitive pay for experienced candidates. Applications may be completed at 4448 N. W. 150th, Oklahoma City, OK, Monday-Friday, 8 am - 3 pm. 405-302-2867. EOE.

AMERICAN CLEANERS is looking to hire FT pickup and delivery drivers for its expanding restoration division. Candidates must be very service-oriented, have a good driving record and pass a pre-employment physical and drug test. Apply at 2 NW 11th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103.

5 STAR EQUIPMENT seeking Delivery Driver/Yard Help Class A CDL required. Contact Karla, 681-7827.

Billboard Installers Full-time installers wanted. Cannot be afraid of heights. Must be able to pass frequent drug screens. Apply at 115 E. California Ave, Suite 370 Oklahoma City, 8-5 MonFri or fax resume to 405-527-8414 Garage Repair Tech EXP Garage Tech for Serv OKC Own Truck / leave msg 405-525-3667 JANITORIAL Floor Techs for buffing, carpet cleaning & other duties, FT evenings. Paid vacation & holidays. Apply between 4pm-6pm, M-TH at 1024 N. Tulsa Ave., OKC Sub needed to do maint. on foreclosures. Needs trailer, air comp., gen, lawn eq, hi spd internet & dig. cam. 918-266-5600

Security Supervisor needed. Must have CLEET license and must have 3 years experience as a Supervisor 405-275-9072 to apply


POLICE DEPT CRIME LAB Responsible for complex crime scene investigation. Utilize lab equip, develop, secure & package physical evidence for scientific exam. Report crime scene findings. Using chemistry & specific lab procedures, performs chemical analysis. Writing & comm. abilities w/complex computer programs. Bachelor Degree in science field of study required. Requires Work Keys Skills at Rose State. Salary: $34,417 (salary may vary by experience). Apply HR dept City of MWC by 6/20/11.

Front Desk Clerk & Night Auditor, FT/PT Experience Needed Apply within at Ramada 7400 S. May Ave., OKC

Job Wanted


I provide private duty 24/7, references, reasonable rates ’’ 520-0456

Courtesy Officer needed for large NW apartment community. Fun atmosphere! Apply in person: 5744 NW 16th PROFESSIONAL SECURITY OFFICERS needed immed. 3 Armed and 3 Unarmed. CLEET certified Only. Excellent work sites, competitive pay. Choice part time work available. Early eves & weekends. Attn: David at 691-1116 RACING AGENT AT REMINGTON PARK OKLAHOMA HORSE RACING COMMISSION seeks applicants for a FT Law Enforcement Agent at Remington Park for daily on-site support for enforcement of racing rules and regulations. Unclassified, non-merit job, $28,980 plus full state benefits, when eligible. CLEET cert. and prior law enforcement exp. Some in-state travel. Application and job description on website []. 6/13/11 deadline for application and 3 letters of reference. EOE Securitas Security offers Hiring Bonus for FT & PT Armed/Unarmed Security officers in the OKC area. We offer Great pay/ benefits. Uniforms are provided. Apply online SelectOKC Branch EOE M/F/D/V Securitas Security offers Hiring Bonus for CLEET certified Armed Security Officers. Immediate FT openings in the OKC area, uniforms provided. Great benefits, $11.15/hr Apply online at EOE M/F/D/V SECURITY OFFICERS C.L.E.E.T. CERTIFIED A MUST!!! SIGN-ON BONUS FOR ARMED OFFICERS Armed, Weekend, Night Shift & Day Positions, FT & PT Available, Benefits Available. 605-2253, 5350 S. Western, Suite 104. EOE.

Front Desk Position for Edmond Dental office, experience required. Nice working environent. 405-348-2641 LPC, LMFT or LCSW licensed or licensed eligible for our clients for new mental health clinic. We have both office and home-based therapy referrals available. Fax qualifications to: 877-856-0899


Occupational med. ofc Great hrs, great benefits. Fax resume 235-4895 LPN Office Nurse for intake interviews. Good communication skills. M-F. Near St Anthony Hospital Fax resume: 235-6206.


Outpatient Clinic, yrs exp. Ok. Lic.

ACMAs ALL SHIFTS Apply in person at: Meadowlakes Ret. Vlg. 963 SW 107th St., OKC

Behavioral Health Specialist FT LCSW req. Substance Abuse exp. pref APPLY: Human Resources Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center 12716 NE 36 St., Spencer, OK 73084 P.O. Box 30589, OKC, OK 73140 405-769-3301, Ext. 1238 Fax (405) 769-9685

Billing Specialist for busy 2 physician practice. Seeking positive friendly individual for billing, coding and collections. Will train right person. Great benefits. Fax resume to: 405-751-0009

Cardiovascular Sonographer needed for OPT/PRN position for mobile service. Must be registered in adult echocardiography and registered in vascular. Pediatric echo experience a plus. Assistant will be provided. Send us your resume. Email: Mail: PMG/Attn: Human Resources/CS 3433 NW 56th #400 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Fax: (405) 945-3150


full time & part time needed for long term care facility. Apply at Wolfe Living Center, 18501 NE 63rd, Harrah. 454-1400 CNA/Phlebotomist Full time set your own schedule. Must have good medical knowledge, must have documented blood drawing experience. Fax resume to 942-2849. Dental Assistant for Del City office. Looking for team player willing to train. Call 6704480 or fax 670-3104. DENTAL ASSISTANT for SW OKC, part time. Dental assisting school or experience a must. Call 682-9557

APPLY: Human Resources Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center 12716 NE 36 St., Spencer, OK 73084 P.O. Box 30589, OKC, OK 73140 405-769-3301, Ext. 1238 Fax (405) 769-9685 Medical Assistant Choctaw clinic. Experienced at drawing blood. Resume to: PO Box 127 Choctaw, OK 73020 MEDICAL ASSISTANT Exp. X-ray a must. FT MF, or PT Sat, Sun or weekday eves. SW OKC. Fax resume to 692-1386. Medical Secretary Friendly individual with exp, able to multi task, phones, scheduling, ofc duties, FT, $10-$12 hour DOE + benefits. Edmond Ofc. Fax resume 749-2333 OFFICE MANAGER Dental office opportunity in Norman. Excellent customer service skills, bookkeeping, scheduling experience. Interviewing for ambitious and dependable team player to fill position immediately. Fax resume to: 866-638-3589 or e-mail to: Office Manager FT for IM practice. ICD9,CPT, Insurance, management exp. required. send resume to: MSI 5401 N Portalnd #220 OKC 73112

OPTHAMOLOGY TECH $12-14 (DOE) 1+yrs ophthalmology exp req. Able to administer visual Acuity, intraocular pressure & ancillary tests to pts. MWC ofc. E-mail:

OPTICIAN/OPTOMETRIC ASSISTANT - Full time position. Friendly, energetic, outgoing. Competitive pay/benefits. Experience a plus. Fax resume to CVC at 330-1192. Edmond.

OPTOMETRY OK Tourism Dept. is seeking a dependable, RECPT $10/HR energetic individual who 1+yrs prev optometry exp pref or medical front ofc. Prev exp fitting glasses a+. 30+wpm type, cust svc Attitude. NW Expwy loc. E-mail:

Physical Therapy Central is hiring experienced Medical Office Receptionist. Submit resume with references to fax: 405-573-6768 PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT Family Practice MD in McLoud, Ok seeking FT Physician Assistant. Please send CV to PO Box 530 McLoud, Ok 74851 or fax 405-964-2412 Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner for a busy specialty NW OKC practice. Send CV to 405-752-4242 or Receptionist Seeking FT Receptionist for Busy Office. Medical office experience required. Computer skills required. Email resume

Scheduler/ Front Office

Busy multi-physician’s office is seeking experienced front office personnel. Heavy scheduling responsibilities required. Check in and check out patients, collect money, charge entry, posting and account review. GI exp preferred. Fax resume to HR @ 713—4353. EOE M/F Solara Surgical Partners is seeking a

Director of Nurses

for busy ambulatory surgery center in Oklahoma City. Per Diem RN for PACU and OR positions also available. Email to resume@ or fax 405-608-4269 Ultra Sound Tech Registered, Full time, needed for OKC mobile co. Contact James Smith at 918-740-0715. Home Health Agency seeking RN, LPN, HHA and Marketer with Experience. Call 942-8869. ’’ CERTIFIED ’’ HOME HEALTH AIDES & 24 HR LIVE-IN CAREGIVERS Caring for Seniors IMMEDIATE OPENINGS PT/FT FLEXIBLE SHIFTS To Apply Call 577-1910

enjoys meeting and greeting the public to work part-time in the downtown OKC information center. Parking provided, position pays $10.00 an hr, must be willing to work an avg of 27 hrs week M-F. EOE. Send resume and cover letter to: OKC Welcome Center, Attn. Manager, 12229 N I-35, Service Rd., OKC, OK 73131 No faxes or phone calls please.

WORK FROM HOME DonationPickup.Org 4545 NW 16th St OKC, OK Earn $8.50 per hour + bonuses! Our top earners average over $12 Work 5:15 – 8:45 Mon – Fri You must have pc/internet Apply in person 9-5 or fax to 866-446-4361 Work From Home For Local Charity Evening Hours. No selling, No experience. Mon-Fri. Must have home phone. Call 943-4530

Apartment Manager with experience needed. for MWC apt. complex. Fax resume to 969-3845, include phone number to set up interview. HAIRDRESSER AND NAIL TECH who likes to work with Senior Citizens. 405-826-8820

Loan Officers

Oklahoma Employees Credit Union is currently looking for outgoing Consumer Loan Officers Please visit or submit resumes to OECU is an AA/EEO employer.

LTC Administrator

The Lakes Care Center, a 146 bed skilled facility located in NW Oklahoma City, is seeking a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. Individual will be responsible for the overall operation of the facility which includes assuring quality patient care, adherence to state & federal regulations and maintaining a quality workforce. The Administrator is responsible for the financial performance of the facility within budget guidelines. The Lakes is located at 5701 West Britton Road. Interested individuals send resume and verifiable references to carla@phoenixhealth

Visiting Angels

PROPERTY MANAGER/ LEASING AGENT Experience preferred. Fax resume to 405-354-3268 or email

A real fit for HONEST PERSON TO WORK AT HOME W/ BENEFITS CO. APR. $700.00 WK PT/FT 405-225-7761


Independent Contractor needed to deliver the USA Today in Midwest City. Also route avail in far NW OKC. Call 405-677-3161

THERAPIST Must be licensed or licensed eligible Tri-City YFC in Choctaw Submit resumes to:

Please fax resume to 405-813-3006

We have an immediate opening for an Account Manager in the Oklahoma City market. This is a hands-on position, working to implement new business and assist in managing client relationships nationwide. Strong communication and organizational skills are essential. Position will report to SVP – Operations and will work with internal Sales teams and direct with clients. Requirements •Excellent communication and presentation skills •4 year degree or equivalent experience •2 years experience Please reply by sending qualifications to


Business Office Manager Mid-America Christian University, Visit


Kaw Enterprise Development Authority is looking to fill position. Assists in complying financial information, processes journal entries into various accounts, reconciles reports and financial data. Knowledge of laws & regulations to ensure complance. Assist with internal and external auditors, prepares tax reporting reqirements and perform general office duties. Knowledge of payroll and 941 taxes. Requires: Bachelor's degree in Accounting or related field, preferably with 6 months of experience with general ledger accounting. Proficient with Peachtree, Microsoft Excel, Office, Access and Word. Good verbal and written commnication skills, position required to pass pre-employment testing, extensive background check and be bondable. Medical benefits and paid time off available after 6 months orientation. Application are at the KEDA Human Resource office at #13 Charles Curtis, Newkirk, Okla. Mon thru Friday, 8am to 4pm or call 580-362-3478 or email Closing date 6/17/2011. Salary and work schedule will be discussed at time of interview. E.E.O with Indian preference.

Commodities Buyer with demonstrated competence in negotiating skills and assessing suppliers. Coordination, facilitation, consultation and conflict resolution skills required. Competence in developing & implementing commodity strategies. Must have 5-7 years exp. managing forging, machined, rolled steel commodities. BS degree in business-related or technical area. Competitive pay and benefits. Send resume to The Oklahoman, Box #1958, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0125

DANCE INSTRUCTORS Starting salary $26K Must have bachelor's degree and some dance background. Health ins. avail. Send resume to Dancemakers, Inc., 6205 NW Expressway, OKC, OK 73132.

Hilldale Public Schools will be accepting applications for an •Assistant High School Principal •One or More Elementary Teachers •Special Education Teacher with Mild Moderate/Severe Profound/Elementary Education •Middle School Secretary Please send resume, letter of interest, references, copy of teaching certification and transcripts to: Attn: D. B. Merrill, Hilldale Public Schools, 500 East Smith Ferry Road, Muskogee, Ok 74403, or e-mail to: On line applications at http://www.hilldale. employment.htm Hilldale Schools is an EOE

Norman Public Schools

has the following positions available: •High School Principal •Elementary Principal •Middle School Asst Principal •Interpreter for the Deaf EOE. For questions call 405-447-6599 Applications online

Cashiers, Ast. Manager Now Hiring, SHELL GASSTATION, Apply at store at NE 23rd & I-35 Okc

Amazing Business Earn $1K-$4K month PT. 6 figures in 2 years FT. Call 405-759-2626. » American Quality » » Exteriors » Seeks experienced sales rep. We offer management opportunities, excellent compensation package, great benefits and M-F work week. Call Dan at 722-3639

Sales Associate

Mathis Brothers Furniture has full time positions available immediately for qualified candidates. This is a retail sales position that requires evening and weekend availability. We need talented people who have a professional image, are self-motivated and like dealing with the public. Become a part of Oklahoma’s #1 retail sales force! Benefits include: ß Great income Potential $45,000 to $90,000 based on volume ß Medical/Dental/401K ß Paid Training ß Paid Vacation ß Great Environment! Please call 405.951.1217 to set up an interview. Mathis Brothers is an EOE & promotes a drug free work Environment. SALESPERSON Local Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot looking for a good, honest, hard-working, great customer service & self-motivated Salesperson. Clean DL a must. We offer base salary, comm. + bonuses & benefits. Apply in person at Best Auto, corner of 29th & Walker.

APT. MAKE-READY Must have own tools & transp. Fax or email resume to 405-354-3268


$45K-$60K Jackie Cooper Tire & Automotive needs Lead Auto Technician. Off weekends. Call 405-642-8192 for interview CNC OPERATOR Stone CNC Operator needed. Fabrication skills a plus. Apply in person: 13608 Railway Dr., OKC • 330-0907


5350 S Western #418 Concrete Finishers/ Form Setters Experienced only. Leave message. »»» 808-4722 »»» ¡¡¡ DIESEL TECH ¡¡¡ with experience needed for very shop in Kingfisher. Apply in person. From Hwy 33 & Hwy 81, go west on Hwy 33, 6.5 miles, then 3/4 mi north. DRYWALL HANGERS & METAL STUD FRAMERS Now hiring for new 52 story tower downtown. Must have tools & commercial experience. $13-$17 *** APPLY IN PERSON TO: 1 N. Hudson, Suite #550 Downtown Oklahoma City 214-869-6834 Electrical Journeyman Apprentice needed. 2 yrs exp. in commercial. Bending pipe is a plus. Fax resume: 405-7457843 or ccwelectric1@ or call for appt. 255-9439 ELECTRICAL, HVAC AND PLUMBING JOURNEYMEN. Service experience preferred, top pay and benefits. 405-751-1008/ Electrical Journeyman & Apprentices needed. Minimum 1 year exp. Must pass pre-employment drug screening. Call 405-737-7263. Electrical Journeyman/ Apprentice w/commercial/residential experience. 40 hrs/wk. Healthcare avail. Call 745-4700 to come & fill out app. Electrical & HVAC Journeyman & Apprentices New Construction Residential. Experienced Only. Call 405-360-5545 Electricians/Apprent. Need Comm. Exp. help w/ tools, transp. for Outlet Mall job in Okc. ASAP. 405-722-4888 Entry Level Technician Highly specialized service facility will train you in the art of repair / refurbishing of specialty work trucks and equipment. You must have good mechanical knowledge of basic work trucks. Having your own tools are a plus. You must be energetic with a desire to learn, grow and advance with our company. We are a drug free facility. We offer Health, Dental and paid vacations. Contact: Industrial Truck Equipment Larry Rose: 405-520-5438

Forklift Technicians

Exp. Forklift Technicians Medley Material Handling has immediate positions available for experienced forklift technicians. Up to $25 per hour and possible signing bonus D.O.E. Full benefits and company van. Call Brandon (405)887-0872

General Labor/Shop Position with plumbing company. Apply MondayFriday, 8AM-12 PM. Call 946-3376. GENERAL SERVICE TIRE & LUBE TECH Quail Springs Auto apply within 216-3737


Must have 2 years threaded pipe & pipe instrumentation exp. Ability to read P&IDS, plan & elevations a plus. Send resumes to: or fax to 405-672-2701.

Hiring Lic. Electricians & HVAC Installers. Great opportunity. Call Monday A.M. 405-408-3169

Plumber’s Apprentice/ Septic Driver Clean DMV req. Full benefits. M-F 8-5. 3120 S Ann Arbor Ave, OKC, 73179; fax to 681-2996;

HVAC SERVICE TECHS Experienced reliable service tech needed to fill immediate openings. Must have tools, good driving record & clean background. Call Kim 405-329-2076

Plumber Journeyman, Apprentice and Strong Laborer. Com Const Enid project for 1.5 yr. Health ins and 401K avail. 918-227-1555 or angie@

JIFFY LUBE MANAGERS wanted $1000.00/wk and up plus bonuses depending on experience. Call (405) 921-7515 for interview.

Plumbers Helper Minimum 1 year experience in residential and new construction. Must have refs and reliable transportation. Apply in person at 2101 S Eastern Ave, in Moore.

JOURNEYMAN PLUMBERS New, Svc & remod Exp. Req. transp, & own tools Guaranteed Construction »» 250-0815 »» »»»»»»»»»»»» Journeyman & Apprentice Electricians needed for commercial work. Call 650-5380 Maintenance Growing OKC Management Company, seeking experienced Maintenance Help. HVAC license or experience required. Excellent pay and benefits. Please fax resume to 405-949-9668 or email resume to or apply in person at 3124 NW 23rd St. Mechanical Drafter Able to draft parts complete with dimensional and geometric tolerances. Able to check prints for completeness to drafting standards. Must be motivated and have SolidWorks 3D CAD experience. Pay depedent on experience. Company offers paid health insurance, life insurance, 401K, vacaton, holiday. Please email resume to

Mechanics – REFRIG

Truck/Trailer Mechanics Great opportunity in a growing company. 1 yr. exp. min, 2-5 ideal. Salary based on exp. Flex hrs/Night shift avail. Own hand tools. Basic computer ALSO: Trailer Washers Yard Jockeys with CDL Preferred


Med/Den/Vis/RX/ 401(k)/Life. Channie.hopkins@ 972 682.2284 MECHANIC WANTED Familiar with regular PM maintenance & general repairs on Truck/Trailers and Whrs. Machinery. Experience required. Send resume to: Oldcastle L&G/GCS 521 Howard Blvd. Harrah, OK 73045 email to: Jimmy.collett@ John.snow@oldcastle Tim.potter@ Fax# (405) 454-6402 No Walk-ins.

Plumbing Journeyman Res & Comm'l., New Const. & Service, 5 Yrs Exp, Good DL, Competitive Pay & Medical Ins. »» 405-773-8882 »» SUPERINTENDENT W. L. McNatt & Co. seeking an exp'd. comm. super. w/exp. in running $4 million+ projects. Insurance & 401K. Send resume to: 217 E. Sheridan, OKC 73104. Fax: 232-7259 TIRE & LUBE TECH $1000 sign on Bonus for the right person. Call 513-2431 for more info. (Edmond) Track-hoe Operators Redlands Contracting, a heavy highway construction co., needs people w/ exp. operating a Trackhoe. If interested, fax resume to 405-286-9811 or call 405-286-5285 or apply at 14018 N Western Ave, Edmond, OK. EOE/AA/Drug Free WELDERS/FITTERS/ FLUXCORE Accepting applications & scheduling welding test. Great benefits package with top pay based on experience. Stick a plus, with bonus pay for field work. Apply at 9701 NW 4th St. Drug test required. Air Comfort Solutions, Heat & Air, leading provider of Commercial & Residential HVAC, is looking for qualified Journeyman Service Techs Great pay & benefits. Guraranteed 40hr/wk. Apply in person at 908 Messenger Lane, Moore. Call 405-721-3740.

Bank Owned 3/2/2, 1990 blt 1598sf, updated, Choctaw Schl $129.9K CB 414-8753 Lease-Buy 11bd/7ba/4cr 10400 SE 12th St. $15k + $3,400/mo 281-739-9455

1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695 Payout dn pmt before 1st pmt starts. Your opportunity to own land, 40 areas, E, NE, SE of OKC 1N A. Milburn o/a 275-1695 terms Call for Maps! See why we sell more acreages than anyone in Okla. E of OKC. o/a 275-1695 2K A or more $14,950 $450dn $138mo Tuttle area 18mi SW of OKC. Well & Septic available 745-5889 400 Acres Hunting Land 15 mi E of Wilburton, Ok $495/ac. 573-896-8667

Farms, Ranches For Sale, Okla. 308


Elmore City, OK SELLS ABSOLUTENO RESERVE Sat. June 25, 2011 10am 1015 Acres of beautiful land w/lake and over 30 ponds. Nice brick home and lots of barns & sheds. Go to: for all the info or call 405-542-7030 TILLMAN AUCTION 148 acres Cleveland Ct. Ex grazing, hunting, bldg. site, 20 mins to Okcy or Norman, $2250 ac. 405-238-0669

Homes For Sale


3bd, 2ba, 2.5ac, fncd, new carpet, storm shelter, thermal windws 390-9460

»» NEW HOME »» 16725 Little Leaf Lane Rose Creek, Edmond Schools, 3926 sq. ft. (mol), 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 2 dining, huge bonus room, study, on golf course fairway & pond. $523,500 Contact Carrie, 405-341-3624 OPEN HOUSE Sun. 2-4 18008 Andalucia Dr 4/2/2 Lillian Thomas, 863-1376 Marathon Rlty, 688-6800

OPEN SAT 10-6, SUN 1-6 9250 Joan Dr, Hamilton Addn, E. of Douglas on E. Reno¡Cobblestone Realty

Take Over Payments About $355 mth 3bd/2ba all elec Edmond 3 4 1 - 9 2 0 9 Repos Available on Land 1-10 acres. Ready to move in. Free application 405-631-7600

FOR SALE 3405 NW 67 4bd 2.25ba 2440 sqft Sunny kitch & Florida rooms Super lrg bookcse Fireplace New roof & siding Sprinkler sys Putnam City schools Great cond 3 blks frm Hefner Trails 474-9474.

Bank Owned 4/3.5/3, 3 liv 2 din, 05 blt, 3604sf, lots storage, Piedmont Schls, $224,900 CB 414-8753 Paseo 726 NW 26 St 3bd 2ba $105k Open Hs Sun Remodeled NICE!

OWNER FINANCE 3117 SW 27th $21,000 3904 S Young $12,000 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551 1412 SW 67th sharp 3bd brick home 1car ch/a great area, priced to sell only $77,900. Fidelity RE 692-1661, 410-4200 2740 SW 46th Pl, 2/3 bd, 1 ba, 1 car, ch&a, price reduced to $74,900 405-371-8807 OWNER FINANCING $2000 down No Credit Ck 3020 SW 39 2/1 $56,000 »» 410-8840 »» OWNER FINANCE, 3 bed 1 bath ch&a, 2717 SW 40 $59,500 »» 413-8020 5824 S. Shartel Avenue, 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, $47,500 550-2145.

OKC SW 1504 SW 69th 3 bed, 2 ba, 2 car, 2 liv, lg patio/yard, new carpet, Sun 2-4 $115k 795-3000

Huge Summer Sale. Save $1000s w/instant rebates. Own land/family land. ZERO down. Financing avail. Bad credit ok. 1000 dollar furniture allowance w/purchase. Free phone app. WAC 405-631-7600 Oakwood Homes OKC & Furniture Gallery USA offering ZERO down new homes!! Disaster Relief Furniture Packages 405-631-3200 wac


Established Business For Sale

Investment Property For Sale Wholesale properties, 104 unit $13K per door, 4 plex $169K, duplex $69K, 405-409-7779 Seabrooke Realty INVESTOR BLOWOUT! 2118 N Prospect $27,500 1224 NE 19th $27,500 Fin. Avail. Kruger Inv. Jim, 235-9332 / 812-1657 8.7 acres & 19,000 sf school building, 3105 Sunset Blvd, $450K, Call Sam @ 405-209-1609

Business Property For Rent Small Business/Storage 1250sqft, 28Wx50L, 14x14 O/H door, $500 month. 89th St. & I-35 S. OKC, 631-4447

Office Space For Rent

GREAT Space OFFICE Various NW locations MOVE IN SPECIALS 300-6000sf 946-2516

1, 2 & 3-Room Offices $175 & up ‘ 50th & N Lincoln area 235-8080

All Utilities Cable High speed internet Telephone Fully Equipped Kitchen Linens Free Laundry Business Center 2 Pools Free Movie Rental Breakfast Mon.-Fri. Social Hour Free Gym Passes

» » » » » » » » » » » » »

$200 off


CAVE CREEK ON ROCKWELL 3037 North Rockwell

495-2000 $100 off

First Month’s Rent LARGE TOWNHOMES & APARTMENTS • Washer, Dryers, pools • PC Schools, fireplaces

Williamsburg 7301 NW 23rd

787-1620 $99 Special

1 & 2 BD & Townhouses •City bus route/Shopping •Washer/Dryer hookups

Valencia Apts 2221 N. Meridian


$200 OFF

Washer/Dryers, Fireplaces PC Schools-Townhouses


8100 N. MacArthur Blvd. »»» 721-5455 »»» $89 FIRST MONTH Be sure to show this ad for special. Affordable Luxury Spacious, too 416-5259 TUSCANY VILLAGE »» ALL BILLS PAID »» 1 Beds-Move in Today! $99 First Month 2 Beds & Townhomes, too DREXEL ON THE PARK Pool & Park 293-3693

Gated, HOPA complex, (age 55+), 2 bed, 2 bath, $900 per month, all bills paid, no pets, no smoking, 550-4802. Florence Apt 429 NW 11 Downtown view! 650sf Midtown Studio, Granite counter, $750 mo, $450 deposit 409-7989 Walford Apts-Midtown518 NW 12 Corner Studio 650sf $625 mo, $525dep; Basement Studio $425 mo, $325dep 409-7989

Abandoned D/W set up on 5 acres. Brick foundation, driveway, ready to move in. Free phone application 405-631-7600 NEED MOBILE HOME FINANCING? 550-599 credit scores no problem! WAC. Over 25 homes in stock 405-631-3200

Rates starting at $800.00 month. First month FREE. Citadel Suites, 5113 N. Brookline 405-942-0016 Including are the following:

Rent to Own: Nice 2&3bd MWC $350&up 390-9777

Great Opportunity! Restaurant & Hookah Bar All equip. 405-203-4963 Completely remodeled 3bd 1.5ba 2 living, 2bd living could be 4th bed, seller will pay all buyer's closing costs. Only $79,900 Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200


Over 100 Repos on Land or 0 down w/your Land! WAC 866-764-3200,405-631-3200

Commercial RE Sharp 1500+sf 3bd home 1.5ba 2 living fireplace ch/a. Only $104,900! Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200

TOP LOCATION! Pd. wtr/garb. Near malls. Try Plaza East 341-4813

**NEW** 1216 sq ft $25,995 - 1 only Maxeys Homes 631-3600


“Mack Energy Co. in Duncan, Ok has an Opportunity for You. Have a rewarding career at a place you will enjoy working.” Principle duties include, but not limited to, knowledge of General Ledger and Bank Reconciliations. Must have a degree in Accounting and 2+ years experience. Excellent benefit package & salary commensurate w/education & experience. Submit resume to Mack Energy Co., c/o Kim Burge, PO Box 400, Duncan, OK 73534, no later than Monday, June 6, 2011. EEOC




Access Plans, Inc. is an international marketing company providing a broad range of consumer discount membership plans and insurance. Access Plans offers competitive salaries with bonus potential, comprehensive benefits and a 401k match.


Warehouse Specialist Seeking individual with verifiable experience in the receipt, stocking, and issue of hazardous material as well as experience in hazardous waste accumulation, segregation and labeling. HMMS experience and current HAZWOPER Certification a plus. Candidate be eligible for a Secret security clearance awarded within the past 3 years and pass a criminal and financial background check. Forward resume to: Alliance Technical Services, Inc., 400 West 24th Street, Norfolk, VA 23517, fax to (866) 841-5777 or email to EOE

2528 NW 12th 1bd 1bath 900sf $475mo $300dp no sec 8, garage extra 409-7989 $99 Move In Special 1 & 2bds, carports, coin lndry $345-445 470-3535

1bedroom, 550sq ft, refrigerator, range & AC $350/mo+elec. $200dep. 2748 NW 23rd. 946-8405

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 370-1077

New Luxury Duplex 13516 Brandon Place 3/2/2, fp, Deer Creek Schls, near Mercy842-7300

MAYFAIR Great location! 1/2 bd W/D hdwd flr quiet secure ngbrhood ¡947-5665

Lg Lux 3/2/2 New Carpet, FP, Good Area, Very Clean! PC Schools $825. » 878-8747

Plaza Apt 1744 NW 17 1bd 1ba 800sf $500mo $250dp 409-7989 no sec8 1 Bdrm effi. utilities + cable paid, 4915 Nimitz, nice, $480. 201-4793 $99 Move In Special 1 & 2 Bd, $345 - $446 mo 5944 NW 40 470-3535 » MOVE IN SPECIAL » LARGE 1, 2 & 3 BEDS Rockwell Arms, 787-1423

Quiet Casady!

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 370-1077

Houses for rent

800 N. Meridian 1bd All bills paid 946-9506 3416 SE 22nd, 3bd brick $580+ $200dep, 1350sqft (580) 762-3860, 716-9884

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 370-1077 $99 Move In Special!!! Lg 1 and 2 Bdr, $345 to $420 mo. 632-9849 $295 Furnished Efficiency 2820 S Robinson 232-1549

Large 3 bd 2 ba Nice, Must See, Section 8 OK, 405-248-4079 3 bed, 2 bath, 3 car, on 2 acres, 6601 Rifle Range, $975, 610-7088.

3917 SE 12 2bd Sec8 $475 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551

22655SthrlyFrm3/2.5/3 $2395 14013 Fairhill 2/2/2 $795 247 N Brdway A 1/1 $650 Express Realty 844-6101 6125 Stonegate Pl. The Oaks. gated 3bed 3.5 ba 2 liv. 4231' 3 car $2400

Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995 Nice lrg 2 bd, 2 car, liv, din, appls, w/d hookup, $595, 1604 N Penn, 3015979, no pets, no sec 8. 6021 NW 58th Terr 3bed 2bath 1car, PC Schools, $975mo, $975dep 1600sf 409-7989 no section 8 2616 NW 50 2bd 2ba 2car 1200sf Contemporary Condo, all appls $1175 mo $1000dep 409-7989 404 NW 82 3bd Sec8 $550 209 NW 92 3bd Sec8 $600 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551 K Off Special 428 NW 116th 3bd 2ba 2car $875/mo $800/dep 1300sf 409-7989 No Sec8 6116 NW 56 2bed 1bath $625


2705 Greenfield Rd 3/2/2 ch/a, 1340sf, Fairfield Addn $995mo $995dep 370-1077

2 bed 1 bath fenced ch&a $795mo 2921 Fairfield (May & Grand) 640-7209

»»»»»»»»»»»»» » Yukon All Bills Paid » » 1 bd From $495 Move» » 2 bd From $595 In» » 3 bd From $695 Today» » Open7days/wk354-5855 » »»»»»»»»»»»»

3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, 900 sq ft, $700 month, call Alex, 990-0488, Co.

NW 47th near Classen, 2 bd, 1 ba, ch&a, no gar, ref/dep, $575, 755-0097.


3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, built 2001, $1050 month, call Alex, 990-0488, Co.

Condominiums, Townhouses For Rent 441 8008 NW 8th Unit 280 Thousand Oaks Condos, sharp 1bd, fridge, stove, washer/dryer, new carpet, fresh paint, tenant pays elect only, $525 Fidelity RE 692-1661, 410-4200

9914 Harvest Hills Rd, 3/2.5/2 ¡ No Sec. 8 No Pets 749-7877 Cute'n Cozy 2K bd, W/D hook-up, fenced yard $565/mo $300dp 706-3972

1108 Stansell 3 Bdrm, near Traub Elem & Osc, Rose off of se 15th $600 mo plus dep. phn 918-810-6858 6725 SE 15 Nice 3/1.5/1 Clean. Hardwood Floors $600 • 732-3411

14309 & 14331 N Penn 1bd 1ba downstairs water & cable paid. gated $575-$625

504 E. Indian, 4bd 2ba fresh paint, clean, $725 Fidelity410-4200, 692-1661

Quiet NW Townhome, 1 bed + study, 1K bath $500 mo ‘ 748-3868

2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, new carpet and paint, ch&a, $525 + deposit, 670-4839

Luxury Duplex 3 bed 2 bath 2 car garage. Lots of extras. Pets ok. $875 mo. ‘ 642-5996

Lease w/Option to Buy 14417 Keri Circle Westmoore schls, extra sharp 3bd contemporary home, 2-car garage, ch/a, cul-de-sac lot, completely remodeled, fresh paint, new carpet & light fixtures. $895/mo with option to purchase for $94,500. Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200

3 or 4/2/2 w/jacuzzi, FP, WH Schools, $850 mo, $300 dep, section 8 okay, no pets, 405-761-9764. 2 bed, garage W/D hookup, $500 month, $250 deppsit. 631-8039 10000Shadwvine3/2/2 $850 Express Realty 844-6101 2804 SW 46th Terr $695 + dep, sharp 3/1/1, fencd, 637-1777 or 685-6817. 2717 SW 34th 2bd $400 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551

Duplexes, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, some new, some gated, call Rick, 405-830-3789.

Low Rents $550 751-8088

$99 SPECIAL Lg 1bdr, stove, refrig., clean, walk to shops. $335 mo. 632-9849

Beautiful 3/2/2 $1150; 4/3/2 $1500 ¡ Option to Purchase ¡ 361-4885

OCU-SHEP-HIST 4bd 2ba hdwd flrs, $450, 1bd gar apt, $350, T.I. 524-0222

Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995 3004 Neighbors Lane nice 3bd brick home 1car ch/a, $650, Fidelity RE 692-1661, 410-4200 2601 SE 51st Brk3/1K /2 fncd ch&a cpt no8/pets $725+ref/job. 740-6072 2 bed, 1 bath, $500/mo $300/dep 889-9272 700 SE 50th

Antiques, Art, Collectibles 501

Estate & Business

Liquidation Appraisals, & more.

DIANE LEE'S 3/2/2, 9508 Essex Court no pets, $800 mo +$35 Village trash fee. 340-3058 1932 Sheffield, 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 car, $750 month, 348-4352 or 209-4352.

3/2/2 409 Conestoga Dr no pets, $925/mo plus $925dep. 203-9121 3bd, 2ba, 2 car, fireplace, Mstng Sch, no pets, $900 +$900dep. 405-760-1258

3 bd, 2 ba, Nicoma Park, large fenced yard, $500+$250 dep, 769-2328 Rent to Own: Nice 2&3bd MWC $350&up 390-9777

M SEEKING ROOMMATE nice home, 1/2 bills paid, furnished, no deposit, $335/mo. 405-789-6334

Moore-Room for Rent For details call 405-799-0071. All bills pd except cable & ph, furnished w/prvt entrance/bath $400 371-8426

WANT TO RENT House 90 mi rad of Shawnee-gd cnd w/lg weather-tight shop/barn 405-626-6003

Farm Auction

Sat., June 11 @ 10 AM Estate of Herman McDade Location: From Purcell OK, go 7 miles S on Hwy 74, then 1 mile W N South.

Website/Email: dianelees@

843-1651 or 842-7200

Crystal and cut glass sale, over 100 pieces, $5-$15, 405-728-4474.

GE gas range, auto pilot ignition, self cleaning oven-$250; GE side by side frig-$50; Kenmore heavy duty washer-$100; Kenmore dryer, solid state, auto sensor, heavy duty plus-$100; 32" HD flat screen TV$200. 405-812-9111 FREE DELIVERY OKC! Washer $125 Dryer $125 Refrigerators $150 Warranty & Free Del. Call 405-210-2230. Washer, Dryer, Frig, Stove $100 ea; Dishwasher $50; Freezer $200; Can Del; 820-8727 or 216-8318 Daryl's Appliance: W&D $75 &up, limited supply! 5yr warr. Refr/Stoves $125 &up , 1yr warr 405-632-8954 Maytag gas range, white excellent condition $200; Kohler white kitchen sink, $60; 706-6834. Maytag glass top electic range, w/ self cleaning oven $200. 405-818-6567 W/D $65up sets $150 up fridge 125up stove 100up 3436 SW 29th 549-7004 BlowoutSale!All app xtra clean 1yr wnty 732-8503 Washer & Dryer, Extra Large Cap., Exc Cond. $225 »»» 248-4070

'83 John Deere 4450, John Deere 7720 Titan II Combine 4WD w/ 20 ft Flex Header, Hesston mdl. 4800 Baler, Hesston mdl. 8400 Self prop. Hay cutter 14 ft Sickle header, Set of New Holland rakes 258 & 260, Sunflower 22 ft disc w/ new blades and bearings, Farm Hand 14ft Cultipacker, 30ft Javorsky Field Cultivator w/harrow, 1994 Freightliner w/ 400 Cummins eng. 9 spd trans, 42 ft Grain trailer w/hopper bottom. This is a partial list. Call for sale brochure. IDLEMAN AUCTION 405-449-3542 or cell 623-2896

AUCTION Home & 2 Acres MOL SAT, June 25, 11 AM Open House Sunday, June 12, 2-4 F/Crescent, OK, approx 8 miles West on Crescent /Dover Rd. JKJ Real Estate & Auction Doug Walker 405.550.2068

Absolute Auction

JUNE 11 »» 10am CITY OF SHAWNEE ALSO Large Consignement Boats, RVs, Livestock & Farm Eq. Trucks, Cars, Trailers, shop/ofc eqmt. 405-641-9438 Auction Sat June 11 10am 1222 NW Hwy 152 Minco I-40 Exit 125, S. on Hwy 81 12mi; W K mi on Hwy 152. See Pics & List: 990-8802 Restaurant Equipment: Icemaker $800; 8-burner grill $800; 2 Coolers $500ea 580-421-5130 ESTATE FIREARMS AUCTION Sat June 11, Mcalester,OK. 117 Guns

Quality 2-3 Bdrms 2+ baths Duplexes 1500sf FP, PC Schls fncd yd, W. Lake Hefner No sec 8. $775-$810 209-9182

9300 S Young. Westmoore schls, spacious 4bd home 2bath 2-car, corner lot, excellent cond, $1300mo with option to purchase. Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200

Lrg 2 bd, $550, 2202 NW 16th; Lrg 1 bd, $425, 2419 NW 12th; both have appls and w/d hookup, 301-5979.

Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995

Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995

Compaq Laptop, Excellent Cond, $175, ask for KJ, 405-443-7627

Roofing & Siding Special 417-3707 30 yr laminate weatherwood $65 sq 16ft Lap siding $9each Roll off containers for rent Installation Available • Laminate Flooring 2100 sq ft, 25 year warr, 95¢/sq ft • Prefinished oak, Hardwood, 2400 sq ft. 30 year warranty $2/sq ft. • 405-632-0499 •Solid Brazilian Cherry• • Hardwood Flooring • (2600sf) Beautiful, never used $2.50/sf 632-0499

Rest equip-100s -chairs, tables, refrig, grills, fryers, hoods. 417-5310.

650 pound nugget ice, remote, $1850 installed; »» 405-426-0123 »»

Highest CASH paid for old coin collections silver dollars & gold 620-7375

3-wheel mobility scooter $400; Electric wheelchair $300; Lift scooter/ wheelchair inside vehicle $375; » 488-7017 » Electric hospital bed, twin size, like new, side rails and mattress, $300 obo, please contact Jim at 659-1031.

25 black bred cows, free delivery, $1,250 each 918-504-5123

30 head 3-6year old blk & bwf cows. 20 calves on ground, rest heavy springers. $1365ea. 580-729-6849 or 580-393-1388

COLOR TV's: 27" $60; 19" $40 ¡ 13" $35 Extra Nice! 405-721-1764 Arts & Crafts, wood off of 100 year old barn, $250 cash, 740-9574. 2006 NH TC48DA 4wd, 48hp tractor, with loader, canopy and 8 ft backhoe attachment, 606 hrs, exc cond. Central New Holland OKC 495-6151

Edmond 341-7829


6420 John Deere, 100hp 2900hrs, cab, lhr, 2wd w/ 620 loader, exc cond, $42,000. 24'x6' goose neck stock trailer, bar top w/cover, like new, $6,000. 405-391-7334 FARM HAND, EXPERIENCED IN HAY, CATTLE, FARMING. 850-0532 New Idea baler model 4854 exc cond Baled 1586 bales. 5x4 baler, shedded. requires 60hp tractor $7500 329-8809 Grapple bucket, New Holland, exc cond (for skid steer) $1,200obo. 580-591-2603 Lawton

Ladies 1.95 Carat round diamond ring set in 14Kt YG. Tiffany Mounting. L Color, S12 Clarity will furn appraisal for $12,950. Sell $7000 » 513-5666

2 Fml KITTENS 1 grey 1 blk w/blue eyes. FREE To A Good Home 317-6377 5 baby kittens, $10-$15, litter trained, 7 weeks old, 691-2653. 5 playful kittens, 7wks old, beautiful motor, $10 each. Need good inside home, 405-681-1919 Himalayan Kittens, 2CFA M seal pt, 10wks, $250 cash. 590-8517

PREMIUM JD TRACTORS SST16 dbl bag, GT275, 260, LX277 & 425 AWS. cutting ranges 38''-72'' 2 OTHERS » $650-$3000 » 641-9932» Snapper rear engine rider. electric start 28'' 12.5HP. Mint. $900 405-715-4147 Boxblade, 6K foot, extra heavy duty, hydraulic ripper teeth, good condition $850 733-7094 John Deere Z757 zero turn mower, 60" deck, $3,950. 405-262-6254

SELLING Farm lots of equipment. JD 4450, 567 Baler, rake, 10' Krome, $54,000. 918-689-0068

JD 318, live lift, PTO, good condition, $2500 cash, 740-9574.

JD 4410 w/430 loader, 6' mwr, 4WD, 35hp, X-cond $14,500 ¡ 405-406-0076

5 riders $350-$850/Snpr s.p. $150; Redmax BC 2600 cml $150. 808-5762

JD 5300, 60hp, w/JD 521 loader, 6' mwr, X-cond, $15,500 ¡ 405-406-0076

Black Ornamental Fence 4’x92’’ panels, $81.00/panel; 2540 SW 29th, 634-6411.

WOODS UNLIMITED Ricks: $50 in the round. $75 PU. $100 Del 405-996-6352

Grapple bucket, New Holland, exc cond (for skid steer) $1,200obo. 580-591-2603 Lawton

Dolly Madison Roll Top Desk, solid oak, excel. cond., $800/OBO. Call 405-820-5062 Twin & Queen Bedroom Set, Couch sets, dinning set, Queen & King beds, $250-$425; 405-3971801.

3 Buildings Full - Good Used Office Furniture. 510 W. Reno 236-3166

‘ QUEEN PILLOWTOP ‘ ‘ MATTRESS, still in ‘ ‘ plastic, unused, Must‘ sell! $175¡405-620-1913

25' gooseneck 14,000lb HD trailer 5' ramps, elec brakes, new 10ply tires $4100 obo 324-2401

Black leather sofa & oversized matching chair $200 each. 225-6322 Light oak ent ctr; China cab, white w/oak trim. Both in Exc Cond $70 ea. 733-7217

FANCY BRANGUS CALVES. $285 to $475 CHOICE CAN DELIVER 405-570-4307 CHAROLAIS REGISTERED BULLS 903-814-5008/580-657-3888

KITTENS, 3 six week olds, 2 six month olds. $15. 405-413-2798

4 young Boer goats, $65 each, 405-769-3299.

PERSIANS, 8 weeks ’ black, 2 Male left, CFA, shots, $250, 632-3257. PIXIE BOB KITTENS Natural bobbed tails $100-$400 405-496-4769 Ragdoll Kittens, 6 wks, $250ea, 918-916-2718, Ragdolls 9wks, Beautiful blue eyes, great pets, $100.00 361-5317

(8) 3-5yr Angus cows, heavy bred to Angus bulls, 1 has calved 642-6156 2 young CharXAngus pairs, 5 heavy bred, all $9750 • 405-620-7362 Early fall calving, 45 3-5yr Angus cows, bred to Angus bulls, really nice 642-6156 10 young black pairs, Angus calves, some 3n1, all $14,950 405-620-7362

Havanese AKC M&F Small & Adorable! $400-$500ea » 324-1201

SIBERIAN KITTENS 8wks old. TICA REG. 3f 2m $950ea 405-368-8951

BEAUTIFUL Three long hair kittens. One black and grey. Two white with grey ears and tails. Litter box trained and ready to go. Loves Dogs. OKC-Mustang area. FREE FREE Jerry @ 405590-1159 or sheila.

Antique Upright Piano with bench, dark brown $1000 obo. 250-5506. VIOLA 16'', Celtic made 1848, Exc Cond. Must Sell $1199 obo 284-6766



12 Crossbred Cows, 3 & 4 year old, fall calving $1,175 405-612-0002


Toy JEEP, w/lights, radio & charger. Cost $500, Sell $250 obo. 410-2008

23 MIXED STOCK COWS 3yrs & older 2 calves on grnd rest light bred $18500 All CAN DEL 405-570-4307

Himilayan, CFA, flame pt male, 8 weeks, shots, $250, cash, 307-8069,

6' Gannon box blade w/ hydraulic rippers $1750 ¡ 405-406-0076

Older bat wing brush hog, mows good, $1850, 405-641-0841.

‘ We Buy & Sell Used ‘ ‘ Restaurant Equip. ‘ Great Prices!¡760-8132

9300 S Young. Westmoore schls, spacious 4bd home 2bath 2-car, corner lot, excellent cond, $1300mo with option to purchase. Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200

Hanover leather sofa $900, Hanover leather chair with ottoman $900, matching coffee and end table $500. Purchased at Hemispheres like new. 405-371-3636


2315 N Woodward 1bd 1bath plus garage 950sf $550mo $350 dep 409-7989 no section 8

1124 SW 38th extra nice 2bd home, nice area, fresh paint, clean. Only $550 mo, Fidelity RE. 692-1661, 410-4200


Oakwood Apts 1bd 1ba 5824 NW 34-K off special $325mo $175dp 409-7989 no sec 8

609 S Bouziden sharp 3bd brick home 2ba 2car nice area, clean, $950 mo Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200


» Large 2 bd » 2K ba » 1500 sf, fp, wet bar, 2 car, PC Schools, $810/mo, 7005 Crestmont Drive, 831-8218


ALL BILLS PAID Pool & Park 293-3693 $189 First Month Drexel on the Park

AIRDALE 12 week Fem ale $500 580-255-4020 AK Malamute/Sib Husky Reg. F 1yr » Blk & Wht blue eyes w/blk mask. Housesbkn, playful. Grt pet/breeder $550 680-0004 AMERICAN BULLDOG Pup, 12 wks, brindle M, s/w, $300, 405-626-8343. American Bulldog Pups, ARF, ready 6/6/11, $200$250, 580-481-9300 Anatolian Shepherd Mix & Lab Mix, $50 for both. Extra loveable! 519-1626 » AUSSIE's » All Colors, Mini & Toy's $100-$400 405-650-4671

8 weeks old kittens, mix breed, $5 each, Mustang (405)376-2613/641-2799 Very pretty/sweet young Calico Spayed, initial shots. Healthy, very friendly. Responsible adult home only. Prefer indoor. $25. 737-1527 or 850-7433.

Australian Shepherd AKC, ch.ped. Red & blue merles. Red tris, 5 weeks old. s&w $450-$800 each 979-204-1262 Australian Shepherds ASCA Reg Australian Shepherds out of working parents $200. 405-436-8565 Australian Shepherds Puppies & young adults, working bloodlines $250 and up (405) 905-9699

5x8, 5x10, 6x12, w/gates; like new 16 foot tandem; $650-$950 cash; 670-1850

BEAUTIFUL KITTENS 8 wks. 4F/1M. FeLV/ FIV neg. Initial shots. Responsible permanent adult home only. Prefer indoor. $25. 737-1527 or 850-7433.

Australian Shepherd minis, 11 weeks old, s/w, $300-$350, 580-369-2150 or 580-369-0199.

18' car hauler, steel floor brakes, new tires, dovetail $2150 405-834-9094

FREE KITTENS 6 weeks old, all colors, 405-481-3809

Autstralian Shepherd puppies. 5 blue merle M. 1 Blue Merle F 11wks $100-$200 405-410-6785

BULL TERRIER PUPPIES, AKC, 4 F, 7 weeks, S/W, Ready to go! $1000ea (580)492-5218, 647-7061

AKC Born 4/6, 8M, 3F, all very cute. Will make wonderful pets, raised in the home with 4 kids. They will go fast! $300 Crystal (405) 570-6600 BEAGLE PUPPIES 6 Weeks Old (2) Male (2) Female $125. (405)542-7030

Cairn Terriers, AKC (Toto Wizard of Oz) M & F $200-$250 580-583-2696

Beagle pups, 6 weeks and 5 months old, s/w, $100-$200, 918-3774128, Davenport, OK.

CANE CORSO (Italian Mastiff) Male, 4K months, ears clipped, tails docked, all shots, wormed, registered ICCF $700. 405-919-5394 or 405-834-6041

Bichon Frise, brightly affectionate, 2F, 9 wks, $275, some older Males, $100-$260, 214-7857. BICHON FRISE, 2 males, 1 year old. $75 each. Call 405-615-9638 Blue Heeler 2m/2F 8 wks Ckc shots $125. 405-207-3854

BORDER COLLIE MIX 8 month old Male $50. 405-203-5978

Cavalier AKC blen. $500. 580-363-4294 Cavalier K.C. Adult Female, 5 years, $100 Blenheim, 405-379-3553 Chihuahua, full blood, 2 Toy M, 10 wks, s/w $100ea Cash 417-2956 Chihuahua, Reg, Toy, S/W, 9 weeks $175 ea. 1 F, 1 M ’ 650-3035

Boston Terrier Pups, AKC, S/W, Great Pets! $250-$350, 405-503-2272 Boston Terrier Puppies 4 F AKC reg s/w 7 wks $275. 580-369-0395 BOXER, AKC, 4 Females, 1 Male $300-$500 517-4872 BOXER AKC REG PUPS 3 F S, W, T, DC $200. 405-210-3376 Boxer Puppies AKC Champion Bloodlines, 3F/1M, 9weeks, shots/wormed/tail/ dewclaws, 1yr health guarantee $300-$400 405-926-7626 BOXER PUPPIES AKC Ready to go home! $200ea » 405-651-8385 BOXER Puppies ACA fawn w/ wht markings, s/w, will meet $200 918-426-5181 Boxer Pups, AKC, POP, S/W/T/DC, $300 each, cell 405-566-9732 BOXER PUPS AKC REG Free HAPPY PUPPY KIT 9wks Fawn w/Blk Mask Champ Pedigree Pics avail $275. 284-6260 Brittany Puppies Beautiful Liver/White Male Brittany Pups, 11 wks. old. Dual Champion Pedigree, all shots to date, guaranteed. Great temperment and hunting instincts! $650. 405-830-0932

Chihuahua ACA Pups 7wks, 1M black-$175, 1F blue-$400, 1 adult F blk &wht-$150 405-875-5074 Chihuahua ADORABLE regular size Puppies, 3 Males $100, 1 Female $150. 405-388-6095 Chihuahua CKC pups 2M vet/ckd s/w fawn $100. 610-6434 MWC Chihuahua K Shih Tzu TEENY TINY 6WKS $150cash 519-8584 Chihuahua puppies 7wks, short and long haired pups, POP, adorable babies. $175 Jamie 405-919-5375 Chihuahuas, Teacup, Itty Bitty, reg, 5 oz babies, 6 weeks, $250-$350, 8083502 or 808-3520. Chihuahuas, T-cups, 14 oz, 9 weeks, beautiful, $400, 405-250-8269 Chihuahuas 7wks. EXTRA TINY TEACUPS $250 Cash 519-8584 Chihuahuas, ACA, SH/LH Ms & Fs $250-$500 627-0419 Chinese Pug, ACA Reg. 4 M/1 F, black, 6 wks, S/W $350 ea. 364-7922 CHOW AKC PUPS 6wks, Wht M, Crm M, Brn M, 2 Crm F $450F/ $400M. 580-251-1515 Chow Chow, AKC, 2 red M, 1 red F, POP, shots, wormed, $500, 826-0636.

Brussels Griffon Puppies 2 F, 1 M, rough coat, AKC Reg. S/W $300 580-541-7587 Bulldog Adorable Puppies cha. grandparents, 9 weeks. AKC, vet checked, s/w 1M, 1F, $1500, 405 401-6943

Bulldog AKC puppies vet checked s/w born 4-1-11 4f/2m will text pics $1500. 405-399-3066 or 405-808-4214

Dach Mini, 2 pups, 2K mos; 2 adults, 1M, 1F, SH; 1 Yorkie M; $100 each; Del City; 405-808-3263. Dachshund, Mini, 5F, 4M SH & LH $175-$225 • 527-7776 • Dachshund, Adorable Long & short hair. X-TINY! $225 Visa/MC. 826-4557 Dachshund, Mini, ACA, Male & Female, S/W $100 each. 918-385-2090 Dachshund Mini AKC Adults, 3F 1M 2 years, $100 each, 405-379-3553 Doberman, 3 yr old red neutered Male $150 (405)527-6132/570-5302

Cocker Spaniels, AKC, 5 wks, shts/tails, tri color, $200. 405-397-7950 Corgi AKC Female Corgi female AKC registered, sable , 6 months old $150 Ph:(580) 603-1659

English Shepherd Pups 3 reg, 2M, 1F, POP, $300ea, SAYRE OK. 580-243-7577.

English Springer Spaniel Pups

AKC Champion lines; 4M, 3-F Born 4/13th, available mid-late June; great gift for Dad and Grads; black/white; beautiful! excellent demeanor! must see! $550 Steve; (w) 359-0773, (h) 340-8494, (c) 204-6904

Doberman, AKC reg, 1 black m, 4 red(1m, 3f), 2 fawn(1m,1f). Looking for good home. $500ea. 405207-6206/405-207-4176 Doberman pups Beautiful black and rust. Born 4/18/2011. 3F 2M. Ch. pedigree, AKC reg. $500. 580-678-7356 DOBERMAN PUPPIES 2 F w/ Papers, 10 wks. S/W/T/D $350. 640-3979 Dobermans, AKC, ready 6/12, Cambria & Warlock bloodlines, s/w/t/dc, blacks & reds, M&F, POP, 405-503-6550 or 405745-8082, $350 cash only

Dogue de Bordeaux

Puppies Top European / American Bloodlines , nationally ranked dam/ group placements, pups have first shots wormed microchipped , 2f and 1m available , serious inquires only we are a top show kennel and are cautious where are pups are placed $1000 to $1500 email oakhollowbordeaux@ or 405-249-9392 English Bulldog & Olde English Bulldogge Adults 2 yr M English Bulldog, 2 F Olde English Bulldogges & 1 F American Bulldog. All are cute & friendly. $1250 obo for all 580-668-1015 lv msg English Bulldogs AKC, Champ ped English Bulldogs, 3F, 20 wks. www.youngsenglish $800 580-5040023/580-276-7124 English Bulldogs AKC Reg'd, 6 weeks, born 4/20/11, vet chck'd, shots, wormed, 3F/2M $1500. (405) 401-6177 (405) 410-2579 English Bulldogs These are Olde English Puppies. 8 wks. M & F's $800 cash. 580-471-3714 ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPS AKC $1500. Keith (405) 473-1318 call/text English Bulldogs AKC 8 wks, ch ped, m&f 1000 -$1100 (580) 371-8776

Chow Pups AKC, black, 9wks $400 405-245-5339

English Setters Males, 2 O&W,1 tricolor.6 mths old. Parents are great hunters FSB registered. Free Jon 405-833-3444

English Bulldog, AKC reg 3 year old female, $500 405-428-1214 English Mastiff AKC pups male and female, well socialized.fawn w/ black mask. 11 weeks old. $800. 580-509-9202 ENGLISH MASTIFF 11wk F. AKC. S/W champion bldlns $600 405-519-4069

Great Dane puppies, AKC 8 weeks, DOB 4/7/11, s/w/dc, 7 brindle & fawn, 5M, 2F, $400. 659-6948

Lhasa Apsos, cute, fat & furry! 4F 2M, chmpgn/blk&wht, s/w, $65 ’’’ 405-922-7808

Great Pyrenees, 4 F, 8 weeks old, $125, 733-7777 or 641-2348.

Mal-Shih-ADORABLE! ITTY BITTY $350 Visa/MC 405-826-4557

Great Pyrenees Pups, all white, $150, 570-9134

Malta Poo, reg, wht & creme, M & F, s/w, hlth guartd. $200. 405-919-2575

Heeler/Lab Mix Puppies Free to good home! 6wks. 405-503-3716

Malte/Poo puppies, M/F, white, partis, $250-$300, ’’ 405-589-1037 ’’

Hi I'm John, I have been abandoned & I need a home. A home w/love. I am a PART POINTER white w/lt brown spots. In return for a home I will give you all my love. Thanks 789-5075 213-9440 Jack Russell Puppies, ACA, S/W ’ $150ea Will meet 918-426-5181 Jack Russell Puppies, 5 weeks old, 6 Females $200 each 405-570-2120

French Bulldogs, AKC, 11 wks, CH bloodlines, $1200, 918-652-7940. French Bulldogs Two Cream males 7mo. One Brindle females 9mo. $750. 405-203-5978

Jack Russell male 8 weeks old very playful $125 »» 405-366-3194 LAB, AKC, Adorable Chocolate Pups, 7 wks, 5F, 2M, 1st S/W $300 (580)772-4810/772-4510 LAB, AKC, white M & F, hlth guar $600 ¡760-6638 Lab, registered chcolate pups, s/w, $300, Orlando, OK, 580-455-2526.

German Shepherd AKC Pups & Adults, Champion Heidelberg's $350-$850. 918-261-4729

Lab AKC black puppies 8 weeks, ready for a forever home! $150. 405-618-7508 or 405-535-6953 LAB AKC PUPPIES Only 4 males left! Beautiful Ivory / Yellow AKC Lab Puppies. Large English Style. Photos on request. $300. 580-7620373

German Shepherd Pups born 3/27, 2 M $175 German bldln 405-245-1506

Lab M 1 year old brown in Cyril, free to good home. 580-464-3693

German Shepherd AKC POP 2nd S/W 2F DOB 3/17 Great Personality, Beautiful Healthy Pups Ready for a Good Home. $350. 405-6502910 or 405-664-4517

Lab Pups Yellow Beautiful AKC Block Head 6 wks 5F 5M s/w/d Hunting parents can email pics. $300. 405-831-0070 evenings 405-831-8570 or 405-344-6828

German Shepherd 8 month old F, AKC reg. $500 or $300 with spay contract, 580-210-9340 GERMAN SHEPHERDS 6wks, AKC, s/w, 9F, black/tan & black/silver $350. 405-326-0268 German Shepherds AKC pedigree S/W. 7M 6F can send pics. $350 EA 405-392-2607 German Shepherd, AKC, $400-$500 wht & blk/tan 405-323-3211, 527-8888 German Shepherd, AKC pups, 6wks, POP, both imported Germany, sable & blk/tan $600. 615-8132 German Shepherd AKC 1 white 1bk&tan 8wks f $250. Mike 405-306-3768 German Shep. Pups, AKC 9 wks, 3M/3F $325 (580) 925-2599 or (918)688-4912 Golden Retriever (2M, 2F) Light in color, AKC, readyto-go, $500ea. 479-675-6681

Maltese Adult Female, 5 years, $75, sweet girl, 405-379-3553 Malti/Poo, ready end of June, $225. 761-8423 Mastiff Guard Dog Pups. 1/2 Fila Brasiliero 1/4 English Mastiff, parents are excellent guard dogs and this will be too. $200. Call or text for more info. 405-226-1194 Min Pin, ACA, 8 wks, s/w/e/t, stag red, $250 Will meet 918-426-5181 Min Pin, young adults, M & F, great dogs, I'm ill $100-$200. 485-3702 MORKIES, 6 wks old, $150-$200; M Chihuahua mix $35 405-204-0551 Morkies-Reg 10weeks, beautiful fluffy babies, $200-$250 361-5317 MORKIES PARTI color s/w/guar $400-$500. 580-467-1876 Papillon, ACA M, 9 wks blk & wht $500 627-0419 Pit/Terrier/Irish Wolf hound, 5 male puppies, Free to Good Home! 5196984 or 603-7464. Pit Bulls ADBA reg. Papers in hand, S & W. Rednoses and bluenoses $200-600 (405)471-3658 Pit Bull Terrier pup, 6 months, male, tan $50. 405-812-0772 Pomeranians, 8wks, beautiful females, s/w, $175ea cash. 306-7083 Pom Pups, Small Males, Sable, $150, Cream $125. Call 580-935-6702

Labrador AKC, Fox Red & Yellow, 7 wks, Blocky English type, sired by Kelleygreens Okie Kingfish, S/W $400-$600 Dr. Martin, 405-694-5420

Labradors, 8 Weeks old Registered Black Males. Ready for pickup. Great hunting and family dogs. $150. 405-684-8775 Labradors, AKC, 8wks, 1F-blonde,1M-black, $250each. 405-306-4848 Labs-Crusader Chocolate AKC Registered Great Bloodline. Last three 2F 1M Great Markings $300 Mike (580)302-4698

Poms, ACA, 9 weeks, T-cups/Toy, black, 15 oz-25 oz, $350-$400, 405-250-8269.

Lakeland Terrier Pups, AKC, 5-6 mo S/W 400ea. (405)207-7468/867-5512

Red & Blue Heelers Pups ranch raised, $100 each, 405-343-1090

POMS, AKC/CKC, parti, merles ¡ $100-$800 405-609-9241 Poodle, reg, Toy & Cock-a-Poo, reg, M & F, buss, s/w, hlth guarntd, $200ea. 405-919-2575 Poodle, Registered, Toy Male, 8 wks, S/W, POP $275 ’ 918-387-4216 ’


2F, solid black Must sell. $300 Robyn 887-1709


RABBIT DOGS (2) Adult Beagles (1) Male (1) Female Execellent Rabbit Dogs $150. ea 405-542-7030

Lucas 4 horse horse walker and jogger, $2500, 405-837-8720. WESTIES AKC, 9 wks, shots, wormed, 2F. $350. 3M. $300. 918-867-2523 WOLF MALAMUTE PUPS 7 weeks 1Male 2Female, brown, silver, white, POP, $225 each » 4 0 5 - 3 6 8 - 5 6 8 1»

SCHNAUZER AKC Mini 2M s/w/t/dc will be sm $250 550-6955 lv msg SCHNAUZER AKC MINIATURE PUPPIES 3 males black salt pepper $200. 918-916-9751 Schnauzer Mini, ACA, 3M, black, ears done 627-0419 $350

Wolf Pups, 3 males $200. 405-226-5444 or 405-627-5739 Wolf Pups, 95%, males and females, $250, Call/Text 405-412-4483. Yorkie, absolutely adorable, ITTY-BITTY, $495, Visa/MC, 826-4557 Yorkie, ACA, Adorable Pups, s/w $200, 570-7203

Scottish Terrier Puppies, AKC, S/W. 4F $250 (405) 330-2087 615-7927

Yorkie, AKC, 2F, 1M, 12wks-5mo, Extra Small $180-$300 405-399-3843

SHELTIES AKC Reg. 10wks. 1M Tri, 1F Tri. 1 F S&W. 1st S&W $250-$275each 405-258-6484 Davenport

YORKIE, AKC 2 MALES 6 weeks old $300ea ’’ 681-8377

»»» SHI-POO»»» 1 Male, 1 Female, $150 each » 371-2399 SHIH TZU & MIXES AKC/CKC, $300-$450 405-609-9241 Shih Tzu, 1F, 1M, 4 mos, s/w, tri color, $100 each cash, 321-4008. Shih Tzu, AKC 1male, $200 cash only 580-309-4427 ShihTzu 2m 1f Reg. pups. S/W $200-$250 cash » 659-9256 ShihTzu 2m 1f small & cute! Guaranteed. $200$250 405-380-8469 SHIH TZU AKC pups, home raised, 1 female, 3 males, $200-$250 CASH. 405-387-3322

YORKIE, AKC, 1 year M, $400, crate trained, hsebrkn, s/w, 405-659-0782.

Shih Tzus 6wks TEENY TEENY TINY $250cash 519-8584 Sib. Husky, AKC, 1M, 6F, 10 wks, s/w, $400-$500 866-957-5572 pls lv msg

Siberian Huskies, AKC, 10 wks, 3F 1M, colors vary, 1st S/W, 1st heartworm prevention, Frontline. Beautiful Puppies! $500 ¡ 580-399-2602 Siberian Huskies, AKC, SALE! 5 mo males, $150; 6-9 wks, $400, blue eyes, (405)323-3211, 527-8888

Australian Shepherd Puppies! ASCA 9wk old Red Tri (M) and 6 mo old Blue Merle (F) w/ one blue eye. Super smart, sweet, raised with children, started potty/crate training and currently in puppy class, vax & worming current. $250 Alicia 405-229-0973 Sweet & tame hf baby cockatiels, silver & white white face $65, 476-6776

Guinea Bantams for sale $3.00 - $15.00 405-549-0654

Adorable baby Bunnies & breeding stock, various breeds $20-$30. 823-7848

YORKIE, Registered, 9 week Baby Male $250 ’ 650-3035 ’

YORKIE 2M 1F reg. pups. S/W $250-$400 cash » 659-9256

Yorkies, 1M, 1F, very nice, small, guaranteed $200-$400. 405-380-5859

YorkiPoo, CKC, 3F 4M $300 2M CKC Mini Poodles $275 Cash Only ¡ 405-759-2019

350 ADORABLE PETS AT FREE TO LIVE NEAR EDMOND. ALL DOGS & CATS Shts & neut $60. 282-8617 Free to Good Home 8 month old black dog. Very sweet, kid-friendly and crate trained. Can email pics. Free (405) 659-5779

1/10TH SHARE CARDINAL AT NORMAN $6000 »» 620-3436

2002 Monterey 228SS 22 ft. bow rider ski-boat. Excellent condition, used only 30 hrs. V-8 Volvo/Penta 5.7L. Tandem axle Dorsey trailer. $14,500 (405) 503-1362 '95 Cobalt 220 Bowrider Cobalt Blue, 275 hp, 628 hrs, Exc Cond, wake/ tower, extras, Must Sell $17,400. 405-412-5575

14 piece complete Golf Club set with bag. $300 cash. 225-6322

Sib Husky/AK Malamute Reg. F 1yr » Blk & Wht blue eyes w/blk mask. Housesbkn, playful. Grt pet/breeder $550 680-0004 TOY FOX TERRIERS to approved homes FREE - $300 823-7848

09 HD Softail Deluxe Stage 1, V&H pipes, 10,000 mi $16,900 Jerry (405) 408-3805 2009 Triumph America like new less than 1800 mi, $6000, 405932-4570 Motorcycle 2007 Flhtcuiel $11,000 Dennie Johnson 580-649-9168 2006 Susuki Boulevard, 800cc. 11K mi. Exc cond. $5000 » 405-373-2582

2005 Custom Built Softtail, 113 Ultima engine, 6 speed tranny, $8,500. 918-569-4586 '05 HD Ultra Classic nicely kept, 88cu. in., 5spd, 14,400mi, blk/gld, V&H pipes, stage 1, extras, $15,500. 946-8658

2002 Harley FXDL (low rider), exc cond, all chrome, Vance & Hines exhaust, $8000 obo, 405517-7203, leave msg. '01 HD Heritage Softail 24k mi, adult driven, garage kept, $10,500. (405)789-8939, 250-0649 96'' RevTech mtr, used $1350; 5spd trans used $400; 5'' DynoTech (belt drv) assmbly $300 387-4802

Kawasaki 1990 ZG1000 $2300 obo 405-303-0207

1986 Honda 350X 3 wheeler, like new, extras, 1 owner, $2,500; 405-834-3026.

Golf Car Center Yamaha, E-Z-GO New/Used 2622221 Okc, 866-323-2221 Ferret M Nuetered, descented, sweet, doesn't bite $150 405-549-4397

OK’s largest sel. of used Golf cars 800-276-0571

Great Pyrenese F 1yr old S/W Guardian. $100 obo »» 405-549-4397

Hunting/Fishing Leases 607.0 »»»

Siberian Huskies, AKC, 9 wks, s/w, $300-$450 580-504-9580

2011 Kaitong, 150cc scooter w/normal feet, still in case, $1995 obo, »»» 672-3900 »»»

2003 Harley Davidson Super Glide $8800. 402-890-9000 Ron

Yorkie Puppies, AKC Reg s/w/t/dc, 3 F $450; 2 M $350 580-892-3063 or 405-712-1943

Yorkies, AKC, 7 wks, s/w POP, small, 3F $400, 1M $300, cash, 314-2738.

New Black 2011 1200 Sportster, less than 2 mos. old, w/ less than 200 miles. Screaming Eagle exhaust, tagged. Selling due to health. 634-2169 lv msg. or cell, 618-2542. $11,000 obo

2004 Honda 1300 VTX, 4K mi Exc cond. Extras. $4,250. 405-728-7518

Yorkie Poo, reg, solid blk, M & F, s/w, hlth guarntd $200ea. 405-919-2575

SHIH TZU CKC reg, 1 M 7 weeks, 1 F 12 weeks, $250. 405-386-4761 or 249-6651

Poms, ACA, 9wks, 3F, 2M, s/w, Rare Partis $150-$200. 405-626-6703

Minis 5 puppies all males black,silver,2 phantom & apricot. Must sell. $350 580-402-1020 Linda

Golden Retriever, AKC 8 wks, 1 F, 1 M, POP $375 ea. ’ 405-833-2825 Great Dane AKC Puppies S/W/D, Brindles, 4M/1F avail, 9 wks, POP $800 822-8968 or 598-5802

Maltese, AKC, 1M 10wks $250, 1F 11wks $350 S/W Cash Only 405-255-3108

Rat Terrier M-F, 12 weeks, beautiful. Mom UKC, Dad Pureblood, companion for young and old, $150. 250-8269


Boston Terrier AKC 7wks 1 F, 5 M, vet ck'd, s/w $275-$300 405-620-5228

Catahoula mix, 7mos, 1M, 3F. Free to good home 313-8152 Lindsay, OK

Corgies 2M/3F tri & sable 6wk T-DC/shots POP $200 313-8152 Lindsay, OK


Basset Hounds

DUCK LEASE WANTED 476-1589 »»»

Shetland Pony, paint, 1 year female, leads and lifts her feet for the farrier, very gentle, no bad habits, $150, 580-7046219 or 580-549-6219.

WANTED: Deer and duck lease, near OKC, Canadian Co. or Enid, 361-4886.

Gentle leopard appaloosa colt, good w/kids $650. 580-788-2694


Kids ponies & gentle family horses, 580-467-7064 or

Sun., June 12, OKC OK State Fairgrounds Set-up 6-9 am Public 9-4, $5 pp

2007 Big Sky Montana 5th wheel, 4 slides, 37ft 4 door refridge, king bed, fireplace, ceiling fan, duct ac/heat, electric awning, electric jacks, fantastic fan, $36,500. If needed 2003 Ford F350 1 ton, 7.3 diesel dually, $55,500 for both, 580-336-4267 Perry, Ok HI LO 16 ft. Travel Trailer. A/C,self contained. Very clean. New cushions. Weight distribution hitch and sway control. Towable wih Half ton pickup. $3,000. 405399-3596 (anytime) 405-640-9238

Rose Electric LLC Service Calls #087915 405-703-4556

2000 Jayco 5th Wheel sat. dish new tires + extras, $10,000. Call bob 634-8353

Small black dog, possibly Schnauzer, near SW 48th & Independence. 605-1932 Green Parrot, found 5/31, call to ID, 405-308-0615 Irish Setter M Mix, Lincoln Co., Hwy 102 & 990 Rd, 405-356-4253 lv msg Woman's ring, near Masonic Temple, Guthrie Call to ID. 405-282-3999

2 Young Dogs, lt brown, wht mrkgs, vic. SW 89th & Westminster Rd 794-9682 Blue Heeler Male found by Lake Arcadia. Call 517-6047 to ID & Claim.



JUNE 18-19 SAT. 9-5 & SUN. 9-4 OKLAHOMA CITY STATE FAIRGROUNDS TNT BUILDING Military, Police, Firemen & EMT's get in free with ID BUY - SELL - TRADE INFO: (563) 927-8176 Bob White Quail for release to your habitat, from June 4th-20th only. Will have adult quail for dog training starting about mid July. $4 each, Bob, 580-541-7154. English Setter Puppies, Registered, Excellent bloodlines/hunting stock white/black, 3 M, 1 F, S/W $250 580-924-0764 or 580-775-0808

Humminbird 11" screen sonar, all the bells & whistles; Pro rods & reels; $1500 for all, call for info, 405-371-6641. WE BUY GUNS Mustang Pawn & Gun Over 1,000 New/Used Guns Tue-Sat 9-6 376-GUNS 15 foot ball picker, (picks up golf balls), exc cond, $2500 405-406-0076 Stoeger double barrel .410 shotgun, new in box, $350. 405-634-6730 Kimber Custom II, point 45, ACP, match grade, $725. 919-0835

24'x4' above ground pool with sand filter, cover, solar blanket, cleaning & maintenance supplies. Up and operational, $900. 405-471-3798

» DELI in office building NEAR BAPTIST HOSPITAL 405-808-5292

Buying oil & gas properties, any status, pay top $$$ »» 800-880-8004 »»


2006 National RV MH like new 20K miles 2 slideouts 35' class A $39,900. 580-318-3993

SHARPE'S ELECTRIC & Heat & Air OKC 341-8488

Small white M dog near 104th & S. Penn, 405650-3589 to ID & Claim Terrier type Fml dog tan color at Cemetery Rd in Noble no collar 919-8528 Golden Retriever, call to identify, 728-7647. Golden Mix Boxer F, Obedient. Waterloo & Broadway. 641-4654 Small white with brown dog, found 5/28, call to ID, 721-9688. Long haired Dachshund F, spayed. Black/gold mask. 440-1061 Found Dog in Seminole Point Addition. Call 216-3789 to ID & Claim. Young red Male Boxer, vic. of SE 89th & Bryant. Call to identify: 919-3522 Small male dog with red, SE OKC area, Call 550-5787 to ID & Claim Male Mastiff in Yukon, OK, multi collar, no tags 405-323-4538

$99 Other services 474-2375

If you or anyone you know worked with Tom “Tim” Smallen at U.S. Express Trucking in Oklahoma City Between 1984 to ‘94 please call Tom Harrison at Simmons Law, 1-800-479-9533.

BOBCAT WORK 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Gravel, Driveways, Building pads, Etc. $ 70.00 per hour / 4 hour minimum Please call: (405) 209-2979

PRESTIGE FENCE CO. New & Repairs. Free Quotes. Senior & Military Discounts. 317-0474. TOTAL FENCE SOLUTIONS Best Price Guarantee Free Est (405) 313-0502 Fences built & repaired, Lawn Care¡Call 473-1700

Fence installation and repair. Free Est 509-3865 REPAIR & NEW FENCES 36 yrs experience, 631-1925

Executive Htg. & Air $59 svc call. A/C window unit repair $35. Free Est. 253-2029 lic# 75705 AIRE-MEN 1st lb freon free $59 SC¡A+ BBB accredited Co. #76029 Call 996-7779 L & P Heat & Air Co. lic# 22960, $39 svc call, lic/bonded/ins, 833-0575

Appliance Repairs ‘ APPLIANCE REPAIR ‘ Since 1982 405-834-5517

Brick, block, rock, tear out & pour concrete, level wood floors, jack foundations, tree trim & removal, bobcat work, demo & clean up work, lawn care ¡ 405-550-1220

3 Rooms steam cleaned, trk mount, $35¡406-5739

All Divorces

Excavating, Backhoe, Tractor Work


05 28' Grand Surveyor by Forest River, ch&a, dining slide, neo-angle glass shower, Reese hitch, EC $11,900 » 405-850-3799

Drives, foundations, patios, lic, bond, ins, free estimates,769-3094

Marvin's all kinds concrete Free est, 885-4059, 605-0180

2011 Monte Carlo 36ft, 2 slide outs, sleeps 4, W/D, awning, extras, $24,900. 405-250-7468 2007 Thor Vortex Toy Hauler, 39' 7", sleeps 10, 12' garage, loaded, 2 air, 2 slides, generator, exc cond, $34,500, 623-1287.




>> '84 Ford F250 HD, 64k mi 1 owner, side bins, 9K ' camper & 18' Tri Hull Westerner boat, 130 hp, I/O, depth finders, trolling motors, etc. $12,500. 405-341-1078

Carpet Clean $12rm Repr Stretch Install 882-4592

Carport, Patio, Awning Tuffsteel Carports, Patio Cvrs baked enamel w/gutter free est 799-4026/694-6109

DIRT & GRIME? Don't Have The Time?Call A Fresh Start 326-4332

Clock & Watch Repair Grandfather Clock House calls 25yr exp grtd 691-8552

Computer Services On-Site PC Maintenance $40 1ST HR » $35 AFTER 405-794-0998

NEED STORAGE? Come see us. U Store All Moore. 10x10 special! $32.50 when you pay 2 months. 799-1717

BILLS PAINTING & HOME REPAIRS Free Estimates 759-2127

Painting¡Roofing Free Est. ¡¡ 812-1608 ¡¡

Maddox Paint 15 yrs exp Free Est. Jason 824-4206 Top Quality Painting int/ext 24yr ex 885-5179 M & M SERVICES - Interior & Exterior Painting, 751-4094

Zax's Plumbing, Sewer & Drain.Complete sewer & drain cleaning/plbg repair. lic/bond/ins Sr disc. 409-7118 BUDDY'S PLUMBING, INC. Remodels; sewer water and gas lines; free estimates; Ok Lic #3887; 405-528-7733. Executive Plbg Heat & Air Hot wtr tank replacement $ Save $ 253-2029 lic# 7480 Coe Plmg Inc. Honest Licensed. 850-5181

Garage Doors & Openers Sales & Service 794-1718 Garage Doors & Openers Sales & Service 794-1718

Custom Gutters & Roofing New & repair; all kinds; warranty; Visa/MC; 528-4722. Gutter Man Seamless rain guttering. Free est. 405-203-2004.

Mr. Fixit Handyman Service. We do it all for less. Free est. Bond. Ins. Visa/MC 603-6104 HOME IMPROVE. REPAIRS. REMODEL. ROOFING. FREE ESTIMATES. 410-2495

Drywall Carpenter Tile 40 yr exp. 408-7513

ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION Res. & Coml. Why pay too much? Low prices! 27 years exp. Free Est Statewide 405-373-2951 Excellent ROOFING, new or repair, work with all ins, 30 + yrs exp, warranty & refs, 580-515-3418.

Sprinkler Systems Sprinkler Systems, Fencing Install & Repair, Free Est, Ins, 200-3983.


Storm Cellars

Trash/Junk removel also P/U relocate misc. 886-2669

Eric Potts Storm Shelter SEAMLESS PATIO TOP SINCE 1972. (405) 872-5561 476-6033

PETE'S HAULING, Free Est, Edmond, N Metro, 340-7669 BIG or Small, We Haul & Clean it All! ¡¡ 409-3681

Leaky Showers, tubs, & Tile floors 33yrs 728-0545

Landscaping Free rich mix soil with flower bed. 314-1313

Newcastle/Tricities Lawn Mowing Residential, lots and acreage mowing TriCities/Mustang only Glenn 326-6570 YARD WORK, Trim, haul, flowerbeds, trees, shrubs, mow. 255-9442 Lawn Service Bi/Weekly Andrew, 405-816-9207

All Professional Tree Service. All Major Credit Cards Accepted. BIG Sr. Disc. 50 mile radiusProf'l Arborist 924-1430 Trees-shrubs-brush-trim remove-stump grinding/ haul/clean ups INSURED 921-8970 ‘¡‘ 681-3705 Prof Tree Svc Sr's K offstump serv, Ins 314-1313 L & R Tree Serv, Low Prices, Insured, Free Est, 946-3369.

Brshhog, boxblade, roto, $39/hr, 3hr min 227-3517

ALL AROUND Affordable 25 years exp, 923-1659.

All Areas Lawn & Tractor Mow: big/small 348-4469

» GENE’S TREE SERVICE» Insured-Free Est. 682-2100.

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