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SUZANNE POMERANZ Jerusalem, Israel tel: 972-(0)2-673-8192 • cell: 972-(0)52-583-8766 suz

• http://su m


EExxp peerriieen nccee Private Guiding

• Jerusalem Walking Tours (Old City, Mt. of Olives, neighborhoods, sites, streets, etc.) • All-Country Driving Tours (Galilee/Golan, Masada/Dead Sea, more)

Group & Agent-booked Tours Consulting/Itinerary Planning

• for private clients & via the Internet (online travel forums)

Hospitality • hotel help desk, arrange home hospitality, special speakers for groups


• in the USA: for church & school groups; public gatherings, parlor meetings, etc. • “An Evening in a Jerusalem Courtyard” (with music, food, dancing, film, Q&A)

Representation / Liaison • for large incoing tour operator, in Jerusalem, 1995-1996 • for VIP visitor to Jerusalem, 2004

EEd du uccaattiio on n 1998-2000 Archaeological Seminars Tour Guide School, Jerusalem, Israel • completed two-year study, including lectures, field trips, guiding, report writing, exams • licensed by Israeli Ministry of Tourism, #7494

1968-1972 Meredith College, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA • B.Mus. in Music Education (voice)

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Jerusalem walking tours, archaeological/historical/cultural, story-telling Driving tours in client’s rental car, van or hired small bus (with driver)) on Shabbat, prefer morning walking tours English-language guiding only

Current as of March 2008

S Su uzzaan nn nee P Poom meerraan nzz kkn noow wss JJeerru ussaalleem m aan ndd h heellppss ootth heerr lleeaarrn n aabboou utt tth hiiss ffaasscciin naattiin ngg cciitty yw wiitth h aa ssm miillee aan ndd aan n iin nssiiggh htt.. ~ Daniel Pipes, Director, Middle East Forum, Philadelphia, PA, June 2005

Dear Suzanne, Thank you for a wonderful day. Your humor, breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm are outstanding, and it was a delight to be with you. All the best, ~ Diana & friends, Nahariya, Israel, January 2005

Thank you for such a charming, enlightening, and inspiring tour. We'll be happy to recommend you to our friends. I will never forget singing together on the steps of the temple. Have a great 2006! ~ The Sarlins, USA, December 2005 Thank you Suzanne ... especially for a wonderful day of touring yesterday. I saw things I would never have seen and learned so much. You are an excellent guide and I wish you well. WHEN we come back, we will get in touch! ~ Randy N., San Francisco, CA, January 2006

As one who has made 29 pilgrimages to Israel, I know what to look for in a guide… We have enjoyed the times when [Suzanne] has gone out of her way to make us able to see some things we might never have seen without her in-depth knowledge and excitement… I would highly recommend Suzanne... ~ Rev. Bob Y. (pastor/tour leader), Sanford, NC 2002 My dad and I had a terrific day with you -- as many times as I've been to the Old City (maybe 6?), I learned more this time than any other, and I know my dad did too -- and that's saying a lot!! The tunnel/wall was definitely the highlight, but I also really enjoyed the Armenian qtr, which I've never explored before. My trip to Petra was great -- honestly the guide didn't even come close to you, but just seeing the place again was fantastic. I will definitely get to Israel again in the next few years -- I hope you will still be guiding then, because we will definitely contact you. Hopefully more of my family will join me, and you can meet them too. Thank you, thank you, for an enjoyable and enlightening day! ~ Eve N., California 2004

I feel that Suzanne is well qualified and an ideal tour guide… She is enthusiastic [and her] knowledge and education enhanced my experience tremendously… I highly recommend her; any tourist would be lucky to have her. ~ Cristy T. (CBS-TV), Los Angeles, CA 2002

I wanted to just say thanks so much for everything you did for us. We both had a great time. It was full of amazing experiences that I wouldn't have imagined I would have. I hope you recouped OK after we put you through the ringer! I appreciate you so much! Thanks again! ~ Tracy & Chuck, Oklahoma, March 2005

We are professional people with a solid foundation of Biblical, historical and political knowledge… Our encounter and time spent with Suzanne became one of the high-points of our visit… [She] opened our understanding… [She] is a people-person… [with] the skill to present facts and information relative to her audience… The characteristic that most sets Suzanne apart is her apparent respect for people… Suzanne guided us well… As our friends and families prepare for their own adventures to Israel, it will be Suzanne Pomeranz… we recommend to enhance their experience… ~ Elizabeth R., Kim S. & Susie S., Ronan, MT 2002

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Suzanne Pomeranz in Jerusalem. Upon our group’s arrival in Jerusalem, we had several minor yet important problems. Ms. Pomeranz was able to handle each situation with professionalism as well as with a personal touch. Our contact with her, no doubt, made our trip run more smoothly. I have been in the travel business for 14 years… When I meet someone like Ms. Pomeranz, I know that the travel and tourism industry would run more efficiently and pleasantly if everyone were like her. ~ Elizabeth M. (travel agent), Falls Church, VA, 1996 I can highly recommend a Jerusalem-based, American-Israeli tour guide named Suzanne Pomeranz. Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful... She gives tours of all kinds at reasonable prices, and I enjoyed her work very much. ~ Doug D., Cincinatti, OH, May 2005

I am so glad I got the chance to meet you in person and so very glad you were able to give us a tour on Sunday afternoon. The Hinnom Valley was a good choice. Even though our hotel was so close, I had NO IDEA all those places were so close by. My husband was very impressed... We both enjoyed your stories and the descriptions of places and events. Once again, thanks for all of the very generous help you gave me, which enhanced my trip so greatly. Your kindness is sincerely appreciated. With admiration for your talents and every good wish. ~ Susan & Ed B., Florida, USA, May 2006 … much more of the same in 2006, 2007 and 2008…