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There are many people who have a Facebook page to stay in contact with friends. However, what about a way to promote your online business? Creating a Facebook fan page is a great way to get more awareness about your online business. In order to gain more colleagues, one has to use several tools with a fan page. Let's have a look at some of these applications that one can use. Include a discussion tab. Utilizing a discussion tab application allows your fans and colleagues to engage in your business. It also allows him, or her to ask questions about you, or your business. It helps the person to be able to stay up to date with status as well. Use an event tab. Installing an event tab allows one to post weekly events-such as live presentations, which allows people to engage in your business. The main goal with the use of an event tab is to keep people active and interested. Use a notes tab on the page. Having a notes application allows you to post links to articles, or post short notes about helpful marketing tips. Be certain to have an information tab on the page. The information tab allows one to describe themselves and their business. It allows you to list your website, phone number, Skype name, and other sites that you are using to advertise. Utilizing this application is very helpful to let colleagues know who you are as a person. Put the link of your fan page on your regular profile Facebook page. Putting the link preferably below all of your listed friends will allow easy access for others. This will allow all of your current and future colleagues to interact and become fans your business. Suggest the fan page to all of your colleagues, by using "the suggest to friends button." This will permit you to choose who wants to become a fan of your business. Be certain to include the fan page link in all the email responses you do. Also, add the fan page link to your email signature, so that your customers from your email list can join your fan page. Embed Facebook fan box on your website. Having a direct box of your fan page on your website allows users to automatically become a fan of your business with the click of their mouse. Link Facebook fan page with your Twitter account. Allowing Twitter to be linked with your fan page, allows any updates you make on Facebook to go automatically to Twitter, and link back as well. This is a good way to create awareness, and drive traffic to increase the number of people who like your page.

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Alexandra Nowak Alexandra Nowak is currently a member of the worlds largest internet marketing and mentoring program. As an online marketer she has a passion for helping others achieve success in their life and their business by leveraging the power of the internet. To find out more about how you can be earning your income online today, please visit

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==== ==== will get you the Facebooks Likes you need to grow your business, guaranteed! ==== ====

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