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While taking a break from required writing, I began to reminisce about a recent trip to Chicago. The growling of my tummy reminded me I've neglected to eat today and it's past four o'clock in the afternoon! That's not sensible at all. Let me tell you about dining in Chicago before I get a bite to eat. While in Chicago, I had the exciting task of deciding where I was going to eat. It's my guess that just about every American and many foreigners have heard about dining in Chicagoland. If you've never had a deep dish pizza made in Chicago, you're missing a treat! I say this and I am not a big pizza lover. I have pizza fewer than six times a year unless I'm in Chicago more often than that. I must include New York hand-tossed pizza, too. For years, four girlfriends and I would make summer vacation plans around The Taste of Chicago held annually, just to get a sampling of the scrumptious cuisine offered by The Windy City's infamous and not so famous restaurants. There is food to satisfy just about every craving one can have. Chicago boasts that this food festival is the largest of its kind in the world. I believe them. Just in case you're visiting Chi-town this summer or future plans take you there, the following restaurants are just a sampling of restaurants in Chicago. Some are national and perhaps international franchises but others are homegrown and owned. I typically stay within walking distance of Michigan Avenue if not on Michigan Avenue; therefore, these restaurants are within walking distance of that area. Some are also a reasonable cab fare away. The list isn't comprehensive but it will satisfy your appetite while pleasing your palate. Bandera (American/Southwest) 535 North Michigan Avenue (312) 644-3524 Bice (Northern Italian) 158 East Ontario (312) 664-1474 Big Bowl (Asian Noodle Shop) 60 East Ohio Street (312) 951-1888 Bistro 110 (French Bistro) 110 East Pearson (312) 266-3110 Café Iberico (Spanish Topas) 739 North LaSalle Street (312) 573-1510 - You can't go wrong with the paella or salmon. Don't forget the flan y café. Caí en amor con este restaurante. Capital Grille (Steakhouse) 633 North St. Clair Street (312) 337-9400 Cheesecake Factory (Casual Eclectic menu) 875 North Michigan Avenue (312) 337-1101 - Their

banana cream cheesecake always crashes any weight management program I'm on. I thank God the closest one is two hours away. Coco Pazzo Café (Casual Northern Italian) 636 North St. Clair (312) 664-2777 Corner Bakery (Breakfast / Soup, Salad and Sandwich) 676 North St. Clair (312) 266-2570 Devon (Seafood) 39 East Chicago (312) 440-8660 - You'll love the biscuits and if you like crab cakes, how lumpy do you like them? They're loaded with lumps of crabmeat. 437 Rush (Steak and Seafood) You guessed it, 437 North Rush Street (312) 222-0101 Gino's East (Pizza) 162 East Superior (312) 951-0747 - Remember what I said earlier? Giordano's (Pizza) 730 North Rush Street (312) 951-0747 - Three of my male drug rep friends have a contest to see who can eat all of their small deep dish pizza. It's just that filling and yummy! Grand Lux Café (Eclectic) 600 North Michigan Avenue (312) 276-2500 - One of the newest and grandest restaurant concepts from The Cheesecake Factory. Hatsuhana (Japanese / Sushi) 160 E Ontario Street (312) 280-8808 - Fresh and delicious. Heaven on Seven (Cajun) 111 North Wabash Avenue (312) 263-6443 - You'll wonder if they stole chefs from New Orleans! Don't forget to buy the cookbook if you absolutely love Creole, spicy and Cajun dishes. Jake Meinick's (Sports) 41 East Superior (312) 266-0400 Kamehachi (Japanese / Sushi) 240 East Ontario (312) 664-3663 - Not as enjoyable as Hatsuhana. I understand they have three locations in Chicago. Perhaps the other two are better? Other Restaurants within 10 blocks or so from Michigan Avenue to consider are: Tempo, Gibson's, Hugo's Frog Bar, Tavern on Rush and Carmine's. Stay tune for Vietnamese, Thai, Steak and Chops, more Italian, Armenian, American and New French cuisine in Part II of this article. If you have an eminent trip planned and wishes to know of these restaurants beforehand, write to me. I'll be happy to provide you with Part II in advance of the article. Until next time, Bon Appétit! I was going to make tuna salad but will Thai one on, instead. © 2007 by Avis Ward of AWard Consulting, LLC

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