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Can Dye Sublimation Paper Be D one on Dark Fabric?

Dye Sublimation Printing is an innovative print processing that is an upgrade to the conventional screen printing of graphics onto fabric substrates. I have written several posts about dye sublimation specifically on making custom fabric banners, and most discussions are based on frequently asked questions. Basically, this is an online guide for those who want to know more about fabric banners and dye sublimation printing.

It is possible on darker substrate with sublimation paper, but won’t probably look as great as you’d expect it to be. Take, for example, two-sided cloth banners, they hardly even pass the viewing test as there is only enough black block-out that can be seen in order to mate the item look somewhat grayish-white. Here’s the thing, the quality of the colors on the print WOULD BE affected. A yellow shade may come out as duller yellow and a light red may result to a slightly light red color.

If you’ve got a photographic print that is the background of the entire area of your banner, it may not appear much as a whole as any viewer’s eye would adjust to the print. If you’ve got a lot of white colors, typical viewers can’t spot the slight reduction of the imprinted inks, but those with smart eyes can.

However, if you’re going to use either blue or red item, you may press a black graphic onto the colored item. But then, it can be very tough to find this type of material any printable cloth distributors out there for you to do a bi-chromatic printing method. But I would wonder, why use a red shade if you can just print a bichromatic graphic onto a white polyester cloth? Think about that. Find more information about dye sublimation printing on polyester fabrics.

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Can dye sublimation paper be done on dark  
Can dye sublimation paper be done on dark  

Can dye sublimation paper be done on dark