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This era requires one to not only SELL their products but also their Fan page. Funny, isn't it, it's a commodity that reaps its benefits not via revenue, but via fans! So think of your Facebook page as a project. Like any project, the success of it not only depends on the accuracy of its implementation details, but also on its well-thought, well-organized and above all, well-strategized project planning. So, should a Facebook Fan be all of the above? You bet it should be! It should be well-thought, well-organized and well-strategized project that entertains your current fans, invites new fans and above all, maintains the cool element of your fan page! The four points to the success of Facebook Fan lies in it being S-O-L-D: Your Facebook page should exuberate Simplicity, yet collect information from its fans by being an Observator, generate Loyalty among fans and provide news, information and connection with fans via Dynamic content) 1. Exuberate Simplicity Adorn your page with clear and concise message. Your motto should be less clutter and noise, more of a clean look, straightforward welcome message and reasons of why you should be chosen in their fan club. You should be searchable via your logo, your slogan and your brand. Make sure your page shows all of this relevant information. 2. Be an Observer Notice what your fans say about your company and products and be proactive about it. Let your fans know that you care about their opinion. Open up surveys and ask your fans. Show your fans the results. Fans like to contribute and know that their voice was heard. Stay with the current market needs. You make chocolates? Go organic and then get endorsed by Organic Facebook Fan - you are advertising not only on your own page, but also on another Fan that has more than 5000 fans. 3. Generate Loyalty Fans will be loyal if they know that they are part of the inner circle. Provide them with news about your upcoming sales, or introduce your new products on your page prior to introducing it to all public. Make your page work by throwing in a coupon that only a fan has access to. Check out the fan page for Aeropostale. It provides fans with coupons, current sales, and a sense of connection with celebrities wearing their products.

4. Dynamic Content Add widgets on your page that allows the contents to be updated alive. Include blogs, twitter and press releases. Keep your fans well informed and well entertained. CNN Facebook Fan page updates their page with latest news and takes feedback from its fans.

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==== ==== will get you the Facebooks Likes you need to grow your business, guaranteed! ==== ====

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