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The Head of Primary says...

2015 can be summed up as a year of innovation, successes and a plethora of activities.

We bid a sad farewell to these members of staff: • Mrs Luyt to the High School as Counsellor • Mr Burger to St George’s • Mrs Hosking to Maputo And welcomed: • Mrs Gunning - Gr 1B • Ms Johnston - Gr 5 Maths and Science • Mrs Deyzel - Gr 6 English & Social Studies • Mrs Naude - Gr 7 English and Social Studies

Don't study to earn. Study to learn. What you learn today Is what you will become tomorrow... Intelligence p that is the g lus character oal of Martin Luth true education. er King Jr

Paradigm shifts

We are constantly in search of meaningful ways to encourage every scholar to believe in their abilities and achieve their fullest potential in all they say and do.


Goal setting

Gr 5 – Gr 7 began the process of setting realistic goals across the areas of academics, sport and culture as well as personality traits and moral values.

Study skills

Constant refining of this valuable skill for our Grade 4 to Gr 7 scholars

Top 20

• Private acknowledgement of the Top 20 students of Grade 6 and 7 in reports each trimester • Public acknowledgement of the Top 20 at the first assembly of the new trimester

Prize giving only for Grade 7

Striving for public recognition is not what we should teach children to aim for. It is from this stance that we made the decision to only have Prize Giving for Gr 7. To embody what we at St Paul’s stands for, one of our prestigious awards was given for character. If scholars are trained to set personal goals across every facet of their life and learn skills for self Alone wediscipline can doand soeffective little; study habits, we will have educated a child in totality.

together we can do so much.

Our initiatives took us out of our comfort zone and are still challenged by traditional thinking. TheHelen intrinsicKeller motivation and improvement of scholars speaks volumes. We are a team and I thank our staff for their tireless efforts, our parents for suggestions and support and the scholars who make each day a new adventure. I wish all excellent health, peace, joy and prosperity for 2016.

Lesley Saunders Head of Primary



Ms E Gudde Principal

Ms L Saunders Head of Primary

Sandra Bassingthwaighte Celia de Barros Primary Secretary Admin, Chess


Caryn Hosking Gr 3B

Nadine Jacobs Gr 1A

Hilary Gunning Gr 1B

Anneli Pretorius Gr 4A

Lize Crous Gr 4B

Suzánne Jacobs

Gr 2A

Elna Rall Gr 5A

Lauren Stainton

Gr 2B

Anni Roth Gr 3A

Hendrina Johnston Gr 5B

Tanja Deyzel Gr 6A

Anneke le Roux Afrikaans

Heike Heinz German


Jackie Luyt Gr 6A

Fran Bolton Gr 7A



Jossie Koekemoer Library


Su Naudé Gr 7B

Hermien Coetzee Music Gr 1-3

Ilona Jauss Recorder

Riëth Nel Music Gr 4-7



Marietjie Buys Music

Alfeus Mvula Art Grade 2, 3

Wanda Marais Art Gr 4 - 7

Ashwyn Mberi Public Speaking


Pinkie (Sevelia Nanghama) Drama

Tonja Weber Sport Admin

Eric Burger PE

Fortune Matawu PE


Jonas Shaanika

Titus Tobias

Romondo Jordani Estate Manager

Ephraim Shanika

Lautha Luiperth

Sakeus Kapula


Erastus Muhoko

Samuel Waendama

Etienne van Wyk

Festus Hangula

Simon Shikongo

Tadeus Ipinge

The amazing staff of our Primary School made it a year of success once again. The hard work and passionate hearts make the difference in so many young lives. What really makes us a strong group is the strength we find in God and the support we give each other.




actio Our teachers in





Archery Back: Kalila Whitelock, Rauha Hanhapo, Alana Adonis, S Jacobs, Sandra Saad, Nependa Uremena, Jana Swanepoel Middle: Carol Saad, Rafael Haudebourgh, Chiara van Rooi, Liam Adonis, Erica Nande, Christopher de Jager Front: Matthew Busse, Robbe Dewulf, Damien Beukes, Daniel Tjimuku, Nathan Gee, Cadence van Rooi Absent: Wendy-Lee Milne Coach: S Jacobs

Athletics National E Burger, Gian Dresselhaus Coach: E Burger

Athletics Regional Back: Kyle Allies, Tumna Kankondi, Kennedy Hawala, E Burger, Vijanda Pack, Christopher de Jager, Vija Pack Front: Kalila Whitelock, Kayla Coetzer, Ama-e Witbooi, Jack Parker, Ryan Moffet, Lazarus Petrus Coach: E Burger


Athletics Zone B Back: Kennedy Hawala, Vija Pack, Nelago Imbili, E Burger, Nependa Uremena, Christopher de Jager, Vijanda Pack Middle: Panduleni Amuenjé, Krynauw Weber, Hannah Murphy, Kayla Coetzer, Tumna Kankondi, Jack Parker, Azaylee Philander, Lazarus Petrus, Moné Graham Front: Kalila Whitelock, Jonathan Strauss, Ama-e Witbooi, Martha Mvula, Erica Nande, Dominique Clayton, Ryan Moffet, Shanique Struwig Absent: Miya Oosthuizen Coach: E Burger

Athletics Small Schools Boys Back: Tumna KIankondi, Chris Barnard, Kennedy Hawala, Elmo Kandele, E. Burger, Hivirikee Haihambo, Cristin Henckert, Fagan Hansen, Mark Olles Middle: Vija Pack, Lance Hauuanga, Nependa Uremena, Jack Parker, Lazarus Petrus, Martin Maritz, Krynauw Weber, Adam Johnston, Joshua Strauss, Panduleni Amuenjé, Henry Modestus Front: Ntando Sibanda, Jonathan Strauss, Robbe Dewulf, Chris Mutandi, Ryan Moffet, Keith Mutandi, Alexander Cartwright, Urinaao Katjiuongua, Zander Schmidt, Christopher de Jager, Charl Malan, Kuria Kuria Absent: Vahid Diehl, Isaac Fallis Coach: E Burger

Athletics Small Schools Girls Back: Hertha Vilho, Kalila Whitelock, Carolina Amaral Machado, Alana Adonis, Nelago Imbili, E Burger, Danielle Motinga, Unovanda Nuujoma, Vijanda Pack, Jana Swanepoel, Sandra Saad Middle: Leonardine Apollus, Gina Olles, Caitlin Gillies, Anneke Eisenberg, Kayla Coetzer, Hannah Murphy, Sophia Trede, Jaime Henckert, Azaylee Philander, Moné Graham, Anoushka Seha, Amber Dercksen Front: Rauha Hanhapo, Caitlin Coetzer, Joané van Rooyen, Amour Hengari, Ama-e Witbooi, Martha Mvula, Tyra Collins, Dominique Clayton, Shanique Struwig, Cadence v Rooi, Ndinahafo Shilomboleni, Erica Nande Absent: Miya Oosthuizen, Jessica Kennedy Coach: E Burger


Mini Cricket A Back: C Gunning, L Stainton Middle: Caitlin Gillies, Adam Diggle, Philip Jauss, Max Voges Front: Henry Grant, Jonty Austin, Connor McNamara, Tinotendo Kaisi Coaches: C Gunning, L Stainton

Mini Cricket B Middle: Rylan Bombosch, Erin Moffet, Jaime Gillies, Christian Philip Front: Mandlenkosi Sibanda, Alexandro Da Purificacau, Oliver Durand, Benjamin Hendrickse Back: Calum Gunning, Hilary Gunning Absent: Jaime Oosthuizen Coaches: C Gunning, H Gunning

Mini Cricket C Front: Carnalito Mostert, Nicholas Deckenbrock, Michael Raad, Tanatswanashe Chibwana, Jasmine Cartwright, Kerrin Gillies, Ben Fourie, Aidan Gollwitzer, Mathew Varghese, Corwin Beukes, Rodrigo Acebes Middle: Niels Knoetze, Carla Jauss, Micah Haihambo, Buithumelo Mukena, Avihe Tjivau, Michael Bauernschmidt, Colin Eins, Angelo Bertolini, Maximus Campbell, Ethan January, Abraham Graham Back: Aiden O’Connor-Smith, Sarnath Gesquire, Damien Petrus, H Gunning, C Gunning, Shekungwe Kuria, Aiden Mandy, Kian Fussel Absent: Keegan Murphy, Zoe Thomas, Anthony Jacobs Coaches: C Gunning, H Gunning


Cricket U11 Back: Jack Parker, Mikah Burger, Daniel Jauss, F Matawu, C Gunning, Julian SchĂźtz, Alexander Cartwright Front: Jason Barnard, Ryan Moffet, Chris Mutandi, Connor Murphy, Ramsay Mc Donald, Keith Mutandi, Zander Schmidt, Jett Austin Coaches: F Matawu, C Gunning

Hockey U8 A - Boys Back: Mandlenkosi Sibanda, Shekungwe Kuria, Oliver Durand, Adam Diggle Front: Zeno Benolich, Benjamin Hendrickse, Alexandro Da Purificacao, Avihe Tjivau Coaches: H Gunning, D Vambe (absent)

Hockey U8 B - Boys Back: Jamie Oosthuizen, Henry Grant, H Gunning, Maximus Campbell, Angelo Bertolini Front: Mathew Varghese, Tinotendo Kaisi, Ethan January, Colin Eins Coaches: H Gunning, D Vambe (absent)


Hockey U8 C - Boys Back: Michael Raad, Micah Haihambo, Nicholas Deckenbrock, Damien Petrus, L Stainton, Sarnath Gesquiere, Rodrigo Acebes, Maximus Campbell, Mark Saad Front: Michael Bauernschmitt, Aiden Gollwitzer, Ruatandavara Kaumbi, Niels Knoetze, Ben Fourie, Kian Fussell Absent: Corwin Beukes, Aiden O’Connor-Smith, Keegan Murphy, Levin Quinger Coach: L Stainton

Hockey U8 A - Girls Back: Carla Jauss, Jody Hauuanga, N Jacobs, Maja Brinkmann, Chevonne Sheperd Front: Nevaeh Thomas, Africa Zapata-Pozo, Mikayla Johnson, Danielle Hillinger, Kerrin Gillies Coaches: N Jacobs, M Gillies (absent)

Hockey U8 B - Girls Back: Jasmine Cartwright, Nevaeh Thomas, N Jacobs, Karie van Schalkwyk, Sara de Jesus Front: Aleka Späth, Alice Rowles, Jonie Thorburn, Isabella Späth, Keaira Mcaree Coaches: N Jacobs, M Gillies (absent)


Hockey U8 C - Girls Back: Mpho Nghifikepunye, Adriana Vugs, N Jacobs, Ashley Sisson, Martina Vugs Front: Sarah Chani, Zimkita Akwenye, Cathrine Mvula, Andrea Nambahu, Hayley Stainton, Ashlynn Abrahams, Cleopatra-Victoria Muteyo Coaches: N Jacobs, M Gillies (absent)

Hockey U10 A - Boys Back: Lazarus Petrus, Connor Murphy, L Crous, Ryan Moffet, Ashton Dercksen Front: Rylan Bombosch, Sukuma Shirata, Hilton Lima Absent: Kyle Allies Coach: L Crous

Hockey U10 B - Boys Back: Christian Philip, Kyril Nghishekwa, L Crous, Ashton Dercksen, Zander Schmidt Front: Connor McNamara, Garren Backhaus, Liam Martin Absent: Julian Dickson Coach: L Crous


Hockey U10 A - Girls Back: Caitlin Coetzer, Milah Malan, H Johnston, Ndinahafo Shilomboleni, Ruth Musasa Front: Mariana Amaral Machado, Jaime Gillies, Ebba-Maria Mulife, Emma Tromp Absent: Wendy-Lee Milne Coach: H Johnston

Hockey U10 B - Girls Back: Tamzyn Arendorf, Moné Graham, H Johnston, Keira McNamara, Erin Moffet Front: Bernadette Naris, Tumi Niell, Zoë Nott, Mackenzie Späth, Pascale Pimenta, Erica Nande Coach: H Johnston

Hockey U10 C - Girls Back: Carol Saad, Grace Magnun, Joëlle Nuulimba, H. Johnston, Himee-Tjiwa Ngairorue, Brunhilda Gaidzanwa, Nontombi Moyo Front: Emma van Rensburg, Kaylin Shebo, Kairiri Katjiuongua, Christina Hugo, Hannah Gaoses, Anna Beranova, Talita Barros, Sula Burger Coach: H Johnston


Hockey U12 A - Boys Back: Tumna Kankondi, Panduleni AmuenjĂŠ, Calum Gunning, Krynauw Weber, Nependa Uremena Front: Chris Barnard, Jonathan Strauss, A Roth, Alexander Cartwright, Keith Mutandi Absent: Isaac Fallis Coaches: C Gunning, A Roth

Hockey U12 B - Boys Back: Tumna Kankondi, Calum Gunning, Nependa Uremena, Dylan Openshaw Front: Matthew Busse, Caleb Titus, Jordan Titus, A Roth, Charl Malan, Julian SchĂźtz, Nathan Shave Coaches: C Gunning, A Roth

Hockey U12 A - Girls Back: Jaime Henckert, Hannah Murphy, A Pretorius, Uno Nuujoma, Caitlin Gillies Front: Gina Olles, Martha Mvula, Airi Shirata, Liya Herunga, Azaylee Philander Coaches: S Cormack (absent), A Pretorius


Hockey U12 B - Girls Back: Sandra Saad, Kalila Whitelock, A Pretorius, Danielle Motinga, Faith Kauta Front: Savannah Noirfalise, Kathryn Callesen, Elsie Jacobs, Katelyn du Plessis, Peta-Anne Nichols, Konja-oua Ngairorue Absent: Angelica Chishiri, Michaela Allies Coaches: S Cormack (absent), A Pretorius

Hockey U14 - Boys Back: Elavoko Pakote, Tumna Kankondi, Nuno Pereira, Mark Olles, Gian Dresselhaus, Jan-Louis Nortjé, Christian du Plessis, Jonathan Archer, Fagan Hansen Middle: A Roth Front: Oliver Winkler, John Ndadala Walenga, Hiren Naidoo, Tiago Pimenta, Benjamin Coury, Adam Johnston, Martin Maritz, Joshua Strauss, Aidan Schwartz Absent: Rowan Müller Coach: D J Strauss (absent)

Hockey U14 - Girls Back: Mare-Lise Gerber, Nelago Imbili, Rachel Edmunds, Sophia Trede, Tyler Hancox Front: Kayla Coetzer, Hertha Vilho, Angelina Norval, F Bolton, Joané van Rooyen, Amber Dercksen, Carolina Amaral Machado Coach: F Bolton


Pupkewitz Swimming - Boys Back: Fagan Hansen, Krynauw Weber, Tumna Kankindi, Jan-Louis NotjĂŠ, Cristin Henckert, Mikah Burger, Tiago Pimenta Middle: Christopher de Jager, Christian Philip, Connor McNamara, Connor Murphy, Ashton Dercksen, Alexander Cartwright, Luca Fennessy, Sukuma Shirata, Carl Bauernschmidt Front: Rylan Bombosch, Nicholas Deckenbrock, Abraham Graham, Adam Diggle, Michael Bauernschmitt, Zeno Benolich, Oliver Durand, Henry Grant, Collin Eins Absent: Ethan Brinkmann, Isaac Fallis, Ivan Mueller Coach: T Weber (absent)


Pupkewitz Swimming - Girls Back: Nelago Imbili, Jana Swanepoel, Jolene Visser, Anneke Eisenberg, Hannah Murphy, Kayla Coetzer, Sascha Brinkmann, Caitlin Gillies, Caitlin Coetzer, Sophia Trede Middle: Kalila Whitelock, Rachel Edmunds, Moné Graham, Zabeth Philander, Ishayvani Kahimise, Airi Shirata, Lara van Rensburg, Maja Brinkmann, Keira McNamara, Kerrin Gillies, Amber Derckson, Shanique Struwig Front: Sula Burger, Janice Kennedy, Dominique Clayton, Layla Fernandes, Aleka Späth, Isabella Späth, Sanne Dewulf, Danielle Hillinger, Alice Rowles Keaira McAree, Zoë Nott, Jamie Gillies, Mackenzie Späth Absent: Jessica Humphrey, Zoe Thomas, Wendy-Lee Milne, Ella Thomas, Jessica Kennedy, Stasia Steenkamp Coach: T Weber (absent)

Tennis Gr 1 Back: Cleopatra-Victoria Mutyeo, Lauren Van Niekerk, Mpho Nghifikipunye, Bailey Loubser, Aleka Späth, Isabella Späth, Mrs H Heinz, Ashley Sisson, Adriana Vugs, Makda Shepard, Jonie Thorburn, Martina Vugs, Cathryn Mvula Front: Sarah Chani, Linay Koen, Melania Dassala, Hayley Stainton, Andrea Nambahu, Zimkita Akwenye, Jozikee Haihambo, Ashlyn Abrahams, Ndapewa Aluteni, Molly Fennessy, Keaira Mcaree Absent: Jessica Humphrey, Anoushka Kamble Coach: Johan Theron (absent)


Tennis Gr 2 Back: Ueritjiua Tjitemisa, Jade Karume, Elle de Klerk, Grace Magnun, Mrs H Heinz, Jody Hauuanga, Maja Brinkmann, Susan Hawala, Jaime Oosthuizen Middle: Layla Fernandes, Nevaeh Thomas, Christina Hugo, Emma van Rensburg, Alice Rowles, Karie van Schalkwyk, Naomie Nadime, Imani Chanduru, Mikayla Johnson Front: Tuvoye Vilho, Jasmine Rennie, Sara de Jesus, Sanne Dewulf, Lara van Rensburg, Chelsey Busse, Danielle Hillinger, Chevonne Shepherd Absent: Nyashia de Wee, Anna Verchusa Coach: Johan Theron (absent)

Tennis Back: Danielle Klitzke, Vimbainashe Mhango, Kyra-Asante Nghishekwa, Gian Dresselhaus, Mrs H Heinz, Sandra Saad, Anotida Chipfupa, Lara Backhaus, Stanley Shikwambi Front: Courtney Kugotsi, Garren Backhaus, Ebba Mulife, Bethany Branch, ZoĂŤ Nott, Emma Landman, Alvin Mutua, Declan Landman, Thamirah Shivangulula, Tulela Shatona Absent: Rowan MĂźller, Zahra Latif Coach: Johan Theron (absent)

Science Fair Regionals Back: Chris Barnard, Krynauw Weber, Lance Hauuanga, Mrs H Espag, Hivikiree Haihambo, Tino Pack, Jordan Titus Front: Hannah Murphy, Kathryn Callesen, Daniel Branch, Alexander Cartwright, Letushila Demas Teacher: Ms H Espag


Recorder Gr 1 Back: Tanatswanashe Chibwana, Catherine Mvula, Aleka Späth, Isabella Späth, Jozikee Haihambo, Linay Koen, Makda Shepard, Ethan January, Ayden O’Connor-Smith, Abraham Graham Front: Jasmine Cartwright, Molly Fennessy, Andrea Nambahu, Keaira Mcaree, Kerrin Gillies, Africa Zapata-Pozo, Jonie Thorburn, Alex Marggraff Absent: Keegan Murphy, Jessica Humphrey, Micah Haihambo, Angelo Bertolini Teacher: M Buys (absent)

Recorder Gr 2 Back: Alice Rowles, Michael Raad, Connor McNamara, Jody Hauuanga, Adam Diggle, Maya Brinkmann, Avihe Tjivau, Mark Saad Front: Christian Philip, Ruatandavara Kaumbi, Henry Grant, Sara De Jesus, Sanne Dewulf, Karie van Schalkwyk, Oliver Durand, Chevonne Sheperd Absent: Nyashia de Wee Teacher: M Buys (absent)

Recorder Gr 3 Back: Jamilla Hungamo, Ishayvani Kahimise, Moné Graham, Luca Fennessy, Rylan Bombosch, Alvin Mutua Middle: Sukuma Shirata, Kyril Nghishekwa, Ishayvani Kahimise, Florette Nakusera Front: Florette Nakusera, Anne-Leen Thorburn, Zoë Nott, Kaylin Shebo, Tinotendo Kaisi Teacher: M Buys (absent)


Recorder Gr 4 Left to right: Emma Tromp, Carol Saad, Erika Nande, Mallex Shipanga, Naritunge Shiimi Absent: Wendy-Lee Milne, Ella Thomas Teacher: M Buys (absent)

Recorder Gr 5 Back: Danielle Klitzke, I Jauss, Charl Malan Front: Julian Schütz Absent: Isaac Fallis Teacher: M Buys (absent), I Jauss

Recorder Gr 6 From L - R: Sandra Saad, Chiara van Rooi, I Jauss, Elsie Jacobs, Anoushka Seha Teacher: M Buys (absent), I Jauss

Recorder Gr 7 Left to right: Edna Nande, Sophia Trede, Hiren Naidoo, I Jauss, Hertha Vilho, Rachel Edmunds Absent: Rowan Müller Teacher: M Buys (absent), I Jauss


Prize giving



Grade 1

We are Grade 1A



When the Grade 1As grow up, they want to be... Please note: All the entries by the children are UNEDITED.



Train Trip

We are Grade 1B


Grade 1Bs love their families because… I like playing with my frens. I like going to hockey mach. I like going to PE.

I lik spors day. I lik the tuckshop. I lik art. Niels


I love my family because they have a farst car. And they let me go on the gocart. Why I want my family to let me go on because the gocart it is farst and it is fun. And my perunts let me go into St Paul’s.

Aidan Gollwitzer

Kingsley Scott

I like school. It is fun and I can be with my friends.

I like sckool because we lin (learn) lots ov good song and thay teech us to be kind.

Ashlynn Abrahams

Carla Jauss

I like hockey!!! I like my grade one B ticher! I like my homework and my maths. I love swiming a lot! I like cricket. And I like sckoring gols!

Ben Fourie

I love St Paul’s because of the sport. But my favirte sport is hockey. And I like chapel to.

Kerrin Gillies

I like grade one beecos we do lots of fun stuf like swimming. I like to do it beecoos you have fun.

I licke playing hockey machis because it is fun. I licke playing cricket because it is fun. I licke playing sports.

Aleka Späth I love my family because thay are awways kind to me and thay are douing all the stuf like kleening and kcoocking and make ing the beds. And my dad is owways working to gat muny. And my broders are awways playing with me wen I fill alonly.

Colin Eins

Levin Quinger

Grade One is fun. I like swimming and I love Mrs Gunning. I like music because maam is funy. I like hockey because we lorn more.

Tanatswanashe Chibwana

Jonie Thorburn

I like swimming because it’s a tip of sport and I like Mrs Gunning because she is kind. I like school because it has lots of fun aktivetis.

Andrea Nambahu

I love my family because they give me a lot of pretty stuff. And they love me and I love them. And they also are very kind and nice. They love to watch me so that’s why I love them too. I love them so much. And that why I love the.

I like music because we sing soxs.

Dandago Narib

Zulekha Latif

I like grade one because I hav lots of frens and because I hav a lavli ticher and I like swimming.

Africa Zapata-Pozo

Please note: All the entries by the children are UNEDITED.


I like my grade one ticher and I like music.

Molly Fennessy

I like hockey because I like sckoring golse.

Micah Haihambo

I like to do chalinges! I like to do cricket because I like bating!

Kian Fussell

I like swimming and cricket. I like my grad one ticher. And I like drama.

Jasmine Carrtwright I like swiming and PE! And playing with my frens. I like playing with my frens because it’s fun!

The thing I like about grade one is reading lab because they have nice books and the book are in oder and it has marking cards. I like art because it is fun and you can do activits with paint and with colours and with pastilles.

Zimkita Akwenye

Adriana Vugs The best thing I like about school is the sports. Hockey cricket soccer. And I like score goal.

I like swimming. Hockey is my favrot sport because we lirn lots of skils. I also like school because we can make friends.

Keaira Mcaree

I like grade one because we swim and we do hockey.

Carnalito Mstert

Ndapewa Aluteni

I like PE. It maycs me strong. I like art we do fun things at art.

Jessica Humphrey


I like music because we get to play games. I like spelling because of sentencsess and it is fun.

Three thins I like a bayt Grade One is the art because art is fun and it is cratrive. ( creative) And how we go awt to play erli and mi favrit is Misis Gunins.

Melania Dassala

Isabella Späth

Grade 2

We are Grade 2A

Wishes, wishes, wishes ... Grade 2A I wish I was a soccer player because I am good at it and I was born with the talent and I want to be the next Messi then after I will be the next Messi I will enter the Barcalona team.

Alexandro Da Purificacau

I wish I was ... a tree so that I can give food to animals. And make oxygen for humans. My branches could go side to side in the light breeze. Little birds will sing songs in my branches. And at night time I can look up at the butful (beautiful) stars.

Christina Hugo

I wish I was ... a dog because I want my owners to play with me and I can also dig holes and stay up late and also chase my tail and then I can jump in the pools.

Chevonne Shepherd

n seas but fight , and sail the seve te ra pi a as w I I wish my pirate ship.

I wish I was the Flash so when I am late for school, I would run very fast and when I am naughty nobody would catch me.

Aiden Mandy

I wish I was the president because I will oder lasagne. And I will marry a dockter to take care of me. I will buy a Ferrari.

Avihe Tjivau

I wish I could fly, because I can go every where especially to the shop to buy everything.

Susan Hawala

I wish I was a Christian. Then I would lison to God. It would be awesome then no one would be evil. Everyone would lison to God. Every single person would love God. Everyone would be kind, loving and caring. The sun will set esely on a sunny evening. I bet God will like it.

Jasmine Rennie

I wish I could ... go back into time because then I can go and fix my mistakes then I can be the smartest. Then I don’t have to go to school.

Nyashia de Wee

I wish I was a butterfly. I would fly the whole day with my beautiful wings. I would look at the nature how bealtiful it is. Everybody would look at me how nice wings I have. I could sit on a flower and injoy the sun.

I wish I was a Christian. Then I would lison to God. It would be awesome then no one would be evil. Everyone would lison to God. Every single person would love God. Everyone would be kind, loving and caring. The sun will set esely on a sunny evening. I bet God will like it.

I wish I was a tiger then I could climb trees and hills. And if I was it then I could swim and sleep all day. And if I was it I could live in the jungle. I wish I was a tiger!!

Lara van Rensburg

I wish I was a wild horse. I wood run with my herd antil the sun goes down and I wood look at the stars at night. We wood have soft grass in the mornings.

Emma van Rensburg

I wish I could have super speed because I could finish homework fast and so I could travel the world and so I can cuickly throw away the food I don’t want to eat.


Mekere Katjiuongua

Jasmine Rennie

Anna Verchusa

Rodrigo Acebes

d live in

the Americans an

car driver. I wish I was a race a race. I and try and win r ca a in ce ra d I coul circle track. y and drive on a ph tro a in w d ul co proud of me. I atch me and be w n ca ily m fa y M and the most me gold medals could allso win so is to have fun. importent thing

ck Nicolas Deckenbro


Holiday stories - Grade 2A The best day ever was when I got my x-box. It was hard to set it up. It was a good thing we had the HD cable with out it we could not have worked.

Michael Raad

The best day ever was when I went to the movies to wach minions. It was so funy I couldn’t stop laughing.

Connor McNamara

The best day ever was Christmas eve, because I got lego star wars and I did not suspect that it was the thing that I wanted at Sams Hobbies and toys. After that we went swimming and it was my best swim ever!

Henry Grant

The best day ever was being with my family we played games and we swam and played tuch. My dad was it. I put on a show.

Alice Rowles

The best day ever was when my friend and I went to the water park. There was an amazing slide. It was fun but my friend Kendra was to afraid to go on it.

Benjamin Hendrickse

My best day ever was when I went to church and prayed and went to the funday in the gost house and when I met all my friends and all the teachers in the school and when I met my family.

Shekungwe Kuria

The best day ever was my birthday party last year. We played lots of soccer. I scored when I was goalkeeper! I dribbled my mom’s friend’s husband badly we were kids agenst grown-ups and we won them 32 – 30.

Ezekiel Hans

The best day ever was when I first sat on a horse when I was a baby. It was very scary but it was still awsome. We went to go look at piglets after that and one bit my finger! The name of the horse was Danny and the piglet’s name was Pinky.

Sanne Dewulf

The best day ever was when we arived in Zimbabwe, alhoug I don’t remember much, I still remember our house there was a 3 acre garden, a lovely swiming pool, I went to Harare International School, I had no homework, I left when I was 4 years old and I have lovely memories.

Sarnath Gesquiere

The best day ever was when I went to hot water. It was a fuss. There was noise, but when I got their it was fun. I swim but the swimming pool was freezing. Then why do you call it hot water?

Erin Moffet

My favourite day was when my family took me to the pizza shop for my first time. I was begging for one of their pizzas but they said no. I started to cry and cry and they said yes. I jumped and jumped yes yes and I said yes until I got a pizza but the surprising thing it tastes soe good

Damian Petrus

Jade Karume

The best day ever is that Jesus was born and he made drinks, food, fruit, vegetables and plants. He made everything in the world and I LOVE him.

Nevaeh Thomas 37

The best day ever! was when I really wanted the littlest kitten but my mom said no. So the next day we had to fetch my dog and I asked if I could have the littlest kitten again and she said yes. I was so so happy and now she is 12 months and she’s turning 13 months in ‘Movember’ but she is so cute and she has a very bushy tail and I love her and her names is Minxy-Minx.

The best day ever was when school was sow short, when brak time had to start we went home. And that was sow osem (awesome) and then we got home and my cusends (cousins) came over to my house and we cood swim and they asked me why I just jump in and I say I don’t know I just jump. We got out and then we tand we washet TV then we cood put on music and then we swam in the night.

Elle de Klerk

We are Grade 2B


Grade 2B wishes... I wish I was a cupcake so I could be tasty. I wish I was a mirmade so I could swim in the sea all day long. I wish I had a chocolate tree and money tree so I could have chocolate in my lunchbox every day and money for tuckshop. I wish I Was a doll so children could play with me.

I wish I could be president so I could help poor people and give them lots of money.

Ruatandavara Kaumbi

Imani Chanduru

I wish I was a scuba diver so I could explore the ocean. I wish I was a dolphin so I could swim very fast. I wish I was gold so people would like me. – Zeno Benolich

I wish I was a super herow (hero) so I could save people. I wish I was the president so I could have a fancy car. – Oliver Durand

I wish I was the best swimmer in the world because I love swimming. I also wish that I was a Doctor because I would help people, and I also wish that I could be the most famous person in the word! I wish I was a astronaut because I could save I wish I had a thousand wishes so whenever the world and I would be on the moon. That I wish my school was about eating I want I could make a wish. would be cool! – Tendai Nyandoro the whole day so we can never - Maja Brinkmann run out of energy! I wish I was a billionaire and I had a money tree so I’d never be broken of money! I wish I was a fairy so I can fly and do magic. I wish I – Sara De Jesus was the president so I can rool (rule) the world. I wish I was a librarian because you can keep red books, blue book, Mikayla Johnson green books, yellow books and all kinds of books. I wish I was also a CEO who does a lot of math and does a lot of work. I wish I had a money tree so that I could take the money and buy video games. I wish that Christmas was every day! I wish I could ride a motorbike.

Donovan Gee

I wish I could be the king of the dinosaurs and I could turn into all the dinosaurs because I could rool (rule) the old age. – D’Angelo Beukes

I wish I was an engineer. It is fun and you can get money! – Christian Philip

I wish I was a pilot so I can travel around the world. I wish I was a ball so I can be thrown and when the ball falls on the ground I don’t get sore because I am bounsy. I wish I was Einstein so I can be the smartest in the world. – Tuvoye Vilho

I wish I could have a house made out of sweets and a bed made out of sweets. I wish I was a queen and be the richest queen in the world. I wish I could be a doctor so I could see the inside of people. Layla Fernandes


Mathew Varghese

I wish I could be a fairy so I could fly. And I wish the whole world was made out of chocolate, candy and rasberrys. So I can eat it. I wish I had a snow leopard os I could play with it. – Grace Magnun

I wish I could have a library because I love to read. I wish I was a president so I could help others. I wish I wish I was a ball so I could bounse all around. I wish I was a dictionary so I had all the words.

Karie van Schalkwyk

I wish I could have a tree house made out of big marshmallow so I can eat all of them. I wish I had a lucky fairy so that I could fly.

– Jody Hauuanga

I wish I was a cupcake so that I’m yummy!! I wish I could fly so that I’m hi up in the sky!! I wish I was a vegetable so that I was healthy!! – Mark Saad

I wish I was a pop star because I love singing. I wish I was a pop princess because I love dresses. I wish I was a bird that I could fly in the sky.

– Naomi Nadimi

I wish the world was made out of beach so then I can play all day. I wish I was the letter J in the alphabet so I can bounce, bounce, bounce all day. I wish I was a dictionary so people can read me. Jaime Oosthuizen

I wish I was the President so I could help the poor people. I wish I was a Tennis Player so I could play it all day long. I wish I was Dinosaurs so I could be tall. I wihs I could be a Magic Girl so I could make tricks.

–Danielle Hillinger

I wish I was the fastest runna (runner) in the world. Why? So that I don’t need to get petrol for my car. I wish I was a soupherow (superhero). Why? So I could fly to work. I wish I was a doll. Why? So I don’t need to go to school. – Adam Diggle

I wish I was a midwife because my mom was one. I wish I could be a dolphin because I can swim whenever I want. I wish I could be the best runner in the world for girls because I can run with my dogs. – Zoe Thomas

I like you because... - Grade 2B I love my Dad and Mom because they make me smile and buy me toys like Lego. – Tendai Nyandoro

I love my WHOLE family but I love my mom and dad the most because they would NEVER forget me. – Sara De Jesus

I like my Dad because he is very funny. I like my cat because he is very playful. I mum is very kind. – Zeno Benolich

My father and my mother and my baby sister, all of them makes me hape (happy) when I am sad. – D’Angelo Beukes

My mother is kind, helpful, forgiving and one of the best in the world. My mom rocks! My brother is exhausting. My brother is sometimes over the top but he is my brother and I love him. My father is a champion hockey player and he played lots of hockey when he was young. – Mathew Varghese

My sister is 13 years old and she likes making jokes. My mother loves shopping a lot and buys a lot of things. My dad loves gyming and likes watching soccer. My teacher is awesome. She never yells at me. – Tuvoye Vilho

My Mum is kind and loves me so much. My dad is funny and awesome. – Karie van Schalkwyk

My Mum is very good at sewing. My Dad is very good at running. My dog is very good at jumping. – Adam Diggle

My teacher is the best teacher in the world and she never gets cross. My brother is not noty (naughty) and is nice and sometimes funny. – Mandlenkosi Sibanda

I have the very veryveryvery best teacher. My sister is a big pain and she is annoying. I have the best, the funniest dad in the world. My mom is the best mom but the best of all is my teacher and I will never ever forget her even if I turn 39 years old, I will still love you the same. – Imani Chanduru

My brother is 3 years old and has cirly (curly) orange hair. My brother is so cute. My brother calls me mommy. – Mikayla Johnson My mom is so kind and she likes me very much. My dad buys me so much toys. My mom also buys me clothes. – Jody Hauuanga My brother is a brat! We always fight. Every single day. I love my teacher. She is the best teacher ever. – Jaime Oosthuizen

I like my Dad, he is funny! – Christian Philip My mother gives me chocolate and she never shouts. My brother is very annoying and he acts like he’s the boss of me and he has attitude! – Donovan Gee

Random ramblings from Grade 2B In my pet family I have 4 guinea pigs but I am only going to talk about 2. The 2 is Daysey and Cinnamen. They are so so and so cute. – Zoe Thomas Hello, I am Amanda. I love to go down the river. Splish, splash, splosh. I also go down the mountain because that’s what I call fun. I’m a raindrop. I mostly go into beautiful flowers. – Ueritjiua Tjitemisa Once Upon a time there was a mommy bird. She started to build a nest because she felt like she was going to have a baby bird. When the nest was built She laid an egg. She was proud of it. – Chelsey Busse My name is Amanda. Right now I am falling from the sky because I am a raindrop. Plop, Ow! I fell on a stone. Now I am going down a river. Oh NO! A man is fishing. – Oliver Durand On my holiday I went to the park. Then we ate KFC and drank cold drinks. We drove to the salon and my mom did her hair. In the morning we got ready quickly because my dad is not patient. – Ruatandavara Kaumbi I lost at the Gymnastics because I had two blisters on both my hands. After my Gymnastics I went back to the hotel in Walvis Bay. I went to the yacht club and drank 5 hot chocolates. And I had fun. – Christian Philips Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a raindrop. One day I was falling from a cloud. I fell into a pond and I saw a man fishing.

Then I saw a woman and she was washing her clothes. She almost caught me. – Layla Fernandes One day a boy and girl, Dad and Uncle went to camp and saw strange things. The Rhino was driving, the lion was drinking coke and a goat was on a tree. – Danille Hillinger One day Hexi went to the beach to swim. When the queen saw her she gaspt (gasped). She looked in the mirror, her hair was a mess! The fairies washed her hair. – Naomi Nadimi One day Hexi was flying on her broom and she flew all the way to the palace. At the palace she saw a boy there. Oh no said the boy. What’s going on, said Hexi. My lawn mower is broken. Abracadabra said Hexi. Will some sheep work, asked Hexi. – Ueritjiua Tjitemisa My name is Amanda. Can you guess what I am? I am a raindrop. In a town lots of people are busy. Soon big grey clouds appeared and I started falling from the sky. – Chelsey Busse Once there were two teenage boys called Luke and Liam. They were on their way to the beach in a BMW. When they got to the beach they thought what they should do. Then they saw a boat. It was old, but they still went in it. – Maja Brinkmann Can you guess what I am? I am a raindrop. Every day I meet my friend in the cloud. One hot Sunday I came whooshing down the mountain. – Mandlenkosi Sibanda



Grade 2s visit the Botanical Gardens



Grade 3

We are Grade 3A


Grade 3A Acrostic and other poems Acrostic poem about spring

Acrostic poem about spring

Acrostic poem about spring

Swimming on a Saturday Playing games all day long Running outside making funny faces Ice-skating at the Grove New flowers growing Giggles and funny stories

Swimming fun on sunny days Petals on flowers that is beautiful Raining day which makes us play all day I smell flowers everywhere New weather just arrived Good days in spring which I just love

Sun tanning with funky shades Practicing to cook in the lovely sunshine Relaxing in the sun In my pool swimming all day long Now I can play in the grass Getting to know new flowers

Matthew Du Plessis

Brunhilde Gaidzanwa

Hannah Gaoses

Acrostic poem about spring

Sun tanning with shadows Pairs of flowers grow Rain for the farmers In spring we can play outside Nothing is better than spring Giant flowers grow in spring just like sunflowers.

Guillermo Zapata-Pozo

Acrostic poem about spring

Swimming and eating fruit Playing in spring Rain for all the farmers of Namibia In my yard we are relaxing in the sun Nothing better than a picnic together Good times to go fishing.

Kyril Nghishekwa

Sporty Saturdays

On Saturday my family loves to watch sports, After that we go to our cousins tennis courts. We then went to help our uncle build his Fort, Then we used to get ice-cream across the Port.

Anthony Jacobs Turtles

Turtles have a very hard shells and dangling bells. Turtles live in salty oceans with lots of poshion. Turtles can swim with a happy grin. Turles can sleep for over a week, Turtles cannot really eat meat.

The space poem

I went to space, To see a race, On Mars, Of cars, Oh no! Saturn, He looks like a lantern, What should we do?

BFF Giraffes

There was a giraffe that was tall, She had a friend, who was small, They loved each other, Like a sister and a brother. They always played together, And they were friends forever.

Caitlyn Mandy

Sukuma Shirata

Cheetahs cheat and eat meat Cheetah’s feet are very neat Cheetahs meet on the high way street.

Jonty Austin) Free tree

Ethan Brinkmann

The beautiful tree


Sula Burger

Acrostic poem about spring

Swimming in the sun on a Saturday Picnicking in the sun Rocks and leaves are falling down In spring, leaves are growing Now spring is always good Good leaves are blossoming and spring is a delight.

When he blinked the bird winked, When he smiled the birds gone wild, When he sings the birds all wore rings.

There is a tree in the garden, Her name is Pardon. She has lovely roots with growing seeds, Flowers growing just like sweets. Grass who blossoms into tarts, And a dark old bark which like to act like a dart. Beautiful birds with colourful feathers, Tangling roots who taste like leathers.

Zoe Nott The swimming pool Once upon a time There lived a girl And her name was Pearl. She loved water and loved to be a daughter. She went to the pool and had a duel. So, she slept on a gigantic mushroom, Fell over and ended up in the costume.

Tamzyn Arendorf

Hilton Lima 46

Grade 3A My Favorite teacher and other thoughts My favourite teacher is Fortune.

I like him because he has brown eyes. He is very friendly and sometimes a bit strict. He has black hair and he is well-mannered. He always wears cricket clothes when I see him. He is very tall and he helps me allot and always calls me “mate”. I like doing activities with him because he is so kind and tell me to try as hard as I can. Luca Fennessy

My favourite teacher is Mrs Luyt, she

is very kind to children. She has good style and she often wears takkies. Her hair is black and shortish. I go and visit her during break time. She loves seeing me. Mrs Luyt loves to wear long pants and a short sleeve shirt with a stylish jacket. Her smile is simply amazing and pretty. I really like her. Kaelyn Metcalfe

The best teacher is Mrs Jacobs, My favourite teacher is Mrs Koekemoer. She has

brown ginger hair and she has blue eyes. Her favourite hobby is reading. She teaches us allot of things. Mrs Koekemoer is kind and respects people, sometimes she is very strict. When we need help during computers she is always willing to help us. She also teaches us library. During Winter Mrs Koekemoer wears long boots, this makes her look really beautiful.

because she is so kind when the kids get hurt. She helps them. She wears beautiful clothes and she wears amazing shoes. She gives great explanations to the class. She inspires me and greets me. She is a great, great teacher. She plays with us when we are sad. Cate Wahl

My favourite teacher is Mrs Crous,

her face makes me smile. She wears black glasses every day. She wears silver shoes and grey jeans. She is going to have a baby. Her hair is like my teachers hair. She talks softly and is just lovely. Mukena Mukena

Max Voges

My favourite teacher is Mrs Rall, she is very very funny.

Her hair is grey and her eyes are brown. She looks strict and sometimes she also becomes strict because the children never listen to her. She is lovely person, she understands people. I like Mrs Rall because she is an interesting person and its exciting with be with her. When Mrs Rall is teaching and her children don’t understand the work she will help you, but if you go to her again and again she will get mad. I like Mrs Rall because she brings joy to me. Himee-Tjiwa Ngairorue

Who is your hero and why?

If I could choose a hero I would choose my parents, because they teach me the right from wrong. They are always there for me. I also want to become good parents just like my mom and dad. I would raise my children like my parents and I would teach them right from wrong. I’ll also make the same rules like my mom. I love my parents so much. I don’t know what I would do without them. My parents are my personal heroes. Florette Nakusera

If I won a million dollars I would the following:

Help the poor so they would not struggle. I would make a money tree. I would make an ice-cream pool and invent wings to I could fly. My teacher would receive one thousand dollars and Hilton nine hundred dollars. I would buy a mansion and a television of the size of the classroom. My room would be the size of a hotel and the pool would be in my room with an additional hot tub. Bethany Branch


If I could invent a new toy what kind of toy would I create and why?

If I could create a new toy it will probably be a car and a plane combined with a helicopter. I will play with it every day and every night. I’ll play with it to see how well it will fly because plane wings and helicopter wings are amazing. I’ll have so much fun with it, but I should not crash it. If I’ll crash it I will cry for at least a year or 2. Liam Martin

Is there anyone you would like to switch places with? Who and why?

I don’t want to switch with anyone. The reason I chose it because I like my life. I have more than enough, I have a family and I have food. I have all the things I need, but if I have to I will choose Bethany. I chose Bethany because she is happy and beautiful, hones and most of the time she is happy. She is kind and she is helpful. In sports she is really good an often she is grateful. I really like her for who she is. Milah Malan

If I could invent a new toy what kind of toy would I create and why?

If I could invent a new toy I would invent a chocolate pooping rabbit, because then I can buy if for N$30 dollars. If I got it I would eat chocolate as much as I can, but if I eat too much I would have to go and do sports. But, if I eat too much my whole family would eat too much chocolate. We will all get fat, so gym is the best thing to do when you get the chocolate pooping rabbit. If we don’t gym I will have a fat family forever unless they all decide to go on a diet. Ishayvani Kahimise


Grade 3A Maths Day

+ <

x 5 3




We are Grade 3B

Absent: Rutendo Toto


Grade 3B Creative Writing Describing a picture.

There was a family that went to KFC. The dad was giving his daughter some food. He is wearing a blue shirt. The girl was wearing a yellow t-shirt. The mom was wearing a blue shirt. On the table was chips and chicken. The mom was drinking coke. The dad was drinking coke as well. The mom’s hair is brown. The girl’s hair is brown as well. The dad’s hair is grey. Emma Landman

The big turnip.

Once upon the time there was an old man. He wanted to plant a turnip. The old man said time to take the turnip out. But the turnip could not come out. Then an old woman came to help. The old woman pulled the old man. But the turnip would still not come out. Then a little girl came to help. The little girl pulled the old woman, the old woman pulled the old man, the old man pulled the turnip but the turnip would still not come out. Ashley Routh The old woman tried pulling but it would still not move. Then a little girl came and asked if she could help. The little girl pulled the old woman and the old woman pulled the old man. Then a dog asked too. The dog pulled and pulled but it did not move. Then a cat came along and asked too. The cat pulled and finally it came out! Kaylin Shebo

There are three people riding their bikes. There is a water heart around them. There is an orange, pink and blue bike. There is a little girl and a little boy with their mother. When they are thirsty they have Nestle pure life mineral water. It is very green in their country. They will get very fit. The mother is opening their water. The children also want to open their water. They are very hot from the sun. The water is very cold. The people’s hair is brown. They have brown, pink and blue shoes on. Anne-Leen Thorburn

Pick a card.

I took a card that said I must write about why doctors are important. Doctors are important because they can help you when you are sick. They can tell you which medicine to take and which cream to take. Sometimes if you fall and break your arm or leg they can come in an ambulance. They will put you in the ambulance and rush you to the hospital. You will be taken into the theatre and have an operation on your arm or leg. Doctors are very helpful. If you have an accident in your car without a seatbelt, they will help. They can help you with a lot of things. I’m so glad we have doctors, aren’t you? I kind of liked this card. It was fun writing. Joëlle Nuulimba

The card I chose said describe your best friend. Let me tell you about her. My best friend’s name is Angela. She is nine years old. She is a vegetarian. She likes Baby Born and Ever After High. Her heart is very kind. She is older than me but we are both in grade three. She works very well in everything. She is very funny but her brother is very funny when he is laughing. She has no pets. She has short hair. Her family is a very big family. Her father is in the army. I loved this card. I wish I could get it again. Jamilla Hungamo The card I chose I like because I love my family. I have to choose a best family member. I like my mom because she helps me with my homework. My mom is very kind to others and me. She always has a very big smile on her face. My mom is short with short white hair. She likes to talk a lot. My mom is very helpful to others. I know my mom loves me. I love my mom just like she is. I loved this card. Kyle Allies The card that I chose is school. Why school is important. It is important to go to school to learn. You can learn about space. You can also learn Maths and Phonics. It’s almost like work but only easier. For parents it s very easy. For children it is not so easy. It’s very very important to go to school. Then you can get a proper job. If you don’t get a job, you won’t have any money and no house. I didn’t like the card but it was fun. I wish I hadn’t chosen another card. Philip Jauss


My family.

I am so happy I have the best family in the world. Every day is so much fun. Let me tell you more about them. I have six people in my family. The smallest is Ami. She is one year old and very cute. Then there’s Abigail or Abbie for short. She is six years old. Then there’s me Alvin. I am nine years old. Then there’s Arlen. She is fifteen. Then there’s my mother. Her name is Lucia. The last and oldest is my father. His name is Francis. We have so much fun together that I never want the day to end. We travel a lot. My favourite place was Mauritius. We also play x box games together. We do like to watch movies and garden. I love my family and I am happy that it is my family and mine forever. Alvin Mutua

Science Fun Day.

I loved today because we did lots of Science. My favourite was the dancing currants. The ingredients were vinegar, bicarb of soda, a glass of water and a teaspoon. Anna and I were happy because ours was waltzing. My other favourite was racing the boats. To make it, you need water in a bucket, sunlight soap, scissors, cardboard and a pencil. I liked the Science laboratory. Ms Austin and Ms Kuppel were there. Syrah Chamberlain My favourite experiment was the colour changing milk. We used a lot of ingredients to make the milk change colour. We used milk, ear buds, red, blue yellow and green food colouring and bowls. We poured milk into a shallow bowl. Then you need to put in one drop of each food colouring next to each other. Then you take your ear bud and dip it into the milk. Then you take the other side and you dip it in sunlight liquid. Then you put it in the milk and then the food colouring starts to move around. Zahra Latif

My favourite experiment was the dancing currants. The ingredients were water, vinegar, bicarb of soda, teaspoons, a glass and some currants. First pour some water into the glass. Then put bicarb of soda in. After you put bicarb in, take a teaspoon of vinegar, then put the currants in. Soon you will see that the currants are dancing. The class did three experiments. After the experiments we went down to the high school to see some more experiments. The experiments were amazing, some changed colours, one even made a huge noise. Today I had fun! Anassa Jordani

The silly kitten.

There was a kitten named Garfield who was not clever. One day Garfield was walking in the garden. He saw a tree. Then he jumped up the tree and was stuck. That afternoon a boy named John walked by. He heard a noise. He looked up and saw the little kitten. John saw a fire station. He ran to them and told them. So they went there and took a ladder. One of the men climbed the ladder and tried to get the kitten. But then the kitten jumped down the tree. When the boy caught the kitten he felt good. One of the firemen accidently fell asleep on the button. So the Once there was a kitten that was not so clever. fireman was stuck in the tree! Then one day the kitten climbed a tree. When a Samantha Jacobs smart boy saw the kitten he called a fireman. As soon as they heard about it they ran to the fire engine. Then Once there was a kitten stuck in a tree. A boy was walking by the fire engine drove off. As quickly as they could they and saw the kitten. The boy wanted to help the kitten. raised the ladder and a fireman climbed the ladder. There was a fire station down the road. The clever boy saw it. When the fireman reached to rescue the kitten, the kitten He ran over to the fore station. The firemen had nothing to do. jumped off the tree. When the boy saw this, the boy ran So they went to help. They made the ladder go up. The brave and caught the kitten. The kitten was happy. fireman climbed up the ladder to get the kitten down. The The other fireman put the ladder down. The fireman got tree was high up. The kitten thought it was a big red monster. stuck! So she jumped out of the tree. The boy saw a kitten coming Rylan Bombosch towards him. Luckily he caught her. Now they were both happy. The naughty firemen in the fire engine lowered the ladder. The poor fireman was stuck in the tree. He yelled Help! Help! Moné Graham

Where to live – mountain, seaside or moon?

I want a house right next to the sea because I could go surfing. It will be a double storey house. It will have a big aquarium in my room. The sitting room will have a pool and the yard will have a big castle for me to go into. I will have a stable to ride a horse on the beach. I will have a helicopter to go sky diving. I will have an ice cream machine. I want to live there because it is very cool and fun. I can go fishing and swimming. I could drive a boat. Zander Schmidt If I had to choose where I had to live it would be the moon because … I could do back flips, front flips and swim because there is no gravity. You can skateboard through the craters. Most of all you can see Jupiter and Venus together. If you want to become an astronomer, you can live on the moon. It will be very easy for you. These are the reasons I would live on the moon. I hope you want to join me. Talita Barros

I chose to live on the mountai n because I could have a mountain goat as a pet. I could ride a m ountain goat up and down the mountain. I co uld snow board an d roll down the mountain. The third reason is I could paraglide from the top of the mountain. My house wou ld be in the mount ain. I know it sounds crazy bu t it would be lik e a normal hous e but with a bi rd’s eye view. Rutendo Toto


I would like to live on the moon. Would you like to join me? On the moon, my house would look like a bubble. I chose this house because I would have some oxygen. One reason I would like to live on the moon is that I can touch my roof. I can also sleep on the roof. I could be the best gymnast. I would study the stars. I could draw a star map and send it back to Earth. It would be so quiet to study. I would like to see all the creatures. It could be very dark or it could be red. I could meet some aliens. I love the moon. I hope you want to join me. If yes, then let’s blast off! Anna Beranova

I choose to live on the moon because I think it is interesting to look at planets. One reason I would live on the moon is because you can float everywhe re and you don’t ge t tired. My second reason is yo u can go to every pla net in a rocket. My third reason is it will be easy to do gymnastics like flick flacks, back fli ps and hand sprin gs. My house is made out of very very strong glass th at is asteroid and meteorite proof. M y house has air. That ’s why I chose the moon. I hope you can come with me. Hannah De Goede

The Red Planet.

A hundred years ago an astronaut in his space shuttle blasted off to the Red Planet. He saw lots of aliens. The Red Planet was so big - it was bigger than Big Ben. If you were on that planet, you will see Saturn. There were lots of volcanoes and there was a big castle. There were mountains and they were very high. There was an alien with eight legs and a cupcake plant. The planet was very windy and dark. All the aliens are joyful and there is a grumpy alien with a dummy. There are two flying pigs and a little river. The Mushroom tree has poison. If you go to this planet you will see lots of creepy aliens walking. If you were on that planet Once upon a time scientists discovered that there is a you would see Mercury. planet called the Red Planet. Then an astronaut landed It will be an adventure if you go there. But I will not go there on the planet and he got out of the rocket and then the because there are aliens. astronaut sent some messages to the scientists. Jamoah Mohammed The planet had a bad smell. On the planet was a green and brown castle. In the castle lived a king of tentacles There was once an astronaut who went up into space. He and he had a weird plan. He will eat you up while his went for four years in a rocket to a planet called the Red wife the queen with ten tentacles is walking with the Planet. king’s weird dog. When the queen comes back they will The astronaut flew with his rocket to this planet. The planet have tea. was not a normal planet. This was an extraordinary planet. If you want to be brave like the astronaut, you will be It had aliens that were green, blue, pink and grey and on very, I say, very brave. this planet it had two flying pigs that were pink. There was Shanique Struwig a space ship coming by. An alien was sucking a dummy and had ten tentacles and his mommy was taking her dog for a walk. On this planet there was blue water. The space ship was going to this spooky castle. An alien was having so much joy. On this planet there are other animals. They eat people. The trees are made out of mushrooms. Troy the astronaut was crazy. In the woods there are dinosaurs. An alien is wearing a hat. I do want to go to this planet. It looks cool and colourful. Its colours are red, blue, yellow and green and that’s the end. Zoé Waldschmidt

Treasure Island. My name is Captain T. My ship’s name is T. I decided to stop at Bone Beach. So I went to Vampire Village. It smelt raw. People were screaming for their lives. I tried to dash out but vampires surrounded me. One of them bit me so I ran out. The next place I went was Devil Mountain. People say the devil lives there. But I don’t believe them. I ran past Devil Mountain and a noise hit me. I ran but yellow and black dogs chased me. Bugs were stinging me. Then I saw this kind of door and I ran for it … Tinotenda Kaisi Hi. My name is Captain Jack and the name of my ship is Mother ship. I’m going to find treasure. I landed on Yellow Slime Pit. Inside was goo that looked like snot. Jack almost did not survive but he survived. Jack went to Petrifying Forest. In the forest there was a tree that had a cross face. It started to chase me. I ran and ran for my life. I lost him or her. Anyway I went on. I started feeling dizzy but I survived and Jack went on. He went to Devil Mountain …. José Tuoro


My name is Captain Max and my ship’s name is the Golden Hamster. My crew’s names are Rylan, Toto and Vincent. My crew and I docked at Blood Lagoon. We went through the Hidden Village. It was spooky because there were snakes, spiders and bugs. Then we went through Petrifying Forest. It was petrifying because there were snakes traps, spiders, wolves and monsters. Then we climbed up Devil Mountain. It wasn’t scary because there was a ten centimetre devil. We found the treasure. Then we took it to the Golden Hamster. But we never got the yellow spots. Max Magnun


Grade 3B Cooking Oral



Grade 4

We are Grade 4A


Thoughts and feelings... from the Grade 4As Nikita Kakaranza wrote about his dad, Sergy Sergy (Daddy) Cool Strong Very big Wishes to get a new house Dreams to be a millionaire Wants to be a wrestler Who wants to teach me Chess Who fears war Who likes hard meat Who believes in good things Who loves my mother Who loves me Who loves my sister Who loves alcohol drinks Who plans to build a new house Who plans to get a better work Who plans for me to be happy Who plans to get a Lamborgini My father is the best!!!

Grade 4 out his

Jett Austin wrote ab dad, Murray

Murray (Dad) Creative Clever Talented bikes Wishes to make motor roplane ae an Dreams of flying uses ho ild bu to Who wants e would look like ac sp at wh ers Who wond us Who fears of leaving diles co cro of aid afr is Who es us ho Who likes to paint things al gic ma Who believes in Who loves me r too Who loves my brothe ngs thi ing ild bu es Who lov Who loves everything ends Who plans to have fri life his Who plans to enjoy ere wh ery ev Who plans to go er. ev st be the is And my dad

My favourite animal is a cat because cats are really fluffy, they are really fluffy. They are really friendly and so irresistible to cuddle. They know how to make one feel better and they can focus really hard. I just love cats. Tumi Neill

I would stop poaching. If people robbed or killed, then they would clean the toilets for the rest of their lives. Garren Backhaus I would build shelter for all the homeless people. I would build them In every region. I feel guilty having 5 homes and they have none. Shana Arendorf There would be a lot of zoos Jason Barnard

Gracia (mom) Beautiful Loving Caring Who wishes her kids are happy Dreams of meeting Vin Diesel Wants to go a vacation Who wonders why there is so much stress at work Who fears snakes Who is afraid of scorpions Likes Holy Communion Who believes in God Who loves her family Who loves God Who loves Grey’s Anatomy Who loves crackers and cheese Who plans on saving money Who plans on upgrading the house Who plans to learn German My mom is my everything.

My favourite animal is the cheetah because its fast like me. Its flexible and has spots. The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. Did you know that a cheetah’s claws don’t go inside their paws like the other cats they stay out like a dog? Cheetahs work together t kill their pray sometimes they work alone. Most cheetahs live in packs. Did you know cheetahs keep their balance with their tails while they are running? Daniel Jauss

IF I WERE THE PRESIDENT I would arrest poachers for ever. I will get faster police cars. I would give Thursday and Friday off. Ramsay McDonald

Cadence van Rooi wrote about her mom, Gracia


My laws are: 1. Eat candy 2. Everything is for free 3. No stealing 4. Drink chocolate 5. Greet everyone Lazarus Petrus I would let people have pets like horses and tigers live in their gardens or houses. No cars, you can ride with anything to school. You must be very nice to pets, because if you kill one with no reason, you will go to prison. Emma Tromp If I were president I would create the most enormous public library in the

world With 6049 children’s books, 9999 fairy books and 20685 books written by me. You would get workers to make a magic broomstick and a magic necklace, so I could turn into a fairy whenever I wanted to. And…. I would be very good to my people. Helina Shepard I would make restaurant food free. I would let people eat what ever they would like. I would still make Namibia have peace, stability and prosperity and I would make Namibian citizens be free and my name would be “President Erica Nande of the Rebublic of Namibia”




I prefer uniforms because they equalize us and when you get ready for school you already know what to wear. Naritunge Shiimi


You can be colourful and you can wear anything you want. Ryan Moffett


My reason is that you can see the person you are looking for and it looks better. Nathan Gee


I would not have a school uniform because you should be free to wear what you want. Jett Austin


It is important it shows how proud you are to be in the school. Also the reason uniforms should be worn is because you will run out of clothes. Nontombi Moyo

Yes: Because you look like others. Nikita Kakaranza


It’s a free country…why not? Pascale Pimenta


Because if you go somewhere and you are well behaved they will want their children to be in our school. Junior Tjimuku


I think it is rather uncomfortable, especially my pants, they keep coming down. Jaime Gillies


When you are getting ready for school, you already know what you are going to wear. It is soooo easy! You do not even have to make a fuss. Prosperity Aluteni


You will look smart and it is hard to look for random clothes. Janice Kennedy


If children wear civies it could improve their creativity. If we get to wear civies then we can make the school look more colourful and more full of life. Cadence van Rooi


To present your school Keira McNamara


You would be able to look different from everyone else and you would not feel plain. Jeskia Campbell


It looks good. Mariana Amaral Machado I can’t decide both are good. Mallex Shipanga

Grade 4B


We are Grade 4B


From the 'clutch pencils' of Grade 4Bs





Grade 4 Market Day

Grade 5

We are Grade 5A Grade 5


Grade 5A Outing to Etosha Christopher de Jager: We first met our tour guide, Mr. Hein, as everyone called him. We learned to make fire, to survive in the wild and how to make ropes. We had lots of fun doing this. The last thing we did was an obstacle course and my team lost.

us how to identify a male from a female. We also learned the difference between black and white rhinos. Uncle Hein taught us to make a fire and strong ropes. Alicia-Lee Hans: We went on a trip to Etosha. We learned many survival skills. The first day we went on a game drive in the National Park. There we learned about different plant species. The following day we went to a place called Giraffe. There we learned how to make a fire and about plants with medical values. That night we learned how to make toilet paper ropes and different knots. When we returned, we demonstrated our different skills in our groups. Mwangala Mukena: Etosha Village is a beautiful place and we had a lot of fun. Uncle Hein showed me some card tricks and he told us a story about the time when he has killed a lion. He took us on a long walk and he has taught us how to make a fire, make different rope knots and a strong toilet paper rope.

Ivan Mueller: We had a lot of fun on our trip to Etosha. Uncle Hein showed us how to make fire and a rope to survive in the wild. We saw many animals and we enjoyed the trip very much.

Kondja-oua Ngairorue: Our trip to Etosha was amazing! We went on a game drive and saw animals like a baby buck, black back jackal, and an elephant crossed the road in front of our car. Mr. Hein and Mr. Chris taught us different rope knots and how to make a strong rope from toilet paper. They showed us the Southern Cross and how to use it to determine true south. The most amazing was to learn how to make a fire using different techniques. We came back to school and applied all our new skills. It was much fun. Jonathan Strauss: On our Etosha trip we learned how to make a fire in different ways. We also made toilet paper ropes and we went on a game drive. We saw lots of animals like zebras and rhinos. I stayed in a tent with Ivan and Gert and we had lots of fun.

Airi Shirata: On our trip to Etosha Village we learned a lot of things like how to make a fire without a match, how to tie survival knots and how to make a strong rope from toilet paper. Uncle Hein is a very strong man. He had a fight with ostriches and he survived with only a scratch. The most awesome event was the obstacle course. We also saw a baby rhino and his mother. Tonia Karume: On our trip to Etosha we went on a game drive. We saw some elephants and Uncle Hein taught

Nependa Uremena: We went to Etosha for two days. When we arrived there we had lunch and then we went on a game drive. We saw springbuck, jackal, impala, ostrich, elephant, giraffe and rhino. The next day we went to the Giraffe camp where we learned to make a fire and skills that we can use in the wild. Charl Malan: We went to Etosha for our Gr.5 cultural outing. There we learned many valuable skills. We learned to make a strong rope from toilet paper, and how to make different

rope knots. The different ways to make a fire was truly educational. We loved the food and the different activities. It was great to meet Mr. Hein who taught us all these wonderful things. It was an amazing experience. Jack Parker: The trip was an excellent way to learn how to survive in the wild with limited resources. Everything that we wanted to use, we had to find or to make ourselves. We enjoyed the game drive, the obstacle course and the food.

using the stars. We also saw a sundial and how to use it. The bushman told us about the different trees and their uses. We learned how to make a strong rope from toilet paper and some rope knots. After we returned we demonstrated all our new skills in class. Stasia Steenkamp: What we learned many ways of making fire on our Etosha trip. We learned three different knots with ropes: the reef knot, bow line and thief knots. We also learned the difference between trees and bushes. The best part was to learn how to work together as a group. We enjoyed the trip very much. Thank you Mr.Hein Vosloo. Nathan Shave: At Etosha Village we learned some new things. Mr. Hein Vosloo taught us four ways to make a fire and three different knots: the reef, thief and bowline knots. We also learned how to make a strong rope from toilet paper. We enjoyed the trip and had a lot of fun.

Keith Mutandi: Etosha is an interesting place. We had lots of fun while we were there. It is a place for both children and adults. My trip was the best trip that I have ever had. We learned how to find direction during the day as well as at night. We were taught fire making skills and how to make a strong rope and different rope knots. Etosha National Park is a beautiful and an amazing place to visit. Danielle Motinga: We learned to work together as a team and to always help each other. Uncle Hein showed us how to navigate using the stars and how to make a fire. We made strong ropes from toilet paper and we made different rope knots. When we returned to school, we had to demonstrate all our new skills to Mrs. Rall in class. It was great fun.

Dominique Clayton: On our trip to Etosha we were taught many things. We learned to tie three different rope knots. We also have learned to make a fire in different ways. One of them was the Namibian way. We had to use a double battery and steel wool. When we put them against each other they lit up a spark. We learned to survive in the wild and on the game drive we saw many animals. We had a lot of fun and it was an awesome trip. Lara Backhaus: On the Etosha trip we learned to make a fire in many different ways. We also learned how to track water using animal footprints. We learned to find our direction at night


Caitlin Gillies: When we arrived at the Etosha Village, we went to our tents, dressed warm and then we went on a game drive. We saw a baby black rhino and his mother, kudu, giraffe and zebra. I shared a tent with Azaylee, Stasia and Jaime. The next day Uncle Hein showed us how to make a fire and a strong rope. We enjoyed the different rope knots and worked together as a team. We were transported on a truck called “the Elephant” and visited a camp called “the Giraffe.” We enjoyed the obstacle course and the Bushmen showed us different trees. Romy Pereira: On our trip we learned many different things. How to make a fire in different ways, how to tie ropes using various knots and how to make strong ropes out of toilet paper. The Bushman showed us different trees and their uses. Uncle Hein showed us how to determine direction by using the stars. Back at Windhoek, we demonstrated all our new skills. We enjoyed the group work.

Jaime Henckert: At the Etosha Village we did an obstacle course. I was in a team with Kondja, Romy and Danielle. First we had to open five gates, next we had to build a puzzle, which Romy did. Kondja had to shoot a hay stack and we had to walk on a plank. We learned to work as a team and that one always has to listen to one another’s ideas. It was a wonderful trip. Azaylee Philander: We went to the Etosha Village and we had a lot of fun. Uncle Hein Vosloo taught us how to make a fire and how to make difficult rope knots. We played a memory game which we enjoyed very much. We went on a game drive and we saw a big bird’s nest, rhinos, jackal and giraffes. The rhino was a black rhino and it had a baby. I also saw an elephant for the first time. Gina Olles: On our Etosha trip I enjoyed the fire making and the rope games. We went on a long walk to the secret hide out. We saw many animals like elephants, springbuck, kudu, ostrich, and rhinos. Uncle Hein was an awesome tour guide and I loved the trip. Gerhardus Gerber: When we went to Etosha I have stayed in a tent with my friends. We went on a game drive and saw many animals like, elephants, jackal and rhinos. Uncle Hein has taught us how to make rope knots and fire.

Nependa Uremena

Tonia Karume

I chose meerkats because meerkats are interesting. The way they stand and the babies are cute and their unity as they also stand as one like my family. Soil is important because a meerkat needs meat and animals eat plants and plants need soil. Therefore, all of these lead to one thing – soil. My experience of the project was good. I learned a lot. We must give a big thank you to Ms Johnston.

I chose a hyena because it reminds me of my childhood. Soil is important to the hyena because it protects its pups. I learn that the Brown hyena uses soil and eats eggs.

Jaime Henckert

For my Science project, I chose the Ground squirrel. Soil is important to the Ground squirrel because it lives in a hole and the name of the hole is a barrow. The experience I had was amazing. I enjoyed speaking in front of the class but luckily I was not on my own. I was with my friend, Romy. While Romy and I were doing the project we wanted to call the Ground Squirrel,“Azaylee”. Thank you for reading it.

Stasia Steenkamp

I chose a porcupine because it is a fascinating creature. Not only is it a fascinating creature, it is beautiful. My favourite part of a porcupine is when its quills rise and it can shoot without fighting with the anotheranimal. My experience was that porcupines can defend themselves.

Romy Pereira

I chose a Ground squirrel. The reason why I chose a Ground squirrel is because it is a very interesting and cute animal. It uses soil to make barrows and to hibernate for 250 days. My experience of the project was that doing this project taught me a lot about a Ground squirrel.

Dominique Clayton

I chose a porcupine. The reason why I chose porcupines is because I think that porcupines are such interesting creatures. I like the way porcupines protect themselves because it is just wonderful. Soil is important to this animal because they live in soil and they find some of their food from soil. They need food to live. My experience of the project was wonderful because we had lots of fun and I did my project with my friend which was extremely exciting.


Airi Shirata

I chose the Swallow for my project because I thought that no one would choose it. The bird, Swallow is a very interesting mammal because other birds make nests with twigs, leaves and strings of grass. Swallows are different because they make their nests out of sand and mud and adda bit of grass and twigs, but mainly sand. That is how the Swallow uses soil. Soil is very important for their environment. They also need soil because they eat bugs and flying insects that live in the grass. Grass needs soil to grow. The Swallow can be remembered or recognized by its fork tail. People also say that the Swallow represents luck.

Alice Young

I chose meerkats because they seem like really interesting animals and I wanted to learn more about them. Soil is important to meerkats because it provides them with homes, food and look-out points. In other words, meerkats could not survive without soil. I enjoyed this presentation because I learned more about animals in which I have a lot of interest.

A e5 d a Gr cts e j pro

Azaylee Philander

I chose a warthog because it looked interesting and I wanted to tell my class about its fun and awesome facts. Soil is important to a Warthog because it uses soil to make burrows. It also uses soil to live in and a Warthog eats the earthworms in the soil. Warthogs are actually so much fun and interesting animals. My experience was that the project was a little easy, but also difficult.

Charl Malan

I chose the golden mole because it is an incredibly cute and beautiful animal and it is one of my favourite animals. Soil is the moleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home because it protects the mole from danger and moles dig their homes in the soil. I learned new and interesting things and I liked it.

Gerhardus Gerber

I chose the hyena because I think the hyena is an interesting animal. Soil is important to the hyena because it digs holes to sleep in and to ambush other animals. My experience of this project was that it was fun learning about the hyena.


Alicia Hans

I chose a meerkat for my Science project because I found it very interesting how they use soil to build burrows that protect and keep them warm and cool. They also use the soil to find insects. Making the project did take a while but I managed to pull it off. While I was researching, I learned a lot about meerkats and how they live. I am happy knowing that I worked hard.

Caitlin Gillies

I chose the warthog because it looked really interesting and I wanted to learn more about it. At first I thought it was ugly and it smelt really bad. But I learned quite a lot about it. The warthog is a clever, lazy animal. The warthogsuse soil to build their burrows and they use it (like mud) to cool off when it is hot, they also use it to find bugs and food to eat. I learned a lot about Warthogs and they are interesting animals. My experience of the project was that it was fun. I did the project with Azaylee.

Christopher de Jager

I chose a Barn Swallow because I thought it would be interesting to know about the Barn Swallow and how it uses soil. Soil is important to the Barn Swallow because it uses the soil to make a nest out of it. My experience of this project was that soil is worth a lot to animals and also to all the people in the world. It provides food for animals and humans.

Jonathan Strauss

I chose a hyena because I wanted to learn more about hyenas. Soil is important to hyenas to give them grip when running, to catch prey and also to find food. Hyenas are very interesting animals and I would like to learn even more about them. My experience of the Science project was great. One day I would like to see a Hyena and if I can, it would be wonderful.

Gina Olles

Ivan Mueller

I chose the porcupine because I really wanted to find out more about the porcupine. How is soil important to this animal, I asked myself? The answer was, that porcupines use soil for their homes and to help the eco-system. My experience with this project was that it was really fun, I discovered new things, which I never knew before.

I chose an antlion because it sounded like a good and interesting animal. Soil is important to an antlion to sleep in and to catch food. I learned a lot by completing the project.

Mwangala Mukena

Keith Mutandi

I chose the porcupine, because it is dangerous and very interesting. A porcupine uses soil to live in and its food is grown in soil as well. I was confident and it was very easy, but I thought I could do improve.

I chose a porcupine because I wanted to know how a porcupine uses soil. My experience of the project isthat it was fun talking to the whole class.

Kondja-oua Ngairorue Jack Parker

I chose a Bat-eared fox. The reason I chose this animal was because I thought it was a normal fox which I saw in Europe, but it was revealed as the one found in Africa. A Bateared fox needs soil to make homes for breeding and shelter. I enjoyed this project because I learned about an animal that I did not know much about before.

For my Science project I chose a warthog. I chose this animal because I thought it was an interesting animal to research and talk about to the class. Soil is important to this animal because it makes its holes in the soil. I had an amazing time doing this. Thank you miss Johnston for being one of the best teachers.

5A e d Gra ects j pro

Kalila Whitelock

I chose the Golden mole for my project because it is so cute, they have very sensitive hearing and are also very clever. Soil is important to a Golden mole because it needs soil to live in and also that it is able to know where they are going. My experience was that I could learn more about my animal that I chose.

Lara Backhaus

I chose the aardvark because it uses soil in everything it does. It is also a fascinating creature. This animal uses soil for food, shelter and protection. My experience of this project was that it was fun and easy. I did my project two weeks earlier so it was not too rushed. My mom helped me with some things. When I was doing my oral, I was a little bit scared. I hoped that I would do well. Afterwards I left very confident.

Danielle Motinga

I chose a mole because nobody wanted to choose it yet a mole is such an amazing animal. I wanted to learn about its life and how it adapts in nature. Soil is important to moles because they use it to build their homes and without soil they can not have a home. My experience of the project was great. I had so much fun doing it and it was an amazing experience doing the project.

Nathan Shave

I chose a warthog because it has a lot of uses of soil and it is a funny pig. Soil is useful to a warthog because it needs to dig holes for its home. I think it is fun discovering facts about animals and it is wonderful doing a project on the warthog.



We are Grade 5B


Isaac Fallis

I did a project on warthogs and soil is important to them because they use soil for their homes. Another thing is that they eat roots that come from soil and they kneel down on their front legs because they need to drink water. I thought it was tough to complete the project because we were at Erindi trying to take action photos, but I did manage to take one. Then we find posters and pictures and we started to practice for the presentation. I did well.

Daniëlle Klitzke

Christopher Mutandi

I chose a meerkat for my Science project. Soil is important to meerkats because they use soil to make their homes, for sleeping and also for escaping tunnels. Soil protects them from predators. For me the project was the best. My friend and I could have done a little bit better, but we did well overall.

I chose the springhare. It uses soil as a home. I enjoyed doing the project to apply my creativity and to make the poster. It was interesting to learn about the springhare, its habitat, behaviour, how it uses soil and what it eats.

5B e d Gra ects j pro

Declan Landman

The animal I chose was the meerkat. The meerkat uses soil for its homes and to stand on to see if predators are coming. They do not like jungles because they cannot see if predators are coming. I enjoyed the project because I learned a lot about the meerkat and it is my mom’s favourite animal.

Faith Kauta

I chose the Bat-eared fox because it is an interesting animal and also because of its beauty, speed and intelligence. Looking for the information and uses of soil was not as difficult to find, but preparing the board, finding pictures and retyping was not easy. Luckily I was able to finish my project.

Lapita Amulunga

Julian Schütz

I chose the Antlion and it uses soil as a home and gets its food from the soil. I also chose the Antlion because I wanted to learn about one of the small five. I liked making my poster because I had information on it already so all I did was put everything together.

Katelyn du Plessis Léa Oriol I chose the porcupine for my Science project. Soil is important for the porcupine for food, homes and for their young. I thought it was fantastic to do the project. It was fun and I learned a lot.

I chose a Bat-eared fox, but many people chose this animal. I chose the Bat-eared fox because I was curious about its big ears. Soil is a very big part of this animal’s life, it is where it lives and traps its food. A lot of Bat-eared foxes love to dig and theyeat insects so it is easy to catch the insects when they live underground. My experience doing this project is that it was a bit stressful but interesting and I learned about an animal.


My animal that I chose for the Science project was the porcupine. I wanted to choose this animal because it is an animal that is very interesting, for example, it does not shoot out its quills, it is a myth and also that their quills are dependent on their age or species. They use soil when they dig burrows or when they look for roots in the ground. The project was interesting and a bit difficult for me.

Unovandu Nuujoma

I chose moles because they are mostly in the ground. Soil is important to moles because they need soil to make their homes or tunnels. They also need soil to find their food (insects) because there are more insects underground. This project was a lovely experience and I learned more information on moles and other animals from my friends’ projects.


I picked a Ground squirrel for my Science project. They need soil to store their food. Ground squirrels live, raise their babies and sleep underground. Making this project was fun and I learned a lot of things about the Ground Squirrel. It was really fun.

Dylan Openshaw

Tariq Stellmacher

I chose a suricate because I know lots about them. Suricates use soil to build their burrows and to find their prey which are insects. The project was easy because I like the suricate.


We chose a suricate because it sometimes stays in the desert and it sleepsin soil. Young ones stay for two-three weeks in soil and they take their food from soil. So if they do not have soil they don’t have food. Making the poster was alright. I think suricates are great animals, they must not become extinct.

I went with Robbe and we chose the Golden mole. We both thought it was the most beautiful mole. I never know about the Golden mole until Robbe told me about it and what it looks like. We found out that the Golden mole uses oil for keeping their babies and soil is also their home. It was a lot of fun making the poster and we finished in two days.

Michaela Allies

I chose the Bat-eared fox. They use soil for building their dens. Soil is important to them because they take their food from the insects in the soil. They also use soil to hide from their enemies as they jump into their underground dens. I thought the making of the project was fun.

Robbe Dewulf

I chose the Golden mole because it is difficult to find and no one knows about it, except me. A Golden mole needs soil to hide and for protection. My experience in making the project was fun.

Tyra Collins

Linda Ndadi

Martha Mvula

Raphaël Haudebourg

I picked a Golden mole. They use soil to make a home and a safe place for their babies, they also use soil to catch insects. When I was working on my project it was easy and I found out that even if it is not the prettiest animal, it is very smart and beautiful on the inside.

I chose a Bat-eared fox because they are so cute and very interesting. Soil is important to them because they use it to stay in and their food is found in the soil. Doing the project was a little bit difficult because I did not have a partner with whom to do it. Through my hard work and my parents’ hard work of buying posters and printing information and pictures, I had a wonderful poster after all.

Savannah Noirfalise

I chose a Bat-eared fox for my Science project. The Bat-eared fox uses soil, by making their homes, which are burrows, and also use it for their source of food because insects and bugs live underground. I thought this project was fun, but also difficult.

I chose the meerkat. Soil is important to the meerkats because they make burrows and live underground. They raise their babies in their burrows so they are safer from large animals. I picked the meerkat because I wanted to learn more about them. It was fun making the poster and finding the information.

I chose the Bat-eared fox. Soil is important to that animal to make its home and to dig insects to eat. I liked doing the project because it was interesting and my knowledge increased.

Peta-Anne Nichols

I chose a Bat-eared fox for my Science project. They use soil for building their homes, which are burrows, and for their food because termites live in soil. I chose the Bat-eared fox because it is cute and it uses soil. I had fun making this project and it was not so difficult.


Grade 6

We are Grade 6A


Grade 6As design a new school uniform If I could design a new school uniform it would be like the soccer club FC Barcelona’s 2015 to 2016 kit. It would be the full kit with the shirt, shorts and socks. Everybody would also wear indoor soccer boots with no studs. This means that they would already wear their soccer clothes if they go to practice!

Lance Hauuanga

If I had to design my own school uniform, I would start with the boys. In summer the boys would wear shorts with a T-shirt and tackies. In winter they would wear long pants, a t-shirt and tackies. The girls’ summer uniform could be short pants or skirts, a shirt and tackies. Remember the tights in winter!

Jessica Kennedy

Girls should wear a pink polo shirt and dark and light blue checked skirts with light blue pumps. The boys would wear turquoise shirts and a grey hurly jacket. They would also wear blue shorts and white takkies.

Hannah Murphy

Girls: A sleevless T-shirt with a creamy colour. A choice between short jeans or skirts. In winter we will wear long jeans. Our shoes are black or blue pumps Our hair can be loose or tied. Boys: The boys would wear normal St. Pauls t-shirts with swag pants or sporty pants. They can wear tackies or Tomys.

Kayla Coetzer

Grade 6As invent a new school subject I would invent a subject in which we learn a language with words like LOL: laugh out loud, or GTG: got to go. I would invent this, because if you are texting, you need words like these. There are many words used in texting nowadays that are completely new. In this way, even our parents would know what these words mean. Alexander Cartwright My new subject would be called Free Time. Free Time is a period during which students can relax, have a drink and do whatever they would like to do. I would start this subject because children become exhausted after working hard. We would have this subject after PE so that we can relax after running and exercising. Vseteka Pakote My new subject would be named Recap. In Recap we would revise a topic to excel in it further. Recap would be my favourite subject, as it would make us understand a subject so that we can excel. Every teacher would have a recap period for their subject. We can go over terminology, methodology and rules in maths and English and also have discussions and debates in subjects likd history and biology. Recap is already my favourite subject and will soon be everybody’s favourite. Letushila Demas My new subject would be Electronics. In this class everyone would have a seat in a box of their own and that box will be sound proof. Each box will have a fan, a popcorn machine a coke machine and 3D screens. The students get to pick any game console in the world and any games they would like to play. The good thing is the school pays for everything! Basically you play games for a whole period. Krynauw Weber If I were to invent a new school subject, I would invent a subject in which no one needs to write and would use their phones to do their class work and tasks, They would not even need to communicate. If they needed to submit a task, they would employ this modern technology. If they write essays, they would

not use language as we know it, but rather use Phonographic Technology as taught by this subject. Rauha Hanhapo The subject I would invent is called Go-Go Dojo. The classroom will be a go-kart track with forty seven go-carts. Only grades 5 to 7 will have the subject, but every day there would be two lessons. The go-kart track wil be the size of a soccer field, but it would be round. There would be prizes for the first, second and first place. There will be paramedics whenever a class in on. Gero Kirchner If I had to add a subject to the school’s programme, it would be Design. In this class we would design our own clothes which we would then sell on Market Day. Elsie Jacobs

My new subject would be named Animal Education. I always think of animals – how to save them, care for them and love them. A class which educates people about animals is a way to help people understand that animals are just as important as humans. Possible Activities: • 'Save an animal' month • Documentaries • Other interesting videos • vision boards Remember: Just because animals cannot speak, it does not mean we should treat them with less respect. Anoushka Seha



Grade 6As create a class pet and other things My classroom pet would be a wild baboon. Baboons are crazy and they are scavengers, so it does not matter if you feed them oghipundu, kapanna, bread or pizza. They would eat it all. Baboons can mess up the girlsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hair. I do not worry about getting a baboon in class, because there are some in my class already! Daniel Branch

I would choose a Robotic Dog as my class pet. It would have four leg, scales like fish and legs like a frog. It will be programmed to answer all questions asked. It will be useful, because in math class it will give all the answers to the sums and even in maths tests! Chris Barnard


C Kayla

Healthy food for your lunchbox:

Dried fruits are healthy because they are fruits that are just dried out. If you put lettuce on your sandwich, it will also make it healthy. The nuts and raisins in an energy bar also gives you lots and lots of energy. Nelago Mwatile


My awesome classroom pet would be a small animal that would make you happy when you are sad. When your teacher is too lazy to explain. Something, it would help you understand. It would help you with anything. It would be mixed with a cat, a bush baby and a hamster. It would be called a Hamat. Anneke Eisenberg

If we had a class pet it would probably be a dog. What kind you ask? Well, a Golden Retriever of course! They are smart, you can train them and they are sooo ADORABLE! Our dog could do many things for us like closing the door for us or bringing us the things we need. This dog is not only smart, but also friendly. It will cuddle and help everyone, or even just keep them company. Do you not think these are enough reasons to keep a Golden Retriever as a class pet? Djamila du Plessis

I would like a mythical classroom pet and it would be called a Guinea-Corn. A Guinea-Corn is a mixture of a guinea pig and a unicorn. It is the size of a guinea pig, so it is the perfect size for a classroom pet. It has the body of a guinea pig and the horn of a unicorn. They are usually friendly and enjoy being held and petted. Since they are social , they must have company, so it is best to have two Guinea-Corns. You can feed them vegetables but they prefer candy. They come in the colours red, blue green, pink and purple. They make the perfect pet for children. Warning! They can poke out your eye with their horn if angry. Not suitable for children under ten. Alana Adonis

Grade 6 Leadership Camp

We are Grade 6B

Absent: Henry Modestus, Kyra-Asante Nghishekwa




Grade 7

We are Grade 7A


Grade 7A


We are Grade 7B 89

Grade 7B


Grade 7 Candle Ceremony 87

way JosĂŠ ' o N ' s? 7 e d ra G r Are those really ou


Grade 7s on the Out of Nature Camp

Grade 7 Scholar Patrol

Grade 7s leaving their (artistic) mark!


Grade 7s Macbeth Weekend 96

Grade 7 Kuiseb


mbly e s s A t s a L s 7 e Grad



Languages Afrikaans








Science Science Fun Day





Science Fair

Winners of the Science Fair: Back row: Letushila Demas, Krynauw Weber, Chris Barnard, Lance Hauuanga, Hivikiree Haihambo Middle row: Joshua Thomas, Jordan Titus, Daniel Branch, Alexander Cartwright, Tino Pack Front row: H. Espag, Kathryn Callesen, Hannah Murphy, Jessica Kennedy




Cultural Activities Art


Santam Art Competition

Winners of the Santam "A place of dreams" Art Competition (from left to right): 'My Italian dream house" Alina Triebner, "Underwater world is magical" Anneke Eisenberg, "Our garden is a magical place" Keira McNamara, "Places that I dream about" Angelina Norval, "I enjoy going to the farm" Emma van Rensburg.

Art - Grade 7



Art - Grade 7








Entrepeneurs & Creativity Evening


Independence Day Celebrations



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Public Speaking





Read-a-thon Winners




Sport Interhouse Athletics


Small Schools Athletics

107 129


108 130

Cricket & Gymnastics Achievements

109 131


110 132

Hockey Mini World Cup

111 133



Swimming Interhouse Gala


Grade 1 Swimming


Interschool Gala


Other happenings... April's Fool

Break time!

Fire16 visits St Paul's


Fun Day



Ms Gudde's Birthday!

Goodbye Simon! At

Anneke le Roux



Mad Hatters walk


Open Day

Pancake Day


n ts anind evaerycpitctio y Partefit n ure of all the man in each and thank

no dge While we could ol, we acknowle ribute to our scho nt us help. co ro ho ne w ge s d nt an re pa e, support tim ur yo r fo u yo each of



Our playground - stimulating, fun and happy

Our Valentine's gift

Thank you! • Dana and YWAP for the precious time spent with our students, sharing the teachings of God in a manner which they adore! • Emile and Jakkals at the Namib Swimming Academy, for another excellent swimming season! • Johan, Ruan and Norman at Johan Theron Tennis School. The tennis players are becoming stronger and improve each year through your coaching • The prayer group who carried us in prayer and through the grace of God made the challenging times easier. • The PPSG for ensuring that the events ran smoothly. • Chris Steenkamp, Peter Meintze, Pete Saunders & Lourens Bezuidenhout for leading our Grade 7s through the Kuiseb River hike. • All the coaches who helped to make our sport programme a wonderful success. • Everyone who made it possible for St Paul's students to have a better and more successful year! 145

St Pauls Primary Yearbook 2015  

Live the academic, sport, cultural and social year of 2015 at St Paul's Primary, Windhoek, Namibia as you browse the pages of our yearbook.

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