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HOME & LIFESTYLE by Desert Lifestyle Publishing enVISION Home & Lifestyle ©2014 combines the talents of our marketing and design team at DLP and Upscale Real Estate Marketing, with the expertise of Mackenzie Collier Interiors. Cover Photo: James Stewart Before & After Photos: Mackenzie Collier Interiors and Jaryd Neibauer Photography

Everyone indulges in a little “what if” house hunting, whether you’re actually in the market or not. An open house sign on your route home from the store beckons and you find yourself checking out how the Jones’ are living. There’s a vicarious thrill seeing the carefully selected furniture for the model home, the pristine new carpet and unscuffed walls and doors. It’s all new and different and makes us wonder why everyone else has taste – or a budget – that we don’t.

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Close your eyes. Imagine it’s your home and you have the skilled eye of an interior designer to guide you in your choices. A professional who can provide you with perspective that’s hard to achieve when you see it every day. While your eyes are still closed, envision your home as a blank canvas. It’s your space to create something personal and lovely – all yours.

Fun and practical. While giving your home an easy facelift can do wonders for the value of your day-to-day living, it can also have long-term benefits by improving the actual value of your property. While new floors, fixtures or paint can add actual appraised value, staging a listed property provides a perceived increase in value that has can ultimately show up in the final sale price. So whether you’re staging to sell, or loving to live in your home, let enVISION inspire and educate.

curb appealing

So often, homeowners focus their time, effort and money on the remodeling and enhancing of the indoors, that they forget a first impression begins at the curb.

Whether selling or staying, don’t underestimate the importance of how your home is perceived. Pretend you’re checking out the neighborhood and drive by with an objective eye. Would you keep going or be enticed to see what’s inside? Upping the appearance value of a home doesn’t have to include an expensive new paint job or landscaping overhaul. After cleaning up the yard, washing the exterior windows, and handling minor repairs, here are a few easy cues for curb appeal: • Paint the front door, trim, and shutters. Make them pop, while complementing the house color. • New, easy-to-read house numbers can be artful and practical. • Planting a tree is easy and can provide shade and interest as it grows. • Flower boxes and container gardens can add color and contrast to a bland façade. • Replace outdated outdoor light fixtures and add solar accent lights to the landscaping. • A new curbside mailbox is easy to replace and enhance with greenery.

before This courtyard was an empty eyesore from all angles until the designers created an outdoor feature and social space.

the great outdoors after

Outdoor living is a growing trend that makes you want to throw the doors open wide. Whether it’s a simple fire pit and some colorful adirondack chairs, or a full kitchen and living space to transition from the house out to the pool – when the weather’s right, you can’t go wrong.

the case for color There’s no better way to create personality and panache in a home like color. The best part is how affordably you can do so by painting an entire room, or simply adding décor accents in eye-popping hues that can be changed on a whim.

Almost 50 percent of homeowners use paint to improve or update their property. Painting one wall in a bold accent color is always a good compromise if you’re not sure Putting the fun back how much color in the family room with color. you can handle. Just remember, if you’re not looking long term then a dark color can be extra work to paint over. In that case, a neutral color throughout is practical. Eggshell is not the requisite reliable either – there are wonderful shades of gray or taupe that complement everything. Paint can be an inexpensive alternative to replacing kitchen cabinetry or covering dated paneling.


after Current trends according to House Beautiful: • Greek & Mediterranean Blue • Pastels with Bursts of Neon

Signature Colors Design experts are seeing richer palettes in 2015 with a global vibe. Look for more warm and organic colors, jewel tones, plus more contemporary pastels.

renting restricted If painting the walls isn’t an option, add color through art, plants, pillows, and other accessories.

• Soft Gray

• Olive Green

Guilford Green – “a neutral that’s natural” – is Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2015.

on the surface In addition to the walls, there are other surfaces can make or break the appearance of a home.

it’s baaack... Wallpaper is making a big comeback in home design, but it’s definitely not your grandmother’s wall covering.

counter moves • Honed granite is a durable alternative with a soft matte finish. • Stainless steel complements all colors for an urban vibe. • Concrete is energy efficient and can be custom stained. • Recycled counters embrace the sustainable movement. • Marble with subtle gray veining exudes luxury. • Glass is a sleek and clean, albeit pricier, choice. • Tile is an affordable DIY option for kitchen or bath, both counters and backsplashes.

Stunning floor covering can create the foundation for a fabulous room.

Floors Those floors are made for walking (on) but that shouldn’t mean being treating like a doormat. If replacing floors isn’t an option, then give them new life with a good professional cleaning for carpets, or sand and refinish hardwoods.

There are striking new trends in flooring to consider, depending on taste, durability, and house style. Though not technically wood, bamboo is as hard as most woods and comes in a wide variety of color. Other popular flooring alternatives include cork, reclaimed wood, large format tiles, luxury vinyl and cement. Porcelain tile in neutral colors is always a draw in the desert and warmer climates. Cut-and-loop carpet is gaining ground for its sculpted texture and multi-tonal designs. Clean and green is the goal for homeowners with children, pets, and environmental concerns.

Counters Nothing ages a kitchen or bathroom more than dated laminate surfaces. There is a diversity of materials and price ranges that will instantly update these rooms. Engineered quartz is edging out the longfavored granite for beauty and practicality. It is stain, heat and scratch resistant and doesn’t need to be sealed like natural stone. Quartz is also more eco-friendly than granite. Butcher block in the kitchen is a great looking and affordable alternative.

Ceilings Popcorn belongs in the theater, not overhead.

feature presentation before Emphasize the best features in a home by creating vignettes. A favorite nook or architectural element can be highlighted by using furniture to guide traffic flow. Use bright colors, textures, and contrast to draw attention to a focal point, such as fireplaces, accent walls, windows, artwork, or an entire room.


beam me up By staining the ceiling beams and adding a striking light fixture, the designer accentuates the best feature of the room. Add a bold wall with bicycle “art” and the wrole room is fun and engaging.

light it up!

Always use natural light to your advantage. Remove heavy drapery and consider light sheers for privacy and brightness.

No matter how gorgeous the space, it won’t be appreciated if it’s not properly lit up. Assess the indoor space and maximize the lighting by utilizing the three different types: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Dimmer switches can change the mood in a room as desired. Make sure each fixture has a working bulb with the maximum wattage allowed. Generally, 100 watts per 50 square feet is an ideal amount of light for a space. If selling a home, be sure to think universal appeal Accent lighting over counters when updating light in the kitchen is a practical fixtures. and elegant solution.

keep it simple after Countless experts agree that clutter in the home is costly, to our wallets as well as our physical and mental health. Therefore, it pays to take a hard look at what is truly being used, appreciated, or necessary, and what is taking up space and distracting from the beauty and comfort of a home.



A custom service or a DIY organizational system for cabinets, closets and garages can eliminate the excess. Off-site storage will just put the problem out of sight and out of mind while racking up monthly expenses.

dated? dump it

If listing a home for sale, then tastespecific decor – think inspirational quotes on the wall or taxidermy trophy rooms – have got to go.

after No matter what decade a house was built in, there’s no need to coordinate it with dated décor. Brass chandeliers and faux brick walls will keep a home locked in a time capsule and decrease the value of that home faster than you can say “green shag carpet.” Take an objective look at furniture, windows coverings, bedding, and accessories to create a fresh, contemporary look.



creative resources

While an interior designer may seem like a lifestyle perk of the rich and famous, there are actually levels of service that can be provided for all budgets. A good professional can not only create a whole new look, but recommend resources and contractors, help with shopping, or answer specific design questions. In addition to professional services, the internet is a wealth of inspiration for homeowners. Social media and creative apps have put ideas and how-to hacks virtually at our fingertips. Here are just a few rich sources from which to mine: Pinterest

Members “pin” and share ideas within specific categories and interests. This site is wildly popular with DIY-ers.


This online shopping site for unique, handmade items is perfect for those who want original décor and one-of-a-kind art.


One-stop shopping for home design, this site shares photos for inspiration, resources for professionals, plus shop from over 3 million home improvement and decor items.


This app not only allows you to take and enhance your own photos, but by following specific hashtags you can see what great ideas and photos others are sharing.

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