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Math-in-CTE Lesson Plan Lesson Title: Charts and Graphs Lesson # 9 Author(s): Phone Number(s): E-mail Address(es): Chandra Hayes William James Middle School 817-814-0200 Heather Hines Southwest High School 940-882-2993 Occupational Area: Business Education – High School Keyboarding Math – Math Modules CTE Concept(s): Demonstrate the ability to work from statistical material. Math Concepts: Understand percentage as the number of parts per 100; calculate simple percentages and use percentages to compare simple proportions. Lesson Objective:

Create a pie chart with traditional math concepts and create a pie chart with Excel software.


Lesson may take two days (block schedule)

Supplies Needed:

Promethean Board, computer, excel templates, PowerPoint, pencil, paper Century 21 Texas Edition Keyboarding & Word Processing textbook, Unit 33 Use Spreadsheet Software, Lesson 130 Charts, p. 371


TEACHER NOTES (and answer key)

Prerequisites: Students know about formulas and function formulas. Practice percentage worksheet. Optional: Use The Percent Triangle to explain. Open: 9_piechart_chayes PERCENT TRIANGLE pdf or flipchart Worksheet: 9_piechart_chayes Percent Applications Worksheet Solution: 9_piechart_chayes Percent Applications Worksheet Open: 9_piechart_chayes Introduce the CTE lesson Flipchart or PowerPoint


1. Introduce the CTE lesson. Students will create a pie chart. Say: “Look at the pizza and decide which slice you want to eat.” “Have you ever thought about what percentage of a pizza you can eat?” “We are going to learn about charts today.” “Who sells the biggest pizza? “Who sells the cheapest pizza? “You may say, “What is a chart?”

If your students don’t know how to use Excel… Use the web site below if you are not teaching Excel. Students may create a chart from the website. Kids Zone If you do not have access to a computer, use lesson as estimation.

“A chart is a graphical representation of data. In this particular case we are talking about data in our Excel spreadsheet.” “The first chart we will create is a PIE CHART.” “This pizza and its various slice sizes makes you think of a PIE.” 2. Assess students’ math awareness as it relates to the CTE lesson.

Open: 9_piechart_chayes Assess students’ math awareness as it relates to the CTE lesson PowerPoint or Flipchart.

Say: “What do you remember about pie charts from your math class?” “Do you remember how to find the percentage?”

Basic Mathematics Website

“Can you give me a definition of a pie chart?” After discussion say the following:

The formula for percentage is the following and it should be easy to use:

Say: Read slide to compare math and spreadsheet vocabulary.

In mathematics, a percentage is a way of expressing a number as a fraction of 100 (per cent meaning "per hundred" in Latin). It is often denoted using the percent sign, "%.” For example, 45% (read as "forty-five percent") is equal to 45/100, or 0.45.


3. Work through the math example embedded in the CTE lesson. Part I Create Pizza Chart Part II (After class has completed pie chart) Say 1: Question: Can you guess which slices match each type of pizza? Part III Say 2: Now let’s add our legend to see if you were correct.

Part I Make copies of Pizza Hut chart creation sheet: 9_piechart_chayes pizza hut chart instructions Spreadsheet name: 9_piechart_chayes pizza spreadsheet template *If you use net support, send spreadsheet to each student. Create the chart according to instructions. Part II Pull up flipchart before continuing: 9_piechart_chayes pizza labeling Allow students to walk to the Promethean Board and label pizza. Part III Open: 9_piechart_chayes pizza hut spreadsheet solution After labeling, students click Layout in Excel and add the Legend to check answers for labeling pizza.

4. Work through related, contextual math-in-CTE examples.

Open: 9_piechart_chayes CD-L130B3 Data File

Unit 33 Use Spreadsheet Software, Lesson 130 Charts, p. 371

Solution: 9_piechart_chayes CD-L130B3 Data File Solution


Flipchart: 9_piechart_chayes CD-L130B3 Questions

After creating 2 chart,

Century 21 Texas Edition Keyboarding & Word Processing textbook, Unit 33 Use Spreadsheet Software.

Say (Open solution spreadsheet)

Complete Chart 3: Pie Chart, p. 371

1. If you make $1000.00 per month, how much will you save? 2. If the car you want cost $300 per month, how much money do you have to make? 3. On Saturday you plan to attend the Rangers game. Your contribution to the food expense is to buy 10 hot dogs at $5.00 each. What is the least amount you have to earn that week so you are within your budget?

Question #1 X 5 = X = 5 X 1,000 ÷ 100 = $50.00 1000 100 Question #2 300 28 = X = 300 X 100 ÷ 28 = $1,071.00 X 100 Question #3


50 15 = X = 50 X 100 ÷ 15 = $333.00 X 100 5.

Work through traditional math examples.

Say before worksheet #1 “Now that we have completed our charts in excel, we can now manually create a pie chart and get the same results.” Do Pie Chart Worksheets Say after worksheet #2 Say, “Now let’s add data to Excel and let excel check our work.”

Open: 9_piechart_chayes central city music store flipchart Central City Music Store Easy Worksheet 1 Instructions: Create a table from sentences: Classical 15% Blues 20% Rock 25% Country 40% Compare the size to the percent. Use process of elimination. Which sectors is obviously the wrong size? The Answer is H Make copies of: 9_Angela Allowance Worksheet Intermediate Worksheet #2 Instructions: Students complete the worksheet page 1 On page 2, students shade the pie chart. Optional: After students’ complete worksheet 2, allow them to create chart in Excel.  Answers to Angela’s Allowance Spreadsheet: 9_piechart_chayes Angela Allowance.  Answers to Angela’s Allowance Percentage Formula Flipchart: 9_piechart_chayes Angela Allowance Percentage Formula.  *Flipchart #2 has the reveal. Only show the first formula. After students complete the formulas, unveil the other solutions. Worksheet Notes:


Formula Part Percent = Whole 100 Terms students may use: Butterfly method, means and extremes, cross, multiply divide. Proportions: Two ratios that are set equal to each other. Ratio is another name for fraction. Fraction is a way to represent a ratio. Instructions: Have students create a table as illustrated below for understanding. Art Supplies = $4.00 Movies = $6.00 Lunches = $7.50 Savings = $2.50 Total $20.00 Teaching Proportions Art 4 A = A = (4รท20) X 100 = 20% 20 100 Movies 6 M = M = (6รท20) X 100 = 30% 20 100 Lunches 7.50 L = L = (7.50รท20) X 100 =37.5% 20 100 Savings 2.50 S = S = (2.50รท20) X 100 = 12.5% 20 100 Answer is C


Make copies of: 9_piechart_chayes student pets Pets Owned Worksheet 3 Advance Cat = 30 Dog = 90 Bird = 30 Fish = 150 Total = 300 30 C = C = (30÷300) X 100 = 10% 300 100 90 D = D = (90÷300) X 100 = 30% 300 100 30 B = B = (30÷300) X 100 = 10% 300 100 150 F = F= (150÷300) X 100 = 50% 300 100 Answer is D

Make copies of: 9_piechart_chayes u s landfills Material in U.S. Landfills Worksheet #4 Chart Reading When you see and, add. F is true because (paper) 30% +(Other trash) 21% = 51% G is false because (rubber) 6% + (food) 11% ≠ 25% ≠ Not Equal Sign H is true because (metal) 8% X 3 (triple) = (plastic) 24% J is true because (metal) 8% X 2 (double) < (paper) 30%


6. Students demonstrate their understanding. Quiz: Reading and Making Pie Graphs

7. Formal assessment.

Make copies of: 9_piechart_chayes pie chart quiz Key: 9_piechart_chayes pie chart quiz key See attached Quiz: Reading and Making Pie Graphs Note: On problems 5-10, the instructions are to create a pie graph. Students are the add data to Excel and create pie chart. Copy: 9_piechart_chayes final assessment 1

Worksheet and excel



Lesson Plan  

creating a pie chart

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