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Best Screen printing and UV coating curing Machines in India by APL Machinery

 Manufacturer of full range of UV Coating and Curing (of coating by ultraviolet radiation) System . Screen Printing Machines.  Company is located in Faridabad, an Industrial town, covering an area of 75000 square feet.  Over 10,000 installations all over the world.

Technical collaboration with leading US and German companies for latest in UV Curing technologies.  A well equipped Computerized Lab for continuous R&D and customized product developments.  ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.  CE Certified Company.  W.Q.C. International Star Awards (Gold Category) by International Selection Committee of B.I.D.  International Award Leader in Prestige and Quality by AUTUALIDA,Madrid (Spain).

 Quality Brand Award 2010-2012 by Council of Economic Growth & Research.

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Our Products •UV Curing System

•UV Coating & Curing System •Screen Printing Machines •PVC/Wood Profile Printing, Coating & Curing Machine • UV LED Systems.

• UV LED Curing.

UV Curing System UV Curing System(of coating by ultraviolet radiation) is a cross chemical reaction when UV varnish or ink is applied to object and when it passes through UV light it gets cured instantly. It is basically a Polymerization of UV Lacquer on object through UV Light.

DIGI UV Machine

This machine is best suited for UV Coating and Curing (of coating by ultraviolet radiation) on Digital Prints, Every digital Printer (using HP, Canon, Xerox, Kodak, Ricoh) need this machine. This machine is very good for making Digital Photo Albums. Offset Printers can use this machine for full coating UV Jobs and with add on of CSF. This machine can do Spot UV Jobs also.

Fully Auto Screen Printing Machine •

APL FAS-Series is Fully Auto Screen Printing Press. It is available in swing cylinder and stop cylinder variants. It is kind of auto flat screen press with high speed and precision, skilfully manufactured, reasonably structured and equipped with speed print & paper feeding.


It is suitable for printing on 120-400 gsm substrate. The frequency control of motor speed is monitored and controlled automatically, with easy operation and high sensitivity. Only one person is needed to operate the press.

PVC/Wood Profile Printing, Coating & Curing Machine APL Introduces India’s first indigenously developed Wood Profile Printing, Coating and Curing* Machines which is ideal and economical version of imported wood profile machines. Now get rid of Expensive Design Rollers, Rubber Rollers, Spares and services problems of imported machines.

High Power UV LED Curing Modules

Our patent-pending XP Series are proven, flexible LED UV lamp modules that deliver HIGH-INTENSITY UV LED curing energy from a compact, solid-state device at a fraction of the energy costs and complexity of a standard UV system.

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APL Machinery Pvt. Ltd. • Plot No. 70. Sector-59, HSIDC Industrial Estate,Faridabad-121004 (Haryana) INDIA • Phone: +91-129-4189999 (100 Lines) • Cell: +91-9971941199 •Web Link:

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This machine can do full coating on sheets and having an UV dryer with conveyor with delivery table for collecting sheets and best suited fo...

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