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The Kindle is an amazing piece of technology which readers can read full books without actually owning a physical copy of that book. So, the Kindle in my opinion is perfect for people who read a lot and love reading. For that reason I would not recommend the Kindle to anyone who doesn't enjoy reading or doesn't plan to. On the whole, if you love reading then the Kindle is the best gift you could ever buy yourself (or someone else), but if you don't enjoy reading then just leave it and don't bother. Yes you can browse the web on the Kindle as well as many other functions but its main purpose is to make the whole experience of reading easier and more enjoyable. The are many other tablets out there which also do enable you to read and download ebooks... Which is great if you want all the other gimmicks which come with all the other tablets, but for the best reading experience the Kindle is the way to go. The Kindle vs. Other Tablets Here are some pointers you might want to consider:

Do you want more than just reading?

Start by asking yourself what you want out your tablet e.g. do you want it for just reading, maybe newspapers and magazines as well as your favourite novels. What about gaming? What about email and messaging? What about web-browsing? If you just want a tablet for reading, then the Kindle is the king of e-readers and that's the path you should follow. However, if you like all the additional gimmicks and apps, maybe a bit of gaming, then then other tablets such as the iPad may interest you.

How large a screen (and weight) do you want?

Even if you plan to never take your e-reader out of the house, size and weight is to be considered. The Kindle with its 6″ screen and slimline weight of 8.5 ounces (less then a paperback) is a prime choice as you can read for hours without even knowing you're holding it.

In Conclusion

So, to conclude this post about why you should buy the Kindle, it is really up to the purpose you want from your tablet. If you want hundreds of gimmicks and 'addons' then maybe something like the iPad is for you. But if you want a tablet purely for a reading basis, then the Kindle is king. P.S. There are different Kindle models to choose from. I would recommend reading my 'Comparing the Kindle Models' post to decide which one fits your needs.

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==== ==== You'll find the best price on any Kindle here! ==== ====

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