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Slide up advertising is a great way to do some extra monetization to any site. Do you know how much money is left on the table because we don't use banner ads or text ads? I think people believe banner ads are something of the past, and are not used anymore. This couldn't be further from the truth. You would be surprised how testing has shown that banner ads convert. Remember advertising is about getting the attention of whomever comes to you place of business. You must have a great offer to grab there attention so they will take action. Your advertising must not be annoying when someone comes to your website. That's why pop-ups become such a pain, every time you'd close one another opens. This makes your experience very frustrating, and this won't help your bottom dollar. With slide up advertising you are placing you ads or offers out of the way of your viewer, so they are not distracted or being blocked. Slide up ads are usually found at the bottom your website, which gives your viewer a pleasant experience without distraction. Slide up FX is an online slide up generator script for creating and designing slide up ads. Here are some of the features. You have the ability to create a fade ins, slide ins, or just to be stationary. You can set the height of your ad, the time delay before it's seen. You have full control over your advertising look and feel, and how it will appear on the page. I've found this to be very intuitive and easy to use. Slide up FX is easy to install. All you have to do is create one folder on your server through cPanel or any FTP program, and just upload all files and folders and your ready. Remember the above procedure is a rinse and repeat for every website you create. Then you go to your website to access the admin area from that URL where you installed your folder, and this is where you create your advertisements. You can create your advertisements with text, HTML or Java script, by just adding your code in the WYSIWYG editor inside the admin. Important to note, to show the HTML code you need to click on the SOURCE in the menu of your WYSIWYG editor before you can enter any HTML or Java Script code. Everything else is very similar to any word processor, i.e. setting text, style, size... My only thought is, I would have like to have seen the HTML instead of the word Source thingy in the editor interface. I believe this would help someone with less experience to find where to put the HTML code and where to place it. Next you will need to click on the preview button to the left just below the editor to view your

results; then make all the adjustments for the look and feel you desire. Now you are ready to create your code to place in the pages on your website. Click on the button to the right and a window will appear with the code, then you can copy and paste this into the section of all your HTML pages you would like your ads to appear, and that's it all you need to do. You can use Slide up FX on as many sites as you want for all your advertising needs, just repeat the procedure from above and you're on your way.

Fran Hylinski - social media manager Instantly create slide up advertising using slide up FX online ad generator.

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==== ==== Join the webinar introducing the revolutionary QR Code. Advertising QR Codes online has never been easier. ==== ====

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