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Energy Efficient Homes Are Standard We know that conserving resources and saving money is important to you. So, we’ve designed our homes to include high-performance, energy efficient features. This full suite of components works together to save you money by reducing electricity, gas and water usage. Advantages: • Improves home comfort • Saves money on utility bills • Higher resale value by reducing total cost of ownership • Conserves precious natural resources

Cathedralized Spray Foam Attic Insulation One of the most advanced systems of insulating a home can be achieved by adhering open cell R-22 spray foam insulation to the underside of the roof deck. This system is far superior to placing blown or batt insulation on the bottom of the attic space. Advantages: • Creates semi-conditioned attic space, reducing the load on the HVAC system • Attic temperatures can be reduced by 40 to 50 degrees as compared to homes with traditional insulation • Extends the life of HVAC equipment, lighting, plumbing and electrical wiring in the attic • Creates a sealed attic, reducing the likelihood of pest infiltration

Dual-Pane Low-E3 Vinyl Windows Let the light in while reducing heat transmission through glass and window frames. Advantages: • Vinyl windows compared to aluminum window frames are much cooler to the touch in the summer months, reducing unwanted heat transmission into the home • Low E3 glazing reflects much of the solar heat transmission, reducing heat gains through the glass while still letting the light in • Ease of operation

KitchenAid Energy Star Appliances Premium major appliances from KitchenAid make it easy to create your ideal space for preparing, dining and entertaining. A natural gas cooktop is included – a must for the most discerning home cooks. Advantages: • 36” natural gas cooktop allows for more cooking space and easier clean up • Premium wall oven perfect for an upgraded clean look • Dishwasher is quiet and stylish • Energy Star appliances save resources and money year after year

Carriage House Style Insulated Garage Doors Architecturally intriguing, energy efficient and long lasting, our garage doors provide a superior finish to the front of your home. Advantages: • Low maintenance garage door • Insulation value of R-6 helps keep garage at a more comfortable temperature • Lift Master soft start and stop opener allows for smooth and quiet operation • Optional garage windows allow for additional natural light

Multi-Zoned Lennox Energy Efficient HVAC System With an over 100-year history, Lennox has become one of the most respected brands in HVAC systems. With a multi-zoned system, you have ultimate control of your homes heating and cooling. Advantages: • Quiet 14 SEER unit will not disrupt your lifestyle • Zoned systems improve home comfort, avoiding “cold and hot” spots in the home • Improves circulation and fresh air with periodic fresh air intake

NEST Learning Thermostats The Nest Leaning Thermostat automatically adapts as your life and the seasons change. Just use it for a week and it programs itself. Advantages: • Wi-Fi programmable – adjust temperatures from your home or anywhere in the world • State of the art Google technology and intuitive design allows for ease of use • Smart technology learns from your usage patterns and adjusts based on the actual weather • Reduces energy usage saving natural resources and money • Sleekest design on the market

Blown-In Cellulose Wall Insulation Fill every gap with a floor to ceiling thermal barrier made from recycled cellulose. Advantages: • Insulating value of R-19 achieved by 2 x 6 exterior framed wall cavities allowing for more insulation and more energy efficiency than with a 2 x 4 exterior framed home • Tight fill of all wall spaces makes for a more efficient system • Cellulose material has a pest deterring quality • Sound deadening qualities helps reduce unwanted exterior noise

Rinnai On-Demand Tankless Water Heater An endless supply of hot water, whenever you need it – even for multiple tasks at the same time. Tankless water heaters revolutionize comfort, energy efficiency and convenience. Advantages: • Extremely energy efficient - saves natural gas and money • Avoids unnecessary heating of water when not in use, such as when you are at work or on vacation • Provides for a limitless supply of hot water • Space saving, creating more room for other garage uses

Third Party Inspected, Energy Star Certified and Guaranteed Homes undergo 3 energy inspections by Environments for Living to receive their highest level “Diamond” program and an Energy Star certification. Advantages: • 2-year heating & cooling, energy use and comfort guarantee • Third party comprehensive technical and performance inspections of framing, insulation, air sealing, duct quality and HVAC systems by Environments For Living

2 x 6 Exterior Framed Construction and Post Tension Foundations Exterior framed walls are 2 x 6 lumber, allowing for more structural integrity and increasing the R-value of the wall system. Foundation is strengthened with tensioned cables. Advantages: • Longer lasting wall system with 2 x 6 exterior framing • Higher R-value as compared to 2 x 4 exterior walls • Reduced likelihood of foundation settling or movement

You’re Standing in a Net Zero Home How did we do it? We didn’t have to do much, because the “base” home at Eastwood is highly-energy efficient to begin with. This home has the following upgrades to achieve a HERS score of below zero for a Net Zero home. Advantages: • Upgraded HVAC SEER level to 16 • Inset 7.28 kW solar system with 26 roof tile-inset solar panels produces approximately 13,500 kW Hours per year

Eastwood Homes Energy Wall  

12 panels designed for sales office in Eastwood Homes, Cave Creek.

Eastwood Homes Energy Wall  

12 panels designed for sales office in Eastwood Homes, Cave Creek.